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Pea Pod - The Return
By: Wholeman

DECLARATION: This story is an original literary work. I wrote a story just to stretch my
creative muscles. All scientists and Wizards in this work are fictional. Any resemblance to
anyone living, dead, or born in the future, is purely coincidental.

WARNINGS: Contains transgender themes, Sci-Fi, explicit sex, mild violence, swearing,
and strange ideas. It has only the strange things that dribble from my head. If you are not
old enough, mature enough, open minded enough, and especially not smart enough to stop
reading should you find yourself becoming offended viewing such a story, don't!

I hereby grant permission to post this story, make it available for download, or send it to
one or more of your kinky friends, as long as I am given credit for it and no monetary profit
is made from it without sharing it with me. (I'm not greedy, but I did write it.)
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For those of you who didn't read "Pea Pod" before this story, you should.

However, I will sum up what happened to me one stormy night over the Amazon jungle,
when a bolt of lightning fried my pilot and blew the wing off the plane, I was in.

I awoke to find a beautiful native girl was nursing me back to health. At least I thought
she was a native of the Amazon Jungles...

Later I found out that I had been transported off-world by my nurse! They lived very
primitively, in huts and I assumed that she and her were people simple natives of the
jungle over which we had been flying.

They wouldn't let me leave the village, saying the jungle was too dangerous for men. I
wasn't about to spend the rest of my days trapped in a primitive village. I had a good job
as a geologist, and a girlfriend waiting for me back home!

Therefore, I made plans, bided my time, and finally made my escape into the jungle! I was
free! That is until I found out why the jungle was so dangerous!

While walking through the jungle, one of the local plants attacked me, and turned me into
a short little woman with big boobs!

My nurse, (I found out later, also my wife) found me afterwards. She was not upset that I
was now a woman, and she even offered to take me home and to go there with me! Damn I
was confused! She took me into what looked like an old Mayan Temple and teleported us
both into my apartment! That proved to be too much for me and I fainted dead away!

My nurse and wife, Meka, had my girlfriend come over and married us. Now I had two
wives, and a vagina! Meka also explained that I had several other wives back at the village,
which I had been servicing when I was male. I found that having my gender changed
didn't matter to them in their society.

I was also to learn that the portal is open and locked onto my guest room, and my wives
were coming and going between the plants. They needed men, sperm donors, or a chance
to go out among our citizens and be... ah, knocked up.

In trade, they had gold, exotic products, and women who wanted sex so badly they were
practically nymphomaniacs!

A side benefit, which I had not been aware of, was this new world and its plants were a gift
from heaven to the transgendered community.

It didn't take us long to buy the entire apartment complex, with the careful importing of
selected items. However, and here's where the new story begins, our quick rise to
economic prosperity had sent up red flags with the government!


The feds quickly pounced upon us, but we had a secret weapon! By the time the
government caught on, we had and army of professional women who, had been once been
professional men.

Therefore, when the government tried to arrest us and take over, Meka, my wives, and I all
wound up with diplomatic immunity! The government recognized us as ambassadors. The
U.S. Government recognizes Meka as the ruler of her world! That means that I am the
damn Queen!

The apartment building is an embassy, and we are hammering together some foreign trade
agreements and arranging for an American embassy on our world.

They can't seem to get it through their heads that they can't send men though!

If they do, they get back women, unless they want to stay in the village under the guard of
women at all times!

There is going to be another meeting tonight with the government folks and that's when
things should get interesting!

Oh, shoot! I haven't introduced myself. My name is Dolly Gordon. Well actually, my full
legal name is Her Royal Highness, Queen Dolly Gift-from-God Gordon! Can you believe
that? I was, conspired against by my wives! My many wives off-planet had wanted to
honor me, since they felt that I must be a gift from god! The problem seems to be that
"Dolly," is the name that translates to. They modified my name to make me sound more
regal by adding the translation as a "middle name."

I feel certain that my once-girlfriend, now-wife, Gwen, was behind it all! My only
consolation is that she is now Her Royal Highness Gwendolyn Goddess-of-the-Moon

You should be up to speed, so I'll be seeing you at the meeting!



We turned the cabana into our meeting room, big table, nice comfortable chairs, and a big
white board behind doors with the same wallpaper covering them as the rest of the room,
at one end. They furnished the rest of the room with items my wives and others of the
ladies from the village had brought over from Meka's world, well... my world. The whole
room looked very Mayan, with masks and pottery here and there, and a few small
statuaries, but with modern comfortable seats and workspaces.

"Frances tells me that there are to be many very important people of this world coming to
meet with us this evening. Are you as nervous as I am?" Meka asked me as she came up
to me and gave me a hug.

"More so, I think!" I answered, "At least women's business suits are more comfortable than
men's. Of course for events like tonight, I have to wear an evening gown, and the
underwear I have on is so sexy, it makes me smile every time I think of what those guys
would do if they had the chance to see me in them..." <Giggle>

"Damn! Why do I keep doing that? I never giggled when I was a man! Why can't I keep
from doing it now?" I asked Meka, still holding her tightly.

"It is just part of the make-up of the girl you fantasized about, and a touch of your own
bubbly upbeat personality, sweetheart," she assured me, giving my big bottom a light pat,
and then releasing me. Meka stood back and scanned me up and down. She then said,
"Turn around slowly for me, please Dolly."

I did as she asked, but when I was facing away from her she stopped me saying, "Dolly if
you insist on wearing these stockings with the seams down the backs, I am just going to
have to check to make sure they are straight. Now hold still while I straighten these for

She held my big bottom by the outsides of my cheeks to indicate she wanted me to stop,
and then I felt her fiddling around under my skirt. I haven't been a woman very long, so
when she was playing around with my stockings at the upper part of my thighs, sometimes
very near my bottom, I started to get very turned on! I moaned, and very loudly, to my

Three of my other wives were in the room with us, so Meka and all three others busted up

"Dolly, ever since you were changed, your sex drive is twice as much as when you were a
man and, you can ask any of your wives, that was nothing short of amazing!" Meka teased
me by slipping her hand between my thighs, barely brushing against my labia.

I couldn't help myself, I swear! <Blush> I moaned again, even louder!

"Sorry, Dolly, no time for fun right now! The Ambassador and his party will be here soon,"
she informed me, but at least she did it while hugging me tightly.

'I love it when our boobs squish together! It makes me so wet! Damn, I guess they are
right! I'm kind of a nymphomaniac!' I thought

"If you keep this up, they will just have to wait!" I proclaimed. That saved me. Meka let go
of me and backed off, giggling of course!

I wasn't out of the woods yet though, the other three decided they needed hugs too, so by
the time they were through with me, I was damn glad that I had the foresight to wear a
panty shield!

Frances, the man we first transgendered on purpose, now a beautiful redhead with about a
D cup bust, standing around five-foot-two, walked in and asked, "Dolly, you looked
flushed. Are you nervous, honey?"

She rushed up to me and hugged me tightly, her D-cups against my, ah... much larger
breasts, which is exactly what I didn't need at that particular moment!

"I'm not nervous, Frances, but I am about to orgasm and ruin my panties, if you keep this
up!" I gently informed her, while panting like a bitch in heat!

Frances giggled and replied, "If this wasn't so important a meeting, I would grab a couple of
your wives and make damn certain of it, sweetheart!" as she released me. "You will be just
fine tonight. The Ambassador is the one who should be worried. I don't envy you having to
deal with him though, he seems kind of dense."

"Thank you Frances," I replied trying to get my pulse back to normal. "I know. He keeps
insisting on wanting to set up an Embassy on Ka'an. He just doesn't want to get it through
his thick head, that is not such a good idea!" (Author's Note: Meka's world is Ka'an. In the
Mayan language, Ka'an means 'Heaven'. More about that later.)

"I am certainly glad to have an attorney with your experience on our side, Frances.
Without you and some of your friends' quick thinking, I don't know where we would be!
Most likely, we would be, left out in the cold while the government planned military forays
on Ka'an. If I know them, they would get a whole bunch of real cute girls back though..." I
smiled, visualizing a platoon of naked beautiful women returning from Ka'an, completely
freaked, and greeted by a regiment of horny soldiers! That would be something to see!

"Well then, let's go over the agenda for tonight. As you know, there will be a short
reception with appetizers and drinks, then we will move on to a state dinner, which Amelia
is catering, using some of Ka'an's delicacies and a few of your wives to cook and help
arrange their presentation. We don't want to frighten them by having them meet all of your
wives at once!" <giggle> "Therefore, Gwen and Beth will be the only other wives present at
dinner. Meka is seated at the head of the table as High Priestess of Ka'an you will take the
position of hostess at the other end of the table. Ambassador Blatherwick will be seated to
your right, with Chargé d' Affaires Bartholomew on your left, and on Meka's right is Mrs.
Marilynn Blatherwick. To Meka's left will be Mrs. Ginger Gaines and on her left will be
Gwen, and again to her left will be the Ambassador's secretary and across from her will be
Beth, placing First Secretary Gaines to her left and I will sit next to him on his left. You,
have all of that?"

"Don't worry, Frances, I just look like a bimbo, I have it," I replied, giggling and squeezing
her elbow, so she would know I was jesting.

"I didn't me..." she started.

"Hold up, I just wanted to inject a little levity. I am not offended, if anything, I am sorry for
making you uncomfortable..." I interrupted, before she could apologize, when none was
necessary. I knew what was coming next though...

Frances hugged me saying, "You're so silly!"

Even prepared for it, she had me panting!

"Oh my, Dolly, you have one hell of a case of the hornies! However are you going to be able
to hold off until this is all done with?" Frances asked, holding me at arms length and
staring deeply and concernedly into my eyes.

"Well... if I can keep the hugging to a minimum, and concentrate on the meeting, I should
be okay," I answered breathily, my knees weak and shaking.

"Well, you get your cute butt over here and sit down for now," she told me as she ushered
me to one of the sofas at the side of the room.

"I'm fine, my legs never used to do that..." I complained as I forced my breathing to slow
back down to normal, "I thought that by now I would be used to being a woman..."

Frances let out a huge giggle and clutched my hands tightly in both of hers saying, "I think
you are doing wonderfully, Dolly!"

"I'm not doing wonderfully compared to you, Frances! You act so naturally. You don't
have to have the other women help you pick out what to wear. You do your own makeup,
and beautifully I might add. Compared to you, I'm a total washout as a woman!" I groused,
giving Frances an exaggerated pout.

"Now you listen here, sweetie, you can't be comparing yourself with me! I was wearing
women's clothes, putting on make-up, and learning anything I could about what women do
and how they do it for most of my adult life! Until you came along and made all of my
dreams come true! Now I finally have the equipment to use all of that knowledge properly.
So don't you go putting yourself down sweetie, you are one of the hottest women I know,
and are more woman than many I have known that were born to it! Just give yourself
some time, hon.. You have only been female for five months, for gods sake!" she reached
out and cupped my little face under the jaw with her oh so-soft and feminine hand.

I grinned back at her and squeezed her other hand, which I still held. "Thanks, Frances, I
needed a boost in my self-confidence. You have been such a dear friend to me since we
met. I am now ashamed to remember how I saw you when we first met. I'm sorry for that,"
I admitted

"Oh, how did you think of me?" she asked.

I looked down, unwilling to meet her eyes, not saying anything, as I tried to formulate my
answer in the best possible way.

"Don't worry, Dolly, I won't take offence, I think I have a good idea what you are going to
say, so go ahead and get it off your... ah, chest," she giggled and squeezed my hands again.

"I thought you looked like a man in a dress..." I admitted, really wanting to hug her to take
the sting of my words away, but not daring to.

She almost fell off the couch laughing.

When she had wiped the tears from her eyes and caught her breath, she said, "That's what
was bothering you? You were right! I did look like a man in a dress. I was a man in a
dress, silly!"

"Oh, I figured that you thought that you were sexy looking..." I replied softly.

"Tell you what, did you think Dr. X was sexy looking?" she asked stooping her head down
into my line of vision so that I would have to look her in the eye.

I raised my vision, so that she wouldn't have to stoop down, and replied, "She was sexy
when I met her, but not nearly as sexy as she is now!" It was my turn to giggle.

"Well, Dolly, she had been on hormones for many years, and had gone through many
surgeries to look like she did. That was what was ahead of me, years of painful and
expensive surgery, and in the end, I would only appear to be a girl, just as Dr. X did. God,
I wish I could hug you again! You saved me all of that! Not to mention, now I'm a real girl!
I'm even a real girl with a family!" she squealed the last, at frequencies high enough to
shatter crystal!

It looked to me like she was going to burst if she didn't hug someone, so I motioned Gwen
over as a surrogate hugee, unbeknownst to her. Frances engulfed her in a hug the instant
she was in range!

It was my turn to giggle. Frances likes to squirm against you when she hugs, and it was
even turning Gwen on!

"God, I love having my own breasts!" Frances exclaimed, still interlocked with Gwen.

"So do I, hon.," Gwen admitted, "But I have developed a taste for really big ones, not that
yours aren't wonderful, Frances! Oh, my God, I sound like a titty-obsessed man!"

"Don't fret it, Gwen! Big boobs never did much for me either, that is not until I started
playing with Dolly's boobies! I'm as addicted to her hooters as you are!" she assured Gwen,
squirming some more.

"Stop that, you nasty girl," Gwen told her sternly, but grinning up a storm, "I think we are
just going to have to invite you to the 'after summit orgy'!"

"You'd better, you sexy babe, you!" Frances had finally released Gwen, "Gwen, you aren't
ever going to believe what this dear little person was agonizing about!"

"What is it this time?" Gwen shot me an amused look, then back to Frances.

"She was upset with herself for thinking I looked like a man in a dress when we first met,"
Frances broke into an extended giggle.

"You were a man in a dress!" Gwen gave me a puzzled look.

"I know!"

Now they were both giggling at me! I blushed beet red. I know because my face felt as if, I
had a sunburn.

Meka was instantly at my side, "Will you two, stop teasing my husband?"

"It's all right, Meka, they were just clearing my conscious for me, by trying to make me feel
foolish for my angst," I reigned in Meka before she could become annoyed.

"Dolly, my love, why are you sitting here? We have things to do, have these reprobates
been trying to get you horny?" Meka reached her hand out to me and pulled me to my feet,
which was fairly easy to do since I was the shortest of the wives. That is so weird to say for
someone who used to be an above average tall man, but was now a below average short
woman, barely standing five foot tall! If it weren't for a set of boobs that would make a six-
foot tall woman a shoe-in for 'big busted stripper of the year', I would weigh less than 90
lbs. It took us weeks to get bras in my size! I had to wear bras for much larger women,
which we modified for my smaller rib cage. (That means we diaper-pinned out several
inches in on the band.) They were better than nothing, but I really love my new custom
made bras! They even made them so that when my nipples are hard (which is most of the
time) it isn't so obvious through my clothes.

"What do you want me to do, Meka? I think Frances was finished briefing me on the
agenda," I asked her, with my sex drive motor starting to wind up once again.

"Do you have the demonstrations prepared already, Meka?" I checked with her, to be
certain that we could make our point with this ambassador.

"He hasn't got a prayer! If he refuses to believe what we tell him, he is going to be one
surprised ambassador!" Meka snickered, and then went on with, "I hope his wife is
understanding! But with what we have planned, I think she will be," Meka had a look of
pure devious delight on her face.

I knew the plan and it brought a smile to my face as well. Even if he doesn't catch a clue,
his wife will thank us... <giggle>


Meka and I went to where we had set up a bar and reception area, where she picked up
some fruit juice for herself, Frances, and I.

We wandered into the kitchen and approached the whirlwind that was Amelia Ready, a
tallish 5' 10" beauty, with long strawberry-blonde hair, and piercing green eyes. She is
slender and graceful, very narrow waisted but with large visibly pointy DD boobies that you
can even see through her bra and blouse! Amelia is also one of our happy new women,
courtesy of the Pea Pods.

"How is everything going, Amelia?" I asked to get her attention, since she hadn't noticed us

"Wha...? Oh, Dolly!" she squealed and, you guessed it, I was hugged again! It was a real
nice squirmy long hug!

"If this keeps happening, I will never make it through the evening without screwing
someone's brains out!" I mumbled as we released each other.

"Ooooh! Count me in!" she enthused, bent over, and kissed me on the lips!

My knees turned to jelly and Amelia had to steady me, "Whoa girl! You are the hottest little
thing! Out of all the transformed girls I know, Dolly, you are the horniest one of us all!
Meka, why do you think that the Pea Pod plant made her this way?"

Meka went to Amelia and whispered in her ear, causing Amelia to let out a dirty snicker.

"Okay, what did you tell her?" I demanded, giving Meka a reproachful look.

"I will tell you later, dear Dolly, I promise, but I do not wish to embarrass you in front of
everyone. I promise that it is not bad, dear one, it is one of the things I love most about
you!" Meka informed me, as she steadied me. "Now steady up girl we don't want the
ambassador's supervising chef to get the wrong impression," Meka said, pointing to the
Chef with her chin.

"You had better tell me later!" I warned.

"I need to visit the ladies room. I'll be right back," I called back to them, making my

I walked as quickly as my five-inch heels would allow me, while keeping my boobs from
bouncing up into my face. Gwen had taught me how to swivel my hips to smooth out my
walk. One of those things I never had to worry about as a man. I was used to a long stride
and a bounce to my step, much to the amusement of my wives. I had begun to hold my
breasts down when walking around in private and just letting them take wind when we
were in public. Gwen finally took me aside and coached me for hour after hour on how to
walk like a lady.

Then there had been the shoes. When I had returned from Ka'an with Meka, I discovered
that flat shoes and flat tennis shoes made my legs ache. That damn plant had altered my
little feet so that I am most comfortable in high heels. Not only that, but I seem to prefer
wearing dresses and skirts rather than pants these days. Gwen was the first to notice that
my choices in clothing had become almost overly feminine.

I tried to blame it on the fact that most pants had a tendency to ride up into my labia,
which would then make me have a wet spot in my crotch all of the time with the seam
rubbing on my oversensitive clit. Well, they did! Really, they did!

Okay, I like dresses and skirts better now too! I love the way my big butt looks in a skirt,
and the feel of silk nylons on my legs. Not excluding the excitement and danger of the
possibility that my bottom would be exposed, either by a gust of wind or my forgetting to
keep my knees together (which I have to admit happens more frequently than I would like
to admit.), possibly, even by my falling on my sexy derrière, with my lacy silk panties
exposed for the entire world to see. (I admit that I wear the laciest, sexiest panties I can
find, but a girl deserves to pamper herself!) All of my wives have discovered this fact, and
have been presenting me with panty presents, sometimes twice a day!

Along the way I seemed to catch the attention of the few Secret Service agents that we had
in the building, carefully making sure that the Ambassador Extraordinary, would be safe
during his visit. I felt like a succulent piece of meat under their gaze, just as many women
claim, but I also felt the power of having nearly made them loose control and start drooling
on their own ties!

When I arrived at the ladies' room, I discovered that I was not alone. Two of my wives were
in escort. They had caught up to me easily, since I am the shortest of the wives, along with
my other two problems.

"Isn't it strange how we all have to use the ladies' room at the same time?" I asked my
escorts, as one of them passed me by, so that she could hold the door open for me. I have
no idea why they protect me as if I were made of fine crystal, but I try my hardest to live up
to their expectations.

We all entered together, me as the cream center. I headed to the dispenser on the wall and
retrieved a panty liner before trying to enter a stall. Before I could attain my goal, both
wives snagged me. Hugged the living heck out of me, and, while one of them gently held
me, the other stripped my panties from me and slipped a brand new pair of Victoria's
Secret lace panties on me with the liner in place.

I would have protested, but the one holding me was groping my breasts. Not to mention, it
meant so much to them to do little things like this for me. At first, I had protested, until
Meka took me aside and scolded me for making my wives unhappy. Therefore, in the
interest of domestic harmony, I sacrifice my dignity from time to time.

I did put my foot down when it comes to wiping my own bottom!

With all the hugging and groping, this panty liner wasn't going to last long either, but I
have to admit, it was one heck of a way to change your panties!

We all washed up and freshened our makeup. My wives escorted me back to the lounge
once we were presentable again.

It finally dawned on me that there were more of the Ka'anian women present than I had
seen in a long time.

Therefore I asked Meka what it was all about, "Meka? Why so many of our sisters here

"We thought it wise to provide our own security forces, Dolly. You might have noticed that
the largest, most skilled hunters of our wives are here tonight, along with many betrothed
to the other males in the village. We do not expect trouble, although we plan to be
prepared for it, should the need arise," she answered while she straightened my skirt and

"What would I do without you, Meka? Never mind, I never want to find out! God, I sound
so, mushy! It must be all of the ********," I surmised as I straightened Meka's bra for her,
even though it didn't need it!


"I think I hear a limousine driving up outside, so you had better calm yourself, my queen!"
<Giggling> "Let's take up our positions for the reception," she finished as she led me by the
hand to where we had set up our meet and greet, where Gwen and Beth were already
waiting for us.

Frances met the ambassador and his entourage at the door and led them in to the
reception, "Mr. Ambassador, I would like you to meet Ka'anian Head of State, High
Priestess Meka Gordon and her husband, Her Royal Highness, Queen Dolly Gift-from-God
Gordon. Your Wisdom, this is Ambassador Theobald Heywood Blatherwick of the United
States of America, Earth, and his wife Marilynn," Frances was enjoying herself immensely
introducing me with my 'full name'.

"A true honor, High Priestess and Your Royal Highness," the ambassador told us while
shaking Meka's hand.

I figured that it was a good time to establish pecking orders, and put this ambassador on
the defensive, by chiming in with, "Excuse me, Ambassador, the proper form of address for
the High Priestess is, Your Wisdom, not High Priestess."

"I beg your pardon, Your Wisdom, I was unable to obtain any information on protocol, prior
to our meeting," he replied, with a slight bow towards Meka.

He turned towards me. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Your Royal Highness," he
intoned, and then the fink actually had the audacity to kiss my hand!

"The High Priestess needs to keep her formal title, but I don't. Please Mr. Ambassador, call
me Dolly," I offered, trying to cut through some of the quagmire. I felt that Meka is the
important person here, and therefore I could be less formal.

"Very kind of you Dolly, but only if you will call me Theo," he returned, once again with the
slight bow he had affected towards Meka.

"Deal!" I agreed, with more force than a lady probably should.

"Your Royal Highness, I am Mrs. Marilynn Blatherwick. It is so nice to meet you," she gave
me the woman handshake, the one where you just open-handedly clasp fingers limply. "It
is so exciting to actually meet people from another world!"

I giggled, "That is one way to put it. I fainted dead away when I realized that I was living on
another world. I am the only one in the reception line who was born on earth, as a man."

Her hand shot up to cover her mouth, "You mean you are him... err, her?"

"I'm afraid so Mrs. Blatherwick," I admitted, blushing up a storm.

"I want to talk with you at length when we have an opportunity! This is a great honor! I
have wanted to meet you ever since I heard about you!" Mrs. Blatherwick gushed.

"I look forward to it, Mrs. Blatherwick, there are some things I want to discuss with you as
well, woman to woman, so to speak," I replied warmly, "Please, call me Dolly. Your
Highness makes me sound like the Queen of England."

"Oh yes, Dolly, and please call me Marilynn," she replied, looking exactly like Frances, just
before she hugged the stuffing out of me. I could see her visibly fight off the urge, as she
and the Ambassador stepped on to be introduced to Gwen.

Frances delighted in presenting Gwen, nearly as much as she had me, "Ambassador
Blatherwick, may I present, Her Royal Highness Gwendolyn Goddess of the Moon Gordon."

"Delighted to meet you, Your Royal Highness," he replied to her as he kissed her hand as

Gwen must have been feeling her oats, because she replied with, "Yes, you are!" What a

I have to give him credit though he knew when to cut his losses and just moved on to Beth,
while Gwen and Marilynn were talking.

"Are you the wife who was Doug's girl friend before his ah... transformation?" Marilynn
asked her.

Gwen giggled and answered, "Yes, I am the other earthling here."

"I am so curious about you two, I could bust!" she admitted in a low whisper.

"Well I will be more than happy to tell you anything you want to know. I hope to talk with
you at length when we have a minute to ourselves," Gwen told her in a conspiratorial voice.

Marilynn looked over to her husband to see if he was paying attention to her. Since he was
involved talking to Beth, she said, "I will break away and we can talk in private later,

"Deal," Gwen whispered back.

"If nothing else, we can meet up in the ladies room!" they both giggled together.

Meeting the Chargé d' Affaires, Davon Jethro Bartholomew, drew my attention back to my
own sphere of influence.

Davon was a big man, 6' 2" and 210#! He looked more like a Marine than a Chargé d'
Affaires. He has piercing Hazel eyes, wide shoulders, a trim waist, and a chest carved out
of marble! I could guess that he had a hell of a six-pack! Since he was introduced solo, I
guessed that he was single.

"Your wisdom and your Royal Highness, a delight to meet you both," Davon Bartholomew
stated, "Please call me, Davon."

This man was so intense he reminded me of Colonel Oliver North!

"Charmed," stated Meka.

I could feel her eyes on me as I said, "Nice to meet you Davon."

He moved on to Gwen, but not before Meka pinched my bottom to tease me! This darned
body was yanking my hormones in so many directions that I hadn't realized that Davon
turned me on! I was so glad that Meka had broken my concentration! (Of course, that's
not saying much with me... carrots can even turn me on.)

Next, the introductions of First Secretary Maurice Braden Gaines, and his wife Ginger
Pandora Gaines came. The First Secretary was every bit as impressive as Davon
Bartholomew was. Maurice is about 6' 1" tall and 205 lbs. compared to Davon's 6' 2" and
210 lbs. Both men seemed out of place for a diplomatic mission. To me they seemed more
suited to a Seal Team incursion. I became suspicious of them immediately.

Lucky for me this was a very small meeting, the only other person we met briefly was the
girl that was brought along to record the session and take notes, Hilda Jocelyn Putman, a
thin 96 lb. girl with honey blonde hair who had been passed over by the boob fairy entirely.
She kept staring at my boobs, almost as if she had never seen a pair before! I was polite
and didn't call attention to it. What is she going to think when she realizes that I used to
be a man?

We broke up the reception line and joined our guests in the reception area.


I snagged a couple of brandy glasses off one of the wives' serving tray on her way by me
and handed one to Marilynn, the ambassador's wife. I figured that now was, as good a
time as any, to start working on my mission for this evening.

"Thank you, Dolly," she said as she accepted the brandy.

"I think you will like it, that is assuming that you like Cognac?" I queried.

"Oh yes, then this is Cognac?" she said raising her snifter and inhaling the bouquet of the

"No, it's from Ka'an. It reminds me of fine Cognac, but it is made by my wives back on
Ka'an," I answered as I slowly strolled away from the others so that our conversation
wouldn't be easily overheard by the others. She seemed to be anxious for privacy as well,
since I soon found myself hurried to keep up with her.

She grasped my elbow and near whispered, "Dolly, you are a wish come true! I have
always wanted to know what it would do to a man, to really, really become a woman! You
are a real woman now aren't you?"

I giggled and answered, "Right down to the monthly curse! Why so curious?"

"I just always thought that it would serve some men right to have to see what women go
through! Especially some of the more macho ones, you know that kinds of men who like to
intimidate women?" she replied with a little more vehemence than I had expected.

"Well, I might have known some of those when I was a man, but I can't say I have had to
interact with any since my change," I replied to her trying to feel out where this was coming
from, as we seated ourselves on a sofa across the room from the others.

"At least you know what I am talking about. Isn't there some men in this world that you
would like to see what happened to you, happen to them?" she asked looking deeply into
my eyes.

"There may be a few of those out there, I never really thought about it," I answered

"I have thought about it and there are a few that I would like to see go through it!" she
stated quite earnestly.

"I would like to talk with you in depth about that sometime in the near future, but I think
that will have to wait for another time. I do promise to talk to you more and do whatever I
can to tell you what you want to know," I told her, holding her hand as I said it.

"This sounds like you have something you want to discuss that might be a little more
immediate?" she offered.

"I wanted to talk with you about this evening. The US Government is pressing us about
establishing a mission on Ka'an, with your husband as Ambassador. We keep telling them
it is too dangerous, but they will not listen," I took a deep breath and then continued, "In
order to make a point, we have set up a demonstration to show how dangerous it would be.
I will need your cooperation and your permission before we can do it," I informed her.

"I will have to be fully informed as to what you have planned before I could even think
about it! Have you talked to the Secret Service about this?" he asked worriedly.

"Nope, they won't have to know about it, however you will. You see you will... um... You
will probably take notice that something is amiss, when your husband screws your brains
out tonight..." I admitted, blushing up a storm.

"You mean you are going to slip him some ******?" she almost squealed, holding her hand
over her mouth in shock.

"No, we would never do that! Anyway, ****** isn't as strong as this stuff! We just want to
give you a corsage, but if we do, we have to make sure that you know that you must stay
clear of all of the other males at the conference. The other thing you will have to know is
that you won't be going home tonight. He would never make it! Don't you worry we have a
nice room all set up for you two, with some complimentary chocolate truffles. When you
are satisfied, don't let him have anymore of them. If you agree to this, you will have better
sex than you two have ever had!" I was searching her face and she didn't seem to be
onboard so I went on, "The Corsage you will have is a piece of a flower that grows on the
plant that transformed me. It uses this flower to lure men into its trap, and believe me, it
is completely irresistible!"

She got a wry smile on her face, and said, "If I agree to this, will you promise to try to do
me a favor in the future. I promise that it won't be anything illegal, and that you will have
the option to refuse if you don't think it is warranted. It won't be anything that would go
against your morals, and you might do it even if I didn't ask for this."

"Wow," I exclaimed, "that is mysterious. We are trying to save those men over there, their
penis', but if it is that important to you, I suppose for a friend I would do whatever I could
to help her, even if I hadn't promised to, ahead of time."

"God you really are a woman now aren't you?" she looked at me wide eyed.

"Damn, did I sit here with my legs spread again?" I exclaimed, as I peered over my chest to
verify my knees were together as they should be.

"You know darn well that they are!" she tapped my wrist playfully.

"You should have seen me last month though! Meka had to remind me twice a day!" I
giggled, remembering how I was, not so long ago.

"It's so hard to believe you were male! That giggle just wouldn't come from a man!" she
enthused, "What does it feel like? I mean, compared to being a man, what are the things
that you notice the most?" she pried, finally letting her fixation overcome her.

"It is so hard to relate it to someone who hasn't gone through it. I can tell you about the
woman body things that are the hardest to get used to, and the cultural things and even
the feelings that are so alien for me, but without you having a frame of reference to
compare it to it loses some of its meaning. It's like trying to tell you about having a tail,
how can you imagine what it feels like without having a tail?" I explained trying to make
her see that no matter how well I could describe it, it would never be close enough.

She gave me one of those 'oh sure' looks so I acquiesced a bit and told her, "Peeing is one of
them. It is so weird to sit and pee like this. I can't tell you how many times I've peed down
my legs when I forgot! The softness of the world is another one. That is to say, now I am
allowed nay even expected, to experience everything soft and feminine and it's okay for me
to do that. If I wore the kind of undies, I have on now before, even Gwen would have
tossed me out on my ear!"

"This is exactly what I want to know!" Marilynn said, her eyes almost glowing, "Tell me
more. Please?"

"Alright, well there is the fact that I cry at the drop of the hat sometimes, and here's the
rub, I like to? That's not even mentioning the monthly curse. I hear I have exceptionally
mild menses so I won't go there. However, my head tells me one thing and my body takes
me elsewhere all of the time! Of course, now I know why women always proclaim to want
sensitive guys, but always go off and screw the rebels!" I admitted, "Sensitive guys are real
nice, but they don't make a girl wet like the other ones do!"

"Oh you poor thing!" she didn't stop herself this time. She hugged the stuffing out of me!

"I feel so much for what you are going through! I have the feeling that you were a really
nice man, and didn't deserve to have something this hard to deal with happen to you!" she
was nearly in tears.

"It's all right Marilynn. There are upsides to it too! Well at least for me there are! My
steady girl is now my wife, and I met a wonderful woman on another planet who loves me,
and whom I love dearly. I have more of a family than anyone I have ever known and for
some reason, they love me like they had all given birth to me!" I hugged her back savoring
the warm sentiments we were sharing.

I think that she has some real issues and we will have to talk much more than we have
time to tonight. I noticed across the room that her husband was giving us the evil eye, so I
said, "As much as I am enjoying this hug Marilynn, I think it best if we break it off for now,
your husband is giving us a disapproving glare."

She let go of me, but added by saying, "He won't dare say a word tonight!" Then she
whispered, "I'm just making diplomatic inroads that he will be able to use to get his
embassy!" she laughed at her own silliness

"Even so I think we should make our way back to the others before he becomes brave
enough to chance a diplomatic incident!" I told her as I stood, quite gracefully I might add.

"Wow, can I send my daughter over for lessons in grace?" Marilynn asked as she followed

"No problem Marilynn. I have twenty two wives who would be more than happy to take her
under their collective wings!" I teased, as we strolled at my mincing pace back towards the

She stopped dead in her tracks, "Twenty two? Wha... wha... how is that?"

"In Ka'anian culture, once the high priestess marries you to someone, you stay married.
Since there is a shortage of men there, and I was the finest stud to come along in a long
time, Meka decided to share me with as many wives as I could be stud for. With a little bit
of biochemistry, I was like the Energizer Bunny. I didn't find out until later that all the
women that Meka was sharing me with, were there consummating our marriages, at least
not until I was back on earth, I wasn't. I thought that after my transformation that would
nullify the marriage but it doesn't work that way on Ka'an. I did find out that I fathered
ten babies. The ultrasounds seem to indicate nine of them are male and my wives are
overjoyed!" I blathered away and she seemed to hang on every word.

"Oh my! How will you provide for such a big family now that you are a woman?" she was
thinking like an average citizen, but then I could almost see the wheels turning in the mere
instant that it took her to rethink her statement. She shaded her eyes and continued with,
"Oh, what a goofy thing to say! You have the resources of an entire world. However, with
the embargo those things will be hard to market, at least that's what Theo says. He figures
that pressure can be used to negotiate a mission on Ka'an. Is the embargo making things
difficult for you and the Ka'anians?"

"I shouldn't admit this to you Marilynn, but since we are friends, can I trust you to keep a
secret?" I whispered. I figured that it would be a good time to give her a minor 'secret' to
test her trustworthiness for future reference. "We aren't hurting too badly, there are a few
things that we have that can be made available for a price, which benefit us and the local
populous. As long as things take place here at the embassy, on Ka'anian soil, Ka'anian law
applies. We own the entire area around the embassy, so it is Ka'an too. Did you notice the
sign for a bordello just before you turned in here?" I giggled.

"Oh my! You mean that the women of Ka'an are selling their bodies?" she placed her hand
to her chest in shock.

"Well, they don't look at it that way. They think that they are being paid for raping those
poor horny men they are stealing seed from to become pregnant and thereby repopulate
our world. They would pay those men for their seed, whatever they asked! So the fact that
those men are paying them and giving them exactly what they want confuses the heck out
of them. The ones that we have procured visas for go out and work for a living, then they
hand their paychecks to Meka, who pools all of the money they bring in. Then there are
the men who pay to visit Ka'an. We had to start charging for the privilege of visiting, as
well as requiring sperm donations from the men, to cover our operating expenses here on
earth. The embargo just makes it inconvenient for us but it doesn't cripple us. You won't
tell Theo, will you?" I asked her, giving her my most innocent, and pleading look. (Meka
had me practice for hours on facial expressions. She told me the little girl innocent ones
were my best!)

"I would never tell that... Um, I won't give away your secrets, ever!" she started with a
biting reply, but her party face covered it up.

I could tell that this woman had some real issues and that future conferences with her
might be more important than this big hullabaloo!

"Thank you Marilynn. I want to talk to you in private and in depth. Here is my card," I
handed her one of my business cards that I keep stuffed in my bra, amongst other things.
"That has my private cell phone number on it and it has our message phone on it. One of
the wives is always on duty to answer it. They have instructions on how to find me at all
times. The other thing you should know is that my wives have their own version of the
Navy Seals. Should you ever be in trouble and need help, these secret service bozos
running around here don't have a chance! Believe me, they can disappear and show up at
your elbow at the drop of a hat. How they do it, I haven't been told yet," I informed her, if
she was in the circumstances I believed her to be in, she might need the help.

"You have to be joking!" she started to say, "Better than the Navy Seals? Girls? That is
hard to swallow. What, do you have Amazon warriors or something?"

"Where do you think the legends came from? The Ka'anians have been visiting the
Americas for centuries and there has been a long-standing tradition of Ka'anian women
warriors. Do you see Windy over there serving drinks?" I asked pointing to her.

"Yes. You aren't trying to tell me she is one of these 'Amazons' are you? She is only 5' 7"
tall! She looks like she is fairly buff for a woman, but an Amazon?" she trailed off, still
staring at Windy.

"The myth made them tall, only because male egos had to make them bigger than normal
women, so that they wouldn't loose face. They practice a martial art peculiar to Ka'an.
They say that they can teach me, but the training takes a long time and involves some kind
of telekinesis to enhance the physical strength. That little girl there can punch through a
stone block wall!" I squeezed her arm to reassure her.

"Windy is one of my wives. She is also head of security for the embassy. She will not let
anything happen to anyone who is within the confines of Ka'anian domain. She has twenty
others under her command here tonight. Normally there are only ten, but we were
concerned that the Secret Service might try something tonight. They are under orders to
let any man through the portal who wants to go, although they will make sure that he is
naked when he passes through it," I had to giggle at that. I knew what would happen to
him on the other side.

"You mean that he will become..." she said with an evil grin on her face.

"Whatever his fantasy woman is, he will become. The plants have a way of invading the
mind of their victim and drawing out that piece of information, then it uses that as a
template for the transformation," I told her, as we stood chatting.

"So if say a person was a pedophile he would become a little girl?" she asked incredulously,
nearly drooling as she said it.

"I never thought of it, but I suppose so. He would have the emotional make up of his
dream girl as well. If he likes submissive girls, he will become a submissive girl. If he likes
busty girls, he will become a busty girl. I suppose if he likes nymphomaniacs he will
become a nympho as well," I finally figured out why I was such a horny girl as I spoke to

"What's the matter Dolly? Your face just went pale!" Marilynn asked, as she shook my arm
to get my attention.

"Um, I just figured out why I'm such a horny lesbian. I suppose I knew all along though. I
always was turned on by horny lesbians as a guy, now I am one!" I told her my voice
shaking a little.

She hugged me and said, "At least you are a very sweet horny lesbian! Does it bother you
to find out that you are a horny lesbian dear?"

I thought about it for a moment. Then I realized that I loved being a horny lesbian!

"Marilynn, that was the perfect thing to say! I was feeling sorry for myself for a moment
there, then you said that and I realize I love being a horny lesbian! Thank you!" I was
enthusiastically hugging her back, and then I realized that she might think it was a sexual
advance so I released her.

"Relax Dolly, I don't think you are trying to bed me. I'm not sure I would object even if you
were," she laughed, "Somehow I think you have plenty of volunteers as it is though."

"You have no idea! There is an orgy planned for after the meeting. However you will be
busy in your own orgy I do believe!" I told her reiterating the proposed plan.

"Did I hear you correctly? Did you say that I would be invited if I didn't have my marital
baggage along?" she had eyes as big around as Eisenhower Silver dollars!

"We are a very loving group Marilynn. Tonight there will be three women in our bed that
are not wives of ours. All three of them used to be men!" I informed her as I let go of her.

"We really will have to talk!" she exclaimed, but then she whispered, "Dolly, the Secret
Service Agent named Eric will try to pass through the portal tonight. Please don't hurt
him. However, do as you have said you plan to do with him. I told that fool husband of
mine it was a stupid idea! Uh... do you think that you can arrange for me to be there when
he, I mean she, returns?"

I nodded my assent.

She immediately started to act as if she had said nothing to me at all.

"Well you go ahead and check on how well the preparations for dinner are going Dolly, and
I will chat with Meka over here until you return," she took my hands in hers and I saw only
for an instant her eyes flick over toward Windy.

"I will Marilynn! I so enjoyed talking to you and look forward to a long time relationship
with you. And with your husband," I purposely split the two statements, so she would
know that it wasn't commensurate upon his being ambassador.


I gave Windy a signal to meet me outside the room, unbeknownst to the others.

We meet up in the hallway and I told her of the impending attempt to invade Ka'an, in the
language of Ka'an which I was finally beginning to learn. (I think that damn plant made
me smarter!)

She took off at a slow lope, well for her a slow lope, headed for my old apartment, and the
gate to Ka'an.

I decided to check on Amelia just to fulfill my cover story.

"Amelia, my darling! Is everything going well?" I asked as I walked up to her.

"Dolly! No it's not!" she complained as I approached.

"Oh my, is there anything I can do?" I asked shocked that we could actually be having
difficulty supporting Amelia's efforts.

"Yes! Go away Dearie. I don't have anything to do myself and it's driving me crazy!" she
said with a grin, followed by a big hug.

"If I had your wives as a support crew all the time I could nearly take over the catering
market!" she bragged, patting me on the back as we hugged. "They do everything! I'm just
standing around getting in the way! I show them one time what I want and bam they do it
exactly as I did it, maybe even better! I'm staring to feel like a third wheel. Do you have
anything I can do?"

"Are you board?" I asked, incredulous that she should be standing about with nothing to

"You've got it sexy," she replied while groping my bottom, "Your wives have everything in
hand. You wouldn't have a spare half hour for a quickie would you?"

"You keep that up and it won't take half an hour, I'll orgasm right here," I panted, my head
against her breasts, "Unfortunately I have to get back to our guests, without overflowing
my panty liner. Would you like to go with me and tend bar maybe?"

"That might be fun for a while. At least I'll get a gander at the guests. Lead on my dear,"
she beckoned me to, precede her.

"You just want to watch my ass you stinker!" I accused, but allowed her to follow me

"Whoa! Back field in motion! Where did you get that dead sexy walk?" Amelia asked as
she stared at my butt.

"Gwen taught me. It's the only way I can walk, without getting black eyes from my boobs
bouncing up into my face, and for some reason that means I walk sexy now," I told her
with a shrug.

"No wonder Windy has to keep giving those Secret Service guys menacing looks!" Amelia
laughed, and then walked up abreast of me to walk side by side, "Do you think if I walk
around with you, I can have your leftovers?"

"Any particular guys that you have in mind?" I replied continuing my mincing walk back
towards the reception.

"Guys, my ass! I want all of the girls that chase your sexy ass around this place!" she
patted my soft and wide bottom, which caused me to moan uncontrollably.

"Stop it you minx! I have to appear calm and collected! If I show up panting in a sexual
frenzy, how do you think that will look to the ambassador?" I admonished her, trying to

"I imagine that he would throw you to the floor and start humping you, wife or no wife!"
she giggled up a storm imagining me being boffed by the ambassador. At least while she
was giggling she wasn't finding ways to make me wet my panties.

"When we get there you are going to be asked how soon dinner will be served, you do have
an answer I hope," I stated the obvious to keep her focused on the job at hand and not on
my horny little body.

"To tell you the truth, it's been ready to go on the table for ten minutes. We were waiting
until we had the word that you all had competed your missions. Did you?" she asked,
looking me in the eyes for confirmation, "It went that well did it?"

"Better than we could have ever asked for. She has some serious issues with her
husband," I replied. The trepidation in my voice must have been obvious. She stopped,
turned to me, and gave me a noticeably quizzical look.

"I wish I had more to tell you, but we only talked for fifteen minutes. It was a quick
evaluation. The only thing I know is that she doesn't object to having her husband screw
the living hell out of her tonight," I told her what little I had gleaned in my short

"Do you think that she might be a battered woman?" she asked, now deadly serious.

"I am hoping that is not the case. Although I did tell her that we would support her and
could protect her, hopefully in a way that if she doesn't have those kind of issues, she
wouldn't be offended," I bit my lover lip in consternation. "I intend to put a bug in Windy's
ear to keep an eye on her. If she sees anything that is suspicious she is to report it to me,
unless she thinks that Marilynn is in immediate danger."

"I don't think you have to add that last, she would jump in to protect anyone from harm,
male or female," she stated emphatically, taking my arm, and continuing toward the

"Of course. You are right. I have been thinking of protecting Ka'an and all of the women
so much, sometimes I forget about the men. Is that sexist? If it is, is it against men, or
women?" damn I confuse myself sometimes!

"That hurts my head even thinking about it! Forget about it and go back to your important
guests. Tell them dinner is ready and to get their collective butts to the table or I'll feed it
to the Secret Service Agents!" she giggled as she opened the door and propelled me through
it with a swat on my ample derrière.

I didn't let the fact that I was swatted show on my face as I sashayed into the room,
"Attention everyone?" I waited until the room quieted. "Dinner is ready. Please follow me
to the dining room."


I wasn't certain that I should do the announcing, but I kind of felt like the hostess of this
shindig, so I did it anyway. The only mistake I made was to have them all following me. I
was so grateful when Meka quick stepped to my side so that mine wasn't the only bottom
for the guests to watch on the way. She slipped her arm in mine and escorted me as we

Our wives escorted everyone to their proper place.

We had consulted, 'PROTOCOL FOR THE MODERN DIPLOMAT', Prepared by the Overseas
Briefing Center, Foreign Service Institute, US Department of State, Washington, DC; 1998.
Well, at least as close as we could get with eight women and three men at the table. We
tried to at least, put non-Genetic Girls in between the Genetic Girls.

It indicated that Meka was to be at the end of the table and I was to be at the other end.
Well you heard all that before. Let's just say everyone took his or her seats.

Even though on Ka'an I am the husband, I am taking the Hostess roll for this occasion.
We weren't sure what the protocol for the head of mission being female, so we just
considered who was the most important for the meeting as the Host.

The first strange thing I experienced was that Ambassador Blatherwick held my chair for
me as I sat down to the table. It shouldn't have taken me by surprise, but I covered my
surprise by giggling, which brought a smile from everyone then said, "Thank you Theo."

"Quite welcome Dolly," he expertly guided my chair in to the table, but misjudged my
boobs, and my plate was pushed into my water glass causing a minor flood.

"I am terribly sorry Dolly!" he quickly apologized.

"Don't worry about it Theo. I crash them into things all of the time myself! Excuse me
while I slip into something dryer," I went to stand and Theo took my chair again. He was
however unable to keep his eyes off my nipples which were evident through my wet dress
and bra.

I saw that Marilynn noticed his eyes bulge out at the same time I did. She was looking
daggers at him as I left.


Two of my wives were waiting for me at the door, they bustled me into the nearest ladies
room where they were all ready with a dress for me. I had to ask! "All right ladies, how is
it that you have a new dress waiting for me? Do you have a change of clothes for the
others as well?" I interrogated the suspects while giving then my 'harsh' gaze, which is
about as terrifying as Smurfette could produce.

My wives could tell though, so Itzel answered, "No, we do not have a change for any of the
others, just for you Dolly. We discussed what would happen at the table tonight and it was
unanimous that the likelihood that you would be needing a change was almost certain." At
least she had the good taste to blush and then continued with, "We felt that you are still
becoming used to your body, like a teenager who is growing, so you can still be a little
clumsy. We don't mean it to be cruel or anything, and it wasn't your fault the ambassador
knocked over your water glass. We all think that you are doing a marvelous job. When it
happened to me I was clumsy, bitchy, and a total wreck for nearly a year!"

"Thanks to you both. I am glad that you told me the way you did. I feel silly now for
feeling picked on," I admitted. By this time, I was nearly in a new dress and Ysalane was
touching up my makeup.

Ysalane said, as she spread lipstick on my lips, "There you are sweetie, all ready to go back
to dinner!"

"Those pit crews at Indianapolis have nothing on you two!" I praised them, while wiggling
back into my high heals.

I started clacking my way back to the dining room with my two escorts. We passed by a
pair of the Secret Service agents roaming around our halls and one's eyes locked onto my
chest as if his weapons radar had homed in on them. His partner sharply elbowed him in
the ribs to break his stare. It made me giggle to think that would have been me just a few
months ago.

I overheard them as we passed by them. One said, "You are damn lucky she giggled

"I couldn't help it! Did you see 'them'!" the other replied in disbelief.

"Shut up Eric, you fool! She'll hear you!" the first one said in a low menacing tone.

I walked out of earshot after that.

Ysalane asked me in a whisper, "Do you want us to speak to that one after we drop you

"Nah, I would have done the same thing myself at one time. You can go back and jump his
bones though if you want to," I teased.

"I'll think about it. You can have the other one if you want, I bring him by for you later,"
she teased back.

"Better yet, take him back to Ka'an and introduce him to the local flora," I laughed, "He can
get his own set of missiles!"

"As you wish my queen!" she replied sharply.

"No, no, no, I was joking! Don't go and really do it!" I couldn't take the chance that she
would take me seriously and deprive him of his manhood.

"Got you!" she laughed, "The only way he goes to Ka'an is under his own steam. We heard
of maybe an attempt to sneak through to Ka'an tonight. If he is the one, I would laugh my
ass off!"

Back to Dinner

She opened the door to the dining room for me, followed me to my chair, held it while I sat
down, and carefully pushed me forward to the table.

While I was seated the men all stood, then they joined me at the table.

You could hear a pin drop, so I looked around and exclaimed, "You didn't all wait for me
did you?"

Meka answered from across the table, "Marilynn insisted that we wait. I can't believe that
you are back so quickly. Did you change in the hallway?"

That brought a smile from everyone.

"I have my own personal pit crew. For some reason they felt that I might need a change of
clothing tonight and were prepared," I blushed as I told them.

Meka covered with, "Our ladies are always prepared. Most likely there are full changes of
clothes for all of us at the ready."

I didn't bother to correct her, I would have bet money that she was in on the planning of
my reserve clothes, including the fact that this dress revealed a whole lot of cleavage! A
fact that didn't go unobserved by the men in attendance.

We were all served fruit dishes to start the meal. Slices of the huge grapes of which I had
grown fond named T' Gap, and a blood red heart shaped fruit with a pear like consistency
and a honey like taste known to the people of Ka'an as Ixhata. Amelia had mixed in some
earth fruits, pears, apples, and grapes, for the less adventurous.

Marilynn wasn't so sure of the Ka'anian fruits in her bowl so I speared a T' Gap slice and
as I was stuffing it in my mouth, winked at her. I made appropriate yummy noises to
indicate that it would be tasty to earth palates.

Gwen followed my lead just in case anyone thought that my tastes had changed after my

I was more interested in Marilynn's reaction to the new tastes than those seated closer to
me so I was slightly startled when Theo exclaimed, "These are wonderful! What are they

I turned to see he was looking for me to answer so I told him the names, and as I did, I saw
Marilynn smile her enjoyment at me. I looked around and was pleased to see that all, in
seeming preference over their earth cousins, were enjoying the Ka'anian fruits.

I wanted to get conversation moving a little so I looked to Davon and asked, "How is the
fruit Davon?"

"Very nice," he replied simply and briefly.

He appeared as though he were sitting at attention while eating, so I asked, "Were you in
the military Davon?"

"Yes," he answered.

It was obvious that Davon wasn't going to be very chatty so I moved on to more, fertile
fields, I hoped, "Ginger, have you been in Nevada long?"

"We flew in last week, from Washington. Nevada is lovely though. I really like the bright
lights of Reno and all of the friendly people here!" she responded exuberantly.

"Well as a former native of Nevada, may I extend my welcome to you and your family," I
smiled, happy to have someone who would respond in more that two word sentences.

"Why thank you Dolly. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the area. Perhaps you can
suggest some places we should visit while we're in Nevada."

"Certainly, what kinds of things do you like to do?" I asked her and looked to her husband
as well inviting his input.

"Well Dolly, I'm a country girl at heart. We like to camp, fish, ride horses, and hike. Some
of the wilderness areas here look very inviting," Ginger enthused. "Don't we honey?" she
asked Maurice.

"Yes, we do like all of that, and in different environments, rainforests, high plains, deserts,
and jungles," he added.

"I used to work in places like you describe all of the time. In fact I was flying over the
jungle when Meka saved me," I informed them. They all probably knew that already, but I
was just trying to keep the conversation going.

"I see. I've read the official report of your crash. What I don't understand is how you
survived the wreck! What was left of the plane was a total. They had to pick the pilot up
in pieces!" he asked now quite interested in the conversation.

"I think you need to get that information from Meka. I was unconscious at the time," I
answered, looking to Meka for her to explain.

"That is easy to explain Maurice. Daily I would search the heavens trying to establish a
link to this or another world in order to try to save our world. The lightning strike on his
plane must have provided me with a good energy pattern to latch onto. My instruments
told me that there was a person within its beam so I pulled him through to our world. He
injured his leg when the lightning struck the plane, but other than that, he was in good
shape. Had I waited until the plane struck the ground before pulling him through, he
would have died in the jungle," she answered Maurice between bites.

"Wow, that was a mighty close call! What were you doing flying over the Jungle Dolly?"
Maurice asked me.

"At the time I was on my way to do a geological survey for a mine," I told him, "That's what
I did for a living, geological surveys for a variety of reasons, and often times in very remote

"Now you have been in the remotest place that I have ever heard of!" Ginger exclaimed, "It's
all so very exciting! What does it feel like to travel to another world?"

I giggled, "I was unconscious the first time and the second time, when I realized what we
had just done I fainted for three days!"

Meka chimed in with, "That is not entirely true. She was weak from the transformation
and fainted due to the shock of being back home, but she would have only been out for a
short time if I hadn't given her a sedative. She needed to rest up and replenish her
strength, so I kept her asleep in bed for three days so she would not try to do something
that might hurt her."

"So, travel to Ka'an is stressful?" Ginger wrongfully concluded.

"No, the travel itself isn't, it's having your genes rewritten that is the most stressful," Meka
told her.

Amelia and the wives started serving the main course, slices of a condor-like bird, corn,
and a blue colored sweet potato, which tasted like they were covered in brown sugar.

Gwen spoke up at this point to add, "The first time I did it I passed out too! I woke up in
the middle of a lay down group hug!" she laughed.

"Old jungle cure for fainting!" I laughed, "Not to mention a heck of a way to wake up!"

"I'll say," Gwen agreed, "but I didn't believe them when they told me I would be going to
another planet. When I realized they were telling me the truth it was just too much!"

"What does it feel like?" Ginger insisted.

"Exactly like walking from one room into another!" I admitted, "You wouldn't feel a thing."

"That is wonderful! When will you be issuing visas?" she asked half jokingly.

"That will be one of the discussions we plan after dinner. We will have no qualms issuing
visas to women, however we will not allow men to visit Ka'an except under very special
circumstances," Meka answered, "Our world is just too dangerous for men to visit."

"Have any men visited your world since you made the link?" Ginger asked naively.

"No men have ever returned to earth from our world," Meka answered trying to derail her
question without having to give away what we have been doing for transgendered men.

I decided to help by saying, "If you sent a platoon of men to Ka'an, not one man would
return to earth."

"You mean that any man who goes to Ka'an comes back like you?" she asked round-eyed
and astonished.

"Pretty much," I told her with a big grin.

"I find that hard to believe," Davon put in.

"Why is that, Davon?" I asked.

"Do these plants, you are talking about, walk around? Do they move from place to place?
How is it that a stationary plant can attack a platoon of men and turn them all into
women?" he taunted, "It doesn't make sense."

"It will. I promise," I told him, with a broad smile on my face.

Meka, Gwen, Marilynn, Ginger, and I all looked at each other and exchanged secret
knowing glances.

We all finished eating, the wives removed our dinner plates, and they replaced them with
slices of chocolate truffle mouse, and snifters of brandy.

(No, the truffle in the mouse was not laden with aphrodisiac.)

We ate the deserts and enjoyed the brandy with little more conversation. When it was gone
I suggested, "Why don't we adjourn to the reception area while the table is cleared for our
meeting. If anyone has a need for the restroom, Ysalane will be happy to show them the


We all took our brandy to the reception area for a while, where I had another opportunity
to talk with Marilynn again, "How was dinner Marilynn? Did you enjoy the condor?"

"It was tasty, different, but it tasted like chicken," she giggled, and then more seriously, "So
does Ginger know about the corsage?"

"Yes, she will have one too, and so will Ysalane, she wishes to conceive and has
volunteered to bed Davon. The point will be that they will not be able to resist the
attraction to the flower, which is what the plant uses to attract its victims. I know, it was
used on me," I admitted, "We also plan to tell them we are doing it, so they may do their
best to resist it, if they can!"

"You are going to give them a chance not to bed us?" she said, as if she didn't think it was
a good idea.

"Have no fear, they will have no choice. This stuff is so powerful it makes ****** look like
an after dinner mint!" I told her, "It will however have no effect on you."

"So no matter how willful he is, he will want me?" she asked, verifying she understood what
I had said.

"Yes, and have no fear, I will make my excuses and beat feet in a hurry before the fun
begins!" I assured her.

"Oh that's right that asshole took mental pictures of your boobs! I could have shot him for
that! He did it even after it was his fault you were all wet!" she complained, "He always did
have a thing for huge busts!"


"It looks like the ladies have the conference room ready for us," I told her having gotten a
signal from Ysalane. "Everyone? May I have your attention? The conference room is
ready, so will all of those who must attend please return with me, everyone else, please
enjoy yourselves here until the meeting adjourns."

Everyone quickly assembled at the conference table. The seating arrangements were
changed to suit negotiations, Meka, Gwen, Frances, and I all sat on one side of the table
and Ambassador Blatherwick, Chargé d' Affaires Bartholomew, First Secretary Gaines, and
their secretary Hilda Putman were on the other side.

I opened things by introducing the topics under discussion, "You will all find an agenda
which was mutually agreed upon prior to this meeting. First under discussion is the
embassy on Ka'an. Mr. Ambassador, you have the floor."

"I need to make the United States' position clear, and I am afraid that we are inflexible on
this point. For normal relations to be finalized between the United States, and Ka'an we
will insist on having an Embassy on the world of Ka'an. We feel that this is only fair, due
to the existence of your embassy on U. S. Soil," Ambassador Blatherwick began. "The
United States feels that whatever hazards exist on the world of Ka'an, a way to make the
U.S. Embassy there safe can be engineered. We can if absolutely necessary, man... uh,
excuse the euphemism, populate the Embassy with women, or at least primarily with
women, and males could be kept safe inside the Embassy."

Meka had been listening intently to what the Ambassador had to say and answered, "Mr.
Ambassador, I cannot emphasize the hazards that my world will present to the people of
earth, although admittedly, it is much safer for females that it is for males. If your
proposal, to people the Embassy with women, is accepted, and if you do wish to risk men
by placing them there, would they be available to the women of Ka'an, for ah... shall we
say, stud service?"

Every mouth across the table from us dropped open.

I cleared my throat and gently said, "Don't look so shocked gentlemen. The world of Ka'an
needs men desperately. Their population has dwindled at an alarming rate, with so few
males left there. The one thing that they need most is, to put it bluntly, sperm donors."

"B... b... but... ah... How... Ah, I can't think of a way to write that into a treaty that the
government can... Um, I will have to check with the state department on how that can be
arranged. I feel certain that, ah men who would be posted to the embassy can be
convinced to, shall we say, donate their time to such a needy cause..." the Ambassador

I could see the wheels in his head moving, figuring out how he would pull it of without his
wife knowing.

That is just the time that Windy slipped into the room and whispered into Meka's and my
ears. Meka and I then exchanges glances, in which I let her know that it should be her
who broke the news to the other side of the table.


Meka, stood and informed the Ambassador and his aides, "Gentlemen, I have been
informed that there has been a development. It seems that one of the Secret Service agent
foolishly has traveled to Ka'an on his own. I have the unpleasant task of informing you
that the agent who did this foolish thing, my security staff believes to be an agent named
Eric, was taken by a pea pod before our guards could rescue him. As we have stated
before, once the process has begun, the captive will die along with the plant should any
attempt be made to forcefully extract him from the pod. We have located him, but it will be
five days before we will be able to return her."

Every face across the table went pale.

When he could finally compose himself, the Ambassador spoke up, "Your Wisdom, I am
shocked and appalled at the actions of this agent! I assure you that he will be punished
for this transgression! I had no idea that any of our people would be so foolhardy even to
try such a thing! I promise you that he in no way acted under the orders or knowledge of
the U.S. government!"

I saved the Ambassador from further lies, and embarrassment, "Mr. Ambassador,
gentlemen, we will need to see to things for a short while, so if you will excuse us, Windy
will escort you to the lounge, where your wives are. We will resume discussions shortly."

The men filed out with Windy, and then Meka and I went to the video surveillance booth to
watch the fun.

The wives were in separate corners with their corsages on and Ysalane cut Chargé d'
Affaires Bartholomew away from the other men and dragged him to where she had her
corsage waiting for her. Ysalane even had him pin it to her. After that you couldn't have
dragged him away from her if you tied him to the bumper of a truck.

You could tell even on the monitor that all three of them had raging hard-ons and couldn't
take their eyes off of the woman in front of him...

We watched as the ladies told each man what was happening and dared them to resist, but
one by one, the ladies slipped out of separate doors, males in tow. Walking as if dragged
along by their cocks, making them follow the women.

I chuckled to myself, remembering when I was in the same situation...


"Well, Dolly, whatever shall we do with the rest of our evening?" Meka asked me.

I heard a guffaw from behind me and saw Frances, just as she reached around me to
caress my huge breasts, "I have a suggestion... if you are open to it..."

"God, if someone doesn't drag me off and fuck me silly, I'm going to drop to the carpet right
here and do it myself!" I whined, reaching up under my boobies to caress Frances's hands,
and those incredibly sensitive breasts along with those hands.

"Come on Amelia, you had better get her other leg before her knees buckle and poor
Frances has to hold her up by herself. We can take her to the rumpus room and gang fuck
her! I love to watch the total look of ecstasy she gets, when she abandons her orgasmically
sensitive body to her fate! She is the most fun to make orgasm of anyone I have ever
known!" Meka enthused as she grabbed one of my nylon clad, high-heeled legs in her hand
and big soft ass with her other hand.

Amelia followed suit, while I protested, "Hey! Wait a minute! Come on... you can't do this
to me!"

"Oh, yes we can your highness and we intend to! You just relax because your poor once
male brain is going to be overloaded for quite some time, and the only thing you can do
about it is enjoy it!" Frances whispered into my ear, holding my top half up and still
groping my girls!

"Ooooooh! You better hurry then, I think I'm going to orgasm!" I squealed in and ever
higher voice, shuddering through my first, tiny orgasm. I knew that this was only a baby
orgasm, and if they had their way with me, I would orgasm myself into unconsciousness
several times before we were through.

I soaked my pretty panties even through the pad I had been wearing!

"Oh my! Dolly wasn't exaggerating! She is so hot for it, I am creaming my panties
watching her!" Amelia stated, slipping one hand up my skirt, towards my yearning pussy.

About this time we were passing a pair of Secret Service agents, who stared wide-eyed at
me on my way by, "Haven't you guys ever seen a lesbian on her way to get wildly fucked?" I
called back at them, knowing that both men were sporting rock hard woodies!

"Ooooh, you are a mean little hottie aren't you! We ought to drag you back to those guys
and let them have turns fucking you!" Meka threatened, and began disrobing me in the

"This should be good enough! I'll leave them a trail like that story you told me, Hansel and
Gretel I believe it was! They can follow the lingerie to where we have you secluded, and if
nothing else, one of our wives can take their donations," Meka giggled and tweaked my now
naked and rock-hard nipple.

The only reply I could formulate was a gurgle of pure ecstasy. I have to tell you, being a
girl ain't all that bad! Well, at least for me it's not. I suppose I am kind of lucky with my
family and friends, even if they have a twisted sense of humor. At least I get the benefits of
their attentions! God I love to orgasm in my new body! I just wish that I wasn't so damn

When we made it to the rumpus room we discovered that we weren't the first to arrive,
there were a dozen women waiting for us.

Dr. X, now one of our closest friends, came up to our procession and used her stethoscope
on me.

My little heart is beating like a humming bird's.

"Oh, my! Ladies, I'm avraid zis is zerious. Our pazient here neezs plenty auf bed, alzough I
cannot recomment restingk! A thorough boning with a strap-on ist in order. I need vour
or vive wolunteers. Can I hafe a zhow of hunds pleaze?" Dr. X asked in her best Dr. Ruth

I whimpered to show my fear of what was to come, and at this point, what was to cum
looked at though, was me!

It didn't take long to get her volunteers, "Zee line schtartz here!" she indicated behind her,
since she too was wearing an elaborate strap-on, which was designed to fit into her own
vagina, providing her as much pleasure as it would me.

Dr. X lifted my big bottom off the bed and while on her knees, drew me slowly onto the big
dildo she was wearing. "Oh, my Dolly, you do appear to have excessive vasocongestion!
Your pussy is positively drooling!" Dr. X exclaimed as she boned me, causing a loud
sploosh squishing noise.

"Ahhhh! Ohhhhh! Uhhhhh!" I replied, as someone attacked my clit with a vibrator. My
hands started for my big sensitive nipples, but before they reached them, two wives started
in pulling, twisting and stimulating them. My hands were brought to someone else's
boobies, which I promptly began playing with. I felt my little anus stuffed full of vibrator,
the kind that fits in and won't pop out again. It was shaking, vibrating, and I could feel the
Doctors dildo rub against it as she screwed me.

"Oh GOD," I screamed and orgasmed, shuddering, and convulsing all over my body. This
however didn't stop anyone, the doctor swapped places and then someone else started in
on fucking me. The vibrator kept going and more hands went after my boobies.

Meka leaned over my face, smiled then French kissed me until I had orgasmed a couple
more times. She stopped when Gwen tagged her, but before kissing me she said, "Dolly, I
love you more all of the time! I can't believe that I love you so much! Even if you are
prettier than I am!"

I tried to protest that she was prettier, but all I could muster was a gurgling sound.

I heard Gwen let out a little shriek into my mouth, and then she began to frantically kiss
me. I could feel her body rock back and forth as someone banged her form behind. I loved
feeling her little shrieks and moans as she was pleasured.

I felt one of my booby groping hands gently removed and slid down to a lovely soft shaved
pussy, and then my fingers slid into her. I started teasing the pussy and was rewarded
with a soft moan from its owner.

My senses were reeling with pleasure. My attention was wrestled from one hyper
pleasurable experience to the next. I overloaded on pleasure and passed out after an
amazing orgasm, only to be brought back around by the ladies continued ministrations. I
lost track of how may time I orgasmed and how many different positions I was in. All I
remember was that I was so very content when I passed out the third time.


When I awoke I found myself to be the cream filling in the center of a Meka and Gwen,
Oreo cookie. I was all warm, snuggly, and content. I roused a bit and the two ladies
clutched at me instinctively.

"Good morning ladies," I hugged each one in turn, only then did I realize that someone had
dressed me in a pink baby doll.

"Mmmm, so did our little Dolly get enough sex last night," Gwen giggled and hugged me

"Now Gwen, you know that you are not supposed to ask that," Meka admonished, as she
hugged me tightly too.

"Oops, sorry, I'm not quite awake yet..."

I immediately decided that this conspiracy of silence had gone on long enough, "Meka, you
promised to tell me what the giggling was about, and I think it is high time you did!"

"Do you really want me to tell you right here in the middle of all these women?"

"Somehow I think they all already know, so yes I do want you to tell me, right here, right

"I was hoping I could put you off for a couple more days. Well if you insist, I guess I had
better. You asked why you were horny all of the time. The explanation is simple, it's my
fault," Meka began.

I interrupted with, "Your fault? How can it be your fault?"

"I'm getting to that. You remember when you first began to get well, I and your other wives
were screwing you almost nonstop?"

I nodded my shaggy strawberry blonde head.

You told me that you figured that we were the horniest women on the planet? Well it is my
belief that you really liked women who are extremely horny, so when you were
transformed, that is what you became. You didn't know at the time that we were merely
desperately trying to become pregnant. You only found that out after the transformation.
To you it was a normal condition for Ka'anian women to be sexually insatiable, so that is
what you became. You loved how Gwen looked in high-heels, so you made yourself into a
woman who can easily wear high-heels. Unfortunately, feet made to wear high heels are
not at ease in flats. Everything that you loved the most about women, is what you are,"
Meka hugged me extra tight at this point and continued, "Don't worry though Dolly, we all
really love you and promise to fulfill your needs."

I started to cloud over, "You mean I turned myself into a female freak?"

"No, Dolly! Don't you ever think that! You are just slightly hornier than normal girl! You
are no more a freak than any of us. Everyone loves to have sex with you because you are
so enthusiastic about it. I think we all enjoy sex more because you are having so much
fun! Am I right Gwen?" Meka asked, hoping to affirm her assertions.

"Oh my, yes! I think I'm turning into a nymphomaniac! I almost never thought about sex
during a normal day. Now I find myself daydreaming about what we will be doing in bed
that evening. Even now I'm getting horny snuggled up to you like this," Gwen admitted,
rubbing her boobs on mine.

"Damn! I'm already puddling! Gwen, you better stop that or you are going to have to finish
what you began! You just heard Meka, so you have no excuse!" no sooner had I said that
and she placed a lip-lock on me that Houdini couldn't break out of.

So I started the day an hour late, after some light lesbian sex. I enjoyed myself immensely,
even if I was a little sore down there.

I was dragged into a huge bubble bath by two of my wives, where I found Meka and Gwen
already being bathed.

"I guess the ladies think we are taking too long to get up today, so they took things into
their own hands," Gwen surmised.

"Windy told us that the Ambassadors party has begun to stir and that you will be needed
soon for breakfast with them," Ixchel told us, as she continued to help us bathe.

We were helped from the tub, and speedily dressed for action. It is amazingly stimulating
to be clothed by so many beautiful women.


We met the others at breakfast, seated as we had been during the negotiations. The
Ambassador and his aides were eerily silent during the first few minutes of the meal.

Ysalane was elsewhere but all of the others involved in our little demonstration were

I started by saying, "Good morning Ambassador, ladies, and gentlemen. I trust you all
slept well?"

There were mumbled replies to the affirmative.

"Don't feel bad gentlemen. I know exactly what you have experienced, although not at the
hands of these lovely ladies. The Corsage that each of the women wore last night was but
a small cutting from the Ka'anian Pea Pod. It is the irresistible lure that it uses to draw
males to it, so that it may nourish itself on their maleness."

"I apologize that we felt it necessary to demonstrate the incredible power of the attraction
in this manner, but this is the only way to truly know how dangerous it is. Believe me, a 5
foot tall blossom is even more irresistible. One whiff and the next thing you know, you are
sitting down to pee for the rest of your life..." I paused to let this information soak in, while
digging into an omelet of Ka'anian Condor eggs and sausage made from an animal, the
name of which I wasn't told of, but was very tasty and lean.

"Dolly tells the absolute truth, the only way my people have survived this long has been to
restrict our men to a secure village, which the ladies patrol all of the time to eradicate all
signs of the Pea Pod before they can take root and lure our few remaining men to their
femininity," Meka added to my explanation, locking eyes with each man in turn.

"So how is it that you allowed Doug to escape this village and fall victim to one of these Pea
Pods?" the Ambassador replied in an almost accusatorial tone.

Meka blushed crimson at that, "Doug, is a very, very resourceful person. He planned his
escape very thoroughly. He escaped even though we frantically searched for him. I never
found the pod that changed him until after she had emerged. We had expected that the
Pea Pods had gotten him earlier than they had. When she finally emerged I was frantic
with worry that something worse had happened. You see, suicide is not unknown after a
transformation." A tear fell from Meka's eye as she recalled the incident. "It was my fault
that he ran away. I should have known that he wanted to return to Gwen, I was just too
afraid to loose him."

Marilynn Blatherwick got up and rounded the table to comfort Meka.

Gwen was already there comforting her, but the combination of the two was helping.

I minced over and held her too, "Meka, you know that I didn't want to leave you, and that I
love you dearly."

"Theo that was very harsh and insensitive!" Marilynn accused, as she hugged Meka.

"Marilynn, please remember you are an ambassador's wife. We are here on a critically
important negotiation with the high Priestess and her wife!" began Ambassador

"Your Worship, I meant no disrespect in the question. I was merely trying to determine the
extent of your commitment," Theo answered, "If, as you say, Doug meant so much to you, I
had to know how it was that you allowed him to become as she is. It is apparent that you
are not pleased with the outcome. That seems to reinforce the fact that Ka'an is a
dangerous place for men."

"To put it bluntly Ambassador, you bet your cock it is! If you don't believe me, ask your
Secret Service agent when she returns in four days," I told him, slightly vexed that he had
made Meka cry.

His face paled.

"Yes Ambassador, your agent is at this very moment most of the way to becoming a
woman," I told him as bluntly as I dared.

"That agent took it upon himself to violate the sanctity of Ka'an. It was never our intention
that he should violate your sovereign soil," Ambassador Blatherwick lied.

"I can see that you are going to have a lot to learn about the Ka'anians Ambassador," I left
it at that, since to press him further would be futile. The Amazon warriors were easily able
to tell when someone was lying. I am not sure how yet, since I have only started my
training, but I am quite certain that they can.

The Ambassador looked only slightly perplexed.

Marilynn had returned to his side by now, to his annoyance. He looked at her as though
she were an anchor tied to his neck.

"Thank you for your compassion Marilynn," I told her, covering her butt. The Ambassador
wouldn't be wise to admonish her further after that.

"My pleasure Dolly," she answered with a little wink, from her husband's side at the table.

"Be that as it may Ambassador, we are sorry that our demonstration may have been, shall
we say, disconcerting," I apologized, "If you have time today we can continue the
negotiations, now that you have a better understanding of the dangers ever-present on

"I am afraid that we have a previous engagement, so we will be leaving shortly. Mr.
Bartholomew will make arrangements for us to meet at a later date," the Ambassador
assured us.

Marilynn Blatherwick looked surprised at the news they had a 'previous engagement,' but
made no comment.

The Ambassador Leaves

It only took a few more minutes to finish with breakfast, and then we all said our good
byes. To my surprise every one of the women in the Ambassador's party gave me a big
hug! Even Hilda Putman hugged me! It was weird. Why do all of these women want to
hug me? They didn't hug Meka goodbye, or Gwen, all they got were handshakes, it was
just me who got all of the hugging.

I asked Meka if it had something to do with the Pea Pod, she answered with, "I don't think
so sweetie. I think all of the women feel compassion for you, and they want to show you
their support."

"Therefore, if they didn't know that I was once a man, they wouldn't have hugged me?"

"That is what I believe. Why, don't you like being hugged?" she asked while putting me in a
bear hug.

"You are going to have my love juices drooling down my stocking clad legs if you keep that
up!" I promised.

"Enjoy it sweetie. We do have things to do though," she released me before my knees went

"What is on the agenda for today?" I asked, straightening my skirt and catching my breath.

"We are meeting with a couple of engineers and architects, chosen from among our
transgendered and grateful ladies, to get proposals for the kind of compound that can be
erected on Ka'an to protect any males that the Ambassador insist on bringing to Ka'an. We
have some ideas being proposed to secure the other end of the portal in such a way that
any males who wander through, won't have easy access to areas where they can become
food for the plants," Meka announced as she dragged me along to where the meeting was.
Well, not exactly dragged, she held my hand while I minced along at my normal speed.

That meeting was where the corridor and cipher-locked doors were designed and
construction was approved. We instituted the security to keep uninvited government types
off Ka'an.

The next few days were somewhat less eventful. We established an agreement with the
Ambassador, that we would build the Embassy for the US, at standard construction rates.
We designed it with a fully contiguous cement floor, to keep plants from cropping up in the
compound. The central air system was designed to filter out pheromones. None of the
windows in the whole building could be opened, and the only door leading outside was
double cipher-locked. The Ambassador had one combination, and we had the other.

The Ambassador wasn't crazy about the last part, but we were adamant, no excursions on
the planet without supervision.


The one fun thing though was five days after our meeting when this beautiful 5' 5" buff
looking Blonde woman, with DD size boobies came stumbling back through the portal.

Windy met her and spirited her away to a room before the Secret service agents waiting for
her could grab her. They were told that they would have to wait. Erica would be sleeping
for a couple days and that when she was stronger, she would be delivered into their hands.

When she came around, Meka and I were sandwiching her between us.

"Good morning Erica, I am Dolly, but I'm sure you remember me. How are you feeling?" I
asked her, lying close on the bed.

She looked around, saw Meka and I, and then burst into tears. We consoled her as best
we could, and then had several of our transgendered ladies help her dress and taught her
some of the bare necessities of survival as a woman.

Chargé d' Affaires Davon Bartholomew came to our embassy to debrief her. She was in a
room with five Amazon warriors, Meka, and I, when he met with her. (Although we didn't
announce the fact that the five other women were Amazons.)

"Agent Honeycutt, I am here to debrief you on your unauthorized incursion to the world
know as Ka'an. I have been informed that I may not escort you from the premises to the
local headquarters of the Secret Service. Are you being detained against your will, or being
mistreated in any way?" Davon Bartholomew started.

"I have been treated extremely well Mr. Bartholomew. Concerning being held against my
will, I have been informed that since my offence is against the people of Ka'an that I am to
be held over for trial by the High Priestess. Since I am not an official member of an out of
country ambassadorial mission, I do not have Diplomatic Immunity," Erica replied in her
new, sweet, higher voice.

"Um, yes, so we have been told. We have arranged to handle your defense at the trial. You
should know that once your trial and punishment have concluded here you will then, be
remanded to our custody for determining what additional punishments if any the US
Government intends to prefer," Davon announced, "This debriefing however is so that we
may evaluate your conduct on Ka'an"

"There isn't much to tell Mr. Bartholomew, I went through the portal, started up a stone
trail when I saw this woman all dressed in white gossamer in the jungle. I couldn't resist
the allure of the woman and found myself walking towards her. I noticed that it wasn't a
woman. It was just a huge flower. I turned to run away and the plant tripped me and
swallowed me whole. When I came too... when I... I... Oh God! I'm a girl now!" Erica burst
into tears and was comforted by one of the Amazons.

"You were wandering around on Ka'an for how long before you were... ah, trapped?" Davon

"Ten, maybe fifteen minutes..." she supplied between sobs.

"That should be all for now Agent," Davon dismissed her, as he stood and headed for the

I went to her and said, "Don't worry Erica, the only reason you are being detained is to help
you to deal with what happened to you. We can arrange any sentence you would like after
a week or so. Meka wants to offer you citizenship on Ka'an if you would like. You can
leave almost anytime you want, but I urge you to stay a while at least, there is a hell of a
lot to learn about being a woman that I had no idea about until it happened to me."

"Will... will you help me? I... I... I'm so frightened! This is almost too much!" she started to
cloud up again.

I hugged her and told her, "Don't worry Erica, Gwen and Windy have volunteered to be
your mentors. You can ask any of the ladies here for help, if you don't want Windy or
Gwen, most all of the ladies will be more than willing to help you. Oh, and if anyone treats
you badly, be careful how you tell anyone. The Ka'anian women will beat the crap out of
anyone who is mean to one of the newly transformed ladies."

She giggled at that last statement and almost smiled at me, it was then that I knew she
would be okay. I also suspected that Ka'an had a new security officer.

"I hate to admit this, but you are the only other male around here that was transformed
against his will, since I came back from Ka'an. It's kind of nice to have someone else to
confide in. That is if you want to..." I told Erica, holding her hand and looking deep into
her eyes.

"I... I never thought of that. You are the only other like me? There are so many I have met
that I was told used to be men. They weren't changed by accident?" she seemed shocked

"Nope, just you and I. All of the others wanted the change. You and I are the only ones
that have been transformed against our will in the last couple of years at least," I assured
him, "But if I know my former government, I doubt that we will be the only ones for long."

"They told me that I was to go through the portal and do recon. I was warned to stay away
from the Pea Pod plants, but they didn't really know how impossible it is to resist! I... I...
didn't even know it was happening until... it was too late!"

"Believe me I know what you mean," I told her and then in a conspiratorial tone of voice,
"Um, did you... ah... well, was your transformation as... I guess the only way to say it is to
say it, did your enjoy the transformation as much as I did?"

She blushed beet-red, "I loathe to admit it, but it was the most orgasmically delicious
experience of my life. If it wouldn't have done this," she indicated her body, "to me, I would
have gone right back in for seconds..."

I giggled, (So? Sue me.) "I know what you mean! The damn plant can give one hell of a
blow job!"

She started to tear up, "I'm sorry. Every time I think about loosing my manhood..."

I hugged her tight, "No, I'm sorry! I shouldn't have brought it up. It was insensitive of me."

"That's okay, you are right though, it felt soooo good! I... I... have to stop hugging now...
God! Why is this girly body so horny all of the time?" Erica complained as she released me.

"You too? Damn, maybe it isn't just the way I wanted to be, maybe it happens to those
who are forcibly changed?" I wondered. "Well at least I am not the only nymphomaniac
around here anymore," I giggled causing an enormous boob quake that had Erica's eyes
riveted to my chest. "Yah, they turn me on even more that they turn you on!" I giggled
again, but this time I tried to keep them from bouncing by grabbing them and holding
them steady.

"Oh, my god! I'll be back in..." I heard as she scurried away.

'Shoot!' I thought, 'I have to start acting more lady-like or I am going to get screwed a lot!' I
felt myself dampen significantly.

When Erica returned we chatted a bit more. Erica told me that she was fairly certain that
she would be staying with us indefinitely.

I informed Gwen and Windy that Erica had the screaming hornies and they might want to
help her out with them. They both agreed with my diagnosis, little did I know but they set
me up. Later as I was walking by the rumpus room, I was captured, and thrown into the
middle of an orgy with sexy little Erica as one of the main dishes.

It seems that we were to be pleasured side by side. Erica scream out several orgasms
before she passed out. I didn't last much longer than she did. We woke up side by side in
bed each dressed in frilly pink baby dolls. I could see Gwen's hand in that, big time. I
have to admit that we looked damn pretty though!

"We were roused and bathed together. The wives were treating us like sisters, and I have
to admit that we got pretty giggly and silly playing in the bathtub together, playing with all
the bubbles and splashing each other.

The ladies helped us out of the Tub and dressed us. I took notice that Erica had chosen to
wear a dress the same as I had. I asked Erica about it and she replied, "For some reason I
can't stand to wear any clothes that are remotely male."

"Same with me. Strange why that is..." I filed the information in one corner of my brain for
future study.

"Ah do me a favor Erica?" I whispered to her, "See if you notice that you are hugged more
than anyone around you, with me being the only other exception. Will you do that for me?"

"Sure Dolly, I'll do anything you ask me too. I really care a lot about you. That sounds
silly after only knowing you for a couple days, but I do, nonetheless," Erica whispered
back, kissing me on the cheek. She blushed and scurried away, leaving me slightly

Settling In

It didn't take long for the first parts of the American Embassy to be built. Mostly they built
a secure hallway to a neighboring temple like structure, which was made entirely of huge
stone blocks, which our crew chinked tightly with mortar. Additionally none of the window
could be opened. There were emergency releases, which would allow for egress in case of
emergency, but they were set up so that alarms would sound and alert the Ka'anians.

There were generators and HVAC units brought through the portal and installed, as well as
specific furnishings specified by the Ambassador.

Living quarters for the Ambassador and his party were completed, including standard
indoor plumbing, complete with chlorinated water supply. Unfortunately cooking facilities
consisted of microwave ovens or coal fired stove. Wood fired would be too dangerous due
to the remote possibility off Pea Pod spoors traveling in with the wood.

Basically they were given a hermetically sealed environment.


The day the ambassador and his party moved into their new embassy was an incredibly
busy one. Everything had to be brought through the portal by hand. The whole operation
was like loading provisions onto a submarine. We made a line of people, handing things
through person-to-person right into the middle of the embassy.

Meka and I met with the same group we negotiated with, prior to their debarkation to

"Well Ambassador, your embassy is finally ready for you to occupy. We just wanted to
reiterate that you cannot go outside the embassy with out escort, but any of the females
may. We do ask that even the women be escorted until they learn their way around," I
started the final proceedings before we all adjourned to my old spare room. (Which has
been modified extensively since that time.)

"I want to formally welcome you ambassador to Ka'an. Once through the portal we have a
small celebration planned in the great room of your new embassy. We hope that you will
enjoy the feast and your stay on Ka'an," Meka announced, "Now if you will follow me, we go
to Ka'an."

I looped my arm into Meka's and we lead the way into the Portal room.

"I have to warn you folks. It looks like you are walking right into a solid wall, but trust me
you will pass right through it. Meka and I will go first, so just follow along behind us."

We sauntered through the wall and onto Ka'an. When all had come through we nodded to
the amazons who guarded the portal and lead our charges toward the exit that Gwen,
Meka and I had used when I had first come to this world.

Just outside the original door is where the corridor started off to the right and downhill.
Had we continued straight we would have bumped into a rather sturdy metal door with a
cipher lock on it.

"This is one of the exit doors to the outside world, to which only the females of your party
will be given the combination. They are not to give it to the males, under any
circumstances. It is one order that you cannot issue to your female marines. It would be a
violation of the treaty and every female who journeys here must be told of these
requirements. If a male is discovered outside these walls unescorted, he will be returned to
earth, persona-non-grate," Meka informed our little troop as she paused momentarily by
the door.

She continued down the concrete corridor, which had windows to the outside every ten feet
or so.

About half way down the hall Meka stopped and pointed out one of the windows to a
shimmering white visage of a woman standing in the jungle a hundred or so feet from the
corridor, "That is one of the Pea Pod plants you are seeing, not a beautiful woman standing
in the jungle. If you men were outside the purified air in this corridor, that would be an
irresistible siren calling you to your end." She then turned and continued with me closely
at her side.

I whispered, "That wasn't there yesterday..."

Meka leaned close and whispered back, "I had the ladies transplant that one this morning.
It will be removed in about twenty minutes."

I giggled, "You are wicked!"

"On the contrary, I felt that the Earthers should see the dangers firsthand, so that the
women would be able to recognize the Pea Pods when they come across them."

"Good plan!" I told her, but I wished she had let me in on it ahead of time. Those things
still dredge up mixed feelings in me. I hate them for turning me into a girl, but I loved the
time I spent in one...

Once we had reached the end of the corridor we made another 90-degree angle, through
another cipher lock door, and entered the building that was to become the American

The building centered on a courtyard with a structure directly in front of the entrance
across the courtyard with a set of columns over a porch with a door recessed inside of it.
To the left and right of the central entryway were along both walls were smaller versions of
the main entryway.

Meka pointed to the entryways to the left and right and stated, "These along the wall are
the individual quarters for the Ambassador's staff. Inside the central entry way is the
Ambassador's quarters and the barracks for the marines, as well as the offices and
facilities that you requested."

There were tables, setup along both sides of the central aisle way covered with food and
drink. There was an army of ladies standing ready to join in on the festivities.

"The ladies will help everyone to their quarters, so that the party may begin when you
return," I announced.

Everyone settled in quickly and the party was grand.

Disturbing Information

Towards the end of it I had a long talk to Mrs. Blatherwick.

"Dolly, can we talk?"

"Sure Marilynn, what would you like to talk to me about?"

"I want to know what kind of medicines you have on Ka'an? Do they have anything for, say
bruises?" Marilynn asked quietly.

"I don't know, but I will ask. Do you have any that need looking to?" I asked carefully,
trying not to scare her off.

"Oh, well, I am terribly clumsy and easily bruised. I ah... I just want to know for future
reference," she stammered, as her eyes flicked this way and that, as if to check to see if
someone was watching her.

"If this clumsiness gets out of hand, I will have to have one of the Amazons give you
lessons in grace," I tried to make it sound like ballet lessons, but I knew that my wives
would be teaching her more on the lines of martial arts.

"I shouldn't have said anything. Um, could we meet next week, just you and I? I want to
talk about your, um... change. Unless you don't want to talk about it," she sounded less
confident that she had when we had talked at the party before our negotiations.

"I insist on it in fact. Where would you like to meet? Earth or Ka'an?"

"Oh, I must stay on Ka'an. Theo insists that all of the Ambassadorial staff remain on
Ka'an," she informed me, looking towards the floor, rather than at my face.

"No problem then. I will arrange for a lovely lunch outside in the jungle for us. Will that be

"Oh most certainly! Theo can't follow us can he?"

"If he does, I guarantee that he will spend the rest of his life urinating while sitting down!" I
assured her.

"What would be wrong with that?" was her answer, which shocked me almost to the core.

"Uh, I guess nothing... I have to, and you have to, but would you wish for him to loose his
manhood for a picnic?" I asked, trying to catch her eyes with mine.

"Well not for that reason, but we really need to talk, in private," she admitted.

"How does Monday sound?" I asked, resisting an urge to hug her, and not knowing that
our plans would be changed by circumstances.

"Fine, I'll be there. Um, I shouldn't tell you this, but Theo brought environment suits with
us. I don't think he is going to try anything without you coming along, I just thought that
you might want to watch in case they get stupid."

"Already are hon., but thanks for the warning. If I weren't already a split tail, I wouldn't
want to be anywhere near the forest on Ka'an. God, it is so strange being a woman now! It
just jumps out at me once in a while, that I am a woman, not a man anymore," I admitted
blushing madly.

She didn't hesitate. She hugged the stuffing out of me right then, "I feel for you. It must
be very hard for you. I mean, I have always been a girl, but you have to become a girl
without all of the training and background, all of us who were born to it, have. You do
make a terrific woman if that helps any?"

"Thanks, I appreciate that. I sometimes wonder why I am not hysterical, babbling wildly,
or at least more freaked out than I have been. I have been really lucky though, having so
many wives who love me so much. I think that has helped a lot, that and the fact that they
keep me so busy all of the time," I admitted, realizing it myself for the first time.

"I Better get back now, I'll see you Dolly," she waved and headed back to the enclave.

I mulled over what to do about Marilynn's situation, but couldn't come up with anything.
All of the political ramifications as well as the legal ones would make it quite risky to
intervene. There would come a time...


The Ambassador contacted us, arranging for escort on an expedition to explore the
surrounding area.

We agreed and prepared to go on an extended camping trip.

I met with our ladies, amazons, wives, and humans alike, and we discussed the best way
to travel on Ka'an, and it was determined that we would acquire some six wheel ATVs for
personnel and equipment transport, since they could be brought through the portal intact
and were fairly fuel efficient, as well as being amphibious. There were a few different
models so we discussed the merits of each and finally came up with 'The Extreme Machine
2000' as what would fit the bill for our purposes.

These six or eight wheel vehicles were designed by an aerospace engineer, and can go 500
miles on 5 gallons of fuel. The vehicle is designed to travel at a speed of over 25 miles per
hour. (Plenty fast when cruising through a jungle.) Some of the unique things were that it
can raise up to have a 26" ground clearance, provides 120 VAC anywhere, fully enclosed
cab, winch, sleeps two, and has a jet powered drive for when it is in the water. There are
many more things available for this little vehicle, most of which we didn't need for our trip,
(Like outriggers for ocean travel,) we did however decide to get some trailers for them to
carry supplies and have the fuel for extended range available outside of personnel areas.
Oh and these little beauties could be set to 'stealth mode', so that the generator would no
come on when you don't want to frighten animals or make a lot of noise, not that the
generators were noisy, overall the vehicles were quite noise pollution friendly.

I also found it fitting that their slogan was, "Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before." (I
giggle every time I think of that.) They claim these vehicles are, and I quote, "The most fun
you can have with your clothes on!"

[By the way, if you want to see them, here is a link:
(http://www.extrememachine2000.com/index.html) Yes, this is a real company!]

Well if we have to go camping with those government types, we might as well have some
fun too. Set up the way we wanted them they were about fifteen grand each, and a few
grand for the trailers.

The other expedition members, rather the Earthlings, would bring their own gear. Meka
had her Amazons make selections of equipment that they would want to bring from earth,
as well.

The topic of firearms came up, and a heated discussion ensued, should we bring firearms,
if so, what kind of firearms. I tried to stay out of it, but was drawn into it as an, 'expert' on
my fellow earthlings. We sent for Erica, whom I suggested would be helpful to have along
as well, (Not to mention we were fast becoming good friends.) and who would know better
what kind of things that the Ambassador and his party would be bringing.

"You sent for me Dolly?" Erica asked nervously, glancing back and forth at the other ladies

"Yes, Erica, please take a seat," I indicated an empty one close to me, hoping she would be
more relaxed close to me. "We are discussing our up coming expedition. The question of
whether to bring firearms with us came up and I felt that you would be better suited to
answer the questions about the Ambassador's party. For instance, do you believe that
even if we forbid them to bring firearms, will they?"

"Um... well Dolly, you know how trustworthy the Ambassador is, if by nothing else, by the
way he treated me. I worked for him for only about a year prior to being ordered to violate
Ka'an, but I can tell you this, the Ambassador is not a nice person," she told us, and was
especially careful to get eye contact with me. "I believe that he has his own agenda and
would not hesitate to break any agreements to get what he wants."

"What do you think that the Ambassador wants?" Meka made the obvious follow up

"It was said that Ka'an is, or was, much more technologically advanced than Earth. The
rumor was that the Ambassador wants to set himself up with some of that technology and
either sell it or use it to advance him in the government. Either way it would mean that
the US government would greatly benefit, unless he were to sell it to a foreign power. I
think that he might be tempted to do that last, but only if he were able to blame it on
someone, should he be caught," Erica filled us in, "If the Ambassador were even slightly a
standup guy, I wouldn't be so likely to have joined with the Ka'anians. I considered myself
a patriot, and still would never do anything that I thought would harm America. I love my
new planet and my new sisters dearly as well, and will not allow them to come to harm
either. I really hope and believe that the two thing are the same, what is good for Ka'an, is
good for the Earth, and for America."

There was a moment of silence after her short speech, which she punctuated with, "I'm
sorry, I didn't mean to go on like that, but I wanted everyone to know that what I say can
be relied on. I know how someone might think, she changed sides once, and can we rely
on her? Oh, god... it's still weird to refer to myself with she and her..."

Windy got up and gave her a reassuring hug, "Don't you worry Erica. We know when
anyone lies to us. We have known since you came to us what kind of a lady you are."

Erica added, "Tell them not to bring firearms, but bring your own, and assume they have
some hidden. That is the best advice I can give you."

"I think that answers everyone's question Erica. Would you mind staying for the rest of the
meeting? I would like your input and since you will be going with us, you might want to
help us make this a successful mission," I told Erica and squeezed her hand gently.

"You... you want me to go back to... to... gha... Ka'an?" she stammered wide-eyed and
frightened looking.

"Why not hon.?" Windy asked her, pushing back slightly from her hug, "There isn't
anything there now that can harm a pretty girl like you!"

Erica giggled, "I guess you're right! Those Pea Pods can't make me anymore of a woman
than I already am."

"That a girl!"

"Meka, who is the most widely traveled of the Ka'anian women?" I asked, knowing that
Meka would have already planned to bring whoever that was along with us. I just wanted
to know.

"Dolly, that is an easy question to answer, our own little Windy is. She had only returned
to us a week before you joined us Dolly," Meka told me, "She sometimes would go in search
of other women and bring them to us if they wished to become part of our little community.
Once she told them we had men, it wouldn't take them long to decide, even the ones who
were once male themselves knew that if our race were to survive, we would need as many
women pregnant as our men could manage."

"That brings to mind the question, what are we going to do if we find any others while we
explore?" I chirped. (God, did I really chirp?)

"We should free up space in the vehicles as we progress, that should be no problem. We
might plan for more supplies than we might otherwise, just to be on the safe side.
Although the Amazons can hunt and forage plenty along the way," Meka added, "to make
up for any depletion of supplies."

"I love going camping with professional guides! Tee he!" yes, I said it, and I tittered. (I
guess it's the hormones. I hope it's the hormones.)

"Erica and I are going to have to buy some clothes for the outdoors. Meka are you and the
others going to wear native garb, or do you want us to pick something up for you? Some
boots, or skirts?" I offered.

"Well, I'm sure to need some things, but mostly I'll use my native clothes. Don't take this
wrong Dolly, but we have very different tastes in clothes. I think we should all take care of
what personal items we bring. But we will have to set up some of the wives to help
expedite things. Both you and Erica should take Gwen with you when you go shopping
though. She knows which of your earthly clothes will serve best on this trip," Meka
suggested giving Gwen a wink unbeknownst to me.

I don't need to bore the reader with any more of the specifics, but we spent quite a bit of
time and mental power determining what we would bring with us.

That and I had to arrange with Marilynn to meet with me sometime during the trip, since
the government people were hurrying us into this trip.

The Expedition

We had all of our gear prepared and a small convoy waiting for us to finish the final
organization and hop aboard our vehicles.

There was a slight problem when the Ambassador and his people wanted to bring
Hummers through the portal, they were very disappointed to find out they wouldn't fit
through. There was some talk of disassembling them and then reassembling them on the
other side, until they figured out that they would need a tanker to fuel them all.
Disassembling that and reassembly would be way too difficult. They finally settled on
Supacat six wheeled vehicles with full cabs. Turbo diesel Volkswagen engines were used
for the drive trains with trailers just like our vehicles.

The Ambassador had wanted to bring Quads, or motorcycles but Meka vetoed that saying
they would tend to tear up the terrain. Meka, being High Priestess, was serious about
protecting the environment of Ka'an. Her other argument was that they wouldn't be able to
cross deep water like the amphibious vehicles we had selected. 55-gallon drums were
enough to supply our fuel needs for quite a distance. We carried ours in a trailer, as did

Our vehicles had full canopies and were equipped for two people, each with intercom
radios between our vehicles and a separate channel to talk to the Ambassador's party. We
were two to a vehicle with six vehicles and four trailers. The Ambassador's party was five
vehicles with five trailers.

One of the Ambassador's vehicles was equipped with an elaborate filtration unit and
carried the three men with a female Marine driving it. That way they couldn't be lured off
should their purification system fail. They each had environmental suits in their vehicle to
allow them to leave the vehicle and explore with the women.

The other vehicles were equipped with canvas like ours, which I appreciated right now
since it was drizzling out at the moment.

Erica and I were wearing very practical knee high hiking boots... well sort of, they only had
two inch heals on them. The kaki skirts and light cotton blouses with a coordinated
jacket, and a bush hat, (mine was the one with the green scarf around the crown and hers
was the one with the blue scarf) completed the ensemble.

Meka took one look at us and stifled herself before she could make a comment that would
get her beaten up by our other wives. Windy saved the day by showing up dressed the
same as we were, except her scarf was pink. My big tough Amazon protector was dressed
as girly as I was. (Most likely to ward off any ridicule we might be subject to.)

The other Ka'anians were dressed in a mixture of native garb and Earth clothes.
(Brassieres, panties, and shoes were incredibly popular on Ka'an.)

Meka was wearing the above-mentioned items, a loincloth and a t-shirt that said
'GRRRRRRLLL'. (I bought it for her <Grin>)

"Well ladies are we ready to be on our way yet?" came over the intercom, spoken by the

Meka glanced at me and I could see the annoyance in her eyes, "I could go tell him that the
trip is called off due to rain..."

She smiled at my threat and silently indicated to the Amazons to mount up.

Meka and Windy were in the lead, Gwen and Ysalane, Erica and I, Ixchel and Itzel, and
then two of the other Amazons followed along behind us, which gave us seven Amazons for
the Ambassador's party to deal with.

They had the three men, the Ambassador's wife and five female Marines. Most of their
ladies were almost six feet tall, and one was at least 6' 2".

We started off down the trail running nearly silently, until the Ambassador's rigs fired up
and then there was quite a racket behind us. Once in a while our quiet little generators
would come on to charge the batteries. Our heaters kept us warm and comfy, while the
rain kept the outside world damp, and the windshield wipers kept our windshield clear.

It was exciting to be off on this trip and I have to admit that I had wanted to do this for a
couple months. Ka'an now had the help it would need to pull itself back from the brink
and become a thriving civilization once again.

"Erica, are you as excited as I am to be going?" I asked trying to strike up a chat with my
immediate companion.

"I think so, but I am not sure how much help I will be."

"Oh, didn't you know? You were brought along because you are the only one who is as
horny as I am..." I tried not to giggle, I really did, but it just slipped out.

"Dolly, you are a terrible liar. You really have to learn to keep a straight face when you try
to put someone on," she smiled broadly.

"Oh, and I have been dying to ask this question, Erica, does this skirt make my butt look

"You feel it too? Like your ass is almost the biggest part of you?"

"Well, yes, at least when I'm not thinking my boobs are the biggest part of me."

"They are a hell of a lot bigger from this side of the boobs, aren't they?" Erica admitted.

"I know, but every time I think they might be too big, somebody starts to caress them and I
find myself wishing they were bigger," I told her, with my free hand hefting one of the girls.

"If you don't stop that this is going to be one of the shortest expeditions in history," Erica
threatened, with her face flushing so I knew she wasn't kidding.

"You think those guys in the fish bowl following us would break out of there if they saw two
hotties lezing each other? It would give us three more for our marathon lesbian sex
sessions. We would have to wait the required five days though," I mused.

"I think Marilynn would be eternally grateful if we did. It might get us in trouble with the
State Department though," she answered as though she were seriously considering it.

"I know you don't want to compromise your oath to our former country, but is there
anything you can tell me about that situation, which can help Marilynn?" she had
broached a subject which I was seriously interested in.

"Well, technically, I wouldn't be breaking confidentiality rules, since it does not concern
National Security," she started, "I have to admit that I feel very differently about it now.
The Ambassador has a history of beating his wife. I don't know why she stays with him."

"If he tries anything on this trip, he will find that our ladies do not react like his normal
security forces. He will be deported Persona-non-grate and his wife will be offered
citizenship. That is if he makes it off planet with his manhood in tact," I threatened.

"Those Marines he brought with him are huge, and his staff and he, are all former Special
Forces. They might not be so easy to handle without weapons," Erica admitted.

"Now that I am a member of the 'weaker' sex, I often feel the same way. That is until I saw
what an Amazon warrior can actually do," I grinned broadly as I told her this.

"You said something about this before. These ladies don't look all that deadly."

"Erica, I watched little Windy up ahead there, punch her fist through a foot thick cement

"No WAY!" she exclaimed, "She can't weigh more that 120lbs!"

"I watched her do it! My Amazons use a type of telekinesis to increase their strength and
agility. The reason the myth about Amazon warriors made them look like that Marine back
there, is that the men here who had the opportunity to run afoul of them, told stories
about giant women kicking their asses so they wouldn't look weak. Windy told me that she
could punch through much harder things than that concrete. The really scary thing is,
she told me that now you and I are Ka'anian at a genetic level, so we could do it too!"

"You're trying to tell me that I'm not an earthling anymore?" Erica was wide eyed.

"They didn't tell you that yet?" I was kind of shocked. Of course I had figured it out on my
own and had asked Meka straight up if it were so.

"No, no one told me. It stands to reason though. If it changed me from one gender to the
other, why not use the genetic pattern it had been designed for."

"Are you upset to find out that you are smarter, stronger and more evolved than when you
left Earth?" I offered, thinking that the perks would out weigh the realization.

Erica was quiet a moment and finally answered, "I think it's alright. If I can't change being
made a woman, I might as well be a more evolved woman."

"That's the spirit!" I told her.

Right about then we heard over the intercom, "Downed tree up here you will want to raise
your clearance to get over it."

I hit the switches to raise the six-wheeler up to its maximum height to walk our ATV over
the log.

When it came to the Ambassador's party, they had to stop and take a chainsaw to the log
and shove it out of their way.

I watched the Ambassador shouting orders and saw his displeasure about being held up.
That man was a royal pain in the... Never mind, you get the idea.

The Marines were exchanging looks like, 'If we kill this moron, is it still a capitol offense?'

I could see even though we had carefully selected our vehicles, the Ambassador and his
party would be holding us back from traveling at a speed we could sustain but they

An hour later we came to a small lake and rather than skirt it, we dove in and fired up our
jet drive. It took the Ambassador's party twenty minutes to catch up. Erica and I started
up our laptop computer and played video games until they made it across the lake.

This sucker was set up for DVD playing, video games, and darned near anything you would
want to do.

Around noon we circled the wagons for a lunch break. We micro waved some frozen
dinners and had a lovely lunch, while the Ambassador started a fire and cooked up some
canned goods. We were done in plenty of time to watch part of a movie before they were
ready to move on.

I really began to appreciate our choice in vehicles. I couldn't wait till we set up for evening

After our evening meal, this time we had a fire and the Amazons disappeared for twenty
minutes. When they returned we had fresh meat and fruit, which we offered to share with
the Ambassador's party.

They shared their freeze-dried ice cream with us.

When it was time to bed down, we closed the curtains on our ATV and set up the beds.
They were perfectly level, since we could adjust our suspension's height at will. We rolled
out or sleeping bags on the cots, set the temperature inside the canvas and quickly fell
asleep, but not before listening to the hullabaloo going on in the camp next to ours, while
they struggled to set up an environmental chamber for the men who would not be able to
sleep in their environmental chamber built on the six wheeler, which meant that two men
would sleep off the rig while Mrs. and Mr. Blatherwick would sleep in the vehicle.

I had advised the Amazon on watch to keep a look out for the Ambassador. I sure hope
that fool could control himself, cause if the Amazons got their Ire up, I'm not sure I could
stop them from doing something unfortunate to him.

Erica and I, each spent a little personal time on our selves, while pretending not to hear
each other masturbating our brains out.

A New Day Dawning

When the sun rose, there was a polite rousing from Windy, namely she tried to perform a
tonsillectomy on me with her tongue. Now that is the way to start the day! She left me to
rouse Erica the same way.

Erica wasn't as nonchalant about it as I had been, she wanted sex and she wasn't about to
take no for an answer, so we sucked face for a while and diddled each other to a couple of
quick orgasms before dressing and joining the others for breakfast.

No one said anything about our tardiness. We were still finished well ahead of the
Ambassador's party, long enough for us to watch the rest of the movie we had stared the
day before.

Everyone mounted up and we continued following Windy down a path none of us but her

We all ran right over the top of a Pea Pod, crushing it under our pagan wheels. It was a
damn good thing those guys were in the chamber, cause if they weren't that lady Marine
would be in a struggle to keep her pants on, that is for sure. The amount of attractant that
was released by our crushing it would be nearly a thousand times what they had received
when the ladies used their flowers.

By the time they saw it, the flower and plant were just a mushy mess on the trail.

"Take that you cock thief!" Erica taunted shaking her little fist at the plant.

I giggled at the attempted fury in her sweet voice.

"You tell em, hon.," came from Windy in the lead ATV over the intercom.

I was really glad that we had separate channels than the Ambassador's party, so we could
talk amongst ourselves without their overhearing.

We continued our trek through the jungle, seldom coming upon game due to the racket
that the other party kicked up behind us. There were some birds occasionally, and we
could see some of the larger ones circling high in the air above us, when it wasn't raining of

We continued in a generally downhill direction, and then crossed a valley floor. We forded
a small river with the ATVs and then started up the other side, through a low pass. Once
we had gotten over the crest of the pass, everyone but Windy was overwhelmed by the
beautiful scene of an ocean in the near distance, the jungle covered foothills, and the large
modern looking city along the shore.

"Whoa! Would you look at, that!" I exclaimed, my cute little jaw hanging open.

"The Ambassador must be drowning in his own saliva!" Erica surmised loudly.

"Why is that Erica?" Meka asked over the intercom.

"Um, sorry I shouldn't have broadcast that. The Ambassador is looking for advanced
technology to bring back to Earth, and if I am not mistaken, that remarkable city down
there is rife with it," Erica explained.

"Yes, compared to your Earth technology, there will be many advanced pieces of
equipment, metallurgy, chemicals, and Medical technology. He will be disappointed
though, since number one: we will not allow him to have anything, which will do him any
good. Number two: our equipment runs on different energy sources than your people are
aware of. As Ka'anians, you new ladies will be educated in the sciences when the time
becomes appropriate. We have fears that your previous fellow citizens would misuse our
technology and destroy themselves as we have nearly done to ourselves," Meka's voice
emotionally replied over the comm.

"Why don't you live in this huge city Meka? It has to be more comfortable to be housed in
the luxury of this city than to live in the jungle under the primitive conditions I found you
in," I stupidly asked.

"Dolly, what makes it possible for people to live together in a huge city like that? How do
the citizens get food and drink? How is it that they can have the power systems to work
and the wastes disposed of?" Meka asked me in return.

"Sometimes I can be so dumb! Of course, without the whole infrastructure supporting a
large city, it becomes a barren hollow thing."

"Yes, as our population dwindled without men to provide the necessary seed for new life,
the basic services began to shut down. We had to move out of the city to support ourselves
and to keep what few men that remained protected from desperate females. They would
have been screwed to death, like so many of the men who weren't intelligently managed
and cared for."

"Damn! I am glad I ran into you Meka, instead of having been brought here by some sex-
crazed women, bent on screwing me to death!" I replied shocked at the knowledge of how
desperate the remaining women of this world had become.

"Dolly, you were in male pig heaven and you wanted to run away?" Gwen piped in with
mock astonishment.

"That's a poor attitude from the woman I was longing to be with!"

"Well that must mean that you turned in your male pig union card!" Gwen told me and
then sniggered.

"Oww! You hit me!" Gwen exclaimed indignantly.

I quickly recalled that Gwen was riding with Windy and that Amazon did not allow those
kinds of teasing of the recently changed.

"I only administered a warning my loving wife. You know the rules about the newly
changed. Please do not do it any more, I love you to much to have to administer a greater
punishment," Windy told her. The intercom was silent for a while.

"Please don't hurt my Gwen, I know she didn't mean anything by it," I asked over the

"Dolly, I do not enjoy punishing anyone. I was very measured. I reminded myself that she
is new to the ways of Ka'an, and I only used a slight tap, honest."

"Slight tap? I hope the feeling come back to that hand before we stop to camp!"

"It will be fine in ten minutes, and you won't even have a bruise," assured Windy. "You
may strike me back if it will make you feel better."

"No way! I'd rather punch the ATV! I'm not pissing off the leader of the Amazons!"

"I would not use my talents, and it would not make me feel like revenging. I am very sorry
for having to punish you," Windy was choked up, which is unusual for her. "Hey! I can't
steer if you hug me like that!"

The lead ATV swerved all over for a moment or two.

The Ambassadors comm. came on and asked, "Is everything alright with the lead ATV?"

"Everything is alright up there, Gwen is just trying to have sex with Windy while Windy
drives," I replied to him giggling all the while.

"I think in that case we should stop and have our midday meal, so the two lovebirds can
safely fulfill their needs and the rest of us may fill our stomachs," the Ambassador replied,
sounding perturbed that there were sexual hijinks going on, which he was not a part of.

"Good idea Ambassador. Ladies let's circle the wagons and do lunch!"

When we stopped, Gwen groused to Windy, "How come she doesn't get hit for teasing you
and me?"

"You have been a girl for your entire life Gwen my love. Dolly is very new to this. We know
how difficult it is to make the transition from male to female for those who it has been
forced upon. You would not believe how many ended their own existence after only a short
time as women," Windy informed Gwen.

"I'm not trying to be cruel to Dolly. We used to kid each other like this all of the time! Why
should I change how we relate to each other?" Gwen complained, trying to logically win her

"Gwen, things have changed. You may be able to kid around like you used to, but Dolly
will at times be overly sensitive for quite some time. You wouldn't want to loose her, would
you?" Windy asked Gwen, as though dealing with a teenager.

"No, God no! Doug... err... Dolly would never take her own life!" Gwen assured.

"After you have seen hundreds of the newly changed take their own lives, you might not be
so certain Gwen," Windy held her hands and looked deeply into her eyes.

"Hu... Hu... Hundreds? You have seen hundreds of the newly changed take their own

"More! I... I... don't wish to recall these things, may we please talk of other things?" Windy

Gwen threw her arms around Windy and hugged her tightly, "I'm so sorry Windy! I will be
more careful in the future!"

"Would you two ladies take your love making somewhere private please?" the Ambassador
asked, his annoyance clear in his voice.

"Ambassador, I was only joking. They were not trying to lez each other!" I informed the
Ambassador in my sweet little voice, "There was a knock down drag out cat fight going on,
so the ATV swerved a little. You didn't miss out on anything!"

Erica giggled loudly.

The Ambassador harrumphed and left to help out his staff by shouting orders at them,
which made little if any sense.

I wiggled my way over to Gwen and Windy whereupon I commenced hugging both of the
women trying to show that we all loved each other very much and shouldn't be fighting.

We did the quick microwave lunch thing again, while the other party did things the hard

When lunch was finished I decided that we needed to reorganize the seating arrangements
for a change and had Gwen sit with me and shipped Erica up with Windy for a while. I
didn't want Gwen to feel estranged from me.

"Hi Gwen, we haven't had a chance to sit together in a while. Have I been neglecting you?"

"You have been pretty busy lately. I didn't mind... much. Anyway I know you wanted to
help Erica be more comfortable with who she is now..." Gwen sort of ran down.

"Darn! You should slap me, or something and get my attention. I'm sorry I haven't been
there for you these past few days," I apologized

"No, it's okay, really. We better turn the comm. back on or the others will get worried,"
Gwen hesitantly reminded me.

"Before you do, I just need you to know how much I love you Gwen. You were my first love
and you saved all of us by teaching us the feminine arts of Earth. I know I should tell you
more often, but the ladies seem to like keeping me busy," I added.

"I love you so much Dolly. I am sorry if I hurt your feelings when I was kidding around
before lunch."

"I was more worried for you than my feelings. Did she hit you really hard?"

Gwen got a puzzled look on her face, "Um, it hurt like the devil when she did it, but she
didn't even leave a mark. I'm not completely certain that she actually touched me now."

"More of that Amazon magic stuff? I wonder if she can just make you think you were hit..."
I surmised. "I think I will ask her when we stop for the night."

Gwen reached over and clicked on the comm.

"Are you two done whispering secrets to each other?" Erica asked when she heard us come

"Yes, our plans for world domination are completed and ready to set into motion," I lied.

"You are already Queen, how much more dominant do you want?"

"Darn it Gwen, she found us out!"

"You are going to have trouble pulling the wool over the eyes of that spy Dolly, she's too
quick for us!"

Everyone got a chuckle over that and we drove down the side of the mountain toward the
low hills above the city, where we were to make our evening camp. Everything went pretty
much as usual.

Now was the time I wanted to try and get away with Marilynn for a few moments. I waited
for a good opportunity to present itself, but finally had to resort to feminine trickery.
"Erica, I need to get Marilynn away for a few minutes, and I hate to ask you this, but could
you divert the Ambassador's attention for a little while? I will have Windy go with you, but
you look more like the sort of woman that would have his attention riveted to her than
Windy. Don't do it if it makes you feel too uncomfortable. Know this though, you give
Windy a sign you want to leave, and you will be away from him before he can wipe off his
own drool!"

"Do you think I can? I am a man in here you know?" she paused a moment, "Damn I
would love to pull one over on that Hemorrhoid of an Ambassador! How would I do it?"

I motioned Gwen over, "Lover, this is more in you department than mine, could you help
Erica here to turn the Ambassador's head long enough for me to sneak off with Marilynn?"

"Ha! Child's play! Dolly you start looking Marilynn up and by the time you find her, the
ambassador will be nearly drowning in his own drool!" Gwen pulled off Erica's light jacket,
pulled out her shirt tails unbuttoned the top 3 buttons, and the bottom two, tied the tails
underneath Erica's breasts. Gwen then took her canteen and dowsed Erica down the front
and back of her top. She then took a little water in her hand and sprinkled Erica's face
lightly with it, and then she hiked Erica's skirt up another inch

Gwen noticed that I hadn't left yet, "What are you waiting for? We aren't going to be having
any sex if that is what you are hoping for, so skedaddle!"

"Okay, but you owe me some when I get back for making Erica look so hot!" I teased back,
spun on my sexy high heel and perambulated towards where I expected to find Marilynn.

I looked back to see Gwen hand Erica a camp shovel and take her in tow.

'The Ambassador is toast!' I thought as I searched around just a bit for where Marilynn
was. I spotted her right next to the Ambassador, who was wearing his environment suit.
Damn! They were seated in lounge chairs off to my right, with Marilynn on my side of the
pair. They were angled towards my far right, so I was nearly on the pair's side.

Suddenly I saw Erica with a camp shovel in her hands walk up in front of the pair, towards
the Ambassador's left side and start to dig a hole with her shovel. I could see the
Ambassador's breathing quicken as he began to watch Erica dig a small hole in the dirt.

The Ambassador got to his feet and walked slowly towards Erica.

I waved my hand towards Marilynn to get her attention, once I knew that the Ambassador
couldn't see me anymore.

Marilynn saw me and slowly got to her feet and nonchalantly walked towards me as the
Ambassador approached Erica. I noted that Windy was slowly walking towards Erica at a
pace to approximate that of the Ambassador's but off to the side where he was unlikely to
see her approach.

Marilynn made it to where I was standing and I asked, "Can we talk, or do you think he
will miss you?"

"That pig will be mesmerized by the hottie digging the hole for half an hour! Unless he
spunks his pants before then!" Marilynn assured me. I received a quick hug and we
slipped out of sight into my ATV.

"Marilynn, Erica, the hottie keeping the Ambassador busy out there, told me that Theo is a
wife beater, is that true?" I didn't have a whole lot of time so I got right to the point.

Marilynn paled perceptibly, "Um, I... I... Oh Dolly! I don't know what to do... Theo says
that if I tell anyone, or try to get him back in any way, he'll have the Secret Service hunt
me down and terminate me with 'extreme prejudice'. He swears that he will have anyone
involved taken out with me too. I don't want you or your wives to get hurt. He beat me so
bad after the negotiations that I couldn't walk for two days... So, don't get involved, it's my
problem and I'll deal with it."

I took a deep breath, "I was just waiting to be completely sure Marilynn. Now that you
have confirmed my suspicions, you can put your mind at ease. Theo Blatherwick will be
taken care of. As for his connections in the Secret Service, Erica has many more than
Theo does! That and the fact that this is Ka'an, the only Secret Service agents on this
planet, are under careful watch, just as you have been on this entire trip. If the
Ambassador had so much as slapped you on the bottom, he would have found himself
looking up from the dirt into the eyes of an enraged Amazon!"

"Those Marines would have been all over the Amazon in a heartbeat Dolly! They would
have hurt her worse than Theo. Don't let them do something that foolish!" Marilynn was
white as a sheet and visibly shaken.

"Marilynn, tonight I will arrange a little contests between that behemoth Marine, and my
little Windy. It will just be a little friendly sparing, so don't worry, no one will get hurt.
After that, I think you will agree you are as safe from harm on this trip as you would be
sitting inside of an Abrams tank. Is that okay? Afterwards you and I can meet again and
we can put together a plan for you to escape your predicament, but only if you think it is
safe. Can we try that?" I had hold of her hands and was trying to look up reassuringly into
her face.

"Just don't let Windy get hurt, please? I couldn't handle that!" she agreed.

"Honey, is it alright if the Marine gets a little bruised?" I figured I better check because with
what Windy can do... well let's just say that Marine better not pull a weapon on her!

"I better get back before one of the Marines decides that I have been gone too long and
brings it to Theo's attention," she said worriedly already moving to exit the ATV.

"By the way Marilynn, you were here checking out our wonderful ATVs so you could tell
Theo all about them," I coached her, whereupon I quickly launched into rapid fire
explanation of some of the niftier features to give her a little ammo to prove what she said.
We hugged each other and she scurried on back to the Ambassador's side of the camp,
only to discover that Theo was still watching Erica dig a small hole in the ground.

When everything was all clear, Gwen went to Erica, dropped a few twigs in the hole, and
had Erica shove the dirt back over them. The two conspirators scurried back to where I
was and fell down laughing themselves into a bad case of the hiccups.

"I can't believe I just did that! <hic> He couldn't take his eyes off of me! <hic>," Erica said
as she hugged me.

Gwen came over giggling, "So Erica, how did you like your first taste of girl power?"

"I'm just glad you didn't tell me about the twigs ahead of time! <hic> I would never have
been able to keep a straight face! He was so easy! It was like dealing with a little kid!"

"Exactly! Dangle candy in front of him and you can keep his attention for quite a while
and you are a heck of a piece of candy, sweetie!" Gwen hugged Erica, "Now let's do
something about those hiccups!" <giggle>

"That was great! <hic>" Erica followed Gwen to find a drink of water.

I headed off to set things up with Windy for later.


Latter that afternoon when dinner was all put away everyone was relaxing around the
camp in a more integrated assembly than earlier, (Since we shared our native fare with the
Ambassador's party.) and I struck up a conversation with the men in their ATV. (The only
place they could eat anything other than the nutrients and fluids stored in their
environment suits.) "You gentlemen ever hear the myths of Amazons handed down from
Pre-European culture arriving in the Americas?"

Davon spoke up first, "Huge muscular women warriors who could defeat the strongest
male warriors? Women who could perform impossible feats of strength and who ruled the
tribes? Those types of myths, yes I have heard of them. I also understand that you call
your security forces Amazons as well, even though they are not the impressively muscled
women in the myths."

I have to give him credit, he didn't sneer or speak in a mocking tone as I had expected.

I smiled brightly, "Yes, those tales. I have always thought that in most myths there may be
a grain of truth. Meka tells me that the legend of the Amazon warriors was about the
Ka'anian women warriors, everything except the hugely muscled giant part that is. She
said that was probably thrown in by the men telling the stories so they wouldn't look weak.
The Amazons of Ka'an have practiced a type of martial arts for over a thousand years.
From what I have been shown they can be quite impressive. I have been wondering
though, how well they could fare against highly trained United States Marines. What do
you gentlemen think?"

The Ambassador immediately broke in with, "Women trained in martial arts might have
been able to throw about untrained tribesman, but I'll wager my Marines here could clean
up any of the 'security forces' you have with you!" He emphasized his disdain for the
Amazons who were small delicate looking girls, compared to the Marines he had brought.

Davon raised his eyebrows at the Ambassador's remark, not as quick to discount the

"Well, do you think Tess would be up for a little sparing with an Amazon?" I goaded.

"Hah, just as long as you don't hold us responsible for your Amazon getting hurt!" the
confidence of the Ambassador was apparent.

"My little Windy promises not to hurt her," I assured, "You set it up with Tess, and I'll go
and get Windy." The fight was on.

Tess was in her combat boots wearing a t-shirt with a sports bra underneath and her
regulation jungle camouflage trousers, standing loosely at one side of the clearing. Windy
wearing her traditional soft leather loincloth and a sort of leather peasant blouse standing
at the other side.

Meka was playing ringmaster, "Ladies this is just a little light workout for entertainment
and exorcise. Normally Ka'anians would approach in the center and hug each other prior
to a match, but we will defer to the Earth tradition of shaking hands, since your people
find hugging a little too familiar."

The ladies approached and shook hands.

"Combat will conclude when one combatant says 'Yield', do we understand ladies?"

Both women nodded their understanding.

"When Dolly drops her hankie combat begins, may the most skilled warrior win," with that
Meka joined me on the side of the clearing.

I dropped my hankie and the match began. (Damn, 'hankie' is so... so... feminine!)

Tess squared off hunched over and waded in towards Windy.

It looked like one hell of a lopsided match, at least to anyone not familiar with the

Tess got close enough to try for a roundhouse punch, and was yanked into a roll from
which she recovered onto her feet quickly, springing at Windy, who with blinding speed
came up under her with a rabbit punch to her middle and Tess fell in a heap gasping for

Windy calmly stood ten feet away waiting for Tess to catch her wind.

Tess came up with dark fury in her face, but circled a little more warily this time.

Windy jumped up in a summersault and opened it up with her feet hammering into Tess's
hipbones, both sides at the same time.

Tess flew backwards as if a bomb had gone off in front of her, landing on her butt some
fifteen feet backwards. Her enraged expression deepened as she sprang to her feet, blood
in her eye.

I heard Davon exclaim under his breath, "Holy shit!"

This time she came at Windy like a charging Rhino!

Windy side stepped and brought her dainty little hand down on the back of Tess's shoulder
blades driving her into the ground and a skidding halt. Tess ducked a shoulder and rolled
up onto her feet. She came back in swinging punch after punch at Windy, who just
seemed not to be where the punch should have landed when it got there.

After several swipes Tess roared her rage and tried to wrap her arms around little Windy.
When her arms had nearly closed Windy let loose a quick punch to the solar plexus, which
sent Tess reeling backwards without her prey.

Tess reached back around her own back and came up with a small knife and charged back
at Windy!

"No!" seemed to be the common exclamation from the sidelines as she was almost on top of

Windy seemed to blur momentarily and the knife disappeared from Tess's hand. Then a
blur behind Tess's right ear and the big woman slapped down on the grass like someone
had let the air out of her. Tess didn't move after that and everyone outside the chamber
went running out to see if Windy and Tess were all right.

High heel boots weren't the easiest things to run in, so I pretty much arrived last. (Erica is
taller than I.)

"She is not injured and neither am I, but I am afraid she will waken with a terrible
headache and a nasty bruise on the back of her head," Windy announced.

"Where is the knife?" I asked.

"What knife?" Windy replied, "This was unarmed combat, so knives are not allowed. You
will not find either of us to have such a weapon."

No one else argued the point so I went along, "I must have been mistaken."

There was a moan from the pile of Camouflage on the grass near us and two of the other
Marines groaned loudly as they hefted Tess and dragged her back to lie down in one of
their tents.

We meandered back to the ATV which held the men, "Tess and Windy are both fine, but I
think we have to call it a draw since no one said, 'Yield'."

"Yah, right!" said Davon shaking his head. "That is one damn fast woman you have there,

"She's cute too!" I giggled.

I glanced around at Marilynn whose saucer sized eyes told me everything I needed to know.

Once the Ka'anians cleared the ATV the Marines were over talking to the Ambassador and
his staff. Boy how I wished I could hear what was said.

Windy came up to me and whispered, "Yes sir, I did see a knife drawn. No sir, no knife
could be found on either woman. No sir, I would not want to challenge that Windy woman.
I have sparred with Tess on a number of occasions and have never bested her. No sir, I did
not see Tess land a single blow on Windy."

"Does that answer the questioning look on your face Dolly?" sweet Windy asked.

"I just love how you do that!" I hugged her.

"Oh, and Davon just said, 'I wouldn't mess with her either!'" Windy giggled.

"I think we should park the ATVs together and open up the canvases between them. We
could have a really nice slumber party together!"

"My, you are horny tonight!"

"What is unusual about that?"

"Cause I'm just as horny..." she cleaned my tonsils and left me panting while she arranged
the ATVs.

Erica came over and said, "I hope they are getting the ATVs ready for bed, I'm so horny I
could almost screw the Ambassador!" she sucked on my face and gave me a quick grope for
good measure. "What's wrong with you?"

My knees were starting to turn to Jell-O and I was about to start sinking to my knees when
Gwen came and slipped her hand between my legs to support me... or drive me crazy...
either way it worked!

Meka saw the congregation and rescued me... or maybe absconded with me, anyway the
next thing I knew I was flat on my back with half a dozen women administering to different
areas of my soft yielding body! When I wasn't screaming in orgasm, I was licking the air
like a puppy that wants to show you she loves you. Luckily once in a while some lover
would position herself so that I could.

I heard Erica making mewing and moaning sounds too, so I knew she was having her
needs attended to. I worry about my little sister.

The Suburbs

I knew it was morning, due to the warm, wet, wiggly tongue in my mouth, and the soft little
hand playing with my nipple.

"Meka made everyone let us sleep in, and they said I could wake you up this morning!"
Erica told me with almost the perkiness of a cheerleader, "It was so nice when you woke
me up like this, I wanted to return the favor!"

"Ooh, ooh, ooh," I cooed, "Nipples... orgasm... ooh, ooh..."

"Are you trying to tell me if I don't stop this, you will cream your panties?" she cooed in my

"Ungh! Ghah!" my little girly body was just too easily excited!

"Does this mean you are helpless? That I can do what I want to you and all you can do is
enjoy it?" she reached down and played with my clit.

My legs went stiff and started to quiver, so what does that minx do? She sucks a nipple
into her mouth and tries to get me to provide breakfast! I orgasmed like gangbusters and
she said, "I love doing that! You are so helpless and so easily satisfied! It's almost like the
power I had over the Ambassador yesterday! But I like this, a whole lot better!" She kissed
me with an almost urgency in her manor, "You are the most important person in my life,
and I love being able to make you feel so good!"

"You do that every time I see you smile hon.. Thanks for the wonderful wake up! I love
starting the day with an mind blowing orgasm!" I cupped her sweet face in my hand.

<Tee he> she giggled and helped me out of my bed as we started getting ready for the day.
(She had warm soapy water for us to use giving each other sponge baths and some fresh to
rinse with. We didn't want to go around smelling like a lesbian love fest.)

Once dressed and out of the ATV, I looked around and noted a very tall Marine walking
around like she was hung over, and wincing occasionally when she turned her head too

That was an opportunity, which I resolved to deal with soon, before it could fester and turn
against us.

I made my way over too her and started with, "Um, hi Tess. I'm real sorry! It's my fault
you have a bruise and headache today. I wish it could have come out better though."

Tess looked at me with the kind of gaze that said, 'What are you talking about, and why is
this flea bothering me?'

"Oops, sorry! Hi, my name is Dolly Gordon. I'm the Queen here," and stuck out my hand.

She reluctantly took it but still looked confused.

"Yah, I can hardly believe it myself. I was a guy six months or so ago, and now I'm the
queen, strange universe isn't it?"

"You were a man?"

"Yup, didn't they tell you?"

"They said that a couple of the Ka'anians were once men, but... but... you are so... so..."

"Feminine?" I provided.

"I figured it was the girl who kicked my ass, not you!"

I giggled, "No, the girl who kicked your ass is the leader of the Amazons of Ka'an. You
never had a chance. That is why I'm here apologizing to you. The Ambassador and his
staff needed to know that on this world, the Amazons are strong, and not to be taken
lightly. You just happened to be the biggest and toughest person who could get out of an
ATV. So, I'm sorry for having to put you through that."

"That little thing is an Amazon?" you could see the wheels turning in her head, "I thought
Amazons were huge!"

"Leave it to men to exaggerate the size of the girls that handed them their asses!" I laughed
at my own joke.

"Hell, I'm not a man, and I wish I could tell people a giant Amazon warrior kicked my butt,
not a skinny blonde! Is that why she was so god awful fast?"

"Little Windy is the culmination of a thousand years of martial arts training. She could
have stomped Andre the Giant! I personally, have seen her put her delicate little fist
through twelve inches of solid concrete!"

Tess paled significantly, "You mean when I... she could have...?"

"Yup, but I made her promise not to hurt you!"

"Shit! Would you tell her I'm sorry? I shouldn't have tried to..."

"Yes. Don't worry Windy is a sweet girl and doesn't hold a grudge. She is one hell of a
great friend to have! I would say that, even if she wasn't my wife!"

"My head really hurts. I thought you just said she is your wife," Tess was rubbing her
aching head.

"It is a long story, and the next time we have time I'll tell you, but I did say Windy is one of
my twenty two wives," I added, "The real reason I'm here is to apologize and to warn you
about the Ambassador. I have it on good authority that he beats Marilynn. He better not,
while on Ka'an. Windy has her Amazons watching him, and even though I am her
husband/wife and Queen, I might not be able to keep something unfortunate from
happening to him. You need to know that if the Amazons start to move on him, don't get
in the way! I will be his only hope at that point. If you think fighting one Amazon it tough,
know this, there are only three non-Amazons in our party, and one of those is an ex-Secret
Service Agent."

Her eyes widened again.

"Just so you don't have to guess, Erica is the Secret Service Agent. The other very feminine
one in our party."

"Duty or no Duty, if he raises his hand to Marilynn, you can have him!" she assured me,
"It's not as if I could stop a bunch of giant Amazons all by myself anyway!" she chuckled
and then grabbed her hurting head.

"Here, take this and drink it. It is safe, and will make your head feel better. Windy made it
special for you," I handed her a little bottle with a cork stopper in it.

"I won't get stoned or anything will I?"

"Nah, the girls don't have hardly any good drugs, darn it!" I grinned broadly.

"You know, you are a real nice lady, Dolly. Thanks for coming over. I thought today was
the worst day of my life up until now. Now I think it is looking like it might be one of the
best! I made friends with a Queen, had my ass kicked by an Amazon, and I think we might
become good friends too! You are right, it is a mighty strange universe!"

"You wouldn't hit me if I hug you, would you?"

"What? And get all busted up when Windy found out? NEVER!" she laughed.

She grabbed me and hugged me good, "Damn Dolly, pardon me for noticing, but I think I
like to hug girls with big boobs... Damn! I sound like the Ambassador!"

"It's okay Tess, my wives have learned to appreciate them too!" I giggled and hugged her

I wiggled my way back to our side of the camp and Erica asked, "Consorting with the

"I destroy my enemy, when I make her my friend," I quoted.

Erica looked blankly back.

"Abraham Lincoln said that, I was just borrowing it."

She still looked puzzled.

"I just went over and made nice with Tess. She says that if the Ambassador touches
Marilynn, she won't see a thing that happens to him."

"Really? Wow, you are good girl!" she smiled and patted me on the back.

"That and she thinks you're cute..."

"She said that? Are you pulling my leg? She thinks I'm pretty?"

"I told her you were already taken..."

"You little..." she said and chased me all the way back to the ATV, the two of us laughing
the whole time.

"Nice work Dolly! I was kind of concerned that Tess might hold a grudge after our training
session," Windy told me during a warm hug. "By the way, what was in the bottle?"

"Children's Liquid Motrin. There was enough for about three doses for me, so if she drinks
it all, her headache will go away in about twenty minutes."

"Well thank you for making her think it was me who gave it to her. I do have something
that would make her head feel better, but she would probably feel a little goofy for a while

"Could you get some for me?"

"No time for fun, we have business to attend to," she escorted me to my ATV, Erica and I
climbed aboard, and we were on our way.

We wound our way down the foothills to the outskirts of the city, where we camped for

Tess meandered over with one of the other Marines, "Hi Dolly! I want you to meet Glenda.
She doesn't believe you are a Queen, amongst other things I told her." Tess moved to me
and held out those long arms of hers, so I slipped in for a hug.

I moved to Glenda and hugged her too, to her shock and amazement, "Nice to meet you
Glenda! I have a hard time believing I'm a Queen too, so don't feel bad!"

"Who doesn't believe that Dolly Gift From God Gordon, is Queen of all Ka'an?" Meka asked,
walking up to the small group assembling.

"Tess, I want you to meet, High Priestess Meka Gordon, my wife. Meka, this is Sergeant
Dix, and Corporal Glenda..." I introduced the two ladies.

"Cosgrove ma'am. Glenda Lynn Cosgrove, I am thrilled to death to meet you ladies! Oh,
god! I know a Queen and a High Priestess! My mother is going to faint dead away!" Glenda
had her hand over her upper chest like she was trying to keep it from bursting out.

"Wait till I tell my cousins I know a real Marine too!" I giggled.

"Dolly!" Gwen, Meka, and Erica admonished.

"I'm sorry, it is hard for a guy to realize he is a queen!"

Glenda nearly fainted, "There is no way any guy has hooters that big!"

"Well, I wouldn't if I was still a guy!" I teased her.

"You! You are the one they told us about in the briefing! The guy who had his... ah...
well... the guy that got turned into a woman!" her hand flew to hide her open mouth.

"Damn! I knew this skirt didn't fit like it used to!"

"Wait a minute, are you sure she is talking about you? You aren't the only guy around
here that happened to you know!" Erica piped in.

"Whoops! Somebody catch her!" I warned.

Tess was doubled over laughing at Glenda, so she couldn't do it. It was a good thing Windy
was there!

We all looked at each other, so I said, "Old jungle cure?"

Tess wasn't in on it but when we all lay down around Glenda, Tess took off at a fast trot, "I
have to get a picture of this!"

She made it back in time to snap off two pictures before Glenda started to come around,
"Weird dream... Two hotties claiming to be men..."

"Oh, we may be really pretty, but we aren't a dream Glenda. So don't you go and faint
again!" I whispered to her.

"Bobby? You smell like a Girl! What the hell are you wearing, man?" Glenda groggily

"Just a touch of Channel, do you like it?" I whispered.

"Dolly? Wha... How did I get here?" she stammered.

"You fainted and we were keeping you warm and helping you to wake up slowly. Do you
feel better now?"

"The two hottest looking girls, are actually men!" she tried to get a look at Dolly's crotch to
verify that statement.

"Close, but no cigar! The two hottest looking girls are actually girls, who used to be men.
Does that make sense?"

"Girls who used to be men. The briefing! They said we were the only one's allowed to go to
Ka'an because men would be turned into women if they came here. They said it was a
plant that does it but I didn't really believe it. The Lieutenant that briefed us didn't sound
like he believed it either," she mumbled coming around slowly.

"Glenda, my name was Eric, I was a Secret Service Agent before I was ordered to sneak
onto Ka'an and reconnoiter. I go by Erica now. Believe me Glenda, there is a Pea Pod, it
does make men into women, and they become the kind of women that they desire. It takes
five days and when it spits you out... well Dolly and I are what walks out of one," Erica
explained carefully, but gently and with a smile.

"Damn! Do you think one of them would take a girl...?" she asked ogling Erica.

Everyone laughed.

"Sorry, they want the Y chromosome and you don't have one. But that is a really sweet
compliment Glenda," I told her with a hug.

"Men get all the luck! I always wished to be smaller and prettier with bigger boobs and you
just get eaten by a Pea Pod and it is handed to you on a platter!" her lower lip stuck out far
enough you could sit on it.

"Look at it this way Glenda, at least you don't have to look in a mirror all of the time and
want to do yourself with what you don't have anymore!" I told her seriously.

"Darn, like if I was turned into a well hung stud... I would want to have myself screwed by
me, but I couldn't... well at least not where I would want to be," she rationalized, "Oh, you
poor thing!"

She had me in a bear hug that had me quivering up and down my body like little electric
shocks were going through me. My knees went weak and I started to pant like a puppy in
the family car.

"Careful there Glenda, you have a stick of dynamite in your arms and if you keep that up
she just might go off!" Meka cautioned her. "Oops, I better help her down."

Meka took me from the shocked Glenda's arms.

"Whew! Just in time Meka! She wiggles when she hugs!" I complained.

"You loved every second of it!" Meka correctly stated, "But I'm not jealous, you can invite
her to our next orgy if you care to dear wife." Meka was grinning like the cat that ate the

"You trying to get her in trouble, Meka? She would get discharged if they found out that
she likes girls, as stupid as that sounds. Unless you plan to recruit her from the Marines
that is..." I giggled and squirmed in her arms.

"Darn, is she serious?" Glenda asked me.

"Sure, Meka loves to share! She knows that our souls are bound together, so she does not
get jealous. The thing she loves to see the most is her loved ones happy, so if a little romp
in the hay makes me happy, she will even set it up! She will ask to play too, or at least to
watch, I think she gets almost as much out of watching me orgasm as I do when I orgasm."

"Well honey, if I were to swing in that direction, you would be the one to turn my head.
You're sweeter than most girls I have ever met, and you seem to like being sexy!" Glenda

"My that is flattering! Well if either of you lovely ladies wants help dealing with Ka'an, or
something on this trek, don't hesitate to call. I mean anything too, if you just want to talk,
my wives and I are pretty good listeners," I offered. Having the marines as friends on this
journey could ward off some of the potential confrontations later.

"Before you ladies head back to your duties," Meka stopped them, "I want you to know that
as far as the people of Ka'an are concerned, Dolly is our most valued treasure! If anything
should threaten her, do not stand between the Amazons and her, they will not hesitate to
go right through you, should she be threatened. I felt you should know how we feel about
Dolly, for your own safety and that of your Ambassador's."

Both Tess and Glenda's eyes grew wide as they looked from Meka down to little me.

"I think I agree Meka," was Tess's reply, as she and her companion returned to their duties.

We traveled a little farther along the trail until the sun neared the horizon and then we
made camp once again.

We invited Tess and Glenda back to watch a movie with us on the DVD player in my ATV.
We watched Miss Congeniality, for some reason I can relate to what that girl went through.
(That and I happen to know from a friend on San Juan Island who has seen her in person,
she is short like I am.)

We even had microwave popcorn, and cold sodas. The Ambassador and his men weren't
invited, cause they couldn't partake of the goodies anyway... stuck in that ATV of theirs.

I did get Marilynn away from Theo for a brief respite and she seemed a lot more at ease
than when last I talked to her.

"Dolly, those Amazons of yours are amazing! They even freaked Theo out! Your little
Windy is a lean mean fighting machine!" she enthused.

"Naw! Windy is a sweet loving girl, who wouldn't hurt a fly! She just has a maternal
instinct that is very dangerous when aroused..." I giggled.

"Anyway, thank her for me please, she made me feel safe for the first time in months," she
squeezed my elbow to indicate how much it meant to her.

"You are most welcome Marilynn Blatherwick, it was my pleasure," Windy told her from ten
feet away.

"Wow, Windy has great hearing!" Marilynn exclaimed!

"Amazons are spooky sometimes. Windy is the best of them, so I have come to expect,
nothing escapes her notice. It's like having Wonder Woman around."

"If she steps into an invisible airplane, I am going to faint dead away!" Marilynn exclaimed.

"You and me both sister!"

"God! I love it when you call me sister! I don't know why but from you it is special, like
you mean it more than any other girl I have ever known!"

"I'm really nobody special Marilynn, I am just a guy who was thrust into these
circumstances. I am just doing what is best for the ones I love and the people who are
special to me. What else would anyone do?"

"My ass! You are too humble hon.. Nobody here thinks that way except you! You are
special, just because you give theses women hope. You know what they need and you see
that they get it. There is nothing more that anyone could require from their queen," she
stated, "So if they want to revile you for it, you should let them!"

"I realize that they need a heroine, but I have a hard time seeing myself in that role."

"No one else does, so you are the hope of an entire planet! Talk about pressure!" she
giggled at my predicament.

"Thanks, I'm glad you defined it so well for me! Now would you like to stick bamboo under
my fingernails too?" I replied sarcastically.

"Sorry Dolly, but I do tend to ramble sometimes, a trait that has not endeared me to Theo
in the least!" Marilynn replied sadly.

"You are dear to me Marilynn, so who cares what Theo thinks? I want to make sure that
those who I love are safe from harm, and that includes you. At this time you are totally
safe from any kind of harm, should Theo loose his cool, he would find himself badly beaten
by an Amazon," I told her.

"That would destroy his self esteem. I can't think of anything better than that happening
to him either!" she stated with obvious venom.

"Do you want Theo to succumb to an accident during this expedition Marilynn?" I asked,
know full well what the answer would be.

"If he comes home peeing sitting down, I would be the happiest woman in both worlds!" she

"Done and done," I told her, "What will the state department have to say when they get
back a girl instead of a macho pig?"

"I think they will figure that Ka'an is a very dangerous place for anyone with a cock! Maybe
they will catch on and assign a woman to be Ambassador to Ka'an!" she surmised.

"You believe in the Easter Bunny too don't you?" I asked her while giggling.

"Don't you?" she asked.

"Of course I do! I believe in everything! I have proof that whatever you think is impossible
may not be!" I told her not believing totally what I said, but having sufficient reason for
saying it.

"I can believe that! In your place I think I would be very open-minded as well! Who would
believe that a man could be made... well you know what I mean..."

"Well not that it means anything, but I have always tried to think outside of the box. I
don't want to have paradigms restrict my creativity!" I stated emphatically!

"Well, as far as I can see your paradigms are as open as the sky! Your horizons are so vast
that no one on Earth could envision them! There isn't anything that could be said to be a
certainty on this world! I only hope that the advances available on this world will not
destroy ours!" Marilynn surmised.

"That has been a concern of mine. Meka says though that we have nothing to worry about,
anything that is so advanced that it could harm Earth, is too advanced for us to figure out!
Oops, for them to figure out! I keep forgetting now, that I am Ka'anian, not of Earth!" I
stated, almost shocked at the statement myself.

"Does that mean I can understand it now Meka, but before I wouldn't have been able to?" I

"Yes sweetheart, you are now easily twice as smart as you were when you arrived here,"
she admitted, "Does that trouble you?"

"Kind of, I had a genius IQ before the change. I don't feel all that much smarter. If I'm
smarter, how come I giggle so much?" I reasoned.

"Being giggly does not preclude being smart dear one. You are smarter and gigglier, sexier,
sweeter, prettier, shorter, bustier, and your vision has improved. Need I go on?" Meka
patted my bottom, "I love all of what you are now and all of what you were before!" Then
she kissed me and it made my day.

"So we are in no danger of harming ourselves with advanced technology here?" Marilynn
stated, trying to confirm what she thought she heard.

"Well, I wouldn't say that. You are in no danger of understanding our technology, however
you can harm yourself by attempting to use what you do not understand," Meka explained,
"So I would not recommend that you toy with things you do not understand."

"Maybe I can convince Theo to play with some of it," Marilynn giggled.

"I doubt we can stop him, but we will warn him, so our consciences are clear!" Meka
informed her, with a wink.

After the movie we went our separate ways, Ka'anians to our grouped ATVs and Earthers to

Gwen let me spell out the alphabet with my tongue on her pussy for over half and hour
before I was attacked by some of the others and screaming out my own orgasms.


We decided to leave the camp set up and just advance with some of the ATVs into the
beginnings of the City.

We passed by several small dwellings, which looked like a cross between stucco and stone
blocks. There were stylings of a distinct southwest flavor overlaid with a Mayan motif.

There were occasionally large long buildings with slanted sides and flat tops, which had my
curiosity piqued, "Meka, what are those buildings? Should we check them out?"

"They will be mostly market places Dolly, but just for curiosities sake, we will stop and
investigate one. It should be very educational if nothing else," she began steering the ATV
towards the nearest one.

Everyone else followed along. I had informed the Ambassador's party what we were doing.

The Ambassador was more than happy to visit a store. I bet he was looking for the
sporting goods, or the electronic equipment sections!

We all slipped through the door that Windy had forced open for us, (After Tess and one of
her Marines tried to force it open.) and started down the aisle. The men were all wearing
their Environment suits and sounding like walking Iron lungs.

We were searching around the mostly empty aisles, I expect that as the cities services shut
down, most of the useful items were scavenged from the stores, so there wasn't much to

I ran across a little box with slips of paper that could be slid in a slot, "Meka, what is this
little gizmo?"

"Educational videos I believe. They are slipped in like this and the unit is turned on here.
If the energy cell has retained its charge, we should see..."

Suddenly there was a small three-dimensional girl standing on the box speaking the native
Ka'anian language. (I have learned quite a lot of it now.) Translated it was a cooking
demonstration, so when she turned to the counter that her ingredients were on, they
appeared just as she had.

"Oh my! That is wonderful! Can we take it with us?"

"Wait, I'll go get my credit card..." Meka teased.

"Okay, okay, so I have moral compunctions against taking things that do not belong to
me... sue me!" I groused.

"I am glad you are that way, Dolly, but you are the Queen of Ka'an, everything belongs to
you, your subjects would be delighted to give it to you were they alive to do so," Meka
assured me.

"Wow, you mean if the Ambassador takes anything he is stealing it from me? That is a
hoot!" I giggled. "If you see them take anything, don't arrest them, just educate them,

"If it is your wish that the Ambassador takes back no prizes, he shall take none," Meka
assured me.

"I want to make a gift of some items to the people of the United States however, if you think
it is prudent Meka," I asked, "The good will that is generated even by something as simple
as this three dimensional projector would go a long way in ingratiating Ka'an with the
American people. Toys are greatly treasured by my old countrymen."

"We may not want to give them that exact model though Dolly. Try touching the little
woman who is displayed.'

I reached out and actually touched her, she was warm an soft and had an actual physical
presence, "Oh, my God! She is real! How...?"

"She only exists while the viewer plays, but she is completely real while it plays. It might
be a little too... uh... real for them at this point, don't you think?"

"Well... if we recorded some of our ladies who wanted children... and could make the
playback life size... the sperm donors would be endless!" I giggled, "Interactive porn for the
lonely male!"

"Oh my! Do you think there are that many men who would want to make love to a three
dimensional image instead of a real woman?" Meka asked.

"You have always been female Meka, so I know you are serious when you say that. Yes
Meka, unless you think you can provide tens of thousands of women to nearly unlimited
places around the country, yes there are that many men who would want to have their own
3D concubine," I assured her. We would have to find a way to preserve the sperm and
have it delivered viable to us."

"And you think that you are not smarter than you were before!" Meka teased. "I think
though you and Erica would make the best images to imprint on the viewers... judging by
the slobbering fools men make of themselves when they are around you two!"

"Sure, buy this box and you too can fuck the queen of Ka'an... Are you sure you want

"Never my Queen! I merely suggested that we use someone who looked more like you and
Erica! It would be a disgrace to have just any Tom, Dick, or Harry screw our Queen!"

"You got that right! No hairy Dicks are screwing this Queen!"

"As you wish, my Queen. We will arrange only shaven Dicks for your pleasure!" Meka
kissed my cheek reassuringly.

"Thanks... I think..."

We wondered on through the building, not finding much of any interest when I heard a big
crash. Meka and I ran full tilt to where the crash originated only to see Maurice had fallen
on his butt after trying to climb one of the shelves.

He staggered to his feet saying, "I feel so foolish! The only thing up there was an old

We shook our heads and wandered away to look through other areas of the store. When
we had gotten about halfway down the aisle it suddenly dawned on me, "Oh my God! The
Iron Lung noise of the suit, it wasn't there!" I screeched as I spun around back towards
where we had seen him last.

"Where is he?" I shouted to Meka.

"I don't see him! Oh nooo! Look over in the corner! I think that is Maurice!" she

I shot a glance toward where she indicated only to see a bulging Pea Pod, with a squirming
form within. "We had better tell the others!"

I was saddened by the thought that we would be bringing back a lovely girl to Ginger, her
wife, "Shit! Damn, damn, damn! I wasn't fast enough! I should have noticed right away!"

"Do not blame yourself Dolly! I too should have noticed that his air filtration unit had been
damaged in the fall. They were warned before coming to Ka'an that this was likely. They
would not listen. I am saddened as well. Maurice was a good man," she held me tightly.

"What is all the commotion?" Davon asked.

"Maurice has fallen to the Pea Pod, Davon," Meka told him, "May I offer you the
condolences of Ka'an?"

"Oh shit! Is... is... that him? Over there in the corner?" he asked hesitantly.

"Yes, we believe so."

"Let's get him out!" he started over to help his friend.

Meka stood in his way, "You can only kill him and the plant together. Their lives are
knitted together until the process finishes!"

"So... so... Maurice will come out... out... like you?"

"Sorry Davon, yes she will be like me."

We all regrouped and headed back to the campsite to bring everyone up to our new digs,
the store where we lost Maurice to the Pea Pod.

We had all of the Amazons go on a search and destroy mission throughout the building to
destroy any more plants that might have taken root in there.

Our camp was much quieter than the night before, but I managed to get Marilynn aside for
a moment.

"Oh God Dolly, poor Ginger will be beside herself! I can't believe that Maurice will be a girl
in just five days!" Marilynn fretted.

"I'm sorry Marilynn..." I apologized.

"No! Dolly it isn't your fault!"

"I feel responsible because I heard his filter unit had failed, it just didn't dawn on me until
it was too late!" I told her.

"Don't feel bad Dolly, I never would have realized it wasn't working, even after he had been
consumed by the plant!"

"I know, I just... it was so close!" I groused.

"Yah, why couldn't it have been Theo?" Marilynn told me.

"You really want to see him with a pussy don't you?" I asked.

"I just want him to see what it is like to be on the other side of life. He has always had
power and strength. He has never used it well either," she informed me, "With his position,
strength and power he could do so much good in the world. Everything he wants is for
himself, he never wants to give anything back!"

"How did you get stuck with this lemon Marilynn?"

"I was young and star struck. He was wealthy and charming. I bought his line and
married him. Things were pretty good until he started hitting," she became quiet and

"You are invulnerable while on Ka'an. I mean back at the Consulate too. If you are
touched, walk outside the door and you will become a political refugee to the world of
Ka'an, under the direct protection of Queen Dolly Gift From God Gordon," I told her.

"Thank you Dolly. It's nice to know that I can count on you!"

"Well you sleep tight under this big roof tonight and we will continue exploring tomorrow."

"What about Maurice?"

"There is nothing more that we can do for her, at least until the Pod gives her up!"

"I see, all right... some of the ladies and I can stay here and keep an eye on things while
you adventurers go out and explore!"

"Sure, that sounds like a plan!" I agreed, "Time to turn in so we can be fresh in the

I won't go into the details of our lovemaking but... yes they made sure they satisfied this
horny girl!

The Manufacturing District

Come the morning the exploration group took off and left a few back to take care of the
home fires.

We sped on down the road with the ATVs opened up pretty good, we had to throttle down
just a little to let the Ambassador keep up, but all in all we made good time. In less than
two hours we were surrounded by large warehouse like buildings, which is when Meka
called back to us and pulled over so we could go exploring.

We slipped into the nearest building and ran across and found a large blocky looking thing
with a cab. We walked around the base of it and climbed up on it. We stopped the men
from climbing on it. One accidental fall damaging a suit was enough.

Meka finally told us what she figured we were looking at, "This is a heavy antigravity-
exploration vehicle. It doesn't appear finished though, the power source hasn't been fully
installed and the gyrostabilizers are still missing. All in all, it could be made operational by
a good crew in about a week."

"No kidding! Heavy is a good word for it! This thing is a hundred feet long!" I exclaimed.

"Antigravity? You have to be kidding me Meka the Ambassador's breathy reply came from
the speaker on his chest.

"Was that the wrong term? Maybe gravity nullifying is a better term?"

The Ambassadors jaw was open far enough you could have done dental work on him
without any trouble at all.

"There are many smaller antigravity units around. This one is too large for our uses,"
Meka was done here and wanting to leave.

"Can we... could we... could we make this operational Meka?" the Ambassador asked,
nearly drowning in his own saliva.

"We Ka'anians could Ambassador, should we desire it. You and your people could not,"
Meka, stated, "There is little reason for us to devote the kind of time necessary to make this
machine operational, so I suggest that we move on in our explorations."

"But... but this is... is... such a waste..." the Ambassador tried to get Meka to reconsider.

"Yes, and I shall not add to the waste. Let us move on to greener pastures."

We all marched out of the building over to the next closest structure.

Once entered we made our way through office spaces and came upon what looked to be a
needle shaped sky vehicle.

I regretted not being able to see all of the Ambassador's body, obscured as it was by the
suit he wore, I would bet money that when he saw that thing, he creamed his jeans!

"Woof! Meka this baby looks so damn sleek! What is it?" I nearly drooled myself!

"It looks to be a personal intercontinental transport, probably a seventy five model. It must
be here getting a new fuel cell installed. The newer models are much sleeker."

"This is a jalopy?" the Ambassador looked as if he might faint.

"Yes Ambassador, it looks to be an economy model, nothing very special. We have some
much newer models parked outside of the village, should we need them."

You could have knocked the Ambassador over with a feather.

"You have vehicles like this available for your use and we are driving around in ATVs?
Why... how... what... Can you tell me why we didn't use them instead of the ATVs?" the
Ambassador fussed.

"Ambassador, using an intercontinental vehicle for exploration of our own backyard, is
silly! We could have been to the city in a heartbeat, but only a couple of us. You wanted to
bring your entourage along. That would not have been possible. Now, do you want to
move on or would you rather stare at this Junker longer?" Meka asked.

"Let's move on and see something new and exciting then Meka," the Ambassador said,
shaking his head and shuffling out of the warehouse.

We jumped aboard the ATVs and scooted to the next building. Once inside we found an
upright needle which, looked like something from a Science Fiction film! It was so tall that
it was extending many floors down underground.

"This does not look like a Junker Meka, do you have any idea what we are looking at?" I
asked in awe.

"I did not know where it was being built, but this looks like a space craft which was being
built to journey to our nearest neighboring star. We were trying to confirm the portals link
to planetary bodies in this universe, rather than it's linking to other dimensional realities.
It looks like it was nearly finished when the cataclysm befell us," Meka surmised,
seemingly impressed with the construction of this wondrous craft herself.

"A star craft!" I whispered.

"Holy shit!" Davon whispered.

Everyone stood in awe looking up and down at the lines of this beautiful piece of

The Ambassador and his people began taking pictures of the star craft from multiple

"Don't get any ideas Ambassador! That is a Ka'anian treasure and will be fiercely guarded
by the Amazons. Once I have been able to restore some of the infrastructure to Ka'an, I
promise that this craft will be put to the job for which it was intended," I warned.

"It is revolutionary technology even for the Ka'anians. This craft is designed to use total
inertia dampening for propulsion! It should be able to phase out of our reality, into the
realm which quarks are derived from, to far exceed the speed of light," Meka informed us.

"What did she just say?" the Ambassador asked Davon.

"It's a star craft which is FTL and uses technology far above our understanding," Davon

"This thing makes the Space Shuttle look like the Wright Brother's flier!" the Ambassador

"Yup, and we ain't no smarter than the Wright Brothers!" Davon replied wide-eyed.

"I think that should be enough exploration for today Meka, can we return to base now?
The Ambassador seems to have had enough for today."

"As you wish," Meka answered, and then did an about face walking toward the ATVs.

On the trek back I asked, "Meka did you know that we would find that ship here?"

"Most assuredly not Dolly. Had I know it was there, we would have given that building, a
wide berth!" she stated emphatically.

"I hate to tell you this Meka, but we need to have an Amazon on watch twenty four-seven to
monitor what the Ambassador and his party are plotting," I fretted, "I know these types,
they want that bird and they will do nearly anything to get her!"

"I received that indication from the Ambassador as well Dolly, he is not to be trusted. If he
returns from this trip I believe that he will send more spies through in an attempt to secure
the star craft," she stated.

We drove the rest of the way in near silence.

Once we were in camp we were informed that Maurice was still in the pod and everything
else was normal and under control. Of course we had been in communication the whole
time, but it is nice to see it for one's self.

The home fires were burning as our loved ones welcomed us.

"You are such a terrific leader my Queen!" Gwen exclaimed as she hugged the stuffing out
of me.

"Did you see the star craft on the monitors back here?"

"You bet your sweet ass we did! I love being a member of an advanced race..." Gwen
giggled, as she landed a passionate lip-lock on me.

"Okay, is everything still kosher back here? No feuding with the neighbors?" I asked.

"Hell no! Once we agreed to loan you to Glenda for a lick fest. Then everything went as
smooth as glass!" Gwen teased, "Um, actually Glenda admitted that she tends to fancy
girls... but she made me promise never to tell anyone... except you that is," she admitted,
"For some reason she says you really turn her on!" <Giggle>

"What? Do I have a sign on my back that I can't see, that says 'Easy'? Why is it that
everyone wants to fuck my brains out?" I asked her.

"Maybe that is the kind of girl you desired hon.. You wanted a girl who would make
everyone around her want to fuck her brains out," Gwen postulated.

"Now that you mention it, I always have desired girls like that... Oh my god! I'm a sex
magnet! That plant probably made my new body secrete lots of pheromones, so if I am too
near someone for long they will want..."

"Sounds like a good analysis. Don't you like the way people act towards you?"

"Umm... You know, I think I do!" I admitted, at first concerned, and then with a growing

"Wait till I tell Erica! We thought we were being treated differently due to some kind of
conspiracy or something. She will be relieved that we are just prone to making friends..." I
giggled, "You don't mind it do you?"

"Hell no! I have the greatest most loving family I could have ever dreamed of. So what if
I'm technically a lesbian? On Ka'an almost everyone is!"

I threw my little arms around her and told her, "I sure do love you Gwen!"

She hugged me back, "I love you too, my Queen!" then she sniggered her head off.

We went about our usual camp duties for the rest of the evening.

The following day our search revealed nothing of much interest, warehouses full of decayed
produce, a gear manufacturing facility, and a salt bagging plant, so we returned mostly
empty handed. (I brought a bag of salt just in case and was teased for my trouble.)

We settled in to the evening routine once again before turning in.

The Compound

Everyone turned out in the morning to make today's excursion into the district, but Davon
didn't show.

"Where is Davon? Is he coming or did he come down with something?" I asked looking all
about for him.

"Um, We don't know. He wasn't anywhere to be found when we woke up this morning,"
Tess admitted.

I stuck my two little fingers in my mouth, and let out the loudest whistle I could muster!

In a flash I had ten attentive Amazons surrounding me, "Windy, Meka, Davon has

"WHAT?" came back in a chorus of their voices?

"They do not know where Davon is. He disappeared sometime during the night. Who was
on watch?" I asked.

Nicte Ha answered, "I was on watch from midnight to 4:00 AM."

"I had it from 4:00 until now," answered Tayanna.

"You saw nothing unusual, did you?" I knew the answer, but had to ask anyway.

"Okay, that means Davon went out secretly. There is no way you ladies would miss
someone leaving in a trance or struggling," I concluded, "Damn that Ambassador! I would
put money on the fact that he ordered Davon to sneak off and... hmm... The Star Craft! We
need to skedaddle, so we should leave a couple of ladies here to baby sit and the rest
should come and help look for Davon!" I headed for an ATV and added, "Just to be
politically correct, ask Tess and Glenda to come with us."

"I am impressed my Queen," Meka acknowledged as she escorted me to the ATV, "I am not
making fun of you either. You logically deduced that Davon went out in secret and would
be headed for the most likely target! Then you took command and organized a well
thought out plan to recover him."

"Oh shit! Did I step on Windy's toes? Should I have let her handle this?" I reflected

"No, no, no...! Dolly, if you had devised a plan that was not logical, or was foolish, Windy
would have stopped you and made suggestions. It is your right and place to order the
forces available to do what you will. Anyway you weren't overly specific so they will have
quite a bit of leeway. Always a smart move for a leader, determine where you want to go,
then let your people get you there."

"Good... I think... just so long as we are doing the right thing and Windy isn't going to kick
my lovely well cushioned ass over my head!"

Meka grinned, "No doubt that she would kiss your lovely well cushioned ass over and over,
if you will let her."

"Later, right now we have a job to do. Do you think he is lost, camped somewhere or...?"

"My money is on or...? There are too many things that can happen, which will compromise
those suits of theirs," she calculated, "A lone man is not going to stay that way for long."

"Okay then let's go look for a fat and happy Pea Pod!" I told her and slipped my bottom into
the ATV seat and waited for Meka to speed us on our way.

It took us three hours to find him. He was almost all of the way to the Star Craft, where it
appeared he had taken a fall. We found pieces of his faceplate a hundred feet from where
the Pea Pod had gotten him.

We left Nicte Ha and Glenda to guard Davon. We left them with one of our ATVs and some
supplies and we promised them we would drop off relief people in the morning.

We radioed back our find and headed back to the Store.

I didn't confront the Ambassador with what we had concluded, but Marilynn did seek me
out, "Dolly I am so sorry for what happened! Poor Davon!" She hugged me with tears
running down her cheeks.

"She'll be all right Marilynn."

"I just know it's Theo's fault! He probably sent Davon out on some kind of stupid mission,
just like he did with Erica!" Marilynn blubbered as she soaked my shoulder with salty

"Well there is only one penis to go then Marilynn," I told her hopefully, trying to cheer her

"Do... do... do you think so? Theo would make a terrible woman! But he so deserves to
loose his manhood! Can we make it happen, or do you think he will be stupid enough to
cause it himself?"

"I think if we let him have enough rope that he will surely hang himself and our
consciences will be crystal clear!" I cheerfully told her, "Think of the future, when he has
no one to blame, but her self?"

"Well with Theo's tastes in women, she should be... everything he wants in a woman. God
that would be so wonderful!"

"Well tomorrow we will go out and search some more buildings and he will have to do his
own dirty work," I informed her, with a quick peck on her cheek.

She grabbed my face and planted a lip lock on me, and then jumped back with a shocked
look on her face, "I don't know what came over me! I have never kiss another woman
before in my life! I'm so sorry Dolly!"

"Hey, it was a great kiss and I liked it, so don't you worry about it," I admitted, and then I
also filled her in, "I just discovered that the Pea Pod plant most likely supped up my
pheromone production, so whenever anyone is near me too long... well you know what I

Marilynn's eyes were wide open and she opened her mouth, then closed it and said, "I
kissed you because you are a sex magnet?"

I giggled, "Well that is one way to put it I guess."

"Do you want to do it again?" she asked with confused trepidation.

"Sure hon.!" I presented my little face and plump lips to her.

She grabbed me and checked out all of my perfect teeth with her tongue, and then actually
groped one of my big boobies.

"God, I have wanted to touch those ever since that pig husband of mine turned you into a
one woman wet t-shirt contest!"

"You can touch them anytime your heart desires Marilynn," I panted, "But don't you think
your husband will be jealous of you?"

"Fuck Him!"

"No way! Anyways I can't anymore. I have nothing to fuck him with!" I teased.

"Hey, do you have any of those special chocolates along with you?" Marilynn suddenly

"Sure, I'll get you an hand full if you like," I offered.

"Thanks, I think I can use them, at least tonight and maybe tomorrow. You know, sort of
like a going away present?"

I obtained a half dozen of them for her and let her grope and kiss me one more time before
bed, and you can bet, come bedtime some very horny girls got lucky!


We started out the fourth day intending to penetrate the manufacturing district deeper
than we had to before. There were some oddly shaped buildings we had seen the day
before that we were interested in.

These buildings had fences around them, which was very different for the area. Security
didn't appear to be a high priority for Ka'anians.

Meka seemed to be almost shocked that these buildings were secured.

The journey there was uneventful, although the Ambassador and a lady Marine were the
only people now riding in the environment chamber ATV. We stopped along the way and
dropped off a Marine and Akhushtal to watch over Davon. (Not that he needed watching
over. It was more to give everyone a feeling of safety. He was quite safe in the Pod for five

When we approached the fence, Nicte Ha was the first to come into contact with it and
wound up four feet away on her butt. It seems that the fence was electrically charged.

Now we were glad that the Ambassador had brought the ATVs he had, diesel engines do
not need electricity to run. We had Tess use her ATV to run over the fence in one section,
shorting out the fence and leaving a wide opening for everyone else to follow her through.

"That was one hell of an electric fence Meka! Whatever is in these building must be damn
important!" I exclaimed.

"I can think of nothing which would warrant such measures, Dolly, but we shall certainly
discover why."

We entered the first building we came to and found ourselves inside a reception room
followed by a series of offices. It looked as though people left for the weekend and just
never returned. There were all kinds of advanced Ka'anian pieces of office equipment
sitting everywhere. The Ambassador wanted to take every digital speech documenter,
reproducer, and pencil sharpener he came across.

"Ambassador, for now I think that most of this should remain as it is. We shall bring a few
things with us when we leave. Why carry it all though the building while we search?" I
logically put to him.

"Eh, hem... Good point Dolly. It is just so exciting to discover so much that is still intact."

"Yes, I agree, but it is also only a small piece of the puzzle these buildings represent."

"Quite right madam. I see your point," Theo replied, not endearing himself to me in the
least. 'Madam', yah that is just the way I wanted someone to refer to me!

"Let us continue down the main corridor then," I gestured my desire for him to lead the
way, which I knew would make him happy.

Nothing of much interest came from our search of that building, so on the way out I had
Windy and Meka pick out a couple of pieces of typical office equipment which seemed
functional to take back with us.

We moved on to another building which we found securely locked. The steel, or whatever
they were made from, doors even withstood Windy's assault on them.

"Why not use the hydraulics to punch the door?" I asked no one in particular.

"Hydraulics? What are you suggesting Dolly?" Meka asked puzzled.

"Well our vehicles run on electricity, but the leveling and raising is done by hydraulics. We
can unship one of the rams and wedge it against the door and a Vehicle or two backing it
up, that way the vehicles will not move and the ram should punch the door," I reasoned,
showing the idea with hand gestures and pointing out the required equipment.

"It might work. I don't know exactly the force that we can generate that way but it is worth
a try," Windy stated and then immediately set the ladies into motion.

When everything was in place, Windy operated the ram and there was a loud, "Bang,"
which told us something had given.

The two doors had swung open violently, so we cautiously entered the foyer to inspect what
we had broken forcing the door. We discovered that the door had been secured by a small
dead bolt like lock and the metal rod inside it had been snapped in two.

"That is some tough metal Meka! I don't want to know what it is right now, but I would
like to analyze it in the future! It took an incredible amount of force just to snap a 3/8th
inch thick rod of that stuff!" I said staring wide-eyed at the broken piece I held in my hand.

"It is like, I believe, your depleted Uranium... but not radioactive and a little stronger," she
told me as if it were no big deal.

I closed my mouth and we started to search through the building, while a couple of ladies
and a Marine or two cleared the vehicles and re-assembled the ATV.

The lower floor seemed to be storerooms with all kinds of materials and even a few
refrigeration and freezing units, which appeared to be still operating. An inspection of their
interiors revealed several plant samples and various biological 'soups' as Meka called them.

"So we are in some kind of biologic research facility Meka?" I pondered.

"Yes, so it seems. We will know better when we search the upper floors," she turned and
headed out of the storeroom and found a stairway to ascend to the second floor.

I was feeling a bit apprehensive about this. It might not be the smartest thing rummaging
around in a lab without knowing what we could be getting into.

The second floor was unrewarding after all, there were only a few little open labs with some
glassware, ovens, and incubators, rather basic things.

We did find a memo from the lab's manager stating that the analysis of the samples of a
Dr. Chirakan Ixmucane, had been completed and were returned to her lab in bldg 6 and
that the results were also still on file in the lab we were in.

We ascended to the third floor and found a tangle of weird looking plants had taken over
the floor, having mostly died back since the time of the cataclysm. Glass was broken,
doors flung open by vines having grown through them.

There were a few surviving notes here and there that indicated this was a new strain of T'
Gap vines. It was supposed to produce T' Gaps that were the size of watermelons.

By this time it was getting late and we headed back to our ATVs to call it a day. That is
when Meka found the entrance to the underground tunnel linking the buildings together.

It was agreed that we should close up the building and head back to camp for the evening
and we would come back and explore more tomorrow.

Marilynn, Tess, and Glenda were all very excited due to the fact that Maurice would be
released from the Pea Pod tomorrow.

It would be the first time they had met someone as they emerged. It was kind of a
confusing excitement though, due to the fact that Maurice had not wanted to go into it in
the first place.

With the TGs they were all smiles and excited. That would not be the result this time.

Remembering how it was for me I said, "I think that we should start the day as usual. The
exploration party heads out to the Labs and we leave the camp party here. Once Maureen
emerges, break camp and follow along to the Labs where we can set up our new base of
operations. Agreed?"

"I think that is a wise plan Dolly. Maureen will not want a huge crowd watching her as she
emerges. It will be extra tough on her, having to travel while trying to become used to her
new body. I think we will have to leave one of the beds set up in an ATV so she will be able
to sleep," Meka agreed, "Not that I want to steal any of the excitement from you ladies. It is
an amazing sight, but please remember that Maureen will be seriously traumatized by this
experience. One of the Amazon rules it not to tease the newly transformed. We take this
deadly seriously, so do not do it. The Amazons might hurt you for your indiscretions."

"I would never think of teasing poor Maurice! I just want to be here to do anything I can to
help," Marilynn exclaimed indignantly.

"I believe you. It is something that you should know though, for everyone's safety."

"I can understand that... Would they really hurt us for teasing one of the newly
transformed?" Tess asked in disbelief.

"They would hurt me for doing it and I am their High Priestess!"

Tess paled, "They like you. I'd be toast they don't even like me!"

I jumped in the conversation quickly, "Where did you get the idea that the Amazons don't
like you Tess?"

"Um... I pulled a knife on their leader..." she conjectured.

"Wrong! The Amazons see that I am a friend to you, so they will consider you a friend as
well," I assured her seriously, "So don't you go thinking, just because you did a little
sparing with Windy that they don't like you."

"Thank you, I'm glad to hear that."

"Now, enough talk about negative things! What I want to know is who is going to be first in
my bed tonight?" I joked.

There were half a dozen hands that went up, so I squealed, turned and tried to run away.
Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough. I barely got three steps when I was grasped around
the waist and lifted into the air. I twisted my head around to see that Tess had snagged
me and was handing me over to my wives, who carried me off while tickling me.

They paused long enough for Marilynn to give me a goodnight tonsillectomy, "Sleep well

"Mmmm, Sure you won't join us?" I cooed.

"Theo would want to come too, so I think we had better forgo that idea," she smiled and
waved, as I was spirited away, to attend a two-hour lesbian love fest.


When we arrived at the Laboratories the next day we started down into the tunnels. We
had discovered that the other buildings in the compound were as solidly locked as the one
we forced in two days before.

The tunnel system seemed to be open between buildings so it was the easiest way to

The first building we found was a botanical storehouse, photos, samples, and genetic
makeup charts represented virtually every kind of native plant on Ka'an there.

It was fascinating and educational, but not the kind of thing we were exploring for.

We moved on to the next building where there were numerous small labs that we searched.
The Ambassador ducked into an unsearched room out of our view, apparently he had
motioned to the Marines no to follow him so they waited outside, and waited and then
waited more.

When it seemed clear he was not coming back out, they asked the Amazons to back them
up when they entered the room... well actually, they wanted the Amazons to go in first. If it
turned out that they weren't supposed to go in yet, they figured that the Amazons would be
a good excuse, to deter his wrath.

The Amazons entered the room and found many small machines, which looked like they
were advanced laboratory analyzers. One of them was on the floor smashed, as if someone
had dropped it, and looked as though it had been done recently.

There was a doorway in the back of this particular room, which lay open. The Amazons
entered there, only to discover a large Pea Pod and the ambassador's shredded
environmental suit lying besides it.

Windy reported to me, "It looks as though the Ambassador's greed caused him to make a
rather grim mistake. The evidence implies that the Ambassador was attempting to stash a
small analyzer inside his Environment suit. To do so he needed to open it. Once opened
though, a Pea Pod plant in the next room ensnared him, which is where he resides now,
my Queen. The odd thing is that the analyzer he attempted to steal was a simple pH
analyzer, easily obtainable on your world."

"Shit, I guess that puts a stop to our explorations for today!" I exclaimed feeling cheated.


Just then a shout from a few rooms away, "Dolly! You need to see this!"

It was Meka.

I made my way to her.

"Here is documentation concerning the genetic makeup of the Pea Pod plants. A Dr.
Chirakan Ixmucane was head of that project. An incredibly brilliant woman by what I am
seeing here. There is a notation here as to where her laboratory can be found. We must
investigate that immediately!" Meka was beside herself with excitement.

As solemnly as I could I said, "Meka, there has been a terrible accident! I do not know how
I will be able to break the news to poor Marilynn!"

"So, the fool finally did something himself which fed him to a Pea Pod plant eh?"

"Was there ever any doubt that he would?" I chided her back.

"I do not enjoy the terrible anguish a man must endure by the loss of his masculinity.
However, in this case I think it is unavoidable. Can you forgive my unsympathetic attitude
my Queen?" she asked pulling me into an embrace.

"I cannot wait to see what the Pea Pod spits out in five days Meka! The hints into his
character that his wife have given me would lead me to believe that he will not like the
person he becomes," I replied with deep reflection.

"I suppose we need to set a watch here for the Ambassador and get on the radios to relay
the tragic news," Meka surmised, obviously being sarcastic.

"Well the others might already be outside, or at least pulling up outside the first building
by the time we get there. I think we should head back out leaving a Marine and an
Amazon on 'guard', what do you think?"

"I would actually prefer to search for the Dr.'s lab, but in the name of good taste, I believe
your plan is the better of the two," Meka assured me, "There will be much more time to
search tomorrow without having to baby sit the Ambassador as we go."

We left the lab and headed back to the first building and to our ATV. Meka keyed the radio
with, "Marilynn, can you hear me?"

"Yes, Meka I can. Are you calling with good news?" she replied with just a hint of sarcasm
in her voice.

"That depends Marilynn dear. I am afraid that Theo had made a grievous error and
succumbed to a Pea Pod during our explorations. He tried to procure some Ka'anian
technology secretly, opened his suit to stash the device within it, and unbeknownst to him
there was a Pea Pod plant in the next room," Meka told her in a serious dead pan voice,
"We regret his foolish actions and the people of Ka'an grieve with you."

"Haw, haw, he, he, he. Meka you are so good! I bet you believe that too! Well dear, I am
so happy that fool screwed up, when I see you I am going to kiss the daylights out of both
you and Dolly!" she exclaimed.

Meka and I looked at each other, exchanging silent communications of shock at Marilynn's

"Marilynn, can you tell me where you and the others are at present?" Meka asked while we
waited at the ATV.

"Nicte Ha says that we are approximately one mile from you and should be there in five
minutes or so. Are you waiting at the ATVs for us?"

"Yes Marilynn, we are at the ATVs, all of us except for the Ambassador and the guards we
left with him."

"See you soon Hon.," she replied.

When Marilynn arrived, she introduced us to Maureen, once Maurice, now a 5' 5" redhead
with a womanly soft body, reminiscent of Ginger's, "Dolly, Meka, I would like you to meet
Maureen. Please say hello to her so she can go crash in one of the ATVs. You know how it
is with the newly transformed..."

I hugged Maurine tightly and said, "Hi Maureen. I know when you wake up you are going
to need loads of understanding. Please feel free to ask me about anything, or to just come
to me and cry on my shoulder. I, more than most, know what you are going through.
Sleep tight and don't worry. You are amongst the most loving women in the whole world," I
cooed in her ear.

She sniffled, "Thank you Dolly. I... I... Oh... Oh... Ginger!" she started blubbering and
Meka joined in our hug.

We spirited Maureen off to an ATV with a bed, tucked her in with a Mickey, which Meka
just happened to bring with her, so that Maureen would be unconscious for several hours.

I radioed to the village that they were to contact Ginger at the Embassy to tell them what
had happened to Maurice Gaines and to be as gentle about it as was Ka'anianly possible!

I like Ginger and do not think that Maurice was a bad person, especially if Ginger loved

Maureen will get as much help as we can give her, or at least as much as she will accept.

I had the ladies set up camp in the first building, which oddly enough, seemed to still have
power. What kind of power I did not at this point know. The Amazons apparently did
know though and had most of the systems totally operational in an hour or two. All of the
rooms were lighted, but from where, was the question. The lighting was uniform and
diffused throughout the room, without a central fixture.

Inside the building all of the rooms maintained a constant 74 degrees Fahrenheit. There
were food preparation units somewhere, which the ladies used. I have no idea how they
were used at this point. Where they found the seasonings, which were used, is beyond me,
but that night we ate things that I would have to call ambrosia! If we could open a
restaurant in Reno with what I had that evening, we would be filthy rich in no time!

"Meka, I feel like there is something else we should be doing but, for some reason it eludes
me," I puzzled, scratching my platinum blonde head.

"Well tomorrow night sometime, our ladies will bring up Davon to us, most likely by the
time we awaken the day after tomorrow. Is that what you are missing my dear?" Meka
asked, with a firm grip on my shoulder.

"No... I don't think so. We did arrange for a change of the guard on Davon, didn't we?"

"No Dolly we did not, although we had not needed to, the ladies who guard Davon
volunteered to finish out the duration until she was released, so that is not a problem,"
Meka assured me, "Does that make you feel better, or is it something else?"

"Well, you know how much Maureen looks like Ginger don't you? I was concerned. Does
that mean that Ginger is exactly the woman, which Maurice wants and loves?"

"Yes Dolly, now you know the real shame of Ka'an. Those men who really love their
spouses wind up looking like them, with similar urges and desires. Unfortunately, that
tends to break up loving couples due to the similarities. Who wants to make love to
themselves... other than maybe William Shatner...?"

"Point taken Meka. What should we do to help the poor girls?"

"Nothing Dolly, only love them, and respect their decisions. A basic Ka'anian rule."

"I know, but I feel so helpless when things like this happen. I just want everyone to be
happy! You know I really do, too!" I responded vehemently.

"I know my love, since the day I met you I knew that you were Ka'an's perfect dream!"

"Meka I think you are biased... but thank you for saying so," I blushed my cute little
bottom off!

"So Meka, why didn't I wind up looking like you or Gwen?" I was now really concerned, this
could prove that I didn't love them if what Meka said is an absolute.

Meka giggled and hugged me, "I know what you are thinking! No it does not mean that you
don't love Gwen or me. It means that you love the inner us but prefer a smaller more
feminine type of body. So Maurice loves his wife's body and hopefully her inner self as
well. I'm glad you didn't prefer Gwen and I just for our bodies. Of course... I kind of like
the body you preferred too! Gwen gets wet every time she looks at you too!"

"I never get tired of hearing you say things like that! At least I won't have to loan any of my
pretty clothes to Maureen. She is a lot bigger than I am."

"I doubt you will have to loan any to Davon either, but the Ambassador is another story

"Do you think that he will look like me when the Pea Pod is through with him?"

"I doubt it, but I think you will be about as close as we can get," she prophesized.

I sighed and said, "You can count on me to do my part."

"It is getting late Dolly dear. May I escort you to the orgy or will you need carrying?"

"I thought the orgy was wherever I happened to be at the time!"

"Good point, but wouldn't we be more comfortable in the beds?" Meka prompted, but then
threw in a twist, "You did know that we have the antigravity beds working, didn't you?
Wait until you make love floating in mid air!"

"Wow, I can't wait to try them! Where are they?"

"We found a small apartment complex linked up with this building. If you will follow me
downstairs, I will lead you to Nirvana," she snickered, grabbed my hand and scurried down
the stairs like a cheerleader on the way to a pep rally.

We came up into a sort of an apartment building. There were several suites, which opened
upon each other and also some kind of recreational facilities that I didn't explore right
away, as we seemed to have a specific destination in mind. Further along we came to the
stairway upwards and Meka had us climb all the way up to the fifth, and top floor.

The room was warm and bright as we entered. I saw pillows all over the place in the
corners an along the walls. The window looked out upon the fenced compound around us
but I could also catch a glimpse of the ocean beyond, through them.

I heard voices through a connecting archway on the other side of the room, so I wandered
towards it. Once there I saw many of the other wives giggling and chasing each other
around in the next room in their underwear.

"Meka? Is that you? Get your tail in here and bring the Queen with you!" Gwen yelled
from somewhere within.

"Is someone inside here looking for these?" I asked cupping my two favorite body parts and
displaying them.

"Those are just what I was waiting for!" Gwen squealed and started for me.

"Wait a minute, isn't it my turn?" Windy whined.

"Don't I get a turn?" Nicte Ha asked with her lower lip pouting as far as she could make it.

"I know that I am just a guest here and all, but do I get some too?" it was Glenda peeking
out from the obscurity of the back of the room, "Shhh, don't tell anyone I'm here. It's a

Meka jumped in as the decision maker, "Since we have a guest, who I feel certain, hasn't
gotten any in quite some time, I feel that first bite goes to Glenda. What do you say ladies?
Can we show some Ka'anian hospitality and expertise to our guest?"

"I second the motion and give it my hearty support!" Gwen announced.

"Ladies, strip them, oil them, and then float them, while we provide support and additional
stimulation! On your marks... get set... go!" Meka directed.

"EEEkkkk!" I screeched sounding as phony and a four-dollar bill. I pretended to try and
escape, (Not very hard either.) so that they could catch me and drag me back, while
disrobing me.

The girls seemed to have come to like our little play act of my attempted escape, knowing
full well I really wanted to have the daylights licked out of me. They picked me up and ever
so slowly removed my knee-high boots.

By this time, Glenda was almost bare assed naked, all she had on was her bra and panties,
so she joined in on my attentive wives' slow stripping of me. Without delay she went right
for my blouse and carefully unbuttoned it with her lips.

I began to tremble with anticipation.

Once she had the blouse open she splayed it and started rubbing up and down the sides of
my ribs and across my flat tummy. Then she planted her face square in the middle of my
cleavage, reached around underneath me, and before she could start to struggle getting her
hands around underneath me to unfasten my bra, we both began to float straight up

Mind you we didn't experience the falling stomach churning type of weightlessness that
astronauts do. We still felt approximately 1Gee of gravity. We were just floating in the air.

After only a second of shock, Glenda finished her reach for my bra clasp and undid it with
near professional ease. She pulled the garment towards my front and then slowly worked
each cup off of each boob individually.

The ladies were oiling her up all during this and removing the last of her clothes.

She let out little shrieks of pleasure as the ten or so hands were rubbing her all over her
body and especially her most erogenous zones.

It was really turning me on since she had planted her face back between my breasts. The
feeling of her moaning into them and the little twitches she made as she was stimulated by
the professional skills of the Ka'anian ladies.

I was being oiled up too finally. Of course Glenda seemed to have lost herself in boobage,
so the women filled each of her hands with scented oils and helped her apply it to my
quivering body.

"Mmmmm! Wow I love the feeling of your hot quivering body Dolly! Oh god, it turns me on
so much to be doing this to a hot woman, especially since she used to be a man! It was
always a special dream of mine to see how a male reacted to some wonderful girl sex. To
see him quiver at my loving ministrations to his oh so feminine body!" she licked and
whispered and fondled her way along my tummy towards my sopping wet pussy.

"Ooh, cum for me baby doll. Mmmmm, give Miss Glenda a gully washing orgasm baby.
Please cum for me baby. Soak my face in your feminine love juices. Mmmm I really want
you to orgasm like you have never cum before!" Glenda crooned every time she came up for
air between licking and tongue fucking my steaming love hole.

"Uh, ooh, uh, uh, oh god!" I replied as she expertly brought me towards an orgasm.

"C' Mon sweet pussy, cum hard hon.! Please! I want you baby! I need your love juices all
over my quivering quim!" she cooed.

"Mmm... Uh! I... Ooh!"

"That's my girl..." she urged while she stuck her hand inside me and began working on my
G spot, "You will cum for pretty Glenda. I want you to orgasm everything you can honey.
Now you just relax and let Miss Glenda do all the work sweetie."

"Ghahh! I'm... uhh! Ooh!" I tried to say something but nothing except squeals of ecstasy
would come out.

"I want you to relax and squirt love juices like you never have before sexy baby," Glenda
was crooning and coaching like my own personal cheerleader.

"Yaahhhhaaaaaaaoooooh!" I screeched as a mind shattering orgasm washed over me. It
felt like I had peed all over Glenda's face, but she was still busy lapping at my quivering

"Ooh, you're such a good girl! You are a real good gusher honey! Mmmm, get ready for
your next peak! I want you to gush even more than what you just did!" she was still at it
enthusiastically working me up again. "Oh... Oh... ooh! Ooh! That was good!" Glenda
squealed her own orgasm, but it didn't sound as good as what she was doing to me.

"I like pretty little girls who cum so hard! I want you! I want more or your sweet juices! I
need my sweet baby to scream and twitch with enjoyment! Cum really, really hard for me
sweetie!" her hand was still within me working my G spot and licking my pussy!

I was floating around with Glenda clamped to my pussy like and octopus while three or
four other women did unspeakable things to my boobies and almost every other place,
which they knew, would drive me wild!

"Ooh I'm...! Goooood! Oh so good! Oh those feel so nice! Hi Erica... I love to feel your
boobies!" I knew Erica's boobs from the other women we had with us, hers were bigger...
and if you hadn't guessed, I love big boobies!

Erica's big tits in my hands brought a new level of excitement to me and I was peaking
once again!

"Cum hard baby! Not like the last time, cum really hard for pretty Glenda! Erica wants
you to cum really hard too! She wants you to play with her boobies and gush out a
hurricane of pussy juice! You can do it honey! I know you can! Give me a torrent of love
juice baby!"

I never knew that having someone urge me to greater orgasmic heights would turn me on,
but WOW, did it turn me on!

"Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee," I screamed, feeling a giant wave of pussy juice squirting out of me,
while a wave of pure enjoyment crashed down over me bringing darkness with it... a
blissful lovely glow to my body and pleasure overload in my brain!

As I lost consciousness I heard, "Oh my god! I have never seen anybody gush like that!"
from Glenda.


I regained my senses with a tongue down my throat and someone playing with my boobies,
"She likes playing with mine almost as much as I like playing with hers!" it was Erica.

I gently tried to reach her boobies but wound up with someone's pussy in my little hand. It
was sopping wet so it was no trouble to slip inside of her and fist fuck her, while I started
working her G spot like Glenda had worked mine.

"Oooooh! Look who is awake and... Uhhhh! Oh my! What are you...?" Meka squawked.

Immediately I felt a tongue start to work my clit! A... B... C... D... ooh! I love being
alphabeted! That was just the beginning... she started to work my G spot and my clit! Oh
my god! I was way too far stimulated already... had she been working over my
unconscious body?

"Oh! Oh my! Glenda take your time with Dolly! Oh! She is doing... Oh God!" Meka
shrieked brokenly.

I worked Meka's G spot the best I could, while I was getting the same treatment. Meka had
the disadvantage of not having had someone do it to her once already!

"What... What are you...? Oh god! I've never...!" Meka shrieked, as I did wondrous things
to her.

"Cum for me pretty Meka... cum hard baby... Oh GOD!" I tried to do, as Glenda had done
for me.

"Oh! Oh... Eee ahhhh ohhhhh! I... Eeeeeee!" Meka screeched while she orgasmed.

"Ooh good one Dolly! She really gushed that time! Now I want more from you dear one... I
need your pussy juice! Cum hard for me baby! Cum like you have never cum before!"
Glenda cooed to my pussy.

I don't know what she did just then, but I spasmed as though someone had broken my
back! I twitched, wiggled and my toes clenched so hard you could have made diamonds
with coal stuffed in them!

This woman had found a way to make me orgasm like an epileptic on command! I was
Jell-O in her hands!

My body seemed to anticipate what Glenda was doing to me, so I became easier and easier
to push over the precipice into a mind shattering orgasm! When she did it, I would gush
out huge quantities of pussy juice! I have no idea where all of that fluid was coming from
but it was absolute heaven every time!

I quickly became unable to resist what she was doing to me! She could make me orgasm
anytime she wanted and each and every time my body responded with an orgasm I could
not remain conscious through it.

One time I awoke when no one but Meka was there and she started to do as Glenda had... I
quickly reached a screaming ultra orgasm and was lost to darkness...


The Doctor's Lab

When daylight started streaming through the windows, I knew that I was safe and could
get up and prepare for the day. I stood up unsteadily and floated out of the room to the
world of normal gravity. When I stepped towards the main room I was greeted by, "Oh
good! You survived!"

Gwen came up to me and gave me a huge hug.

"Mmmm... thank you my wife!" I told her.

"You should have seen you last night! You must have been putting out boatloads of
pheromones! All of the ladies were doing each other like it was the last time they would be
able to! The girls would make you cum like gangbusters and then lick each other until
everyone fainted! What a night! It must be some kind of record!" Gwen enthused, "If we
could bottle you hon., there would be a market for you such that either world had never

I must have blushed fire engine red! She was telling me that everyone loves Dolly, no
matter what Dolly did. How do you live up to that kind of reputation?

"You are undoubtedly the hottest girl in all of the world. <Giggle> You are the Queen of
Cum hon.!" she enthused.

"Can I ask why you want to knick name me as the Queen of cum?"

"Dolly! You must have gushed out over a gallon of juice! Glenda thought she was going to
drown the second time you went off! Then everyone was going at it like girls on super
******!" Gwen giggled.

"Can you think when you are doing everyone else?" I asked trying to determine what
exactly was happening to the ladies.

"Not a lick girl! The only thing I was thinking of was fucking or getting fucked!" she
admitted enthusiastically.

"I don't think I was even that cognizant of what was going on. The only thing I knew was
that I was overloaded by orgasm after orgasm!" I admitted, "and that I was orgasming so
hard that it felt like I was pissing all over Glenda every time!"

"You weren't pissing on her hon.... those were legitimate gushing orgasms! I never saw a
woman cum that hard in my life! I thought you were going to gush so hard we would have
to swim for it!"

"Is that a good thing? Should I try not to do it anymore?" I asked thoroughly convinced
that I had peed on her!

"Not on your life sweetie! I loved seeing you cum like that! I was so turned on I think I
gushed a little too! You are definitely a sex magnet sweetie! If you had an Internet site,
you could make millions!"

"Yah, sex objects dot com! Cum see me if you want to be insanely horny! You think that
would make me a million dollars? From women?" I asked her quite seriously.

"Um... maybe... as long as instead we make it for men only..." she admitted.

"Yup! Women don't want to be horny, especially not so much that they couldn't control
themselves," I acknowledged.

"I know some Dolly!" Meka admitted, "Although they are all Ka'anians."

"Of course, but had Ka'an not been in the dire circumstances that they are, the women
here would not be so anxious to become pregnant!" I informed her.

"Well Dolly... even before the cataclysm, there was a reduced birth rate we were trying to
deal with. It seems that our males were becoming infertile. It has been hundreds of years
coming, but we have known for years and years," Meka told me as I fondled her privates.
"Oh, how I wish I could have become, with child, by you Dolly!"

"Is it really important to you Meka?"

"I will get over it Dolly. I just wanted to give you a child or your own. It is selfish of me I
know, but I love you so much I cannot help myself," she blushed, ashamed by her longing.

"Meka, it may still be possible. I have to check it out to be sure," I thought out loud.

"You are joking with me Dolly!" she declared.

"No, I am not Meka. A few years ago I made donations to a sperm bank, at Gwen's urging.
I don't think that I even told her that I had done it. I will check on it when we return to
Earth if you want."

"If I WANT?" she screamed, "Sometimes Dolly... I could...!"

"Huh?" I said not understanding the vehement reply from Meka.

"Dearest one, sometimes you can be so thick!"

"Are you mad at me Meka?"

"No Dolly! I just wish you had told me sooner!" Meka answered hugging me, "You mean so
much to our people an I. Any child you sire or birth your self will hold a special place in
the hearts of all Ka'anians. If your seed is stored somewhere on earth, the Amazons will
leave no stone unturned until it is found and retrieved, this I promise you my Queen."

"Meka! Just don't let them get carried away! I don't want any diplomatic troubles with the
United States. After all, we will be sending their Ambassador back to them, slit down the

"Dolly, you have no idea how important you are! We will try diplomatic avenues first, but
should they prove unfruitful, the Amazons of Ka'an will not be diverted. They would take
apart the whole continent to accomplish their goal!" Meka informed me, a deadly serious
expression on her face. "The children you have already sired will be cherished as Princes
and Princesses."

"But Meka, I'm not that special! Really honey, I'm just a regular guy... ah gal...!"

"You are the savior of Ka'an Dolly. Nothing that you or I could do will change that in the
minds of our people. You should just accept it. You have become the most valuable thing
on our planet. The people would preserve you in perpetuity if they could."

"This is nuts Meka," I told her, "I am just me, really! I think it is nice that the ladies love
me and all, but the ladies wouldn't get all that carried away, would they?"

"Dolly, think of yourself as Helen of Troy. The people of Ka'an feel even stronger about you
than that!"

"So if I went out for a walk and someone attacked me... what would happen?"

"There would be blood Dolly. Everyone from that person's bloodline would be expunged."

"What? You are kidding...? Please tell me you are joking!" I asked excitedly.

"No, I am not. You are more important than your old countries president ever could be.
No queen on your world has ever been loved more. No leader has ever been revered more.
The prophesy of your coming to us has been told and retold for a hundred and fifty years.
You are the answer to the prayers of an entire world, so don't belittle yourself, for no one
will allow it."

"Who made this prophesy?" I asked wanting to know just whom to blame.

"It was my father/Mother, who made the prophecy. She knew that you would be the
salvation of Ka'an. It is strange, but for some reason, she could really tell the future. We
know not why she had this gift, but every prediction she made has come to fruition. You
being her most unbelievable."

That shut me up right away. You don't go casting aspersions on your lover's parents. It
just isn't wise.

"Okay... Hi I'm planetary Queen Dolly, don't mess with me, I'm scarier than an atomic

"Atomic bomb? Those are not very powerful Dolly, maybe you should compare yourself to
a neutrino dispersal bomb." Meka added.

"What the hell is that?"

"Well, basically it could stop all fusion in a sun. You would need to find a new world in a
hurry, this one would no longer be able to sustain life."

"Um... let's not use that, okay? In fact, maybe we ought to un-invent that one!" I told her

"Have no fear Dolly, no one would ever use that or even have one. We know how, but have
no need for one. Ka'anians are a very practical and responsible people," Meka assured me.

"Alright. I trust you Meka. I just hope everyone on Ka'an is as high minded as you are," I
stated as I worked my pussy with my free hand.

"Oh my God Dolly. Are you doing what I think you are doing?"

"I can't help it Meka, I'm just a horny little slut!" I admitted sadly.

I watched as her hand slipped between her legs and started diddling herself as I was doing
to myself.

"Oh dear Lord! When you do that, I can't help it, I have to play with my clit!" Meka told me
as she started working her own pussy.

The Marines were very disappointed when we told them that the day would start a little
later than usual. Luckily Glenda was still tongue fucking someone when things became
heated all over again. So when she failed to show up for the usual muster most of the
Marines just went about their business until she did show up.

"What the hell happened to you Glenda?" Tess asked.

"I had my brains fucked out if you must know! I have never had sex like that in my entire
life! I... I... I want to do it again and again! Forever!" Glenda extolled! "I am telling you
Tess, you have never had an orgasm until you have been with those women! Jesus, I
thought I would loose my mind a couple of times!"

"Calm down Glenda! Are you telling me, those Ka'anians are a better fuck than any well
hung stud I can find on the street?" Tess asked.

"No way hon.! I am telling you that those women are the best fuck you could ever hope for!
I have been with countless women, believe me, but that was... it was... Oh shit! I can't
explain it!"

"Calm down girl! Okay let's just figure this out... who was the absolute best in that orgy
you attended?" Tess asked trying to have Glenda recall what had happened.

"There is no contest Tess! Dolly is the best time I have ever had! I... I... I think I love her!"

"Glenda! You met her yesterday! How could you love her? Be serious Marine!"

"Oh, have no fear Tess, I love her more than breathing! You have no idea what it is like!
Cuming like there is no tomorrow! Dolly isn't human! She is... sex on the hoof! You
haven't been near her when she is sexually excited! She puts out a smell... it is like... I
don't know...****** for lesbians? All she has to do is be in the room... and sex is going to
happen! If we could bottle her, we could put Channel No.5 right off the market!"

"Well, I am not a lesbian Glenda, so I don't think she will have an effect on me. I hope, not
at least," she concluded slightly worriedly. "It's bad enough everyone is going to come back
women, but if we all are lesbians too, they may just close off Ka'an from all contact."

"Well we can't have that. I like it here. If they bring back any new technology for the U.S.
scientists, in addition to the info we are gathering, that should sweeten the pot for them.
Anyway any guy who tries to object we can just bring along for a visit... sans environment
suit," Glenda giggled, "Just kidding of course, but I am glad that certain accidents
happened on this trip."

"Too bad two had to fall before him though," Tess bemoaned the loss of the two men who
succumbed first.

"Oh, yes... poor Maurice! I feel sorry for Ginger too, they were such a cute couple. Have
you heard how he... I mean she is doing?"

"She hasn't woken up yet, they seem to have given her something to make her sleep, just
like we heard they did with Dolly," Tess informed her.

"It might be best for them. You know, get used to being female in your sleep. Then maybe
the conscious mind will be able to cope with being a different gender?" Glenda suggested, "I
couldn't imagine waking up to find out that I had a big dick hanging between my legs!"

"Eww that is gross!" Tess shuddered, "You would have to learn how to scratch yourself and
watch football games while drinking beer!" <Giggle> "Seriously, you would have to wear
drab clothes all of the time, you would be hairy all over... Yuck... And... and... you would
have to stuff your love rod deep into some girl's pussy! Ewww!"

"Hmmm, that might not be so bad... except the part of having to wear men's clothes...
yuck!" Glenda figured, "I don't even like to wear these Khakis. At least they let us wear
lingerie underneath."

"You really sound like you want to become Ka'anian... Do you?"

"I... Um... Sergeant, this is in no way an admission of, or indication that I am a traitor. I
still love the United States and would never do anything against it. I am just enamored
with this new world. Even if I were to become Ka'anian, I wouldn't do anything to
jeopardize my old country. I don't want you to take what I am saying as a threat in any
way," Glenda assured Tess, quite seriously.

"I know hon.. You are an American through an through, but I think you have feelings for
these Ka'anians."

"True Tess, I do. You seem to have feelings for a Ka'anian too, but you will not admit it...
at least not yet," Glenda told her with at Cheshire cat grin.

"Don't go accusing me of things now Glenda. I am not a lesbian. I do not like girls," Tess
tried to assure Glenda, with less than complete assurance.

"I'll leave it at that... You can think about it. I will not push you. You are still the best
friend I have ever had, and I wouldn't ever want to loose you!" Glenda hugged Tess tight.

"You won't Glenda... at least as long as you don't intend me to be one of your love
interests..." Tess giggled and punched Glenda lightly in a friendly way.

Just then everyone else seemed to be stirring. There was soon a whole camp full of people
milling about.

"Glenda, Tess! How are you this morning! I missed you last night Tess," I told her, with a

"Um... uh... hmmm... Queen Dolly I don't know how to tell you this..."

"<Giggle> Tess you don't have to say it, I was just kidding with you. I know you are
straight... err well... not a lesbian as it were..." I stammered.

"Yes, Queen Dolly, but if I were to decide to be one... I would think of you first! Honest!"

"That is a sweet thing to say honey! But I would never push anyone to be 'Gay'. It is hard
for me to think of myself as gay, I have always liked girls... so for me, I haven't changed
that much. If you know what I mean," I rationalized.

"You know that you have stolen the heart of my best friend don't you?" Tess asked.

"What?" I almost shrieked.

"Tess!" Glenda shrieked, blushing six shades of red.

"You didn't say it was a secret," Tess said with a slightly dirty grin, "Didn't you want Dolly
to know? I have always believed that if you have feelings for someone you should tell

"You have feelings for me Glenda?" I asked wide eyed and knowing that I must be careful
with how I handle this.

"Yes..." she said in a small voice.

I hugged her and told her, "You're special too Glenda. We will have to have you join us
more often. If you are really interested we can talk to my wives, but you might want to
date us for a while. We are a package deal you know." <Giggle>

"Damn... I just put fresh panties on and if you keep that up I'm going to need a new pair!"
Glenda nearly moaned.

"Well we can't have that. We would never get any work done! Promise to come by later and
we can have another orgy and you can talk to my other wives about your feelings. It is
okay, they love to share!" I giggled and let her go, "We should get on with our explorations
for now though, don't you think?

Glenda stiffened and whipped out a crisp salute, "Yes Ma'am!"

I tried to salute back and wound up falling backwards.

Tess was behind me and instinctively reached out and grabbed to support me. She wound
up with two great big hands full of boobs.

"Nice catch Tess!" Glenda giggled, "You might just set her back up, as much as you seem to
be enjoying playing with her titties, we have work to do."

Tess turned crimson, "I... I was just... I mean... I wasn't... But she was going to fall!"

I was tipped back up, "Whoa! Thanks Tess! Almost fell on my bottom! Um... I'm standing
again... you can let go of my boobs now."

"Oh, My God! I can't believe I did that! I am sooo sorry! They feel so nice though..."

"Maybe you can come by later tonight with Glenda and have a more sensual feel," I offered.

"Oh, no! Thank you but... Um, I have a pair of my own to play with. But... they don't feel
like yours do! I never touched any as big as yours!"

"Me either hon.!" I giggled and then minced away towards my group of Amazons.

"If you are done groping the Marines, we can get on with our explorations," Meka teased
and patted my ample bottom. "I still don't know how you can walk in those things!"

"Actually, it is harder to walk without some kind of heels on for me," I admitted.

"You sure had some interesting fantasies sweet one!"

"What? You mean you don't like the way high heels make my butt look?"

"Hmmm, I see what you mean! I better keep my mind on exploring and off of your
delicious butt! Why don't you watch my butt a while and follow me, I think I know where
that lab is!"

"You mean we can find out what this scientist was really working on? Let's get a move on!"
I told her and then yelled behind me, "Let's go girls! And don't get caught up in watching
my ass and forget what we are here for!" <Giggle>

We bypassed the building we found the last lab in, and left the feminizing form of the
Ambassador in, and traveled about a thousand feet farther on a tangent to it, then
proceeding up the stairs. We encountered another locked door, but this one looked even
more forbidding than the others!

"Hmm... this presents a small problem," Meka pondered, "I know! I saw just the thing in
the lab outside where we left the Ambassador! You ladies stay here and I will be back in a

We waited at the bottom of the stairs and chatted until she returned carrying a weird
looking device, which sort of looked like a Wham-O Air Blaster!

Meka took it out and aimed it at the door, pressing the firing stud and a wave moved out
from the nozzle of that thing which flattened the door in a mere second.

"What the hell is that?" I asked in amazement.

"Oh this? It is merely a concussion force beam. I figured it would do the trick, flattening
that door!" she said triumphantly.

"I'll say! Well let's see what was so important that they would erect that kind of door to
protect it," I started forward and Windy stopped me dead in my tracks.

"No, my Queen! Please allow your Amazons to make certain it is safe before you enter. We
can defend ourselves better than you can, and to us you are too valuable to risk. May we
secure the building for you?" Windy asked most sweetly and sincerely.

"Oh, sure Windy! I suppose you are right, it just hasn't seemed to be an issue until now," I
told her still slightly bewildered.

Meka had moved over to where I stood and continued while Windy and her ladies moved
into the building, "Dolly, our people have far more dangerous ways of securing a facility
than you could guess, if they felt the need. If you look through the doorway, do you see the
symbol on the wall in there?"

I nodded.

"That means high security area. Do not proceed, on peril of your life," she informed me,
"Windy saw that and knew you wouldn't be safe in there until they had disarmed the
security measures."

"Good call! Hey I have no macho need to be first or to prove I am as tough as the next guy!
How many macho guys would be wearing this get-up?" I giggled.

"We are just being careful not to make you feel like you are any less than before your
change, love," she hugged me and then exclaimed, "Oh! Nicte-Ha is signaling it is okay to
start in, come on."

"We have secured the first hallway, but Windy is having trouble with a system around the
next corner, so we should wait here," Nicte-Ha said as she escorted us down the hall.

Suddenly there was a screaming weird sound and a small explosion from around the

A moment later Windy came around the corner with a streak of char across her hat, "It is
safe to proceed now! Whew, I was almost not fast enough for that one!"

When we rounded the corner there was a streak of char bisecting the corridor and a point
where a small crater in the upper corner had exploded from the wall.

"Tough security! Windy please be careful! You are important to me too! I don't want you
getting hurt just so we can check out this lab," I told her with a hug.

"It just ruined my hat, too! Damn!" she said surveying the damage.

The lights dimmed and then came back up at that moment and a shout from further down
the corridor, "We got the next system shut down. It is safe to proceed further!"

We moved on, but Windy trotted past to catch up with the security sweep.

"Found it!" we heard the triumphant yell from Windy, "Now to shut this bitch down!"

We heard a huge crash then Windy called out, "That's got it! All security systems are

We approached her and saw a control panel in one of the walls with its innards exposed
and twisted into fragments.

"Damn girl, you do work like Bruce Willis! If it's in the way, blow it up or destroy it! I love
it!" I giggled and kissed her cheek.

"Anything to keep my friends safe, is what I do," she stated, "So, let's see what was so
important to protect, shall we?"

We all started going through the area looking for what this place was all about, when I
heard a stifled shriek. Everyone ran toward where it had emanated.

Nicte-Ha met us, as we were about to enter the room, on her way out, "I'm sorry, I didn't
mean to scream. I wasn't expecting... dead people here."

"Dead people?" I said as I pushed my way past her.

She turned and escorted the Amazons and I back to where she had discovered the bodies.

We entered a lab and found two skeletal remains, one on the floor with a knife sticking out
of its ribs and the other at a desk holding a writing tool of some kind.

The one on the floor had a rotted lab coat and long hair. The pelvic area indicated that it
was a woman who had been murdered.

The one at the desk also appeared to be a woman, much shorter in stature, and with a
delicate bone structure. She seemed to be lying near some kind of note, so Meka gently
moved her far enough out of the way to retrieve it.

"To whoever finds our bodies;

I can no longer tolerate my existence as this tiny sex hungry nymphomaniac, which my
wife saw fit to turn me into.

She deserved what I did to her for what she did to me. I hate being a woman. I hate the
desires that damn mutated Pea Pod impressed upon me. I hate having to piss from my
butt. I hate how I yearn for the touch of men.

I end my life and my Draknover wife's as well. May the great all knowing entity have mercy
on my eternal spirit.

I have taken poison and it shouldn't tak..."

"What's a Draknover Meka?" I asked innocently.

"Hmm... it is a disgusting creature sort of like your world's slug. It would sort of translate
to your people's thinking better as 'bitch' though," she elucidated.

"I figured as much. Can we I.D. the murdered woman?"

Windy checked through the remains for a brief time, "I found an I.D. it says, 'Dr. Chirakan

"The plot thickens!" I stated, though it was just as obvious to everyone else.

Meka had already started rifling through the other documents, which were scattered
around the room, "Do you know who this Dr. Chirakan Ixmucane is Windy?"

"No Meka, I have no recollection of her before the cataclysm," Windy answered.

[Author's Note: Chirakan Ixmucane is the Creator Goddess in Mayan mythology.]

"I remember her now that I have read a few of these document. Dr. Chirakan Ixmucane is
the one who created the Pea Pod plants. She was the genius who made rejuvenation a
reality for our people. I have to find her Journal! There must be more to this!" Meka
exclaimed excitedly as she dug through mound after mound of documents.

"Is this it?" I chirped, holding up a bound volume with hand written pages in it.

"You found it!" Meka dove towards me like I was holding up a Condor Steak. She grabbed
the Journal and began thumbing through it.

"Oh my GOD! I don't believe this!" she read further, "This is unbelievable! Maybe we
Ka'anians are not as high minded as I thought!"

"What is it?" I begged to know.

She finished reading at an incredible rate and turned to me to explain, "It seem the Dr.
here found out that her husband was screwing every woman he could get his hands on,
except the good Dr.. She became increasingly jealous until she finally seems to have lost
her mind. She created the mutated Pea Pod to change her husband into his fantasy
woman. Little did she know that the bees that pollinated that Pea Pod would pollinate the
other Pea Pods and transfer the Mutation outside the lab, even before her husband was
released from the pod, most of the Pea Pods in this city had already been altered."

Meka took a breath or two, hanging her head, "She realized what had happened within a
day or two of her husbands entrapment and began working on a way to reverse what she
had done. When her husband emerged she threw him out and then forgot about him. She
occasionally makes reference to some of his sexual exploits, which she was informed of
from time to time. It seems he had insatiable desires to suck cock and be dominated by
any male he came across."

Meka continued, "She buried herself in work in an attempt to reverse the damage she had
done. Test after test failed to produce the desirable results. She says that most of her lab
assistants and security personnel have not shown up for work in a few days and the city
seems to be in near chaos, but there are a few people still working in the compound, since
they knew that if there were to be any hope for Ka'an, it would come from her. She makes
note that she believes that she has finally found the answer, at least as soon as she
obtains the results from the second floor lab in building two. The labeled vial number is in
the Journal, and what to do with the results from the lab are also there!"

"So do you think that first lab we found is the one?" I asked.

"It matters not my Queen, I have the folder with the results right here on this counter top.
It appears she was beginning the final work when she was murdered," Windy noted.

"Does this mean what I think it means?" I asked dumbfounded, "That Ka'an can be saved
from the Pea Pod menace?"

"Yes Dolly, it does! I am in near disbelief though, that all of this, the near destruction of
our whole world, is the result of one woman's petty jealousy!" Meka stood looking like she
had been nearly fried by a Taser beam.

I went to her and hugged her tight, "It is something we deal with on Earth all of the time
Meka. It is the foremost reason for homicide on the planet. If there were no jealousy or
religion I think that we would be a much more peaceful world."

"But it shouldn't happen on Ka'an! We are supposed to be above that sort of petty
thinking!" she stated emphatically!

"Well Meka, on my world, the most brilliant people are also the people who are closest to
insanity... Maybe that is true on Ka'an as well?"

"It is quite possible Dolly. It is also a terrible tragedy that she was killed by her own
creation before she could repair the damage she had caused our world," a tear dropped
from Meka's eye, "We need to box up all of these documents and retire to the quarters we
established yesterday. Let's get busy ladies!"

We packed up everything we could find and all trudged back to the apartment. Later that
evening, while we were studying, a knock came to the door of our suite, "Queen Dolly,
Priestess Meka, Amazonian, we require your presence in the reception area," Nicte-Ha told

Meka, Windy, and I all followed her to the reception area while we watched an ATV drive up
with its headlights on.

"Queen Dolly, Priestess Meka, Amazonian, I would like to introduce you to Dawn. Dawn,
this is, as you know, Queen Dolly, Priestess Meka, and the Amazonian," she told us as she
showed us the 5' 9" Brunette, with the body of an Olympic runner.

I forgot all about etiquette and hugged the heck out of her, "Hi Dawn! I want to be your
best friend and mentor! Is that alright with you?" I asked.

"Dolly! Oh how I wanted to hold you like this before... before..." she started crying, "before
I turned into this!"

"I'm sorry you didn't get to hon. but don't you worry, you can hug me whenever you need
to now, okay?" I looked deeply into the upset woman's eyes.

"I... I... I... Oh... I can't even think straight now! Please! Help Me!" Dawn wailed and
shuddered all over her statuesque body.

"It's alright now Dawn. You are safe in our hands my dear. Meka, Windy, Gwen and I will
all make it easier for you to become used to this new you. But right now you are really run
down and need some real sleep. Meka is going to give you something to help you get your
strength back and then we can start to help you more, alright Dawn?" I quietly told her
while trying to breathe, since she had me in a very tight hug.

"Thank you... where... where will I be able to sleep? Oh god, please don't let that pig of an
Ambassador near me, please?" Dawn begged.

"Have no fear Dawn. Theo in his ignorance and greed has succumbed to a Pea Pod plant.
Just like he sent you and Maureen out on your own so that you had no help when you had
your accidents, he too will emerge as a female in three days time," I informed her.

"There IS a GOD!" she stated emphatically.

"I think you need your rest now dear," Meka told her, and then handed her a piece of
chocolate, "This should help you sleep, so don't take it right now. Follow me and we will
find you someplace comfortable to sleep unmolested."

Once Dawn was safely floating in her room, I went down the hall towards where we had
been studying, "Oh no you don't!" I heard as my feet left the floor.

"Wha...?" I started.

"You promised me an orgy if you will recall, and it is nearly midnight, so we need to get
started my sweet!" Glenda giggled as she swept me into a room already half filled with
squirming bodies in different states of sexual ecstasy.

"Oh no! Help, I'm being sexually pleasured!" I half squealed, half giggled.

"Not yet you are not... but tonight I have something special planned for you sweetie!" she
teased, "I brought my favorite toy along with me on this trip. I had to hide it well, but I
dragged it out for my special lover!"

As I entered the room I saw what looked like a small barrel cut in half, with a weird looking
protrusion on the top and a control attached via a cable, "What the heck is that?"

"A well spent thousand dollars my dear!" she giggled as she pulled off my skirt, pantyhose,
and panties, "You are just going to love this!"

"What... what are you going to... to do?" I squealed.

"Relax baby!" Meka whispered in my ear, "I saw Glenda on this earlier and if you react
anything like she did, you are going to love this!"

The two of them spread my naked legs, opening my pussy lips, and then slowly set me on
this weird device. I could feel that they had lubed the heck out of the weird bumpy parts
so it slipped into my pussy with ease.

Once I had been settled onto the 'saddle' Glenda said, "Just relax and let it take you
honey..." then she turned on a switch on the control panel.

"I'll start it out on low and as your orgasms build I will turn it up! You might notice that
your legs don't reach the floor and that the centerpiece is too tall for you to lift yourself off
of this machine. Meka has promised to support you if you fall forward or backwards while
we pleasure you. So you are mine to with as I will!" she laughed a forced and caricature
like evil laugh.

"Ooh help! I'm being..." but I never finished the statement. There was a sudden buzzing
noise and my filled pussy began to buzz with it.

"Ungh!" was all I managed to get out. My eyes crossed and my hips moved of their own
accord. I tried to hump the saddle, I tried to squirm on the saddle, and I tried to escape
what the saddle was doing to me.

Glenda expertly adjusted the vibrating movements of the Sybian as it held me in its grip.

I came like gangbusters within minutes... then she wouldn't let me off it and started to
send me over the brink time after time.

"Oh, my God! Dolly, look what your orgasms have done to everyone! There isn't a girl in
the room with the single exception of me, that isn't tongue fucking someone else!"

"Ngah! Why... Why... not... Ungh! Why not you?" I struggled to get out.

"I'm wearing nose plugs! <Giggles> I wanted to try an experiment to see if it is your
personal perfume that was driving everyone nuts! It is hon.! You are an orgy on the hoof!"

"Oh! Oh no! I'm getting soooo horny! It must be coming in through my mouth... it must
just take a little longer!" she scooped up some of my pussy juice and slipped a lid on the
bottle, "I want to see if this works on someone not already fucking their brains out!" she
handed me the control and left the room, presumably to calm down and test her theory.

My fingers kept twisting and knotting in ecstasy and I couldn't turn the damn machine off!
Luckily Meka had become busy with Nicte-Ha's pussy and the next time I came, my back
arched and my spasming threw me from the Sybian and I fainted.


The next day when I awakened I looked to see whose arms encircled me. It was bigger
than any I could remember having around me, when I carefully rolled over, I was still
shocked to see, Tess holding me, "Tess? Tess is in bed with little me?" I squeaked.

"Hmm? Wha...? Oh my god! I'm holding Queen Dolly!" I could see her mind struggle back
to what had occurred the night before, "Oh shit! I sucked your boobs and licked you, even
though you were totally passed out!"

I smiled and hugged her saying, "That's okay hon. it happens to me all of the time!"

"But... but... I'm not a l... le... lesbian!" she almost screamed as she cringed back away
from me like I had made her do something against her will.

"Relax Tess! I was unconscious at the time, so I didn't make you do it!"

"Glenda?" Tess hollered.

"Yes sergeant?" she asked innocently.

"What the hell was in the jar you smeared all over me?"

"Just a little Dolly cum sergeant," she replied sweetly.

"Are you telling me that Dolly's cum made me go nuts and les the hell out of everybody?"

"That seems to be the results of the experiment sergeant," she replied a little less cockily.

Tess looked down at me and said, "Um, since we are in bed together... I was wondering...
um, would it be okay if I touched them?"

"Grope away sergeant!" I giggled.

Tess uncertainly reached out and gently rubbed my right boob, then seemed to grow more
confident and started in on a genuine first class grope, "Jesus! These are sooo nice!"

"You should feel them from this side," I panted.

"I smell it again... that... that is what was in the jar!" she began to pant too, and her
groping became more intense.

Suddenly her hands left my breasts as though they were electrified, "It's happening again!
I... I... have to go!" she said as she scurried from the room.

"Silly girl! I guess she is having issues," I tried to excuse her flight.

"I better go and patch things up with her!" Glenda sped after her.

"Did I do something wrong?" I worried aloud, my lower lip trembling.

"You stop that! You didn't do anything wrong! Glenda used your scent to lure her friend
into your bed and you were only trying to be hospitable!" Gwen told me and held me

"Okay, I didn't want to hurt her feelings," I allowed her to comfort me, making me feel
much better.

"It will be all right hon.. We have discovered a new product to market on earth now too!"
Gwen told me.

"What is that?" I asked wide-eyed.

"I think we will call it Lady ******. 'One whiff of this and she will screw the stick shift out
of your car!' What do you think of the logo?" she teased.

"So what is it?"

"We distill essence of Dolly, add a fragrance and viola, instant horny women!" Gwen told
me with a kiss to my lips.

"If it works like it did on Tess, maybe it should be prescription only?" I suggested, "It could
be a dangerous thing in the wrong hands!"

"You may be right love, I think it will take some doing to calm Tess down!" Gwen admitted.

"Maybe a patch prescribed by frigid women's doctors?" I suggested.

"We'll work something out... but first I think we need to get up and figure out what we can
do to save Ka'an," she tickled me and made me squeal.

"I think we should take charge of this for a while Gwen," Windy stated as she plucked me
from Gwen's grasp.

"Hey...! I was enjoying that!" Gwen remarked indignantly.

"Learn to share Gwenie! Anyway she must be cleaned and readied for the day now! You
may participate if you wish?" Windy called over her shoulder as she carried me over the
other shoulder.

"Are you ready to experience a Ka'anian refresher my Queen?" she asked and patted my
ample derrière.

"So what is it? A shower, a bath, or a futuristic sonic dirt remover?" I bated her.

"None of the above!" she told me, "You are in for a treat dear Queen Dolly!"

Now I was getting kind of weirded out.

Windy walked up to a door, pressed a button to open it and then deposited me inside a
small chamber. It was dark inside and I was starting to worry about what was to happen
next, when out of nowhere I felt a tongue start to lick me! It licked my hands. It licked my
feet. It licked every part of my quivering little body!

When it had finally finished, the lights came on and I was in an empty chamber with a
door, which I promptly opened.

"What the hell was that?" I asked enthusiastically.

"Do you feel clean all over my Queen?"

"OH YAHH!" I told her.

"That is a refresher. You should go and look at yourself in the mirror over there!" she

I walked over to the mirror and found that my hair was done in its usual fashion and I had
make up on!

"The miracle of modern technology, Dolly," she giggled knowingly.

"Would men come out with makeup too?" I asked being silly.

"Oh yes Dolly, on Ka'an most men wore makeup!"

My jaw dropped nearly to the floor, "Damn! Damn! Damn! I wish we still had a male with
us! I would get a real giggle out of one coming out of there with makeup on!"

"You are a silly lady Queen Dolly and that only makes you more lovable!"

"Okay but don't put Maureen or Dawn in there for some time to come, I think they need to
acclimate a little before that happens to them!" I suggested seriously.

"Agreed!" she answered, "Now let us go back to our research into what we can do to save
our beautiful world."

We headed back to where Meka, and the rest of us were digging through documents to
unravel the mystery of how to restore Ka'an to its namesake, Heaven!

"Damn! I see where she went wrong," Meka, announced, "She allowed mutagens to become
present in the pollen! We will have to do the same thing to reverse the process."

"Um, Meka?" I interrupted.

"Yes, my Queen?" she answered only slightly perturbed.

"I don't want to step on anyone's toes but I have been thinking of all the friends we have
made since this began," I stated uncertainly, "Um, is it possible to say, keep a greenhouse
full of the mutated Pea Pods safely?"

"Why on Ka'an would you ever want to do that?" Meka asked startled.

"Because of Francis, Amelia, Maggie, Dr. X. and many, many more. I like the work we have
been doing. The new ladies are so happy in their new lives. I don't think it should be
forced on anyone, but I really would like to be able to give this gift to more of the people of
my world that need it so desperately," I told her almost in a whisper.

"I hadn't considered that my love. You know, I think I agree with you. Our ladies love their
new bodies so much, I feel... almost like a hero to be able to do that for them! When you
first told me of people like them I couldn't even fathom that someone would want it, I have
known so many who have had it forced upon them! Those women come out of the Pea Pod
so, so happy!" she seemed to be convincing herself that it was a good idea.

"Did you have a chance to read any of the biographies that Transgendered people wrote
while we were on earth Meka?"

"Yes, dearest Dolly, I cried my way through four or five of them before I decided that I could
read no more. You are right, we must preserve at least some of these mutated Pea Pods to
help those poor people. I should have thought of that myself Dolly! Thank you ever so
much for reminding me!" Meka squeezed me tightly.

"Thank you, I try to look after the little problems!"

Tears began to run down Meka's cheeks, "Dolly... from what I could read from those poor
tortured souls, it was not a little problem to them!"

"Don't cry hon. we can still help them!" I reassured her.

"Dolly, if you had said nothing, in two or three days, I would have eradicated all mutated
Pea Pods from the face of Ka'an! I am so grateful the all powerful being saw fit to gift us
with you!" she tearfully acknowledged.

"Anybody would have thought of it Meka, it wasn't that special!" I assured her.

"You're almost too humble my dear! No wonder our people love you so!"

"Stop it! You're makin' me misty!" I tittered.

"Windy? Are you within earshot?" Meka called out.

"Yes your Wisdom. What can your Amazons do for you?"

"Windy, we need for you and your girls to create a green house which is isolated from the
environment and then replant it with say... one hundred Pea Pod plants. Nothing must be
able to penetrate the greenhouse. Nothing must be able to leave it except through airlocks
and decontamination facilities. Can you do that?" Meka asked in an officious and
commanding tone.

"Yes your Wisdom. Yes my Queen! It shall be done, within the day!" she scurried away.

"Oh my god! Does she mean it? Can she do all of that within one day?" I asked incredulously.

"Don't worry Dolly!" Meka giggled, "We spotted a greenhouse like that yesterday in our
searches. It is just outside of Dr. Ixmucane's lab. All she and her Amazons will actually
have to do is to make certain it retains its integrity and to repopulate it with Pea Pod

"I am glad it is only a huge amount of work and not just merely impossible!"

"Well Dolly, I have a vial of the proper mutagen already in my possession, all I need to do is
to use it on one Pea Pod plant and within a month or two, every plant on the planet will
revert to rejuvenators, from their present penis stealing mutation."

"It won't be able to give back my cock though, will it...?" I asked solemnly.

"I am so sorry my love, but no. Once that Y chromosome has been destroyed it cannot be
reintroduced by even Ka'anian technology. I wish I didn't have to tell you that my dear,
but it is what is," Meka hugged me tightly.

"Ah... would you be upset if I told you that I wouldn't want to change back?"

"You joke with me Dolly, don't you?" Meka asked wide-eyed.

"No, dear one, I do not. I kind of like being the new me. I would have wanted to change
back maybe within the first month, but I am used to being whom and what I am now, and
frankly I really like those incredible orgasms I get as a girl now... You don't think any less
of me do you?" I worriedly asked.

"I would love you either way my Queen! I do love your sweet little body this way, maybe
just a touch more than when you were male. You don't think any less of me for admitting
that do you?" Meka asked tentatively.

"Never sweetheart! So when do we get busy saving our world, making Earth a better place,
and sending someone to go explore the stars?"

"Tomorrow, we do not want to over work the Amazons. Will you come with me to
investigate the lab a little more thoroughly?"

"I would be delighted!"

Who Dat?

Meka and I made our way back to the lab, dragging Akhushtal along with us for protection.

We entered the lab sending Akhushtal ahead of us to make certain the control panel was
still in a state of shredded metal. She discovered that security measures were still down
and allowed us to enter.

After digging around for two or three hours we came up with a few more journals, some
from Dr. Ixmucane's and some, were from lab assistants. We didn't bother to dissect them
there we just stacked them for return to the apartments and later study.

Suddenly all three of us heard a small crash from somewhere down the hall.

Meka pushed me flat on the floor and started yelling orders in Ka'anian.

Akhushtal silently disappeared from sight. I do not mean she slipped away, I mean I could
no longer see her!

Meka whispered in my ear, "Stay on the floor my Queen and my love, we shall deal with
this and be back momentarily," then she too faded out right next to me!

It seemed like half an hour but I am certain that only a couple of minutes passed and I
heard a loud shriek from a room two doors down the hallway.

"What the hell? Let go of me! Who is that...? Oh my god!" I heard fear seep into the voice,
"There are still Amazons! What do you want? Help! Leave me alone! I will leave and never
bother these buildings again! I swear on the name of the High Priestess!"

When I heard the last I rose to my feet and trotted to the room all of the commotion was
coming from, "Hi, there! The Amazon who has your arms is the High Priestess! I'm Queen
Dolly, who may I ask are you?"

"Queen? The High Priestess is unmarried! You cannot be the Queen!" the slightly
emaciated small brunette stated emphatically, even though her feet no longer were in
contact with the floor.

Meka half spun the woman and stated, "Oh yes the High Priestess does have a wife, and
you will show the proper respect or pay the consequences!"

I had never heard that kind of menacing intonation emanate from my dear Meka before,
but I would not ever care to be on the side of that the brunette was on!

The little woman went limp onto the floor in a dead faint.

"Oh Meka... she is so scrawny! She needs our help, not our disdain! You can see she
presents no kind of threat to us. Can we wake her and nurse her back to health?" I

"I needed to know if she truly retains loyalty to Ka'an and had not lost her mind in the
chaos. Now we know she is a loyal subject and not a threat and I agree we must nurse her
back to health."

"She sounded scared out of her mind when she realized that you were Amazons! Why
would she be frightened?" I asked dumbfounded.

"Dolly, Amazons are not abundant on Ka'an, even at the peak or our civilization. They are
roughly equivalent to your Seal Teams, crossed with the Secret Service. Their sole duty is
to protect the High Priestess and the royal families. She was shocked to learn that there
were Amazons still active on our world."

"Not as shocked as when she saw you!"

"I look almost identical to my mother, the previous High Priestess. I think that ample
reason for a faint, don't you?" she chided me.

"Well let's get her off the floor and see if we can bring her around. I think there is a bed
like affair in the lounge down the hall on the right," I lead the way, while they did the heavy
work. (Hey, I am just a little delicate slip of a thing you know!)

We all lay down and cuddled with her. Her eyes began to flutter and finally opened onto
my cute little face, while my big boobs were pushed up against most of her tiny chest.

Her eyes grew to silver dollar size and she said, "My... My... Queen! How is it I am in your

I tittered, "It is not my bed dear. We are in the lounge. You fainted, and whenever this
Queen sees one of her subjects in need, she helps in any way she can. Does that answer
your question?"

"I beg your pardon my Queen! I did not believe that any semblance of our world's
government still survived! I would never..."

I hushed her, "Think nothing of if dear! Meka was worried that you might be insane or
something and try to hurt me. She is very protective of me!"

"I think that maybe I am insane my Queen. I am having hallucinations of the High
Priestess and you. I can only hope that death will come quickly and painlessly now that I
have lost my mind."

"You have not lost your mind citizen, you are really speaking to the Queen of Ka'an," Meka
informed her, "I am also your High Priestess and we are really trying to nurse you back to
health. As we will nurse the whole world back to health, due to Queen Dolly's genius and
her ex-countrymen. Because of our Queen, we punched through to Earth and have
reestablished the portal. Earth is now able to help us to rebuild our planet and provide the
males we will need for babies. Would you like to join us in our efforts little one?"

The little woman between us began weeping uncontrollably, "I had lost all hope my Queen!
My life is yours to command! I will do anything my feeble body will allow me to do to help!"

"You will not be feeble long little one. This I vow! Are you up for a little travel, some sleep
maybe and as much food and you can keep down?" I held her wet face in my hands.

"Yes, yes my Queen! If you wish I think I could fly wherever you would have me go!"

"What should we call you my dear?" I asked her.

"My name is Akna, My Queen."

"Akhushtal, can you help our little Akna back to the apartments while we carry the
journals?" I asked.

Akhushtal lifted Akna into her arms as though she were made of paper, "As my Queen
wishes, so shall it be."

"Knock it off you guys! You're going to make me want to give up this Queen gig, if you keep
talking like that!"

"Is she serious?" Akna asked Akhushtal.

"Quite serious Akna. She is also loving, caring, smart, beautiful, and incredible in bed!"
she giggled.

"You are a Lady in waiting?" she asked astonished.

"Unfortunately, no. Our loving Queen is however generous beyond compare."

"I told you to knock it off! Any more of that and I'm going to make you Queen and see how
you like it!"

"She wouldn't!" Akna said.

"Yes, she would! Come we will start on the way and they can catch up. I will tell you more
once we are safely away from here," Akhushtal said as she started carrying Akna down the

"Dang girls make me sound like an angel or something!" I groused as I picked up an
armload of Journals and headed for the stairs.

"To many, you are, my Queen," she replied, grabbing more journals and following along
behind me.

"I'm going to need insulin if this keeps up!" I mumbled.

Nurse Dolly

When we made it back, Akna was able to stand for brief spells without support but it was
evident that she was seriously malnourished and weak.

"Akhushtal, would you please deposit Akna in the antigravity bedroom for me?" I asked

Akna's feet left the floor almost immediately and the pair disappeared out the doorway.

"Meka, you know the nutritional and medicinal things of this world better than I do, what
can we feed that poor girl to get her back on her feet the fastest?"

"I shall attend to it right away my Queen! Why don't you meet me in the bedchamber and
we can attend her together?"

"Great idea my love!" I kissed her passionately and scurried off to the bedchamber.

Akhushtal had Akna nearly naked by the time I showed up.

I gasped when I saw how badly her ribs stood out and her belly hung, "I am sorry that you
have come to be in this condition Akna, but we will soon have you nursed back to a
healthy glow!"

"I am glad that my final hallucinations are so wonderful. It is so pleasing to hope again."

Meka swept in with fruit, some kind of paste in a bowl, and a bottle of Gatorade.

I grabbed the one thing I recognized and twisted the lid open, "Here Akna, sip some of this.
It tastes good but kind of weird. It has electrolytes to make you feel better."

"Mmm, mmm, mmm," she moaned as she drank.

I only allowed her small sips. I didn't want her to throw the whole shebang back up.

"Now I want you to try and swallow some of this paste Akna. It will not taste quite as good
as the Gatorade, but it will give you much of your strength back very soon," Meka told her
as she spooned some into the girls mouth.

"Oh! Life paste! I didn't dare to hope! I know I am dying now! There hasn't been any of
this around in ten years!"

"Akna, you are not dying. My mother taught me to make this when I was a little girl. I
brought some with us on our journey here, in case someone was injured. The Queen has
taken a liking to you, so you are not allowed to die. You would never go against the
Queens wishes would you?" Meka told her shoveling in another small spoonful.

"Now I want you to suck the juice from this T' Gap and then rest your head on the Queens
bosom and sleep. It is the Queen's wishes," Meka reinforced.

She sucked weakly on the T' Gap and leaned back into my big soft boobies and fell asleep
like that.

I took the fruit from her mouth so she could breathe better and then left her to float there
with the lights out.

When I exited the room I said, "My god Meka, she was farther gone than I suspected. Will
she be alright?"

"I was not certain when we started Dolly. Now that she believes that the Queen requires
her to live, she might have a fighting chance."

"If it will save people's lives you can call me Queen anytime you like! She had sounded like
she was giving up at first. I sure hope she doesn't though. We need all of the Ka'anians we
have to rebuild our home," I admitted, "That and she seems like a sweet kid!"

"You must get over your assumption of age Dolly. Ka'anians do not age as quickly as
Earthers. You will look 19 years old for at least twenty years hon.," she assured me.

"So that makes you...?" I figured out loud.

"Never mind you! I am twenty four, and have been for quite some time!" she playfully
slapped my hand.

I stopped calculating before I knew, cause I didn't want to know.

(Author's note: The aging of Ka'anians is n******ar for the first 18 years, so those of you
who have picked up your calculator, still don't know accurately, so there! [Author's tongue
sticks out.)

"Do you want to go and dig through the journals, or what?" I asked her naively.

"Oh, most definitely, "Or What?" What exactly did you have in that hot and sweet little
mind of yours?" she came back.

"Hey, I think I can go four of five hours without having my brains screwed out. I was
thinking more on the lines of do you want to eat lunch?" I wasn't about to be sidetracked
this early in the day!

"I have an idea. I'll go and rustle us up some lunch. Why don't you go and track Tess
down and see if you can do some damage control?" she suggested, however she obviously
assumed that I would cotton to the idea, since she was headed towards the kitchen area.

"Yah... I'll do that," I called after her and spun around on, my heal.

I soon ran across Nicte-Ha and asked her if she had seen Tess at all this morning.

"I think I saw her milling around the ATVs a while ago," she supplied most helpfully.

I headed to the front door to our apartment building, which had been unlocked and
become the de-facto parking area for the ATVs. Once outside I found Tess sitting on the
ground by one of her ATVs and idly rearranging the gravel.

"Do you mind if I join you for just a few moments Tess," I interrupted her reverie.

"Sure! Cop a squat. It is, after all your planet," she answered in a deadpan voice.

"I am sorry that Glenda did what she did to you Tess. I didn't have any idea she was going
to do something like that, or I wouldn't have let her... well if I had found out about it while
I could still think that is."

"Glenda told me that she hadn't intended for things to go that far. She said that when we
came back she had been disrobed and pleasured by a couple of the girls and couldn't stop
me in time," Tess told me while she drew swirls in the dust with her finger. "So, I guess I
don't really blame her all that much. The thing that troubles me the most is... is... is that I
liked it," she started crying softly.

"If you liked it, why are you crying?"

"I... I... don't want to be a lesbian..." she wailed.

"Well I can deal with that problem. I haven't seen you at any of the lesbian meetings, you
don't know the handshake, and you haven't passed the test yet, so you cannot be a
lesbian," I bated her, knowing she needed a mental escape, so she could pull herself up out
of this funk she is in.

"Yah, sure lesbians have a club, right! You don't make any sense Dolly, are you sure you
came out of the Pea Pod all right?"

"Okay Miss know it all, I have a test that can tell in mere seconds if you are a Lesbian! If
you don't believe me, take the test!" I reeled her in carefully...

"I know you are baiting me, but what the hell, sure give me 'the Test'," she answered
slightly exasperated.

"Now, you have to visualize for this test. So I want you to think of the hottest male star
you can. Okay you got him?"


"You fail!" I answered right away, "Lesbians don't think males are hot."

"Hey!" she complained.

"At best you are a Bi-Sexual. At worst you are a victim. Just cause you were drugged and
found yourself in bed with another woman doesn't make you a lesbian. There are very few
lesbians on Ka'an. Most of the girls prefer men, but since there are so few, they make do
with loving each other. It was just a matter of necessity. The other good part is, it's not as
if I am likely to get pregnant having sex with another girl, and for me that is one hell of a
big relief!" I admitted emphatically.

"Oh my... You can become pregnant too?" she seemed startled as she peered at me not
sure she should believe what I just told her.

"Dearie, this isn't like a Sex Reassignment Surgery, the Pea Pod restructures you at a
genetic level. There isn't a doctor on earth who would believe that I was a man after a
gynecological inspection and all of the blood work they could think up. I am possibly even
more girl than any of the natural born girls on this trip," I told her doing my best
schoolmarm impression.

"You sure look it hon.," she said finally grasping my hand, "I can hardly believe it is true,
that you were a man. If I hadn't seen the ones who came with us on this trip, I might still
not believe it."

"I'll take that as a compliment! I took almost forever just to remember to keep my knees

She looked down and let go of my hand, "You almost made me forget why I came out here.
It's so hard to think that waking up next to you was a bad thing, but everything I was
taught growing up, screams that it was wrong. Why the hell did I... Why did I {whisper}
like it...?"

"I will leave you to your contemplation if you want me too..."

"No, I think saying it aloud, with you listening, might help me over this," she confessed,
reaching out to grab my hand again. "Do you... Um... always, you know... give off the smell
that Glenda used on me?"

"I hope not, or it is going to be tough walking down the street!" I had a mental picture of a
wild orgy following behind me whereever I went, like the Pied Piper of Pussy!

"No, I meant when you were... uh, sexually excited," she clarified.

"Yup, every damn time! The Pea Pod plant, I guess wanted me to be a real popular girl!" I
giggled into my other hand.

"No shit! I couldn't think. I just went for you! And while I was... I mean, while we were...
ah you know, I only thought about sex," she recalled almost in a trance.

"Now you know how it is for guys!" I teased her, and her head whipped up to look at me.

"Is that true? Is that really how it is for guys?" she was having real trouble reconciling

"Sort of... and especially when they are young. I can't really say what you were feeling, but
it sounds like what happens to guys."

"Wow, now I am sort of glad it happened. I think I understand a lot more about men than I
did yesterday, I mean girls joke about it, you know like 'leading him around with his dick'
kind of stuff, but now, I can have more compassion for them," her eyes had that far away
stare people sometimes get when they are deep within their own heads.

"Well now the only thing you have to figure out is, do you want to come back? Or do you
just want to be friends? Either way, you are still a Marine and you still have duties to
perform," I hated to pull the 'you have duties' card, but she needs some activities to keep
her mind off things for a while and let her emotions quiet a little.

"Yes ma'am, I do have duties to perform, and thank you for caring. I really wish I could
hate you, but I just can't!" she shook her head possibly hoping some of the marbles would
fall into the right holes, "Would the Queen of Ka'an object if a sergeant hugged her?"

"I might object if just any old sergeant hugged me, but I would dearly love a hug from my
friend Tess."

We hugged and then Tess went off to tend to her duties and I went back inside to see to

It was getting late so I made for the kitchen and met back up with Meka and asked, "Hey
hon. just what was that Life Paste stuff?"

"Hmmm... sort of like your energy bars only with other things that help speed healing. It is
a very old recipe. Would you like to try some?" she offered, "You had plenty of it when first
I brought you to Ka'an."

"Oh that stuff! You never said what it was... or if you did, I didn't understand what you
said. It is weird knowing enough Ka'anian to converse now, so I change from English to it
without thinking. I can see it is going to be a long learning curve for me on my new world,
but I am happy to have the chance to do it."

"How soon will we know if Akna will be alright?" I inquired, rummaging around for some
kind of Ka'anian munchies.

"Well, she groped Akhushtal, the last time she checked on her condition, so I would
venture to say that Akna will be fine and might even be back on her feet tomorrow
morning," Meka deduced, while following my search with much interest. "What may I ask
are you looking for?"

"I don't have a clue, but I will know when I find it. I'm hungry, but my stomach hasn't told
me for what yet!" I admitted not slowing my pace one iota.

"Hmm... might I suggest one of theses? I just found some a half hour ago in the courtyard.
They didn't grow up at the village, but I found some and I will share my favorite fruit with
you," Meka said as she offered me a near ocean blue melon the size of a ping-pong ball.

I split mine open like I watched Meka do and scraped out some of the center as she did,
only to discover it tasted like saltwater taffy!

"Mmm! Candy! I think I have a favorite Ka'anian fruit too! This is great! I wanted
something sweet and decadent! You read my mind love!" I enthused, not really meaning it.

"I would never do that without permission!" she replied sharply.

"You really can?" I asked shocked and somewhat spooked.

"Got you!" she almost fell to the floor laughing at me. "Silly Dolly, I am married to you.
Don't you think that I know how big a sweet tooth you have?"

"Okay you got me!" I admitted shaking my head, "Now, with it getting so late, what do we
have on the agenda until lights out?"

"Well you have a cuddle with Marilynn scheduled and when she is finished with you, you
have a fan club to submit to," she gaily informed me, "And I... well... I have to go and get
cleaned up for bed." With that she swept out of the room leaving me to finish my other half
of Ka'than. (The little blue melon. Translates, kind of, to heaven fruit.)


I wandered towards where Marilynn's group had been set up in and knocked on the door,
"Hello? You guys in there?"

The door was opened quickly and there stood Glenda, "Come in Dolly. Um... before you go
in to see Marilynn, let me apologize for my 'experiment gone wrong'. I really, really didn't
plan for it to go down like it did. I'm sorry if you were hurt by it."

"I know you are dear. I'm more worried about Tess. She is taking this kind of hard. I
talked to her earlier but I don't know if I did any good."

"Actually, she has been almost normal all afternoon. She walked in here announced, 'I am
not a lesbian after all!' and then went right back to work as if nothing happened. She is
even talking to me again. If it was your talk with her then I thank you from the bottom of
my heart. Now if you will follow me, I believe Marilynn is waiting for you in the lounge, or
what we have been calling the lounge," Glenda lead the way through a short maze of halls
and rooms, which opened up, into 'the lounge'.

"Dolly! I am so glad to see you. Come in and have a seat, if you can figure out how to it
that is," she laughed at the strange furniture.

I clambered aboard one, which I recognized, "So how is the single life treating you

"So that is how it works! Uh, oh the single life, I am doing fine I guess. Mostly I am bored
silly. That is one of the things I wanted to talk to you about."

She slipped into another of the strange chairs, "Now that the Ambassador is occupied, I
was hoping that I could get closer to you girls. However I seem to be farther away than
when we were camping in the woods. At least then I would see you from time to time. I
guess what I am trying to get at is... can we move in with you girls?"

"Huh? I thought you would want to have your own place...? Heck, pack on up and move
in, I'll have some of the ladies lend a hand," then something occurred to me, "Have you
asked Tess if she wants to come with you?"

"I know something went on last night. Tess was really freaked out this morning, but she
calmed down later. I did ask her though, and she said it would be like a huge pajama
party. Sometimes I don't get her," she answered with a puzzled expression.

"Well there was a little misunderstanding this morning, but I hope it has worked its way
through. Judging by what you just told me, I think it has. So let's get off our ample
derrieres and start this enterprise going, okay?"

"Deal," she untangled herself from the chair and we went back towards the door. "Tess?
Glenda? Ally, Ally income free!"

One showed up from one direction, the other from another.

"Ladies, we are moving in with my girlfriend here so let's get busy!"

"Girlfriend?" Glenda asked jealously.

"Yup, she is a girl and she is my friend. No, not girl on girl sex or anything, just good
friends, I think it will be more fun where the action is, therefore, we move! I will be back in
a couple minutes to help, but first I must go with Dolly and scope out the available

We two ambled down the hallway and slipped into the Ka'anian end of the apartment

"Meka? Nicte-Ha? Gwen? Windy? Where is everybody?" I hollered as I passed the portal.

"We're busy getting ready for heavy sex, what do you want?" Gwen called back.

"Can you put it on hold for an hour or so? I have some more possible future participants
who would like a hand moving in here with us. Do I have any volunteers to help little me
with this delicate bit of diplomacy?" I yelled back at her.

"Whooo Hooo!" there was a small roar of foot falls getting louder by the moment, until I was
face to face with a whole bunch of sexy ladies in their negligees.

"Not the uniforms, which I would have chosen. But if Marilynn doesn't mind, neither do I!"
I pronounced. "Marilynn I think we are over dressed. Would you like to slip into
something more comfortable?"

"When on Ka'an..." she took my hand and we slipped into where I had my luggage stored.

"I think I have something that will fit you here..." I told her as I rummaged though silky
feminine nightclothes.

"Ah this it what I was looking for! Here, will this fit and do you like it?" I handed her a
scarlet baby doll with red feathers attached at the top of the panty and the tops of the bra

"That sure beats my flannel! Are you trying to get me in bed dear?" she looked at me

"No! But don't you like looking all sexy and feminine sometimes? I mean just for yourself,
not to bait some male into bed..."

"Oh, my god! There is a woman in that sexy little body! That isn't something I would ever
expect a man to say! I think you have been trying to trick me. I cannot believe that there
was ever a male brain in that body!" she was actually quite shaken by this revelation.

"I am not trying to trick you. Are you trying to make me cry, because... because I think...
sniff Oh no! I am crying! Damn these hormones..." I said as I teared up.

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry... I didn't mean it! It's just... well, some things about you seem almost
too feminine!" she rapidly apologized.

"Don't I know it? Sometimes I almost want to hurl, I'm so sweet!" I answered brightening
enough to shut off the water works before they could really get started.

"No, don't do that! I like you just the way you are," she admitted, "Sometimes you make
me feel kind of, you know... inadequate? Knowing that you were a man and just became a
woman is hard to accept sometimes."

"I'm sorry Marilynn, I can't help it. I didn't ask to be made into what I am and I am still
having a hard time believing it at times myself. Would it be easier if I was a homely girl
with buck teeth?"

"No! Forget what I said, please?" she begged, "You were just so natural it was like... I don't
know, like it had to be a hoax."

"Natural? I have to work at it every second of every day. If I didn't you would be staring at
my panties, since my knees would be spread or looking at my tits, because they had
accidentally flopped out of my bra or I had bent over at the waist," I confided, as they were
some of my most recent slip-ups

"Don't worry about that Dolly! Confidentially, I make the same mistakes sometimes if I
haven't worn a dress for a while. Now that I think of it, I haven't seen you in anything but
skirts and dresses. I would have thought that a male turned female, would be more likely
to wear pants whenever she could. So why do you wear skirts so much?"

"I have asked that question myself, many times Marilynn. I don't know. I just seem to
have an aversion to clothes that are even remotely male. I think it has something to do
with what that scientist wanted her husband to become. You know, so girly that he
couldn't help herself?" I theorized then the thought occurred to me that we were still
overdressed. "Marilynn shouldn't we put these on and go lend a hand?"

"Right you are!" she started stripping right were we stood.

"I know you are um, straight Marilynn so if you would be more comfortable I can go and
change in the other room."

"Nonsense! I don't have anything that you haven't seen plenty of times, so go ahead and
strip darling," she answered trying to pretend nonchalance, but I could tell there was a bit
of excitement in her voice.

I started to strip remembering how Marilynn had wanted to grope the girls so much.
Perhaps she wanted a good look at them too... "Marilynn could you unhook my bra for me?
That is one thing I still have trouble with. It's a good thing I have so much help or I would
probably have to go braless and you know how distracting that would be!" <Giggle>

I could feel her hands tremble slightly as she grabbed hold of the three inch long multiple
clasps and started unhooking them, "My there are a lot of these on your bra, I can see why
you have a hard time unhooking it."

I don't really have trouble unhooking my bra. It was an easy procedure to master for me,
but I knew she wanted to see the girls let loose, so this would give her a chance to help and
get a good view.

"Oh, now I really hate you! You don't even have stretch marks on them! That is really not

"Go ahead, I know you are curious, so I'll just stand here and you can inspect the girls all
you want before we slip on our nighties," I offered with a smile, "Yes you can touch them
too, just don't get me too excited or you might wake up beside me in the morning like Tess

"Oh so that was what all the fuss this morning was about," she said as she gentle cupped
both breasts and lifted, "Wow they a heavy too! Do you get back aches from having that
much weight hanging off the front of you?"

"Nope, never have had a problem like that. I figure the Pea Pod built me that way."

She lightly tickled my nipple and watched closely as it scrunched up into a near one-inch
long pleasure center, "Woof, you can't hide those in most bras I bet!"

"I have to get them custom made anyway, so I have them put pads in crucial places to hide

"All I can say is wow. You sure wound up with one hell of a sexy body! I have to admit I
am envious of you!" she let go of the girls and I started to slip out of my panties as she
popped off her brassiere.

"You don't have a bush! Do you shave or depilatory?" she asked as she started slipping her
own panties off.

"If you hate me because of my boobs, you are really going to hate this! I don't grow any
hair on my body except on my head, everywhere else is hairless."

"Now that is really unfair! You don't have to shave your legs or armpits! The next thing
you will be telling me is that your eye makeup is all natural and you don't have to put it on
either!" she groused, figuring that she had come up with something that was impossible.

"It is..." I said in a small voice, almost a whisper, and sliding my silk lace panties up my
smooth legs.

She moved closer and said, "This I have to see! Look up young lady, I want to see this for

I looked up into her face as she seriously and critically reviewed my eyes, "You little...!
Long dark and thick lashes, these perfectly arched eyebrows, and a bluish hue to your lid
and socket! So you can't be anything but beautiful even if you wanted to be a slob!

"I was going to ask you where you got your makeup, but I think that shop is closed to me!
I can see why that scientist would do that to her husband though. No matter how much
he didn't take care of himself, he would find himself still looking like a sex kitten!" Marilynn

"That would be my thinking on the matter too," I agreed and reached for my baby doll top.

"One last good feel before you put those away, please?" she asked with a silly grin on her

"Sure, be my guest!"

She grasped my right boob with both of her hands and squeezed gently, let go of that one
and then grasped the left one and squeezed, "Those are really wonderful. It doesn't feel like
the girls with those implants, you can tell there is something in there on them, but yours
are all real you, through and through."

"Yes, miracle of modern Ka'anian genetics," I agreed.

She released me and slipped her panties on over her bottom and neatly trimmed bush, "Oh
well, time to get to work!" She slipped her baby doll top on and motioned for me to
accompany her, "We really don't have all that much to move, so let's go and do our part."

As soon as we made it back to the front room we met up with Glenda who was busy
putting her teddy on, "Oh there you two are. You're too late. All of the stuff is moved
already. I like the baby dolls ladies. The others have already headed for the anti-grav
bedchamber. Tess went along too, but she claims she is there just to watch tonight. Are
you coming Marilynn?"

I butted in quickly, "You should be told ahead of time, Marilynn, that there will be a
lesbian orgy in there and we don't want to be responsible if you are effected by the strong
pheromones that will be present. Tess was overwhelmed last night and I can't even guess
why she would take the chance again tonight, but that is her choice and she knows what
might happen. Now you know too, well as much as anyone who hasn't been there can."

"She is right Marilynn. When this little lady get going, everybody goes with her, and I mean
everybody!" Glenda assured her, wisely learning her lesson from the day before.

"Well I don't wish to sleep alone again tonight so I will have to chance having my first
lesbian encounter. They will be gentle with me, won't they?" she not so bravely asked with
an odd look of desire and trepidation mixing on her face.

Glenda spoke up quickly, "You have never had gentleness like it in all your life. I would
wager real money on that!"

"You should steer clear of this one," I said hooking a thumb towards Glenda, "She is a
semi-pro or pro level lesbian lover, take my word for it! She nearly had me orgasm myself
inside out!"

"Well Glenda, a hidden talent in our midst? I am all atwitter now. Let's go and get this
orgy started before I loose my nerve!" Marilynn took a deep breath and began marching
towards our little pleasure palace.

"Don't worry Marilynn, nothing much usually gets going until Dolly arrives, and then
Boom, bodies writhing around all over the place!" Glenda enthused.

"Well then you get that side of her and I'll get this side, and we'll get this party started,"
Marilynn gripped my arm and lifted slightly.

Glenda moved in and took hold of my arm and leg and lifted me off the floor, which allowed
Marilynn to take hold of my other leg and the carried me towards the anti-grav.

"Aren't you even going to pretend to struggle?" Marilynn asked with a silly grin.

"Okay who told you about that?"

"I watched a couple of times when the ladies carted you of squealing, it looked like fun so I
don't want to miss anything," she giggled.

So I started in on my pretend struggle so she would feel like one of the girls.

I am not going to go into what went on that night in detail. You will have to guess as to
whether or not all of the ladies joined in, or if they just watched. It wouldn't be diplomatic,
for reasons you will be informed of later in the story.

The New Girl

After everyone was cycled through the refreshers, and breakfast was put away I looked in
on Akna, "Are you awake Akna? It is I, Queen Dolly. May I come in?"

The door to the bedchamber slowly swung open with Akna peering around it, "It wasn't a

"No, I may be real cute, but a dream I am not!" I chuckled with a smile.

"I... I would have you come in, but my clothes were taken and I am naked..." she answered

"Good, I wanted to have a look at you to see if you need anything more than just rest and
feeding. Once I have talked with you a little, I'll rustle you up some nice clothes, alright?"

"I am not much to look at, but you may come in if you really want to. After all you are the
Queen," she answered with her eyes downcast.

"None of that Queen stuff right now if you please. Just call me Dolly and look up at me
when we chat, can you do that for me?"

She slowly lifted her gaze to timidly meet mine.

"Good enough. Now may I have a look at you? Do you have any injuries, or infections that
need attending to? Are you experiencing any pains anywhere?" I said as I did my best
nurse impression. "Where did you get that scar on your bottom from?" I had noticed it
since it was about an inch in diameter.

"I took a spear there when I was searching for food in one of the stores. I guess someone
was there before me and didn't want to share. I managed to hobble away fast enough they
didn't pursue me," she recalled, "I was really in a bad way after that for over a month."

"I can well imagine! You are safe now though. We have plenty of food and a whole shit
load of Amazons to protect you as well as several Marines and one Secret Service agent.
The last ones you can't know about yet, but we will introduce you to them. They are all
quite sweet ladies," I told her trying to soothe her trepidation, "Now I will be off and grab
some of my clothes for you, since you are about my height. They might be a little loose in
the chest though. Would that be suitable?"

"I... I... I couldn't wear the queen's clothes! Highness, it would be..." she started.

"I said, knock of the Queen stuff honey, this is just me, Dolly Gordon, little woman with big
boobies offering to clothe you. Shoot it is just a few pieces of cloth girl. We can't exactly
put you to work buck naked, all of the ladies would be thinking about is having sex with
you and not concentrating on their duties, including me."

"You would make me a royal concubine?" she asked wide-eyed.

"Honey it is hard to tell sometimes, who is a concubine and who is a wife when we are all
squirming around in the throws of passion."

"How many people are here?" she asked with a little tremble.

"Hmm... twenty three counting you I think," I calculated quickly.

She started to weep again, so I put my arms around her and hugged her tightly to me.

She clung weakly to me and cried for a couple minutes saying, "I never hoped to see that
many people alive again, and never in one place..."

The door swung open and Meka joined us, "I brought some of your things for Akna to wear,
although I had to borrow one of Windy's bras. No way would one of yours fit her!" she said
with a devilish grin.

Akna tried hastily to disentangle herself from me, but alas she was too weak and I wasn't
ready to give her up, "Calm yourself Akna, we are not doing anything wrong, and my
darling wife knows it."

"I am sorry for scaring you so badly yesterday Akna, but in these times and escorting the
Queen, I couldn't take the chance of her being harmed. Now would you like help getting
dressed? These are not clothes such as you are used to, they came from Earth, so you just
stand there and we will get you dressed... <sniff> <sniff> ah... on second thought, Dolly
would you help me drag this stinky girl to the refresher?" Meka asked catching my eye.

"Good plan Meka. Come along little one, you are going to love this!" I took her hand and
half dragged her naked down the hall with us.

"By the way, how did you get into the lab yesterday anyway?" I asked while we walked.

"I know the access codes to the buildings," she answered.

"However could you know them?" I asked the obvious question.

"I used to work here," she admitted sheepishly.

I stopped dead in my tracks, "You worked here? Before the cataclysm?"

"Yes Dolly, I was one of the last technicians still reporting to work, at least until I found the
doctor dead in her lab. There didn't seem much point in coming back after that. Although
it is always a safe place for me to hide in, since they put up all the fences and stuff because
of the rioting," she informed us.

"Rioting?" I prompted.

"Yes, it was common knowledge that Dr. Chirakan Ixmucane's lab was here. Everyone
wanted her to fix the Pea Pods. She was nearly working around the clock to do just that.
Then one day a strange woman came in, she had the access codes to get in, so I didn't
think much about it, the next thing I knew they were both dead and all hope for Ka'an with
them," she sighed forlornly.

"Well you didn't know it I guess, but Dr. Chirakan Ixmucane had completed her work right
before she died. We will use it to breathe life into Ka'an once again," I vowed, "Now let's get
you cleaned up."

She made a trip through the refresher and came out looking slightly better, "Am I more
presentable now Dolly?"

"Well... I think we should have you put these clothes on first," I told her as Meka and I
began helping her dress.

"Oh my... these are very pleasing to my skin!" she shivered as we slid a slip over her head.

"One of the best perks about being a girl in my opinion," I laughed.

"They are very different from Ka'anian clothes, but I like them! Oh thank you my Queen!"
Akna told me enthusiastically.

"Seeing you luxuriating in them is thanks enough Akna," I grinned ear to ear.

"You called this band around my chest a brassiere I recall, it feels so nice having my
breasts caressed by it and having it keep them from jiggling so! Your people must be very
technically advanced to have created such things!"

"Actually we are far behind Ka'an technologically, but perhaps we have some advances in
other fields that Ka'an has not. One thing we do have in abundance though is, horny

"Men! I haven't seen a man in... oh god... so long it is hard to remember," she recollected
with a faraway look in her eyes.

"Too bad we just found you, we had some with us a few days ago," I teased her.

"You did? Where are they now?" she asked almost urgently.

"Two of them emerged from Pods already, and one is still cooking in one of them," I

"Such a tragedy!" she bemoaned the loss.

"Well two were and one was just poetic justice!" I told her being silly, "But that is a long
story we can tell you later. Are you ready to meet the girls?"

"Yes, I think so Dolly..." she told me with apprehension written all over her face.

"Good! Will you join us in the kitchen, I think you need breakfast rustled up for you and
you can say hello to everyone while you eat," I took her by the hand and we all three
worked our way towards the kitchen.

"Is that Akna?" Akhushtal asked as we passed by.

"Yes, she looks better today," I answered. "Akna, you have already met Akhushtal, I

"In my dream she is the one who carried me here," she answered, "Thank you so much

"It was my joy, Akna," Akhushtal answered smiling.

"I hope I never waken from this dream!" she stated to no one in particular.

"At least in your dream you are still a girl," I told her with a grin.

"What else would I be Dolly?" she asked innocently enough.

Meka filled in with, "Akna, Queen Dolly was married to me as King Douglas Gordon."

Akna's hand flew in front of her open mouth in surprise.

"It is what is, Akna. I am a girl now and I have accepted it. In some ways it is better than
being male, in other ways it is not. I am lucky in having many loving wives to help," I
smiled reassuringly.

"You are the one..." she started to say, but stopped quickly at a look from Meka.

"The one what Akna?" I gave Meka a warning glance.

"The one who saved me," she supplied, but I knew she had started to say something else
before she had been stopped.

I decided to let it ride for now until I could pin her down at some future time.

"Not really, you saved yourself Akna. I just had you fed a little," I tried to down play my
role in her recovery.

"I would never contradict you my Queen. So I will have to alter my memories to your
version of the events," she replied uncertainly, "How do I account for saving myself with my
feet six inches off the floor may I ask?"

"Recall the whole thing however you wish Akna, I was just standing there with my arms
folded under my boobs when you were in the air though if you recall."

"It was your Amazons who had me so. It was also a word from you which caused them to
spare me as well," Akna's recall was accurate and her logic was hard to refute.

"Okay, okay, so I saved you, the world, and I can walk on water... What does that leave a
girl to do for an encore?" I groused.

"Can she really walk on water High Priestess?" Akna asked with surprise.

"It wouldn't surprise me one bit Akna," Meka supplied not helping at all.

"No I cannot walk on water Akna. I was joking about that," I shook my head, "I give up!"

I finished dragging Akna to the kitchen and started preparing something for her to eat.

"What is she doing, High Priestess?" Akna asked nervously.

"Looks like she is making your breakfast Akna," Meka told her matter-of-factly.

"Yeeep!" Akna exclaimed, "No! I could never allow the Queen to do such a thing!" she
scurried over to do it herself.

"You!" I pointed my finger at her with a look that said I meant business, "Sit down and
relax! Don't make me say it again! I am making your breakfast. You will be eating it and
resting. You got that girl?"

She fell into a chair at the table like the air was let out of her, a look of shock on her face.

"That's better! People wanting to not let me do anything, wanting me just to be a
figurehead, well I'm through getting pushed around!" I mumbled into the cupboards as I

I picked up the plate of food and gently placed it before Akna, "Would my lady like some
Gatorade with her breakfast?"

She just sat there stunned.

"I'll take that as a yes," I scooted over to the cooling box and grabbed an orange flavor,
opened it, and placed it before Akna.

I sat down across from her unmoving form and said, "Hey come out of it girl. Eat up! We
have a full day ahead of us!"

Akna stared at her plate.

"Are you refusing a request from your Queen?" I asked sarcastically. I had her now.

She started slowly at first, stuffing small bits in her mouth, then she seemed to come back
to life enough to realize how hungry she was.

"I shall leave you here princess Akna for the time being. Meka and I are off to organize the
rebuilding of the planet. Ta, Ta for now. We will be back soon, and if you get a
stomachache holler and we will give you something. Oh and if you get tired, go to sleep!" I
waved and motioned Meka to follow.

"You know she wet her pants don't you?" Meka told me.

"What?" I screeched.

"Shh! Don't embarrass her any more by telling her to go clean up. If she thinks you don't
know she did it, she will be better off! I am going to send Nicte-Ha back to help clean her
up. Whatever you do, don't be cross with her, or daily laundry is going to become a
necessity in a big hurry!" Meka warned me, "Don't worry Dolly, everything will be fine. The
problem Akna is having is the memory of the Queen who ruled Ka'an before the cataclysm.
She will get over it soon I believe. One thing is certain, she will not ever again try and stop
you from doing something!"

We went about the business of making certain that a sufficient quantity of the existing Pea
Pod plants were protected from when we will institute our repair procedures.

Come lunchtime I checked up on Akna. I found that she had been cleaned up and her
clothes had been washed and dried, so she could be seen wearing the same outfit that I
had put her in that morning.

"Akna!" I squealed when I saw her, "You are looking healthier by the minute honey!" I
wrapped my arms around her and gave her a huge hug.

She was as stiff as a board at first but slowly relaxed into the hug... that, and I wouldn't let
her go until she did.

"Say something sweetie, or I swear I'll hug you again until you do!" I threatened.

"Than... Thank you for breakfast my Qu... uh, Dolly!" she answered haltingly.

"That was much better! A little more work and you might just be ready to be a real
Princess!" I teased and started away... until I heard the thud that is.

Akna had fainted.

I had to go back and get help to revive her. We carried her up to one of the bedrooms and
then we lay with her until she began to waken.

"What happened? I was...? The Queen!" Akna stammered.

"Yes, you were talking with the Queen and you fainted," Windy told her.

"She... she... she said I might be ready to be a princess..." Akna answered.

"You wouldn't like being a princess?" Windy asked.

"I... I... I couldn't be a princess!"

"Why not?"

"I have no royal blood and I am not worthy to be a princess."

"Hey, I'm not even from this planet Akna and these silly women made me the Queen," I
said from behind her.

Akna stiffened, "I am in bed with the Queen...?" she whispered to Windy.

"Happens to me every night," Windy told her.

"Why is that?" Akna ventured.

"Mostly because she is my wife, and I am head Amazon. I think that explains it nicely,
don't you?" Windy answered.

"This is the Royal Party?" Akna's eyes started rolling around in her head like a pachinko

"Akna, you know it is rude to keep fainting. So will you please stay with us?" I asked her

"I know I am lying somewhere in a coma and this is all just the hallucinations of a dying
woman. I feel as though my belly is full. I am keeping company with the Royal Party and
in bed with the Queen and the Amazonian. They tell me that the world is about to be
healed and that I could become a princess. You can see why I know I am dying. I haven't
even hoped for a fraction of that for over a century."

I wrapped my little arms around her tighter and said, "It is real dear Akna. I have as much
reason if not more to believe I am dreaming. I assure you that it is all real."

"Would you really make me a princess?" she asked in a tiny voice.

"I don't know if I can, but if it is within the preview of the Queen, sure I would, but only if
you promise to quit fainting and if you want to be one," I bargained.

"I have never fainted before today. I must be still weak from malnutrition. I promise
Queen Dolly that I will not faint again," she bravely stated.

"I will only believe that if you turn over, face me, and give me a big passionate kiss!"

Akna turned into me and said, "You want me to kiss you?"

"I think it is the only way for you to learn to relax when I am around," I rationalized to her.

My lips had barely stopped moving when Akna latched on to them and began one of the
best kisses I have ever gotten!

"Mmm for a Queen you are a good kisser! What is that delicious smell?" she started
sniffing at the air, but stopped and started kissing me more, as well as working her hands
up and down my flanks.

Now I was panting like a bitch in heat, which meant that I was giving off chemical signals
that would drive anyone within the immediate area into a passionate frenzy.

"Mmm, mmm, mmm!" Akna moaned.

I could see that Windy had gotten the same scent as Akna and was busy massaging Akna's
breasts from behind her.

Akna was making little mewing sounds but still tried to keep from touching me so I took
her hands and placed them on my big soft boobies.

"Oh my!" she exclaimed. "I have never felt breasts this big!"

"Do you like them, Akna?"

"I never knew that breasts this large could be so stimulating!"

"You should be on this side of them girl!" I moaned.

"I like this side fine," she answered and then let out a squeal.

Windy had Akna's pussy in one hand and was busy driving her crazy.

"Oh god it has been soooo very long!" Akna screamed through her first orgasm.

I began working her hanging malnourished boobs as best I could and grinding myself on
her leg.

"Ohh! No! Not again... Eeeee!" she came again much harder this time.

"No... no... no more, I... I can't take another one!" she panted. "Thank you! Oh thank you!"
she weeped tears of joy.

"Now you know you aren't dying!" I exclaimed as I calmed.

"Why is that Dolly?"

"Have you ever orgasmed in a dream?"

"No!" she replied with a quizzical look.

"No one else ever has either. So you are not dreaming. You are one of the luckiest ladies
ever, you will get to live your dream," I told her with a hug.

"I am so glad you are the Queen!" Akna exclaimed, "You are so nice, the people of Ka'an will
have to love you like no other Queen in recorded history!"

"Oh sure, you say that now, in bed with me, but will you respect me in the morning?"

"I will worship you morning, noon, and night my Queen!" she kissed me passionately.

"I can see it now... if I sleep with everybody on Ka'an, I will be the most popular Queen
ever!" I teased.

Windy chimed in with, "You will only have to sleep with 51% of them my Queen. That will,
at least would get you the popular vote!"

"Mmm! You have my vote! I am yours to command Queen Dolly. My life is yours!" Akna
vowed dreamily.

"My most important command to you my dear Akna, is to become healthy and beautiful for
your Queen. That shouldn't be too difficult a task should it?"'

"The healthy part is possible, but however the beautiful command I fear is not... but I shall
do my best Dolly!"

"That is as good as I can hope for!" I told her with a squeeze.

"Oh, do you think you can keep from going all stiff and weird when I am around now?"

"After having sex with you, I think I can do that now," she admitted. "That is, if this in not
the only time you allow it..."

"Black mail eh? All right I can deal with that! Akna you are hereby commanded to be in
the antigravity bedchamber this evening and prepared for an extended sexual experience
that you will have to write down and tell your children when they are old enough!" I knew
that she would be there anyway, but this would give her something to fantasize about all
day. "I think you had better get some more rest and a healthy meal in you my dear, you'll
need it."

"I can hardly wait my Queen!" she said excitedly.

"Well, I think we have work to do," I started to get up.

"Allow me to help redressing you please Dolly?" Akna asked sweetly.

"If it pleases you my dear, be my guest!"

She dressed me with enthusiasm and verve.

We said our goodbyes and then Windy and I headed off to check on the new Greenhouse.


Everything seemed in readiness but I still had anxiety about the possibility of loosing either
the mutated Pea Pods or the repaired Pea Pods. The problem kept worrying my
subconscious. I sought out Meka to express my concerns.

"Meka, I am seriously worried about loosing either of these plants. It seems to me by only
storing the mutated Pea Pods in one greenhouse, we are placing all of our peas in one pod
so to speak..." I fretted, "If some kind of disaster befell the Greenhouse we could loose all of
the Mutated plants. Conversely, we might loose all of the repaired Pea Pods. Is there some
way we can assure the preservation of both species?"

"Always thinking my dearest Dolly eh? Hmm... Remember the freezers in the first building
we searched? I bet we could store some of the mutated plant seeds or the whole plants?
We could re-grow them if we needed to. We will start on that right away Dolly. You are
again showing your incredible value to us dear one," she cuddled me for a moment to
accent what she had said.

"Just doing what I can for our future and both the peoples of Ka'an and of Earth," I said,
but thought to myself, 'just when did I become responsible for two planets?'

"You handle the job quite well Queen Dolly. I am grateful to god everyday for giving you to

"I have to say the job of Queen has become a greater responsibility than ever I had thought.
Especially now that we have a way to rebuild Ka'an into the thriving world it once was," I
admitted having thought it out more completely than I had in recent weeks.

"I have never heard nor read of a Queen who has cared for her people as much as you my
love. You will go down in Ka'anian lore as the Queen to emulate. I believe this in my
heart," she claimed earnestly.

"So, when are you going to have my statue commissioned?" I taunted.

"I believe Windy is almost halfway finished as we speak..." she lied bold faced.

"Look, up in the sky... it's the Goodrich Blimp!" I teased back.

"Blimp? I do not believe I know that earth word, and what is a Goodrich?" she asked.

"Goodrich is a tire manufacturer. A blimp is a balloon, which carries people aloft. The
trick is that the Goodrich Company doesn't have a blimp. The Goodyear Company does," I

"However could they get them to our world then Dolly?" she inquired as though she felt
that I had meant it.

"Maybe it would have been a better analogy with, 'Oh look, it is the old Ka'anian Queen
roller skating down the path!'" I retried with something she might understand.

"Ah, so you make fun by getting someone to look for something, which cannot be! Very
humorous Dolly!" she took all of the fun out of the jape.

"Basically I was fooling you as you tried to fool me, Meka," I told her, "As if I believed that
Windy was making a statue of me!"

"Yes, I understand. It was a jest for now. We will desire an extremely large statue of you,
so it will have to wait until the planet is back on it's feet again," she assured me, "It will
happen though so you might as well get used to the idea now."

"Oh the indignities I suffer for the good of Ka'an..." I sarcastically whined.

"Well my dear, I am certain the people will try to make up for any indignities as best they
can," she rubbed up against my bottom and caressed my brassier encased breasts,
producing her desired result, I moaned loudly.

We busied ourselves with setting up our backup plan and researching what we could about
the Pea Pod plants and how they reproduced to ensure that our plans to preserve the
mutation were viable.

After dinner I was looking through my clothing for something to wear to bed when Akna
slipped up behind me with evil intent. Well maybe not evil, just mischievous intent.

I felt something stuck to my lower back, right in the middle. "What? What is this?" I said
spinning around.

"Windy took me back into the lab and I retrieved that from my old locker. I hope it still
works after all of this time," Akna told me with a grin, which gave me the impression that
she felt she has done something wonderful.

"Just what exactly is it?" I asked suspiciously.

"I do not wish to tell you. It is a surprise for the party tonight, so please don't make me tell
you," she said it in a way that made me certain, had I ordered her to tell me, she would

"I trust that it can be removed and that it will not hurt me?" I verified just for my own
peace of mind.

"I would never do anything to cause you pain Queen Dolly! I would rather be chopped into
bits than to do something like that! Anyway Windy would have not allowed me to go and
get it if she were not aware of its capabilities and purpose before we retrieved it," Akna
seriously reassured me, "Back before the cataclysm it cost me almost half a year's pay to

"Oh my, Akna, you didn't have to do anything like this. It must be a prized possession for
you to have spent so much for it."

"It was something I had wanted for a very long time. I want you to have it," Akna told me
with a cute little grin.

"Oh my! I figured you were just letting me use it," I started running things over in my
head. If I told her I couldn't accept it, it would be like saying I did not want it or it wasn't a
good enough gift or something. I hated to deprive this little slip of a woman who really had
nothing, of anything she could call her own, but I had to accept it to make her feel she was
important and one of us.

"I thank you so very much Akna," I started, but a wave of emotion crashed down over me
and I started crying my eyes out, "this has to be the nicest gift anyone has ever given me."

"Oh, don't cry Dolly! You don't even know what it is. I don't even know if it will still work,"
she reached toward me to comfort me.

"It doesn't matter what it is, or even if it works. It is a wonderful gift!" I blubbered.

When I finally managed to turn off the waterworks I stood back and looked at her, "You are
looking even better than you did at lunchtime. You seem to have recovered very fast."

"It is the life paste that Meka gave me. It speeds the body's immune system up so you can
heal yourself quicker. I am so grateful that she felt me worthy to give it to," she said with
such deep emotion in her words it made me feel very special.

"You are special to me, so would you do me the honor of escorting me to the festivities?"

"Your Majesty's wish is my command," she said taking my arm. She seemed to puff herself
up and managed to look dignified, which is a great feat considering we were both stark

As we walked Akna told me, "Just before we enter the bedchamber I will energize your gift
for you."

"You mean it's not even on yet?" I wondered aloud.

"Oh, you will know the instant I energize it, either that or it is not functioning," she
assured me.

That statement caused a moment of trepidation, but I resolved to trust her.

Just as we crossed the threshold to the anti-grav bedchamber I felt something like a relay
click in the thing on my back. Less than one second later I felt a buzzing along every nerve
in my body. Akna caressed my breast and my mind exploded in pleasure!

Akna whispered in my ear, "It is a pleasure amplifier. I can see it still works, enjoy!" Then
she stuck her tongue in my ear and... well there is no describing it!

"Unghh!" I moaned. Every touch, every caress was total bliss. It was almost as if my whole
body was my clit!

The whole room erupted in frenzied sex! Everyone was writhing around in the air engaged
in sexual acts some of which, I had not seen before. Later I learned that even the straight
girls in the other rooms were going at each other like the stories guys heard about Spanish
fly when they are young.

Marines were sticking anything in themselves that would fit into them and masturbating
right out in the open in front of each other. When that wasn't enough they started kissing
each other and well... you can tell where it went from there!

Apparently the amplifier also amplified my scent as well.

That was one night, which everyone will remember!

Final Preparations

Come the morning I could still feel it attached to me, but the buzzing throughout my body
had subsided.

I mentioned this to Akna who answered, "There is a timer on the unit. It will not operate
for more than four hours every day."

"That is a damn good thing! You could wind up addicted to that thing in a heartbeat!" I
remarked remembering that it had not even allowed me to pass out! "Will it work on

"Yes it will. It is yours to use as you see fit my Queen!" she smiled at my display of

"Okay, how does it come off then?"

You press right here and it de-integrates with your back," she showed me where it was by
releasing it.

"De-integrates with my back? What does that mean?"

Meka was standing near and answered, "It means the device, while attached, fused with
your body and integrated parts of itself with the nerves in your spine."

"Do they work on men too?"

"Oh yes, but that is a different model than the one you have," Akna filled in. "There are
even models which allow the male to feel the female's orgasm while she feel his. Those
haven't been needed for a long time now," she smiled sheepishly.

"I bet they would sell like hotcakes on earth though!" I giggled. "It would be great training
for the men too. They would wind up way better lovers knowing what I know now!"

"It has been so very long my dear, I would dearly love even a male who suffered with
chronic premature ejaculation!" Akna admitted.

"No problem at all Akna! In a week or two I'll have you in bed with so many men you will
think you are pulling train on shipload of horny sailors!"

"What is 'pulling train'?" Akna asked puzzled.

"It means that all of the men on a ship would stand in line and take turns screwing you,
one after the other!" I giggled.

"Oh my! Maybe not quite so many all at once... but the thought does excite me! My
panties are damp already!" Akna exclaimed obviously flushed.

"Well we still have things to finish today ladies. Shall we go through the refresher and get
to work?" I proposed.

"Well Queen Dolly, you and Priestess Meka use the refresher and since I have already done
so, I will help prepare your morning repasts," having said that she scurried off towards the

"You have to help me surprise her tonight Meka darling!" I pleaded.

"What would you have me do?"

"It cost her so much and she has been so grateful and nice since we found her, I want to do
something wonderful for her. Will you help me surprise Akna with the amplifier tonight? I
want her to have a chance to get the full experience too! Can we set it up like that? You
know, make her think I have it on and then, pow... she gets it, and then we can send her
shooting through the stars?"

"Always thinking of others! I do love you so Dolly! Yes, she will experience the fullest of
pleasures we can give her! You realize after tonight though, she would crawl through ten
miles of broken glass for you, don't you?" Meka teased me with a loving smile on her face.

"Why would she have kept it and not used it for so long Meka?" I asked the only question
which had been gnawing at me. "Why would she buy it if she wasn't going to use it?"

"Those devices are often bought by girls who are planning to be wed. They guarantee the
newlywed's blissful joining for the first time. The reason she would not have used it is
simple, no one to use it with. They do not work when you are pleasuring yourself," she

"So basically this was from her hope chest? It was her wedding gift to her future husband
and she gave it to me? Oh dear! We really need to do something nice for her!" I was
tearing up again, knowing the full scope or her gift.

"I know how much you appreciate her gift Dolly. She will receive in return a girl's dream.
Will this please you my love?" she offered with a sly smile.

"I think so. What do you have in mind?" I asked, knowing that look on her face well by
now, she had something up her sleeve that she planned to spring on me later.

"You will have to wait and see Dolly," she replied with a smile.

"Okay surprise me... you want the refresher first or should I go?" I offered.

"Why not the both of us?" she asked with a smile.

"We can do that? I thought it was one at a time in there!"

"Some like it by themselves they do not want to have anyone see them enjoying the
refresher so much. I figured that you wouldn't mind sharing with your wife," she
explained, while she took my arm and escorted me inside.

Damn, Ka'anian life can be erotic!

Breakfast was lovely. Akna had provided a floral arrangement and a delicious meal.

We put the final touches on everything in preparation for the following day. Meka and I
didn't want to risk mutating the Pea Pods back, while the Ambassador was still a guest in

We had a very laid-back day actually. We didn't have much to complete so we went around
checking and rechecking everything.

We looked in on the Ambassador's Pea Pod and it was exhibiting the typical undulations
within of a transforming person in the throws of ecstasy.

We retired to our apartment complex with nothing much to do.

I was invited to the anti-grav bedchamber and took them up the invite.

I entered with my toy attached to my back as we had planned. Meka brought me over to
where Akna was and we started heavy kissing. It was obvious that Akna expected that the
amplifier was operational, so I acted as though it were.

Meka detached the unit from my back while I was sucking face with Akna. I knew it was
time to get her to roll on top of me and expose her back so I rolled and had her entire
weight on top of me.

Suddenly I felt her stiffen, spasm and moan loudly.

"Mmm you are my gift for tonight lover. I want you to relax and enjoy this more than
anything that has ever happened to you. Moan loudly if you accept my loving gift," I
caressed her pussy to make sure she moaned whether she accepted it or not.

Every lady in the room took a different piece of her and began to pleasure her.

I have never seen anyone in such ecstasy until this point. She was unable to do anything
but enjoy what we were doing to her. Every touch, every tickle sent her into new throws of

Believe it or not I liked pleasuring her more than having been pleasured myself.

Every time I touched her she would writhe or orgasm. It was wonderful to be able to make
her feel like that!

The Princess

In the morning I had her cuddled in my arms tightly when she awakened.

"Dolly! You... you... you put the amplifier on me! It was... ah... oh my god! It was
incredible! I love you sooo much!" she had a near death grip on me.

"You are so special to me too Akna!" I held her as well.

Then I heard, "I, Priestess Meka Gordon do here and now proclaim, Akna Gordon to be
Princess to the throne of Ka'an!"

That did it! Akna fainted dead away!

Lucky for us we were in bed already!

When Akna came around she saw me, shrieked, and fainted again.

I flipped her over so she faced away from me.

The next time she came around she saw Windy in front of her, "Windy! Wow that was the
most incredible night ever! I had such a crazy dream afterwards too!"

"What did you dream Princess Akna?"

"I dreamed... What did you call me?" she nearly shrieked.

"Only your name Akna, Princess of Ka'an, what would I call you?" Windy claimed.

"I thought you said... You said Princess?" she started to have her eyes roll around like she
would loose it again.

"Are you alright my Princess?" Windy asked.

"Are you calling me...? No I must be hearing you wrong! What did you call me?"

"Princess, please do not faint on your Queen again," I whispered in her ear.

"Dolly!" she blurted.

"Yes Princess? What may I do for you?"

"Meka made me a Princess! Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!" she said in rapid-fire

"Don't you want to be a Princess?" I whispered.

"Does this mean I am your adopted daughter?" she said trembling as shock took hold of

"Yes. If you want to be."

"Oh GOD Dolly!" she spun in my arms and kissed me like it was the last kiss she would
ever have!

"Are you happy?"

She started crying next to my left ear, hugging me in a grip, which said she would not be
letting go soon. Her tiny body was wracked with sobs of joy. I could feel her salty wet
tears streaming down my neck.

"You seem to be upset my daughter. Can we do something to make you happy?" I chided.

"I love you Dolly more than I could ever show! Please don't ever let me waken from this

"I promise Akna, you are not dreaming, and should you be, you need never awaken. Are
you happy now?" I prompted.

"God you can take me now! I can never be happier!" she wailed.

"I promise to make those words untrue, if you will stay with me Akna."

"You do not have to my Q... mother... I will love you for all the days of my life!" Akna

That did it for me, when she called me mother, I started bawling my eyes out with her.

Meka and Windy made it unanimous and we had one hell of a good cry!

When we had settled down some I looked at Akna and said, "You do know that this means
you have more mothers than just me don't you?"

Her eyes were as round as a dinner plate.

"You now have over twenty mothers, including Meka, Windy, and I. You have become
daughter to one of the largest families Ka'an has seen in years little one," I smiled broadly
as I told her, knowing how much not being alone ever again would mean to this lost soul.

"A... a... a family? There are more than twenty of them? Heaven isn't even this good! I
love you mother!" she grabbed me and squeezed me.

When she released me she jumped on Meka saying, "I love you Mother Meka!" Then she
moved to Windy and repeated with, "I love you Mother Windy!" Kissing each of us in turn.

"I do want a promise from you Akna. Promise me you will not act like a Princess?
Remember you are a person, someone who my wives and I love, someone who is a real
person with feeling, and feelings for others. Will you promise me that?" I asked.

"Yes mother, I will be Akna for all of my days, I promise!"

I smiled knowing that her promise was true.

"Being a leader, being royalty is to put aside what is good for you, and to accept that which
is good for the many. You have just accepted a job to serve an entire planet worth of
people. I pray you and I both can live up to our responsibilities," I solemnly stated, staring
directly into Akna's eyes.

Akna paled a bit at this but stood her ground, "I will live as your example mother. I will do
my best to live up to your greatness."

I lost control of my tears again, and they fell wetting my new daughter's sleeve.

We broke up finally hitting the refreshers and having our breakfasts, and Akna again
provided us with a lovely floral display.

We headed to the lab where the Ambassador was enjoying his weight loss regime, Marilynn
in tow. We all knew we were early but none of us wanted to miss this emergence!

Everyone had brought with them something to occupy the time until the Ambassador came
out of his confinement, Meka had her journals, a task in which I shared, Windy had her
security duties, and everyone else had their own varied duties to occupy them.

It was early in the day that the Pea Pod gave birth to a tiny platinum blonde woman.

Marilynn was the closest, as all had agreed that her husband was hers to greet as she
emerged. The Pod split and at first it was hard to see the girl inside.

I had thought I was small when I came from within the Pod. This girl was almost a foot
shorter than I was. She was about four feet tall!

My breasts were huge but this girl's breasts were mammoth! She must be a 24 LL cup!
Her waist was no more than twelve inches in circumference and her feet made her walk
like a ballerina. She looked like a strange cross between an eleven year old girl and a
twenty two year old big-breasted stripper, all of the innocence of a young girl and all of the
sexual allure of an experienced hooker.

"Theodora, nice of you to join us!" Marilynn greeted her once abusive husband. "My word,
you have never looked better sweetheart! Is there anything that we can do for you

The little woman had unconsciously stuffed three of her own fingers in her mouth and two
of the fingers on her other had into her pussy, "Pweesse I nweewd a cwoack to swouck!"

"What did you say?"

"I sway pweesse I nweewd a cwoack to swouck!"

I broke in and interpreted, "She said, "Please I need a cock to suck!""

"Did you really Theodora?" Marilynn asked in mock disbelief.

"Mmm hmm," she nodded.

"Sorry Theodora, no cocks here. Would you settle for a realistic dildo to suck on?"

"Ywes pweese!"

"You are in luck girl, I brought one just in case! You don't mind that I haven't washed it
since jamming it into my pussy several times do you?" she asked.

"Nwo mwam!" she answered.

"Then here you go!" she said handing over a pink jelly dildo.

Theodora immediately jammed the dildo deeply into her throat and moaned, "Mmmmfm."
Then she gave a deep sigh of relief!

"Would Theodora like another treat for her molten hot pussy?" Marilynn questioned.

"Uglnhn," she nodded enthusiastically!

Marilynn handed her a big thick black dong, easily two and a half inches in diameter!

Theodora greedily jammed as much of it into herself as she could manage, moaning an
even greater sigh of relief!

"Is there anything else you would like Theodora?" Marilynn asked in a very calm and even

"Twigh mwe wup pwees?" she asked around the dildo she was still blowing.

"Oh, hmm... Windy? Do you have any rope or twine around? I think she really needs to
be tied up. If she isn't, she just might become catatonic," Marilynn speculated

Windy looked at me, so I shrugged and nodded my head, giving her the go ahead to supply
the rope.

"What is this Dolly? She is so strange!" Meka whispered to me, just as Theodora sat down
at Marilynn's feet and curled up on the floor in the fetal position, although she continued
to try and pleasure the dildo in her mouth and kept slamming the larger one into her

When Windy came back and handed the rope to Marilynn, she took it and expertly bound
and hobbled the tiny woman.

"Fwank oooh!" she said with a huge smile curving around the fake cock in her mouth.

"Is this what you expected Marilynn?" I asked only slightly astonished.

"She turned out a little more twisted than I expected, but yes, she is her fantasy woman,"
Marilynn answered almost sadly. "She will beg to be punished, she will love to suck cocks
more than breathing, she will want something in her pussy all the time, and she will only
be happy when she is being dominated."

"Is what Marilynn said true Theodora?" Meka asked her, not hardly believing what she had

Theodora nodded her platinum blonde head fervently, without even slowing her other

"Do you like being like this? I mean are you enjoying being a twisted little, monster tittied,
cock-sucking, nymphomaniac girl?" I asked changing the focus of the question enough to
get the kind of answer that Meka really had been searching for.

A tear fell from her eye and she shook her head no, still not slowing her ministrations.

Meka looked at me mouth open, eyes wide and said, "Oh my, he was a very sick man! I
have no idea how we might help her to live any kind of normal life in this condition!"

"I think I have some friends back on earth Meka," Marilynn began, "who will be able to find
Theodora a home she will be able to find fulfillment in."

My eyebrow raised but I held my tongue, "Well Marilynn, she is your wife so I see no reason
that the people of Ka'an should interfere with your wishes."

"You are wise Dolly," Meka pronounced having not understood the silent communication
Marilynn and I exchanged.

"Now that Theodora is safe we will send the Amazons out to paint the mutagen on the
blossoms of every Pea Pod they can today," Meka announced, "then tomorrow I propose we
make our way back to the village and the portal, stopping to seed the Pea Pods on the way
with the mutagen to assure their recovery."

"Sounds like the best plan to me Meka, I have to say though, I am going to miss this

"Have no fear my love. We will return here with the intercontinental transports and set up
a base of operation. We will be needing this place for the future transgendered girls to be
cured," she advised.

"So how long will it take us from the portal to get to here using a ship?"

"Once aboard the vehicle, it could take one or two minutes," she claimed, "The vehicles
were not meant for short hops, but they will perform adequately for the purpose."

"How do you fly the thing at those speeds, slow down, and land all in that short a time?" I
hadn't been shown the ships yet so how was I to know?

"You enter the coordinates of where you wish to go and relax. The system if fully
automated," she answered as if it was almost a ridiculous question.

"I think when next we visit earth I am going to have to take you out and show you an
airplane. You will never believe them if that is how you fly here!" I laughed at her

The Amazons painted the mutagen on as many of the Pea Pods as they could find before

Theodora was given a sedative so that she would be unconscious for the next couple of

I was sneaky again and slipped the amplifier onto Gwen that night and Akna was in
heaven being able to pleasure one of her new mothers. What she lacked it experience she
more than made up with enthusiasm.

Pack Your Bags

I awakened next to Gwen who was smiling at me, "You are a stinker! God that thing is
incredible! Thank you darling. I loved every second of it! I can see a real market for those

Well I think that we should hit that refresher one last time before we leave and help
everyone get the ATVs ready," I sighed and started for the door.

"Do not hurry Dolly. Everything has been in readiness for half an hour or more. The
ladies are relaxing and waiting for you to come to them, they do not desire for you to hurry.
They are pleased to let you luxuriate in a lazy morning before we leave," Akna smiled and
escorted me to the bathroom.

"So I am holding up the whole show? Why didn't you guys wake me? I better get a move
on!" I fretted starting to hurry my steps a little.

Akna gently took my arm and said, "They would be most upset if you hurried yourself
Dolly. I was to go with you to assure your leisure and to, <tee he> scrub your back!" She
was smiling her head off.

I let her 'scrub my back', but I made her let me give her another outfit to wear before we

She and I emerged from the building and I discovered that the fence had been repaired and
all of the security doors had been put back, "How will we get back in?"

"I know all of the security access codes Dolly. We will not need to force the doors when we
return, and the Mutated Pea Pods have been secured so that should anyone be about they
will not accidentally compromise our cache of TG Pea Pods."

"Hey I like that, 'TG Pea Pods'. It has a nice ring to it," I tried it out with my own tongue,
"Congratulations Akna, you have named our mutated Pea Pods."

And so it was that we headed back to the portal, the three males, now prisoners of their
own folly, and our new Princess.

Marilynn was taking charge of the American mission admirably. She had her new wife tied
up and unconscious in the environment chamber that had carried him here.

When finally we pulled up to the Consulate and portal building there was an extremely
long and tearful parting of our two parties. We had grown very close to the Marines and to

Marilynn took the three new women with her into the Consulate and began the long
arduous training for them to become the ladies they now were equipped as.

Theodora however, seemed to have just disappeared when I asked after her a couple of
days later.

Loose Ends

It was weeks after our return while I was out shopping with Ambassador Marilynn
Blatherwick when she directed me to drive to a seedier part of town where we looked in on
Theodora through a two-way mirror. She was busy giving one man a blowjob tied up and
hanging from the ceiling. Another customer was butt fucking her and we could hear her
moaning her enjoyment throughout the whole thing.

"So that is why you wanted me to search out another pleasure amplifier and give it to you!
Are the modifications that Windy made working out?" I asked curious to know.

"Oh yes! This amplifier will operate 24/7! I have no Idea what kind of energy cell it has
but Windy said it should last a lifetime! No one but Windy and I knows the release code
either!" she gleefully replied.

"Oh well, as much as I detested Theo, I wouldn't want her not to really enjoy her new life," I
giggled as I watched a hooker attach the milking machine to Theodora, and smiled at the
hooting and catcalls from her adoring fans while she filled a small pail with milk and
orgasmed time after time.

We left just as she started on her third blowjob in half an hour and pushed our way
through the half block long line of men waiting to get their chance at her.

"Meka says that she might be able to come up with a way to help Theodora with her
compulsions, but it will take a couple of years," I told Marilynn, not at all certain whether
she would want Meka to do it.

"A couple of years? Hmm... that just might be long enough for her to understand the harm
she did to those poor young hookers and I," she pondered, "I suppose we can't leave her
like this forever. That would be too cruel, even if she did do it to herself."

"I'm glad you feel that way. Meka did say however, she will be stuck with that body for the
rest of her days," I added, "She will still be quite popular, but at least she will be able to
have some control over herself."

We finished our trip without incident, well unless you want to talk about the fool who
couldn't wait for Theodora and decided that I could take her place... Good thing I am a fast
learner and Windy is such a good teacher! He may just wind up applying for the
transgender trip, since his balls are probably somewhere around his Adams apple after I
kicked him between the legs.

Speaking of Meka, she is pregnant now after the Invitro Fertilization from my sperm stored
at the sperm bank, which the Amazons tracked down. (Don't ask!)

Maureen and Ginger have divorced. It seems Meka is right, living with someone who is
almost exactly like yourself, is near impossible.

Dawn has applied for citizenship on Ka'an. I have it on good authority that will be
approved. We need a good administrator for our Transgendering program.

The compound is fully manned now and is our new planetary headquarters, at least until
we develop the infrastructure to reopen the downtown area of the city.

I have been astounded by how many Ka'anians have survived in different little villages and
even those like Akna who were loners. They have seen the lights of the compound and the
landings and takeoffs of the transports. Nothing like a little civilized activity to bring
people out of the woodwork.

Between the village and the compound we have almost a thousand people and are growing
everyday! Almost half of those are pregnant.

Several of the transgendered ladies want to stay on Ka'an and have been getting pregnant
to help with our needed population growth. I predict the sales in baby clothing in Reno will
be going up sharply very soon!

The sale of the prescription drug, 'Goddess's gift' is going through the roof! Unfortunately
it is in limited supply. Hey I'm only Ka'anian, I can only orgasm so much!

We had to develop a fair distribution of the stuff. I wasn't about to raise the price so that
only the very wealthy could afford it.

I finally discovered what Meka had shushed Akna over. There seems to have been some
kind of legend of an off-worlder who was destined to save the planet and become Ka'an's
greatest Queen, one which even preceded Meka's Father/Mother's. I don't place stock in
silly legends so I shrugged it off as coincidence.

Oh, yes! The Pea Pods! I almost forgot! All of the Pea Pod plants not under our direct
control have reverted to their original purpose, rejuvenation of a person's body. We don't
have anyone who looks older than twenty-four years old around anymore. Our brave Akna
took a trip through for us to show that the Pea Pods were once again working as Dr.
Chirakan Ixmucane had created them to be, so she is now 19 years old again.

Word of this was strictly kept confidential. No non-Ka'anian was to be told, ever! Even the
transgendered people only knew of the TG Pea Pods, that is unless they applied for
citizenship and were accepted. The Marines... well we simply resorted to blackmail... we
didn't tell about their lesbian tendencies, and when they were ready, they were going to be
allowed to regenerate themselves in one of the re-mutated Pea Pods.

We have discussed it thoroughly and do not believe that earthlings are ready for
immortality. We are not even sure Ka'anians are either, but the genie is out of the bottle so
we are stuck with it.

Of course I can write about it in this story... since it is just a fantastic tail, isn't it?

The End


Pea Pod - The Return (Version 0.2)
By Wholeman

Everything else is Copyright (c) 2004, by: Stone On the Moor LTD. Freely archived, copied,
transmitted, and redistributed, printed, fantasized about or masturbated to or used to
perpetuate marital bliss. (Just don't tell her you read this stuff)

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