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  1. It began with a Message
  2. Wife takes control (net story)
  3. Granddaughter seduces Grandpa
  4. Grampy's Present
  5. My wild overnight in a hotel with Terra
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  7. Coworker Kari: stripped, wet and lathered
  8. Meiko's Sweet Surrender...(Scorpio'swill2power)
  9. Devil's Advocate
  10. Kiss Of The Spider Demon
  11. "Honey, lets fuck the babysitter" (MF, Mf, Ff, ped, oral, size, squirt)
  12. Auntie Emma's Art Lesson
  13. NEW CONTEST: A peeing challenge
  14. The Camp Followers
  15. A Sexy St. Patrick's Day In Limerick by Aurora Dawn
  16. Love My Daddy~Anna's First Time
  17. The Birthday Present
  18. A few days with Aunt Jen (Mature)
  19. Drunken Slut Wife exhibition turns hot.
  20. Joy and my caed playing buddys
  21. I fuck back home
  22. Happy New Years Mom, 2012
  23. The Delivery (part of the Ring) - inspired by WifesAdventure
  24. When The Wife Tried Working in Vegas
  25. Taboo Picture Stories by DogChow
  26. Hair Razing Cheerleaders
  27. Breeding Brooke
  28. Schoolgirls In Lust
  29. Peggy Sue Got Screwed!