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Deputy Duffy
12-02-2006, 06:54 PM
A Day In Paradise
Deputy Duffy

The hair salon that my mom went to was aptly named "Paradise". The place was always beset with sexy women looking their best. It was females only, so (being born with a penis) I had to be a little sneaky. I would always try and come up with some sort of excuse to borrow her car (I had my own) on the day of her appointment. Then I would act disappointed when she said that she had a hair appointment, before offering to drop her off and pick her back up. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. Luckily, my mom had her hair done every month, so I had lots of chances.

Paradise was owned by an older woman, who wasn't there much. She had two girls (Crystal and Monica) who worked for her and I really enjoyed watching them in action. Crystal was a dirty blonde with a killer body, but I really had a thing for Monica. She was a fiery redhead with sparkling green eyes and full luscious lips. She was a little on the tall side; maybe 5'10" but she had curves in all the right places. Her best feature, in my opinion, her full large breasts, which she always seemed to have on display. Although she looked younger, she just celebrated her 21rst birthday. I remember signing her birthday card, but what I will never forget was the quick hug and kiss she gave me after she read it. In my dreams, she did a whole lot more then that after I gave her the card. I figured I'd have to settle with that. I was three years younger then her and a realist -- she was definitely out of my league.

But sometimes -- shit happens.

It all started on a Saturday morning. I dropped my mom off and drove around for a while, killing time, before pulling back into the Paradise parking lot. I checked my hair and headed for the main waiting area. I drew little or no attention as they'd seen me before. I quickly noticed a young woman reading a glamour magazine. I thought I recognized her soft brown hair. (Could it be?) I sat down and stole a glance at her face. My suspicions were correct; it was the one and only Kim Davis.

Kim was an 18-year-old walking erection engineer. She also knew it and seemingly used it every chance she could. She was famous for walking the halls at our school dressed like she was walking the streets for a living and we loved her for it. She even had the entire faculty (dirty old men) eating out of her hand. Unfortunately for us guys, she also acted like all the high school boys were pond scum. You could say she was a highly sought after piece-of-ass, but an even more highly unattainable one.... So, after checking out her nicely tanned legs, I didn't even try.

I picked up a magazine and pretended to read it, but was really watching Monica washing some older ladies hair. I loved the way her breasts quivered as she scrubbed her scalp. I was starting to become aroused, especially when she bent over and began rinsing off the ladies hair, giving me a spectacular view of her cleavage, as she wore her tight blouse half open, just like she always did. I also watched the sexy Crystal, dressed in a tight T-shirt and tight black jeans styling my mom's hair. (God, I loved this place.)

I was startled by the owner entering the waiting area. She was followed by four imposing figures, who looked like trouble.

I heard a deep voice bark out, "Get up and get your fucking hands in the air!"

In shock, I guess I didn't act fast enough, because I was shoved from behind and went flying, landing at my mom's feet. My mom helped me up, while she was screeching at them to leave us alone. Ignoring my mom's pleas and those of the other lady (Kim's mom) they led us rather roughly into this back office.

They had us all line up, shoulder to shoulder, hands in the air, except for the owner, who was being held by a huge man, a large knife pressed to her throat. The largest and the most vocal member of the group was carrying a sawed-off shotgun. He tried to calm everyone down, but his angry demeanor and his menacing gun, wasn't helping the calm factor much. I'll admit it, I was scared as shit.

He went on to make a speech about why they were doing this. I was way too nervous to understand everything he said at that point, but from what I could make out the owner and her husband had racked up a large gambling debt and they were on a mission to collect it. They also showed us an appointment book, which had names and addresses in it. He read it out loud, proving he knew who we were and where we lived. Then two of the men left with the owner in tow, while two of them stayed behind to watch us.

My mom looked worried, but whispered for me to stay calm. (Not a chance.)

A large man spoke first, calling himself "Rocky". He introduced his partner as "Psycho". I noticed for the first time that Psycho was a female. She was a tough looking woman, dressed in all black studded leather. She had blonde spiked hair and must have been six feet tall. Rocky was a large man himself. He must have been around 6'4" and well over 200 hundred pounds. He wore black jeans and a small white T-shirt, which showed off his large muscles and his numerous tattoos. He wore this black Harley bandana over his head and had some wrapped around his wrists. Simply put, he looked mean.

I was standing by my mom when Rocky grabbed me by the arm. He shoved me into this office chair, as my mom begged him to leave me alone. I tried to get up but he pulled me down by my hair. He grabbed an orange electrical cord that was sitting on the office desk and wrapped it around my chest and then around my arms and then the back of the chair, while my mom tried to intervene but she was pushed back into line by Psycho. A bandanna was wrapped around my head and mouth (it smelled of cigarettes), effectively gagging me.

"That was so you don't get any funny ideas about being a hero. Wouldn't want to have to fucking hurt yah," Rocky said, and then he laughed, while playfully slapping my face.

"Now girls," Rocky said, spinning around (and I was left to watch helplessly from my chair). "We have some time to kill until my buddies come back with our money, but I'll make this promise, if you all behave and do like I tell yah, nobody gets hurt."

Rocky went down the line and asked each of the women if she agreed. He started with my mom who was standing at the far end of the line. Kim's mom was next, followed by Kim, Crystal and then Monica, who was standing right in front of me. Each of them said they did or at least nodded. I could tell they were all extremely nervous and honestly so was I.

"First, I see you have some jewelry I might be interested in, and some other stuff I might be interested in," Rocky said, while pulling down the front of Crystal's V-neck T-shirt. Crystal tried to slap him but Rocky ended that with a quick punch to the stomach, which brought screams of protests from the other women.

"Like I said, if you don't fight me, I won't hurt you," Rocky growled, as he pushed the other women back into line, before he bent over and helped Crystal up off the floor.

"C'mon, I didn't hit you that hard," he said, as he wiped away some of her tears. He grabbed her arms and put them back over her head, finishing by giving her a small kiss on the lips.

Rocky started to circle in front of the women. "Ok, from now on, if you talk without being asked a fucking question, or you fight me, or grab me, or protest, or any of that shit, you're going have to deal with our friends, who are standing right next to the phone. Remember they have that address book. We'll send them over to visit yah houses, and believe me, they ain't as nice as me, so the fucking choice is yours."

It was obvious that this was planned out. Although neither of them was brandishing a weapon, I could see the fear that this put into the women, as I'm sure most of them had someone at home waiting for them. I looked at my mom and we shared concerned looks. We lived with my aunt and her two young boys. We moved in a couple of years ago, after she got booted by "daddy" number three, so I figured I should just sit there and not try to break free, at least that would be my excuse.

"Let's try this again," Rocky said. He stood right in front of my mom. He reached up and undid both of her earrings and unclasped her necklace. Psycho handed him a small sack and he put them in it.

He shifted over to Mrs. Davis, her hair still wet. He looked at her wedding ring. "I ain't getting married, so I don't need one of those, plus, it looks like it costs ten fucking bucks."

He snatched Kim's purse and tossed it to his partner and then he proceeded down the line and took the jewelry he wanted from each of the women and put them into the bag, which he handed to Psycho when he was finished.

"Ok, bitches, get those hands back into the air." Rocky repeated his command and the women complied.

"With your hands in the air like that I think it's time for a quick pat down, just to make sure you ain't hiding anything," Rocky said, moving back to the women. "I'm gunna do it just like the pigs do it."

The women murmured some protest.

Rocky again started with my mom; who was fidgeting nervously. He stood behind her and began to run his hands up and down her body. I looked away because I knew there wasn't anything I could do about it and didn't really care to see it.

He moved over to search Mrs. Davis next. I kept my head looking down, trying to make it look like I wasn't watching. I must say, he was giving her a thorough going over. Mrs. Davis was squirming about, especially when his hands reached around and fondled her small breasts, over her dress. He had to tell Mrs. Davis to relax several times, when he moved on to her daughter's search. Funny, the more Mrs. Davis complained, the more he lingered. I noticed that Kim's eyes were closed tight, like she was trying to zone-out what was happening. My eyes widened and I felt flushed as her breasts also drew some attention.

"If he only knew how many nights I dreamed of doing that," I thought, as my groin fluttered and then I felt dirty for thinking it.

He moved on to Crystal, spending even more time on her search. He made lewd comments into her ear about her body and what he wanted to do with it, which made her squirm. He spent a lot of time on her large breasts, finishing by slipping his hands under the bottom of her small shirt and lifting it up. He bunched it up over the top of her breasts, now only covered by a small white bra. It was pretty obvious that he wasn't "searching" them but simply groping them.

He slipped his fingers inside of her bra. I looked up to get a better look, but Crystal's eyes met mine, so I quickly looked back down, embarrassed that I'd been caught looking. I knew that I shouldn't be enjoying this.

Monica's search began, but it ended rather quickly, almost as if he was growing impatient and wanted to move on. (I would have "searched" Monica for hours.)

Rocky moved back in front of the group. All eyes were on him as he leaned up against the office desk that was in the center of the room. The back of my chair also rested against it. Rocky was facing the women, along with Psycho, who was sitting on the desk, leaning her head on his shoulder. She was whispering. Rocky was smirking, as if he liked whatever they were scheming.

"Alright, you bitches are all doing fine. It won't be long now. I have to tell yah though, some of you bitches have got some great fucking tits...some major league hooters. I personally love big tits, but my girl here thinks some of yah have been altered.... C'mon, you know what I mean?" They both laughed.

"Please sir, just let us go," Crystal moaned, but they both laughed again.

"How bout you Red, those real?" Rocky said, pointing at Monica.

I looked up at Monica, who smacked her lips and looked away. Then the room fell silent.

"Go ahead, you can answer," Rocky teased. After another brief pause, she shook her head back and forth.

"Thanks for not lying to me. I've felt enough fake titted bimbos in my life to know the difference when I feel them," Rocky said, rubbing his hands together. "C'mon, let's see those puppies."

(If I wasn't gagged, I would have gasped, just like Monica did.)

"Look, you've had your fun!" Crystal shrieked, which opened a volley of protest from the other women.

Rocky reached into his pocket and pulled something out. The women shuddered when it snapped open. It was a switchblade. The room fell silent.

"There, that's better." (Rocky seemed to enjoy his newfound power.)

Psycho's voice filled the air for the first time. "I think the bitch is afraid to show us her fake tits."

Monica's head snapped up. She looked at Rocky, then at me, and then back at Rocky. My heart was going a mile-a-minute.

"No, I don't think so," Rocky said, with a chuckle. "I think she's embarrassed to show'em with the little dude a couple of feet away."

"Yeah, please don't make me," Monica begged, in a sexy voice.

Rocky moved in front of my mom and asked her my age, with a flash of his blade.

"Ah, he's, ah, 18." She mumbled.

"18. Christ, that's old enough. I think he might even like to see them as well," he said, moving back next to me and grabbing my head. He moved it like I was nodding. "See.... Anytime now, sweetheart."

("Am I actually going to get to see Monica's tits...nipples and all?" I thought.)

"C'mon Red, let's see if you got your monies worth," Rocky teased.

He didn't wait long. Moving over in front of her, he flashed his knife. "Hands."

She whimpered and raised her hands higher in the air. They were trembling. He flicked at her buttons and I heard them bounce off the tile flooring. He whispered into her ear and then she pulled her blouse out of her skirt. He stepped back and she slipped it off her shoulders and dropped it on the floor in defeat.

(It felt like my head was going to explode.)

"Hey, pick up that fucking thing and put it on the desk, right here," Rocky barked, pointing next to him. Monica looked puzzled, but picked up the blouse and moved forward to the desk and placed it on it. There was just enough space for her to fit in between Rocky and myself.

Rocky cleared his throat. "And while you're here."

I watched out of the corner of my eyes, as Rocky skillfully used his knife to slice her bra into a couple of pieces. She returned back to line, but not before Rocky got himself a quick feel.

Monica had her hands over her breasts, but Rocky ordered her to fold her arms behind her back. When she did I saw why. (It was like she was presenting them for our viewing pleasure.) I looked them over. Fake or not, they were amazing. She had a decent tan, for a redhead, which created pronounced tan lines. She had large pinkish areolae and nice bumpy nipples. I soaked in Monica's splendor, as I waited in nervous anticipation. (I must also say that she definitely got her monies worth.)

"Looks like you're next," Rocky said, pointing at Crystal, who was already half exposed. "Let's see some real ones as well, and don't worry ladies, you'll all get your shot to show what you gut." He flashed his knife. "One way or the other." He mockingly ran the knife across his throat. The women all seemed to gasp.

(I instantly realized I was going to get to see all of their tits. After a silent cheer, I cursed, knowing my mom would be last, while still not sure if his treats were serious or not.)

"Let's go bitch...the tits, now." Rocky seemed to be growing tired of their stalling.

Crystal nodded her head and finished removing her shirt. She moved to the table, unsnapped her bra and placed it on the table. Her left tit was SO close to my face. I heard her groan and whimper, and then she was shoved back into line. When she turned around I noticed her right nipple was shinny, as if Rocky got himself a little taste.

Crystal had large breasts that hung just a little lower than Monica's fake ones, but were none the less impressive. The only thing about Crystal that I really couldn't understand, were the tattoos that she sported on her left breast, right shoulder and lower back.

("Why would such a beautiful woman want to paint her body with ink?")

It was a quick thought though, because Kim Davis was up next. She flashed a dirty look at my stare as she pulled at her shirt. "Please, can't you blindfold him or something?"

"Jesus," Rocky said, slapping me upside the head. "You're really unpopular here."

He took a couple steps towards her with the knife held high.

"Alright!" Kim screamed out several times, but it was too late, Rocky stood by her side. He used the knife to trace the outline of her nipple. Her mom had her eyes closed tight and appeared to be praying, but she didn't say a word. (Maybe out of fear of a nip-slip.)

"I wasn't a popular one either," Rocky growled into her ear. "Are you a stuck up cunt?"

Kim winced with his crude words. "No, it's just.... Never mind, I'll do it."

Rocky didn't wait. He pulled it over her head and tossed it down. "Pick it up and get."

I watched every step she made to the desk as Rocky followed. I knew this left her topless since she never wore a bra. (She never wore one probably because she didn't need to. Her medium sized breasts stood high and proud, while her pink nipples were just slightly puffy, and stood upright or maybe she was just a bit of a cock-tease).

Kim returned to the line and tried to cover her breasts with her hands but Rocky was having none of that and he quickly yelled at her. Her hands slowly dropped to her side and then behind her back. Her eyes were focused on me, but she hated me anyways, so I just stared back at her perky tits. She even tried to cover them with her soft brown hair, but it just wasn't long enough, much to my glee.

Kim's mom was next. She looked confused, as she was the only one of the women that was wearing a one-piece dress. Rocky ordered her to take it off and put it on the table. While she was there, she refused to take off her bra. Rocky seemed almost amused and again used his knife to slice her bra off. He pulled on her long pinkish nipples for a minute or two before she returned to the line. When she folded her arms behind her back, it looked like her nipples had become erect. (I know it's a cliché, but they looked just like two long pink pencil erasers.) When I looked at her rosy face, she looked down at the floor.

My mom started to protest when Rocky nodded her way, but he put his knife against my throat and she quickly started unbuttoning her blouse. I started to breathe again when the knife pulled away. I looked away when my mom started to remove her blouse and then her bra. (I was conflicted: As excited as I was about seeing the other four women strip, it was killing me inside that my mom had to go through this too.) I tried to show her some respect when she returned to the line, focusing my gaze on the other women. I knew that she had to be embarrassed to be topless in front of her son. (I'm not too proud of it, but I did steal a peek.)

"Hell, I have Monica right in front of me," I thought, before something hit me. "Jesus, I only hope my mom didn't notice my erection, poking up on my sweatpants, when she walked by." I cursed myself, again. (Because of the circumstances and due to the fact that there really wasn't a lot I could do to hide it.)

A phone rang and everyone in the room seemingly jumped. It was Psycho's cell phone. She answered and seemed relieved. (I hoped it was the other men.) She hung up and whispered something into Rocky's ear. He smirked.

"Ok bitches, good news, my buddies are on their way back. Seems like your blonde friend came through after all," Rocky said, and the women let out a collective sigh of relief, although, it was short lived. "But we still gut some time, because knowing them they are going to have some fun with her first." He chuckled. "So why don't we have some fun too. Now, strip off the rest, girls."

(Rocky's intentions were starting to sink in. I was happy that I didn't have a vagina.)

The women broke out into a chorus of protest. Rocky just went down the line and told each of them to strip or face the consequences. The women all looked at each other. Rocky told them to strip again, even their panties. The women were all looking at each other, like they were afraid to make the first move. Rocky suddenly snapped his knife to attention again. This seemed to alarm the women. I know it did me.

I watched as they all started to strip off the rest of their clothes. (Honestly, I would have made them go one by one.) They placed the rest of their clothes on the desk next to me, with each one using their clothes as a shield until Rocky ordered them back into line. They moved back in line, all naked now, except for shoes, as he was nice enough to let them leave them on. Rocky was rubbing his chin like he was contemplating his next move, while the women were all doing their best to cover their naked bodies with their hands and arms.

Rocky barked out his next command. "Hands behind your heads and legs apart."

The women gasped and were slow to comply but they shifted into position. I was glad my mom was on the far end of the line, because I really didn't need to see my mom totally naked, never mind in this lewd position.

It only got worse for the women. Not satisfied, he had them drop to their knees and crawl along the floor in a circle. He was waving the knife pretty good to get them to comply. After a couple of laps he had them back in order. He had them spin around so their asses faced our direction.

"Chests to the floor, but leave them asses high."

A few gasps followed and when they moved into position I saw why. This left them in quite the vulnerable position. Even more so when Rocky moved down the line and made sure that their legs were spread apart. (What a sight!)

Rocky moved over and pulled Kim backwards. He wrapped a bandana around her eyes and told the other women to keep theirs forward or else. Psycho suddenly moved over and blocked my view. ("Was he was going to rape her?" I thought, closing my eyes.) But it didn't sound like it. After a minute or two, I opened my eyes. It was a little strange. He kept telling her to smile, but I finally caught on. Psycho must have had one of those picture phones and she was snapping away as Rocky changed her up from one lewd position to the next. She was being sneaky, like she didn't want the other women to know.

Rocky moved along pretty quickly and finally had all the women back on their feet and Kim (un-blindfolded) back in line. Her mother was trying to comfort her with a hug, until Rocky teased them about their nipples rubbing together and they broke apart.

I quickly refocused my eyes, as right in front of me was Monica's fabulous body in all its glory. She was a natural redhead, although her pubic hair was sparse. With her legs spread, I could even make out her pussy lips, dangling down from her body.

Rocky gave his knife to his partner and began to circle the women. He would stop and make the one he choose put their hands on their knees, and remain there, so he could check them out from behind. I totally forgot about trying to hide the fact that I was watching the show now. I figured they all had to have noticed that I was, and maybe they even spotted my erection that tented the front of my sweatpants by now. (As much as that embarrassed me, it just wasn't going away and Rocky's perverse actions weren't helping one bit.)

He was moving slowly so it gave me time to check them out. Crystal wasn't a natural blonde, but she had shaved most of her pubic hair off, leaving just a small patch above her pubic mound. She also had some sort of piercing hanging from her pussy lips. Kim was a swimmer, so I wasn't surprised to see that her pussy was shaved completely bald. Kim's mom had a dark full bush, as did my mom. (I only took a quick look.)

Kim was forced by Rocky to lean over next. I admired the way her breasts hung from her body in that position. Rocky playfully slapped them, making them quiver lewdly. He was standing by her side so I couldn't really see what he was doing behind her, but she bit her bottom lip and made some faces. A couple of times he brought his hand around and made her lick his fingers. (It finally hit me that he was making her lick off her pussy juices. This guy was really something.)

Crystal was next to bend over. Rocky moved to her side and pulled her breasts free from in between her arms, as if reading my mind. The he gave her ass several playful slaps, which produced audible moans, while her boobs were jiggling with every stroke.

Monica was the last woman left standing. When Rocky stood behind Monica and pushed her closer to me, my face felt like it was on fire.

("Oh god! If he made her bend forward.")

Before I could even finish thinking about it, Rocky placed his hand on her back and Monica began to bend over. She tried to stop him, but Rocky slapped her ass, a lot harder than he did to Crystal. She bent down and rested her hands on her knees. Her breasts were almost brushing my knees. Her red hair, grazing against my chin. (It smelt amazing.) I noticed that her face almost rested upon my throbbing prick. (Oh, so close.)

He was taking his sweet time with his "inspection". I couldn't see exactly what he was doing as he knelt down behind her but her body was thrusting back and forth. (It was like her head was bobbing up and down in my lap.) It hit me that he was finger fucking her. I was just about to lose it when he stood up and then so did Monica. She flashed me a dirty look and then gave me the finger.

"What was that for?" Rocky asked, looking over her shoulder.

Monica smacked her lips. "The fucking perverts got a hardon and he tried to brush it against my face."

(I gulped. She knew.)

Rocky chuckled. "He's got a hardon. I got a hardon. Heck, Psycho would have one too, if she had a dick," Rocky teased. He grabbed Monica's tits while standing behind her.

"Isn't that why you got these tits done up, to turn on men?" He said, holding them in his hands.

"Nooo," Monica moaned.

"Then women?" Rocky replied, pulling on her nipples.

"Fuck no!"

"I bet you just love to eat pussy," Rocky teased. "I bet...."

"Fuck you! I ain't no dyke."

"So, you like dick then?" Rocky said, and then he added. "You like to suck it?"

"Yeah, I do," Monica said, rolling her eyes.

"So, then help the dude out with a blowjob," Rocky said, with a chuckle, as he let go of her tits. (I couldn't believe my ears.) "Plus, I'm bettin' he ain't ever had one."

(It was sad but true.)

"What! Wait! Hey no fair, you tricked me," Monica cried out, as Rocky moved behind Crystal. He put his arm on Crystal's shoulder and whispered something into her ear, as he felt her up. She turned her head back and looked him in the eyes, before she looked down at the floor. She spun and knelt down in front of Rocky and slowly undid his jeans. (Even though I had a feeling that this was going to happen, eventually, I was still stunned.) Then she pulled them down and his large dick spank free. (Figures.)

"You see, Blondie here ain't no cock-tease. She wouldn't leave a guy hanging, and if there's one thing that I hate, it's a fucking cock-tease.... Now get sucking."

"But, I don't...." Monica managed, before Rocky cut her off.

"Just do what you want. I told you what to do. We all have to live with the decisions we make," Rocky said, and then he moaned. His face signaling that he was obviously enjoying Crystal's mouth.

(I had watched a few pornos, but it felt really strange to watch another guy getting his dick sucked, from a couple of feet away.)

Monica just stood in front of me, as if she was trying to make up her mind. The other three women were standing back up now and were back to hiding their bodies. Each of them seemed just as shocked at Crystal's cock-sucking as I was, or maybe they were praying that they weren't next. (I was also praying that he'd leave my mom out of it.) Monica looked into my eyes, and then down to my crotch.

My heart was racing. "Is she goanna do it?' I thought. "Is she going to suck my cock, right here in front of everyone? Right in front of my mom?"

Monica seemed torn. (Or was she just teasing me?) She suddenly walked over to my mom. I scrunched my brow. They seemed to be discussing it. Mrs. Davis even joined in the discussion. I wondered what they were actually talking about? Rocky seemed to be amused by the whole thing, but he didn't break it up. He did grab Kim by the arm and guide her to her knees, right next to Crystal. She tried to stand up, but a handful of hair kept her down. He forced his cock into her mouth.

I was extremely nervous. It didn't help matters much that Psycho was now sitting on the desk right besides me. She started running her fingers through my hair and blowing in my ear. (But more then that, she had the knife.) I focused on Crystal to try and forget about that. She seemed to be showing Kim how to give Rocky head. I'll admit, this really turned me on now, because I figured a girl like Kim would never even dream of putting a cock in her mouth. Yet, here she was with a big mouthful. I also couldn't believe she was sucking cock in front of her mom, who looked away and swore, when she first saw what her daughter was doing.

("Oh my god! Maybe they'll make my mom do that to me!")

I was snapped out of my warped thought by the three women busting up their meeting. They walked over to psycho and I. My mom was using the other women to shield her nudity from me.

"I think we figured out where this is all heading," Mrs. Davis said, looking at Psycho. "Can I get your assurance that we won't get hurt, if we play ball...?"

Psycho interrupted, with a sarcastic laugh. "What's this 'let's make a fucking deal'?" She managed, in between laughs. "I don't care what you do. It's Rocky that you have worry about, although, he is a little busy fucking your daughter's sweet little ass."

My head snapped over. Rocky was now fucking Kim, doggy-style, while Crystal was sprawled in front of her and it looked like Kim was licking Crystal's pussy. (WOW!) Monica and my mom seemed to be comforting Kim's mom, who was none too happy about this, either.

Psycho nibbled on my ear, snapping me from my awe. "Although, he does seems to have the right equipment, and if the Rock wouldn't kill me, I'd take him for a spin myself," she said, as she reached down and gave my hardon a playful slap, which caused my whole body to shake.

"Please," my mom begged. "Can we at least untie him?"

I waited anxiously for the answer.

"Ok. I guess he ain't going anywhere now," Psycho finally answered. "Plus, I still have this" She waved the knife.

I definitely felt relieved when Mrs. Davis untied my gag and then un-rapped the electrical cord from around me (but it was short lived). I jumped up when Monica knelt down in front of me. She looked over at my mom. "Are you sure about this?"

I looked over for my mom's reply, but snapped my eyes lower when I felt my sweats and boxers being pulled down in one swift motion. I sighed as my erection sprang free, because the cool air felt great. (Although, it was a little embarrassing to be exposed in front of the other women, especially my mom, in this condition, but I was way too horny to say anything at that point.)

Monica's tiny hand wrapped around my cock tightly. She pulled it forward and I slid forward with it. I was still in disbelief, as Monica's tongue made its first contact. (I even pinched myself.) I looked for my mom, over my left shoulder, thinking, "Did she really give Monica permission to do this to me?" But I really didn't need the answer. Mrs. Davis blocked my view, anyways.

"Promise me that you will never tell anyone about this...ever," Mrs. Davis whispered into my ear.

I promised, but she made me promise several more times, holding my face by the cheeks. The only thing good about it, was it took my mind off of Monica's increased suction for a couple of seconds, as I was doing my best not to lose it. Even in this situation, I wanted to enjoy my first blowjob for as long as I could. I knew I would probably never have this chance with Monica again. Monica even starting using a slower technique, almost like she could read my mind, but it was still quite erotic.

"Don't just stand there, help her out."

I snapped my head around at Psycho. She smiled, deviously.

"Me? Ah, W-what do you mean?" Mr. Davis mumbled.

"C'mon, this was your idea," Monica added, stopping her blowjob for a second.

(I sighed, because for a moment....)

"Well, I just didn't want him going around school, you know, telling, for my daughter's reputation sake," Mrs. Davis mumbled. (My mom standing right behind her.)

I shifted my eyes around as Crystal and Kim changed places. I was thinking that it was weird that they didn't seem to be in much distress now. No tears. No sobbing. They almost seemed to be enjoying it. Crystal quickly dove into Kim's pussy and Rocky quickly drove into Crystal's backside. Kim wore that strange look again. It was almost euphoric. She even moaned out, "Oh, yeah..., eat my pussy."

I was startled by Kim's mom grabbing my cheeks again. "You didn't just see that."

After promising never to tell anyone, one more time, she leaned forward at the waist and took the head of my cock into her mouth. (It was pretty thrilling to have this older woman's lips wrapped around my cock.)

"Yeah, suck that young cock." Psycho cheered.

Mrs. Davis started slowly at first, then increased her speed. She used her tongue in a swirling motion as she bobbed her head up and down. I reached out and pulled on her long nipples. (I knew I shouldn't, but at this point.... I also couldn't help but watch her daughter get her pussy eaten. Today was scary, yes, but so exciting.) Mrs. Davis stopped and Monica went back to work. They started switching back and forth, giving me a second or two in between them.

My mom's shoes suddenly caught the corner of my eye. (I almost forgot she was there.) I turned to the left and Psycho flashed me a wicked smile. My mom was lying flat on her back on the desk next to Psycho, her legs dangling off the side. I figured the reason for Psycho's smile must have been the fact that her left hand was buried in between my mom's legs. I quickly turned forward and tried to put it out of my head.

(I guess it could have been a lot worse for her at that point, besides I had two women fighting over my cock.)

"Hey Big Red, use your fake boobs to titty fuck him," Psycho ordered. "Plus, he looks like he going to blow soon. I'm surprised he made it this long."

(Well, that made two of us. I also really didn't know what a titty fuck was all about.)

Monica slid up my body and started to wrap her tits around my dick, while Mrs. Davis stood up, wiping some saliva from her chin.

"Hey, at least let him suck on'em, before he fucks'em... Don't you know anything?" Psycho teased.

Monica started to protest, but as she stood all the way up, I quickly seized the opportunity. I bent down and engulfed one of her large nipples in my mouth. I sucked on it the best I could, as I heard Psycho's encouragement. I also reached up with my hands and milked them. I could hear Monica's voice, but couldn't (or didn't want to) make out what she was saying, but she wasn't pulling away.

"Alright, enough, don't suck her nipples off," Mrs. Davis said, and I felt my hair pulled back. I stumbled back and crashed down into the office chair. Monica just rolled her eyes at me and then she slid down and wrapped her tits around my pulsating shaft. Using her hands to squeeze them together, she slid her tits up and down, over my cock. It was a great feeling and it looked great too. The combination of the two quickly brought me to the brink. Monica must have sensed this because she let go of her tits and gripped my cock with her hand and began jacking me off. I blasted a shot of cum up on her chin and then some over her bobbing breasts, as she continued to milk out the rest of my cum, until it became too ticklish and I reluctantly pulled her hand away.

("That was totally awesome," I said to myself, as I sunk back in my chair.)

Monica used a towel to clean herself off. She then helped clean off Crystal's face, after Rocky gave her a face full. (Funny, how gross it is when it's someone else's cum.)

I could hear some soft moans coming from behind me. Almost instinctively, I turned a bit and saw that Kim's mom was licking in between my mom's legs. I quickly turned away as my stomach turned. I figured they were only following orders, but they sounded like they were definitely caught up in the moment.

Rocky and Psycho were watching the show, but Kim like myself couldn't bear to watch. She was looking away, with her face in her hands. The moaning grew louder, until I heard my mom scream out in ecstasy.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up. "Hey kid, how was Big Red, did she suck like a pro?" Rocky asked. I was caught off guard by his question and the fact that he was pant-less to say anything. I figured he was going to make some crude comment about my mom, too. I was surprised to hear Mrs. Davis ask my mom to return the favor. I looked back as they switched positions. I scratched my head.

"You want some of that?" Rocky asked.

"Fuck no!" I snapped.

"Yeah, I like them a little younger too. I was just teasing," Rocky said. "Don't worry, even I'm not that tapped."

He leaned down and whispered into my ear. "But if you ever wanted to fuck your momma, this is the time.... I'll hook you up."

(I can't believe I even thought about it for a second or two.) I jut shook my head.

"Oh, well," He said, looking back at her. "She does have a nice ass, for an old broad."

"Will you please leave her alone, then?" (I bit my lip after I said it.)

He smirked and slapped my face. "Don't worry -- be happy."

(God, I hate that song.)

He had other ideas, anyways. He snapped his fingers and Monica quickly dropped to her knees and crawled over and took Rocky's slimy cock into her mouth. (The power he had over these women was immense.) After a couple of minutes, he told me to stand up next to Monica. To say this made me nervous, would be an understatement, as I still had no idea what Rocky had in mind. I trembled into position. Rocky must have sensed my apprehension, because he broke out laughing.

"Hey dude...I'm a lot of things, but I ain't no fag. I just thought you might like some more too, seeing as your flag is at half-staff."

I instinctively covered my growing cock with my hands, which brought more laughs from Rocky. He walked over to Kim and whispered something into her ear and she rolled her eyes, before she slowly shuffled over and dropped next to Monica, who reached up and grabbed Rocky's cock. I watched, with a twinge of jealousy, as Kim opened her small mouth and slowly went to work. Monica and Kim, both took turns sucking on Rocky's large cock. It felt a bit uneasy being so close. Then again, I knew what was going on behind me and the thought of my mom, doing what she was doing, wasn't making me feel much better. (What a day!)

After a few minutes of this, Rocky grabbed Monica's ample red hair and began thrusting forward, fucking her face.

"Kim, that was a little better this time, now why don't you show my new friend what you've learned," Rocky said, while looking at me. "Plus, I said his cock, not mine."

My blood pressure soared, and well, that wasn't all that soared. But Kim wasn't happy about this and started to protest. She even begged Rocky to "do that to her face too" but Rocky just said, "She wasn't ready for that yet and to get sucking."

She shook her head several times.

"Get," he snapped and then he added. "You know you owe me."

(I wondered what he meant by that.)

She huffed and then she stood up and slid behind Rocky, before she knelt down in front of me. I took my hands away from my cock, which was pointing up at the ceiling, in anticipation. Kim looked at it and then back a Rocky and then she giggled as she looked up at me. (I got the joke.)

Then she started teasing me. She would open her mouth like she was going to act, but then she would pull her head back. This was driving me crazy. Here is the best piece-of-ass in my school, on her knees, naked, her lips just inches away from my throbbing cock, her hot breath tickling my balls, yet she just wouldn't take that final step.

This was a just a little too much for me. I reached out and grabbed the top of Kim's head and pressed my cock against her lips, until I finally found my way into her hot little mouth. I followed Rocky's lead and began fucking Kim's face (ready or not), only not as forcefully. Kim begged me to stop, but she had her chance. I have to say the feeling of power was immense. I had a little better understanding of the way Rocky must have been feeling.

Kim wasn't helping out much, but just the fact that I was pond scum in her eyes and yet here I was (having already seen her groped, stripped, fondled, and posed like a porn model, and having witnessed her in a three way with Rocky and Crystal) with my cock in her mouth, pumping away, was bringing me to that point again a lot faster than I wanted, so I again followed Rocky's lead. (Rocky had changed it up and was now fucking Monica, doggie style.) Since I only knew one position at the time (the classic missionary position), I "helped" Kim into it. It took a little work to get her into place, because Kim was none too happy about this either.

It took a few tries, but I finally found my target and slid into Kim's hot and wet pussy. (God, it was tight.) I started slowly at first, using small strokes, trying to regain my composer, while trying to make this last, because I figured this would be my one and only shot with Kim. Judging by the fact that she told me several times how she would kill me when this was over. It only added fuel to my fire, I increased the sped and tempo of my fucking. I was actually fucking Kim Davis! (If I was dying today, I was dying a happy man.

I think Kim was trying to remain emotionless, but would let out a moan, now and again, as the hard tile floor was offering no give to my down-thrusts. When I would get to close to coming, I would take a brief pause to suck on Kim's perky titties. She turned away from my attempts at lip kissing, so I would suck on her neck instead, as I pumped away. I fucked her a while. I had worked up a pretty good sweat. I knew I couldn't hold out much longer, as much as I wanted to fuck Kim's tight pussy forever.

Out of my left eye, I watched as Rocky fucked Monica's tits, that I had enjoyed earlier. He pulled away and blasted a shot of cum over Monica's face, followed by several smaller ones, which landed on her tits, which he went back to fucking. I'd never really thought about comming on a woman's face before. (I only thought they did that in pornos.) But Emulating Rocky once again, I pulled out of Kim's pussy and scooted up so that I was sitting on her chest. I grabbed my cock and pumped away. She tried to scamper away. It only took a couple of strokes to bring on my second orgasm of the day. I groaned as a blast of cum erupted from my cock and went flying onto Kim's panicked stricken face, and some more landed on her chin and neck. I rubbed the rest on her left nipple, before climbing off of her. Kim called me every name in the book at that point. Rocky, on the other hand, just gave me a nod. "Nice fucking shot."

Crystal, who had dressed and was watching us from the office chair, came over with the towel and helped Kim and Monica clean up. Mrs. Davis was lying on top of my mom and they were locked in a warm embrace, kissing.

("What's up with that?" I thought.)

Rocky started getting dressed. I let the women dig though the pile of clothes, before crawling under the desk to retrieve my sweats. No one was talking and it was very strange. Once dressed, Rocky turned to me and gave me a wink. I instinctively returned a smile. I watched as Crystal gave Rocky a surprisingly big kiss (she was wearing Psycho leather jacket) and then they walked, arm and arm, out the door. They were followed quickly by Psycho and Monica, who were giggling away, and just like that, they were gone. The whole thing made no sense.

"What the fuck is going on? Weren't they waiting for their buddies to get back?" I asked myself. "And why are Crystal and Monica leaving with them?"

Something just wasn't right. They didn't even take the bag with the jewelry in it. I turned my attention to the three women left. My mom was helping Mrs. Davis fix her makeup. She seemed unfazed. Then they turned their attention to Kim. I felt strangely isolated.

"Mom," Kim groaned, breaking the silence. "The little pervert over there violated me and, you know, got his stuff in my face and even got some of it in my hair."

Mrs. Davis flashed me a dirty look. Then I noticed they all were. I gulped. (I didn't know what to say. The way the three women were looking at me, what could I say?)

"I know honey. That wasn't part of the plan," Mrs. Davis said, while hugging Kim.

It took a couple of seconds for it to hit me. "Plan! Plan! Wait a second. What the fuck is she talking about?" My brain screamed, before Mrs. Davis motioned for me to come closer.

"You've been a naughty boy. I think we need to teach you a lesson or two in respect."

I looked to my mom for help, but she just told me to listen to Mrs. Davis.

"Since you had your fun with my daughter here today, tonight my daughter will have her fun with you. You will do whatever she tells you, or you will deal with us...."

Kim interrupted with a shout, "Wipe that stupid grin off your face, you're not gonna like it that much, you fucking asshole!"

"Don't scare the poor boy, at least not yet," Mrs. Davis laughed.

My mom suggested that we leave now. Then she leaned over and put her arm around me. "Don't worry son, I'll explain it to yah in the car."

My head was spinning. (Who were these people?)

Mrs. Davis locked the salon's door behind her. (I kind of wondered why she had the key.) We all got into our car. I wanted to drive but Mrs. Davis insisted on driving. I got into the back with my mom. She did her best to explain today's events as we drove. She seemed to have trouble looking at me as she spoke.

She told me that Crystal and Monica both hated the older woman who owned Paradise. When she and her husband needed quick cash to pay off a gambling dept, Crystal and Monica were more than happy to give them Rocky's number. Rocky, as it turns out, was the leader of a small biker club that they were both members of. They figured the owner and her husband would never be able to pay it back. They figured right.

My mom and Mrs. Davis, on the other hand, had become good friends, as they often shared the same hair appointment times. They were both divorced (Mrs. Davis still wore her wedding ring to keep unwanted men away) and they were both feeling a bit lonely.

One night, Crystal, Monica, Mrs. Davis and my mom all went out drinking and that's when the plan developed. Rocky would force the owner to sell the salon over to Crystal and Monica to settle up the dept. She would also have to "service" the rest of the gang, back at their clubhouse, just for fun.

This part of the story kind of made sense to me, but I still couldn't figure out the whole invaders and group sex thing, so I asked.

My mom stuttered a bit and then she just put her face in her hands, so Mrs. Davis cleared her throat.

"Crystal and Monica did most of the planning. They were into these kinky fantasies. They made it sound so exciting, plus, the booze was kicking in and your mom and I agreed to take part. Although, it was pretty stupid of us. We even tried to get out of it when we sobered up, but, but...," she said, shaking her head. "Rocky paid us a visit a couple days later and said there was no turning back. You see, it all started when my daughter accidentally backed into his motor bike in the parking lot and that's how she got roped into this."

("Oh, that's what he meant by she owes him," I thought, trying to follow along.)

"It was an accident," Kim cried out.

"Didn't 'I' just say that?" Mrs. Davis snapped.

"But I wasn't going to let my daughter go it alone. He made it sound so simple. He said he would make it seem like a robbery. Then he would pair us off. Me and your mom, since we were already lovers at that point."

I looked at my mom in amazement, and she quickly mumbled. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you. I just couldn't find a way."

"You and Monica," Mrs. Davis said, looking back at me in the mirror. "Now don't be embarrassed, but everyone knew that you had the hots for her, so we knew this wouldn't be a problem for you, although, Monica wasn't all that thrilled."

I again looked at my mom in surprise.

"I just thought you might be lonely too.... I, ah, didn't know you'd be tied up. I don't know what I was thinking?" My mom said, as her voice trailed off.

"Wait, how did you know I'd even be there?" The three of them looked at each other and then they broke out laughing. I sunk back into my seat. (I was busted.)

"Anyways, he finally said he would match up his woman, Crystal and my daughter," Mrs. Davis said, as she glanced over at her daughter. "Now, she's no lesbian, but she had told me about her fantasies about being with another woman when I told her about your mom and me, but I was obviously still against it but Rocky came over to our house. Let's just say that today wasn't the first time we'd seen that knife and been forced to get naked and perform sex acts on that man. He again gave us the plan. Like I said, he made it sound simple...."

"But he didn't tell me that I was going to have to strip naked and have sex with him," Kim interrupted her mom, while looking at me.

"I know. I know. We should have known that things don't always go as planned. Some things they didn't even tell us about. They didn't tell us about the stripping thing and the fondling part. (I had a feeling they didn't know about the picture phone either.) I think it was because we tried so hard to back out of it. Maybe we should have went to the cops. But you have to admit, it was pretty exciting. When he cut my bra off..., my heart hasn't raced that hard in years," Mrs. Davis said, before she added. "It was a little too real though. I just think Rocky got a little carried away."

"He's not the only one," Kim said, again flashing me a dirty look. "I mean, that guy never even told him to have intercourse with me. He did it on his own. He forced me down right on the cold tile floor..., like a.... I didn‘t even hit his fucking bike."

"Settle down, honey."

"Settle down," Kim moaned, as she was digging through her purse. "I'd just die if anyone knew I just had sex with him and some greasy biker.... Jesus, where is my new phone?"

"Maybe, you left it at home." Her mom put her hand on her shoulder. "Well, there's nothing we can do about Rocky, now. Maybe you'll be a little more careful with the driving, huh? Honestly, I think we got lucky that he didn't do more, you know, perverse things to us. Honey (she was looking at her daughter), you have no idea what that man did to me when he took me into my bedroom. Let’s just say I put my ass on the line for you. As for him, we'll teach him some manners, or a least, make it so he won't ever tell a soul about this," Mrs. Davis said, and then after a brief pause, the three women broke out into the giggles.

I instantly felt outnumbered, while things made a whole lot more sense to me at that point.

I probably should have been a little more shocked by the whole "plan thing" and the whole "mom = lesbian" revelation. I don't know why I wasn't.

It might have been that I had just had the friggin' time of my life.

I didn't know what they had in store for me at that point, but I could only figure that I was in for a long night. I bit my lip to contain a smile.


I got another surprise a couple days after this all went down when I found a package on our front porch with my name on it. Inside was a new picture phone. Yep, THE picture phone. I smiled like the devil when, after some lame pictures of Kim's friends, came the explicit ones that Psycho took.

(Didn't Kim say she'd just die if...? I wonder what else she'd do?)

The End.

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