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    The Price of Popularity

    The Price of Popularity

    "Come on, Amy." Brad coaxed his date. "Its not like I'm gonna take your cherry."

    Amy frowned up at him. She knelt beside his car in her prom formal, his rigid cock glistening from her mouth. The 18 year old senior classmates had sneaked out of the prom for some fun.

    "Its too big, Brad."

    "No, it isn't. Christy let me. It fits just fine."

    This reference to Brad's former girlfriend didn't please Amy. Whenever he wanted something from her he liked to mention Christy. Christy sucked my dick. Christy let me fuck her ass. Much as Amy felt the boy's manipulation it worked with her. She liked being the star of the football squad's girlfriend. So when Brad told her Christy sucked his dick she agreed to, also.

    Now he wanted more.

    Brad could see she was wavering. Actually it was Brad's constant desire to fuck Christy that had broke them up. She firmly refused to let him, in her pussy or her ass. It didn't bother him. He could get pretty much any girl to date him. He was popular and if they didn't want to give him blow-jobs or let him fuck them he dropped them and went on to the next girl. Plenty of fish in the sea.

    Amy knew if she wanted to be Brad's girlfriend she had to do it. She'd much rather just suck him off but to keep her status as the senior football star's girlfriend she would have to let him stick his cock in her ass.

    "Do you have a rubber, Brad?"

    "You don't need a rubber for that," Brad chuckled. "You can't get prego from taking it in the ass."

    "Do you at least have something to grease up with?" Amy pouted. "You're not sticking that thing in my ass without some lube."

    Brad grinned. "You bet. I wouldn't want to hurt you." It was a small lie. He knew it would hurt.

    Amy stood up and watched, a bit nervous as Brad reached in his car and fished a small tube of what she suspected was vaseline from the glove compartment. They were parked at the beach, a popular spot for students to make out. The ocean waves were a soft shushing in the background. The night was balmy.

    "Why don't you just bend over the hood, Babe."

    This is it, Amy thought. I can't back out now. She stepped around to the front of the car and bent over the hood. She shivered as Brad stepped behind her and lifted her long gown up over her hips. Her panties came next and she felt the breeze from off the ocean tickle her damp pussy. She always got a bit wet sucking his cock. She actually enjoyed giving blow-jobs and never spit, one of the reasons she was a popular date.

    Brad eyed her bare ass and his cock throbbed. Finally he'd found a girl that would let him fuck her. Not in the pussy maybe but getting his cock in a tight ass was a step closer. He had the reputation of having fucked a lot of girls but the truth was till this point he'd only gotten blow-jobs. His buddies took his word about how far he got with each girl he dated.

    His fingers trembled as he greased his cock, then thoughtfully squeezed a big gob of the vaseline between Amy's round cheeks. He rubbed it around her anus then gently slipped a finger into her tight little hole.

    Amy winced at the penetration. Her anus spasmed as Brad finger-fucked her a bit. It wasn't painful but felt weird.

    "OK. Here we go, Amy. Spread your legs a bit wider."

    Brad stepped between them as Amy did as he asked. His cockhead bumped one cheek and he grasped himself and guided it between, rubbing up and down a bit till he felt her tiny slippery pucker. He pushed, a bit tentatively at first. Amy's sphincter stretched and then spasmed. The fat head of his cock slipped into her ass.

    Thoughts of Amy's comfort left his mind and he thrust. He groaned with pleasure as the buttery heat of her rectum engulfed him. His hips humped her ass, thrusting every inch of his cock deep into the squirming girl. He was deaf to her sobs.

    "OW! Brad! Stop, it hurts!"

    Amy's eyes teared up and she cried out in pain as her tight virgin asshole spasmed around Brad's cock. The initial pain was sharp but brief and her cries turned to soft sobs. Still her little asshole burned and prickled as the boy sodomized her. Her sobs diminished, changing to whimpers. It wasn't so bad now. If this was what she had to do to be Brad's girlfriend she could take it.

    Brad stiffened and his cock began to buck, hot cum roaring down the pulsing shaft to flood the girl's rectum. Amy felt it and knew what it was. She breathed a trembling sigh of relief, almost a whimper of thanks that it was over.

    It wasn't over for Brad. The sensation of Amy's tight hot ass clutching his cock was too delicious. As his throbs ebbed he leaned over, resting his weight on her. His hips ground on her firm round ass, cock still fully hard and buried to the balls in her rectum.

    Amy wiggled under him. "Brad?" she was trapped between the hood of the car and him.

    "God damn that feels good, Amy. You got the best ass." he sighed in her ear. "I'm gonna cum again, I think."

    Amy groaned as his hips began to hump her ass again. Her asshole felt hot and tingling. It didn't hurt so much as burn. She suspected she'd be sore tomorrow. At least she was still a virgin. She knew of two girls that would have baby-bumps growing beneath their gowns at graduation.

    Brad ejaculated a second time and this time his cock wilted. Amy's spasming asshole spit him out along with a thick gob of cum that dripped down to land in the crotch of her panties. More drooled down her thighs as Brad stepped back and she rose from the hood of the car. Her formal fell down and she had to hike it back up to drag her panties up. She frowned at the wet sticky feel of the crotch as his cum squished against her pussy. Predominant though was the burning sensation in her anus.

    "That was fantastic, Babe. I'll be thinking of you cheering me on Friday at the game."

    Amy was on the cheerleading squad along with Christy and a couple other of Brad's former girlfriends. It made for some friction but she just stuck her nose up in the air. She was Brad's girlfriend now. She was moe popular than them.

    They won that game and in celebration Brad drove out to the beach. Amy knew what was coming and just accepted it. Her anus had been sore for a day but that was a small price to pay for being the girlfriend of the school's football star. Her girlfriends - the ones that mattered to her - were all envious. She didn't tell them the price she'd paid.

    Of course they all knew blow-jobs were the price to be a girlfriend to most any of the schools jocks. Some of them even went further. Amy wondered idly if any of them had to take it in the ass, too.

    Brad again had her bend over the hood of his car and this time it wasn't so painful. It still hurt a bit at first but her ass seemed to accept the strain easier. Again Brad ejaculated into her ass twice and her panties got soaked on the ride home. She stored them in her bottom drawer, meaning to wash both pair herself. She didn't want her mother finding them in the laundry and asking embarrassing questions.

    This went on for the remainder of the school year. Away games were a rest for Amy's asshole. They returned from them too late for Brad to drive her out to his favorite spot to get in a butt-fuck. But every home game it was the same. Brad drove her out to the beach and fucked her till he was satisfied. He hadn't asked for a blow-job since the first time he'd had her ass.

    Once or twice he coaxed her about fucking her pussy but she was adamant and threatened to stop letting him use her ass if he kept bugging her about it. She feared he might dump her but apparently he liked her ass too much.

    The football team finished the season at the top and all the members of the team planned a big beach party the Saturday before graduation the following week. There was a big bonfire and lots of celebrating. Only one teacher chaperoned the party and he only showed up because the principal insisted an adult attended to keep the party honest.

    Still some beer managed to appear, behind the dunes where a few of the boys could sneak out to have a can. The teacher probably knew but he was a veteran of this and looked the other way. It was almost tradition to have a little underage drinking at these parties.

    After a bit Brad urged Amy to follow him into the dunes. She knew why and followed meekly. Brad had a beach towel rolled up under his arm. They passed three or four of Brad's teammates who were enjoying a can of beer as he led her a bit further, behind another dune. He spread out the beach towel.

    "Pull your shorts and panties down and lay on your belly, Babe."

    Amy giggled at this. Of course they couldn't use the hood of his car. She'd begun to enjoy Brad's almost weekly sodomy of her. She was even beginning to feel her pussy get wet from it. There was little pain now and her asshole wasn't sore the next day. She masturbated in bed each night after and enjoyed the orgasms her fantasies of their sex produced. Still, she missed the blow-jobs.

    Amy knelt down on the towel and slipped her shorts and panties completely off, then bent down and lay on her belly, legs together. Brad was on her quickly, straddling her thighs. She felt the gob of vaseline between her cheeks and the brief thrust of a finger into her warm hole. Brad stretched out on her, crushing her under his hard muscular body. Amy gave a soft gasp as he thrust into her but the quick little moment of pain was small.

    She closed her eyes and didn't notice the quiet audience that gathered behind her as Brad screwed her ass.

    She was a bit surprised when after his first climax he jerked out of her and quickly moved around in front of her to kneel at her head. His hands grasped her wrists and jerked her arms behind her back, holding tight.

    "Stay like that," he said when she wiggled as if the rise. "Some of the team wants to celebrate with us, too."

    Amy was confused till another pair of hands grasped her ankles, holding them together in a strong grip. She stiffened with a gasp as it hit her. Brad was going to let some of his buddies from the football team fuck her.

    "No!" Her voice was loud as she tried to struggle. "You can't do this! I don't want to! Stop!"

    Brad grabbed the panties laying beside her and stuffed them in her mouth. Amy was starting to panic. She wasn't some slut who'd let anyone fuck her. How could Brad do this? Her cries of protest continued but muffled by her panties.

    Amy stopped wiggling, freezing as she felt someone straddle her thighs. A hard cock poked between her cheeks and she gave more muffled cries of protest as another cock was thrust into her ass. It was followed by at least six more, she lost count. With Brad trapping her arms behind her back and hands holding her ankles, keeping her from kicking Amy was helpless as what seemed like the whole football team used her.

    It went on for some time. Like Brad many of the boy's enjoyed her tight warm rectum so much they screwed her till they came twice. By the time all were satisfied and Amy felt herself released she just lay there, shivering as gobs of cum drooled slowly from her tingling loose asshole. A sticky puddle grew between her legs, soaking into the beach towel. She reached up and dragged her soaked panties out of her mouth, turning her head to stare at Brad.

    "I don't believe you did that," she sniffed, eyes still a bit blurred with tears. "Letting those guys use me like that." Her tears weren't from pain but from humiliation.

    Brad shrugged, "What harm did it do? I warned them all not to try to fuck your pussy. I'd beat them into a pulp if they did."

    "But you let them use me like some slut!" she said, voice getting a bit stronger, glaring at him. She sat up.

    Brad shrugged again, "It was a special celebration. Not all the guy have as good a girlfriend as you. They deserved a bit of ass. We won, Babe! We're the champs!"

    His grin defeated her anger and her shoulders slumped. He really didn't see anything wrong with what was basically letting his teammates rape her.

    "I'm getting hard again, Babe. You wanna give me a quick suck before we go back to the party?"

    The End

    Authors note: I leave it up to the reader's fantasies as to what Amy does now. <GRIN>

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