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12-18-2006, 02:14 AM
This is one of a few stories that I will post of hot times I have been lucky to have had...First one that I have wrote and let me know how it is!!!

I want to tell you about a kinky married lady (Mary Ann) that I played with off and on for 3 years or so. Her husband was in the navy. When he was on duty, or out on cruises, we had time to play. How we met was cool also, I lived in base housing (I am retired Navy) and she lived right next door...the navy housing was attached townhouses. Her husband was out to sea, and she knocked on the door one day, my ex came in and asked if I could help Mary change out a light bulb. I jumped up and went next door with her, and changed out the kitchen lightbulb, asked her if there was anything else she needed, and she said the upstairs hallway light was out also. I had to get my ladder out for that and told my ex...I changed that bulb and she tried to give me $10, I told her I would rather have a hug and a kiss. Now I do love to kiss and have been told I am a good kisser. I laid a long deep kiss on her and then another. My ex happened to be going out that evening with a couple of girls from work,,,I told Mary that I could come back over around 8ish that evening if she would like...well I did and we had a lot of fun for a couple of hours...but that story would be boring for what I can write about her. As we played, several months down the line, I would get kinky letter magazines and circle ones that I wanted her to read, and she vice versa and we started into a lot of kinky game and role playing.Here is a story about one kinky night of play, with her being dominate...

I walked in to her place and she had the living room already set up, I could just imagine what was in store for me upstairs in the bedroom, if we made it that far...LOL Candles lit and she dressed in some sexy clothes, with crotchless panties on...I brought her a glass of wine from the kitchen and she had me pull up the coffee table and lay back on it, with my head on one of her kitchen table chairs. She straddled my face and started working her sweet pussy onto my tonque and face...If I started not doing it good enough, she would reach down and squeeze my balls first hard and then harder until, I was straining to bury my tonque as deep into her pussy as possible. She would move down every now and then, and let me bury my tonque as deep into her asshole as I could also. After she had come several times from that, she had me take and put a cock ring around my cock and balls, so I could fuck her silly and not come. I fucked her from behind bent over the couch arm, had her on top of me with me sitting on one chair, and my legs on strecthed out onto another chair,,,so she could just ride my shaft up and down from on top, and with her on her back, me holding her legs in the air and just drilling her good and hard. After she had gotten off several more times, I was ready to get off also, and precum was just dripping out of my cock. But it wasnt that easy, and she was not ready to let me come yet, she pulled out the coffee table and had me lay crosswise across it(with a couple of pillows under my stomach) and tied my hands to the legs of the table. She then tied my knees, placed on two pillows as spread open as she could get them to the other 2 legs. So I ended up out in the middle of her living room floor splayed and tied on the coffee table with my ass up in the air and hers to do what she willed to me. She had told me to be sure to get a good switch for her to use if I was bad, and I new better than to let her go out and find one. She started out working first one and then two fingers up my hot ass, and then lubed up an expanding butt plug and worked it up deep inside my ass. She let me watch as she started pumping it up and expanding it. After 15 pumps of the air bulb, the butt plug was getting huge and I was begging her to stop. She told me I was whining too much and pulled out a penis ball gag (5 1/2") and stuffed it into my mouth and tightened the straps. She broke out the switch and started running it up and down my butt crack in between starting to whip me with it. Every now and then she would stop and take some ice, and rub it all over my asscheeks to put the fire out and then start again. Sometimes she would reach between my legs and play with my cock, always taking some precum and let me watch her lick it off of her fingers. She knew from before that I could get to the point of cuming and erupt from a good paddleing or switching without ever touching myself...so that why she had me get the cock ring for this time. After she finished that, she pulled out an 8" strap-on and put it on, she took the penis ball gag out of my mouth, and told me I needed to suck a real cock and started fucking my mouth with her strap-on. She would grab me by the back of the head, and pump it into my mouth telling me she wanted to see it all disappear into my hot mouth. The first few times she did it, she would take that new baby tooth numbing stuff, and spread it onto a dildo and work it back against my throat until I could start taking it down my throat. (hmmm its been so long since I have done that, that I would have to do it again to be able to do that again). Well this was the first time that she hadnt done that and after a few minutes, I was taking it all the way pretty easily. SHe took and released the pressure on the butt plug, pulled it out, put some more lube on her fingers and worked 3 of her fingers up inside of me with more lube and then again some more. Laughing and telling me she really wanted me opened up for a suprise this night. She stuck the butt plug back up inside of me, it slipped right in,,,and came back around to my front and while pumping it up, and counting the pumps, she told me to start sucking on her cock again. She got to 20 and I was begging her to stop, again, between her fucking my face, and sticking the strap-on down my throat. SHe asked me if I had, had enough... I told her I wanted to cum and badly, she laughed at me and told me in due time, that she wasnt done with me yet tonight and wanted to see how her training from before would pay off...She gave me a couple of drinks of wine and went into the kitchen, where I couldnt see her. She came out wearing a 10" strap-on dildo that was just a bit smaller around than my cock at 7 1/4" around and came over and said she wanted to see if I could take it down my throat...well it took some doing, and some of the numbzzzz it stuff, but she was finally able to work that big thing in and out of my throat...Every now and then she would let some air out of the butt plug and then start pumping it up again until I would start begging her to stop,,,and then all I would be able to do was moan, around a cock that was working itself in and out of my mouth. She finally stopped and opened up the air cock on the butt plug and let it deflate, and it just popped right out of my ass. SHe laughed and said I think you are finally ready to get fucked tonight. I thought she was going to do me with the 10" strap-on but she went into the kitchen and after a few minutes came out with a monster 15" dildo strapped on her that was as big around as a beer bottle. I told her I didnt think it would fit and that it was two big, but she came over and grabbed me by the head and forced my mouth on it, and told me it wasnt to big and I couldnt do anything about it, so I might as well relax and enjoy it. Of course I couldnt take that thing down my throat so after a couple of minutes, of her having me lick and suck it...she told me that she really wanted to show me what it was like to get the heck fucked out of someone and that someone was me. She pulled out the penis ball gag again, and told me if I made to much ruckus she was going to gag me agian, but she would rather not have to do that. Now by this point my cock was probably at least 10" and just dripping precum and in the cock ring was not going anywhere. She worked more lube up my asshole and this time had four fingers up my ass, working more and more lube into my hole...she came around to my front and let me watch her pour a line of lube down the strap-on and work it around with her one already slick hand. She got behind me and spread my cheeks and slowly worked the dildo into me, Damn did it ever open me up...after about 5 minutes she was actually fucking me with around 8 or 9 inches of this monster, grabbing my hips and just drilling me deeper and deeper. I wa going uggghhhh every time it bottomed out, and she was slapping my ass, and just giving my upturned ass a ride. I told her over and over again to jack me off that I wanted to cum, but she would say to me that would come later. She fucked me for at what I thought was at leat 10 minutes and she finally pulled that thing out of my ass. She started kissing me and untying me, once untied, I started to take the cock ring off and told me she wasnt done with me yet and she still had some suprises for me. We went upstairs and she had me lay back on the bed, she straddled my face and after I had tonqued her to a couple of orgasims, she told me I needed to drink from her (that was one of the kinky things in the letters magazine that I had circled that I liked and I had notcied when I came in that she had 6 big glasses of water sitting on the kitchen sink...I guess, while I was tied up she had drank them) She let loose and told me if I spilled any on her sheets, I would be punished more then I had been that evening...I can say, that I did not miss a drop and licked her clean as a whistle, to another orgasim...(we talked about it later and she said just the first time doing something like that had made her cum harder than most itmes) After she got off another few times, she started working her fingers into my ass agin, and playing and sucking on my cock every now and then. SHe asked me if I was ready to cum and cum hard....Heck I had been ready to cum for about 2 hours or so,,,,she worked her thumb into my ass with her other 4 fingers....I started to moan, and graon, telling her it was to much,,,,she told me to push out with my ass and then to relax...her hand slipped up into me, and I told her it was to much...she just told me to chill (now I am a big guy and now I am untied) I chilled out and after about 30 seconds asked her to take it out,,,it was to much...she took it out, and started kissing me, and going up and down my body between kissing me and sucking on my cock and started working her fingers up into me again. THis time when she had her hand up inside of me, and hitting my g-spot it was still a tight fit, and werid, but it was great at the same time. She made a fist and started working my now fully hot and open ass with her fist. She reached over and loosened the cock ring and while using short strokes with her hand, started sucking on my cock...I exploded within 10 seconds and pumped load after load into her sweet sucking mouth. We had to take a break for a bit, cuddle and talk about what had happened...but for the next round,,,later that evening she had never had a man make love to her ass, and didnt know how pleasurable it could be....so it was a great night...

Hope you like the story and its actually true!!!

12-18-2006, 02:40 AM
Thanks eric....one of my Favorite topics......;whip;

Might I make a small suggestion....try breaking up the paragraphs a bit more....it will help with the flow, and the reader will not loose their place....

Over all a fun story....

12-18-2006, 05:04 AM
Nice story thanx for sharing

06-07-2007, 05:59 PM
Now that was a very hot story! That is my favorite topic to read about, and it's tough to find well written stories. What makes it even better is that it's non-fiction.
Thanks for sharing this one.

06-07-2007, 08:08 PM