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12-07-2006, 05:31 PM
Morning Music

I hate Winter! It is dark when I get up, when I go to work,
and when I get home. I'm sitting on the edge of the bed, in
the dark, waiting for my wife to get out of the bathroom,
the only illumination comes from the street light outside
and the clock radio by the bed.

My balls and cock are a little sweaty and stuck together
from sleeping and I reach between my legs and move them
around to loosen them up. Umm, that feels good! I pull on my
cock some more and stroke it, enjoying the feeling.

My cock is getting erect now and I flop back on the bed,
thinking to myself that I will have to finish this off in
the shower. The Spencer Davis Group comes on the radio with
"Give Me Some Lovin'" and I pump my hardon in time to the
music. Not too hard, I want to keep the feeling going.

Just as they start the second verse I feel something warm
and wet slide down over my cock and my eyes fly open and my
head pops up.

I see my wife's face illuminated by the light shining
through the window. Her eyes are sparkling and she is
grinning, as much as she can with my cock in her mouth

She leans on my thighs and without missing a beat replaces
my hands with hers as her head bobs up and down with the
music. She takes me deep in her throat on the down beat and
then squeezes the head of my rock hard cock lightly against
the roof of her mouth, gently pumping the shaft of my cock
all the while.

I lay with my arms limp by my sides, moaning and panting as
she plays me like a musical instrument. She knows me well
and holds me just short of orgasm while my whole body throbs
and pulses with the beat.

The next to last chorus starts and she tightens her grip and
becomes more abrupt and forceful in her motions. I feel my
balls tightening and the pressure building up at the base of
my cock, getting ready to spurt my hot cum in her mouth and
down her throat.

As the last chorus starts my cock starts spurting as she
takes it down her throat, then she takes the rest of my load
in her mouth, I can feel the vibrations of her humming as
she savors the taste of hot cum on her tongue.

She sucks and pumps me through the rest of the song even
though I am nearly screaming for her to stop, my cock is so
sensitive it is nearly painful.

The song ends and she raises up and licks her lips and sucks
the cum from her fingers, looking at me and smiling.

Some soft ballad starts playing and she leans back down and
sucks my cock into her mouth and gently and slowly licks it

As the ballad ends she moves her head up and gently kisses
me. Raising up she smiles at me and says,

"Well, that is one thing you won't have to clean this

I dearly love that woman!

12-08-2006, 01:01 AM
Hee hee...hot story there gramps.....thanks for sharing it.

02-25-2007, 06:23 PM
Thanx for sharing, Hope to see more from you in the future.