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12-07-2006, 05:22 PM
Labor Day Blow Job

Well, it wasn't really Labor Day, but the day before. Every
so often I need to work on the weekend so I can have the
computer all to myself, and this was one of those times.

I had come in earlier than usual because I knew it would be
a long day anyway, and I wanted to get home in time for

About 11:30 my wife called and asked if I was hungry and if
I wanted to go to lunch. I told her I was and she said she
would be there right at noon and to be ready to go.

She showed up right on the dot and we went to a little
Mexican restaurant that was fairly close and had a wonderful
lunch. It was just spicy enough that the glass of sangria I
had was cool and very refreshing.

I always enjoy being out with my wife. It is entertaining
watching all the looks she gets from other people, both men
and women and young and old.

Today she had on a bright red tennis skirt with matching
panties. Her legs were bare and well tanned and she wore
mid-heeled sandals. Her shining jet black hair was held back
with a hair band, also bright red, and fell about two inches
below her shoulders, contrasting with her sleeveless white
blouse. She had the collar turned up in the back which
accentuated her long, slim neck, and the bodice was snug
over her braless breasts.

For a woman of 45 she was very good looking. She was very
good looking even for a woman of 30! I always got a little
aroused watching her, even after 20 years of marriage.

And what helped get her the looks was her habit of pulling
her skirt up when she sat, rather than pulling the hem down
as far as she could as other women are in the habit of
doing. She wasn't brazen about it, but there was always a
tantalizing amount of thigh exposed. That is why I never sat
across from her. I always sat on the side next to her so I
could enjoy the view also.

We finished our lunch in a leisurely fashion and I chuckled
to myself watching the heads turn as we walked out of the

When we got back to work she said she had to come in to use
the bathroom and asked me if I wanted to come watch her pee.
I wanted to but had to decline. Somebody else just might show
up for some reason.

I was at my desk. Actually a counter fitted into the corner
of a cubicle, when she came back from the ladies room.

She put her hands on my shoulder and nibbled my ear.

"Hi, Sweetie. You got time for some hanky-panky?" she asked.

"No, somebody may show up," I said regretfully. Mexican food
always makes me a little horny, and with her nibbling and
licking my ear I was even more so.

"Mmmmm. There must be something I can do for you before I
leave. What if I just lean over the desk and drop my panties?
Then you drive it home the way you like it!"

"Shit no!" I exclaimed, "Anybody could hear us any where in the

"Aw, sweetie," she cooed, "I'm really horny and need
to do something!"

"Well, there is one thing."

"What is that?" she breathed in my ear.

"Well, Sugar, I have always fantasized about a woman being
under my desk and sucking me off while I work."

"Really?" she asked. "You never mentioned that before."

"Well, you have never been in my office suggesting nasty
things and nibbling on my ear before."

"Well, that sounds like a hot idea to me," she said, as she
slipped her hand down into my crotch to feel my hardening cock.

We looked over the layout and figured out that she could get
underneath the desk and if I lowered my chair she could get
her head up high enough to give me a good BJ.

As she crawled back into the corner and turned around I
unzipped my pants, sat down in my chair and rolled it up
close to my desk. I pulled up on the adjusting lever and as
my chair lowered down she grasped my cock and slid her mouth
down over it and then started jerking me off and sliding my
cock in and out of her hot, slippery, sucking mouth.

Shit! I was in heaven!

She took her time, being slow and gentle, and I was really
enjoying it, when all of a sudden I heard the outside door
down the hall open and close.

I reached under the desk and put my hand on her head.

"Shush! Someone just came in. Be quiet!" I whispered.

She stopped moving and sucking but kept my hard cock in her
mouth. Then my boss walked through the door!

"Hi, Mike! How are things going?"

I managed to maintain my composure. "Just fine, Ray. I
should be done in three hours or so, no problem."

"That's good," he replied. "Is Robin here? I saw her car
outside when I came in."

"Yea, she is in the ladies room," I replied, as calm as I
could, because my wife had tried to swallow my cock whole
when Ray mentioned her name.

"Ok, well, tell her I said hi. I just wanted to know how things
were going. See you Tuesday!" And with that he turned and
walked out of the office and back down the hall.

I waited until I heard the door close and then turned a
little and watched out the window until I saw his SUV
leave the lot.

I leaned back a little and thrust my cock in Robin's mouth
and she resumed sucking me off.

It was really a hot blow job. I was sitting at my desk,
trying to work on a program, and getting a first class BJ.
But unlike usually, I couldn't see anything that was
happening, I could just feel it.

And it was something to feel! I could feel my wife's warm
fingers wrapped around my cock, and her lips sliding up and
down on it, and her tongue licking around the head, and
squeezing it against the roof of her mouth. I was in heaven.

I did my best to remain calm and enjoy it as long as I
could, but I was having only moderate success. She had
slipped her other hand inside my pants and was massaging my
balls. I finally gave up. I switched from the editor window
to a browser window so I couldn't accidentally destroy the
work I had done and just leaned back in my chair to enjoy my
wife's attentions.

I reached down and put my hands on the side of her head. I
didn't want to face fuck her, just let her know that I was
really enjoying it. I started humping up a little and she
got more enthusiastic. She was deep throating me now, and
her mouth was like the hottest, tightest pussy I have ever

It didn't take much longer and I could feel my balls pulling
up against my body. Robin could tell too, since she had a
hold of them with one hand. I didn't have to tell her I was
coming. After 25 years of sex between us she could tell as
well as I could, if not better.

I felt her pull her mouth up my cock about half way and pump
the shaft with her hand as the sucked and twirled her tongue
around my cockhead. I knew that she liked it best when I
came in her mouth. She didn't want it down her throat. She
wanted it in her mouth so she could swirl it around and
savor the taste, and sometimes she would kiss me and let me
taste it too. Mostly though, she kept it all for herself. She
could be a selfish little slut where my cum was concerned!

I couldn't hold off anymore. I groaned, and just before I
shot my first spurt of cum into my lovely wife's hot pussy
mouth I had the presence of mind to put my hands on top of
her head so it wouldn't hit the top of the desk. Then I
thrust into her mouth and shot my load. One ... two ...
three ... four times. Then it just sort of dribbled out as
she sucked hard and pumped my cock, squeezing out the last
few drops.

I was completely collapsed back in my chair. Robin pushed
and rolled me away from the desk and crawled out.

"Nice desert," she said, licking her lips as she leaned down
and kissed me. I could barely taste my cum as our tongues
explored each other's mouths, but that was all. She had
selfishly swallowed it all. Well, for a blow job like that I
wouldn't begrudge her that reward.

She straightend her clothes and left after the usual parting
ritual, and I stood up, zipped my pants, and prepared to get
back to work.

Just as I was sitting down I heard my mail client beep. I
opened up the window and there was a message from my
boss. I opened it and was surprised to read;


Next time try my office. There is more room under
the desk and the chair is more comfortable!

Good Luck!

PS: And the door locks, too.

I forwarded it to my wife.

12-08-2006, 01:09 AM
Hahaha another good story...cute twist at the end...thanks gramps

02-25-2007, 06:17 PM
Thanx for sharing these with us.