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Part One-;co

“My most kinky sexual experience? That’s what you want to know hugh? Gee Michael and I, he’s my husband you know, we’ve tried all sorts of things. Like we thought we invented sex and in a way we did for each other. We’ve been together since the dark ages. I would say the kinkiest started when we were sixteen. Only three people know this story and you have to promise never to tell a soul.

It was the day before Michael’s seventeenth birthday. I was still sixteen and we had been going together by which I mean screwing for about a year. Almost from the start we planned to get married. Of course our parents thought it was puppy love but twenty years, three kids, a mortgage and two cars later here we are. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

But back to the story. We were cuddling and petting a little in Michaels car. He had been saving for a year to get it and although my parents would have thrown a fit I kicked in some of my earnings to help out. The car made life a lot easier. It was easier to get together and of course it gave us a place to make out. Well really we had a place to fuck. A bedroom on wheels.

Michael, not Mike, was the biggest hunk in school. Not just my bragging all the girls thought so. My best friends were all jealous.

How he ever hooked up with the likes I me I’ll never understand. Well, I was pretty ya know but like he could have had any freek’en girl in the school. Me I’m maybe you’re 8 or 8.5. Even the 10s drooled over Michael.

Now of course I figured out pretty quick how to treat my man. I kept the poor boy totally drained all the time ya know. We fucked everyday; sometimes more than that. Didn’t want my boy gett’en hungry and trying out no other snacks.

What was really cool was that with the car we could spend whole days at his father’s hunting lodge by the lake. We even got friends to cover for us and spent the whole weekend there a few times.

Michael’s dad is “way cool” as we said then. He like accidently walked in on us one day after school and just said. “Oh I didn’t mean to interrupt anything.“ and closed the door. At first we were shocked and didn’t know what to do. You know like do we and get dressed or finish our fuck. Finally Michael just shrugged and went back to pounding me and we about died laughing. We both had great orgasms too. I it was sort of exciting.

Afterwards his dad told us that he and Michaels mother were doing it at sixteen so who was he to judge. He asked if we were protected. I’m on the pill. So it was all cool. It’s was our secret. He let us use the cabin. Michael tells him when we’re going up so he didn’t accidently show up with his Michaels’s mom or something.

So anyway. There we we’re parked in one of our favorite spots and I’ve got Michaels beautiful cock out teasing it. He’s already hard and wanted to rush things but I’m having too much fun making him suffer. And tomorrow’s he turns seventeen.

“And just what do you want for you’re Birthday big guy?” I asked playfully toward his male appendage. “Just what would you like little old Amanda to give you?”

Well what do guys want on their birthday. Sex of course. Gals too for that matter. Any excuse to make love is a good excuse. I had something very special planned. Michael was coming to my house and we were going to spend the night in my bed. He was going to fuck me in my own bed in the room I grew up in. It had been a fantasy of mine for a long time.

“Do you really want to know what I want Mandy?” he ask.

“Think I’ve got an idea but why don’t you just tell me specifically what kind of a birthday present I can give you?” I thought he was going to describe positions or roles or something really erotic you know.
Did I mention that I had his cock out of his pants just leasurely playing with my very favorite toy. I guess not. He was already hard but then he could get hard in an instant then.

“You sure? I mean are you really sure you want to know?”

“Michael! Stop playing games. “You know I’ll do anything you want to. When have I ever said no? It’s you Birthday so you can fuck me anyway you want to. Of course you do that every day anyway but who doesn’t want to get fucked on their birthday?”

His strong hands were tickling my bare flat tummy and just grazing the sensitive undersides of my B cup tits which was…well…it was driving me up the fucking wall.

All Michael has to do is touch me even twenty years later and I get all gushy. Of course I was doing the same thing to him. We both knew that we were headed to the back seat like soon.

“Well see Mandy and god don’t flip out or nothing cause you know I love you too much for words and nothing at all will ever come between us. Right?”

“Yes of course. Michael you’re scaring me. What in the world….”

Well see I’ve got this fantasy you know. You know it’s like when we do the role play stuff and I get even more turned on than usual?”

I would let Michael tie me up sometimes and I borrowed a cheerleader outfit and wore that and we’d played other games so I understood. “Yes of course. Like when I dress up like a whore and stuff like that.”

“Yeah sort of only this is different. It’s like taking fantasy to another level. “

Well now that was interesting and it gave me a tingle cause I liked our games and if he had a nice new kinky one to try on his birthday all the better.

“Now don’t hit me or anything but the birthday present I would really really like is for you to help me screw Abby.

“You want what?” I guess I was more shocked than alarmed. It was so out of the blue.

Abby was my fourteen year old sister. We could almost be twins we looked so much alike. Even more so once we grew up. The age difference isn’t noticeable. Back then she wasn’t as well developed so you can tell she was younger but still we looked a lot alike.

Abby is brilliant and like totally curious about everything even today. I knew she’d done some petting but who hasn’t by fourteen. I just don’t know how far the petting has gone. I was almost sure she was still a virgin.

“Michael you want to screw my sister? How could you? How could you even think about it. She’s just fourteen and she’s my sister for gods sake. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “Are you serious or is this some kind of joke or something cause I don’t get like were it’s fucking funny.” My words poured out in a torrent.

“Mandy don’t get all excited. You’ve not heard the whole deal yet so just give me a chance to explain. See I said I want you to help. That’s part of the fantasy. I didn’t say just I want to fuck Abby.

You would be there. Everything would be perfectly safe. It’s not like I’m dumping you for Abby or anything. I love you. I would never do that. It’s just that well…God I like to fuck you right? I mean I really like it and we’re really good together. We really know how to please each other right?”

I just nodded trying not to freak. Not yet anyway,

So seeing you and Abby together really turns me on. See it’s like you look so much alike that well doing it with both of you would be like doing it with two of you. Does that make sense? “

“You want to fuck me and Abby. Together? Like you mean at the same time?” I don’t believe this, I thought.

“Well in the fantasy it’s more like fucking two Mandy‘s. I guess Abby might be upset if she understood that but it’s what turns me on. It’s like there’s nothing in the world better than sex with Mandy except having sex with two Mandy’s. Damn it Mandy you know fantasies don’t make logical sense. The just are.”

“Two of me?” I questioned. In a strange way it did make sense. I could see how it was a hell of a fantasy. “Ok just for the sake of fantasy tell me how this goes. Not saying I’m going to go for anything. This is altogether too wild. But I’ll humor you for now.”

Great but first lets hop in back and take care of business. You got me all turned on and then we got de-railed. Let’s get back on track. I think I was about to fuck the shit out of that tight little pussy I dearly love.

“Well if you’re going to be that way and keep me wondering then you’ve gotta eat me first. I got you turned on? What about my soaked panties. What about that Hugh big boy?” I guided his hand between my legs to make the point.

“I’d say I’m going to rip your soaked panties off and eat me some might fine pussy juice.” He laughed as we quickly hit the back seat.

I remember that he pulled his hand back and made a show of licking his fingers. “Yum the flavor of the month.”

“Michael you pervert it better not just be for a month.” I countered.

A back seat’s not the best place to make love but when you’re a horny kid you can do it anywhere. “All right Mr. Smarty if you’re going to eat me then lets 69 so I can have a snack too,” I continued.

I should have known that since I didn’t get mad and jump out of the car or at least make Michael take me home, that I had already lost the battle over Mikes birthday present.

By that time I was way to far gone with lust to think about anything but pleasure. Getting and giving. I like to get off as much as anybody but I absolutely adore driving Michael totally insane. He feels the same way about me too. That’s why we are so good in the sack. Neither of us is selfish.

Sixty-nine is my favorite of any position that doesn’t involve a dick in my pussy. I like giving blow jobs and yes I do swallow but sixty-nines are so great because it’ not just Michael having all the fun. Oh and is ever a Michael a great muff diver.

Unlike most boys he was patient enough to learn what really does the trick. He said he was hooked the first time I came all over his face and he saw just how strongly I got off.

At that moment Michael was tormenting me to distraction. See he starts out by sucking and pulling my outer lips back gently with his teeth. Then he licks all the pink with his tongue just barely touching. It’s feather light and a quite the turn on.

Michael learned to work from back to front, after munching on the pink he rims my sex hole good, sometimes he sticks his tongue in and licks me inside out. Sometimes not. See not knowing exactly what’s coming just makes it even more intense.

Finely, mercifully he finds my clit. Again he’s feather light at first. By that time I have a small orgasm. Of course he never stops there. He keeps licking and since my clit already more sensitive from the little cum and I quickly get off again. So that twice.

By now I’m in total overload nothing in the world matters but the pleasure washing over me again and again. With perfect timing just when I think I can’t stand any more, lover boy, pulls the trigger and launches an all out assault on my love button.

He sucks hard on my clit and brings just a hint of teeth to bare. I usually go off like a bomb instantly but if I’m slow out of the gate he’ll either swat my butt, jam a finger in my ass hole or shove a couple straight up my over eager pussy. You know it’s like when a jockey goes for the whip just before the finish line. Well Boom! It’s like an A bomb just goes off.

A secret just between us OK? Come to think of this is pretty kinky too.

I’ve even cum so hard I peed right in poor Michaels face. Not often but I have and for the life of me I don’t know why he would put up with such a thing. I mean like this girl doesn’t do the golden shower thing. Michael isn’t goanna get to pee on me. Well not in the face anyway. That’s way too yucky. He just shrugs it off like the pervert he is at heart.

In the meantime I’m not the only one getting some action. That’s the great thing about 69. I’m licking and sucking away on Michaels beautiful cock. You know a cock is just about the best toy god ever invented for a gal. It’s engorged shaft is all rock hard but the skin is downy soft to the touch. I get it all slippery with spit then suck and lick the head and jack him off at the same time. Drives him insane too.

Michaels dick isn’t a monster like in the porno stuff. Sure it’s kinda fun to watch. Michael gets more out of porn than I do but I guess that’s normal for men.

Michael is pretty average about six or six and a half inches. That must be just about right for me. He’s always filled my pussy so nicely. He’s not too big to deep throat once in a while either. I do it because he gets a rush out of it and in the end I get the benefit of anything that gets him turned on.

Well now I’m a greedy gal so I try not to get Michael off in my mouth when we do the sixty nine thing. I’m like still worked up after I cum. For me oral is great but I always have a little unscratched itch until I get that cock and a load of cum in my fuck hole.

Yeah sure I’ve had it all over. I like the taste too, call me old fashioned but that’s where a man’s supposed to cum. I just love the feel of getting all filled up down there. Lots of times I don’t shower after sex until the next morning. I like to keep that part of my man tucked up inside. For some reason, having Michaels seed in there makes me feel warm and safe. I always sleep good and wake up with a grin remembering the night before.

So I’ve had my orgasms and I’m still on top. I have to get him out of my mouth to cum. It’s so intense I’m afraid I’ll bit it off or something. I quickly get going again.

“Uh…uh…uh… Oh Mandy…Oh…” he’s panting away like crazy. I can’t hold out much longer.” As if I couldn’t tell.

We quickly switch around so I’m on the bottom missionary and I hook my legs around him.

“YES!” he yells as he slams home in the first stroke just the way I love it. “Oh God yes….Feels so good.”

Feels good to me too. I’m all hot for it and when my pussy suddenly expands to greet that first, almost violent stroke, it’s the most wonderful feeling next to an orgasm. If we start out differently and I haven’t gotten off well that does it. One stroke and I’m off to the moon.

“Cumming Mandy…cumming…..Uhhhhhhh.” When he’s that close it only takes a few stokes to send him over the edge. I do so love to watch the way my lover’s face contorts in ecstasy when he shoots that precious load. That warm gush often gets me off again. I love everything about having my fuck hole filled to overflowing. Even as a kid Michael would shoot big loads. There’s really no way to describe you it feels unless you’ve been there,

So after Michael had fucked me senseless and while I was like totally dazed and completely at his mercy I agreed to help him seduce my sister and do a three way. Only if she wanted to though. She had to agree.

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