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12-26-2005, 06:44 PM
My Way of Ringing in the New Year
© 2005 By Rabbit1

Story codes: M/f, modification, spanking, BDSM, slavery, bondage, slow, humiliation, torture, nc, heavy, serious

It was going to be a hell of a party; the plan was going to work perfectly. In just a few hours she would be mine. She was such a tease, flirting with me for over a year. Each time I asked her out she would turn me down, with things like I already have plans that night but maybe some other time. Some other time never came, until tonight when she thought she would be at a party with plenty of well known people.

Every thing was ready, the main party room was set, there was plenty of food and alcohol and guests were starting to arrive. So to was the small private party room ready, my chest of toys was there and ready for playtime. This was going to be a New Years Eve party to remember, and my camera equipment was set up to record it to make sure.

I stood at the door greeting guest when they arrived, steering them toward the buffet tables full of food and the bar with all of the liquid refreshments, while waiting for her arrival. She was late as usual but well worth the wait, as she turned every head in the room when she walked in. I greet her with a small kiss on the cheek and took her arm and led her around introducing her to the other guests.

Her name was Sarah, she was 23 years old and had a body most women would kill for. She has long blonde hair that reached half way down her back and long sexy legs. She had on a low cut red dress that showed off her well endowed chest. It was just tight enough to see she could not have any panties on under that dress as it clung to her beautiful ass. She had on red high heel shoes with six inch heels that brought her close to my height of 6’3” tall, and enhanced her already well shaped legs.

I asked Sarah to dance with me but she said she wanted to get something to eat first, so I led her to the buffet where she filled her plate and took her to an empty table. I seated her and went to the bar to get her drink and much to my surprise when I returned to the table she was not there. After looking around for a bit I finally located her, she was on the dance floor with another guy. I just smiled and waved at her because I knew this was going to make the private party later all the sweeter.

She did return to the table where she ate her food and consumed the drink I had got her, and back off to the dance floor she went with yet another guy. I just watched because I knew it would not be long now, and she would be mine. She would soon know who she belonged to and how to act. I went and got her another drink and we talked for a few minutes, before yet another guy interrupted us and she was dancing again.

That is when it happened, the music stopped and a crowd encircled her as she had collapsed on the dance floor. I had known the more she danced the faster the drug would work that I had put in her drinks. I rushed over to her, gently lifting her head and speaking softly to her, she sort of groaned at me. I told the crowd that she just had too much to drink and I would take her to the back room to lay down for awhile. I picked her up and carried her to the small room I had prepared in the back. I gently placed her on the special table I had and attached the leather cuffs to her wrists and ankles, before returning to the party and assuring everyone she was ok.

Now all I had to do was wait to be alone with her, and that was to come soon also. At the prearranged time, some actors I had hired started pounding on the door, they were dressed in police uniforms and barged in when I answered the door. They started shouting orders and had everyone line up against the wall. They gave me the fake search warrant and said they were here to search for drugs. Everyone had to empty their pockets and purses and was frisked, their names taken and when cleared told they could leave. When the last guest was gone I gladly paid the actors and they went on their merry way. At last I was alone with Sarah.

When I entered the small party room Sarah was just coming around as the drug wears off pretty fast. She was trying to move her arms and legs and just realizing that she was quite restricted in her movement. She turned her head and looked at me and ordered me to undo her restraints, and that is the first time she saw the evil grin come to my face. Then she tried screaming as I guess she thought the party was still going on, but it was just my CD player turned up really loud. And I had placed sound absorbing panels on the walls and ceiling of the room when I prepared it, because I had planed on her screams, and they would be like music to my ears.

I stood there at the door and watched her scream and struggle for awhile before I approached the table where she was restrained. I guess she saw after awhile I was not concerned with her screams and she quieted down and just sort of whimpered. When I finally spoke to her it was in a low whisper, so she had to strain to hear. So I told her she would be mine before the stroke of midnight, and it was just a little after 8 PM then. She started shouting and cussing, telling me she would never be mine, that is until she saw me open my chest of toys and start laying them out on another near by table, then she suddenly became silent.

I unhooked the other end of the leather cuffs that were attached to her wrists and attached them to two cables I had dropping down from the ceiling. She tried to struggle at that time as I pushed a button and the cables tightened and started pulling her arms above her head. One at a time I then unhooked the cuffs to her legs and attached them to some cables attached to the floor, she did her best to try to kick me, but I made sure there was not enough slack in the cables for that to happen.

As I tightened the cables attached to her wrists, Sarah was slowly pulled into a standing position and I moved the table she had been laying on out of the way. Now she was pleading with me to let her go, and got her second look at the evil grin on my face. She would learn, the hard way perhaps, but she would learn. I stayed silent as I approached her and she got a look at he sharp knife I was holding out in front of me. She tried to struggle and get away but I had the tension of cables tight enough that she could hardly wiggle. Her not knowing my intended use of the knife was enough to strike terror in her and her eyes showed it. I took the knife and started gently cutting away her dress, being extra careful not to nick her skin.

I was correct about her not having any panties on under the dress nor did she have on a bra, just a garter belt to hold up her hose. And seeing her there naked and struggling was a sight to see, every wiggle made her large breasts bounce and jiggle. She was begging me to let her go now, tears freely flowing from her large green eyes. Still I was silent, as I drank in the beauty of my captive, I slowly moved over to my selections of toys that I had placed on the other table. I took my time picking up each piece holding it up for her to see and then replacing it on the table, just to intensify the terror she was feeling.

Where to begin? Only I knew the plan, and so far it was going perfectly. I picked up a medium birch cane and slowly turned toward Sarah. You could see just how frightened she was, she was actually trembling with fear. Still I said nothing, I let the cane do the talking as it whistled thru the air striking her on her trembling ass cheek. Her screams had just begun, as I laid a pattern across her now red ass. Her screaming and crying and pleading fell on deaf ears, as I replaced the cane on the table and picked up a lighter one. Silently I moved forward quickly and with a practiced flick of my wrist brought the tip of the light cane across the tip of her left nipple. Seeing her body jerk with the shock of the pain in her nipple was almost as rewarding as the piercing scream that followed. I continued caning her breasts and nipples until I thought she could stand no more and her screams had turned into moans and whimpers.

Ah it was only nine thirty PM I still have plenty of time, so I walked back into the main party room, went to the buffet table made a plate of food and got a soft drink before returning to the room Sarah was in. She looked up at me and must have thought it was over, because she began begging me to let her go again. Again she saw the evil grin, that in the future would send shivers down her spine.

When I had finished my snack I moved toward her, that is when I noticed she had pissed herself. I pressed another button and the cables holding her legs started moving apart, this seemed to scare Sarah even more as she started struggling with her bonds again to no avail. When I stopped the cables her legs were more than shoulder width apart and she was in a lot of pain from being stretched. But I had accomplished my goal, as not only were her legs spread apart but so were the shaven lips of her pussy.

She started shrieking and jerking when again I turned and picked up the light cane. When I turned and flicked my wrist this time the tip connected with her exposed clit. And she thought she could scream not more, but it brought forth a new series of screams as again and again the cane landed on her pussy and clit. When I quit she was begging me telling me she would do anything, just to please not hurt her any more. Again her pleas were met with silence and the evil grin.

I turned my back to her and went back to the table, picking up a few items and placing them in my pockets. Up until now I had not touched her with my hands, this time I roughly grabbed her breast and squeezed them until she again screamed. Her nipples were all red and erect, as I fastened my lips to one, and then bit down until she was jerking uncontrollably. I then repeated this with the other nipple, until I was satisfied that I had the attention if wanted.

That is when she saw me withdraw the metal clamp from my pocket and bring it up toward her extended nipple. Oh what joy I took in slowly tightening it clamp on her nipples, knowing she could do nothing about it. Sweat dripped from her as I backed up to admire my handy work. I moved to her again this time I roughly man handled her sore pussy, pinching her clit, shoving my fingers roughly into her love tunnel. She bucked and groaned, until she saw the other clamp come from my pocket, did she realize where I intended to put it? If not she did not have long to wait until she knew for sure, as I fastened it to her raw clit, and again took pleasure in slowly tightening it. Sarah then passed out from the pain, and I let her rest for a moment before reviving her.

She started begging me again, saying she could not take the pain, but little did the slut know it had only just begun. She was apologizing for treating me so badly and promising me she would go out with me. Again this was met with silence and the evil grin, which she would learn to fear.

She had somewhat of a confused look on her face when I turned to the table of toys and picked up a small battery charger, but that soon changed when I took the alligator clips and hooked one to each of her metal nipple clamps. She was begging again, please no, please I can’t take anymore, she said as I turned on the charger to low and watched her body jerk and spasm. I gave her a few small shocks and one big one to bring her around, again she pissed all over herself. Her eyes had sort of glazed over and she was just slack in her bond, that is until I moved one of the alligator clips to the metal clamp on her clit. When I flipped the power on this time she let out an animal scream that would chill the blood of most people. I only shocked her a few times there before her body went slack.

Looking at my watch I saw it was only 10:45 PM, I still had plenty of time to play. Sarah looked so grateful when I remove the alligator clamps from her nipple and clit clamp. Now it was time for play and the final training to begin. I replaced the charger on the table and removed a collar with a little box on it. I went around behind Sarah and placed the collar around her neck making sure the small pad lock was securely fastened. She did not move a muscle but asked me if she could have something to drink.

I walked into the main party room and found a glass, and pissed in it, then brought it back in and held it to her lips. She quickly took a big swallow before she realized what it was and then she spit what was still in her mouth out at me. I said nothing to her and just backed away and reached into my pocket finding the remote to the collar and depressed the button under the high setting. Sending a large shock thru the collar and watched her buck and jerk against her restraints. After several seconds I released the button, she had passed out again. This time I revived her with the rest of my piss that was in the glass by throwing it in her face. She now knew what the collar was capable of.

I depressed the button that moved the cables on the floor to bring her legs back together. Then I slowly put some slack in the cables that held her arms. Now the training would begin. I started off with some rules in a loud commanding voice.

You are a slut I told her, the lowest form of life there is, and you will always address me as “Sir” when I allow you to speak. You will not speak at anytime unless I tell you that you can. Do you understand I asked, and she said yes sir, that is when I shocked her with the collar on low setting. I told her I did not give her permission to speak, and if she did again she would get a bigger shock. Do you understand, I asked, this time I was met with silence. You may speak slut, do you understand? Yes sir she replied. You will not look at me unless I tell you to, you will always keep your eyes looking at the floor in my presence, do you understand I said, again I was met with silence, this slut was learning fast. You may speak slut do you understand? Yes sir was the reply from her with her eyes down cast.

You will do what I tell you when I tell you to, or you will be punished, do you understand? Again no answer was forth coming. You may speak slut, do you understand? Yes sir was her answer again with down cast eyes. You belong to me slut to do with whatever I want, do you understand? After a moment of silence to let this sink in I told her she could speak and she answered with tears in her eyes, yes sir. Now to test this out, I told Sarah to stand perfectly still and I would remove one of the cuffs holding her right wrist, but not to move her arm until I told her she could.

I released the cuff on her right wrists and stepped backwards, Sarah did not move a muscle, so I told her she may release the cuff holding her left arm and bring her arms down to her sides. She slowly and painfully moved her right arm over so she could undo the clasp on the left cup and then moved both of her arms to her side. I could tell the muscle pain she had moving her arms from the stretched out position they had been in for so long. After a few minutes I told the slut to sit and remove her ankle cuffs, but remain seated when it was done. I could tell her ass burned as she sat in the puddle of her own piss and the salt ate into her abused ass, but she did as she was told. Now it told my slut to stand, and told her she could speak when I asked her this next question, I asked if she was still thirsty. She answered she was and a look of pure shock came across her face when I told her to drink up the puddle of her own piss that she was standing in.

It only took one shock from the collar before she got the message and fell to the floor and started lapping up the piss she had put there. I asked her if she still did not understand that when I told her to do something she had better not stall but get right to it. I told her to speak after I asked her if she wanted another shock. She said no sir please no more. I then told the slut she was a mess and to stand still while I hosed her down, I aimed the hose with just cold water at her and soaked her down, telling her to turn so I could get the back, then I thru her a bar of soap and told her to lather up, which she did quickly and I rinsed her with the cold water again.

She just stood there shivering and dripping wet waiting for my next command. I then told her to answer my next question, which was do you want me to remove the nipple clamps? She replies yes sir, please remove them, so I told her to stay perfectly still and I would. I walked over to her and slowly released the clamps on her nipples which caused her considerable pain as the blood rushed in, but she stood still and just cried softly. I did the same with her clit clamp and she shook with pain but did not dare move.

I walked over to my table of toys and returned with a ring and a sharp needle, I told the slut I was going to pierce her left nipple and to remain still, she watched me heat the needle under the flame of my lighter, and closed her eyes as I brought it close to her nipple. She stiffened and cried as I pierced her nipple and inserted the ring but she did not move. I told her she was a good slut and I would wait until later to do the right nipple.

My next command was for the slut to drop to her knees before me, which she did with out hesitation. I told her to remove my cock from my pants and suck me off. She complied taking me half way into her mouth, while holding the remainder of my 10 inch cock with her hands. I let her continue this for a minute before telling her to put her hands behind her back and fuck my cock with her throat. She amazed me by doing it after only a few gags she was taking my cock all the way down her throat, as I stood still and let her do all the work. She must have worked on my cock for half an hour or more before I felt the tingle in my balls telling me I was about to cum. I grabbed he head and thrust deep down her throat as I shot rope after rope of my hot cum down her throat, just as the bell of the church across the street struck the New Year in, I knew this slut was mine.

More adventures of Sarah will follow in a few weeks

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very nice.

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Thanks Rabbit ---well written --not my cup of tea but thanks for sharing it ---I am sure others will like it


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Great story Rabbit. This is a well written story. You did very good with the details. Can't wait to read more!

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i liked this one would have liked to see more from rabbit

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With so many New folks....I wanted to be sure the older ones were also enjoyed.....and this is one for the New Year....hahahaha

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A story I could get lost in.

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great story well written a true classic.