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01-05-2007, 07:54 AM
Your hands travel gracefully through my hair.
Nuzzling and sweetness.
Gentle, soft, loving as could be.
I smile softly against your skin.

Yet I am not satisfied.
Sensing my need you stop.
I twitch slightly as your lips lower to my ear.
“Is this what you want?”
Your grasp on my hair tightens
as your teeth nearly pierce the soft flesh of my neck.
I writhe in your grasp.
A simple moan is my reply.

“My crazy little girl.” You smile.
Long nails drag across my skin.
Tiny darts of pleasure soar through my veins.
“Up.” A command.
Oh how I love your voice when you are like this!

I stand up obediently and you follow me from the bed.
You motion for me to stand by the door. I comply.
Your stare for a while. Such cold, blue eyes.
I swear you can see through me.
It worries me sometimes. Transparency…

“Take your clothes off.”
I stand there. Shy.
It’s amazing. As many times as we’ve done this. This part is so hard…
“Now.” You say. Not yell or demand. Just say.
I look up from my hands.
You look so hungry. Waiting. Wanting…
Slowly I yank my shirt off. My arm gets caught.
I hear your low chuckle. “Adorable”
I get it off and step out of my skirt.

The room is cold with nothing but tiny pieces of cotton between me and the chilly air.
I wrap my arms around myself for more than a few reasons.
Our gazes meet.
Slowly you stalk towards me, a predatory glare in your eye.
I shiver as you approach.
You walk around me.
A finger traces down my spine.
Your other arm wraps around me
As you whisper in my ear “My beautiful little girl. I missed you very much.”
You kiss my neck. I twitch at sudden heat at my neck and nails dig into your arm at my waist.
“Somebody’s a little excited tonight…” You bite my ear.
A slight moan escapes my lips.

“Tell me, Becca, who am I?” you say as your nails dig into my upper thigh.
Searching for my voice through the pain I somehow manage to reply, “My master.”
I feel your satisfaction as you pull me closer to you.
“And what will you do for your master?”
“Anything.” I turn and look into your eyes wishing to somehow prove it.
Prove somehow that I would do anything you ask.
My master.
“Such a good little girl.”
You smile and kiss me on the forehead.
I turn to press my body against you,
wrapping my arms around your neck,
Burying my face in your chest.
You take to softly stroking my back,
Letting me bask in your touch.

“I have present, kitten, I think you might like.”
I glance up at you, a curious look fixed on my face.
“Well, are you going to ask what it is?” You smile.
“What is it?” I ask.
“Well first you have to put this blindfold on. To make sure your surprised.”
You say while reaching to the dresser for a rather indiscriminate piece of cloth.
You spin me around and hoist the fabric over my eyes.
“You know I could just close my eyes and promise not to op-”
“No more talking.” Your voice is firm as you tie the knot of the blind fold.

And suddenly your not near me anymore.
I’m cold again.
From across the room I hear your voice.
“I think I like you like this.” I hear the sound rustling clothes and a zipper.
“You look so helpless.” I note the playful tone in your voice.
I hear your footsteps as you approach me again.

You are behind me now.
You press your mostly naked body up against mine sending little ripples all over me.
I note that your pants are made of something cool. Like leather.
“First things, first. Lets get you out of these.
You unhook my bra and pull it from my body.
Letting it fall to the ground slide both of your hands over my breasts
And pinch my left nipple resulting in my very sharp intake of breathe.
“Do you like that?”
“Mmmmm…” is my only reply as rest your hands at my hips.
You stick your thumbs into the top of my panties and slowly drag them down to my ankles.
“Step out.” you say as I stumble to free my legs from my panties.

When that’s over I feel you move in front of me.
“So pretty,” you say, a finger tracing along my side, “ I will have fun with you tonight.”
Suddenly you grab my wrist and pull me from the bedroom.
We walk through the house in, what seems to be, the direction of the guest room.
Then we stop.

“Hold your hands up as high as you can reach.”
I do so and my wrists bump against something and I hear the jangling of chains.
My eyes widen underneath their fabric prison.
I’m beginning to guess what your new surprise is.
You latch my wrists in, what feels like, leather cuffs and start to pick at the blindfold knot.
When the blindfold falls my eyes adjust to the odd lighting of what appears to be my guest room.
Except for the missing furniture and the newly added torture devices strewn about the room.

“What is this?” I glance at you questioningly,
becoming aware of your presence after reeling from the shock of a newly aquired play room.
“I got a pay raise…”
You smile maliciously,
as walk towards a rack on the wall with all manner of meancing looking items.
You select a simple leather whip and make your way back toward me.

“Isn’t this one of your fantasies Becca?”
You say as you trace one of the strips of leather across my cheek.
The look in your eye. You holding that whip.
Such power. My breath becomes shallow.
I can feel myself getting wet just with the thought.
You grab my waist and kiss me deeply before spinning me around.
One of your hands slids between my legs.
You rub my clit roughly before backing away.

Suddenly I hear a sharp crack, then I feel a stinging pain on my back.
My knees give and I’m hanging while the tiny bursts of pain throbs though me.
My clit is throbbing too, from the strike. “Uhnnnnn….”
Another crack. It all happens again. That low stinging dart of pleasure…
Three, four times.

And then you are beside me.
“Do you like it?” You ask. I hear the excitement in your voice.
“Yes, master. Please don’t stop,” I manage to sputter out.
“Well we have a lot of other things to try tonight.”
You say as your fingers trace the lines on my back.
I take in a sharp breathe. That feels amazing…

I close my eyes and you realize the effect of what you are doing has on me.
You continue tracing my soon-to-be-scars as I hang there.
Your other hand reached down to my thigh,
Slowly sliding upwards,
Taking note of the wetness that has already dripped down my leg.
You slowly insert one finger in me and rub my clit with your thumb.
“Faster.” I mummer.
And you stop.
“Not quite yet, little girl.”
You say as you remove your hand.

“We have far to much to do tonight.”
I realize this game all to well.
You always do this self-control, waiting game.
It’s infuriating. Yet this time I don’t really have choice in the matter.
My hands are tied. Literally.

I look at you, obviously frustrated as you wander the room.
“What should we do next…”
So seemingly calm and collected.
I can see past it though.
You are loving this.
My willingness, my frustration, my pain.
Everyone of them
Gets you a little more horny.

You walk back to the rack and grab what from here looks like a hunting knife.
You saunter back toward me.
“Hello Becca…”
You say as run the blade across my shoulder and then down my collar bone.
I stop breathing all together.

My whole body is shivering with anticipation,
As you lightly outline my body with the knife.
“What do you want me to do Becca?”
You say, looking at me pointedly in the face.
Your expression is so beautiful.
Waiting for me to answer.
You look so expectant, so energized.
“Hurt me. Make me yours,” I breathe.
You need no further approval.

You take the knife a slid it along my collarbone,
Just light enough to pierce the skin.
The blood bubbles up and rolls down my body in little beads.
The searing pain sends me to another world. “Aaaaaaaa.”
You lap up a drop that rolled down onto my nipple.
You lick it and then give a bite. God.
I can’t take this much longer.

You take the knife and carve a little heart into the area right above my hip bone.
You press harder this time and I can feel the blood roll down in slow moving waves.
It’s intoxicating. I feel you tongue run up my thigh and trace the design.
I’m panting now.
“I can’t take anymore. Please let me come master.”

“Such a well behaved little girl. What good manners we have.” you say moving to your feet.
“Since you have been so good, I’ll even let you down.”
You reach to the cuffs and undo them.
Promptly, I fall into your arms, unable to stand after the ordeal.
Your hands roam my back where the whip marks still sting.
You prop me up on my knees while you peel of your leather pants,
Freeing a rather eager erection.
You lay back on the floor and guide me over you.
Finally, what I have been waiting for all night.
I slowly slid you into me.
With my hands on your shoulders I begin to move up and down,
Bringing forth a very sexy noise from your lips:
Half moan, half grunt.
I quicken our pace and you dig your nails into my already aching back.
I mummer your name in reply.
I rock more and more until finally we come at the same time.
I collapse onto your chest as we collect our breathing.

“Mmmmm…. I have to say that was a good surprise.”
“I’m glad you enjoyed it.”
I slid you out of me and roll over.
“I have to say, it is way past my bed time.”
“Well we can’t we can’t have you go to sleep all messy like that now can we?”
“No I suppose not.”
You rise to your feet, then drag me up with you.
“Well then, first we need to clean you up…” you say as you drag me toward the bathroom.

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Thank you for sharing that with us...hope to read more.

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Thanx for sharing. a well done story, hope we see mopre from you soon

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Welcome to Bluestories...drunkenyoda1...thanks for the interesting tale....

I look forward to more of your stories...Hope you enjoy your stay here with us....;)