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Christmas Story
by Shaved_wench

Veronica, loaded down with packages and shopping bags hurried to the cleaners. She had to get to there before they closed to pick up her elf's costume. It was Christmas Eve and the day of the annual Christmas party at the Millville Retirement Complex. She was Santa's elf. She had been doing this for the last ten years, ever since her dad, who was the administrator of the complex, had recruited her. He was always Santa. This year would be different though; he would be out of town and his assistant Richard was going to be Santa. Richard was thirty years her senior, the same age as her dad. He was also tall, handsome and divorced and the object of many of her fantasies when she masturbated. Maybe tonight she would get an early Christmas present from him.

Veronica owned a small hair salon. Thanks to some wise investments her dad had made she had been able to purchase it after she had gotten her beautician's license. Two of the bags she put on the back seat of her car were filled with gifts from her salon, for the residents of the retirement complex. Three years ago she had suggested giving the residents a gift certificate from her salon for a day of pampering instead of the usual gifts they had been getting them. During the year she would gather samples of lotions and different hair, facial, and nail products to go along with the certificates. The gift certificates and samples had been a big hit with the elderly men and women.

Starting in January, on Mondays, the day her shop was closed, she would drive to the complex and take six of the residents to her salon for their special day. They would get the royal treatment, complete with a catered lunch; then she would take them back to the complex. Veronica and her crew of stylists enjoyed spending their day off with the residents as much as the seniors enjoyed being pampered. Even though it had not been her intent when she started doing it, her business had increased. Some of the men and women had become regular customers, as well as some of their family and friends. Word of mouth was great way to draw in more customers.

Veronica slowed down as she turned into her neighborhood, taking time to look at the Christmas lights that adorned the other gingerbread-style houses. It was like looking at a painting of a winter wonderland. The only thing it needed was some snow. Maybe they would get some tonight and have a white Christmas tomorrow. As she turned into her driveway she was greeted by hundreds of twinkling white lights framing the two-story Victorian house that she had called home most of her life.

She thought about the nineteen happy years she had spent here with her mom and dad, before she had moved into her own apartment in the city. When her mom had become ill she gave up her apartment and moved back home to spend more time with her mom and to help her dad take care of her. Her mom's illness and death had been hard on her dad. After her mom had died she didn't have the heart to leave her dad all alone. Now four years later she was still here and even though her dad was getting on with his life and had told her that he would be all right if she wanted to move back to the city, she didn't have the desire to leave. She loved taking care of him and spending her evenings with him. She dated occasionally and so did he, but most of the time they spent together, just the two of them.

Veronica left the gifts in her car and carried everything else in the house. She would miss her dad not being at the party tonight, but Richard would be there and she was hoping that her elf's outfit would arouse his interest in her. Veronica wondered if Richard's being so much older than her was the reason he had never taken her up on any of her blatant hints that she was attracted to him.

An hour later Veronica was ready to leave for the party. She took one more look in the mirror. If Richard didn't get a hard-on when he saw her tonight he was either blind or gay, and she knew from some of the nurses at the center that he was neither. The red velvet outfit snugly hugged her curvy hips ending just inches below her rounded ass cheeks. Still looking in the mirror she bent over, parting her thighs as she did and her white sheer panties were visible. She could see her protruding lips pushing against the thin material and it made her wet at the thought of Richard seeing the very same thing. The alterations the cleaners had done to her elf outfit were perfect for her seduction of Santa.

Veronica walked into the crowded community room at the center. The activity director waved as she led the seniors in slightly off key rendition of "Jingle Bells". She looked for Santa as she placed the gifts in the basket by his chair. Veronica smiled as some of the senior male residents, at least the ones that still had good eyesight, ogled her succulent cleavage. The white fur around the neckline made her lush tanned tits more prominent and produced at least a few growing bulges in the room. When the singing ended, the elderly crowd began to make their way to the spacious buffet; stopping by to wish her a Merry Christmas.

The ladies fussed over her in a grandmotherly way, admonishing her for wearing such an indecent outfit. She laughed and told them the cleaners had accidentally shrunk it and she didn't have time to get another one, but a few of the little women shocked her with their naughty compliments. The men were slower getting to the buffet as a small line formed to get a hug from Santa's elf. As Veronica received each male resident's Christmas hug; wrinkled hands groped her scantily clad ass and some quite impressive bulges were pressed against her, causing her to become a little excited and her panties to be a little more than damp. When the line ended Veronica scanned the room once more for Richard and didn't see him there.

'Maybe he was having trouble with his Santa suit and needed some help,' she thought.

Her dad had always needed her to help stuff his suit so his lean muscular body could be round and portly, just like the jolly old man he was portraying. Her body tingled as she thought about finding Richard half dressed in the Santa outfit. Instead of stuffing the suit with padding, maybe he would stuff her with his hard cock. She felt a small trickle of female juice run down her thigh as she quietly left the room and headed down the deserted hallway to Richard's office. His door was open but the room was dark and empty.

'He might be in the conference room at the end of the hall,' she thought.

Her father's office was in between Richard's office and the conference room. The festive noise from the community room had faded by the time she reached her father's door. It was partially ajar and a soft blue light emanated from inside and spilled out into the semi dark hallway. The light was from her dad's big saltwater aquarium. She started to push the door open when she heard a muffled groan coming from inside. She stood still barely breathing, listening and wondering what someone was doing in her father's office.

"Oh yes, that's it baby. Suck my cock. Oh yes, suck it honey, suck my hard cock."

'Oh damn,' Veronica thought, 'someone was having sex in her dad's office!'

The man's moans became louder and she felt the flicker of desire sweep through her and her pussy became even wetter. She should leave now before she was discovered, but her curiosity and desire held her firmly in place.

"That's it baby, suck my cock. Oh yes honey, Daddy loves the way you suck his cock."

DADDY! Some girl was sucking her dad's cock. She had read some really hot stories about incest, but had never thought of the reality of it happening. Now someone that worked for her dad was getting his cock sucked by his daughter. Veronica reached down and rubbed her damp panties and had to muffle her own moan of desire. The distinctive odor of her aroused sexual desires scented the air. She had to know who was on the other side of the wall.

Gathering a mental image of her father's office in her mind she continued to tease her clit into hardness. She was having a hard time thinking clear. Leaning against the wall she spread her legs wider and caressed her throbbing clit and swollen lips. Her mind was divided in half. One content on finding a way to see who was inside the room and the other on pleasuring herself. There was no way she could glance into the room from the hallway without casting a shadow on her father's desk. Maybe they weren't at the desk but on the old sofa, but to see them there she would have to enter the room, which would mean that she would have to open the door some more, alerting them to her presence.

"That's it baby, massage Daddy's balls. Oh honey, your hands are so soft and your mouth so warm and wet. Daddy wants to cum in his baby girl's mouth."

Veronica silenced a moan and squeezed her shapely thighs tight, putting pressure on her painfully burning pussy. Oh hell, she needed to cum. Pushing her panties aside she rammed two fingers inside her wet cunt, praying that no one would come down the hall searching for her. She closed her eyes, listening to the man's moans as she fucked her pussy, her mind creating a vivid image of a young girl on her knees sucking on her Daddy's cock. Veronica's legs grew weaker as her orgasm neared and she had to bite her lip to keep from screaming. Shudders tore through her as she peaked and her pussy clinched tightly around her fingers.

'Oh god, oh yes, suck his cock,' she thought as she came.

As her senses returned and her labored breathing became normal, her mind cleared. Richard's office! There was a connecting door from Richard's office to her dad's. She listened as the moans got louder assuring her that she had not been heard. She pulled her soaking fingers out and sucked them clean, before silently backing down the hall toward Richard's office. Hopefully they would be so involved in what they were doing that she could open the door a crack without being seen...at least there wouldn't be a light to illuminate her existence.

Veronica hadn't realized that she had been holding her breath until she entered Richard's office, and a long sigh escaped. Walking over to the door she leaned against it listening but hearing nothing. What if they were finished? They would hear her when she opened the door. She could say she was looking for Richard and pretend that she hadn't heard anything. Even with her alibi decided, the cold steel of the doorknob shocked her as she grasped it, firmly but lightly. Holding her breath, again, she slowly turned the knob. The release of the lock sounded loudly even though it was only a slight metallic click. She could hear them now. The man's voice sounded familiar; he was telling his daughter that he wanted to fuck her. Veronica pushed and the door moved inward. Standing totally still she listened intently. The only sounds she heard coming from the room were the man moaning and the squishing sound of his cock being sucked. Veronica eased the door open a little more, now she could see her dad's aquarium and the edge of his desk.

"Oh God baby, Daddy is so close. Daddy is going to fill your sweet mouth with his cum soon."

The door moved silently over the carpet as she leaned against it. Long legs encased in red velvet were stretched out; feet propped on the desk. RICHARD! Richard didn't have any children. She pushed the door open some more. Damn, he was sitting in her father's chair at an angle that only allowed her to see the high back, completely hiding him from her view. On the desk sat the false Santa beard and some pillows. Veronica was confused; who was giving Richard a blow-job?

"Oh God baby, feel my cock jerking in your sweet mouth. Daddy is about to cum. Feel how tight Daddy's balls are."

The voice was clearer now. It couldn't be, this was not possible. Veronica's legs were like marble. She couldn't breathe. No, it couldn't be. She saw the man's legs drop to the floor and the chair slide out from under him as he stood stroking his huge cock vigorously. His hand a blur as his body arched and cum shot out of his cock, landing on the desk.

"Ohh yess Ronnie baby, take my cum! Take Daddy's hot cumm! Yess!"

'Oh God, it was her father!' she thought.

Her dad was masturbating and fantasizing about her giving him a blow-job! Veronica stilled her trembling body and muffled her scream. She had to get out of there. Not bothering to close the door she rushed from Richard's office. The sounds of laughter and more off-key Christmas carols got louder as she raced down the hallway. She couldn't go back in there; she had to think...to compose herself. The glass double doors leading outside beckoned her and she escaped through them into the cold.

Veronica stopped and gasped in a lung-full of the crisp December air. She needed to get away from the bright lights that illuminated the front of the complex, before someone saw her. Walking quickly to the side of the building that was shrouded in darkness she stopped and leaned against the rough brick wall. Tears fell from her eyes as she thought about what she had just seen. Her father had been masturbating and fanaticizing about her. She clutched her stomach to still the rising nausea, but it didn't help. She puked. When she was left with dry heaves she sat down on the cold sidewalk. Wrapping her arms around her bent knees she drew them close to her shivering body and hid her face.

Her mind was filled with what she had just witnessed. She wondered how long he had been fantasizing about her and was it just that; fantasies to fuel his desire to cum, or was it more? If Veronica hadn't been so lost in her own thoughts, she might have seen the tall man standing in the darkness watching her, his heart breaking, because he had hurt her. She might even have heard his almost silent footsteps and small-dejected sigh as he turned and walked away. But she didn't. And if her father had stayed in the shadows longer, he would have witnessed a change in Veronica, a change that would have eased his tormented mind. But he didn't.

The quiet solitude of the dark night had a calming effect on her, allowing her to think clearer. Was she a hypocrite? When she masturbated, she fantasized that it was Richard's hands bringing her pleasure. It was always his hands that were caressing her, causing her body to burn with desire and finally bringing her to a trembling release. Even though he was the same age as her dad and they could pass for cousins, if not brothers, her mind rationalized that he was not her dad. She had never fantasized about him or even thought of him sexually. Was she using Richard as a mental image of her father, but secretly craving her dad?

What about the woman her dad dated? Veronica hadn't liked any of them, often referring to them, at least in her mind, as bitches. She had especially hated the ones who had managed to get into his bed. A couple of the women had quit seeing her father because of her open animosity toward them, and her father's lack of doing anything about it. When her father had asked about her obvious dislike she had told him that she felt he could do better. To herself she had reasoned that they weren't good enough to take her mother's place. Now she wondered if that was really the reason? Veronica still couldn't accept that she might have the same desires for her father that he had for her. She delved deeper within her subconscious for answers.

Before discovering that it was her father masturbating in his office, she was turned on at the thought of some man getting a blow-job from his daughter. Maybe it was because it was so taboo, but her pussy had started creaming without her even touching it. And of all the stories she had read, the incest ones between a father and daughter were the ones that made her cum the quickest. She had never changed the characters in the story to represent her own family, but maybe subconsciously she wished it were her and her dad the author was writing about. She never felt it was wrong in the stories, when both the daughter and father wanted each other. Even though they were only stories, she knew that incest really happened. If two consenting adults wanted the same thing, was it wrong? Had she ever felt attracted to her father? So many questions and she still had no answers. Veronica shivered, but this time it wasn't from the cold, it was from the fever burning inside her as she thought about her dad's cock. It was huge, bigger than any cock she had ever had. She wondered if it would stretch her tight pussy when he entered her.

The hard concrete scratched the back of her naked thighs as she spread her legs and slipped her hand under her tiny red velvet skirt, rubbing her damp panties. What would her Daddy do when he saw her elf's outfit? Would his cock get hard again? Would he want to take her to his office and bend her over his desk and fuck her?

Veronica pressed harder against her pussy causing her panties to get caught in folds of her lips and the material to rub against her clit. The rough sidewalk cut into the palm of her hand as she used it to steady her reclining figure. Her inhibitions cast aside, her mind gave into her vivid imagination. She slid the fingers that were already rubbing her clit under the elastic of her panties and into her tight hole imagining it was her father's hard cock. Her moans filled the dark and silent night. She thought of him taking her to his office and unbuttoning her top, letting her bra less titties escape, so he could capture them in his hands. Her fantasy continued with him turning her around and lifting her skirt up while pulling her panties down and ramming his cock into her from behind. She fucked her pussy harder as she visualized his hard cock in his hand, cum erupting from it. Oh god, she wanted to feel that. Honey sweet cum washed over her fingers as she came.

Veronica licked her cum coated fingers clean for the second time that night.

'God, that felt so good,' Veronica thought, but she was going to be an icicle if she stayed out here much longer.

She knew what she was going to do but first she had to get back inside and get cleaned up before anyone saw her. Walking back toward the entrance she glanced through the glass doors. No one was in the lobby, so she dashed inside and to the ladies room. Grabbing a paper towel she washed her mascara-streaked face. After doing all that she could to her appearance, looking back at her from the full-length mirror was a woman with the fresh scrubbed face of a teenager and the body of a seductress. It would do, she thought as she heard the door of the bathroom open.

It was Beverly, the Activity Director.

"Hi Beverly," Veronica said, amazed at how calm she sounded.

"Hi honey, I was looking for you. Are you ready? The residents are itching to see what Santa has for them this year and to see a bit more of Santa's elf. I swear I never seen more hard-ons in one room," she said with a merry giggle. "Nearly every one of the old crones had to go to the bathroom before they made it to the buffet."

Veronica laughed. She knew Beverly was teasingly calling them old crones. She had a heart of gold and spoiled the residents. She laughed even harder as she thought about the men lining up in the bathroom, jerking their cocks until they came.

" I'm almost ready," she said in reply to her question. " As for the hard-ons, I felt every one of them and some were quite impressive," she said causing Beverly to double over with laughter.

Beverly gasped when she told her about the men groping her ass. She had been too far away to see that.

" It's a good thing your dad didn't see that. He would have had a heart attack," she said, as she hiccuped. "I'm so glad he got back early so that he can do his yearly Santa thing. It wouldn't be the same without him here. I just wonder what he is going to say about that naughty outfit you're wearing."

I didn't know Daddy was back," Veronica lied, a reddening flush creeping up her body. She turned and headed into an empty stall before Beverly could see her predicament. Sitting on the porcelain throne she took several deep breaths to calm down.

"Yes he got here just a little bit before you did and went straight to his office to get suited up. Richard was so relieved that he didn't have to be Santa tonight that he left early. I bet he would have changed his mind if he had seen Santa's elf," she chuckled, clearly in the holiday spirit.

Veronica loved her, but wished she would leave. She needed some time alone, before seeing her dad. Beverly kept talking through the steel door.

" A little bird tells me that's who you really wore that outfit for. Too bad he decided to skip tonight's festivities. You might've gotten an early Christmas present from him if he had stayed."

Veronica wasn't surprised by Beverly's statement. Almost everyone that worked at the center knew how she felt about Richard, except Richard and her father.

" You're right, I did wear it hoping he would notice. As for daddy, I'll just tell him the same thing I told the ladies earlier. The cleaners shrunk it and I didn't have time to get another one, besides he has seen me in skimpier bikinis than this and never said anything. You can tell Daddy that I will be there in about five minutes," she said giving Beverly a reason to leave.

"Okay, sweetie," she said, as she moved away from the stall. "See you in a few minutes," drifted back to Veronica as she heard the bathroom door open and close.

Veronica leaned against the stall door, before opening it. She just had to keep calm; hand out presents, and act as if nothing had happened she thought as she left the security of the bathroom. The merriment-taking place in the community room hit her as soon as the door closed.

She could hear her dad shouting, "HO! HO! HO!" and smiled as she imagined what his reaction would be when he saw her outfit.

"Merry Christmas," Veronica said as she entered the community room. She hugged several of her favorites again as she walked to where her father sat, ready to hand out the gifts.

"Hi, Daddy, I'm glad you got back early," she said as she leaned down and kissed his cheek above the fake beard.

She could see the surprise in his eyes as he got a full view of her tantalizing breast. He did look like the jolly old man now, his cheeks matching his suit.

"Hi honey, what happened to your outfit?" he stammered as he took in the rest of her skimpy elf suit.

"The cleaners shrunk it and I didn't have time to get a new one," she said looking innocently at him.

"Just don't bend over," he said as his eyes traveled up her long legs to the bottom of her short skirt. "I don't want you raising the resident's blood pressure and causing them to go into cardiac arrest, he said as his flush deepened.

"I won't daddy," she said, not mentioning the fact that she had already caused most of the men in the room to get hard and cum including him. "I think we should check your blood pressure first, she said teasingly as she kissed the tips of her fingers and laid them on his lips before moving away.

She knew he would be able to smell her pussy still on them. Veronica felt very sexy teasing her dad. She could feel a slow heat spreading through her body. Bending over to pick up the basket of presents, she made sure her ass was facing him. Slowly she spread her legs just enough that he would be able to see her delicate lips encased in her sheer white panties. She heard him let out a small moan. Standing up as if nothing had happened she placed the basket on the table, taking out the first gift and handing it to him.

"Is everything all right Daddy?" she asked innocently. "You seem a little flushed. Is it too hot in here for you?"

He shook his head no as he called out the name on the gift. Beverly and her assistant were standing in front of them ready to take the present to the person. There was much oohing and aahing as gifts were opened. Finally the last gift was given out and the party was coming to an end. Veronica's dad came over to her and put his arm around her, hugging her to him.

"Thanks honey, for helping out again this year," he said as he kissed her cheek. "I'm tired and going to head home, I'll see you in a little bit."

"Okay, Daddy. I'm going to stay and help Beverly get everyone settled, then I'll be home," she said.

"Here put this on," Veronica's dad said as he handed her his jacket, "it covers more than what you are wearing."

She laughed as she slipped on the jacket. It didn't take very long to have everyone comfortably settled and Veronica quickly wished everyone a Merry Christmas as she headed out into the night once again...this time with a much clearer mind.

All the lights were off except for the twinkling lights on the outside of the house and the Christmas tree inside, when she pulled into the driveway behind her father's car. She had wanted to talk tonight but it would have to wait until tomorrow. As she walked into the living room she could barely make out her father as he sat in his favorite chair.

"Dad, I thought you were in bed. What are you doing sitting in the dark?"

"Do you hate me?"

The air was as heavy as a London fog. Veronica didn't know how but he knew. He knew she had seen and heard him. She walked over to his chair and knelt down in front of him taking his hands in hers.

"No, Daddy, I don't hate you. I love you."

She parted his legs and moved between them as she reached up to caress his face. His coarse beard was rough against her delicate palm. His face was moist.

"Daddy, don't cry," she said as she stood up and then sat down in his lap. Wrapping her arms around his neck she pressed her face into his neck, as she had done when she was a little girl and was upset. "Daddy, I love you."

Veronica felt his hands rubbing the small of her back.

"Kitten, I would never hurt you. I'm sorry you saw and heard what you did."

Veronica noticed that he didn't say he was sorry for fantasizing about her only that she had found out. She wasn't sorry. This was the man she had loved all her life. Her father! He had always been here for her, now it was time for her to be here for him.

"I'm not," she said.

She could feel him pulling away. He cupped her face. She could feel his eyes on her in the darkness, the lights on the Christmas tree intermittently showing her the worried look on his face. She bent down and lightly touched his lips. It didn't feel wrong. She pressed harder until he opened his mouth and accepted her tongue.

"Oh baby," he said as he pulled her to him and his tongue slipped between her teeth.

Their kiss deepened, not hurriedly but slowly, sensuously. Familiar hands that had bandaged skinned knees and wiped away tears now caressed her back and stroked her smooth thigh. Deep from within her a yearning began. Moans were stilled in their mouths by their hungry kiss. Needing air they broke their passionate embrace. She traced the outline of his rugged face, letting her lips descend on each closed eye, his slightly off center nose, the cleft in his chin. Veronica slid off of his lap, grasping his hand and gently urging him to follow her. He did. Hand in hand they walked up the stairs, as they had done so many times in their past, him to read her a bedtime story, her to show him the way she had redone her bedroom, taking a different journey this time, a journey of uncertainties. She passed her bedroom and entered his. The quietness of the hour could have been stifling; instead it was almost like a caress, a warm embrace.

She pushed him down on the bed and turned on the small bedside lamp. He looked at her, his eyes moving hungrily up and down her sultry body. He finally spoke.

"Veronica, it's not too late. You can go to your room. Nothing has happened, we can forget this."

"I don't want to forget this. I want this. I want you, Daddy as much as you want me. I just didn't know it until tonight."

She wanted him to see her. She undid the wide black belt that circled her waist, not tiny and straight as when she was a child, but curved sensuously as a woman's above her flared hips. Unzipping her skirt she let it fall to the floor and stepped out of it. She grasped the hem of the velvet top and slithered it up her body and over her head, letting it drop to the floor. She stood before him dressed only in her panties, stockings and boots.

"Oh baby, you are so beautiful," he said as he pulled her to him, his face resting on her flat stomach.

His hands moved down her hips and around to cup her firm bottom. Softly he kneaded her flesh. She heard him sniff as he breathed in her scent...so familiar but so new to him. She saw the raw lust, the desire burning in his eyes. He stood up and pulled her into his embrace as he captured her mouth. Nothing was slow about this kiss there was a fierce hurriedness in his attack on her lips. He sucked and nibbled on them before he devoured her mouth and plunged his tongue deep. Her body melted into him, she arched into the unyielding firmness of his chest. He seemed to have a million hands, no matter where he touched her...she felt it ripple through her. He cupped her breasts, letting their weight sag into his hands, twisted and pulled on her hard nipples, traced his thumbs up and down her arms, causing goose flesh to gather on them for the second time tonight.

She grasped the hem of his T-shirt, causing him to release her, as she dragged it over his head. This was the first time that she had even noticed what he was wearing. Silk boxers and a now discarded T-shirt. His boxers were bulging. She ran her fingers through the hair on his chest. Here they were-him in boxers and her in bikinis, ready to forget society and unleash their inner cravings. She touched him, causing him to suck her tongue into his mouth. He lowered her down on to the bed, never breaking their connection.

"Oh baby, I love you," he said as he broke their kiss. "I need you honey; I need to be inside you, Ronnie."

She grasped his hard cock and stroked it.

"I need you inside me too, Daddy. I want you to fuck me, but first I want to do something for you."

"What kitten?"

"Lie back and let me show you."

She watched as he lay down beside her. She moved over him and sat on his thighs. Stretching her legs out she slipped her boots off and then her stockings. Finally she slid her panties down, letting him get his first glimpse of her shaved mound. He reached out and tentatively touched her. Taking his hand she slid it between her legs. He needed no more coaxing. He explored her thoroughly, causing her to moan loudly. She spread her legs wider as she moved up and straddled his chest, twisting her nipples. His finger found her clit and strummed it until it was hard. Then he was between the swollen pink folds of her slit, parting them, steadily making progress toward her moist hole. She pressed down against his hand urging him to enter her. Suddenly she was impaled on his fingers as he massaged her inner sanctum. Slowly he began to finger fuck her as his thumb continued to stroke her clit, sending electric currents shooting through her body. As he increased his motions she started to fuck his palm like a common streetwalker. Long, strong fingers that soothed her childhood fears were now driving her into a dance of sexual frenzy.

"Oh daddy, fuck me. Fuck my wet pussy."

"That's it honey, fuck yourself on daddy's fingers. Cum baby, cum while daddy finger-fucks your hot wet pussy."

Veronica felt like such a slut. She twisted and pulled on her hard nipples, pinching them as hard as she could stand.

"Lean down honey."

When she did he captured one in his mouth and sucked like a baby. His tongue flickering over her dark brown nipple. He gripped it between his teeth and bit down on it, making her pussy clasp around his fingers. His other hand was busy giving her other tittie a workout. His magic fingers found her G-spot and he stroked it.

"Cum baby, cum for daddy."

Veronica could feel the steam building inside her. She was ready to explode like an overdue volcano.

"Ohhh DADDY, I'm cummmming," she screamed as wave upon wave of an intense pleasure washed through her causing her pussy to clinch around her dad's fingers.

Sweet feminine cum sprayed all over her daddy's chest and face. She had ejaculated, spraying his chest and stomach. She collapsed down against her father's chest, eyes closed, as the final wave pulsed through her. Veronica had never experienced an orgasm so intense, and the smell of sex permeated the room. He slipped his fingers out of her and she raised up to let him extract his arm from between them. Wrapping his arms around her he held her tightly against him, her cum forming a slick barrier between them.

"Oh Veronica, I've never been with a woman as beautiful or as sensual as you when they cum."

"Daddy, I've never cum like that. I'm sorry, I got you all messy."

"Baby, I love your messes."

She smiled at him as he brought his sticky fingers to his lips and licked them clean. When he kissed her she could taste herself on his lips. She giggled as she remembered her first thought when she was cumming.

"What's so funny, baby girl?"

" I thought I was peeing on you at first."

He laughed with her, as he told her that it would have been all right if she had as long as she enjoyed what he was doing to her. She moved and could feel his hard cock pressing against her.

"I still haven't taken care of you daddy."

"We have time honey, just rest. I'm enjoying holding you, baby."

She pushed up and looked down into his loving face.

"I love this too, daddy, but I'm hungry."

"Oh baby, I'm sorry you didn't get anything to eat at the center after you threw up in the parking lot."

"Daddy did you see everything?"

He rolled them both over on their sides and embraced her before answering.

"After I came, I turned and saw the door open. I could smell your perfume. I put two and two together and figured out that you had been watching me. When I went looking for you, I saw you standing outside the front doors. By the time I reached the doors you had walked away. I figured you had went around the side of the complex so I followed you and heard you throwing up...and I knew that what you had seen and heard was the reason. Honey, I couldn't handle the fact that I had hurt you, and I knew you wouldn't want to talk to me, so I went back inside. I'm so sorry baby, I love you so much."

" Oh Daddy, I'm sorry you didn't stay longer. If you had you would have seen that after I threw up I calmed down. I thought about what had happened and realized that I have wanted you for a long time also, but wasn't brave enough to acknowledge it. I had subdued my feelings for you and let them take on other personifications. But I don't want to talk about this now, Daddy, I want you."

"Are you sure baby? You won't regret this."

Veronica didn't answer instead she moved up over her daddy again. This time she took hold of the waistband of his boxers. He lifted up as she slid them off him. Spreading his legs she got between them and took his hard cock in her hand.

Looking up at him she asked, "Is this want you wanted, Daddy?" she asked as she lowered her mouth onto his cock.

"Oh God, yes Veronica, suck my cock."

Veronica swallowed the massive head of his hard cock letting her tongue snake around his coronal ridge. She heard a loud groan when she pressed against the sensitive underside of his head. Taking his cock out of her mouth, she licked the tip before looking up at him. He was watching her, intently.

"Mmmm Daddy, do you like it when I do that to your cock? Is it better than in your fantasies?"

"Oh baby, yes, yes, it's so much better!"

She looked up at him as she licked the tip again, letting the tip of her tongue delve into his slit, dragging his precum up, letting it hang from her tongue.

"Do you want your little slut to suck your big hard cock, Daddy?"

" Oh yess, baby...suck daddy's cock!" he said as his grabbed the sheets crunching them in his balled fists.

Veronica slathered her tongue up and down his shaft leaving it wet with her saliva, before she bent her head down and took half of his cock into her mouth.

"Oh god, Ronnie, suck my hard cock baby!"

She twisted her mouth around his cock as she bobbed her head up and down taking more of him into her mouth each time, her jaws sunk inward. She was like a starving baby trying to suck nourishment out of a mother's swollen tit. Saliva dribbled from her lips and fell on to his curly pubic mound settling like drops of dew. She was holding him completely with her mouth. Her fingers found his hard nipples and she played with them. Her other hand caressed and cradled his wrinkled ball sack. She could feel it tightening.

"Oh yes, Ronnie caress my balls. Suck my hard cock. I'm going fuck your sweet mouth baby and spew my hot cum in it."

She was hearing almost the same words she had heard earlier tonight...but this time, it was different. It didn't bother her, it thrilled her, making her pussy juices flow.

"Baby turn around. Bring you sweet pussy here."

Without taking her mouth off his cock she obeyed him. Turning he guided her over his body. She felt his hands on her ass, spreading them. She could feel his hungry eyes on her pussy. He was touching her softly and gently, as if it were the first pussy he had ever seen. She moaned against his cock trying to keep her concentration focused on sucking his hard shaft.

"Baby, you have the most beautiful pussy. I've never seen a completely shaved pussy this close before I want to taste you."

She could feel his breath as he moved closer and parted her slit to get a better look.

" Your outer lips are plump and smooth baby. Inside they are a darker pink than the outside and so moist," he said before he licked up and down her wet slit, causing her to moan against his cock.

She could feel him tracing his fingers along them as he described them to her.

"Your inside lips are thin but longer than your outer lips so they are always visible. They are a deep rose pink and inside them it is even moister than your outer lips."

He sucked her inner lips into his mouth. Releasing them he pulled her lips apart with his thumb. Her motions on his cock had taken on a slow leisurely rhythm as he explored her cunt.

"Your hard little clit starts at the beginning of your lips and is covered by dark red hood. It is red and swollen now," he said moving closer and sucking it into his mouth.

Another moan escaped her as he slowly sucked and manipulated her clit with his tongue, causing her teeth to scrape slightly against his cock. She felt him jerk. Veronica sucked his cock deeper and harder, wanting him to cum in her hungry mouth.

"Oh yes baby, suck daddy's cock. Suck it honey. Suck it while I eat your pussy, sweetheart."

Her mouth was moving up and down his shaft as her hands caressed his cum filled balls. Veronica wanted to feel his hot cum spurting inside her mouth. She pushed back against him as his tongue found her virgin asshole. She couldn't believe her father was licking her tight hole as he finger fucked her pussy.

'Oh god, yes,' she thought as she fucked his cock with her mouth, 'Lick my ass, daddy; fuck my pussy.'

Her orgasm was building rapidly and spreading to her clitoris. She reached between her legs and started rubbing her clit as he tongue fucked her tight hole. She felt the gentle thrusting of her dad's hips as he started bucking against her face.

"Oh Ronnie, I'm so close baby. I'm going cum in your mouth. Suck my cock, baby," he said, his words vibrating against her pussy.

He was fucking her mouth as fast as he was fucking her pussy and her ass now. His tongue buried deep in her pussy as his fingers explored her virgin ass. Oh hell, it felt so good. Why hadn't she let anyone touch her ass before, the sensations were incredible. Maybe she was waiting for the right person? Maybe her dad was it? She couldn't think, only feel and she could do that. Her pussy clinching on his tongue, wiry hairs tickling her nose, ripples, that would soon turn into waves, of orgasmic delight washing over her. His rigid cock jerking in her mouth, warm lips, wet tongue, hard teeth...sucking, licking, nibbling the fleshy cheeks of her ass, hard nipples scraping across lean powerful muscles. She couldn't think, she couldn't scream out her pleasure, but she could feel and she felt the ripples turn to waves as she released a jet of warm cum around on to her daddy's tongue. Now his fingers were once again invading her pussy.

"That's it baby, cum on daddy's fingers. Give daddy your cum baby. Ohh baby, take mine.... Ronnie, I'm cummmming, ohhh babyyy, I'm cummmming!"

Her father slammed his hard cock into her mouth as the head flared and hot cum spewed into her mouth. She sucked hard as cum splattered against her throat.

"Ohhh fuck baby, take daddy's cum. I love you baby, drink my cum, you cum hungry slut."

His body was wracked with spasms as he ceased his assault on her and let his primal desire for completion take over. As the spurts died to drops, kept sucking, dragging every little drop of cum from his ball sac. Finally she let his semi-flaccid cock slip from her mouth. She had swallowed almost all of his hot cum. Just a few drops had slipped past her lips and down her chin. Looking at him she used her fingers to scoop this up and into her mouth.

Veronica turned around and moved into his waiting arms. He cradled her like a baby, kissing her strawberry blonde hair. She snuggled against him as he pulled the cover over their sweat soaked bodies, which had begun to chill in the night air.

"I told you I was hungry," she said as he softly rubbed her skin.

She could feel his body move as a slight chuckle escaped.

"Yes, honey you did. Did you get full, baby?"

She moved so that she was now level with him, her face next to his.

"Daddy, I won't ever get enough of you."

"Oh god, baby, I love you," he cried as he crushed his mouth to hers. His kiss was filled with passion, but not hunger she had felt earlier.

When it ended, she put her face into the side of his neck, feeling his pulse. The same life force that existed in him existed also in her.

"I love you too, daddy," she said.

Sated they drifted into a peaceful slumber.

Veronica awoke from her deep, comfortable sleep. Glancing at the clock, she saw that it was just past mid-night. It was officially Christmas Day. She lay there staring at the shadows made by the light of the full moon shinning through the tall evergreens, and thought about what had happened last night. The rhythmic sound of her father's breathing assured her that it hadn't been a dream. Hearing his soft snores she got out of bed and tiptoed to the bathroom, closing the door before turning on the light. Staring in the mirror she ran her hands over her tender flesh, touching the rash left by his five o'clock shadow, and the tiny bruises left by his hands where he had roughly handled her when his passion was at it's highest. She saw the dried cum clinging to her breasts. After using the bathroom she wet a washcloth and washed away the physical evidence of their lovemaking, but nothing could erase it from her mind.

Turning the light off she opened the door stopping to see if you were still asleep. She wasn't sleepy so she walked to the double doors that led out onto the balcony. The moonlight fell on the fresh snow that covered the balcony. It was still snowing. They would have a white Christmas this year. Veronica opened the door just enough to feel the cool breeze from the pines and to smell there heady scent. It instantly cooled her heated flesh. Shivering she closed them and was once again wrapped in the warmth of the room. Sighing contentedly, she turned to look at the bed. She couldn't help but smile at the sight of you lying on your side; your head propped up on your hand as you watched her.

"I didn't mean to wake you daddy," she said.

"You didn't honey. I woke up with empty arms. I wanted to hold you, to feel your body against mine," he said as he pushed the covers back and stood up.

Veronica watched him walk toward her. His cock was semi-erect and bobbed with every step. She noticed that it was the only thing on him that shook. His body was as hard and lean as guys' twenty years younger. His arm came around her waist and pulled her into his embrace. Veronica melted into him as his hot breath and warm kisses landed on her neck sending charges of electric desire through her causing her to groan.

"It's snowed since we got home daddy," she said softly not wanting to break the ethereal feeling that had settled around them. "We're going to have a white Christmas."

Jim looked at the winter scene outside and then at his beautiful daughter standing in his arms. The moonlight illuminated her. He breathed in her scent deeply and sighed. He had not felt such happiness since her mother had been alive. Pulling her closer his hand slid tenderly up and down her taught stomach. Veronica leaned her head back against his shoulder as he moved both hands up and gently cupped her breasts, stroking the underside of them. She squealed as he caught both nipples between his fingers and he nibbled on her earlobe. Turning her head to smile at him he captured her lips. His tongue parted her lips and he explored the warmth of her mouth. As their tongues touched, Veronica reached up and pulled him closer running her fingers through his silky hair.

Jim slowly and gently caressed her breasts, causing Veronica to arch backward into his arms. He held her steady as he lowered his head and took a nipple into his mouth, sucking it gently. Veronica moaned and her breathing quickened as she felt his teeth nip at her sensitive bud. Grasping a hand full of his hair she silently demanded that he pay attention to her other nipple. He eagerly complied; dragging it into his mouth and grasping it with his teeth as his tongue licked it. With his free hand he moved down her stomach and found her wet with desire. She shuddered and her whimpers mixed with his moans as he stroked her moisture soaked lips.

She twisted her fingers in his hair silently begging him to stroke her most sensitive place harder. Parting her swollen outer lips, he found her clitoris and raked his thumb back and forth over it, causing her hips to thrust against his hand as she clung to his neck.

Holding Veronica close to him, Jim lowered both of them down onto the thick carpet half covering her body with his. She moaned into the night as he continued sucking on her firm nipples.

Drawing his mouth up she kissed him, forcing his mouth open and sucking his tongue into her mouth. Veronica pressed her pelvis against his left thigh while she caressed the inside of his other leg with her knee. Cupping his firm butt she pulled him closer as their kiss became more passionate. Jim gasped in both pain and pleasure, giving in to her touch as she moved her body against his.

Jim wrestled free from her grasp and kissed and licked his way down her body. Sliding his hands underneath her he lifted her up, until she was resting on her shoulders. The moonlight was a bright beacon on her wet sex. Moisture clung to her swollen outer lips. Resting her legs on his strong shoulders he lowered his mouth and began to explore her heat with his tongue. Small mewling sounds escaped from her as she pressed herself against him. Locking her legs around his neck Veronica rocked against his face as he found and sucked her clitoris into his mouth.

"Oh daddy, don't stop. Please don't stop," Veronica cried as she brought blood to her own lip.

He had no intention of stopping until he had made her cum. Jim increased the pressure on her swollen sex and slipped a finger inside her dripping hole. Veronica heard her unrestrained cry echo in room as she pressed her wet pussy against his mouth and waves of orgasmic pleasure rolled through her body.

Jim let her slip back down onto the carpet and moved up over her. Leaning down he kissed her softly, letting her taste herself on his lips. Veronica reached between them and grasped his hard cock, stroking him, as her body arched up, begging him to make love to her. Pushing her thighs wider apart he hovered above her the head of his cock caressing her slick pussy. He entered her slowly, stretching her until she accepted the massive head of his cock. Jim almost lost it as the velvet walls of her pussy clinched his erection, trying to suck him in deeper. Veronica looked up at her dad and their eyes locked as he sank deeper into her.

"Oh baby, you are so beautiful," he whispered as he moved within her.

Veronica was accepting him fully now, caressing his back she wrapped her legs around him pulling him deeper. Her hands played across her nipples. The friction of his cock inside her had them both panting. Their pace quickened as they began to move together.

Veronica's orgasm came in crushing waves causing her to cry out," Daddy, I'm cumming! Oh god, I'm cumming!"

The walls of her pussy closed around his shaft, milking him as her orgasm peaked. Jim stopped moving so he wouldn't cum yet, and let her ride out her pleasure against his cock. Jim slid out of Veronica as she melted back against the carpet. He picked her up and carried her to the bed. Jim straddled her waist, bending down he licked her lips, before delving into her mouth. Veronica's mouth muffled his moan as his cock came into contact with her luscious titties.

"Poor Daddy, you haven't cum yet. Your cock is still hard," she teased him as she stroked his cock. "Do you want to fuck my titties?" she asked as she pushed them together around his cock.

Jim's balls tensed up as she wrapped her soft mounds around his cock.

'Oh god,' he thought, 'this is heavenly bliss.'

Grabbing the headboard he started fucking her tits, slowly at first, savoring the feel and sight of his cock getting lost between her golden tanned mounds. He realized that she must sunbathe topless. The thought of her oiled tits glistening in the hot sum made him moan. Jim panted loudly as he started thrusting harder between the tight valley she had created for him. He didn't need any oil, his cum covered cock slid easily between the soft flesh of her tits. His balls slapped against her hands. Jim looked down at his daughter. Her lips were parted slightly and her eyes were fixed on his cock as he fucked her titties. Reaching down he pulled her head up until her mouth was near the head of his cock.

"Open up baby and suck my cock," he said as he pushed his cock against her red lips.

She moaned the first time his head slid into her warm mouth. She could taste the mixture of their love juices on his cock. The hard ridges of his cock sliding against her tender flesh made her shiver. She tried to suck him deeper into her mouth, but he wouldn't let her. Veronica wanted to feel his thick shaft in her mouth. The cool air touched her heated skin where he had been. Veronica, wondered what he was doing as she felt him settle on the bed beside her. She turned to see. She could hear his rapid breathing as he plumped the pillows behind him and leaned back against the headboard. His cock was resting against his stomach, the head poking at his belly button.

"Stand up baby, and come here," he said as he reached for her hand. "Come and ride daddy's cock sweetheart."

Veronica stood up on the bed and walked to him, straddling him. She gasped as he cupped her ass and pulled her mound to his face, licking the shaved surface. She tilted her pelvic forward and his tongue lapped at her wet pussy, like a hungry dog. She used his head to steady herself as electric currents shot through her.

"Oh god baby, sit down on my cock, fuck me baby! I want to fuck you now, Ronnie!" he said as his hands moved to her hips, pushing her down onto his chest.

Sliding down until she was straddling his legs she leaned over and started kissing him. He could feel the softness of her belly trapping his cock against his hard stomach. She felt it too, and knew just what to do about it. Rising to her knees, she scooted up in line with his manhood.

"I want you in me, daddy. I want to feel you deep inside me and I want to cum on your cock. I want you to feel me gripping your cock as I cum and I want to make you cum as you never have before," Veronica said to him as she sandwiched his cock between her pussy lips.

He groaned as she raised up on her knees, wrapping her hand around his cock and rubbing the head back and forth against her wetness. When she felt that his cock was lubed enough, she positioned herself over his hard cock and with a downward thrust, impaled him deep inside her wet pussy. Jim gasped about the same time she did and he could feel the heat and intensity as his member was enveloped in her incredible warmth. She sat still for just a moment then slowly, rose and descended again. Jim looked at his beautiful daughter moving up and down on his cock and recognized the look of pure rapture on her face. Each time she came down on his cock, Jim would attempt to thrust upward but she would hold him down by pushing on his chest.

"No Daddy, let me do it. Please!" she begged as she speeded up her rhythm.

To himself he thought, 'She really loves sex.'

Jim could feel the tip of his cock flare every time her cervix would come down on him. It was such an erotic feeling to be in such a tight pussy. Jim looked at his beautiful daughter as she increased her pace; her chest and face were flushed. Veronica's eyes were slightly shut, and her mouth formed a silent O as her tongue licked her lips. She was cupping and massaging her titties. He reached out and grabbed both of her nipples between his thumb and fingers and twisting and pulling them. Veronica let out a groan. She pushed against his chest as she continued her relentless thrusting.

Jim couldn't stop his groans from escaping, as the erotic sensations seemed to center at the tip of his cock every time she came down upon him. He knew he wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer as he felt the pressure increasing. He gave her nipples a twirl between his fingers and just as he did, Veronica impaled herself once more allowing his cock to go as deep as it could. She let out a wail and grunting clutched his hips with her knees.

Jim could feel her pussy grab his cock and squeeze, milking his cock. Veronica's body shuddered. She moaned as she raised herself off of him so she could cup his balls. Her soft hand caressing his balls was the final straw. He reached his peak and he exploded inside her. He thought her blow-job was fantastic, but the things her cunt muscles were doing to him were unbelievable he thought as his hot cum spewed out of his cock coating the inside of her tight pussy.

Veronica shuddered and held him tight as she felt his orgasm begin, triggering hers again. Her fingernails dug into his flesh as she grasped his arms, so strong was the intensity of her orgasm. She was panting and Jim shuddered as his cock spewed its last remaining remnants of cum deep inside her.

Veronica fell limply on top of him. Jim wrapped his arms around her and held her close, feeling the luscious warmth of her breasts upon his chest. He took a deep breath to steady his ragged breathing. Sweat was dripping from his forehead and their bodies were both slick from it.

Holding her in his arms Jim thought, ' That this was as close to heaven as he would ever get without actually dying.'

He could hear Veronica whimpering as she shivered again and buried her face in his neck. He pulled her closer, letting her relax in his embrace. Before long Veronica pushed against him and then leaned over and kissed him tenderly. Jim's semi-flaccid cock was still inside her and every time she moved he could feel her velvet walls caressing him. As her kiss turned to soft caresses all over his face he scooted both of them further down into the bed. Slowly they disengaged and were lying side by side, facing each other. Pulling her back into his embrace he smoothed her tangled mass of curls.

"Oh baby, I love you," he said as he kissed the top of her head.

"I love you too. Merry Christmas, Daddy," she whispered against his chest.

"Merry Christmas, honey," he said and he realized that she had given him the best Christmas present ever.

Outside snow continued to fall blanketing the world in winter white. Frost left delicate patterns on every windowpane and the moon began it's final descent as the night slipped away. Inside Jim and Veronica drifted into peaceful slumber once again as safe and secure in the warmth of the room as they were in the knowledge that their love for each other, even though it had changed from parental love to intimate love, was as strong and safe as ever.

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