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(Well... just another attempt at another series. This is the series I wanted to start with the SDF stuff as the prologue. If you've read the SDF series, you might recognize a few familiar characters. :p)

Windroy Twelve Forrest Secondary School was just your average public high school. Well... on the outside, anyway. Although it was over a hundred years old, the school building looked very modern and was up-to-date in terms of school equipment and such. At present, it had over 50 classrooms and around 900 students. The computer-labs had the latest computer models and used the Linux OS. The gymnasium had the latest in training equipment and the library took up two floors.

In the year 2XXX, it was just your average public high school with above average school funding. To those who did not go to this school, there was nothing out of the ordinary. Most who did go to this school were also oblivious to the dark nature of this school. Only a handful of the 900 students knew the true horrors and secrets behind Windroy Twelve Forrest Secondary School. Only a handful knew the true reason why it was closed for five years and just reopened an year ago.

An year ago, the previous principal found out the secret, but he knew he had no time to expose it. As a last ditch effort, he immediately sought out and hired a previous student of the school to be a teacher. The day after this teacher was hired, the principal mysterious vanished and was replaced by another.

"Three years of high school and nothing special happens. This sucks," A high school student around seventeen years old muttered as he walked to his first day of school. He kicked around an empty can as he walked along the leaf-covered sidewalk. The metallic sound of the aluminum rang out in tune with the crunching of the freshly fallen leaves.

He knew that high school life was deeply exaggerated in media and such, but he couldn't help but feel disappointed. Three years had passed and nothing exciting happened at all. There was some rivalry with a local school, but there were no pranks pulled. Bullying was at a minimum and the washrooms and parking lots were cleared of any stoners. However, he was going to a new school this year... so perhaps things would be different for once?

"Oh crap! I think I already passed it!" The high school student exclaimed as he whirled around and immediately ran in the direction he came from.

Title: WTF High's School Defense Force - Lesson I
Class: 4D
Room: 104
The school year begins! Random Student #13's first day of class!

"Huh... that's strange... the names aren't in order," Mr. Smith muttered as he looked over the attendance sheet. The homeroom teacher stood at around six feet tall and had a medium build. He had dark brown hair that was split in the middle. He wore a brown suit and black tie. "Alright, just raise your hand and/or say 'here' when your name is called. Mike Angels."

"Here." A student with white hair raised his hand. He wore a white shirt with black sleeves and the number 7 on the front. He also wore a cross around his neck and baggy blue jeans.

"Sera Spykes."

"Here." A student with golden blond hair raised her hand. Her hair was tied into a pony-tail and two dreadlocks framed her face. She also had yellow eyes that almost matched those of a serpent's.

"Tiehhsin Ying."

"I prefer to be called Tim." A young Chinese man with jet black hair and silver grey eyes raised his hand.

"Trent Bloom. Trent Bloom. Anyone here answer to that name?" The teacher looked around the room in case he missed a hand being raised. He sighed and marked the student absent. Unknown to the teacher, Trent really was in school and heard what the teacher said. Mr. Smith shook his head in disapproval. "Sheesh... on his first day, too. Let's move on... Jesse Cromberry."

A student wearing a black hood and extremely long sleeves responded with a raised hand.

"Is there a reason why you're wearing a hood to cover your face?" Mr. Smith asked. When the student nodded, the teacher shrugged his shoulders and said, "Okay... moving on. Motoko Kurenai."

"I prefer Monica, if you don't mind," Monica replied with a raised hand. She was a Japanese girl with long shiny black hair that reached the small of her back.

"Io Ford."

"Here," A girl with short auburn hair and a small body raised her hand. She barely looked like a middle school student let alone a high school senior.

At first Mr. Smith thought about asking Io her age, but decided to leave her alone. He looked back down at his papers and continued, "Virginia Celeste."

"Here!" An Italian girl with two pig tails and green eyes raised her hand.

"Heather Kimbley," Mr. Smith continued down the unorganized list until he reached the bottom. Once that was over with, he faced the class and began his lesson. "First thing's first... I don't like lateness and I won't tolerate talking in class. If you're absent, at least you're not interrupting the class for those who took the effort to show up. Therefore I've come up with a simple, but effective punishment for all late-comers. If you're late or talk in class, you get stuck with a nickname of my choosing for the rest of the day."

"What? Can he do that?" A guy with large eyes, Random Student #1 asked.

"That's not fair." Random Student #2 looked pretty angry.

"Does that count as abuse?" Random Student #3 wondered.

"Depends on the nickname, I guess?" Random Student #4 shrugged.

"Fish Eyes, Blue Boy, Banana Bandana, Ringer, what did I just say?" Mr. Smith snapped at four students in the back.

"Wait... how did he know my real nickname?" Bandana quirked an eyebrow questioningly.

"Excuse me, is this homeroom 4D?" A late student asked as soon as he entered the classroom.

"Random Student #13, point out your name," Mr. Smith held out the attendance sheet towards the new student.

"Uh... right here," Random Student #13 was taken aback by the teacher's unusual response and simply pointed out where his name was supposed to be.

"There's a seat right behind Monica, Thirteen. If you showed up on time, you would've known why I'm calling you Thirteen, Thirteen," Mr. Smith pointed at the desk right behind the Japanese girl.

"Um... okay..." Thirteen was confused at the "explanation" as he took his seat behind Monica. He was still confused when the class was told to take out their textbooks and turn to the first chapter.

Interesting teacher, don't you think? A female voice giggled.

"Wha..." Thirteen looked around for the source of the voice, but to now avail. All the other students appeared to have their attention on the teacher at the moment. After a moment, their attention shifted to the first student who had to read out loud to the class.

Don't bother trying to look for me. A mortal like you couldn't possibly figure out who I am in this class.

"Maybe I'm dreaming... yeah... that's it... maybe I'm sleeping in class," Thirteen muttered to himself. For some reason, no one else had noticed the voice. Why would they? The voice sounded like it was coming from Thirteen's own head.

Let's meet up in the girl's locker room after school. I'll show you something special.

"Yep... just... insane... in the membrane," Thirteen muttered to himself as he concentrated on the words in his textbook.

"What was that, Dreamer?" Mr. Smith asked as he stood over Dreamer's desk.

Thirteen almost had a heart attack when he heard Mr. Smith's voice. For a moment there, he thought he had his nickname changed or something.

Monica looked out from the corner of her eye with suspicion written all over her face. A tingle went up her spine and goosebumps rose from the back of her neck. She felt something familiar and dangerous in the air of room 104. Someone or something was definitely emitting a killer's intent.


"Well... glad that's over with," Thirteen muttered as soon as classes had ended. There were a few classes he liked and a few classes he didn't like all that much. Then there were the classes that were either dreadfully boring, a hateful teacher, or both. Now that he thought about it, there were more boring classes with hateful teachers than all the rest put together. Unfortunately for him,

Homeroom was pretty interesting what with the teacher handing out nicknames all the time. There was also that weird occurrence with the voice inside his head. This was pretty much what Thirteen wanted, but he wondered if he should had been more specific with his wish. Then he wondered about the voice inside his head. Was it really all in his head or did someone really invited him to the girl's locker room?

The confused student thought about it some more as he stood in front of his locker. If it really was all in his head, then perhaps the reason for it happening was because he was trying to delude himself into believing his new school-life would be interesting. It would explain why no one else seemed to hear the voice. On the other hand, if one of the girls really did want to meet with him...

"Excuse me, are you okay? You had been standing there for ten minutes," Monica snapped her fingers in front of Thirteen's face. Her locker just happened to be right next to Thirteen's.

"Huh? Oh... right... sorry, just thinking about something," Thirteen apologized with a flustered look on his face. The two of them happened to have a couple classes together besides homeroom, so they got a couple chances to talk to each other. At first Thirteen wondered if the strange voice from homeroom came from Monica since she sat in front of him. Since the strange voice did not match Monica's, he threw that idea out the window.

"There's no need to apologize, but you should hurry up. They're closing the school in a few minutes," Monica warned as she gathered her books into her bag and walked away. As she did, a look of concern crossed her face as her eyes shifted to the side. She muttered to herself, "Strange..."

"What? Already?" Thirteen asked with a look of suspicion on his face. Suddenly, a stab of fear went through his body. He really, really, really wanted to check out the girl's locker room, but he knew the reason for it was too ridiculous to consider it. He wondered why he was so tempted and pondered on the thought that perhaps there was something wrong with him.


"Huh?" Thirteen whirled around and tried to locate the source of the clanging. It was then he realized that the entire hallway was empty. For a brief moment, he was afraid that he had been standing around for much longer than ten minutes. He checked his watch and breathed a sigh of relief, but still wondered about the sudden emptiness of the school hallway. Was it really possible for the hallways to be completely empty just a few minutes after school?


"Uh..." This time, Thirteen was quite sure of where the sound was coming from. He stared at his locker, which he had yet to open. Did someone get stuffed into a locker? As in... his locker? How did somebody manage to open his locker, anyway? The youngster immediately knocked on his locker and asked, "Hey! Is someone in there?"

"Depends! Who's asking?" A voice called back.

"Hold on, I'll get you out," Thirteen replied as he hurriedly unlocked his locker and pulled it open. Once he did, he found himself staring at the metal back of his locker. There was no one in there!

Before Thirteen decided to check the other lockers, he noticed the back of his locker moving. He stared as a guy his age with blond hair revealed himself by pulled back the metal board that was the back of his locker.

"Hey there! Name's Trent!" Trent exclaimed happily as he firmly grasped the hand of his wide-eyed classmate. The student wore a green jacket over a white shirt and brown trousers. His blond hair was so long that it actually reached down to his ankles. "I'm from 4D, just like you!"

"Wha... how... wha..." Thirteen stammered as he tried to figure out what to ask or say first. For some reason, his first question was, "I don't remember seeing you in homeroom this morning."

"Heh, I was busy checking out the school's tunnel system. You can go pretty much anywhere in there," Trent explained with a mischievous grin on his face. He pulled out a sheet of paper and revealed it to be a map of the school with a network of lines all over the place. Thirteen looked at it and figured that the lines represented the tunnels Trent was talking about.

"Tun... wha... wait, did you say anywhere?" Thirteen asked as he grabbed the map from Trent's hands. "Even the girl's locker room?"

"Sure! I'll take you there if you keep this whole thing a secret," Trent continued grinning as he stepped back into Thirteen's locker. "So, the girl's locker room, eh? You realize there won't be any girl's there right now, right?"

"Yeah but... no! It's not what you..." Thirteen faltered when he realized how ridiculous he must've looked trying to convince this student, who discovered a secret tunnelling system, that he wasn't trying to peek on anyone when he said he wanted to check out the girl's locker room.

"Sure... whatever you say, Random Student #13," Trent said right before he pulled his new friend into the locker. The locker door shut behind them, reducing the light to nothing save for a few slivers from the slits on the door. Thirteen could no nothing but follow along as he was dragged by Trent through the tunnels. The tunnels were surprisingly spacious around six feet high and one and a half feet wide.

"I'd prefer it if you didn't call me Random Student #13," Thirteen replied as he was dragged along.

"Really? Sounds pretty cool if you ask me. How bout... Voyeur-Boy! There's also Spacey, Statue, or Locker Guy," Trent suggested.

"Thirteen's fine," Thirteen sighed in defeat.

As he walking along the narrow passageway, he noticed lines of light that went from one wall to the next. It took a moment before he realized that the lines were coming from peepholes in the wall. With curiosity on his mind, he looked through one of them and found himself looking at a computer screen. The next hole revealed that the computer lab was on the other side of the wall. Ten holes later and Thirteen was able to see his homeroom.

"C'mon, the girls are waiting," Trent urged his new companion to follow along.

"Alright, I'm coming, but I don't see any reason to hurry. There aren't any girls there today, right?" Thirteen replied with a questioning look on his face. He hoped there was a girl in the locker room, because it could mean that he wasn't going crazy. It could also mean some... he immediately shook that thought out of his head.

"Ah... here we are! The girl's locker room," Trent exclaimed after several seconds later. He waved his hand to signal his new companion over.

His hair's so long, I wonder how he grew it, Thirteen thought to himself before Trent's exclamation. He snapped out of his daze and shuffled over to where the holes peeking into the girl's locker room was. He peered into one of the holes, wondering how no one noticed so many peepholes throughout the school. He sucked in his breath as soon as his eye was on the view on the other side of the wall.

On the other side of the wall were two girls sitting on the bench in the locker room. One of them was a blond with yellow serpent-like eyes and dreadlocks that framed her face. She had pale skin and a frail light build to her body. The other girl had brown eyes and short brown hair with red streaks. She was slightly more tanned than the blond and a bit more muscle to her body. They were both naked and making out with each other.

Thirteen recognized both of them to be students from his homeroom. The blond girl with the dreadlocks was Sera while the girl with red-streaked brown hair was Linda. Besides their names, he knew next to nothing about them... which was expected considering it was still his first day of school.

"Go ahead, make as much noise as you want," Trent grinned as he continued watching through his peephole. "For some reason, we can hear them, but they can't hear us. It's quite convenient, really."

This is wrong... but I can't look away... Thirteen thought to himself as he continued watching his classmates make out.

"I'm glad you accepted my invitation," Sera giggled as she pulled her lips away from Linda. A thin strand of saliva bridged the space between their tongues.

"Ah..." Linda looked as though she didn't want to stop. With possessed eyes, she stared longingly at her lover and tried to resume the kiss. However, Sera stopped her by placing her hands on her lover's shoulders. The blonde girl leaned forth, forcing her classmate to lean backwards and lie down on the bench.

"Just try to relax and let me do the work," Sera said as a sneer etched across her face. She swung one leg over Linda's body and straddled her lover's hips. Her hunter's eyes pierced through the tense air and into Linda's doe brown eyes. Although her eyes were on the dazed girl before her, her eyes were also visible to Thirteen. Even if you didn't look directly into her petrifying eyes, you would still have a hard time breathing let alone move.

Thirteen's peeping eye was drawn to the dark round pupils encased by the sunflower yellow irises. His eyes widened as he watched the round pupils become thing vertical slits. Sera reached down and touched her trembling lover's face with a calm look on her own face. Her index finger drew downwards from Linda's left earlobe and down to her chin. The more dominant girl used her finger to tilt her prey's head backwards as her predatory eyes scanned the girl's smooth skin.

The yellow-eyed girl grabbed hold of Linda's wrists and placed them above her lover's head. With her left hand pinning down the other girl's hands, her right reached down underneath the bench. She sat up with two coils of rope in her right hand. With one coil of rope, she straightened out Linda's arms before tying her wrists together. The other coil was used to tie the first rope to the bench. Throughout the process, Linda looked too out of it to really do anything at all.

Next, Sera slid backwards until she was off the bench. She grabbed hold of Linda's ankles and pulled them apart. With one ankle on either side of the bench, Sera revealed a third coil of rope, which was used to tie the ankles together with the knees bent. Now that her prey was all tied up, she was ready to being her game.

Thirteen's heart hammered against the inside of his chest. Despite what Trent said, he was quite positive that Sera could hear his heartbeat. He was a bit disappointed that Linda's pussy was facing away from him, but he also knew he wasn't supposed to be watching this either.

"Hmm... something seems to be missing," Sera tapped her finger against her chin as she stood over her new toy. All of a sudden, she grabbed hold of one end of the bench and began rotating it. Despite her frail-looking body, she appeared to be strong enough to move the bench while Linda was tied to it... and quite easily, too.

"Wha..." Thirteen backed off a bit when he realized that he was staring right into Linda's open womanhood! He began to panic, wondering if the two girls knew that he was peeping in on them. He wanted to run away before he was caught, but his body refused to budge. As if he were hypnotized, he continued watching the scene before him.

"Yes... the light here is sssssoooooooooo much better," Sera hissed into Linda's ear. Her left hand travelled along down Linda's throat, causing the tied-up girl to gulp in both fear and excitement. Her right hand stroked the brunette's red streaks while her left hand continued its journey down the valley between the breasts. The dominating girl swung her leg over the bench so that Linda's head was between her knees. "I can see your lovely body quite clearly now, my pet."

Dribbles of juice were travelling down the blonde's inner thigh as her hands grabbed hold of the submissive's breasts. She lowered her body so that her pussy was mere inches from Linda's waiting mouth. Linda reached up with her tongue, but she was unable to reach the prize she so dearly wanted. She struggled against her bonds, but to no avail. Fortunately for her, a drop of Sera's cum fell from the pussy and onto the tip of the possessed girl's tongue.

"Enough playing around, I want you to make me come," Sera commanded as she lowered her pussy and sat down on her sex toy's face. Linda was taken by surprise and started thrashing around with her tongue. She could barely breathe and became desperate for air, so she worked away at her captor's pussy. Sera moaned in response, "Oh... yes... that's right. Just like that."

Thirteen continued watching from the other side of the wall. He couldn't look away from the scene and he wasn't sure he wanted to. Sera lowered her head until her dreadlocks brushed lightly against the bench. Her hands clamped down onto the sides of the bench so that she was able to support herself. Her eyes were on the same level as Thirteen, which made the young man extremely nervous.

A sharp breath escaped from Thirteen as soon as Sera closed her eyes. The blonde girl with the serpent's glare shut her eyes tightly as she felt the beginnings of an orgasm. She rocked her hips against Linda's tongue and her breathing went faster. Her moaning became louder and echoed against the walls and lockers of the empty locker room.

"Keeping licking like the bitch you are," Sera gasped out as she pressed her pussy tightly against Linda's hungry lips. With one hand still on the bench, she used the other to play with her tits. She took her own nipple between her index and thumb and started twisting away as hard as she could. After a few seconds, she let go and started twisting the other.

You're just a dumb slut, aren't you? A little lesbo slut who can't live without pussy in her life. It was Sera's voice. Although the message was directed at Linda, Thirteen could hear it loud and clear. I saw the way you've been looking at all those girls in class. The way you almost drooled at the sight of... who was it again? Monica? She's a pretty one, isn't she? That's who you wanted to fuck, right? That's who you were going to go after before I asked you to meet me here in this locker room.

Wait a minute, that message was for Linda? Thirteen thought to himself. His thoughts were cut short as soon as he heard a scream of pleasure. His focus was back on Sera's now tensed-up body and the thought messages were somehow forgotten.

Oh... that was good. I was very good, my pet. I bet you've had a lot of practice, Sera smirked as the last of her cum dribbled into Linda's mouth. She waited for a moment to catch her breath before opening her eyes.

Her left eye stared right into Thirteen.

Thirteen wasn't exactly quite sure what happened next.

You weren't supposed to know. It was a private invitation, you know, Sera hissed into Thirteen's mind. She stood up and proceeded to untie her new slave. Linda rolled off the bench and laid there on the floor, but Thirteen wasn't aware of that. The guy was trembling for he found himself submerged in nothing but darkness. He was unable to breath for there was no air to breath. He was unable to see and unable to hear. He could only feel the fluid-like space around him slowly squeeze the life out of him.

Kneel down before me and clean me out, Sera grabbed Linda by the hair and forced her new slave to her knees. She sat down on the bench and pulled Linda's head between her thighs. She sneered at the brown-haired girl while stroking the slave's hair. The dominant high school girl looked up from her submissive classmate and into the peephole. For some reason, the hole was invisible to normal people when viewed from the outside. However, Sera was not a normal girl.

This is... Thirteen struggled against the suffocation and tried to snap himself out of it. He was able to move his body, but there was no point what with him just floating there. He forced his eyes open and looked deep into the darkness.

He reached up with his right hand until his thumb was right in front of him. He opened up his mouth and clamped down on his thumb until blood began dripping out. He snapped out of it and found himself back in the secret tunnel of peepholes.

"Trent?" Thirteen quickly looked around, but couldn't find his new companion anywhere. He quickly resigned to the fact that he was left behind to face Sera's wrath.

Wrath? That's a little too strong of a word, don't you think? Sera giggled into the young man's head. Thirteen found himself back in the suffocating darkness. However, this time he was able to see Sera's face clearly, which was an inch was his own.

Thirteen held his breath and his heart hammered with excitement and fear. He thought he was about to die from a heart attack when Sera started rubbing her body up against her classmate's. The speechless guy's body stiffened as he felt the blonde's silky smooth skin rub up against his own. For some reason, in this world of darkness, he was completely naked.

I'm quite curious as to how you were able to listen in on my thought messages, Sera grinned as her snake-like eyes continued piercing into her new captured prey's eyes. Her right hand reached up and her index and middle fingertips touched Thirteen's forehead. I can sense something quite special about you, Berserker. Do you know why I'm calling you Berserker? You'll find out sooner or later, but for now... let's try something fun. What I'm interested in right now is your innate intuitive abilities. Accept this gift and your life will never be the same. You'll be able to understand and see what others cannot. Use this gift wisely or I'll make your life a living hell.

Thirteen's consciousness started to falter.

Trust yourself for once and let go of all fear, Berserker.

Thirteen blacked out.


"Ugh... what happened?" Thirteen muttered as he sat up. His head was pounding and he wasn't quite sure why. He looked around, but wasn't able to see anything. Once his vision cleared, he could see the face of Trent. "Huh? I thought you left."

"As if I could leave behind a fellow voyeur," Trent chuckled as he started slapping Thirteen's back. "Man, I thought we lost you for a moment there."

"Why are you slapping my back?" Thirteen asked even though he did nothing else to stop his new friend. "Also, I'm not a voyeur. I just wanted to check something, alright?"

"Are you okay?" A third voice asked.

"Monica? What're you doing here?" Thirteen snapped his head and looked up at his other new friend. He blinked, then started looking around himself. He was back in the school hallway next to his open locker. His attention went back to Monica and as soon as it did, he asked, "Is that a sword... are you wearing P.E. clothes?"

"Huh? Um... yes, er..." Monica blushed as she moved a katana behind her back. Suffice to say, she was attractive with her athletic body and pale soft skin. Her white shirt was tight against her body and her long legs were showing. She opened her mouth to change the subject, "So why were you-"

"We won't ask if you don't ask," Trent suggested with crossed arms and a quirked eyebrow.

"Right... okay then... see you guys tomorrow... I guess," Monica grinned as she back off before running away.

"Uh... demon hunter?" Thirteen muttered as he blinked to himself.

"Huh?" Trent looked down at the other student with a questioning look to his eyes. When he didn't get an answer, he shrugged and grinned, "So how bout those two chicks, huh? Was that wild or what? I gotta start hanging out with Sera."

"Um... right..." Thirteen muttered before standing up. He walked down the hall in the direction that Monica headed while thinking about what had happened. Suddenly, a thought entered his mind. He muttered, "Dog..."

Accept this gift and your life will never be the same. You'll be able to understand and see what others cannot. Use this gift wisely or I'll make your life a living hell.

Instead of the front entrance, he went to the back doors and opened them.

Trust yourself for once and let go of all fear...

He stepped outside and into the remaining sunlight of the day.


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Great story deathnote.....sounds like another good series under way....thanks

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very interesting.

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Great stuff...thanks for posting it!

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"Hello everyone, and welcome to the second chapter of WTF High's SDF!" Sera exclaimed excitedly as she waved her hand for some unseen audience. She wore a black, barely see-through shirt that hugged against the top of her firm breasts. Her nipples were clearly showing through the thin and flimsy material. She also wore short jeans that were cut in the shape of a V to show off her thighs. It was as if she took a random pair of jeans and cut off the legs.

"Um... what is this?" Sandra asked in curious wonderment at her new surroundings (pure white... nowhere land). She had dark hair with dark blue dye along the tips and light violet eyes. Her white tank-top showed off the creamy skin of her midriff while her camouflage pants stopped right above her ankles. Prayer beads encircled her left wrist while a silver bracelet encircled the other wrist.

"Well... you see, the author of this story decided to make a small section at the front for several reasons," Sera explained as she played with one of her dreadlocks. She faced the unseen audience and continued, "One is to show off any small-time gags that may not fit into the storyline. If you read manga, you might remember some of them having small sections at the front, back, or between chapters. This small section is basically copying that."

"Um... are you feeling alright? Who exactly are you talking to?" Sandra asked as she tried to look into the direction Sera was facing. Unfortunately for her, she wasn't able to see the unseen readers who were looking back at her. "What do you mean by 'author' and 'story'? We're not fictional characters."

"Poor girl, you must still be in denial," Sera wrapped her arms around her bewildered companion. With her face nestled in Sandra's neck and her right hand stroking Sandra's hair, the blonde said, "Don't worry, things will get easier once you accept it."

"Wha... wha... what are you doing?" Sandra blushed furiously as she tried to push the blonde girl off of her. Unfortunately, she couldn't even move her arms let alone push the other girl away.

"Another reason why this section exist is in case plot takes up more time than sex," Sera continued as she flicked her pink tongue against her new victim's earlobe. It was almost as if she were the snake who caught a rabbit who was too out of it to notice anything until it was too late. Sandra could only close her eyes and moan with pleasure as she felt experienced and flexible fingers dance along her left breast.

"I... I still... don't under-" Sandra breathed heavily as her blood began to boil with pleasure. She wasn't sure why, yet it happened anyway. Her heart was pumping and her adrenaline level was through the roof.

"Anyway, we've taken up far too much time," Sera announced as she released her prey and faced the unseen audience again. With a cheerful look on her face and her seductive expression hidden, she continued, "It's about time we started up the story, which is pretty much the reason why you're here, right?"

"Wai... wait a minute, that's it?" Sandra shouted hysterically as she sat up on the floor. Apparently, her legs lost their strength and turned into jello when Sera licked her ear. A look of disappointment and anger crossed her face as she looked up at the blonde. "How... what..."

"Don't worry, you'll be getting plenty of action once you're introduced," Sera giggled as she patted her prey on the hand. She licked her lips in anticipation at the thought of Sandra down on her knees and licking pussy. "I hope you like it up the ass."

"Wait... what?" Sandra's face went white with fear.

"You'll see," Sera giggled.


"I can't be late this time," Thirteen muttered as he walked to school with his backpack slung over his right shoulder. The autumn wind carried several brightly coloured leaves through the air before scrapping them along the ground. The young man watched with lightless eyes as the leaves made a circle with their movements. He stopped and stood there, thinking about what happened yesterday.

Images of Sera flashed in his mind's eye as he remembered the events that took place. His classmate, Trent was hiding in his locker when Thirteen first met him. After that, the two of them explored the school's hidden tunnels together. No... things began even before that. It all started when he heard that strange voice in his head during homeroom. It turned out the message wasn't for him, but rather...

"Huh? Ack! I'm late!" Thirteen exclaimed as soon as he looked down at his watch. He quickly ran down the sidewalk to get to school as quickly as possible. After a few minutes, he turned around and ran in the opposite direction for he remembered he already passed Windroy Twelve Forrest High several minutes ago.

Title: WTF High's School Defense Force - Lesson II
Class: 4D
Room: 104
Isn't a female Demon Hunter called a Demon Huntress? Demoness Huntress? Er... Demon(ess) Huntress?

"Leafy, you're late! Again!" Mr. Smith shouted angrily as soon as Thirteen, now Leafy, stepped into the classroom. The irritated teacher marked the late student before continuing down the attendance sheet.

"Uh... okay..." Leafy blinked in confusion, then took his seat behind Monica. As soon as he did, he noticed someone familiar in the seat next to him.

"Hey, what's up, Leafy?" Trent grinned as he clasped a hand on Leafy's shoulder.

"Please don't call me that," Leafy muttered as he rested his head against the top of the desk and away from his new friend. As soon as he did, he slowly drifted off into a deep sleep.

"Monica Kurenai," Mr. Smith called out without looking up from the attendance sheet.

"Here," Monica replied as she raised her hand to indicate that she was present. As soon as she dropped her hand, she slumped into her seat and started wondering about yesterday. Her thoughts turned to Leafy and the connection between him and Sera. Sera... for some reason, that girl bothered Monica more than anyone else in the classroom... and there were many people who bothered her.

There was that strange student with the completely concealing black robes in the back of the room. There was also a kid with metal antennae sticking out of his head and a girl with white eyes. There was a guy wearing black who had the eyes of someone who killed before. There was Leafy's friend, Trent, who skipped class yesterday to explore a secret tunnel. Maybe it was just her imagination, but she felt as if homeroom 4D was more than it seemed.

As Mr. Smith started the lesson, the young Japanese girl looked up at the ceiling. Since the teacher was only looking forward, most of the students didn't pay attention. Monica didn't notice for she too started to have her attention wane with time...


One day ago...

"Excuse me, are you okay? You had been standing there for ten minutes," Monica snapped her fingers in front of Leafy's face. Her locker just happened to be right next to Leafy's.

"Huh? Oh... right... sorry, just thinking about something," Leafy apologized with a flustered look on his face. The two of them happened to have a couple classes together besides homeroom, so they got a couple chances to talk to each other. At first Leafy wondered if the strange voice from homeroom came from Monica since she sat in front of him. Since the strange voice did not match Monica's, he threw that idea out the window.

"There's no need to apologize, but you should hurry up. They're closing the school in a few minutes," Monica warned as she gathered her books into her bag and walked away. As she did, a look of concern crossed her face as her eyes shifted to the side. She muttered to herself, "Strange..."

"What? Already?" Leafy asked with a look of suspicion on his face. Suddenly, a stab of fear went through his body. He really, really, really wanted to check out the girl's locker room, but he knew the reason for it was too ridiculous to consider it. He wondered why he was so tempted and pondered on the thought that perhaps there was something wrong with him.

Meanwhile, Monica had just reached the front doors of the school entrance. The front hall of the school was pretty big for the ceiling was two floors up. Two large trophy cases that were also two floors high were on either side of the eight main doors. She reached out with both hands and grabbed hold of one of the door's horizontal handles.


"Aaaaahhhhhh!" Monica shrieked as she felt several volts of electricity pass through her hands. The shock was enough to send her head spinning and her adrenaline pumping. She staggered backwards away from the doors and immediately looked around with a dangerous glare in her eyes. She whirled around and came face to face with the one responsible for the stunt just now.

"Heh... magical wards are pretty useful, don't you think?" An arrogant voice belonging to a female student snickered. The owner of the voice had yet to reveal herself, but that was all the more reason to be on guard. Judging from the sound of the voice, the attacker couldn't had been any older than... say... a college student. Monica continued scanning the large front hall for the enemy, but was unable to see in the darkness. What was more... her vision was starting to fade on her.

The hidden enemy smirked as she watched her prey from a distance. She licked her lips as she watched Monica stagger about in search for the one responsible. The ward she used had enough power to temporarily send a normal person into paralysis in only seconds.

It was a zapper ward, which was a piece of paper placed on one side of a door. Anyone who touched the other side of the door would temporarily lose all control of their muscles in seconds. The victim would lose their vision and voice as well, but they'd still be able to hear and feel. They would be completely aware of their situation, but wouldn't be able to do a thing about it. If Monica were a normal person, she would had already been lying down on the floor completely helpless and at the mercy of her captor. However, Monica was not a normal person.

"Motoko 'Monica' Kurenai, fourth disciple of the Double-Sword Devil-Slayer," The voice continued to taunt her prey. "One of the few practitioners of the Shin Onitsurugi-Ryuu style of kenjutsu at the advanced level. You're also that bitch, Sanae's kohai."

"Wh-where... show... y-y-your..." Monica managed to rasp out as she managed to stand up straight. She stood completely motionless in one spot with her arms up and ready. She closed her eyes and decided to concentrate on fighting back the effects of the initial shock first.

Suddenly, Monica felt a presence behind her, but made no sudden movements. She felt two fingers dig into her right collarbone and warm breath on her neck. The mysterious voice hissed into the semi-paralyzed girl's left ear. "There's no need to fight it. Just relax and let go of yourself. I promise you'll enjoy it."

"*Sh-shut the f-fuck up,*" Monica growled in Japanese as she jerked forward and slapped the back of her right wrist against the hand that was on her shoulder. As she spun around, she thrust her fingers towards her opponent's throat while her hand was in the shape for chopping.

"Aw... too bad you missed," The mysterious attacker smirked maliciously once she moved her head back and out of the way of the sudden strike. As soon as she did, her face was visible for Monica to see. The attacker had long brown hair with pink bangs and red string around each long side-burn. Her eyes were hidden behind a pair of silver-framed sunglasses and the bottom half of her face was hidden behind a metal mask. She also wore a dark jacket and what appeared to be rubber pants.

The masked assailant pressed her fist up against her chest and prepared to shoulder her victim onto the floor. Unfortunately for her, she was not fast enough. Before she knew it, Monica's initial strike became a chopping motion towards the throat. Naturally, the attacker moved out of the way and raised her hands to defend herself. However, she failed to notice the low left kick towards the back of her right knee. Suffice to say, the combination was enough to knock her off balance.

"Ack..." Monica found herself stumbling after her retaliation and also lost her balance. She started hopping on her right foot, but could not maintain control over her muscles long enough to balance herself. It only took a couple seconds before she also found herself lying on the school floor.

"Grr... stupid bitch," The female attacker growled as she cautiously got to her feet. She was careless and underestimated her opponent because she felt secured after the zapper trap worked. She believed that Monica was already helpless and in her hands even if the Japanese girl was able to somehow resist the zapper's effects. She wasn't about to make the same mistake twice.

Monica felt the effects of the zapper ward begin to subside and her vision became a bit clearer. She felt a bit sluggish, as if she just endured hours of harsh training. That was fine by her... she was used to fighting after enduring hours of harsh training.

"Hmph, you just got lucky, that's all," The attacker growled as she took out a stun-gun from an inner-pocket of her jacket. The masked woman stood up with the gun held threateningly at the girl.

In the blink of an eye, the stun-gun was knocked out of the assailant's hand. Monica used her right hand to chop at the opponent's wrist while her left hand slapped the back of the hand holding the gun. As the masked woman's eyes followed her gun, her prey pressed on to attack. Right before the gun hit the floor, Monica's right foot snapped up into a round-house kick towards the left waist.


"....." Monica opened her mouth to scream, but nothing came out. It was the exact same kind of feeling she experienced when she tried to leave the school through the front doors. She staggered backwards and while trying to collect herself, but immediately lost her balance. Adrenaline was pumping through the veins and her heart pounded faster than ever, but nothing made her muscle work.

"You're not getting off that easily," The masked woman smirked as she caught her victim before the stunned girl hit the floor. She wrapped her arms around the Japanese girl and gave her the bear-hug of death. With strong arms, she hugged Monica and refused to let go as volts of electricity came out of her body.

Kuso... *Damnit*, Monica thought to herself as darkness slowly took over her vision. She could feel the specialized electricity course painfully through her body as her limbs went limp from the zapping, the pain, and from exhaustion. For some strange reason, her hearing and olfactory senses started going crazy. She swore she could smell honey and she fell to the floor with a painful smash.

"Heh... I can see why you caught her eye," The attacker grinned devilishly behind her mask as she stood over her prize. She shed her jacket to reveal that she was wearing a full-body rubber-suit.

Everything from the chin-down was covered with black rubber including her hands and feet. The skin-tight uniform revealed an athletically attractive body. Her stomach was as flat as a board and her legs looked shapely and strong. The only regret any straight man, lesbian, or bisexual would feel after seeing such an image was that the actual skin was hidden.

On her back and on her front were four long pieces of paper with strange symbols arranged into the shape of crosses. Apparently, zapper wards don't just work on doors. "I didn't expect you to knock out my gun, so it's a good thing you aimed for my waist and not my face."

"K-kuso..." Monica grunted as she desperately reached out with a trembling hand. As soon as she touched the rubber skin around her opponent's ankle, her hand dropped to the floor. She was stopped by the stun-gun that was back in her captive's hands. Due to the effects of the zapper ward, she was still conscious and breathing.

"After all that you can still move? These zapper wards aren't as strong as I thought they'd be," The masked woman remarked as she grabbed the fallen girl by the hair. She pulled down her mask and forced open her victim's mouth. She hawked up and spit into the helpless girl's exposed throat. Monica could do nothing but swallow the spit or suffocate from having her windpipe blocked.

"Now that I've a closer look, you're a hot-looking thing, aren't you? I wish I could play around with you some more, but I've got a job to do," The attacker smirked as she started removing her victim's clothes.

Monica felt the smooth material of the rubber uniform rub up against her face. The wards must've been either deactivated for taken off since she didn't feel anymore shocks. She tried to resist when her panties were taken off, but she couldn't even move her fingers much less retaliate. A chill went up her spine when she felt hands groping her breasts. She couldn't even shiver in response.

"Mmm... I'd love to make such a cutie like you my sex slave," The masked woman trailed the tip of her tongue along the helpless girl's collarbone while her index fingers and thumb twisted the exposed nipples. Monica couldn't even moan in pleasure... moan in pleasure? To her horror, the Japanese girl found herself enjoying the attention that her erect nipples were receiving. She could even feel her pussy getting wet from all the excitement!

"Well someone seems to be enjoying this," The rubber-clad woman giggled as her finger slipped into her captive's pussy. She lifted her finger and brought it under Monica's nose as her tongue danced along the side of the paralyzed girl's neck. "You know... I just might make you my slave anyway. We'll have sooooo much fun together. In only a couple days I'll have you reduced to the submissive bitch you were meant to be."


"Hmm?" The rubber-clad attacker noticed something yellow in the corner of her eye. Before she knew what hit her, her head snapped to the side and her eyes rolled over into the back of her head. She fell onto the floor with the paralyzed Japanese girl in her arms.

"Sorry girl, but she's mine," Sera smirked as she stood over the fallen girls with her hands folded behind her back. Her eyes trailed over to the front doors and she told herself, "Hmm... better not mess with those. They'll wear out by morning... probably."


The next day...

"So, who do you think would win, Batman or Superman?" Trent asked as he held his can of pop over his head with one hand and a pocket knife with the other. He was crouching on the seat of a chair at a table in the cafeteria with a small pyramid of pop cans in front of him. Other people sitting at the table included Monica and Leafy, formerly known as thirteen. The kid with the metal antennae, who introduced himself as Kenny, and a girl named Io were also sitting at the table.

"Superman," Kenny replied as he took a bite out of a tuna sandwich. If you ignored the metal antennae, he looked like any other student at WTF High. He had on a red cap worn backwards, short black hair, and freckles all over his face.

"Wait, which versions are we talking about here?" Io asked hurriedly. She had the appearance of a middle school student despite being a high school senior. She had short auburn hair and green eyes. "Original, retro, JLA, Golden-years, emerald-world, or new-age?"

"Does it matter? Batman's just human, right?" Kenny pointed out.

"Original for both," Trent answered as he poked a hole in his can of pop. He opened his mouth and allowed the resulting stream of coke to pour down his throat.

"The original Superman was Canadian," Leafy said while pointing upwards. His other hand was cupping his elbow. "I think Batman would win."

"Why? Cause Superman's Canadian?" Kenny asked with a raised eyebrow.

"No, cause Batman has kryptonite and therefore will always win," Leafy replied. "Why would you think Superman being Canadian had anything to do with him winning or not?"

"Superman's weakness in Emerald world is radioactive marshmallow," Trent grinned as soon as he was finished drinking his can of pop. "Ah... the 2010s... crazy times."

"Excuse me, may we sit here?" Everyone's attention shifted towards the owner of the new voice. Sera smiled sweetly at everyone else as she stood with her tray of food in hand. Linda was standing behind Sera while looking as though she were interested in the mashed potatoes she had bought for lunch. Both Leafy and Monica looked equally interested in their food and refused to look back up at Sera. Both of them had flushed looks on their faces.

"Sure! The more the merrier!" Trent exclaimed with a happy look on his face. "Plenty of seats at this table, anyway."

"Thank you," Sera replied as she took a seat while motioning for Linda to follow suit. "By the way, did you boys enjoy the show last night?"

"We sure did," Trent grinned as he grabbed another can of pop from the small pyramid in front of him. As soon as Sera's question was asked, Leafy sprayed coke all over the table while Monica's face went redder. Trent immediately followed up with his own question, "Who's faster, Superman or Flash?"


One day ago...

"Ugh..." Monica groaned as she slowly came about. She lifted her head and her field of vision started coming back into focus. The muscles in her arms, legs, neck, and pretty much everywhere else were sore from exhaustion and pain. It took her a few seconds before she realized that she was in the locker room. The first person she noticed was one of her classmates, Linda. Linda, without any clothes on, was kneeling on the floor submissively with her head down and her hands behind her back. Behind Linda was another of her classmates, Sera Spykes, who was also not wearing any clothes.

Her eyes widened and her brain immediately became alert as she recalled the past events. That mysterious masked woman almost had her, but she was... saved by Sera? No... Sera knocked her out with some kind of sleeping spell right after that. Sera said that Monica was hers, so did her alleged saviour intend to own her? No... she didn't want to become a slave... that's not what she wanted!

The Japanese girl tried to move her arms and legs, but to no avail for her wrists and ankles were tied with thick white scarves. She was hanging approximately one foot from the floor with her wrists above her head. Her ankles were tied together with one scarf while her wrists were tied to the long scarf she was dangling from. The scarf her wrists were attached to appeared to thread through some invisible pulley before ending tied up to the leg of one of the benches.

"It's no use trying to resist. Those scarves by themselves are stronger than steel even without my spells," Sera smirked with her arms crossed in front of herself. She licked her lips and eyed the prize in front of her with predatory intent in her serpent-like eyes. The slits that were her pupils bore deep into the pale and soft flesh of the bounded Japanese girl. Her tongue flicked in and out of her mouth like a snake tasting its caught prey.

"Let me go or else," Monica threatened as she stopped her struggling long enough for her eyes to meet Sera's. She refused to look like some deer caught in headlights just waiting to die. Her sharp brown eyes met Sera's predatory gaze like two swords crossing for the first time. Neither the proud serpent nor the cornered wolf were willing to be the first to back down.

"Now is that anyway to treat the person who saved your life, Moto-chan?" Sera asked with an obviously fake hurt look on her face. Her devilish grin returned as she cupped a finger under Monica's chin. The tip of her polished nail trailed along the surface of the bounded girl's throat. Monica held her breathe and kept herself from gulping as her eyes stayed on Sera's. Sera withdrew her finger and backed away with what looked to be a satisfied look on her face.

"You... you tied me up," Monica replied as soon as she found her voice again. "And don't call me Moto-chan."

"Oh, by the way, go ahead and speak Japanese if you want. I'll understand what you're saying," Sera said as she turned around and waved her hand in a dismissive manner. She walked away towards the row of lockers on the far end of the locker room.

"*Damn mother-fucking bitch! Lemme outta these shitty scarves or Ah'll ice ya fucking punk-ass!*" Monica growled angrily in Japanese as she continued struggling with her bounds. "*Think yer something damn special cause ya got me all tied up? 'Fraid tah fucking face me one-on-one? Damn slut better watch yerself or a blade'll go down yer cock-suckin' throat!*"

"Well... I certainly didn't expect that," Sera closed her eyes and chuckled in response to the foreign profanity. She took hold of one of the locker doors and swung the locker open revealing a knocked-out Leafy/Thirteen. The passed out teen fell forth and dropped on his side against the floor. He appeared to be to out of it to notice any pain that he might had felt had he been awake.

"Thirteen... Thirteen! Wake up! Wake up, Thirteen!" Monica cried out as soon as she recognized the face of her new friend. She struggled harder against her bonds and the look of the fierce warrior vanished from her face. She glared at Sera and demanded, "What did you do to him? Tell me!"

"He won't be hearing you anytime soon, Moto-chan," Sera smirked as she stepped gingerly over Thirteen's body. She made her way to the next locker and opened that door to reveal a familiar-looking katana. She picked up the katana and held it out for Monica to see. It was a shinken sword made for battou-jutsu and iai-jutsu. "This is a very nice sword you have here. A gift from a friend?"

"*Wha... get yer filthy hand off my sword!*" Monica shouted angrily. "*How the hell did ya get that? Fucking thief!*"

"Tell me something, do you often play with this?" Sera asked as she held the hilt of the sword under her nose. She sniffed along the black handle before flicking the tip of her tongue against the handguard. "The smell of your girl juice is all over the sword. Even the blade? My... someone likes to play dangerously."

"*I...*" Monica wasn't sure how to reply and her struggling stopped. Her face went red with embarrassment and her will was beginning to weaken. Even in this sort of humiliated state, she managed to get some words out, "*It's none of your business what I do, ya got that?*"

"I'll take that as a yes," Sera smiled seductively as she unsheathed the sword while approaching the bound Japanese girl again. She stared admiringly at the fine craftsmanship put into the forging of the blade. She lowered the tip of the blade and pressed it against the inner part of Monica's ankles, just above the scarves.

"*If yer gonna kill me, just do it. Kill me so that Ah can haunt ya as a ghost fer all eternity,*" Monica growled as she suppressed a gasp of pleasure. It was humiliating and horrifying for she found herself getting excited from all the tension in the air. It was hard to admit to herself that she was getting wet from being naked and vulnerable in front of her more dominant classmate.

"Do you honestly believe you can defeat me in a one-on-one fight, Moto-chan?" Sera asked as she slowly drew the blade upwards along the inner part her captive's legs. The cold metal of the samurai sword pressed lightly against the fleshy skin before stopping right below the pussy.

Monica breathed deeply as the sword stayed in that position for a few seconds. It was as if time stood still for the both of them as they stared into each other's eyes. The Japanese girl's fierce and determined eyes returned as soon as eye contact was re-established. Sera had to admit to herself that she had not met sharper eyes in centuries with the exception of her parents. Although she was in the superior position, she held deep respect for her captive.

"Linda dear, please take Mr. Berserker and wait for me outside of this locker room," Sera said as her face softened and her eyes closed. She relaxed her grip on the shinken and appeared much calmer than before. For some reason, that was enough to disperse the tension in the air.

"Yes Mistress," Linda nodded before grabbing Thirteen by the wrists and dragging him out of the locker room.

"Something strange is going on in this school and I don't like it," Sera explained as she withdrew the shinken and sheathed the blade. She held the sword out horizontally in front of Monica's face and continued with her words, "It would be best if we were on the same side. However, I was not sure whether or not you were strong enough to be my ally. If you still want to fight, then let's fight. I'll consider it the last test of your abilities."

With that, the scarf that Monica was hanging from fell from its invisible pulley and loosened its grip around the confused girl's wrists. The scarf from the ankles also loosened up and allowed the Japanese girl to land on her feet properly. She planted the palm of her left hand against the floor, then rose to her feet. Her eyes narrowed in anger and rage at the other girl in front of her.

"*Who the hell do you think you are?*" Monica screamed as she furiously snatched back her sword by the sheath right next to the handguard. She kicked out with a left side-kick while twisting her shinken out of Sera's grasp. When she felt nothing but air, she continued whirling around in a clock-wise rotation and unsheathed her blade at the same time.

"I'm Sera, the daughter of the Feng the Snake King and Huang the Vixen Illusionist," Sera replied with pride evident in her voice. Her hands made semi-circular motions with her hands moving inwards and upwards. At the same time, her scarves flew upwards and crossed each other to block the horizontal slash towards her neck. "Who the hell are you?"


"*I'm Motoko Kurenai, fourth disciple of the Double-Sword Devil-Slayer,*" Motoko shot back with gritted teeth bared at her opponent. She could not believe it, but she was still getting excited! The thought of fighting nakedly against this stronger foe was getting her aroused. Her heart was racing and adrenaline was reintroduced into her veins once more. She was going to have the time of her life.

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"And now we come to the third chapter... AKA Lesson III," Rock grumbled as he stood in front of the unseen audience. He crossed his arms and scowled, "What I wanna know is.. what the hell happened to the 13th part of SDF? Stupid author couldn't just finish my story before starting up this series."

"I am sure he has a good reason for doing so," Monica/Motoko placed a hand on Rock's arm to console his anger. For some odd (maybe not, considering who the author is) reason, the Japanese girl was completely nude save for the chain belt around her waist and the shinken that was attached to it.

"Yeah, I- wha... why are you naked?" Rock exclaimed with wide eyes as soon as he noticed the state of undress that his companion was in. After a few seconds of silence, a perverse look etched across his face. With lustful eyes, he dangled his fingers in the air as if ready to tear open a wrapped gift. "I see... I see now... I forgive you, Mr. Author."

"No! That is not why!" Monica screamed as she dashed away from Rock while covering her breasts and womanhood with her arms and hands. She slammed the bottom of her right foot into her classmate's chin all the while shouting, "Did you not read the last chapter? I was fighting Sera in the end and I did not have any clothes on!"

"Ow... damn hack of a writer..." Rock grumbled as he slumped to the ground with fresh blood coming out of his nose. "Give me a break already..."

"*We'll be starting this chapter from where we left off,*" Monica explained while still covering her private parts from the unseen audience. "*We hope that you enjoy this chapter at least as much as the first two. The author would also like to apologize for the crappiness in the second chapter and will try to make it up to you with more sex scenes... right after my fight.*"


"Excuse me, is this the chess club?" Domino, AKA Thirteen and Leafy, asked as he entered the classroom. The classroom lights were off and only one of the windows was open. As a result, the room was completely dark save for a sliver of light that fell upon a newly set up chessboard.

A hand reached out from the darkness and moved the fourth black pawn from the left two spaces forward. The hand retreated into the darkness and Tim's voice replied, "Yeah... it is."

Title: WTF High's School Defense Force - Lesson III
Class: 4D
Room: 104
The Enchantress versus the Demon Huntress! Alright, a catfight! Er... sort of... (runs off to check wikipedia's definition)

Two days ago...

"*I'm Motoko Kurenai, fourth disciple of the Double-Sword Devil-Slayer,*" Motoko shot back with gritted teeth bared at her opponent. She could not believe it, but she was still getting excited! The thought of fighting nakedly against this stronger foe was getting her aroused. Her heart was racing and adrenaline was reintroduced into her veins once more. She was going to have the time of her life.

The first thing Motoko did was back off and resheathe her sword at a distance from her opponent. The metallic alloy of the blade screamed into the air as it instantly returned to its sheath. She made a small hop over a bench so that she was crouching behind it. The sword girl reached around behind her back with her right middle finger and thumb and gripped a barely noticeable metal orb that was sticking out of the sheath right below the handguard. The metal orb was around the size of a push pin and a thin chain was attaching it to the sheath.

As Motoko harshly ripped the small orb from the sheath, the chain grew longer until it was around the Japanese girl's waist. With the chain around her waist, she pushed the metal orb into a small hole in the sheath that was opposite of where the chain started. A small click was heard and the chain hugged snuggly against the soft flesh that was Monica's hips. Now she was free to use both hands without fear of losing her sheath.

"You're a hundred years too early to challenge me and a thousand years early to defeat me," Sera smirked as she whipped out her right arm and swung it ferociously until her hand was pointing slightly to her left. The white scarf on her right flew forth and made a beeline towards Motoko in sync with the demoness' arm movement.

"*Damn bitch ain't seen nothing yet,*" Motoko spat as she rose sharply with all of her weight shifted onto her left foot. Her right foot flew upwards and slammed against the underside of the bench that was in front of her. The side of the bench that was on Motoko's right flew upwards with the legs on the left end acting as the pivotal point. The top part of the bench slammed against the incoming scarf attack and pushed it to the side. Seeing an opening, the young demon huntress dashed forth and her hand on the hilt of her sword. In the corner of her eye she saw the bench snap in half, which surprisingly did not faze her in the least.

"Are you forgetting my other scarf, girl?" Sera chuckled as she pulled her right hand back and threw a left hook at the same time. In response, the right scarf returned to its owner's side while the left scarf flew out and made an arc so that it was aiming from Motoko's right side. It was obvious that the scarves were mimicking Sera's every movement and judging from the broken bench, they weren't going to be soft taps against the skin.

"Kuso..." Motoko growled under her breathe as soon as she noticed the attack. If she sped up she could avoid the attack, but she would be in between Sera and a possible attack from behind. If she stopped she could also avoid the attack that way, but she would be cut off from her opponent by a possible backlash attack. There was no time to think, so she reacted instinctively.

"Oh?" Sera blinked in surprise as the tip of the shinken blade rose upwards towards her face. Motoko met the attacking scarf with the bottom of her right foot raised at face level. She kicked the underside of the scarf in order to redirect the attack so that it passed above her head. At the same time, she drew her blade and made a vertical upward slash towards the chin.

"*Huh?*" Motoko suddenly found herself sinking sharply to the floor and her attack shifted towards Sera's left side. The blade swung harmlessly past the blonde's left shoulder as the Japanese girl's left ankle was dragged to the side. The young demon huntress looked down and noticed that Sera's right scarf managed to snag her ankle. As she sank towards the floor, she narrowed her eyes, gripped the hilt with both hands, and swung downwards.

"Heh... I see lots of potential here," Sera smirked as she caught the blade with her left hand before it reached her milky white skin. Surprisingly, though perhaps not too surprisingly, the blade drew no blood from her hand. While gripping the blade, she yanked the sword out of the shocked girl's hands. Once her opponent was unarmed, she planted the bottom of her right foot onto the Japanese girl's face and pushed her backwards.

"*Wha... I lost...*" Motoko gasped in shock as soon as her bare back was against the floor. She knew her opponent was strong, but she thought she had at least a chance of winning. The only reason she lost to the masked woman was because of the zapper wards and Sera defeated the masked woman with a sneak attack. With those in mind, she was sure she was able to win in a one on one fight.

The Japanese teen snapped out of it when she felt a scarf wrap around her right ankle. She looked down in time to notice that the scarves were pulling her ankles apart and forcing her to do the splits. The scarves appeared as though they were threaded through an invisible pulley attached the bottom of the walls opposite of each other. Her buttocks dragged along the floor and her wet pussy made a small trail of girl cum.

"Interesting, you were leaking during that last attack," Sera noted as she pressed her knees against her defeated opponent's biceps. She gripped the other girl's wrists and positioned herself so that her pussy right was above Motoko's face. Her eyes were on a trail of girl juice that started from where Motoko chained her sheath to her waist. The trail followed the path of the final dash and stopped right where the humiliated girl's pussy sat. "Did I really make you that excited? Were you really that turned on by me? Why... I'm flattered."

"*Sh-shut up,*" Motoko growled as her face went beet red. She tried to lift her body, but with Sera on top of her and her legs spread apart, she was unable to. She also tried to move her wrists, but her captor's hands were like a pair of titanium-made manacles. She hadn't experienced such strength since her spars with Sanae-Sempai and Sensei.

"Don't worry, I don't plan on forcing you to become my slave, if that's what you're thinking," Sera smiled as her vertical pupils returned to normal. She released her grip and stood up before commanding her scarves to release the Japanese girl's ankles as well. She stepped back and held out a hand towards Motoko. "I just wanted to see the Shin Onitsurugi-Ryuu style for myself, that's all."

"*I... you...*" Motoko stammered as she looked up at the smiling girl. The girl she was facing was different from the demoness she faced just a while ago. Was it a facade? A trap? No... there was no reason for Sera to trick her now that the difference in their strengths were proven. She tentatively accepted the hand and gingerly rose to her feet. Her face was still beet red.

"Now now, there's no shame in getting wet between the legs, Moto-chan," Sera assured the other girl as she pressed her body up against her. Their nipples lined up and rubbed against each other in the process. Before Motoko could get away, the blonde girl slipped her left hand under the chain while her right hand touched the Japanese girl's soft cheek. "I'm feeling kind of horny myself, you know? Why don't we play a different game now?"

"*Wha... what game... are you...*" Motoko gasped before she fell silent by her aroused state of mind. She could feel her body bending to the will of the eyes of the demoness before her. The young sword girl tried to fight back, but after suffering a defeat in an exhausting battle, she simply could not muster the strength to do so.

"Shh... just relax and let me do all the work," Sera shushed while pressing the tip of her slender index finger against her new prey's lips. She leaned in and moved her right hand so that it was behind Motoko's head. The blonde girl gripped the Japanese girl's hair and firmly pressed their lips together. Like a serpent seeking out her prey, the dominant girl's tongue invaded the other girl's mouth and explored.

"Mmm..." Motoko could easily feel herself melting in the palm of the predator's hand. As if they had minds of their own, she felt her arms wrap themselves around Sera. She allowed her hands to feel the softness of the skin on the other girl's back. She allowed the other girl to explore her mouth as much as she wanted. The sword girl closed her eyes and allowed herself to simply relax and go with the flow of things.

Sera reached down with her hands and began unchaining Motoko's sheath. With her tongue still slithering away along the sword girl's own tongue, she disconnected the chain and dropped the sheath onto the floor. Once that was done with, she placed her left hand on the back of Motoko's neck and the other hand on the small of her back. She guided her new partner onto the floor of the locker room, all the while planting butterfly kisses along the other girl's collarbone.

The serpent-eyed girl continued her advances by groping the breasts with gentle and loving hands. As soon as she heard a moan come out of the sword girl's throat, Sera used her index and middle fingers and thumbs to carefully twist the nipples from side to side. While she was doing this, her face was pressed up against the space between the other girl's chin and throat.

Sera's pussy was hovering just above Motoko's and they could feel the heat coming from each other. Their moans of pleasure intertwined like a melody of hot sex. Their breathes were equally heavy and they could feel each other's pulse race with adrenaline. The two girls gazed into each others eyes with lust and spirit reflected into each other. One was cunning and deadly while the other remained strong and proud despite the circumstances.

Their outer lips rubbed up against each other, causing both of them to moan simultaneously. They pressed their pussies together and instantly found a rhythm as if they knew what the other was thinking. The clitoral hoods of the two girls peeled back as they found their way towards each other. Their moans began shrieks and their shrieks became screams. Sweat poured down their backs and the entire room was filled with intense sexual energy.

"*Oh my god... it feels... it...* kimochi..." Motoko screamed as she rocked her hips back and forth in ecstasy. She wrapped her arms around her new lover and pulled her down into an embrace. They screamed into each others ears and they brought each other to orgasm. The feelings of pleasure could be felt under each others skin and each jolt one felt caused another jolt in the other. Their soft and pale flesh rubbed up against each other and their juices mixed together into a puddle of sexual fluids.

Motoko stuck her tongue out and wiggled it with a look of pure bliss on her face. Her face was still blushing red with embarrassment and arousal in her cute expression. Sera smiled herself before leaning her head down accepting the invitation. Their tongues danced and twirled between each other's faces as they closed their eyes and made out. A trail of saliva connected them and added to the lust that they felt for each other.

Sera pulled away from the kiss and straightened up while straddling the other girl. She moved backwards, all the while allowing her wet pussy to drip with fresh and clear girl cum. She knelt between Motoko's legs and spread them before reaching back with her left hand. The blonde girl felt around until her fingers caught hold of the chain of the sword girl's sheath.

With a devilish look on her face, Sera grabbed hold of the sheath with both hands and held the tip above her lover's pussy. With a dazed look on her face, Motoko looked up in time to see her sheath enter her pussy. Gasping at the sudden intrusion, her head flew back onto the floor and her arms and legs tensed up in excitement. She planted her feet against the locker room floor and raised her ass in acceptance.

"Every time you use this to play with yourself, I want you to think of me," Sera smirked as she firmly pushed the sheath deeper into the sword girl's dripping wet cunt. The sheath made a squishy sound each time it moved further into the juicy canal and made Motoko moan with pleasure at the same time. The blonde girl continued forcing the sheath deeper until around seven inches of it was inside. Once she felt it was far enough inside, she started fucking the Japanese girl with her own sheath, "Do you do this often? Do you fuck yourself with your own sword every night? Did you want a cock in there? Is that why?"

Motoko was too busy humping her pussy against her sheath to answer. Her eyes rolled back and drool started coming out of the corner of her mouth. She just kept rocking her hips in while abandon as she felt herself reach yet another climax. She rode the waves of pleasure as the walls of her womanhood tightened around the sheath like a vice.

"Screw this, I want some of that pussy for myself," Sera growled as she instantly ripped the sheath out with one movement of her hand. This caused the Japanese girl before her to scream out and squirt even more of her girl juices. Motoko was exhausted and her pussy was completely sensitive and sore from the orgasms. That was why it was so easy for her to reach another orgasm when she felt a tongue on her pussy.

The Japanese girl jerked and twitched around as Sera held her down and continued licking away with her soft and skillful tongue. She felt the blonde girl work her way around the outer lips before moving along the inner labia. Her fingers clenched together and formed a fist while her toes curled up in response. Her muscles tightened up and her voice reached a new level of screaming as soon as she felt the tip of Sera's tongue on her clit. The direct stimulation to the exhausted girl's clit was enough to bring her to another climax.

"Moto-chan? Are you okay?" Sera stopped her licking and looked towards Motoko's face. A smirk stretched along her lips as she reached over and brushed the sword girl's hair to the side. The blonde dominant girl stood up with the sheath in her right hand and walked over to pick up the blade. She sheathed the sword, then laid it next to Motoko's exhausted body. Her smirk became softer and turned into a simple smile as she looked down at the Japanese girl's face.

"Mmm..." Motoko moaned as she tried to focus her eyes on the face of her new lover. She was too weak to answer Sera's question, so she simply looked up with unblinking eyes. Her breathing was starting to slow down as she did her best to calm herself and ride out the last of the waves. She felt herself getting pulled into a deep sleep, but she did her best to stay awake.

As promised, I won't force you to become my slave. You have a lot of untapped potential in both fighting and sex, Moto-chan, Sera whispered into Motoko's mind as she planted one final kiss on the lips. She got up and moved to leave the locker room, tasting her prey's juices on her fingers as she did so. If you're interested in getting stronger, pay me a visit some time this week. Bring the Berserker boy with you while you're at it. He'll know where to go, even if he doesn't right now.

With that, she was gone.


Still on the first day of school... (Warning! Bestiality up ahead!)

"I hope Mistress Sera is okay," Linda mumbled to herself as she sat down on the floor with her back against the wall. She twiddled her thumbs nervously and kept telling herself that it was going to be fine. She kept reminding herself of Sera's unnaturally monstrous strength and power. She had only known the blond girl for a day, but she felt as if she knew her all her life. Ever since she locked eyes with such a beautiful goddess, she surrendered her mind, spirit, and body to her new Mistress.

Right beside her and lying down on the floor was a knocked out Thirteen. The brunette with red streaks in her hair was told to get her unconscious classmate out of the locker room and wait for the fight to end. She considered peeking in, but she was sure that her Mistress would not like that one bit. All she could do for now was sit buck naked in the hallway next to a guy who saw her getting dominated by a beautiful and powerful blonde.

"What's wrong? Your Mistress kick you out or something?" A voice asked mischievously from down the hall.

Linda immediately stood and faced the source of the voice with a fearful look on her face. She hadn't anticipated anyone else staying after school... but then again, she hadn't anticipated Thirteen and Monica/Motoko interrupting her time with Sera, either. Whoever it was, the young submissive wasn't sure if she could drive him away in her current state.

"You know, you were pretty hot in there with that Sera chick. It was a very nice show you put on for Thirteen and I," Trent grinned as he looked Linda up and down as if he were checking out a painting or some other work of art. For some odd reason, he did not have any clothes on, but he acted as if that was a normal thing. He was more than ten metres away when he got Linda's attention. In the blink of an eye, he was standing right in front of the startled girl with his face only inches from hers. "I don't suppose you're interested in guys as well?"

"Uh... um... I only like Mistress and only Mistress," Linda managed to squeak out after getting startled by Trent's quick movements. The trembling submissive took one too many steps back and ended up against the wall. The first thing she wondered was how anyone could grow their hair as long as Trent did. The second thing she wondered about was how anyone was able to move that fast. She considered the possibility of teleportation, but such things only existed in sci-fi and fantasy... right?

"Really? That's too bad, cause I was hoping I'd have a chance with you," Trent smirked as he planted a hand against the wall next to Linda's head. He moved his face closer to the frightened brunette and added, "You look ready for a good fucking what with that dripping wet cunt of yours, so I thought I'd ask. Guess not, huh? Oh well... I guess I'll see if Sera's interested."

"I... I..." Linda stammered as she watched her classmate head towards the locker room. After a moment's hesitation, she grabbed the long-haired blond guy by the arm and exclaimed, "Wait! You can't go in there. You... you just can't! Mistress will get mad if she knew I let you in there. I'm sure of it!"

"Then you're going to have to give me a reason to stay out of there," Trent grinned as he reached up with his right hand and brushed Linda's bangs to the side. He towered over the submissive girl and looked deep down into her eyes. "Have you even fucked a guy before?"

"Um... not... not really. Do dogs count?" Linda's mind practically exploded with humiliation as soon as the words were out. She wondered what the hell was wrong with her for mentioning that! When she was fourteen, she lost her virginity to her pet dog, a Great Dane named Jingles. She was desperate to please her Mistress, but she was sure she could had done that without asking if dogs counted. She shut her eyes in shame and waited for Trent's disgusted rejection.

"Dogs, huh? So you're into dogs," Trent smirked as he lowered himself so that his face was right in front of Linda's pussy. He grabbed hold of the trembling submissive by the hips and dipped his head forward.

"Huh?" Linda snapped her eyes open with shock when she felt heavy breathing on her pussy. With that shocked expression still on her face, she looked down and gasped. Sitting on his haunches and licking the shocked girl's pussy was a golden retriever with light brown fur and sky blue eyes. The dog's front paws were on either side of Linda's hips and pushing against the wall behind her. The soft pink tongue of the golden retriever was practically slobbering all over the brunette's pussy. With wide open eyes, the girl asked, "Are... are you... real?"

"Does it feel real? Do you want me to stop?" Trent, the talking dog, looked up into the shocked girl's face and started panting heavily. When he got no response, he continued licking away at his submissive classmate's snatch with vigourous attention.

"Ah-no... st... don't st-stop..." Linda moaned with pleasure as she felt the attention on her pussy continue. Her bare back against the wall slid down until her buttocks reached the floor. She trembled as she planted her hands against the floor and opened up her legs so that her furry friend had more access to her womanhood. She hadn't felt like this since Jingles died a couple years ago. It brought back a lot of sweet and wonderful memories. Sweet, wonderful, and naughty memories.

The submissive girl's breathing became heavier and her heart raced with pleasure. She pushed her ass forward and the back of her neck against the wall. She shuddered and shivered as if she were being electrocuted from the inside as each lick sent her closer and closer to heaven. As the dog's tongue lapped away, Linda's hands reached up and pulled the dog's head closer. A new wave of pleasure hit her as she felt the canine tongue drive deeper into her love canal.

"Ah... ah... right there... that's the spot..." Linda gasped as she guided the dog's head towards her clit. Her favourite kind of lick was the kind that went from her anus up to her exposed clitoris. That was the kind of lick that sent the submissive bitch over the edge. Trent did that kind of lick three times in a row, sending the submissive bitch over the edge and beyond.

Electric signals danced around within the brunette's body, sending her into a frenzy of ecstasy. Sparks of pleasure travelled throughout her arms, legs, hands, feet, fingers, and toes. Shivers went up her spine as her orgasm subsided and her juices squirted out from her pussy. The waves kept going for Trent did not stop with just one orgasm. The shape-shifting human-dog continued lapping away, sending more powerful waves of electric sparks down the girl's spine. It was enough to induce a second orgasm... and a third one right after that.

Linda would had gladly accepted a fourth orgasm with open-arms, but she wanted more than just licking. With trembling hands, she somehow found the strength to lift her left leg over Trent's head and face the wall. She placed her right forearm against the wall and reached back with her left hand. With her knees against the floor, she used her left fingers to spread her pussy lips wide open for her canine partner to see.

"Please... please fuck me," Linda begged as she breathed heavily from her last three orgasms. She placed her forehead against her right forearm and kept her pussy lips open with her left middle finger and thumb. It didn't take long before she felt the shape-shifter mount her. Within seconds, the head of the canine's cock was up against the entrance to the brown-haired bitch's wet canal. With her pussy already wet, it didn't take long for the cock to enter her and start fucking away. "Ah... like that. Harder... give it to me harder. Keep... keep fucking me. Please!"

"You asked for it, bitch," Trent smirked as he continued pounding away at the wanton slut. His tongue hung out as he panted heavily as all dogs do. In his human form, his cock was around seven inches, which was already pretty big for a human male. However, his cock was easily twice that size when he was in his dog form. For that reason, he was particularly proud of being a dog. There were other reason, of course, but that was one of them.

"I'm your bitch! I'm your slut! Do whatever the hell you want to me, but keep using me like the bitch I am!" Linda screamed out as she tried to push back in unison with the dog's movements. One of the advantages of getting fucked by a dog was that a dog was unpredictable with his thrusts. They just pounded away like there was no tomorrow, so pushing back when the dog thrust forward felt like winning the orgasmic lottery.

Linda wailed in pleasure as the electric sparks came back for yet another dance within her body. The dance of the sparks continued even as fresh dog cum filled her cunt to the brim. Her body collapsed against the floor and her arms splayed out in front of her. Her knees remained bent for the dog's cock was still inside her vagina. A familiar sensation crossed her mind as she felt a knot form inside her pussy. There was no point in trying to pull it out, so she decided to simply wait for the knot to disappear.

"One of the advantages of being a shape-shifting human-dog hybrid is that I can simply turn human when I want the knot out," Trent smirked as he changed back into his human form. He pulled his cock out of Linda's pussy, then changed back into his golden retriever form. With his cock still dripping with fresh semen, he pressed his tongue against Linda's pussy and started cleaning up the mess. Pride filled his heart once he sent his submissive bitch into a fifth orgasm.


"Ugh..." Monica/Motoko groaned as she finally decided to get up off the locker room floor. She still feel her own juices mixed in with her saliva and Sera's saliva and pussy juice sticking to her inner thighs. Her eyes wandered around the room until they rested upon the clock. Apparently, it hadn't been that long since Sera left the locker room after the intense... Monica's face reddened as soon as she thought about it.

With wobbly legs and a pounding headache, she walked over to her locker and swung open the door. She reached around with a trembling hand until she found her P.E. clothes and started to put them on. She wondered for a moment whether or not she should take a shower first before putting on her clothes. She decided against it and simply donned the P.E. outfit, checking to make sure her juices did not soak through at the same time.

Once that was done with, she picked up her katana and froze for a second when she realized that it was still sticky. The demon huntress used her hands to wipe off her fluids as best she could before giving up. With a sword smelling like pussy and her entire body smelling like sex and sweat, she left the locker room. As soon as she did, the first thing she saw was a golden retriever running around chasing his tail.

"Oh... hey there, Monica!" Trent exclaimed as he stopped chasing his tail long enough to greet his bewildered classmate. While still in dog form, he walked over and sniffed the Japanese girl's pussy. "Sera just took Linda and left. So what'd ya do in there, anyway? A little girl-bonding, I take it?"

"Ah... wha... how... wha..." Monica stammered with a bewildered look on her face. Questions went through her head such as 'How did he know my name?' or 'Is he a friendly talking dog or is this a trick?'. She immediately calmed herself down and reminded herself that she had seen much stranger sights as a demon huntress and sword girl. She sought out the words she wanted to say before asking, "Who are you and how do you know Sera?"

"Heh, the name's Trent and I'm a student in your homeroom," Trent replied as he changed into his human form. All of his long hair hung down to his ankles while the front part of his body was exposed for the world to see. Well... exposed to anyone in the hallway to see, anyway. He held out a hand and grinned, "Nice to meetcha. I'm a friend of this guy, Thirteen over there, by the way. We caught Sera's show live, but I guess he got busted or something."

"Er... I... I see..." Monica replied as she blushed at the sight of Trent's nudity. Unlike everyone else, she did not wonder about the blonde boy's super long hair. She wondered about the blonde boy's ability to change into a dog and vice versa. She had met some shape-shifters before, but never thought there was one in her homeroom class. She looked away and asked, "I don't suppose you could put on some clothes?"

"Sure, they're in my locker near Thirteen's," Trent replied as he grabbed Thirteen by the ankles and started dragged him down the hallway. He waved Monica over to follow him, picked up the ankle he dropped, and continued dragging his new friend.

"Wait a minute, you will hit his head!" Monica exclaimed as she rushed forward and grabbed Thirteen by the armpits and helped carried her unconscious classmate. Her face reddened even more as soon as she noticed that she was pressing Thirteen's face against her crotch. Thanking whoever was in charge of the afterlife for her classmate's unconscious state, she lifted Thirteen up further and away from her pussy. That was when another thought clicked into her head, "Wait a minute, how did you know my name?"


Later that night...

"I'm sorry Mistress, I didn't mean to disobey you," Linda cried as she knelt on the locker room floor. She was wearing a green tank-top with a black miniskirt and high-heel sandals. Small rings made of jade hung down from her ears and a jade bracelet encircled her left wrist. "I just had to stop that dog-man from interrupting your work, Mistress."

"Shh... it's quite alright," Sera assured her new pet as she patted her on the head like a dog. She turned away from the distressed Linda and said, "We only met just recently, after all. It's not like we've made any commitments to each other. At least not yet, anyway."

"I want to commit to you, Mistress," Linda sobbed as tears rolled down her cheeks. "I want to be your slave. I've never felt this way until I met you. Please make me your slave."

"Go home and think about it first. We can talk about it when you've calmed down," Sera replied as she stood in front of one of the lockers in the locker room. She opened up the door with a smirk on her face. On the bottom of the locker were fragments of a coil of rope, a saliva-covered ball-gag, and a vibrator that was still vibrating. Sera touched her chin in a thoughtful manner and said, "Oh dear... looks like she escaped. Oh well... hope she enjoyed the show I put on for her, anyway."


"That demoness... I can't believe it. Of all the schools, she just had to pick this one," A naked woman wearing only a mask and sunglasses growled as she looked down from the school rooftop. A trail of her own juice ran down her legs as she fingered away at her pussy. In her other hand, she held Monica's panties to her face. She lowered her masked and sniffed the panties as she masturbated away in the chilly night air. "Still... there are quite a few worthy prizes out here including the demoness herself. I guess I have no choice but to resort to some... supernatural forces myself."

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WOw Deathnote.....that is another great chapter..Beasty and all....even though Im not a fan of that...

It all works together....

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"Alright! I'm finally gonna make my first appearance!" Rock cheered as he pumped a fist into the air. He was holding a notebook titled "Deathnote's ideas for the WTF High series" (no such notebook exists!).

"Congratulations, Rock," Sandra said as she placed a hand on Rock's shoulder. She leaned her head in and peered at the pages of the notebook. Suddenly, both she and Rock's faces went pale. "I'm... how... that many... all at once?"

"Wait... you can't be serious," Rock stammered as he flipped through the pages and read his future fate. After a few more minutes of reading, he furiously tore up the notebook into simple confetti and growled, "Okay, where's that damn author?"

"Why, what seems to be the problem, you two?" Sera smirked as she suddenly appeared right behind the two troubled teens. A devilish grin stretched across her face as she added, "Last I checked, the author was looking up demon names for inspiration."

"Yeah right, he's probably reading Naruto," Rock grumbled as he fell into a cross-legged sitting position with his arms crossed. "Either that or he's watching bondage porn."

"He's... getting ideas..." Sandra shivered at the thought of her fate as streams of tears ran down from her eyes. She crouched next to Rock and depressingly looked down at the ground.

"Actually, he's reading Tenjou Tenge," Sera explained as she placed a hand on both Rock and Sandra in a futile attempt to console them. "Don't worry, you'll both have your cool moments."

"....." Both Rock and Sandra sighed at the same time.


"Hey Rock, close up when you're done. I'm heading home," The voice of a middle-aged man instructed from outside the kitchen of a small diner. The voice belonged to the owner of the diner, which could only afford to hire one chef.

"Right, sure... whatever," Rock, the diner's chef, grumbled as he continued mopping up the kitchen. He was a strong-looking individual with a heavy built to his body and a tough-looking face. Despite the white apron he was wearing, he looked like a regular street punk trying to look tough.

Although he was still in high school, the young chef was good enough to cook for a five-star restaurant. It was very surprising for his friends and family considering his father was a well-known cook who could exceed the level of a seven-star restaurant, if one existed. Two years ago, Rock was sent to work at one of his father's friend's diner. Suffice to say, he was pissed because he had no say in the matter whatsoever.

As soon as the young man was done cleaning up, he stepped outside the diner to lock up. As soon as he was done, something in the corner of his eye caught his attention. His attention was on one of the red lights just across the nearest intersection. He was unable to explain it, but he felt something... abnormal about one of the red lights. After a few seconds, he shrugged his shoulders and headed home.

Title: WTF High's School Defense Force - Lesson IV
Class: 4D
Room: 104
If these guys are the minions, what's their boss like?

"~Shyrliowkoougu of Asmodai, Liowyuhgu of Asmodai, and Syhmianngu of Asmodai. I summon you to do my bidding. Minions of Asmodeus, hear my cry. Please accept these humble offerings in exchange for your services.~"

The red-light district was called such because of the practice of putting red lights in the windows to indicate the nature of the business. Some say that the origin of this dated back to when railway workers left their red lanterns outside of brothels before going in. Within one of the apartments above one of the adult shops, a different sort of red light shone through the window. This apartment was in the perfect location for summoning demons of lust.

"~Shyrliowkoougu, disciple of the 16 voices of hell. Liowyuhgu, disciple of the six illusions of desires. Syhmianngu, disciple of the four-sided pain. Come forth and speak to me. Please grant me your services.~"

A woman with long brown hair and pink bangs and a red string around each long side-burn stood in the middle of the apartment. She wore a metal mask and silver-framed sunglasses to hide her face. She chose not to wear anything for it was required for all of her body to be exposed during the summoning ritual. Her exposed womanhood was shaved and dripping wet with excitement at the prospect of what might happen next.

The wooden floor beneath her was stained with crimson red blood. The blood was intentionally spread in such a way as to create a circle with dozens of strange symbols surrounding and within it. Lined on the edge of the circle were plates of food bought from nearby grocery stores. These included an entire chicken, a bowl of fruit, and a two-layered chocolate cake.

Of course, Metal Mask (let's call her that for now, shall we?) anticipated that food was not enough to satisfy demons of lust. For this reason, huddling in each corner of the apartment was a teenaged girl around 16 to 18. They were all blindfolded, ball-gagged, collared, and chained to their respective corners. The four girls were all friends and were walking home together when they were ambushed by a single masked woman. It happened so fast that they weren't entirely sure what really happened. They weren't sure what was going on and what was going to happen to them. All they knew was that they were in a room somewhere with a strange woman chanting about demons.

"Demons of Asmodai. Demons of Lust. Accept these humble offerings as payment for your services," Metal Mask gasped as she stuck a finger into her own pussy. She continued chanting and fingering herself at the same time as she stood there in the summoning circle. Her pussy juice dripped onto the wooden floor, causing the strange blood symbols to glow each time it happened. The masked woman's breathing became heavier and her blood boiled with lust as she felt herself reach a climax. She closed her eyes and concentrated on making herself orgasm. As the waves of pleasure took over, she momentarily forgot about her task at hand.

"Heh... dirty slut, whatcha want?"

Metal Mask snapped her eyes open and found herself staring into the fiery eyes of a large demon. The woman was taken aback by the sudden appearance and fell on her shapely tight ass. For a moment, fear struck her heart for this was the first time she had ever succeeded with a summoning ritual. As if on cue, her piss soaked the floor beneath her and drenched her ass and legs at the same time. Even through her sunglasses and mask, one could easily tell that she was very much afraid of the demons she had summoned.

"Ugh, little bitch pissed herself," Koougu, the demon in the middle growled as he pinched his nose in disgust. This demon stood at around six feet tall and had sickly blue fur. He had extremely long limbs and there were eight fingers on each hand. He had razor-sharp claws attached to the ends of his fingers and toes. His eyes were like large vertical ovals and his fangs were at least an inch long. A single horn quite similar to a unicorn's jutted out of his forehead.

"Who cares? I like my woman down and dirty," Mianngu, the demon on the left smirked as he licked his lips in anticipation. This demon was the largest of them and stood around eight feet tall. He had scaly red skin and four Herculean large arms. A pair of ram-like horns sat upon his large bearded head.

"Whatever, I don't think she was planning on offering herself," Yuhgu grumbled as he looked around the room and looked over the four bounded girls. This demon had orange skin and stood around seven feet tall. He had long black hair with two horns sticking out of his forehead. Encircled around his wrists and ankles were iron manacles with broken chains. He also had two tails swishing around behind him as if they had minds of their own.

"Um... uh... yeah! I... please accept these offerings," Metal Mask stammered as soon as she found her voice. She looked around before grabbing a bowl of fruit and held it out to the three demons. Unfortunately for her, that was a bad move.

"Bitch, you think trash like this can satisfy us?" Koougu growled angrily as he knocked the bowl of fruit out of the masked woman's hands. The bound girls in the four corners of the room winced as soon as they heard the bowl of fruit smash against the wall. The blue demon grabbed Metal Mask by the hair and glared right into her eyes. "Demons like us only accept quality offerings like wine, gold, and jewels. If you were going to pay with food, you should at least pay with something even remotely delicious. If you can't afford to pay any of those things, you pay with your body. Understand?"

"I... yes... yes sir..." Metal Mask trembled in response as she felt the demon's breath hit her face with each word. She expected something foul-smelling to come out of the demon's mouth, but strangely enough that wasn't the case. The demon's breathe did not smell of rotting corpses or anything like that. Instead, the smell of sex came out of the blue demon's mouth every time he spoke.

"Leave her alone, Koougu," Yuhgu said as he stood over one of the bound girls, Ginger. Ginger had a petite body and auburn red hair that was tied into a single pigtail. The poor girl had no idea what was going on, but she knew what was about to happen to her. She was bound, gagged, and naked. There was no question as to what her and her friends' fates were going to be. The orange demon grunted, "Looks like she was prepared. These girls look good enough. One of them's a virgin, too."

"Heh... alright then," Koougu grinned as he released his hold on the masked woman's hair. He stood over Metal Mask with his arms crossed. "Speak! For what reason have you summoned us?"

"There's... there's a group of people I want you to hunt down," Metal Mask replied as quickly as possible. "One of them's a female practitioner of the Shin Onitsurugi-Ryuu style of kenjutsu. Another is a blonde demoness with serpent-like eyes. The third is... well... some guy named Berserker or Thirteen or something. I need you to defeat them and bring them back alive and in one piece."

"Shin Onitsurugi-Ryuu, hmm? I've been waiting for the chance to fight someone who practices that," Mianngu said as he touched his chin thoughtfully. He shrugged his shoulders and walked over to one of the other bounded girls, Jenna. Jenna had short brown hair with long bangs and a lithe and athletic body. "Oh well... fuck now, fight later."

"Agreed, no need to let these dumb sluts go to waste," Koougu smirked as he ignored the masked woman and turned his attention on another girl, Lana. Lana had long black hair that reached down to her well-endowed breasts. The blue demon ripped the ball-gag from the frightened girl before forcing the head of his blue cock into the bound girl's mouth.

"Mmm!" Lana tried to move her head back, but the blue demon held her head in place. In a desperate attempt to get the cock out of her mouth, she also tried to bite down. Unfortunately, the demon's blue cock was as hard as a turtle's shell and biting down hurt the girl more than the demon. Tears ran down her cheeks as she came to the conclusion that she had no choice but to suck on this stranger's manhood.

"Stay on all fours and follow me," Yuhgu instructed as he grabbed Ginger by the pigtail and dragged her across the room. He broken the chains that bounded the red head to the wall. He headed towards the fourth human offering, Candi. Candi was a blonde girl with short hair and tanned skin. Along the way, the orange demon picked up the chocolate cake with his two tails and said "Let's have a little fun with your friend, shall we?"

"Nice ass you got there, bitch. All tight and waiting to be fucked," Mianngu smirked as he held Jenna's wrists behind her back. He used his other pair of arms to grab the ankles and spread the girl's strong legs apart. He carefully positioned his red cock, then slammed right into his victim's ass. Jenna could do nothing but scream into her gag and cry out of sheer pain. As painful as a cock getting rammed into her ass was, it was nothing compared to the pain she felt next. All you needed to know to understand what happened next was that the red demon had retractable spikes all over his body... including his manhood.

Meanwhile, Yuhgu was having some fun with Ginger and Candi. The orange demon positioned Candi so that she was lying down on her back with her knees up and spread apart. He took the chocolate cake and smeared it all over the blonde girl's body. Afterwards, he ripped Ginger's gag off and ordered her to lick what was left on the empty plate. Once the red head was done with that task, the orange demon proceeded to instruct Ginger to eat off of her friend's body.

Ginger and Candi weren't really repulsed by the idea for they were guilty of doing so on several occasions before. It started a couple summers ago before they started high school. They were eating ice cream together when Candi's chocolate ice cream melted onto her fingers. As a joke, Ginger licked the ice cream off of her friend's fingers only to find out that they both liked it. Since then, they experimented with different kinds of food and their bond grew over the years. It was almost as if Yuhgu knew of their secret. Perhaps he did know... for who truly knew what a demon was capable of.

Although Ginger enjoyed eating off of Candi, they were still in a horrifying situation. The red head decided to focus on eating off of her friend instead of worrying about what might happen to them. Her long pink tongue scooped up the chocolate fudge as her cheek became a mess. She was still blindfolded, so she wasn't able to tell where she was licking.

She made her way across the belly and up the breasts, feeling shivers of pleasure from the skin of her friend. She gently sucked on Candi's nipples, tasting the cream-covered mounds of flesh as she did so. It was a two-layered cake, so it wasn't like she was planning on eating all of it. Therefore, she decided to go on ahead and nuzzled her face into the blonde girl's neck. It wasn't long before her face was just as much covered with cake as Candi's.

Candi recognized her friend's tongue sweep across her body. Despite her bounded state, she relished the feeling of Ginger eating cake off of her skin. A moan of pleasure emitted from her throat as soon as she felt the other girl's soft face against her throat. She writhed and moaned with pleasure at this familiar feeling. Her heart hammered and her fears nearly subsided, especially when Ginger started licking Candi's face.

"Damn slut doesn't know how to suck cock," Koougu growled angrily as he pulled his cock out of Lana's mouth. With his razor-sharp claws, he slashed the chains binding the large breasted girl and grabbed her by the hair. The blue demon pulled the crying girl along as he made his way towards Jenna and Mianngu. He threw the girl at the feet of the red demon and positioned her so that she was right underneath Jenna. "Let's see if your pussy licking skills are any better. Your friend here must be in a lot of pain right now what with that cock in her ass. Why don't you make her feel better?"

With that, the blue demon grabbed Lana's head with both hands and thrust her face into Jenna's pussy. Lana squirmed as soon as she felt her friend's womanhood against her lips and tried to pull away. Unfortunately, she lacked the strength to overcome the blue demon's monstrous power. Although she did not know she was in the presence of demons, she was too afraid nonetheless to speak out against her captors. She tentatively snaked out her tongue and lightly brushed it against the outer lips of Jenna's pussy.

Jenna was in a much worse position than her friend. Fortunately for her, the red demon was "kind" enough to keep the spikes on his cock dull. Although the spikes made the experience infinitely more painful, they were not sharp enough to pierce through the anal walls of the brunette. She was able to keep herself from teetering over the edge and into unconsciousness. However, she wasn't sure why she wanted to stay conscious when she could simply slip into a peaceful slumber and away from the pain. That was when she felt something warm and wonderful on her pussy lips.

"Mmph..." Metal Mask stifled a moan as she waited outside of the room. She managed to slip out while the demons were busy defiling as many holes as they could with their manhood. She sat on the floor with her back against the wall, fingering away at her dripping wet, piss-soaked pussy. She left a crack in the door before she left so that she could catch bits of the show. The sight of Ginger eating off of Candi particularly interested her and the reason why she was able to reach multiple orgasms.

"That's right, lick that bitch good," Yuhgu growled as he grabbed Ginger's pigtail and forced her down on Candi's pussy. He positioned the girls so that they were in the 69 position with Ginger on top. Candi was still coated with cake, but the chocolate layers only made her that much more irresistible to fuck. With his free hand on the red head's back, the orange demon licked his lips at the sight with glee. His two tails snaked out from either side and slithered their way onto the entrance of the girls' exposed and ready pussies. Ginger and Candi found themselves unable to resist moaning into each other's womanhood as they ate each other out.

Ginger was rocking her hips back and forth, trying to get the orange demon's tail into herself. Although she was still a virgin, her fear of getting penetrated for the first time was subsided by the need for pleasure. Candi was also trying to get the demon's tail inside of her as she wrapped her arms around her friend's waist and pushed herself down. It was almost as though the two girls were possessed... which wasn't that far-fetched of an idea.

Koougu couldn't take anymore and simply opted to fuck Jenna's pussy. He pushed Lana's head down and ordered her to keep lick the spot between Jenna's pussy and anus. With that, he placed his hands on the brunette's shoulders and popped his blue cock in the quivering girl's wet and waiting womanhood. Jenna's heart skipped a beat right before the double penetration started. She started gasping for breathe through her gag as she tried to get used to the fact that she had two monstrous cocks inside of her. What was more... she was quite convinced by now that one of them had four arms!

Lana, Mianngu, and Koougu stopped for a moment as soon as they heard Ginger and Candi scream out in pleasure. Blood pooled out of Ginger's freshly deflowered vagina and into Candi's open mouth. Candi accepted the gift and swallowed it greedily as she felt the orange demon's tail enter her. The two girls moaned in unison even as they licked each other's clit until they both climaxed at the same time.

"Let's just finish this up already. My balls are getting blue," Koougu growled as he pulled out of Jenna's pussy and grabbed Lana by the hair. He dragged the whimpering girl towards the centre of the room. "Kneel right there and don't move until I say so."

"Your balls are always blue," Mianngu chuckled as he retracted his spikes and pulled out of Jenna's ass. With the brunette's wrists and ankles still in his hands, he followed his companion towards the centre of the room. He dropped the exhausted girl in front of Lana and ordered her to kneel as well. By this time, Yuhgu had also dragged his two victims over and had them kneeling as well.

"Right, so here's what we're going to do," Koougu smirked as he grabbed hold of Jenna's ball-gag and ripped it from her mouth. The blue demon stroked his manhood and continued, "We're gonna cover you with our cum and you're going to lick it off of each other."

"Shouldn't take too long, considering what a good fuck they were," Mianngu grinned as he started jacking off as well.

"Are you kidding? The whores back home could suck cock better than these cunts," Koougu growled as he tapped the back of his claw against the top of Lana's head.

"They weren't bad... for humans, anyway," Yuhgu shrugged as his shoulders as he began shooting his seed onto the girls. As soon as he did, the other two demons followed suit and covered the four blindfolded girls with monstrous amounts of cum. To understand how much cum there was, imagine three horses cumming at the same time. Now multiply that amount by three and you're halfway there.

"One of the target's a demoness, right? Lemme take her," Koougu smirked as he squirted out the last of his demonic seed. He watched with an amused look on his face as Jenna started licking Lana's large breasts. It was awkward for the four girls for they were slipping around in cum and trying to locate each other. They were still blindfolded so it was hard to figure out what part of the body they were licking and who it belonged to.

"Right, I'll take the kenjutsu brat," Mianngu cracked his knuckles and chuckled in response.

"Damn, I get the guy? That's no fun," Yuhgu growled as he licked Ginger and Candi's juices off his two tails. "Maybe I can get some cunts on the way or something."

"I think you're missing the point here, guys," Koougu chuckled as he crossed his arms. "This is the first time we've been out in a long time. I say we have some fun with these mortals before we have to head back home."

The two other demons agreed, then continued watching the four girls lick each other off. Ginger managed to find Lana's left foot and was sucking away at the other girl's toes like a dehydrated runner with a popsicle. Candi found Jenna's neck and was licking away at that. The four girls continued eating the demon seed off of each other throughout the night until they were too exhausted to even move anymore.


The next morning...

"Ginger Sachar! Not here? Okay, moving on... Lana Limestone? Lana Limestone, are you here?" Mr. Smith looked around the room and when he didn't receive a response he continued down the list, "Jennifer Reeves. Jennifer Reeves, are you here? No? Okay... Candice Spiegelman. Candice Spiegelman?"

"Sorry I'm late! Er... again!" A student who was well-known for being late by now rushed into the classroom. This time, however, he had a friend trailing behind him. Rock, the second student to enter the classroom simply shrugged his shoulders and took his seat.

"Right... Rush, take your seat," Mr. Smith grumbled, referring to the first student to enter the classroom late. To the second student he said, "So... you nickname's Rock, huh? Well it's Ricky Martin for today. Deal with it."

"Huh... who's Ricky Martin?" Rock asked as he raised an eyebrow in response to his new nickname.

"Some singer way back then, I dunno," Mr. Smith answered before continuing with the attendance.

"Let's see... Thirteen, Berserker, Leafy, Domino, Krusty, and now it's Rush... some of these nicknames aren't so bad," Rush muttered to himself as he counted off all the nicknames he received since the first day of school. He wondered momentarily if his new nickname was because he was always rushing to class. He also considered the possibility of there being a connection to the red robot dog from the Megaman series. His thoughts slowly drifted off towards video games and how far back some of the series went. It didn't take long before he was living in his own little world inside his head.

Meanwhile, Monica was still thinking about Sera's invitation from four days ago. She considered going to the demoness' house after school, but she didn't want a repeat of what happened last time. For this reason, she thought about bringing along Rush and a few of their new friends. She asked Rush whether or not he knew where Sera's home was, but her friend shook his head and said that he didn't. Was Sera lying when she said that Rush/Berserker would know where she lived?

"ZZZZZZZZZZZZ," Rock snored as he laid his head on his desk behind Rush and slept away throughout first period. He skipped his first and second day of school because he didn't feel like going. On the third day, he was as late as Rush and received the nickname 'Punkass' as punishment.

In an attempt to get to school on time, Rush woke up as early as possible and skipped breakfast. Unfortunately, he got lost in his own world again and ended up in front of a diner near the red-light district. Since he skipped breakfast, he went inside and found out that Rock worked there. The two of them got to know each other and became friends quite quickly. Rock also got to know Trent and Monica during lunch and after school.


"Huh?" Rock snapped wake and looked up to see that everyone else was leaving for their next class. He also noticed that Trent was holding up a torn paper bag. He grabbed the torn paper bag and crammed it up against the grinning idiot's face before heading off for his next class. In the olden days, the bell would had been loud enough to wake him up in time to stop Trent. Unfortunately for him, the bells in his era were simple chimes that were barely audible.

"Uh... should I be telling him about the drawings on his face?" Rush scratched his head as he watched Rock leave the classroom.

"Nah, I wanna see how long before he notices," Trent smirked as he twirled a black marker in his right hand.


Five or so hours later...

Koougu, you've located that blonde wench yet? Yuhgu asked as he walked down the street in a trench coat and hat. Although he was the one who suggested using disguises, he found that it was unnecessary at the moment. For some reason, the street he walked along was completely empty save for a stray black cat. It was only later that he learned of a new mall a couple blocks over that had everyone's attention. Since his target had no clear or consistent route, he chose the most deserted place and hoped that his target would arrive.

Heh... I got the bitch in my sights, Koougu smirked as he watched his prey while hidden in the tall trees. Being a blue demon of speed and stealth, he was able to hide himself pretty well from any passers-by. His malicious eyes were set upon the beautiful blonde girl sitting outside on the balcony of a new mall that opened just recently. Sera was sitting alone at one of the tables with a bottle of V8 in front of her. By Asmodai, she's hot! Can't wait to see her squealing and begging like the fucking slut she is.

The balcony was three stories up and led to the open food court inside. There were no walls and no doors separating the balcony from the food court. The balcony itself was pretty huge and there was quite a bit of space between tables. There were several trees on each side of the balcony, each standing around five stories high. A lot of people were there to check out the new mall since there was little to none other place to hang out and have fun.

Mianngu? You didn't bring along one of the sacrifices again, did you? Koougu asked as he moved along one of the branches above the balcony to get a better view. He clawed his way along the wooden arm and kept his eyes on the prize.

What? Stake-outs are boring without the proper kind of company, Mianngu protested as he waited inside one of the empty classrooms. The classroom he was in was one of those spare classrooms that no one ever uses... ever. It was completely bare save for ten or so desks pushed off to the side and the teacher's desk that he was sitting on.

Held within the red demon's four hands was Ginger, who was blindfolded and gagged yet again. His upper hands held up Ginger by the arm-pits while his lower hands molested the pigtailed girl's round and soft breasts. He held upon the sobbing girl's knees with his own knees while his cock penetrated the red head's ass. With his unnaturally strong arms, he lifted Ginger up and down on his manhood as if the girl in his hands was only a rag doll.

You're getting the Japanese chick, yet you're fucking one of the sacrifices? Yuhgu grumbled irritably. Whatever... just get the job done, alright? No screw ups. I'll talk to you guys later. I think I see him coming.

Gentleman... let the games begin! Koougu snickered as he got ready to pounce on the blonde demoness.


"So, where'd Trent head off to?" Rock grumbled as he walked along the sidewalk towards the diner. Ever since the new mall opened up, business had been slow. That was fine with him cause it meant less work he had to do and he definitely didn't feel like working today.

"He went off to check out the new mall that just opened up," Rush replied with a shrug of his shoulders. "I was planning on check it out myself, but I kept getting lost on the way. Trent went ahead of me, so I couldn't follow him."

"You mean he ran there and you couldn't catch up," Rock muttered with a disgruntled look on his face. "What about Monica?"

"She said she had some business to take care of and said it'd take awhile," Rush replied. "I guess it has someth..."

"Excuse me, are you the kid with many nicknames?" A gruff voice belonging to a tall man in a trench coat asked. Red eyes glowed from behind the shadows cast by the fedora on the stranger's head. It was also hard not to notice from up close that this man had orange skin.

"Uh... I... guess..." Rush blinked as he stared up at the tall man. He wasn't sure how to describe it, but he felt as though there was something... dangerous about the person in front of him.

"Get the fuck out of our way, old man," Rock growled as he stepped in front of Rush and glared into the glowing red eyes. "I know a flashing retard when I see one."

"Don't take this personally, but get out of my way, boy," Yuhgu replied coldly as he landed a left backhand against the youngster's face. Rock's face snapped to the side and he was sent flying through the air and into a brick wall across the street. The wall crumbled and he found himself buried underneath the pile of bricks. No human could had survived that.

"Huh?" Rush's eyes were wide open as he gaped at the damage this strange orange demon demonstrated with ease. His eyes turned back towards the orange demon as he wondered how he was going to get out of this situation.

"You're coming with me," Yuhgu growled as he reached out to grab the frightened young man by the shirt.


"Heh... looks like someone's caught us," Mianngu smirked as he stopped ramming his monstrous cock up Ginger's ass. His attention was on the doorway where someone had just shown up. "Wanna join in? Don't worry, I'll be gentle."

"Wha... who... what are you? What are you doing to Ginger?" Io gasped as she backed away from the room with a hand covering her mouth. She found a note that Monica threw away during lunch time. Curiosity got to her when she read the note and decided to check it out and find out what her friend was up to. Little did she know that Monica went home to fetch her sword, otherwise she wouldn't had been in such a dangerous position.

"Come on now, don't be shy," The red giant lifted Ginger's ass off his cock and dropped her onto the floor with his lower hands. He allowed the slave girl to rest for awhile as he went to claim another victim. He stepped out into the empty hallway and reached out to grab the youthful-looking girl with his upper hands. "It'll be fun, I promise."


"Just a simple grab-and-go operation, that's all," Koougu grinned as he got ready to attack the blonde demoness.

"Hey! What's up!" Trent exclaimed as his face suddenly appeared upside-down in front of the blue demon.

"Gah!" Koougu screamed out in surprise as he lost his balance and fell off the branch.


Screams filled the open air as everyone's attention shifted towards the blue demon. They looked on in awe at the sight and started taking pictures with their cell-phones. Koougu growled angrily as he stood up from what remained of the table that broke his fall. He ignored the mortals and focused on the brat who somehow managed to sneak up on him, the master of speed and stealth.

"Haha! I thought I was the only one who liked to climb trees," Trent laughed as he landed on the floor of the balcony between Koougu and Sera. His long blonde hair cascaded around him as he twirled a pair of strange-looking daggers in his hands. He stopped his twirling, turned around, and waved to Sera, "Hey Sera! Came to check this place out too?"

Sera smirked as she simply waved in response to Trent. She watched with careful eyes as the events before her unfolded. Her ears were also on the spectators around her in case one of them said something interested. Apparently, they were all convinced that this was some kind of public stunt or act to go along with the opening of the new mall.

"So fellow tree-climber, my name's Trent! What's yours?" Trent asked with a cheerful look on his face.

"GGGRRRRRR," Koougu growled angrily as he raked the floor with his razor-sharp claws. He rushed forth with the intent to kill clearly in his eyes.


"No! Leave me alone!" Io cried as she felt herself getting lifted off the ground. She kicked and screamed, but nothing she did made the red demon release her.

"Delicious," Mianngu licked his lips as he lifted Io by the wrists with one right hand so that their faces were lined up. He reached out with his tongue as Io squirmed and turned her face as far to the side as she could.


"Huh?" Mianngu blinked as he felt something explode against the side of his head. He turned his head and noticed that his left horn had shattered into a million fragments. His eyes fell upon the source of the explosion: A teen wearing black clothes and wielding a large magnum.


"What?" Mianngu's eyes faced the front just in time to see the blade pass through his right arm. Eyes wide, he staggered back in pain and fear at this new development. He looked down to the right and noticed a pair of glaring eyes belonging to an angry Japanese girl.

"*What's up, three-arms?*" Monica smirked as she held out the severed hand for the red demon to see.


Yuhgu staggered to his feet while gasping in pain. He lifted his hand and felt the part of his chest that the damage was dealt. He was shocked at the power his target possessed and he felt as though he had been tricked. Before he could even react, Rush managed to land a double palm-strike in desperation. The orange demon angrily clenched his trench coat and ripped it from his body. It was time to get serious.

"Payback time!" Rock shouted as he slammed his right fist into the demon's cheek. Yuhgu's face snapped to the side and he was sent flying through the air and into a brick wall across the street. The wall crumbled and he found himself buried underneath the pile of bricks.

"Impossible," Yuhgu growled as he rose out of the pile of bricks with hatred in his eyes. He stumbled out of the pile of bricks as he attempted to recover his senses. His two tails swished angrily against the concrete pavement below.

"Eh?" Rush blinked as he scratched his head in confusion at the scene before him. He didn't expect his palm-strike to be so effective against a large demon like Yuhgu. He also didn't expect for his new friend to possess the kind of monstrous strength he just displayed.

"Heh... time to kick it up a notch," Rock grinned devilishly as he cracked his knuckles one at a time.


I see the other side as resorted to summoning demons, Sera smirked as she took a sip of V8. As she watched the battle before her, her pupils thinned and became vertical slits. Moto-chan and Tiny Tim against the Red Giant at school. Berserker Boy and Angry Kid against Tails on steroids on the streets. Then there's the Hyperactive Dog-man against the Blue Krueger-look-alike at the mall. Hmm... and so it begins...

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Another great chapter...thanks

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Why did you come back? Mr. Smith mentally asked as he looked at the carnage before him. Unlike the other bystanders, his eyes were not filled with shock and/or fear. He was simply observing, with watchful eyes, the one responsible for the one-second slaughter that took place only moments ago. Why did you come back here, Sera?

"Hmph," Sera smirked as she stood up from the patio table, which was one of many tables on the large balcony at the mall. She finished her V8 drink before she began to walk away from the scene. Trent, Rock, Monica, Tim, and Thirteen/Leafy/Rush all stared at the blonde demoness with an array of different expressions.

The blonde demoness walked over the body of Koougu, the blue demon. A bloody trail of footprints followed her. The corpse of the blue demon... was headless. The head was nowhere to be found... because it exploded.

Title: WTF High's School Defense Force - Lesson V
Class: 4D
Room: 104
As deadly as a serpent and as cunning as a vixen, she's the Snake King and Mistress of Illusions' child. Don't fall for her traps... too late. :p



The clock that stood in the middle of the school yard could be heard throughout the building. The gentle ruffles of the dried yellow grass were interrupted by the tolls of the iron ring clock.


The sound rang through the eerily silent halls, shaking the dark atmosphere left by the night. Not even the moon was out to guide one's heart from the shadows with its borrowed light.


From every window the iron clock could be seen clearly even with the blinding cold blanket enveloping it. It was built based on a design created by four University students decades ago in 2003. The school's clock was actually three rings standing straight up. The two smaller ones were right next to each other and they were within and perpendicular to the largest ring. Engraved in the outer shell and hanging from the inner part of the middle-sized ring were the hours while for the smallest it was the minutes. The largest of the rings also had the hours hanging from the inner part, but there were 12 square holes where the hours should be in its outer shell.

"Interesting how the largest ring appears to be moving on its own without any need for a motor," Sera remarked as she looked out the window of one of the classrooms. Her pale soft skin and beastly yellow eyes were hard to ignore even in the darkness. She chose to wear a pink tank top over a pair of legless jean shorts, which were cut to resemble a V-shape. Black boots with straps encircled her tender feet. Her two braided sideburns framed her face along with her sharp and wisdom-filled eyes. "Of course, everyone here knows how it really works. Well... most of them, anyway."

"You look the same as you did six years ago," Mr. Smith ignored Sera's remark as he sat on one of his students' desks. He had his arms crossed and his watchful eyes stayed upon the blonde mystery before him as if he expected something abnormal to happen. Instead of his usual formal attire, he wore a grey shirt, black jeans, and running shoes. "Why did you come back here? As a student, no less."

"Did you know that human beings evolved from pack hunters?" Sera asked as she pressed the tips of two of her fingers up against the window. While she barely touched the glass, she gently allowed her fingers to trail down it. From her perspective, her fingers were directly over the school's iron ring clock. "Just like wolves, they would work-"

"Just answer my question!" Mr. Smith growled angrily as he grabbed Sera by the wrist and glared directly into her eyes. He wasn't surprised when he was met by indifferent eyes, as though his recent action had no meaning. "Why did you come back here as a student even though you already graduated six years ago?"

"Is there a reason I can't?" Sera smirked as her eyes turned predatory. Her pupils became vertical slits and her iris started glowing a healthy yellow. She lifted her left hand and pressed it up against her teacher's forehead. Mr. Smith's grip on the demoness' wrist loosened and his eyes glazed over. "Besides, didn't you fall for the me from six years ago?"



"Damn it... why won't this guy stay down?" Rock growled as he glared at the orange demon before him. He searched through his pockets and pulled out a red coin the size of a quarter. "Time to bring out the big guns."

"Um... what?" Rush blinked, wondering what his friend was up to. At this point, he wondered why no one passed by and witnessed this event. Surely all the damage to public property so far would had aroused some suspicion or curiosity. He also wondered why he wasn't running for a payphone and calling the cops. Those thoughts dashed away from his head when he noticed the coin Rock was holding bursted into flames.

"Scar! Horn! Help me out!" Rock shouted as he threw the coin against the ground. All of a sudden, two red-skinned imps appeared where the coin made contact with the asphalt. They were both only one foot tall and had stick-like arms and legs. One of them had a scar on his face while the other had a unicorn-like horn. It was quite obvious which was Scar and which was Horn. "You ready to fight this guy?

"Remember the payment. I want some burgers after this, got that?" Horn smirked as he gave his employer a thumbs-up sign.

"Make me some pancakes and the next fight's free," Scar added as he crossed his arms while grinning devilishly.

"Uh..." Rush blinked yet again as he stared at the strange imp-like creatures that Rock had apparently... summoned.

"A summoner... I'm not impressed," Yuhgu, the orange demon commented. "Two weaklings. That's all you can summon? At least bring out something with claws or fangs."

"Shut the hell up," Rock growled as he and his two imps rushed forth to attack Yuhgu. At first it looked like they were just going to gang-up on the large demon. However, Scar started spitting out multiple fireballs while Horn's... horn sent out lightning bolts. Rock dashed to attack while his opponent was distracted.

"Weaklings," Yuhgu growled as one of his two tails took a swipe at a conveniently nearby fire hydrant. As if the resulting stream of water was an extension of his own body, he redirected the water from the hydrant and smashed it against Rock's face. Rock and his two imps were knocked back by the surprisingly powerful blast and unlike last time, the young summoner wasn't getting back up. The orange demon crossed his arms and turned his attention towards...


All of a sudden, a heel dropped from the sky and slammed right in between Yuhgu's two horns! The heel belonged to Rush, who decided to take the opportunity to attack. However, Yuhgu was quick to recover from the surprise attack and tackled his target into the ground. The orange demon's forehead was bleeding heavily and he looked very pissed off.

"Bad move, Runt!" Yuhgu growled savagely as he brought a fist above his head. As if it could read his mind, the water behind him rose up into the air, ready to slam itself down upon Rush's face. The orange demon glared at his target, forgetting that he was supposed to bring the boy back alive. That was before he caught sight of the youngster's eye. That was when he knew what he was dealing with. With wide eyes, the demon jumped off his victim and dashed away. "Shit... a berserker?"


"He was easy to beat," Monica noted as she stared at the butchered corpse of her fallen enemy. She turned her attention to the blood that stained her sword, wondering if the blood was red because the demon was red. That didn't make any sense to her, so she dropped that thought and turned towards her accomplice.

"Well... we were in a narrow hallway fighting a giant target who was already disoriented from losing one arm and one horn," Tim replied as he hid away his two guns. "It was also two against one."

"But he is a demon," Monica replied as she wiped away the blood on her sword with her sleeve before sheathing it. She turned towards the bound Ginger, and asked, "What are we going to do with her?"

"Don't know, don't care," Tim said as he looked out the window towards the new mall. "Are there more or is that all?"

"I think I sensed one more," Monica replied as she headed out the door. Before she left with Tim, she noticed Io sitting down with her back against the wall and staring at Mianngu's corpse. "Please look after Ginger for us, Io. We will come back as soon as possible."


"That damn bitch never said anything about a berserker," Yuhgu clenched his teeth and growled under his breathe. He reassessed his situation and decided to retreat for now even though he was technically winning. When he noticed Rush was getting back up, he immediately panicked and doused himself with water. Once the water cleared, he was gone.

"We're upping the price. We want lobster for dinner," Horn grumbled as he picked himself up.

"Be sure to have them ready by midnight," Scar added. The two imps walked away, then vanished with a sudden flash of exploding fire.

"Damn it, did we lose?" Rock growled as he got to his feet.

"At least we're still alive," Rush replied. Suddenly, he felt a painless jolt pass through his brain and his attention turned towards the new mall. He stared in that direction for a few seconds, then found himself running towards it. "Rock... I think we should go this way."

"Eh?" Rock grumbled questioningly before following his friend.



"Such naughty thoughts, Mr. Smith," Sera cooed as she pressed her head up against the "older" man's chest. A cheshire grin stretched across her face, "Don't you want me like this? This could be a teacher-student scenario, like the kind you see in porn. I've been a naughty girl, teacher. Why don't do something about it?"

"Stop it! Get out of my head!" Mr. Smith shouted as he pushed the "younger" girl away from him. He was gasping for air as if he were forced underwater for the past few minutes. His hands were shaking and sweat was pouring down from his face. However, he calmed down when he saw the look on Sera's face.

"I'm sorry... it's just that, I thought you wanted this, that's all," Sera explained with a frightened look on her face. She looked down at the floor, embarrassed and ashamed. She looked as though she was ready to cry. "I just thought..."

"I'm... I'm sorry... for bursting out like that," Mr. Smith managed to apologize. He clasped his hands on Sera's shoulders as a smile grew on his face. "I just thought you were up to your old tricks again, that's all."

"Then... you still find me attractive?" Sera asked as she looked up into her teacher's eyes. Her pupils returned to their normal circular shape, which made her look... cute.

"I... I mean..." Mr. Smith stammered. He silently thought to himself, why am I falling for this all over again? Then again, maybe....



Damn it... what's with this guy? Koougu thought to himself as he skidded backwards along the surface of the balcony. He dug his claws deep into the floor in order to stop himself. He's almost as fast as me!

"Hmm... Capoeira, huh?" Sera smirked as she watched the battle before her unfold. "It's somehow... fitting."

"Heh," Trent grinned as he faced his opponent with his strange daggers in his hands. "This is fun! Let's go again!"

Seriously, what's wrong with him? He's grinning like a fool even though I almost killed him a few times, Koougu scowled. Suddenly, his eyes went wide when he realized that something about his opponent felt familiar. Wait a minute... it can't be...

"One more dance till Death's finale," Trent declared before rushing towards the blue demon. "Let's just finish this already."

"F-Fenrir?" Koougu gasped in shock.


"They're just the same as I remember them," Mr. Smith remarked as he slid his hands over Sera's tank top. The straps were slid off and the tank top was pushed down so that the predatory girl's luscious breasts were put on full display. They were like twin moons, hanging there where they could easily be seen, yet seemingly out of reach. However, unlike the moon, the teacher could easily touch them... grope them... and cherish them.

"Your hands are as strong as I remember them," Sera moaned with pleasure as she propped herself up on one of the desks. She wiggled her dangling feet around for a few seconds, then placed them up against the small of her teacher's back. The huntress ensnared her new prey with her legs and led him into her tempting trap. She reached up with her left hand and wrapped it around the back of the dazed man's neck. Her other hand reached down to unzip her jean shorts. The zipper reached all the way to her anus and she wasn't wearing any panties, so her pussy was already exposed. "I'm already wet with anticipation, so just stick it in when you're ready."

"In that case, I will," Mr. Smith replied as he stopped feeling up the blonde girl's breasts. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock, which was standing and throbbing at 6 inches in length and 1 1/2 inches in width. He pressed the head of his tool up against the demoness' entrance, pushing it in ease. For a moment, he wondered if perhaps Sera wasn't as tight as she used to be. His question was answered when the vaginal walls gripped his manhood like a vice. His eyes widened at the strength of this girl and a gasp escaped his throat. "You're... you're even tighter than before."

"I knew you of all people could handle it," Sera snickered while she hung down from her teacher's neck with her arms. With her legs still around the 'older' man's waist, she began rotating her hips. She felt the man's arms wrap around her back so that she wouldn't fall should she lose her strength. Although she did not feel it was necessary, she was grateful for the sentiment. "Fuck me, teacher. Fuck me like you used to."

Mr. Smith complied with the blonde girl by thrusting moving in conjunction with Sera's rotations. He 'bounced' Sera up and down so that his cock would thrust deep within her every time she came back down. The position was somewhat awkward and demanded enough strength from the man to support the weight of his partner, but it was worth it. Sera moaned and groaned with a lustful voice with each and every bounce on the cock. She pressed her face up against Mr. Smith's chest and tightened the grip of her arms and legs on the 'older' man.

"Let's try another position," Mr. Smith suggested as he gently laid the back of his student on the desk. Since it was one of the student's desks, there wasn't much room for Sera to put her head against. Instead, the blonde girl dangled her head off the edge of the desk and allowed her long hair to reach the floor. She felt a pair of strong hands on her ankles and figured her partner was going to fuck her like that. She reached out and grabbed hold of the legs of the desk so that she would not fall over, then braced herself for the second round of this... reunion.

"Go at it with full force. Don't worry, I can take it," Sera smirked with a gleam in her eyes. She moved her head back down and waited. She tensed up her vaginal muscles as soon as she felt her partner's manhood moving again. The demoness' eyes were bright yellow and her pupils were turning back into vertical slits. Since her head was upside down and facing away from the teacher, Mr. Smith did not notice the change.

The 'older' man pounded away at the tight pussy with every ounce of strength he could muscle. He pulled on the ankles of his lover with every intention of getting as much of his manhood inside as he possibly could. Instead of Sera losing her grip and slipping off, the desk started scraping against the floor and moving with the two of them.

"Oh my... oh..." Sera moaned as she felt yet another orgasm approach. Her toes curled in the air and strained against the hands that held her ankles in place. Mr. Smith had to use all the strength he could muster in order to keep his 'student' in place. With the force at which they were going at, it was surprising that the desk did not crumble against the weight of their sexual atmosphere. The teacher squeezed his eyes shut and felt his hot ooze squirt deep into the love canal of the blonde before him.

"That was... that was good..." Mr. Smith gasped after he felt the last of his jizz leave his manhood. He breathed heavily, then opened his eyes. "Was that go... WHAT THE HELL?!"

Instead of Sera lying down on the desk, the science lab's skeleton model was staring back at him. The teacher stared at it with a gapped mouth, trying to figure out what was going on. His cock hung in the air where the vagina was supposed to be. His semen was splattered all over the top of the desk.

"Bwahahahahahaha!!!" Sera's laughter could be heard at the entrance to the classroom. She stood there, fully clothed, doubling over and laughing manically at her teacher's bewildered face. She stopped her laughing just long enough to wipe a tear from her eye and said, "Oh come on, you know there are worse things I could had tricked you into fucking."

"Damn you... get over here!" Mr. Smith shouted angrily as he ran towards Sera while fumbling with his jeans at the same time. He managed to tuck his manhood back into his underwear, but fell over a chair.

"Oh my is someone pissed. Are you going to spank me, teacher?" Sera laughed as she turned around and pulled down her jean shorts. With the shorts still down, she turned around and continued her taunts, "Maybe you want to spank me here instead? I've been a very naughty girl, you know."

With that the blonde girl ran off down the school halls Mr. Smith immediately chased after the taunting vixen with sheer rage in his eyes. "A spanking should be the least of your worries when I'm through with you!"



"No... it's not Fenrir. He's not powerful enough," Koougu muttered to himself as he exchanged blows with his opponent. He was having a hard time keeping up with this maniac with knives. There was no other way to describe the dog-man's reckless style of fast and flexible knife-play than maniacal. He knew it would take too long to defeat his enemy, so he focused his attention on the blonde girl whom he was supposed to capture in the first place. "Hmph... if I hold her hostage... alright, I'll try it."

"Whoa... what's going on?" Rush asked as soon as he arrived at the scene. He made his way through the crowd of people, curious as to what all the commotion was about. Rock followed closely behind, asking his friend why they were here. They both noticed Tim and Monica in the crowd as well. "Hey, any idea what's going on?"

"No, need to get closer to know," Tim replied.

"Hey... is that Trent?" Monica asked as she attempted to look over the heads of the other spectators.

"Hmm? Is that a demon he's fighting against?" Rush asked as he crouched low and looked past the legs of the other spectators.

"Eh?" Rock was distracted for a moment by the fact that Monica was standing on Rush's back.

"Hey guys!" Trent waved to his friends as soon as he noticed them in the crowd.

"You idiot! Don't keep your eyes off the enemy!" Rock scowled.

"Alright! Now's my chance," Koougu chuckled as he vanished into thin air.

"Huh?" Trent turned his attention back on the blue demon, but he was nowhere to be found. He looked around until his eyes fell upon a blue streak falling towards Sera. He tilted his head and watched the demon descend upon the unsuspecting blonde who was still sitting there drinking V8 juice.

"Heh... now you're mine!" Koougu cackled as he showed off his razor-sharp claws.

"....." Sera didn't even look at the demon. She just raised her hand into the air, then squeezed it into a fist.

Then his head exploded.


"You're a hundred years too early if you think you can fuck me now," Sera gasped as she slumped against the wall of the school hallways. The demoness chuckled as she watched Mr. Smith pass right by her, shouting curses and insults along the way. "My parents are the Snake King and the Mistress of Illusions, for god's sake. You're much harder to trick than before, but you're still no match for me. Now Berserker... there's a different story."

The blonde vixen unzipped her jean shorts and pulled it down again. She took it off completely so that she would have better access to her own pussy. Her right fingers trailed down the front of her soft and supple body towards the prize her teacher failed to get. Her index finger brushed lightly against the hood that hid the small nub that was her clitoris. Her middle finger went ahead and slid along the moist opening of her vaginal lips. She continued stroking her womanhood until her fingers were completely coated with her own juices.

"Mmm..." Sera moaned with pleasure as she masturbated in the halls of her school. She spread her legs as much as she could until she was practically doing the splits. With a look of satiation on her face, she brought her cum-coated fingers up to her lips and licked them clean. Her breathing was heavy and large amounts of sweat were rolling down her face. "This weekend... I can't wait..."

"I found you!" Mr. Smith shouted as he suddenly appeared right in front of the startled Sera.

"You really are harder to fool," Sera chuckled nervously as she stared into the glaring eyes of her teacher. She brought her hand up and said, "Ah well... I'll just put you to sleep for now."


"Wha... wha... what..." Rush and Rock stared at the headless body of the blue demon with astonished looks on their faces.

"Amazing..." Monica managed to gasp out. Her eyes turned towards the one responsible for the carnage. A mixture of admiration, fear, confusion, and other emotions rushed through her mind all at once. She was unable to say anything at all. She could only remember what the demoness told her that fateful night...

You have a lot of untapped potential in both fighting and sex, Moto-chan.

Sera's demonic eyes met Motoko's spirited eyes.

If you're interested in getting stronger, pay me a visit some time this week.

"Uh... Monica? Could you get off my back now?" Rush asked as a drop of sweat rolled down his temple.

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Thanks for the new addition

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There's a theory about the origin of live that goes along the lines of water being the source of all life. The primordial sea is a term applied to the oceans of the earth at an early time in history. Of course... even today water still represents the source and origin of all life. Around 80% of the human body is made up of water. Before a baby is born, they live in the sea residing in their mothers called the uterus. In a sense... the primordial soup still exists and it connects all life on earth.

A young man of high school age found himself floating naked in the ocean towards the darkness above him. It was hard to say that he was sinking since there was no guarantee that the direction he was headed was the bottom. There was enough light to see himself, but there was also no way to tell where the light was coming from. It was also hard to tell if he was right side up or upside down. The young man also had the feeling that there wasn't even a surface to head towards... not that it mattered since he didn't think he could make it in time anyway.

The strangeness of the water around him could be felt by every inch of his skin. He felt was though he had no control over his actions for the atmosphere's thickness was too suffocating for him to move. It didn't really matter though since it looked as though every direction was the same. Every direction led to darkness, which made him wonder if the source of the light was closer than he thought. He wasn't sure how long he was able to hold out until he drowned in this strange sea of mysterious light and darkness.

"Hello little one, is this your first visit?" A voice called out to him from behind. The young man opened his eyes, but was unable to turn around to face the owner of such a beautiful and tantalizing voice. He felt a pair of slender arms wrap around his waist and a presence behind him that drove away the suffocating atmosphere. Even though he had only been alone in this place for thirty seconds, it felt like it had been thirty years since he felt the warmth of another human being.

The goddess behind him pressed her body up against the back of the confused young man. The woman was also clearly naked as could be felt by the breasts that rubbed against the young man's naked back. She pressed her forehead against the nape of the guy's neck so that she could not be seen if he suddenly turned around. They stayed like that for quite a while... floating in the darkness together. Both of them kept silent, waiting for the other to break the ice.

"Are you... a goddess?" The young man asked as he attempted to see the face of his saviour. He wanted to see the face of the woman he was sure was more beautiful than anything or anyone in the entire world.

"You're human... yet you're here... where I'm weakest," The goddess said. She released the young man and allowed him to turn around. "This is a place of rebirth and revitalization. Is that why you're here?"

"I... don't know why I'm here," the young man replied as he turned around. Finally, he was allowed to see the face of the woman who saved him. "But I'm happy to have met you-"


"Huh?" The young man woke up to the sound of an alarm clock going off. He hit the snooze button and attempted to go back to sleep again. Unfortunately, he was unable to go back to the dream with the naked goddess floating in the ocean. "Why did I even set the alarm clock? It's the weekend..."

Clack... the sound of pebbles hitting his window gave him a reason to get up.

"What now?" He muttered as he climbed out of bed and went towards the window. He opened it up and looked outside.

"Wow... you have bad bed hair. It is all spiky and stuff," Monica remarked as she stared up at the person she woke up. "Oh! That can be your new nickname! Spike!"

"Wait... you mean I have to put up with nicknames even on the weekends?" Spike grumbled as he slammed his window shut. He turned around and went back to bed, only to have more pebbles hit his window. He sighed and went back to his window to see what his friend wanted. "Are you going to keep throwing pebbles at my window until I agree to help find Sera's house with you?"

"Of course," Monica smiled slyly with her hands tucked behind her back and her eyes staring innocently into Spike's.

"... fine," Spike grumbled.


"Oh right... I hit the snooze," Spike grumbled again as he stared at his alarm clock.

"Hmm?" Monica tilted her head, then became startled when an alarm clock flew out the window and into her hands. "Huh...?"

Title: WTF High's School Defense Force - Lesson VI
Class: 4D
Room: 104
Let's go to the house of the demoness who not only hypnotize and enslaves people but can also decapitate other demons without even trying!

"So... we're trying to find Sera's house, huh?" Spike asked as he wandered the streets alongside Monica. Today he chose to wear a black hoodie with blue jeans and running shoes. He also carried an umbrella even though the skies were clear.

"Yes," Monica replied without looking in her companion's direction. Today she chose to wear a white cardigan sweater over a black tube top and black cargo pants. She also carried the shinken sword she used against Sera after the first day of school.

"Any chance you'll tell me why?" Spike asked again.

"Nope," Monica replied.

"How bout why Trent's coming along, then?" Spike asked as he turned towards his other companion.

"Oh, c'mon! Three's a crowd, right? Crowds are fun!" Trent laughed cheerfully. He was still wearing the same kind of clothes he had been for the past six days. In fact, Spike was positive it was the exact same clothes for the past six days.

"Monica?" Spike turned back towards Monica again.

"No idea," Monica replied. "What is the problem with him coming along? He is your friend, right?"

"Hey, triple C stands for coca-cola classic, right? Who do you think thought that up?" Trent asked.

"Really? First I've heard of it," Spike replied. "Wait... did I use that acronym before? Hmm... never mind."

"I heard it was coined two years ago by a hobo who claimed to be a doctor," Monica said as she twirled her finger in the air. "He also mentioned something about subliminal messages in Nike ads."

"I heard it was started three years ago by a hippie who stutters and could only read the first letter of each word," Trent replied.

"Man... now I'm thirsty," Spike muttered. He pointed towards Monica's sword and asked, "Is it okay for you to be carrying that around?"

"Why not?" Monica asked.


"Look! A squirrel!" Trent exclaimed as he pointed towards a passing grey squirrel. He immediately changed into a dog, shook off his clothes, and ran after the squirrel.

"Wha-Wait, did he just turn into a dog?" Spike sputtered with wide open eyes.

"I thought you two were friends," Monica replied as though anthropomorphic animals were completely natural. "I am surprised he did not show it off to you sooner."

"The squirrel ran down a hole," Trent grumbled as he changed back into his human form. Of course, he was completely naked at this point.

"Yet... somehow... it all makes a strange sort of sense," Spike muttered to himself.


The Tim stood in front of his apartment building. A fifty storey building housing over five thousand different people. It was timber-red in colour with greyish balconies and black frames around the windows and doors. He looked up at the top of the building where he was sure his room was in.

The elevator ride up was mostly eventless save for a couple kids rushing in on the third floor. They pressed all the buttons leading to all floors, making the trip up even slower. Tim left the elevator and took the second one up.

The music was boring, too.


Room 5011 was a single room with a closet, open-space kitchen, and a bathroom. There was also a television set, a coffee table, and a bed in the room. Since it was such a small place, on a lightless floor, and was so high up, the rent was pretty cheap. Standing in the kitchen and looking over a pot of boiling soup was a nineteen year old teenaged girl with mid-back length light brown hair and grassy dark green eyes. The brown haired girl had well-tanned skin and a small frame, which she wore only an apron over. Besides the apron, she was not wearing anything else.

Eria remembered how the apartment looked when she first came here. The lights were always out and there was usually nothing in the fridge save more maybe an expired carton of milk or rotten cabbages. The cupboards were empty and the only thing out was a pot and pan, which were rarely ever used. However, things changed ever since Tim decided to go back to school. No... that wasn't right... the changes began after he came home with injuries that took a month to heal. It didn't really matter to Eria, though, as long as the future continued to look bright for the two of them.

"Looking good there, little girl. Waiting for your hubby to come home?" Sera's voice came from behind as a pair of nimble hands snaked out and grabbed the startled girl's B-cup breasts. With cunning skill the deadly demoness groped Eria's two breasts behind the thin material of the apron. She sought out the hidden nipples with mischievous fox-like eyes and a malicious serpentine grin. Once she did, she just couldn't help giggling into her prey's ear, "What's this? Pierced nipples? How kinky of you. I couldn't had known just by looking at your face."

Who are you and how did you get in here? Eria tried to bring herself to say those words, but they just wouldn't come out. Her breathing became too heavy and her blood boiling too hot for her to kick this strange intruder out of her home. She found herself unable to concentrate anymore and fell under the spell of the demoness' hands. Her face was flushed and she was already aroused from wearing only an apron, waiting for Tim to come home. Come on... what's wrong with you? This isn't the time... please... just... why...?

Simply put, you can't because I won't let you, Sera smirked into the weakened girl's mind. She pulled the semi-naked girl away from the boiling pot of soup and turned of the stove. After all, she didn't want any accidents to happen. She wrapped an arm around Eria's waist and brought her free hand up against the girl's cheek. At this point, the brown-haired girl was barely able to stand. Don't worry, I'm not here to hurt you. I only came here to talk to Tim, classmate to classmate. Since he's not here right not, why don't the two of us have a little bit of fun while we wait?


"I take it you're used to seeing weird things?" Spike asked. "After all, you didn't seem freaked out when Trent transformed."

"I had seen weirder, like three headed monkeys," Monica replied with a shrug. "I am a *demon hunter*, after all."

"You're a demon hunter?" Spike blinked.

"You do not know anything, do you?" Monica gave her classmate a skeptical look. It was then she picked up something else from what Spike said. "Wait... *do you know Japanese*?"

"Uh... a little," Spike replied with a nervous chuckle. Can't tell her I learned it from fansubbing Hentai.

"Huh... then-" Monica began.

"Three headed monkey!" Trent exclaimed as he pointed towards a lawn ornament of a three headed monkey. Hiding behind the lawn ornament was the grey squirrel from before. The rodent took off as fast as he could down the street.

"Anyway, if we do not find Sera's house, what do you feel like doing?" Monica asked.

"I feel like following that squirrel," Spike replied as he started following the grey squirrel.

"Squirrel?" Trent's attention turned back towards the grey squirrel and began chasing after it.

"Hold it... let us just follow quietly this time," Monica said as she pulled the blonde dog-man back by the hair. She studied her less hyper classmate and thought, Is this what Sera was talking about?

("This part sucks," Trent muttered. "I thought it was supposed to be funny."

"The previous and next parts involve a girl seducing another girl," Spike replied. "Who really cares whether this small part is funny or not?"

"By the way, it turns out strawberry blonde means orange," Monica added. "Therefore, from now on Sera's hair is golden blonde. She is a demoness, so it is possible for her to change hair colours anyway."

"Sera's hair was always golden blonde," Spike replied with a quirked eyebrow.

"Then whose hair was strawberry blonde?" Monica asked.

"Uh..." Neither Spike nor Trent knew as well.)


"So your name's Eria and you were a slave for six years? You were given as to Tim by your previous owner as payment," Sera smirked devilishly as she pinned her prey down on the bed. She was wearing a green sweater along with a pair of bicycle shorts and running shoes. The sweater was baggy and made it very obvious that she was not wearing anything else underneath. Her knees were on either side of the semi-conscious girl's hips while her hands gripped tightly against the wrists. With the blonde's abnormal strength, the nineteen year old would not had been able to get free even if she were fully conscious. "Both of your parents are wanted criminals, so you can't even go to the proper authorities. In other words, your life is entirely in the palm of Gunslinger Boy's hand. In short, you're his sex slave."

"Stop... p-please... how... how d-do you know... all th-this...?" Eria asked in a frightened voice as she tried to escape her captive's grasp. Her apron was on the kitchen floor where Sera left it, meaning that the light brown-haired girl was completely exposed to the blonde's lustful eyes. Her pierced nipples jutted up and outward from her round B-cup breasts. Recovering a bit from her dizziness from earlier, she said, "Ah... as you said, T-Tim is m-my m-master. O-Once he gets b-back, y-you'll b-be sorry."

"Shush, little girl. I won't hurt you if you give me no reason to," Sera said as she pressed the tip of her finger against Eria's lips. She let go of the other girl's other wrist and sat straight up. She pressed the tips of her fingers together before stretching them out and away from each other. At the same time, scarves came out of her sleeves and starting moving around on their own as though they were dancing in the air. Eventually, they wound themselves around Eria's wrists and ankles, then stayed floating in the air. Sera got off the confused and frightened girl and stood beside the bed to conduct the last of the preparations. "Don't worry, it'll be uncomfortable at first, but you'll soon learn to love it once I'm through with you."

With that said, the scarves lifted themselves until Eria was practically floating a foot off the bed. Her ankles were lifted high above her head and spread as far apart as was physically allowed. More scarves wrapped themselves around the captured girl's knees so that they were able to bend. In that position, both pussy and ass were exposed and easily accessible to the blonde demoness.

"Now... what to do next..." Sera tapped her chin thoughtfully as she looked around at her options in the apartment. Her yellow predatory eyes fell upon the handle of a gun that was sticking out from underneath one of the pillows. Interested, she reached in and pulled the gun out, examining it with sadistic eyes. She licked her lips and rubbed the weapon against her cheek as though it were a stuffed animal. "Hmm, the newest Glock model, I see. It's fully loaded, too. Does your master not care about gun safety? Well, at least the safety lock's on. Oh... now it's not."

The blonde aimed at invisible targets around the room, enjoying the look on the slave girl's face at the same time. Finally, she pressed the end of the gun barrel against the opening of the bound girl's pussy. At this point, Eria was too scared to even move a single muscle. Her heart was beating so loudly that she was sure Sera could hear it. Well... Sera could hear the beating heart, but only because she had superhuman hearing.

"Tell me, have you ever been fucked by a gun before? Don't worry about answering that. I can just search your mind for the answers," Sera explained as she pushed the gun in until the barrel made its way inside the girl's moist pussy. The sound of squishing echoed throughout the room as she continued gun-fucking (is that even a word? o_O") Eria until the first signs of an orgasm reached her ears. She leaned her head in and flicked her tongue against the dark star under the pussy. The snake-like tongue danced along the opening, causing more quivers of fear and pleasure in the bound girl's body. Once her tongue invaded the slave girl's backdoor, she felt the slave girl come for the first time that day. "Oh my, there's so much juice coming out of you. Tim's a lucky boy to have such a wet and willing girl like you for a slave."

By reading Eria's mind, Sera learned that the bound slave girl had indeed been 'gun-fucked' before when she was fifteen. Six girls including Eria were lined up and made to kneel down with their head against the floor and their hands tied behind their backs. Six guys with shotguns came in and started fucking the slave girls until they came several times. The girls were told that their performance was a bit... lacking lately. However, there was one among them who did so bad that she was going to die. They would not find out who was to die until the shotguns were fired all at once. Of course, Eria did not die. However, the memories of that day were still fresh in her mind since she had to... clean up the mess.

"....." Sera stopped her fucking long enough to allow her new toy to come down from her high. Eria had a second orgasm and her pussy walls clenched tightly against the barrel of the loaded gun. She momentarily wondered if perhaps with the amount of juice she was producing the gun would malfunction, but she remembered that the gun was a hundred times more durable than an AK-47. Even after receiving two powerful orgasms, she could not help but stare at the gun in her womanhood. Sera sighed and slowly and carefully pulled out the gun.


Momentarily caught off guard, Sera looked up from the gun she had in Eria's pussy and towards the front door. Standing there with a magnum in his hands was none other than the former assassin, Tim Ying. A familiar scent caught the demoness' attention and she turned back towards the light brown haired bound girl. Out of shock and fear, Eria pissed all over herself and the bed below her right before she rolled back her eyes and passed out.

"Heh... was that a warning shot?" Sera smirked as she pulled the Glock gun fully out of Eria's pussy. She brought the barrel of the gun to her lips and her tongue slid along, catching the sweet taste of the victim's juice. With her other hand, she lifted and opened it, revealing a large bullet that was still sizzling with smoke. "No... you were aiming it at my head, weren't you? Come now, boy. You didn't really think I was really going to kill your little sweetie pie, did you?"

"....." Tim had never encountered someone who was able to stop bullets with their bare hand save for his shihfu. He knew that he could not win against such a powerful opponent and opted to listen to what this blonde girl had to say. He cautiously lowered his weapon, eyeing the Glock that was in the demoness' hand. "Why are you here?"

"Why, to see you, of course," Sera chuckled as she lowered the unconscious Eria down onto the bed. The Glock in her hand was placed on the foot of the bed between the girl's open legs. Her scarves released their hold and returned to their owner's sleeves. "I came here to invite you to visit my house this weekend. It concerns the demons who attacked... among other things."

"If I say no?" Tim asked.

"I'll come by on a regular basis, of course," Sera smirked as she licked her lips seductively.

"Fine," Tim replied. "I'll see you tomorrow morning."


Here I am, Tim thought to himself as he stood before the house he was searching for. He looked down at the piece of paper with Sera's address and made sure he was at the right place. He gave out a single sigh, then pocketed the piece of paper before taking a step pass the outer fence.

The house was in an old neighbourhood, so its appearance and style did not seem out of place at all. Two large trees on either side of the lawn hid most of the house from view including most of the second floor windows. It was almost as though they were planted specifically to make it hard to see in, but easy to see out. A tire swing hung from the tree on the right and lilies lined the front of the house. Stone steps led the way from the white wooden gate to the red front door.

From the outside, it looked just like any old house you could find on the street. However, Tim reasoned with himself that this house belonged to a demoness. Simply put, he could not allow such a normal appearance throw him off. After all, he dealt with plenty of dangerous people with seemingly normal lives. He stepped onto the trail of stones and listened to the gate creak eerily behind him.


"Hmm?" Tim blinked when a squirrel suddenly flashed past his feet and towards the tree with the tire swing. He watched the little rodent run into a hole at the base of the tree.


A couple seconds after the squirrel flashed by, Trent was scrambling after his prey while on all fours. He sniffed around the tree in search of the hole his target escaped through, but to no avail. Apparently, that escape route had somehow disappeared like magic. How knew... perhaps it was magic at work.

"Tim? What are you doing here?" Spike asked as soon as he reached the front gate of Sera's home. Monica was right behind him.

"... was invited. You?" Tim asked as soon as he noticed his classmates.

"Yeah, Sera invited us too," Spike replied as he and Monica went past the wooden gate. "Did you have to follow a squirrel to get here, by the way?"

"....." Tim speechlessly took out the piece of paper with Sera's address on it and showed it to his classmates. He tucked it back in and headed for the front door with Spike and Monica following closely behind. Once he reached the front door, he turned his attention back on Spike. "By the way, what's your name?"

"Eh? It's-" Spike began.

"Today it's Spike," Trent exclaimed as he joined his friends at the front door. He gave up on finding the squirrel and opted to check out Sera's house with everyone else. "You know, cause of his bad bed hair?"

"Wait, how did you know about that?" Spike asked, remembering that Trent wasn't there when Monica woke him up by throwing pebbles at his window.

Ding dong!

"So... uh... why do you thi-" Spike began again.

The witch is dead,
which oh witch?
The wicked witch.

"That song sounds vaguely familiar," Spike remarked.

"The door's open," Tim noted after pushing the front door open with a single finger. His eyes went towards the door frame. "Doesn't look like it uses a door knob, either."

"So thieves can just come and go?" Monica blinked. She immediately realized her mistake. "Oh... right. They would not make it out alive."

"Hey, where'd Trent go?" Spike asked, suddenly realizing that the hyperactive one wasn't around anymore. After a couple of seconds, he looked up as well as Tim and Monica.

"Cool! She's got a pool!" Trent shouted from on top of the roof. In a flash, he was gone from the other three's sight.

"Wait a minute! Trent!" Monica exclaimed as she retreated a few steps to see if she could still catch sight of her furry friend.

"Huh?" Spike's attention turned towards the front door, which was wide open at this point. For some reason, the inside of the house was covered in darkness and invisible to anyone outside. Tim was also missing from where he stood, which meant he had probably gone ahead inside. Shrugging his shoulders, he went in as well.

"*Huh?*" Monica suddenly realized that she was the only one left in the front yard. Muttering Japanese curse words under her breathe, she quickly went through the front door after her two friends.

A few minutes later, a delivery boy riding a scooter from a local diner passed by. He had approximately twelve servings worth of food with him, which meant however ordered them probably had a lot of company or something. As he stopped right in front of Sera's house, he muttered to himself, "Let's see here... 1428 Elm Street..."

Rock looked down at the piece of paper in front of him, then took out a pencil. He wrote the answer on the crossword he was working on before putting it and his pencil away. After that, he checked the address to Sera's house (which was not 1428 Elm Street) before grabbing the twelve servings worth of food and heading for the front door.


Interesting... Tim thought to himself as soon as he walked through the front door. His hands were already gripping tightly to the Glock guns hidden in the depths of his two pockets. His eyes were sharp and his mind was quickly processing the details of the current situation. He heard the door behind him shut and when he turned around, the door was gone.

The room he was in was finely furnished with an earth green couch, a glass coffee table, and a whole range of bookcases covering all of one wall. The carpet was beige with floral patterns and the walls were painted with a light purplish pink colour. On either side of the couch were more book shelves, though these ones were the size of ordinary drawers. One top of each of these was a blue vase with blue roses. On the coffee table was a glass vase with white lilies.

Sitting cross-legged behind the coffee table was a familiar girl. She had hazel almond-shaped eyes and wavy mahogany hair that reached down just a couple inches past her shoulders. She had on a brown t-shirt, a blue miniskirt, and wore a blue pendant around her neck. Her name was Rebecca, a girl from class 4-D. She held a deck of cards in her hand, which she placed on the coffee table. "Fancy meeting you here, Tim. How bout a game?"

"What game?" Tim asked before sitting down across from Rebecca.

"Strip poker," Rebecca replied with a mischievous smirk on her face.


*What the... where the hell am I?* Monica thought to herself as she stood in the middle of a dark room. Before she could react, the only source of light from the open door behind her vanished. She whirled around and ran towards the door, feeling for it with her hands. Unfortunately, all she felt was solid wall. She placed her hand on the hilt of the sword and wondered if she should try making a door.


A painful whistle pierced through the air and lashed out at the unsuspecting sword girl. Fortunately for her, she was able to pick up the sound just in time to avoid it before it hit her. With a flash of skill, she had her sword unsheathed in no time at all. She immediately circled the room in search of the source of the attack with nearly soundless feet and sharp ears.

She remembered training in complete darkness when she was fourteen years old. She would be completely naked save for a blindfold and shackles that chained her ankles to the floor. All she had to defend herself with was a shinai. Her sensei would whip her from random directions at different parts of her body unless she successfully defended herself from them. Unfortunately, her sensei's footsteps were practically mute and the whistles of his whips were next to impossible to pick up despite the speed and strength behind them.

The training exercise usually ended with her passing out from all the pain. Whip marks lined her skin from head to toe, especially her breasts, ass, and pussy. Monica distinctly remembered the hits to her nipples and her clitoris as the most painful of them all. Thankfully, the skill behind the whippings were beyond expert and left no permanent mark on her soft and supple skin. With an unusually fast healing rate and a bucket full of iced salt water, it was as though the training never happened.

There was a technique where if one moved fast enough, it appeared as though there were many of them surrounding one's opponent. It was later that Monica learned that her sensei was using that same technique in her training. It was no wonder it felt as though the whips were coming from every direction around her! However, like any fighter worth their salt, she adapted and improved herself. Her first success at this training exercise was when she caught the whip with her teeth just before it could hit her face. After that, it was as though she developed a sixth sense for she was able to parry nearly all the attacks that came at her while she was still blindfolded.

The whips that came at Monica now were miles behind the ones she had to deal with. Compared to her sensei's training, dodging these attacks was like avoiding an incoming truck going two miles per hour. In seconds she stood right before her assailant with the tip of her shinken pressed against the throat.


"Eh?" The first thing Spike saw as soon as he stepped through the front door was the blonde demoness sitting at the dining room table, sipping tea. He looked around in confusion and wondered how he got here so quickly. He turned around and cautiously pushed open the door behind him. He wasn't completely surprised when he saw the kitchen instead of the front yard. The youngster turned his attention back on Sera. "Um... hi?"

"Hello, Berserker... or should I call you Spike, instead?" Sera asked as she placed the cup of tea in her hands down on top of the table. She wore a blue skirt and blouse with the top two buttons left undone. With graceful hands, she poured her new guest a cup of tea and placed it front of him. "Please sit down and have some tea with me."

"Um... sure, thanks," Spike replied as he took a seat across from his blonde classmate. He stared at the tea in front of him for a couple of seconds, then he picked it up and took a small sip. The scent of the tea rose up with the steam that still visibly wafted up through the air. The tea itself was still hot, but had cooled down enough to drink. The bitterness of the tea left a sweet and pleasant aftertaste. He placed the tea back down on the table and asked, "So... uh... where're the others? Trent was on the roof, but I'm pretty sure Tim and Monica came inside with me."

"They'll be joining us real soon, don't worry," Sera replied as she refilled her own cup. She placed her elbow on the table and her face against her hand. She tilted her head and stared curiously at the young man across from her. Behind her the backyard could had easily been seen if not for the thick black curtains. "Until they arrive, I thought perhaps we could talk a bit."

"What do you want to talk about?" Spike asked nervously before taking another sip of tea. If he was not quick to swallow it, he probably would had spurted it out as soon as he felt something press against his groin. He simply sat there frozen stiff with the cup still held in both hands as Sera started massaging the bulge in his pants with her bare toes.

"I'm sorry, but teasing's just in my nature," Sera giggled as she withdrew her foot and crossed her legs. Spike was a little disappointed when he felt the foot leave his crotch, but now he was able to visibly relax. Of course, he was still hard from that little stunt and Sera could easily tell. The blonde girl placed both elbows on the table and bridged her hands together under her chin. "All jokes aside, I'll be needing to let you in a little on the stuff that's been going on. You'll need this knowledge if you're to succeed in the trials that lay ahead."

"Alright... I'm listening," Spike blinked in response with uncertainty in his voice.


"A pool! It's a pool!" Trent shouted excitedly as he stood on the edge of the roof just above Sera's swimming pool. The pool looked as though it was divided in half into two squares not by an invisible line, but by wooden poles of various sizes sticking up from the bottom of the pool. The one square section closer to the house was the swim-able area with a diving board and a "Tarzan" rope. The rope was attached to a tree that was right next to the pool. The square section further from the house was the one with wooden poles, though its purpose was unknown to the dog-man at the moment... not that it mattered to him.


Trent was just about to jump into the pool when he was knocked forward by a small object hitting him in the back of the head. He immediately recovered himself by catching and swinging along the edge of the balcony that was conveniently right underneath him. He held onto the edge with one hand while still upside down before gently lowering his feet onto it. Once he was safe from the fall, he looked up and caught sight of what hit him in the back of the head.

"Ack! You're that squirrel I was chasing earlier!" Trent exclaimed as he pointed an accusing finger at his assailant. Sure enough, standing there atop one of the wooden poles was the squirrel grinning maliciously at the teen. However, one key difference about the squirrel was that it was wearing small boxing gloves this time.


"Hello? Anyone home?" Rock grumbled right after he went in through the open front door. He rang the bell, of course, but no one answered so he went inside. He was not about to let some bastard (or bitch) claim that he was late and therefore declare the food as free, especially when there were twelve servings worth of food.

The room he was in looked a whole lot like an attic than anything else, but that couldn't be. He just came in through the front door. Speaking of the front door, when he turned around he noticed that the door was gone. That was the first of many signs that something was wrong, though he probably should had counted the front door being open as the first sign. Ignoring his initial mistake, he set the delivery down and explored the attic with interest in his eyes.

There were stacks of boxes off to the side with labels like 'old clothes' or '19th century books' on them. Animal heads and old paintings of various styles lined the wall. There was even a pool table with all ten balls out as though waiting for someone to play. What particularly caught the young mans interest, however, was the gigantic suit of armour sitting there against the wall. It was obvious why the suit of armour was sitting down instead of standing up: It was just too big. The television-sized helmet was already almost touching the beam of wood that would had been part of the ceiling if this wasn't the attic.

"Whoever wore this must've been something else," Rock whistled as he looked up into the visor of the gigantic helmet. He leaned forward and tapped his knuckle lightly against the amour and listened to the soft hollow clangs. Whoever wore this armour could easily be around fourteen or fifteen feet tall. He withdrew his hand and decided to see if he could find a way out of the attic. There didn't appear to be any stairs or doors leading outside. Maybe he could climb out through the window.


Rock immediately turned around and came face to face with the giant armour.


"As you may have guessed by now, I'm actually a 712 year old demoness," Sera explained while twirling her right braided sideburn. "My father is the king of snakes, meaning he's a snake demon. My mother is a fox demon and there's none better at casting illusions than her. At least none I know of, anyway."

"You're actually 712?" Spike asked as he quirked his eyebrow at this new piece of information. "So... your..."

"Of course, among demons 712 is still pretty young," Sera chuckled before taking another sip of tea. "I'd have to be at least a thousand to be considered a full-grown adult. Then again, it's not like anything's holding me back from being an adult among humans."

"Mmph," Spike nodded his head as he took a sip at the same time.

"Enough about that, though. Why don't we talk about something more interesting," Sera grinned with a luscious look in her yellow predatory eyes. She placed a hand on the table and leaned forward, allowing a scant view of her cleavage. "Care to know what I'd like to talk about?"

"Uh... wh-what?" Spike stammered as he nervously leaned forward in response.

"Magic," Sera snickered.

I fell for it again, Spike's head hit the table.

"Spike?" Monica's voice suddenly asked from behind. Spike quickly whirled around and saw the young sword girl come out from the kitchen door, though he bet she didn't come out of the kitchen. Surprisingly, Monica had her sword out and even more surprisingly she had it against the throat of Linda who was in front of her.

"I'm sorry, Mistress," Linda trembled in the presence of her owner. Besides the leather collar around her neck and what appeared to be a chastity belt with a whip attached to it, she was completely naked. "She was too fast for me. I failed, Mistress."

"Nonsense, pet. I actually expected this kind of result," Sera smiled sweetly at her slave. She turned her eyes on Monica as she addressed her, "Perhaps you could put that dangerous thing away now. It'd be bad if an avoidable accident occurred, don't you think?"

Monica stared back with spirited eyes, but she knew she could not afford to get on the stronger girl's bad side now. With a sigh, she withdrew her blade and sheathed it.

"Mistress," Linda cried out before running over to kneel at her Mistress' side. She rubbed her face affectionately against the blonde girl's thigh.

"You did good, pet," Sera cooed as she ran her hand through the slave girl's hair. She grabbed hold of Linda's collar and directed her under the table while uncrossing her legs. It was obvious what she wanted to happen. She poured a third cup of tea and said, "Now, why don't you take a seat, Moto-chan? I'm sure we've a lot to talk about."

"*Fine,*" Monica/Motoko took a seat next to Spike, but did not touch her tea. After a couple seconds she reasoned with herself that if Sera wanted to try something on her, she would do so with something less subtle. With that in mind, she accepted the cup of tea and drank it.

"Good, now we can begin," Sera smirked as she stroked her pet's head. "I don't believe the other three will be along for a while, anyway. It's just a hunch, though."


"Three aces," Tim called as he showed his hand. He crossed his arms and waited to see what his opponent hand. Evidently, he was doing pretty well what with not losing any clothes and all. His opponent on the other hand...

"I... I..." Rebecca stared at the three aces in disbelief. She wanted to accuse the young man across from her of cheating, but she was the one who dealt the cards throughout the entire game and the deck she used had a unique design. All she had left on at this point was the blue g-string hiding her moist and ready pussy. Now that she lost this hand, she had no choice but to show her classmate her most private area.

"If we're done here, then I'll be going," Tim announced as he started to get up. He paused as soon as the g-string was thrown onto the coffee table right in front of him.

"We're not done yet," Rebecca declared as she started shuffling her cards again. She proudly showed off her assets and did not do anything to hide her pussy. It could be easily seen through the glass coffee table, which was probably why they were playing on it. "Instead of clothes, I'll be betting some... favours. Of course, you can't really collect them until after the game, but I promise I won't run away. You're still going to play, right?"

"....." Tim said nothing as he sat back down to resume the game.


"Collect four, I win," Rock declared as he dropped a black checker to end the game. There was a whole stack of board games sitting right beside him. He started shuffling through them one by one. "That means I get to choose the next game. Let's see... Guess Who... Memory... Monopoly... Jumanji..."

"....." The giant armour tilted his helmet-head while still holding a red checker in his finger tips.

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Thanks for the new chapter

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The students of class 4D:
-Sera Spykes
-Io Ford
-Motoko 'Monica' Kurenai
-Ginger Sacher
-Lana Limestone
-Jennifer Reeves
-Candice Spiegelman
-Heather Kimbley
-Virginia Celeste
-Jesse Cromberry
-Tiehhsin 'Timothy' Ying
-Trent Bloom
-Mike Angels

"Why are there twice as many girls as there are guys?" Spike blinked as he stared at the names of the students introduced thus far. "And why is my name five asterisks? That better not be my next nickname."

"Hey, do cargo pants usually have zippers?" Monica asked as she looked down at her pants.

"I don't see why not. If they don't... cargo pants with zippers can be passed off as something new from the future," Spike replied. "It's easier than doing research, anyway."

Title: WTF High's School Defense Force - Lesson VII
Class: 4D
Room: 104
If you play "Strip War" and in the end your opponent still has all their clothes on, don't gamble... ever.

"What is energy?" Sera asked as she stared at Spike with predatory eyes.

"Energy... is... that... thing that makes... stuff work?" Spike scratched his head in response. "Do you mean just energy in general or..."

"Energy is all around us," Sera explained before taking another sip of her tea. From her posture and facial expression, the brief lesson on magic wasn't going to be very brief at all. "It's there when you run. It's there when you walk. It's there when you talk. It's there when you're squatting over a cute little Japanese high school student in the locker room and forcing her to cum on her own sword."

Monica immediately went red in the face as soon as she heard that last sentence.

"It's the potential for causing change. Without energy, no events are possible. If magic were to exist in any form, it would most likely exist in the form of energy," Sera continued as she stole a glance at Monica's blushing face. Her left hand reached down between her legs to give Linda a pat on the head as a reward for... servicing her. "This... energy used for magic... it can also be found everywhere, but the most likely place to find it is within the soul. Every human being has a soul and therefore the potential to cause change. In other words, the human body has the ability to contain the energy capable of creating magic. Are you two okay? You both seem... distracted."

"Um... well... it's just that," Spike was staring at the spot on the table where he was sure he'd see Linda if the table were transparent.

"Linda... is... under there... and..." Monica was also fumbling with her words in an embarrassed manner.

"Oh, I see. I apologize for my rudeness, then," Sera grinned in a playful manner before leaning down under the table. She whispered something into Linda's ear, patted her head, then returned from under the table. As though nothing special had happened, she continued, "For the sake of ****** things easier to understand, we'll divide magical energy into three categories: Spirit, bio, and mana."


All of a sudden, Monica pushed against the table and slid her chair backwards away from it as much as possible. Right where her crotch was just a couple seconds ago as Linda's face, which had a shocked expression. It didn't take a detective to figure out what just happened.

"No need to be alarmed, Moto-chan," Sera licked her lips seductively. "I thought you wanted to know what Linda's oral skills were like, so I thought I'd share her with you."

"Well you thought wrong!" Monica snapped ferociously. If she could get any redder, her skin would match a tomato's.

"So you weren't envious of me... but of my pet?" Sera giggled into the back of her hand. She enjoyed tormenting the young Japanese sword-user. "The offer is still open, you know."

Monica didn't say anything as she silently pushed her chair back to the table and sat with her legs crossed. Linda withdrew her face and remained under the table as ordered by her mistress. Spike just sat there with a blank expression on his face as he attempted to make sense of what happened in the last fifteen seconds. He'd be lying if he said he wasn't turned on by what just happened.

"If there are no more interruptions, may we proceed, then?" Sera asked rhetorically. When no one answered, she continued, "The first type of energy we'll talk about is spirit energy, though it has many other names including chi. Chi is the spiritual energy that presides within the human body. It is the 'life force' that comes from the soul. There are many ways to utilize this energy and there is more than one way to control it. Most Chi-users forego the use of spells which I'll go into more detail about later on."


"Three nines," Tim showed off his cards. Right next to his cards was a list of all the favours he won from his opponent. Since his opponent was out of clothes, they started betting something a tad different.

"How are you always winning?" Rebecca stared at the three nines before checking her own cards. Unfortunately for her, she only had three sixes. She folded her cards and took a deep breath. Her breasts and, thanks to the glass coffee table, her pussy were on full display. "Okay... fine... I quit. How much do I owe you?"

"It'll probably take you around two months to pay it all off," Tim replied as he looked over the list. He flipped over to the next page... then the next... then the next... then the next...

"You're the second person I've ever lost to," Rebecca seethed as she started picking up her clothes. Her eyes shifted towards the panties that were still on the coffee table and she reached out to pick it up... only to be blocked by a gloved hand.

"Did Sera beat you?" Tim asked as he slid his classmate's panties off the coffee table and onto the floor beside him. He looked sharply into Rebecca's eyes as though he could pierce through and peer into the girl's soul. Nearly nothing escaped his always observant eyes. Those two eyes of his were the key to his overwhelming victory and he was sure Sera had similar eyes as well.

"....." Rebecca glared back at the young man across the glass table. She tried to read the body language behind the one who beat her, but nothing gave her any information about his thoughts. How do you beat someone who acted like a robot in poker? Tim showed no facial expression and he didn't make any movements except what was necessary to play the game. The most disconcerting feature, though, were the eyes that acted like a pair of two-way mirrors. Even for someone like Rebecca, it was hard to remain calm while being watched by such eyes.

The characteristics that the young man displayed were born from years of practice and discipline under the tutelage of his Shihfu. Tim remembered one time when he was eight years old, he was given a sheet of paper that had questions like "time of death?", "cause of death?", and "victim's age?". He was locked inside a room with a dead corpse and was not let out until he answered all the questions on the sheet of paper. He remembered crying and begging to be let out of the room for hours as he pounded the door desperately, but it only worked the first few times.

"It's just a guess, but is it possible that because you lost to someone for the first time, you took the game to another level?" Tim asked as he watched Rebecca's face go red. The hazel-eyed girl remained seated on her side of the coffee table and placed her clothes back on the floor beside her. With her naked skin completely exposed, there was little to hide on not only the physical level, but on the emotional and mental level. The ex-assassin had no trouble picking up the scent of arousal that was seeping from Rebecca's wet slit. The near invisible trembling exposed the fear and shame that dominated the girl's body and mind. Suffice to say, Tim had this girl in the palm of his hand. "You seem proud of your poker skills. Was that why you had to beat Sera after you lost to her?"

"Unless you're going to collect, I have no reason to stay here," Rebecca ignored the questions that were directed at her for they seemed accurate to be mere guesses. She wanted to just put on her clothes and leave as quickly as possible, but she found it difficult to even touch the pile of clothes beside her. Sweat was pouring down her face and she remained frozen to the spot under the powerful gaze of the former killer. Seconds of silence passed between them until the poker girl broke down and spilled everything. "Before the first day of school, no one could beat me no matter what card game I played. Poker just happened to be my favourite and the game I'm best at. That's why... on the first day of school when Sera beat me, I wanted a rematch. It was all in good fun, but... Sera suggested we took the game up a notch by playing strip poker. It sounded interesting, so I agreed."

"I take it this took place somewhere private?" Tim asked.

"In my room with my deck. Once we started betting sexual favours, she took all of her clothes off to begin that part of the game on even grounds. Under such conditions, there was no way she could had cheated. I still lost, though," Rebecca answered with a sigh at her last sentence. "Before I knew it, I became her slave for the rest of the school year. However, she gave me the chance to shift all of my debts over to you with this poker game. I just didn't think there'd be two people who could beat me."

"I see... so that means you're a slave to two people. How does that work out?"

"Sera said that if I lost to you, you'd be allowed ownership of me first. Once you're done with me, I go back to Sera," Rebecca replied while keeping her eyes downcast.

"Is this her way of bribing me or something?" Tim muttered to himself as he stood up for the first time since the game ended. He took the list of favours he won and got ready to tear it in half.

"Wait! What're you doing?" Rebecca exclaimed as she immediately stood up to stop Tim from ripping the papers apart.

"I'm not interested in keeping another slave," Tim replied. "Sera can have you."

Another? Rebecca was shocked to hear that word. How many slaves did Tim have? The answer was one happy slave, but she didn't have to know that. She shook that thought out of her head and continued, "I don't want to owe you anything. I'll be your slave for two months as agreed."

"You just don't want to be Sera's slave, do you?" Tim asked bluntly.

"Uh... well... I'm... not a lesbian, so..." Rebecca stammered in reply.

"Then it really was pride that made you agree to play strip poker against Sera?"

"Wha... yes. Yes it was. So... it's better if you're my..."

"At this point, I don't care if it's better for you," Tim's authoritative aura intensified between them. His indifferent tone of voice and manner of speech were replaced by something much colder and more cruel. There was enough power behind his voice to bring even some of the most dangerous criminals to their knees. "You tried to make me Sera's slave, didn't you? Why should I delay the same fate for you? If you want to be my slave, then act like one."

Rebecca was taken aback by these words for she believed that any guy would jump at the chance to have her as a slave. Of course, she immediately realized that she wasn't dealing with just any guy at all. To her horror, she also realized that she was getting wet with excitement at the thought of submitting to this cold-natured young man. With her entire body exposed, she could do nothing to hide her arousal at all. Lowering her eyes, she got down on her knees and said, "Please let me be your slave."


"Magical energy travels throughout the human body with the use of pathways, like bloodstreams and nerves. The pathways travel between several points called Chakra. The size and conductivity for magical energy for each pathway depends on the person and their Chakra. Pathways for magical energy throughout the body also lead to microscopic holes in the surface of the skin. This is where the energy leaves and how magic gets produced. With practice, it's possible to gain the ability to control these pathways and holes."

"Uh... right... that's how... energy becomes magic... right?" Spike managed to say while trying his best to ignore what was going on beside him.

"Umph... oh... you are good," Monica moaned as she slumped over the table, enjoying the waves of an approaching orgasm. She rocked her hips in rhythm with Linda's lickings and her right hand gripped the table cloth tightly between her fingers. In a poor attempt to stifle her moans, she tried biting her lower lip and pressing her mouth against the inside of her right elbow. Neither did anything to hide the obvious pleasure she was receiving from the slave girl under the table. Once her climax ended, she noticed Spike stealing glances at her. She whispered to her friend, "I already know about chi energy and heard this part a thousand times, okay? Plus I was curious."

"I didn't say anything," Spike whispered back quickly.

"You will not tell anyone, right?" Monica asked with a pleading look on her face.

"I didn't see anything," Spike replied. "But I'd be more worried about Sera. By the way... just saying you were caught by surprise again and didn't want her to stop sounds a tad better, you know."

"Oh really?"

"On second thought, that makes you sound weak. Boredom's better. Now what're you going to do about Sera?"

"I won't tell," Sera paused her lesson long enough to smile maliciously at Monica. "So long as you hold your end of the bargain."

"Bargain?" Spike looked between the blonde demoness and the Japanese sword girl.

"We made a sort of deal through telepathy, though I do not really know why it was through telepathy," Monica explained while her face was still as red as a tomato. She cautiously zipped up her zipper, hoping that the sound of her own voice would cover its sound. "Basically, I had to agree to help with the demonstrations."

"As I've already mentioned, energy travels through pathways and they tend to leak out of the microscopic holes in your skin. As a result, the energy that leaks out becomes the aura that surrounds your body. Every single living thing on this planet has an aura, but since they leak out in small amounts, they're invisible to the untrained eye," Sera continued explaining as she placed her hand on the table with her palm facing upwards. Almost immediately, her hands started glowing a deep emerald green. "Of course, if someone's good enough they can force out enough energy for normal people to see. Moto-chan, why don't you show us your aura as well?"

Monica simply nodded her head before closing her eyes in concentration. In a mere matter of seconds, her body was surrounded by a barely visible light blue hue. As soon as she opened her eyes, they started glowing as well. She placed her hand in the same way Sera did and moved all of the blue light so that it was surrounding only her hand. Both demoness and sword girl closed their hands at the same time, snuffing out the two lights.

"Within the human body there are several places to store energy called Chakra. It's debatable about how many there actually are, but we'll talk about the seven that are most common. Moto-chan? Time for another demonstration," Sera smirked as she suddenly grabbed Monica's still outstretched hand. Before Monica could say anything, she was... not pulled, but thrown onto the table and pinned down by a pair of very familiar scarves. Before Spike could get up, he found himself tied up by the same kind of scarves himself.

"Wait! What are you doing?!" Monica screamed as she tried to fight off the scarves, but could not find the strength. Her wrists were tied behind her back and her ankles were hung in mid-air. She was positioned so that she was sitting on the table, facing Spike, and had her back up against Sera's chest. "*Damn it! I knew it was a f***ing trap, but I just had tah walk right into it!*"

"Um... no... something tells me she's not going to hurt us," Spike said with an uncertain tone of voice.

"*And whad'dja base that on?*" Monica asked skeptically.

"Just a feeling," Spike replied meekly.

"Don't worry, I'll let you go just as soon as I finish talking about Chakras," Sera grinned mischievously as she placed a hand on top of the Japanese girl's head. She turned back towards the bound young man and said, "I'll let you go for now, but don't try anything."

"Sure... no problem," Spike chuckled nervously right before he was released from his binds. He wasn't about to mess with someone who could will someone's head to explode.

"Wait a minute... Chakras? As in... all of them?" Monica asked as she suddenly went pale. It was very noticeable because her face was red before it went white.

"Yes, all of them," Sera replied with a wide grin on her face as she silenced Monica by wrapping another scarf around her mouth. She tapped the top of the bound girl's head and said, "We'll start from the top and make our way down. It's usually bottom to top, but this way's more... fun."

"Uh... I see... Any chance we could finish this lesson without anyone getting naked?" Spike wasn't quite sure what answer he wanted, but he knew it didn't matter since he was asking a rhetorical question anyway.

"The top-most Chakra is called the Sahasrara or the Crown, which is located at the top of the head and possibly in the Pituitary Gland. It's related to space and thought and believed to be the connection to the divine," Sera explained before moving her hand down and placing her hand against Monica's forehead. "The one located in the Pineal Gland between the eyebrows is called the Ajna or Third Eye. It's related to time and light and connected to Intuition and Extra-Sensory Perception."

"Is that why...? Never mind."

"Moving along now," Sera said as she wrapped her fingers around the length of Monica's black hair with her right hand and pulled it, causing the sword girl's head to tilt all the way back. In a seductive manner, the blonde demoness licked her lips and placed her head right up against her captive's left cheek. Her left hand snaked around and made its way up to the base of the bound girl's throat. "The Visuddha or the Throat Chakra is located, of course, at the base of the throat where the Thyroid Gland is at. Its element is life and sound and it's connected to Speech and Self-Expression."

Monica was really freaking out at this point and it was evident why when Sera fingered the hem of the bound girl's black tube top. First, the cardigan sweater was moved so that it was bunched up around the wrists since it could not be removed due to the scarves being in the way. With the sweater out of the way, a lot more of the Japanese girl's pale soft skin was exposed for the viewing pleasure of Sera and Spike. All Sera had to do now was shift the tube top and Monica's breasts would be on full display.

"Wait. Wait... hold it," Spike cut in. "Just... don't?"

"Why? You can't tell me you're not interested in seeing what's underneath, can you?" Sera smirked.

"As much as I'd like to, I can't just let this happen... otherwise, I'm dead," Spike explained. "I don't know about you, but I'd rather not piss off a girl who can cut through concrete. That was really impressive, by the way. Didn't get the chance to tell you that when you did that."

"Mmph (Thanks)," Monica muffled through her gag. "Mm umph mmm mmph mm... (They found out about it, though, so I got in a lot of trouble for that)."

"Ooh... really? So who squealed?" Spike asked.

"Ahem!" Sera coughed to get the other two's attention. Before either of them could apologize or react, the blonde lifted the Japanese girl's tube top over the silky smooth breasts. She reached for the left breasts and commenced groping it before the usually inattentive teen's eyes. "The next Chakra is the Anahata or the Heart and Lung located in the centre of the chest where the Thymus is located. Its element is air and it's connected to Devotion, Love, Compassion, and Healing. Hmm... Moto-chan, did you grow a tad?"

"(*No I didn't! How much could they grow in just a few days, anyway?*)," Monica growled through the scarf. "(*Spike! Stop staring or else!*)."

"If you look away for even one second, I'll start dripping wax on these oh so lovable breasts," Sera smiled.

"....." Both Spike and Monica weren't sure what to say next. Spike was trying to figure out if it was worth it to look away on purpose just to see the candle-wax torture. Monica was pretty sure she could handle candle-wax torture, but wasn't sure if she could trust Spike not to watch while it happened.

"Now onto the next Chakra, which is located at the mouth of the stomach where the Pancreas and Adrenal Cortex are at," Sera released her hold on the Japanese girl's breasts and moved it down to the stomach. Her thumb was right on the solar plexus just below the ribcage. Monica's stomach was not only impressively flat, but was also as hard as rock. "This one's the Manipura or the Solar Plexus. Its element is fire and it's connected to Mental-Functioning, Power, Control, and Freedom to be Oneself."

"(*Let me go right now! Let me go! Let me go! Let me go!*)," Monica tried as hard as she could to get out of her bonds, but as usual... to no avail. Sera's scarves were just too strong for her to break free from.

"Hush now, Moto-chan. Fun's just getting started," Sera licked her lips and reached down between the Japanese girl's legs. She pulled down the zipper and pushed the pants past the knees. After that, the scarves went up higher which pulled the Monica's ankles higher up into the air so that her buttocks were on full display. If her black g-string wasn't in the way, her pussy would had also been displayed, though her wetness would not had been as obvious. The blonde demoness pressed her index and middle fingers up against the wet surface of the thin piece of cloth that was in the way of her... fun. "Look at how wet you are, Moto-chan. Was this from Linda's earlier licking from under the table? I told you she was good."

"*F***... you...*" Monica seethed through her gag. She somehow managed to make those two words coherent.

Black... g-string. For some reason, I pictured her as more of a white panties type of girl, Spike thought to himself. He couldn't look away now even if he wanted to. Maybe she normally wears white panties and had to wear a black g-string today because of laundry problems. Spike would never know just how accurate his guess really was.

"As lovely as your choice of lingerie is, they're in the way right now," Sera grinned as her left hand suddenly flashed down past Monica's left hip, stopping right above the table. The g-string was cut and easily removed from the bound girl, exposing the wet pussy for all to see. The blonde demoness took hold of the labia and pulled them apart. "The next Chakra is actually located in the ovaries... or the testes in men. This one's called the Svadhisthana or the Sacrum. Its element is water and connected to Emotion, Creativity, and of course Sexual Energy. Moto-chan's Svadhisthana looks pretty active and healthy to me. Don't you think so?"

Spike wisely chose not to say anything and simply continued staring at his friend's most private region being handled by the crafty blonde. Sera let go of the labia and sought out the clitoris instead. She gently trailed her fingernails along the clitoral hood and blew lightly on it. It was kind of fun for her to see the reaction she was causing in her captive.

"Last one before I can let you go," Sera smirked as her fingernails trailed downwards towards the anus. She stuck her thumb inside the wet pussy and just barely managed to get the tip of her middle finger inside the anus. "Muladhara or the Root Chakra is located right in the spot between the genitals and the anus. It's also linked to the Adrenal Medulla. Its element is earth and it's connected to Instinct, Survival, and Security. Thank you for your help, Moto-chan. You may come down now."

With that, Monica was lowered onto the table and released from her bonds. The first thing she did was pull up her pants and straightened up her tube top so that it was covering her breasts again. After that, she took her seat and pretended as though nothing happened. It was especially hard to do now that her panties were gone.

"Now we'll move right along to the second energy type: Bio," Sera continued.



"Nine! Thank you, Master! May I have another one, Master?" Rebecca shouted with both pain and pleasure in her voice. She was kneeling on the floor with her upper body pressed against the coffee table and her hands held behind her back. Her ass was red from the spanking she received right after she submitted to Tim.


Tim finished off the ten spankings with his right hand as he knelt there with his left hand on his new slave's wrists. With the same hand he used to smack the girl's ass, he gently rubbed the spot he struck with tenderness and care. His fingers would also seek out the exposed pussy and run up and down the slit to feel how wet it had become. After the tenth strike of his firm hand, he found that Rebecca was practically leaking with juices.

"Ten! Thank you, Master! May I have another one, Masters?" Rebecca looked ready to sob at any moment and she probably would had if the spankings did not stop at ten. She looked up pleadingly at her new master, wondering if perhaps she made a mistake when she accepted Sera's offer after all.

"Get off the coffee table, face me, and stay on your knees," Tim commanded with the usual indifferent look on his face. He reached down and unzipped his fly before fishing for his manhood and pulling it out for Rebecca to see. He pressed it up against Rebecca's lips and said, "Suck it."

"Y-yes, Master," Rebecca wasn't about to argue. With eyes alone, she was under the heavy pressure of her classmate's authoritative figure. She reached out with her hands, but they were immediately slapped away. She looked up in confusion at her new master, but was quick to cast her eyes back down once she saw those sharp accurate eyes. With her arms under her breasts, she leaned her head in and took the ex-assassin's already hard cock into her moist and inviting mouth.

"Good girl," Tim said as he placed a hand on top of Rebecca's head. He ran his fingers through the girl's mahogany-coloured hair. His right hand was in his jacket pocket where he always kept his gun. Even while enjoying a blow job, he did not let his guard down at all. Some could even say he was simply downright paranoid from this habit of his.

A tingle of pleasure ran up Rebecca's spine as soon as she heard the words "good girl". She couldn't believe how excited she became upon hearing those words. With a heightened sense of arousal, she ran her tongue frantically along the shaft of her new master's manhood. She wrapped her lips tightly around the cock and started ****** slurping noises on purpose. The newly enslaved girl reached between her legs and started playing with herself.


"Who said you could play with yourself?" Tim asked coldly.

"I-I..." Rebecca stammered to get the words out, but as unable to overcome the increasingly heavy atmosphere in the room. Her hands were on the left cheek that was still stinging from the sudden slap.

"Never mind. I just wanted to slap you around before letting you go, anyway," Tim said with a sigh. "That means you get two months off before you go back to Sera. How you get out of that is your problem."

"Wha... what?" Rebecca looked up with a puzzled look on her face.

"I'm not collecting," Tim explained. The heavy atmosphere he had around him appeared to had lifted. "I don't intend to keep an unwilling slave."

"Then... I want to be one. I'm the one who asked you to play and I'm the one who made the bet," Rebecca replied as she leaned her head back towards Tim's crotch. "Please make me your slave. I'll do anything for you."


"Didn't you hear me?" Tim asked. "I don't intend to keep an unwilling slave. You're doing this because of a poker game."

"....." Rebecca took a moment to recover from the second slap before replying, "Please make me your slave. I really do want this! Please!"

"....." Tim studied Rebecca's face for a few seconds and could instantly see the sincerity behind her words. He knew that this girl genuinely wanted to be his slave, though whether it was really because of the poker game or not he could not tell. He wondered briefly for a moment what Sera did in her short time as Rebecca's mistress to make Rebecca want to switch owners.

"And... besides... Sera would take me back... if you don't... use me," Rebecca faltered. "Arguing against her... is... useless."

"Turn around," Tim said. "And get back on the coffee table."

"M-Master?" Rebecca looked up with hope in her eyes.

"Didn't you hear me?" Tim asked.

"Y-yes, Master!" Rebecca immediately turned around and laid her upper body against the glass coffee table. She waited patiently and braced herself for she was expecting another spanking. To her surprise, her new master was kneeling right behind her and his cock was right up against her pussy!

Without a word, Tim slipped his cock into Rebecca's already moist womanhood and despite the tightness, had almost no trouble getting it all the way in. Rebecca could feel the cock deep inside her and immediately starting moaning in pleasure. She rocked her hips back and forth against Tim's crotch well before her master was even ready to start thrusting. The cold-natured classmate took the hint and started pumping away at the pussy before him.

Schlurp... schlurp... schlurp...

The two of them awkwardly attempted to find a common rhythm, but even those attempts felt good for them. In the end, they just followed the flow and fucked each other as best they could. Halfway through, Tim grabbed hold of Rebecca's wrists and pulled her arms until they were straight and horizontal. The two of them picked up speed for a few seconds before Rebecca reached her climax. Tim pulled out at the last second as he grabbed a fistful of the mahogany-haired girl and forced his cock back into her mouth. As Rebecca rode the waves of pleasure throughout her body, loads of cum was shot into her open and willing mouth.

Tim kept his cock inside Rebecca's mouth until his new slave finished cleaning it up with her tongue. He tucked away his cock and zipped up his zipper. "If you ever change your mind-"

"I won't change my mind," Rebecca replied. After a couple of seconds, she added, "Master."

"Don't call me that in front of other people," Tim replied.


"Bio energy comes from each and every individual cell in your body as opposed to your soul. Users of this form of energy don't really bother with Chakra points and instead focus more on the pathways, holes, and cells of the human body. If the holes are large enough, one may become sensitive enough to energy to actually sense it in others," Sera continued her lesson. "In some rare cases, there are those who are born with holes large enough to naturally sense energy. A person who doesn't fit under this category can only gain this ability through practice."

So anyone can do it if they knew how, Spike thought to himself.

*I heard about spiritual energy, but not bio or mana, Monica thought to herself. Is that really how energy leaves the body?

"Of course, once those holes open up, energy will leak out even more than it usually does. If too much energy leaves the body, the owner of said body dies. That's why it's important to learn how to open and close the energy holes at will. Even more important is to learn how to control the flow of energy whether it's inside or outside the body. Honestly, there's a very fine line between spirit energy and bio energy, but it's there. Within a person, the spiritual energy and bio energy can be so similar that they're practically the same or as different from each other as night and day. It's generally not a good idea to have these two energy-types too different from each other, but the theoretical power behind it can be very tempting to not try."


Meanwhile, Trent was getting his ass handed to him by a flying squirrel wearing boxing gloves. The half-dog fell off the pole he was standing on, but managed to regain his senses in time to kick the pole and jump onto the side of the next one. With impressive skill and reflexes, he was able to move naturally around the poles with little to no difficulty. The only difficulty he had so far was the little rodent that could surprisingly pack quite a punch.

"That's the fourth time he's punched my forehead," Trent scratched his head irritably as soon as he made his way on top of a wooden pole. He was having trouble keeping up with the zipping squirrel, though the fact that he could was already impressive considering the speed at which the squirrel was moving. He was clutching a tube of something in his pocket. "Well, not this time. I'll catch him for sure."


The squirrel suddenly shot up the pole and came from underneath with an uppercut to the jaw, only to hit air when his target bent his body backwards without falling. Aware that he missed, the squirrel looked down in time to see the hands reaching out for him. In response, the rodent bounced off the arms and went straight for the forehead again.


"Gotcha," Trent grinned as soon as he felt the hit connect. While still standing on the pole, he bent forward so that his upper body was parallel to the ground.

"....." The squirrel simply hung there with his right boxing glove glued to the dog-man's forehead. After a couple of seconds, he uses his left gloved fist to poke away at Trent's right eye.

"Ow! Hey! Cut it out!" Trent exclaimed as he grabbed the rodent with his right hand. He used his left to quickly undo the string to the squirrel's right glove. Ironically, as soon as the glove was undone it fell off his forehead. With a puzzled look on his face, he checked the label on the tube of glue he used. "Huh... wears off after fifteen seconds. Wait a sec... what's the point of using this glue, then?"

While Trent was distracted, the squirrel managed to wriggle loose and run away at top speed. As soon as he noticed that the rodent was gone, Trent immediately chased after the squirrel until he was off the poles and back on land. Once he was there, he saw no sign of the squirrel at all.

"Wait... where am I again?" Trent suddenly realized he had forgotten where he was and why he was here. He hit the palm of his hand with the back of his fist and said, "Oh yeah... this is Sera's house. I should probably go say hi! Oh! Were these mountains always here?"

For the first time ever, Trent realized that he was staring at a physically impossible scenery unless he had somehow teleported to another part of the world. He probably had and didn't realize it what with being obsessed with chasing the squirrel and all. What he was staring at was a range of mountains stretching out as far as his eyes could see, which was very far. The forestry planted on the side of the mountains looked so close as though you could jump to the other side, but in reality they were thousands of miles apart. High up on top of the peaks, fog surrounded the snowy caps as though hiding the mysteries of the world above.

Any normal person might had kicked Trent in the head for not noticing that the absence of the neighbouring houses and the fact that the backyard was on a cliff surrounded on three sides by rocky walls. Right above the house was a pillar of smoke... or fog... or something similar. There was no doubt that he had just come from that direction. Deep below the cliff was a valley hidden in darkness. The forest there was thickest and gave the most eerie feeling down the back of one's spine.

"Sera's house is awesome!" Trent exclaimed as he took in all the scenery before him. His eyes were wide with excitement as every fibre of his body became overwhelmed. This was short-lived due to his noticing something behind the tree with the Tarzan rope. Curious, he walked over the tree and looked behind it.

Sitting there and sleeping was a young teenaged girl with straight long blonde hair that reached down to her waist. She had on a purple dress with black shoulder straps and the hem reaching just short of her knees. Under her right hand and lying on top of her stomach was a book titled "Wuthering Heights" and in her other hand was a white straw hat. She was barefoot at the moment, though it appeared she was wearing sandals before she kicked them off. With a peaceful look on her cute sleeping face, there was an irresistible charm about her that more than complimented the amazing atmosphere of this place. However, the large bulge wriggling about between her legs and under her dress drew attention away from her face.

As cautiously as he could, he got down on his hands and knees and stared at the bulge with focused eyes filled with concentration. His hands hovered above for a couple of seconds before they shot out and got to work. His left hand lifted the hem of the dress while his right hand shot out to catch the squirrel. Unfortunately for him, the squirrel was too quick and managed to dash away in time. Trent would had continued the chase had his fingers not been caught on the crotch of the sleeping girl's white cotton panties.

"Mmph..." The sleeping girl moaned in pleasure in response to the intrusion in her panties. Her left hand reached between her legs and grabbed hold of Trent's wrist. She started leaning towards her right side and her legs clamped down on the half-dog's hand at the same time with the left knee on top of the right knee. Her falling to the side would had woken her up had Trent not caught her head in time.

Trent gently lowered the blonde stranger's head onto the ground, but now found that his left hand was stuck as well. He felt the girl's soft right hand leave the book and touch the back of his wrist. With both hands occupied, he wasn't quite sure what to do at the moment except... play with the girl's vagina.

With dexterous hands, he wriggled the two fingers that were already past the panties and rubbed them up and down the sleeping girl's wet slit. By slipping his thumb underneath as well, he was able to get the panties a little out of the way so that his fingers had better access. His middle and ring fingers touched the outer lips and gently slid along up to the clitoral hood. Whatever dream this girl was having must had been a very pleasant one considering how much juice she was leaking.

Trent found that the pussy was completely shaved, though in this day and age it was common among teenaged girls. Confident that he could get this girl off before she woke up, he continued silently exploring with the hand that was still trapped between the girl's legs. He sought out the clit that was hiding beneath the thin piece of skin above the slit. Once he found the hood, he coaxed the little nubbin from its hiding place. Knowing that direct stimulation might wake the blonde girl up, he opted to simply rub the area around the clit instead.

"Mmm..." The sleeping girl moaned in pleasure again as her left hand released Trent's probing hand. Her body shifted a little as her left hand joined her right in touching the arm she was resting upon.

"For a minute there, I thought she was going to wake up," Trent said to himself as he continued watching the girl sleep on his arm. He blinked, then moved his face up close to hers. He studied her face for a while, then moved up to her ear and shouted, "Get up! I know you're faking!"

When he received no response, he moved his head away and pulled up his legs in front of him. With his right hand still between the girl's legs and his left hand under her head, he pushed off his shoes and socks and stuck them under the girl's armpits. His toes were almost as dexterous as his fingers, so tickling with them was just as effective. As soon as he did this, the "sleeping" girl could not contain her laughter and immediately jerked awake. "Stop! Stop! I'm awake! I'm awake!"

"I knew it! How long were you awake for?" Trent asked as he continued tickling the blonde with his toes.

"Stop! Stop!" The blonde girl attempted to push the dog-man away, but ended up falling forward herself. She pushed Trent's feet away from her armpits, but ended up placing his knees on her shoulders. As a result, her face ended up between his legs while he was nearly upside down with his hand still between her legs. Getting untangled from each other was a confusing and complicated procedure, but it was simplified when the blonde girl pushed the blonde guy's legs away, causing the blonde guy to flip onto his stomach and rip the girl's panties off at the same time.

"Ow..." Both of them said at the exact same time.


"... Did we get teleported to another part of the world without realizing it or something?" Spike asked as he and Monica stared at the scenery that was in Sera's backyard. The two of them had followed their new demoness mentor outside for the third part of the lesson.

"Close enough, I guess," Sera replied with a mischievous smirk on her face. She stepped off the porch and left her two classmates to stare at the scene a while longer. Her attention fell upon Trent and the blonde girl he was with. Her eyes immediately widened at the sight of the other blonde and immediately hurried over to the two of them. "Kera? What are you doing here?"

"Sera!" Kera, the "sleeping" girl sprung to her feet and wrapped her arms around Sera as soon as she got the chance. "Mom and dad said that I could stay with you for a while!"

"What? Why?" Sera asked.

"Why not? They said it might do me some good to live among humans for a while," Kera replied. "Besides, the human world is so much better! You'd have to be a thousand years old to be an adult, but over here we can both be adults!"

"First of all, you don't have to be a thousand and second of all, even among humans you're not old enough to be an adult," Sera sighed as she placed her hands on Kera's shoulders. "Third of all, now's not a good time, so... wait, what did you and Trent do?"

"Hiya, Sera! Your sister's nice. Niceness must run in the family," Trent grinned.

"You have a sister?" Spike suddenly spoke up as soon as he and Monica reached the growing group.

"I take it she is also a demoness?" Monica asked as she studied Kera. The family resemblance was evident, though it was obvious that the younger demoness didn't possess the power that her sister did.

"I didn't know you had a sister. Why didn't you tell us?" Spike asked.

"We've only known her for a week," Tim remarked.

For a second there, everyone except Sera froze on the spoke. After the second was up, four pairs of eyes fell upon Tim in an instant.

"Trans-dimensional doors," Tim simply explained, then jerked his thumb towards the toolshed tucked away beside the house.

"Trans-di-" Trent began to echo.

"Stargate," Tim interrupted.

"Or a rabbit hole," Trent added. "What's Stargate?"

"I take it you've already sent Rebecca home?" Sera asked with her arms crossed.

Tim simply nodded his head in response.


Meanwhile, Rebecca was walking as carefully as she could along a busy sidewalk while holding herself tightly. The reason why she was walking carefully was because of the bullets (unused, of course) wedged inside of her. There were six magnum bullets inside her wet vagina and another two inside her rectum. Since she wasn't wearing any panties, she was afraid that the bullets may slip out of her juicy slit if she wasn't careful.

Once she reached her destination, she glanced down at the piece of paper with Tim's address, then looked up at the apartment building in front of her. Crunching up the piece of paper, she threw it away and stepped inside.


"Anyway... the reason why I brought you out here was to illustrate the third part of my lesson," Sera explained as she waved her hand over the scenery of the mountains and forestry. "The third energy type is called Mana. Mana is the magical energy that flows freely throughout the world. Some places have more mana than other places. Mana types differ from place to place depending on the elements. For example, a hot desert may have more fire mana than say... the ocean, which most likely has lots of water mana. Many magic-users, or magickians to some, tend to rely on this ability to exceed the energy limit of their own spiritual or biological energy."

"You do not still need me to demonstrate, do you?" Monica asked as she suddenly took a step back.

"....." Sera's eyes momentarily shifted to Kera, then back on Monica. "No, it's not necessary. Thank you for your help thus far, Moto-chan."

"Fill me in later?" Tim asked Monica.

"Of course," Monica replied. "I will also fill in Trent."

"....." Tim simply motioned his head towards Trent, who was crab-walking and chasing around Kera... on the wooden poles. Unfortunately, the half-dog got attacked by the boxing squirrel.

"Many mana-users 'breathe' mana by sucking up the energy from their surroundings. Mana enters the body through the energy holes and flows throughout the body. Some Mana-users can be skilled enough to keep the mana outside their body, yet still control it. It is the lifeblood of magic-users and the reason why they can become extremely powerful," Sera continued her explanation about mana. "However, although mana is energy and treated as such, it is still foreign to the body and can therefore cause harm to the body. This especially happens if the mana 'inhaled' is completely different from the spiritual energy already presiding within the body. The best conductor for mana is blood, wood, and certain tissue from certain animals. This is why many magic-users like to use conductors such as wands and staves."

So... to sum it... Spike thought to himself, So magical energy can be divided into three separate categories:

1) Spiritual energy from the soul.
2) Biological energy from the cells.
3) Mana from the environment.

"This place is filled with mana, isn't it?" Monica asked.

"Exactly, which makes this place the perfect training ground for the six of you," Sera replied with a smirk.

"I only see four of us," Spike looked around in confusion. "I'm assuming Rock's here, but got occupied with his own obstacle and still hasn't overcome it yet."


"Well that wasn't fun at all," Rock remarked before falling from a sitting position to a lying position in an exhausted manner. The giant suit of armour seemed to agree and appeared equally tired. Between the two of them was a finished game of Jumanji, which the boxing squirrel won, by the way.


"Yes... she's a tad late, isn't she?" Sera tapped her chin thoughtfully. She shook off that thought and addressed the three who were present and paying attention. "The reason I wish to train the six of you is not only related to the demon attacks, but also the secrets behind the school. I'm sure you've already noticed, but Windroy Twelve Forrest Secondary School is not an ordinary school."

"Don't you mean WTF High?" Spike asked.

"What did you think WTF stood for?" Monica asked.

"They were initials?" Spike looked surprised. "I thought it was a result of when they started using letters instead of numbers for public schools, like PS XXX or PS OMG."

"Did you not notice the big sign in front of the school?" Monica quirked an eyebrow.

"Oh yeah... I was meaning to read that sign someday," Spike replied. "Now I don't have to cause now I know what is says."

"It's not generally a good idea to interrupt someone who can easily strangle you to death without using her hands," Sera cut in.

"Sorry," Both Spike and Monica apologized at the same time.

"What the f***?" Rock's voice suddenly rang out as soon as he stepped out into the backyard. He was staring with a wide open mouth at the scenery before him. "Did I just step through one of those portals, like in Stargate... or a rabbit hole from a very old cartoon?"

"You're late. That means I don't have to pay, correct?" Sera smirked as she suddenly appeared right in front of Rock. She took the deliveries out of Rock's hand and walked back to the others.

"Wa... wait a minute! When I stepped thro-" Rock began.

"You ended up in the attic instead?" Sera asked.

"You did that?"

"If you simply continued looking instead of wasting your time playing classic children's games, you would had made the delivery on time," Sera replied.

"F*** that, B****!" Rock growled angrily. He dashed forth and attempted to snatch back the deliveries. Unfortunately, Sera was too quick for him. Rock's left ankle was ensnared by a scarf, which flung him through the air and into the pool.


"I'll tell you what. If you stay around a while longer, I'll pay for the food," Sera offered as she gave Rock a flirtatious look. "If you behave, I'll throw in... a... little... reward."

"Betcha he won't like the reward," Spike whispered.

"I will not take that bet," Monica replied.


"Is this it? The address?" A young female teen asked herself as soon as she arrived at her destination. She checked the address that she was given just yesterday, then looked up at the house that would change her life forever.

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Glad to see you around Deathnote...another great chapter...thanks

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"Attention! Do not read any further if you are either too young, not allowed to view this kind of content in your region/area/whatever, offended by this kind of material, or related to the author by blood!" Spike announced as he read off a piece of paper. "In other words: Read at your own risk!"

"Disclaimer's kind of late, don't you think?" Sandra asked with crossed arms. "We're already on the eighth chapter, you know."

"I know..." Spike sighed as he crumpled up the piece of paper and chucked it away. "Seriously... related by blood? How's the reader gonna know if he or she is related the author if the author's keeping this a secret from his family?"

"And how will someone know if they're offended by this story's material if they haven't even read it yet?" Sandra added.

"Plus anyone underage will probably keep reading anyway," Spike added.

"Anyway... I'm finally in the story," Sandra said. "And I'm not happy about it at all."

"Ah... right... that part," Spike replied.


"....." Asterisk simply stood there, staring at his desk with a blank look on his face. He had a bad feeling that something he would rather not find out about happened to the desk since he last sat in it.

"Take your seat, Asterisk," Mr. Smith said before turning around continuing the lesson.

"Uh..." Asterisk looked up at the teacher and noticed that, once again, he was facing the black board. He looked around and noticed that everyone else was either sleeping, whispering, passing notes, listening to music, gambling, eating, or any combination of the above. Noticing an empty desk nearby, he dragged his own desk over to it and switched the two of them. Unsurprisingly, no one even glanced over at what he was doing.

"Zzz.. call... zzz... yum..." Trent snored and talked in his sleep at the same time. His hand was on top of the two cards he had in the poker game he was playing at the moment. His other hand was feeding him cheetos even though he was sleeping.

"Psst, is there something wrong with your old desk?" Monica asked Asterisk.

"Let's just say... ignorance is bliss... some of the time," Asterisk replied with a nervous chuckle.

Title: WTF High's School Defense Force - Lesson VIII
Class: 4D
Room: 104
Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam! Now you're... wait... those aren't incantations. Those are pok-

Behind Windroy Twelve Forrest Secondary School, across the fields, across the street, and twenty feet down was a creek with many trees and bushes on either side of it. There was a wooden bridge with railings that intersected the street and built above the creek. Since the bridge was thick and the trees even thicker, the spot right under the bridge was the perfect hang-out for activities best left unseen from public eyes. One particular individual was ****** full use of this spot.

Derek was standing there in the shadow of the bridge with a thousand page book in his hands. He stood atop a rock that was flat and had plenty of space compared to the other rocks next to the stream of water. He found the book in the school library after his bitch of an English teacher handed out the assignment for a book report, which was due in six weeks. That was barely enough time to even finish a book! At first, Derek thought about just choosing the shortest novel he could find, but then a certain black book caught his eyes. It was as though it was calling out to him. Before he knew it, he was checking that book out.

He was skeptic at first, but when he tried out the first spell he saw, the guy sitting behind him suddenly screamed out for his hair was on fire. Derek was startled, but managed to calm down long enough to recite the words to extinguish the fire. After that, he realized that the magic was for real and the book that proved it was now in his possession.

Ever since he was a little kid, he had always been fascinated by the supernatural and read all kinds of books about myths and magic. By the time he started High School, he gradually lost interest and eventually accepted the reality that magic did not exist. Aside from this, he was just a regular student with a normal social life and a hatred for English class. He had slightly curly brown hair, bright blue eyes, and a few freckles on his face. He wore a brown shirt and blue jeans.

"Let's see here... yeah, that'll be useful," Derek muttered to himself as he looked over the spells that were available to him. Fortunately for him, the spells were divided into sections and the index at the back helped a great deal. The first section that caught his eye, of course, was the one about manipulation. He scanned over the section and found quite a number of spells under that subject alone. The details and explanations behind each spell was also there, but Derek hardly understood them at all. It didn't really matter to him, though, since all he needed to make them work was read the incantations... or 'the keys' as they were called in the book.

Derek immediately heard someone approaching and close the magic book with a slam. His body tensed up and his breathing became heavier for he was anticipating this moment for quite a while. Of course, there was also the possibility that someone other than the person he was waiting for had stumbled upon this place in which case he was ready to use his manipulation spell to make them go away. To his delight, the right person had arrived.

"Derek?" Heather asked as soon as she was under the bridge. She skipped along the rocks until she was standing on the same rock as Derek. She had olive green eyes and dark chestnut brown hair that reached just past her ample breasts. At the moment, she was wearing the school's black and red cheerleader's outfit since she had just finished the cheering squad's first after-school practice of the school year. In her hand she held a note asking for her to meet her under the bridge after school. "Did you leave this in my locker?"

"Yeah, I did," Derek replied with a smirk as he approached Heather with a confident look in his eyes. "I just wanted a word with you, that's all."

"If you're asking me out, just stop and we'll pretend this never happened," Heather replied with her arms crossed. She remembered all through last year how she turned down several other guys since they didn't interest her and right now Derek was no different.

"I was going to, but-" Derek began.

"Then we'll pretend this never happened," Heather interrupted before she turned around and walked away. She only took a couple of steps before she heard the words:

"Prosternere," Derek grinned as his black book started glowing with a dark green hue. The light surrounding the book appeared to snake out and made its way through the air towards its target. Neither Derek or Heather saw the green light for it could not be seen by normal eyes. However, that did not matter to Derek as long as the spell worked and worked it did.

"What di-" Heather began to ask before she was hit by the green light. Suddenly finding it difficult to breathe, she dropped to her knees and clutched her chest. She was completely overwhelmed by the power of the spell as it seeped into her body and took control from the inside. Soon enough, her breathing returned to normal and the pressure of the green light lifted off of her. However, she found that no matter how hard she tried, she could not get back onto her feet and she could not raise her head high enough to see anything above Derek's knees. Before she knew it, her hands were on the ground in front of her as she prostrated herself before Derek. Panicking, she started thinking to herself, What's going on? Why can't I stand up? I can't move!

"Heather?" Derek asked cautiously as he looked down at the cheerleader's submissive form. If the spell didn't work, he wasn't quite sure how to explain what just happened. According to the details of the spell, Heather could not disobey any command given to her by Derek as long as she was within a 100 mile radius from the black book. Confident that the spell had worked, he said, "Stand up, Heather."

Almost immediately, Heather got to her feet with her eyes still downcast. With a horrified look on her face, she asked, "What did you do to me?"

"I made you my slave, thanks to this book," Derek smirked in response as he brought the book up for Heather to see. When he realized that Heather was still looking down, he said, "You can look up now."

"Sl-slave? W-why?" Heather asked with wide-open eyes. Her attention turned towards the black book in Derek's hands. Questions and thoughts about what was going to happen to her raced through her panic-stricken mind. Maybe I'm just dreaming. Yeah, that's it. Magic doesn't exist, so I must be dreaming.

"Why do you think?" Derek asked with a chuckle. Staring straight into Heather's eyes, he gave the simple command, "Take off your clothes."

Dreaming... I'm just dreaming, that's all, Heather assured herself as her hands took a life of their own. Her top was the first to go. She reached back with her hands and unzipped the top before letting it drop into the creek. Her red laced bra fell in afterwards, but unlike the top it was gently carried away by the stream of water. The next to go were her shoes which were kicked off into the water. Now she stood topless and barefoot atop the rock and only a few feet away from her captor. If it weren't for the spell, she would had hesitated at this point, but since she was unable to disobey the command given to her, the skirt was unceremoniously unzipped and thrown on top of the rest of her uniform.

"Nice... just nice..." Derek smirked as he watched the cheerleader expose herself one article of clothing at a time. His eyes were on the pert and ample breasts displayed before him. They were milky white in colour with cute pink nipples standing erect as a result of the cold weather of the fall. Her long and muscular legs were a testament of the long hours she put in her cheerleading and gymnastic practices for the past four years.

If this is a dream, please let me wake up, Heather was increasingly worried that she was not dreaming at all despite the unreal circumstances she was in at the moment. With trembling hands, she hooked her thumbs into the strings of her red laced panties and pulled them down to her knees. Lifting one foot at a time, she took off her panties and dropped them into the water. The panties followed the bra down the stream and disappeared from sight. Now her completely shaven pussy was displayed for Derek to enjoy.

"Heather, you have a smoking body. Just thought I'd let you know," Derek grinned as he lecherously took in the full view of the naked cheerleader. Without warning, he reached out and roughly grabbed hold of the breasts. He handled them carelessly and it didn't occur to him that his rough handling was hurting Heather. He took hold of Heather's left nipple with his middle finger and thumb and dug his fingernails into them. "From now on, you'll do anything I say."

"Ah... stop it! It hurts!" Heather cried out as she felt the pain go through her body like a knife through butter. She walked to back away from those hands, but she couldn't even move let alone fight them off. It slowly dawned on her that she wasn't dreaming after all. The pain in her nipple and breasts were proof of that. "Stop it! I can still scream!"

"Then I order you to shut the hell up," Derek replied coyly as he looked straight into Heather's eyes.

"....." Heather opened up her mouth, but no words came out. Terror etched across her face as she realized that she could no longer speak. She tried to scream as loud as she could, but it was as though her throat was blocked by a muffler.

"Let's see here..." Derek smirked as his left hand travelled south of the border. His fingers found the shaved slit and they forced their way in. As soon as he did, he realized that Heather was still dry in that area. Well... at least not as wet as he would had liked her to be, anyway. "Hmm... gonna have to change that. Exciere."

Oh no... what did he do? Heather thought to herself as she felt her heart beat faster and her blood boil with excitement. She found herself becoming more and more aroused by the second as soon as the incantation hit her ears. Her pussy throbbed hungrily with arousal and juice began to flow out in large quantities. She could not believe the intense pleasure running through her.

"Alright, you stuck-up bitch," Derek grinned devilishly as he brought his hand, soaked with pussy juice, up to the naked cheerleader's lips. "First, clean my hand with that slutty little mouth of yours."

Heather complied by opening her mouth and sucking on the fingers one at a time until they were clean. It was only because of that last spell that she was able to cope with the thought of tasting herself on her captor's fingers.

"From now on, you're mine to do with as I want," Derek grinned. "When we're alone together, you will not speak unless I tell you to. You will not tell anyone else about this. If anyone asks, just say that we're going out. Tomorrow, I want you to wear your shortest skirt with no underwear at all. That means no bra or panties. Now... sit down in the water with your legs spread."

Unable to resist the command, Heather stepped into the water and sat down. A cold shiver ran up her spine as soon as her buttocks and pussy broke the water surface. Conveniently enough, she was sitting with her pussy facing the current of the creek. In her highly aroused state, she had to fight hard to keep herself from cumming right then and there.

With the book tucked away into his backpack on the rock with his shoes and socks, he walked over to Heather and stood before her. Without anything further to say, he unzipped his jeans and fished out his cock. He pushed down Heather so that she was lying down into the water. Fortunately, the water was shallow so the brunette's face was still above the water surface. Planting his hands on either side of Heather's head, Derek lowered himself until he was right on top of Heather.

He didn't care that his jeans were getting soaked when he lowered himself into the creek since he was pretty sure the magic book at some sort of solution for that. His balls dipped into the water as he lined up his cock with Heather's pussy. Once they were lined up, he slammed his cock into the wet slit with a single powerful thrust. The cheerleader gasped with pleasure in her mind for she could not do so with her throat as it was now.

Derek felt the pussy walls tighten around his cock like a vice, though that did not stop him from pounding away at the chestnut-haired girl's pussy. It was obvious that he was still inexperienced, but that did not matter when the Exciere spell was at work. Heather felt nothing but pleasure from the rough fucking she was getting and the flow of water against her buttocks. Soon enough, both of them came at the same time. Derek pulled out and shot his load all over the cheerleader's flat stomach as Heather rode the waves of pleasure in the body she no longer controlled.

"I still can't believed it worked," Derek said in amazement as he stood up. His eyes turned towards his backpack, which contained the book that could change his life forever. A sly grin etched across his face. "The fun's just getting started."


"Is your hair okay?" Monica asked with a concerned look on her face. She walked along beside Asterisk through the empty soccer field since their homes were in the same general direction.

"Yeah, it's fine now," Asterisk replied as he reached up and touched the part of his hair that was on fire. Despite the strong smell of burnt hair, there was little to no visible damage to it at all. "I wonder how that fire got there? Maybe I was doing that whole aura thing wrong."

"No... that does not make any sense," Monica replied. "None of the stuff you had done thus far had any relation to fire at all."

"True..." Asterisk replied as the two of them crossed the wooden bridge together. "It's a good thing that the training I did do was related to water. It's pretty neat. My aura feels like water. See?"

"Not quite, but close enough," Monica replied as she lifted her hand up to feel the blue light emanating from her classmate. She silently stared off into space as her thoughts drifted back to the training two days ago. *It took me a week to get an aura as clear as that, but he only needed one. Was it because of that placeor was it his own natural talent at work?

"Say... do you think we're be facing those demons again any time soon?" Asterisk asked. "Not that I'd want that, but... uh... you know..."

"You wish to test your strength?" Monica asked.

"Ah... hah... yeah..." Asterisk replied.

"Something tells me you will get your wish soon enough," Monica assured her friend with a gentle smile. "When you do, be sure to give it your all."

"Sure thing. I'll do my best, so... uh... do yours, too."

"Of course."


The next day... in English class...

"Has everyone finished the first chapter of Jane Eyre?" Ms. Quartz asked as she held up the book that everyone was supposed to read for the weekend. When only a couple students raised a hand, she sighed and shook her head in disappointment. As she cracked open the book to the first chapter, she said, "We'll read it together, then. Everyone open their books to the first chapter."

Ms. Quartz had the appearance of a very strict and conservative teacher despite being only twenty-three years old. She wasn't that tall, but she was tall enough so that wearing a couple inches of heels solidified the air of authority she was well known for. A navy blue suit with a white blouse underneath and black skirt was her attire today. Her onyx black hair was tied into a bun behind her head and held there by a single bobby pin. Her sharp eyes were completely black, which complimented her soft and attractive face without taking away any of her tough demeanour. In fact, they somehow accentuated it.

"Psst... could you share your book with me?" Fallout, formerly known as Asterisk, asked the person sitting in the desk next to him.

"You didn't bring your book today?" Sandra asked with an annoyed look on her face.

"Yeah... I... uh... didn't actually pick one up," Fallout explained with a nervous chuckle. "I was daydreaming about Frisbee-throwing polar bears and before I knew it, class was over."

"You had three days to pick one up," Sandra pointed out. "Wait a minute, didn't you raise your hand?"

"Oh... right... now that I remember, I did bring it here," Fallout replied as he smacked his fist against the palm of his hand. He ruffled through his backpack, then pulled out ten sheets of paper that consisted of the first chapter of Jane Eyre. "Kinda sucked when she... what?"

"You read it off the net?" Sandra exasperated. "That's illegal, isn't it?"

"Um... oh look. It looks like everyone else forgot to bring their books," Fallout immediately changed the subject.

"I already knew that something like this would happen," Ms. Quartz explained with what appeared to be a patient tone of voice. She walked over to the grey cabinet at the front of the room and pulled it open. With a stern expression, she faced the class and said, "All the books are still here! You had Thursday, Friday, and Monday to pick one up at the beginning and end of class, but none of you did. Now... I want every single one of you to go up and there pick up a book. You have ten minutes to pick up a book and read the first chapter. Be sure to read it thoroughly, cause I'm giving a pop quiz right after time's up!"

"Now that I've looked closely, this isn't Jane Eyre. This is Jane Eerie; a completely different book altogether," Sandra commented as she looked over the pages Fallout pulled out from his backpack. "You're screwed."

"Eh? What? Sorry, I wasn't paying attention," Fallout apologized. "I was trying to figure out why Ms. Quartz didn't make sure everyone picked up a book from day one."

"You're kidding, right?" Sandra quirked an eyebrow at Fallout.


"Eh heh... barely managed to get a passing grade," Fallout chuckled as soon as class was over. Coincidentally, English class was the last class of the day so he was out in the hall next to his locker.

"Seriously... what the f***?" Sandra scowled. "How did you manage to do that when you hadn't even read the first chapter?!"

"I don't see why you're angry when you've got a perfect score," Fallout replied.

"What makes you think I'm angry? I not angry at all," Sandra grumbled as she shoved her books into her satchel and walked away. "What's wrong with this class? Not just this class, but all those other classes, too."

"What crawled up her ass and died?" Derek asked as he watched Sandra walk away in a grumpy manner.

"Um... I'm not sure. Not as though she's the one teaching the class," Fallout scratched his head in response. "Maybe she's pissed about being the only one who actually pays attention in class?"

"Yeah... heard she even got a perfect score on the quiz," Derek smirked. "Speaking of the quiz, kind of sucked that we had to take it, huh?"

"Yeah... sucked, but it's not like it took a huge chunk out of our grades, right?" Fallout replied with a chuckle.

"What do you think of the teacher?" Derek asked with crossed arms. "Kind of a stuck-up bitch, don't you think? I had her last year and I gotta tell you, she's a lot worse than she looked today."

"No... not exactly," Fallout replied. The conversation suddenly became uncomfortable. He was getting a bad vibe from this guy even before they talked, but he figured it was just his imagination... until now. "I'm... gonna go now. I've got friends waiting for me."

"Hey Fallout! We're racing to the mall today!" Trent shouted down the hallway. Right after that, he was gone.

"See?" Fallout said before he brushed past Derek to go after Trent. He stopped a few feet away, then turned around and asked, "You're in the same homeroom as me, right? What's your name again?"

"Derek," Derek replied. "And y-"

"Oh! I forgot to mention! Last one at the food court's gotta pay for everyone else's meal!" Trent shouted down the hall before disappearing again.

"Ack! That can't be good," Fallout groaned before he raced off towards the mall. "Gotta go! See ya, man."

"Ah well... can't have too many helping anyway," Derek sighed as he walked off in the opposite direction. As soon as he turned at the corner of the hallway, Heather and three guys went over to meet him. The three guys were Derek's friends and they all happened to share the same certain English teacher last year. In fact, two of them had to retake English over the summer.

"What a slut she's become," One of them was molesting Heather's breasts from behind. "You said you did this with magic?"

"I still say it was some kind of trick," Another grumbled cynically. "You could've rigged something up beforehand when you made that tree burn."

"And the lightning bolt?"

"Taser... or stun gun. I'm tell you it's not going to work."

"I dunno... he took his shirt off before he made that lightning bolt. Probably wanted to show that there were no tricks involved... or at least I hope that's why."

"If it doesn't work, I'll just tell her I dragged you along, alright?" Derek grumbled as he pushed past his friends towards the English classroom. "Oh... and hands off my girl. You guys can do whatever you want to Ms. Quartz, but Heather's mine."

With that said, Heather was released and the five of them headed for the English room. As usual, the hallways were completely dark and empty after school. At first, Derek thought that maybe Ms. Quartz had already left in which case the plan had to wait until tomorrow. However, as soon as they arrived, there was light coming from the bottom of the classroom door which meant that the English teacher was probably still inside. Sure enough, as soon as the door was opened, Ms. Quartz was seen next to her desk, getting ready to leave.

"May I help you?" Ms. Quartz asked as soon as she noticed the five students suddenly entering the classroom.

"Of course you can help us. You can start by taking off your clothes, bitch," Derek sneered.

"Excuse me?" Ms. Quartz dropped her briefcase back onto the desk and approached her student with an angry look on her face.

"Just for the record, we didn't know he was going to say that," One of Derek's friend put in.

"You heard me, you little whore," Derek spat. "Take off your clothes or I'll do this to you. Ruptura!"

As soon as he said the magic word, the cabinet full of books suddenly exploded and shattered into several different pieces. The confetti left from the explosion floated through the air and the metal doors just barely missed Ms. Quartz's head. One of them grazed her cheek and left a tiny trail of blood, which basically pushed her over the edge into shock.

"Vallum!" Derek immediately shouted just before the doors reached him. A red wall of light appeared in front of him and stopped the doors just in time to keep them from slicing his head open. The wall of light vanished after a couple seconds and the doors fell to the floor with a thud and a clang.

"Wha... how... did you...?" Ms. Quartz's wide-open eyes fell to the metal doors as the small scraps of what was once literature surrounded her. She fell to her knees for she suddenly lost the strength to stand up.

"Holy sh**! That was awesome"

"Watch it next time. I think a nail almost poked my eye out."

"You just saw an exploding cabinet and all you can think about is a nail poking your eye out?"

"I'm more impressed by that wall, to be honest. Looked cooler."

"This is way more fun than just charming someone," Derek laughed as he pulled out his spell-book and started looking them over. "Course, I might still have to do that just to keep her quiet. What you think, guys?"

"Use the spell," All three friends agreed at the same time.

"Right... better safe than sorry, huh?" Derek grinned mischievously. He turned his attention back on the English teacher as he stood proudly over her. "Time to bid your freedom farewell, Ms. Quartz. From now on, you're going to be our cock-loving little slut who'll do anything we say. Prosternere."


Man... what's this feeling I keep having that I should had stayed behind at school? Fallout grumbled to himself in his mind. He tapped his foot and fingers nervously while his free hand was scratching his hair.

"You know, I have seen murder suspects in court who were more calm than you," Monica commented as she gave her friend a concerned look. "What is the matter?"

"It's cause Rock eats like a pig, right?" Trent asked with a grin. "I've never seen anyone eat more than ten hamburgers before."

"For the last time, they weren't for me," Rock growled angrily. "They were for Scar and Horn."

"Sure... whatever you say, man," Trent laughed. "Next you'll probably say you need to feed that suit of armour."

"Maybe not, but he did say he needed some oil," Rock replied.

"No... it's not that," Fallout replied. "I just... have a feeling I have to be somewhere... but I'm sure it's nothing."

"Go," Tim said.

"What?" Fallout blinked.

"Go," Tim repeated. "I'll pay."

"Uh... are you sure?" Fallout asked as he stood up. "I'm really gonna go."

"Then go," Tim said again.

"Ah... I'm leaving my wallet anyway," Fallout took out all the money he had in his pocket. "Oh... right... I don't carry a wallet. Well... I'm still leaving all my money. If that still doesn't cover it, I'll be sure to pay you back. Thanks. Bye!"

With that, Fallout was gone.

"I will go with him. See you!" Monica said as she left the table to go after her friend.

"So... just us four left, huh?" Trent grinned. "Let's play public strip poker!"

Rock and Tim got up at the same time and left the table.

"I'll play!" Kera exclaimed as she pumped her fist into the air.


"Woo! Looking good today, Sandra!" Gary, the quarter-back shouted from the football field. At the moment, what remained of last year's football team was having after school practice before try-outs. "Did ya come all the way back here to see me?!"

"F*** off, dirt bag!" Sandra shouted back as she rushed past the field towards the school.

"Is it true that you don't like guys?" Hal, the Tailback shouted. "Maybe we can change your mind with-"

"I think she's too far to hear you," Click, a Tightend and Wedge Buster said. "Practice is almost over and I need to head home soon. Let's wrap this up, shall we?"

"I can't believe I left my notes in class," Sandra grunted as she ran through the hallways back to class. She never noticed how creepy the school could be after hours until now. With the exception of hearing the football team practicing in the football field, the hallways were incredibly dark and quiet. For this reason, it was easy for her to pick up the light that was coming from the doorway to the English room. "Oh good. Ms. Quartz is still in."

08-27-2007, 02:36 AM
Thanks for the new stuff

08-30-2007, 01:13 AM
"Hello everyone and... woah... what's going on here?" Fallout asked as soon as he noticed Derek's three friends standing there holding signs.

"We demand names," One of them explained.

"Extras are people too, you know!" Another added.

"We don't even have an appearance," The third one growled.

"Oh boo hoo to you guys, then," Fallout grumbled sarcastically. "I'm one of the main characters and no one's even heard my real name yet... or what I actually look like."

"Yeah... what's up with that, anyway?" The first of Derek's friends asked.

"Something about a reflection of my character or something stupid like that," Fallout replied as he scratched his head in confusion. "Well screw that. I want a name too."

"Join in on our rally, then," The second one suggested as he handed his sign over to Fallout.

"Sweet!" Fallout exclaimed as he accepted the sign.

"By the way... what's your real name, anyway," The third one asked as he quirked an eyebrow.

"Oh, I'm glad you asked," Fallout replied. "My real name is-"

Title: WTF High's School Defense Force - Lesson IX
Class: 4D
Room: 104
Oh screw you, Deathnote! Screw you!

"I don't get it... where's our coach?" Hal asked as he looked around for the coach.

"I think the coach's in his office... doing... something," Click replied.



"I'm breaking in and stealing his stash."

"So the coach'll come to practice more often?"

"There's that, too."


"Now what we're going to do is play a friendly game of spank the bitch," Derek chuckled as he grabbed Ms. Quartz's hair and dragged her over to her desk. He threw her over the desk so that only her upper body was over it. She was positioned so that her crotch was directly over one of the corners of the desk. Was she was one the desk in the right position, Derek pulled the navy blue suit off of her and pulled the hem of the skirt up to her waist. Now her black laced panties and tight round buttocks were on full display to her students.

"Woo! Alright! Let's strip her!" Alec whooped.

"Nice ass, teach," Eric sneered as he gave his teacher's left ass cheek and light downwards slap. That slap sent a shock of pleasure through Ms. Quartz as her pussy dug further into the corner of her desk.

"Screw her ass, then. I want her pussy," Maverick said.

"So that leaves me... what? The mouth?" Alec raised an eyebrow. "Sweet! Hey Derek, if you tell her to, would she be able to deep throat without gagging?"

"I don't know," Derek admitted. "Let's find out right after we dish out her punishment. You want to do the honours, Eric?"

"Of course," Eric snickered as he drew back his hand and delivered a sounding upwards slap across Ms. Quartz's ass. He rotated his arm so that his hand went into a circular motion before delivering the second spanking. Each spank on their own sent jolts of pleasure up the English teacher's spine, which was nothing compared to what the corner of the desk offered her.

"Woah! Check it out!" Alec exclaimed as he pointed to the trail of liquid running down the inner parts of Ms. Quartz's legs. "That horny bitch."

"You getting turned-on by this, teach?" Eric asked sadistically as he continued raining down the punishment upon the onyx haired English teacher. "This what gets you off?"

"That's it. I can't take it anymore," Maverick threw his hands up before reaching out to grab Ms. Quartz by the hair. "I'm gonna fuck her brains out. Get over here and suck my cock, bitch!"

"You like what you see, my pet?" Derek grinned as he sat down at the teacher's desk and pulled his new fuck toy onto his lap. Heather shivered with excitement as she felt her new master's hands roamed the lower half of her body. She allowed Derek to pull her skirt up, reach into her panties, and play with her pussy. In return, she reached down with both hands and lovingly stroked the bulge in her owner's jeans.

Last night, she had to follow Derek back to his house in only her wet cheerleading uniform. Her bra, panties, socks, and shoes were left behind in the creek. It was windy that day, so she was freezing her cute little ass off and her pussy was exposed to the cool autumn air. As soon as they got to Derek's place, Heather called home and lied about sleeping over at her friend's house. Since Derek's parents weren't home and didn't come home by morning, everything seemed to work in the new magic-user's favour. Derek spent all of last night and early that morning fucking Heather's brains out using various positions including bondage ones.

"That's it... take it all in," Maverick chuckled as he forced his cock down Ms. Quartz's throat.

Alec reached down and grabbed hold of the teacher's left hand and brought it up to his manhood, forcing her to give him a hand job. The onyx haired woman felt the bulging cock forced into her delicate fingers as she continued running her sweet little tongue all over Maverick's tool. In only took a moment before Eric join in on the fun and forced his prick into the English teacher's right hand. With that way things were going, it wasn't going to be long before all three students shot their load all over their sexy teacher's pretty face.

"Start begging for their cum, Ms. Quartz," Derek commanded as he unzipped his jeans and lifted Heather onto his cock. Heather squealed in a cute manner as she found herself impaled upon her master's cock. A hand took hold of each breast as the two of them started rocking their hips together. Derek released the right breast and brought forced his right fingers into Heather's mouth.

"(Please give me all your cum)," Ms. Quartz moaned incoherently as she continued stroking and sucking off her three students. She stopped sucking Maverick's cock long enough to beg, "Please give me all your cum."

After that, she stroked Maverick's cock with her right hand and started sucking off Eric. A little more than ten seconds later, she started sucking off Alec. Between switches, she begged for their cum and urged them on to continue to use and degrade her. Before long, she got what she asked for and all three unloaded their jizz all over her face.

"Get off," Derek said as he suddenly pulled Heather off his cock. Heather had a disappointed look on her face for she was just about to climax. Now she had to wait while her new master turned his attentions on their English teacher. Derek stood over Ms. Quartz and started jerking off until he too had unloaded his semen all over the onyx haired woman's face. Once he was done, he grabbed Heather by the wrist and forced her down on her knees next to Ms. Quartz. "Clean her up with your tongue, Heather."

Wha... wait... what? Heather exclaimed in her head. Unfortunately, she couldn't resist the spell and found herself licking up the cum off of her teacher's face.


All the guys' heads turned towards the door, which was now ajar with its hinges creaking. Footsteps running away from the classroom could be heard from inside the classroom. It was obvious that someone saw what was going on and ran away to avoid getting caught. Three pairs of eyes turned towards Derek, who was looking pretty calm for someone in his current situation.

"Don't worry, guys. She's not getting away that easily," Derek smirked as he pulled up his jeans and grabbed his book of spells. He grabbed Heather by the wrist and said, "Meet me at the field. Tell the team that I've got a surprise for them. Transportare."

With that, the two of them were gone. The three left behind eyed each other, then turned their sights on the kneeling English teacher. Maverick shrugged his shoulders and grabbed Ms. Quartz by the hair. "C'mon. We can share her with the football team till Derek gets there."

"Why don't we just go to another room and have her all to ourselves," Alec asked.

"Yeah, like I'm gonna mess with someone who can do that," Maverick scoffed as he jerked his head towards the destroyed steel cabinet.

"Point taken."


"So is Derek a mana-user, then?" Monica asked as she ran along beside Fallout back towards the school.

"No... I don't think so, anyway," Fallout replied. "He didn't have the mana inside of him. I think he's just using a spell book."

"In other words, he's not using his own power," Monica nodded her head in understanding. "He was using the mana that was already stored inside the book."

"That's right," Fallout confirmed. "It's just like what Sera said."


Four days ago...

"Magical energy can be stored within an object so that it can be used later. An extremely skilled and powerful Magic-user can not only store energy, but have it perform a specific function once released. Such energy is usually locked away and can only be unlocked with a specific Key. For this reason, books and scrolls are popular containers for such energy. The Key to releasing a spell and its energy is usually the incantation within the energy container. Due to mass production, a standard Key is used with each spell when magical books are created. Since magic books lose energy each time they are used, most of them are able to recharge themselves by gathering mana from their surroundings (ex. the sun). Some magic-users are able to manually recharge books with either their own energy or with mana.

Books and scrolls are not the only objects that can contain magical energy. In fact, this is how magical artifacts are created. The key or incantation to unlocking the energy and causing its function to occur does not necessarily have to be written anywhere on the artifact. The Key to unlocking the energy also does not necessarily have to be an incantation. It could be a specific movement of the hand, an energy type, or other such things. Only an extremely advanced user of magical energy can create and infuse original spells into objects. Apparently, the most powerful of magic-users prefer to write and create their own magic book using Keys different from the standard of their magic community.

Creating spells can be compared to programming in the computer world. For this reason, two of the same spell can be completely different from one another if the 'programming' is different. The two spells would perform the same function, but one could be more 'efficient' and less 'energy-consuming' than the other. Like in computer programming, there are also different languages that can be used to create spells. These are usually due to difference in geography and culture."


Current time...

"I'll bet Derek found a book that belonged to some super powerful magician and now he's taking advantage of it," Fallout said. "All the mana I sensed was coming from his backpack and not him. That book's eventually going to run out of mana, but there's no telling how much it originally contained and how fast it can recharge."

"Should we not seek the others for help, then?" Monica asked.

"No... not now, anyway," Fallout replied. "I... I have to do this myself."

"I did not follow to watch, you know," Monica scowled.

"I know... sorry... but could you leave Derek to me?" Fallout asked.



"Where did Hal and Click go?" Gary asked as he looked around for the two missing players.

"I think they went to raid the coach's porn stash or something," One of the Wide Receivers answered. "Practice is almost over and the try-outs haven't even started yet. Just let them go."

"Screw them, then. It's their loss," Gary grinned as he turned his attention on the completely naked English Teacher kneeling in the middle of the field.

"Damn... when's Derek getting back?" Alec asked with a sigh. "Maybe we can convince him not to share the teacher... and let us have Sandra."

"You need more patience," Eric replied. "By the time Derek's through with this school, we'll have all the pussy we want."

"That's it, I'm joining in," Maverick grumbled as he started taking his pants off. "I don't care how many other guys there are as long as the chick is hot... and the chick I see is hot."

The increasingly exhausted English teacher was straddling one of the football players reverse-cowgirl style. Each of her hands was stroking a different cock and every time one of them blew its load all over her, it was replaced by a different cock. Her mouth was just as busy if not even busier for the cocks in her mouth blew at least three times as fast as the ones in her hands. Her breasts weren't lacking in attention either for when they weren't groped, nibbled on, or slapped around, they were getting coated with thick globs of semen.

"Having fun, guys?" Derek smirked as he suddenly appeared in front of the ongoing gang-rape. As hot as a naked Ms. Quartz was, all eyes could not resist going directly towards the guy who just teleported. All eyes then followed the leather leash in Derek's right hand and fell upon a defeated-looking Sandra... who was naked. Derek pulled on the leash, forcing the collared girl in front of him, and kicked her in the back. "Say it! Now!"

"I'm a stupid little bitch slut who can't get enough of cocks and will do anything for one. If I can't get a cock, I suck on used jockstraps and play with myself," Sandra said as though she meant it. Of course, in her mind the true Sandra wanted to kill herself right then and there. She couldn't believe the words that were coming out of her mouth and there was nothing she could do about it! Her hands went down to her pussy and she pulled back the lips so that her pink womanhood was exposed for all to see. "Can you see how wet and horny I am? Please use me and fuck me any way you want. I need a cock in me right now."

"You heard the horny slut," Gary sneered as he approached Sandra with predatory eyes. The quarterback grabbed the violet-eyed girl by the hair and dragged her over to the crowd of whooping players. She was thrown onto the ground next to Ms. Quartz, who was not going to get a break just because another naked girl was on the scene. It didn't take long before Sandra found herself just as used and abused as her English teacher.


"Darn it! Where'd they go?" Fallout grumbled as soon as he and Monica reached the English room. The lights were still on and Ms. Quartz's clothes were strewn about all over the floor. The smell of semen and sex filled the air along with the scraps of what was left of the literature in the cabinet. With such a scene before them, it was safe to assume to worse.

"Perhaps they went to another room," Monica suggested.

"Or maybe... ah... wait... yeah, that could be it," Fallout had the same feeling he was getting ever since that night when Sera caught him peeping on her having "fun" with Linda. He wasn't entirely ready to base all of his decision on this new feeling, but it was all he had to go on.


Please let this nightmare end... please let it end... Sandra thought to herself over and over again as she endured having cock after cock shoved down her throat. She wanted to gag and retch in disgust at the stench of the sweaty meat sticks, but the spell she was under forbade her body to go against Derek's command. She was unable to fall unconscious and unable to fight back despite all her attempts at taking back control of her body. Her fingers dug deeply into the well tended football field as she felt one of the larger cocks force its way into her dry unlubricated anal tract. No... not there! Not there! Oh God no! Please stop it!

"Woah! This bitch is tight back here!" The player that was fucking Sandra's ass announced as he started fucking the enchanted girl in the ass. Everyone who was waiting their turn laughed and cheered their teammate on. Sandra was mortified, but not to mortified to ignore the burning pain in her asshole. She tried to block out the pain and the sound of the other boys laughing and cheering. She remembered once hearing that the best way to take it up the ass was to simply relax as much as she could and accept the intrusion as best she could. With that in mind, she focused on that task as an attempt to distract herself from her forced sodomy.

The dark blue dyed haired girl felt what seemed like the hundredth cock that night being thrust into her mouth. As instructed by Derek and demonstrated by Heather, Sandra wrapped her lips tightly around the cock and ran her wet and slimy tongue all over it. Unable to move her head, she had to do her best with just her lips and tongue. The player getting his cock sucked grabbed the dyed haired girl by the head and started face fucking her. This caused Sandra to become more aroused as she felt the penis move back and forth along her tongue and the roof of her mouth. She simply couldn't help but let out a soft little moan of pleasure. Once she did, she prayed to whatever deity would listen that no one heard her and it seemed as though that at least that was answered.

The guy fucking Sandra in the ass shot his load deep into her bowels before pulling out and letting the next guy have a shot at her. It wasn't as bad this time around due to the cum and blood inside of her ass acting as a sort of lubricant. The poor girl was pretty sure that the walls of her ass were torn to shreds from the first fucking and couldn't imagine what it would be like once the rest of the football team was done with her, even if the team was smaller due to being what was left over from last year. She simply sobbed to herself in her heart, for she was forbidden to even shed a tear throughout the entire ordeal.

Panting and gasping for breath, Sandra's adrenaline level continued rising as she attempted to keep up with the demands of her rapists. Her breasts were fondled roughly by multiple hands belonging to those who were beginning to grow impatient. Fingers that found her nipples squeezed with sadistic glee and tongues that found them had just as merciless teeth accompanying them. Her left hand was taken from her and made to fondle a pair of balls, leaving only her right hand to support her body. Two guys had the bright idea of lifting Sandra by the knees so that whoever was fucking her ass could go deeper. This kept going until at least twelve guys had shot their load deep inside the defeated girl's ass.

With cum dripping out of her ass, Sandra's knees were released and her left arm was returned to her. After what seemed like forever, the last cock to enter her mouth was pulled out... only to shoot piss into her face. The others immediately followed suit and aimed their cocks at various parts of the girl's body. One by one, streams of piss soaked Sandra from head to toe, bringing her deeper into degradation and humiliation. Sandra could do nothing except do as she was ordered to do, which was to stay put with her mouth wide open and her tongue hanging out like a dog.

Ms. Quartz was dragged by the arms and dropped right in front of Sandra. Not only was she, like her student, covered in cum, sweat, and piss, but her ass was oozing out even more spurts of semen than Sandra's! Sandra could only stare in horror as her teacher was made to lie down on her belly with her ass sticking straight out into the dyed haired girl's face. Derek appeared right behind Sandra before he pushed the back of her head with his foot until her face was a mere inches away from Ms. Quartz's ass.

"Lick her ass, you disgusting little piece of shit," Derek growled as a devilish grinned spread itself across his face. Despite knowing that Sandra could not refuse any of his commands, he gave her a kick to the side of her body. He immediately rained down more and more kicks to her body and it didn't look like he was holding back at all. "Lick her ass like the dirty sewer mouth bitch you are!"

Derek gave one final bone-breaking kick before he settled down and backed away. The others simply looked on in silence for they weren't sure what to do in this sort of situation. Alec, Maverick, and Eric looked on with their jaws hanging for they had just seen a side to their friend that they had never seen before. Amazingly and as a testament to Derek's newfound powers, Sandra staggered onto her hands and feet and crawled back over to Ms. Quartz's awaiting ass. Rasping heavily with what could possibly be broken ribs, she strained her tongue out as far as it could go and licked the cum-filled ass.

"That's right! Do as your master tells you to do!" Derek laughed manically. "What would everyone say if they saw you now? You're nothing but a slimy piece of tr-"

Out of nowhere, Fallout slammed his right fist directly into Derek's face and sent him flying into the ground several feet away. Before anyone else could react, he was on the false magic-user and pounding away at his face. His left hand clutched tightly around the collar of Derek's shirt as his right fist repeatedly punched over and over again. Blood stained the field and the audience continued to remain silent.

Transportare... Derek thought to himself desperately with what remained of his conscious mind. He warped away from the onslaught of merciless punches and reappeared behind the crowd of football players. Unable to find the strength to stand, he fell on his ass. Facing his friends and the football team, he made the incantation in his head. Massa Prosternere! Now keep that crazy bastard away from me!

The book hidden in his backpack glowed a deep green colour, then reached out with tendrils made of green light. The tendrils reached deep into the football players along with Alec, Maverick, and Eric. The tendrils that reached out to Monica and Fallout were blocked by the invisible aura surrounding their bodies. The others weren't so lucky as to have the ability to see the tendrils or have a means to block them. Instead of prostrating themselves as the spell usually made its victims do, they immediately complied to the first command given to them. They turned their sights on Fallout and quickly moved to block him from reaching the injured Derek.

Complere Sarc, Derek enchanted as he felt the mana surround his head this time. This time he was using a healing spell to recover from the punches to his face. Unfortunately for him, by the time he was done, half the football team was demolished.

The berserker saw the possessed players coming at him. Luckily for him, they had all pretty much taken off most of their protective gear including helmets and cups. He slammed the heel of his right foot into the face of the first opponent to reach him, then pulled that same foot back into the ground behind him. With a beaten body in their way, the others slowed down and hesitated to keep from tripping. Using this opportunity, Fallout jumped off the fallen body and delivered a mid-air roundhouse into the faces of three players.

"A-Alec! Get over here!" Derek ordered as he pulled out his spell book. He ruffled through the pages until he found the one he wanted to use. As soon as Alec was near, he recited the words, "Rocca Spiritus!"

As Derek chose that moment to run away, Alec found himself surrounded by dirt and rocks as though they were burying him alive. His entire body including his head became encased with solid rock as they dug deep into his flesh. The rocky exterior connected with the holes in the surface of his skin and fed mana directly into his body system. The link between the rocky armour and the soul within Alec's body was made just as quickly as he was buried. Once the spell had ended, the young man named Alec had become a stone golem.

"....." Alec stared at his new hands with disturbed eyes. He now stood eighteen feet tall and his fists were as large as wrecking balls. Despite the heavy exterior, he didn't feel as though his body had slowed down at all. In fact, he was able to move his new body just as well as he could his old one, which was actually still inside the rocky armour. Noticing that Fallout was right in front of him, he drew back his fist and threw it towards him.

Reacting to the punch, Fallout dashing backwards. The stone fist heavily smashed into the ground in front of him, creating a large hole in the middle of the football field. Fallout quickly dashed forth and darted between the golem's legs. Alec immediately turned around and sent a powerful left kick towards the berserker's unprotected back. However, Monica immediately intercepted the kick by redirecting it with her own.

Had Monica not interfered, the kick would had easily broken the majority of the bones in Fallout's body. Luckily for him, Monica was there to kick upwards against the heel of the stone golem so that the powerful kick went over her and Fallout's heads. Monica immediately followed up by surrounding her right fist with aura and sending it into the side of the Alec's supporting leg, causing it to shatter upon impact. As a result, Alec fell onto his hands and knees as a huge chunk of his right leg crumbled into several hundred fragments.

The sword-less demon slayer followed up her attack by jumping high up into the air and delivering a devastating heel drop into the back of the golem's head. She spun herself off Alec's head and faced the rocky giant with a cut clear message in her eyes: "You will not go after my friend."


"Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Why weren't they affected by my spell at all!" Derek growled to himself as he teleported all the way to the secret hiding place underneath the bridge behind the football field. He clutched the spell book tightly against his body as he gasped for breath from the strong beats of his uncalm heart. "Do they know magic too? Is that how?"

"Not really, no," Fallout's voice replied from above. A splashing sound accompanied the voice after the owner of the voice jumped down from the wooden bridge. Fallout stood there in the shallow creek with a disturbed look on his face. His eyes were narrowed into thin slits and his fists clenched tightly. "What I use is a little different."

"Prosternere!" Derek shouted as the green light stretched out from the book in order to reach its target. This one was faster and a more flexible than to the tendrils of the version with multiple targets.

This spell forces spe******ed mana into its victim's body through the microscopic holes on the surface of the skin, Fallout thought himself as he allowed the light to surround him from head to toe. He could immediately feel the energy trying to seep into his body in order to control him from the inside. As though on reflex, he forced his own spiritual energy out through the same holes the mana was trying to get into. Therefore, if I just forced my own energy out, then the mana can't get inside.

"Damn it! Fine! I'll just kill you," Derek growled as he chose his next incantation. "Flamma Serpere!"

Once those words were out, a wave of flames immediately surrounded the book-user. The flames danced through the air and gradually took the shape of a serpent. Fallout was unable to reach the book-user due to the flames blocking his way and simply decided to hang back and wait. He counted himself lucky to have a water-like aura, but he wasn't sure how well it was going to do as protection against the flames. The wooden bridge only made things worse for once it was lit on fire, it was liable to fall apart on the two of them.

The flaming serpent lashed out at Fallout with its teeth bared in a bestial manner. Fallout immediately moved away from the creature before it could reach any part of his body. He concentrated heavily on "tuning" his aura so that it matched the water he was standing in so that he was better protected. Unfortunately, the flame serpent easily caught up with him and wrap itself tightly around the youngster with a vice-like grip. The amount of power behind the flaming serpent was much greater than the simple blue aura that was seeping out of Fallout's body. He knew that it was only a matter of time before the flames completely toasted him into a pile of ash.

Fallout knew he needed more than just the power of his spiritual energy if he was to defeated Derek and his flaming serpent. With this in mind, he diverted his attention to the cells in his left arm. He concentrated on the energy pathways and the power output of every individual cell that made up the left arm. He felt it becoming increasingly stronger until he was confident it could even tear through steel. Bio-Tech: Dragon's claw.

With an empowered left arm, Fallout broke free from the flaming serpent's grip. Harming the serpent seemed like an impossibility considering what it was made out of, but it appeared as though the bio-enhanced teen left claw marks along the right side of its face. Screeching in pain and anger, the serpent thrashed about near the bottom of the bridge before attacking the youngster's open back. The serpent's target, on the other hand, made it within striking distance of Derek's spell book. He reached back with his left hand and got ready to tear the book to shreds.

Crack! Bang! Boom!

The bridge chose that moment to completely fall apart and collapse on top of all of them. The smoke and stench of the burning wood filled the air, clouding both vision and smell. Fallout immediately dashed back before a flaming wooden beam could crush him. Both Derek and Fallout were disoriented and confused throughout the chaos, though they probably should had expected something like this to happen with the flaming serpent involved. Although Derek, by default, was protected by the serpent's flames, he was not protected by the falling debris. As a desperate attempt to protect himself, he turned the palm of his hand towards the sky and said, "Vallum!"

Fallout looked up at the collapsing bridge and braced himself when it fell upon him. He jumped up to meet the falling bridge and punched a hole through it with his left fist. He grabbed edge of the hole with his right hand and planted both feet next to the hand before rebounding himself out of the chaos. Now that he was on top of the bridge, he only had to hang tight until the bridge finished collapsing. Once that was done, he found himself standing upon the remains of the wooden bridge. Standing opposite him was Derek, who had successfully protected himself from the falling debris with his wall of red light. The flaming serpent was still with him.

Fallout focused his attention on the flaming serpent and thought of ways to defeat it. Finally, he settled on using a mana-based attack with the water from the creek. He focused on the mana in the water and slowly breathed it into his body. He was surprised by the amount of mana available to him and realized that he should had used this attack sooner. The water he gathered slowly surrounded his body until he was completely protected by the flames of Derek's serpent. The water gradually took shape until it was a giant serpent similar to the flaming one, except it was made out of water. Mana-tech: Water Dragon.

The water dragon extinguished what was left of the fire as it rushed headlong into battle with the flaming serpent. The two of them sank their teeth into each other's neck and thrashed about in order to gain dominance over the other. Logically speaking, the water dragon had the home field advantage and therefore should had been able to dispatch the fire serpent. Unfortunately, the water dragon lost out to the fire serpent and evaporated into thin air.

"Hah! Your weak little dragon didn't stand a chance against my serpent!" Derek declared victoriously.

"How much mana did you use up keeping that serpent alive so far?" Fallout suddenly asked.

"What the hell are you talking about?" Derek asked angrily. "What the hell's mana?"

"I see..." Fallout sighed as his eyes fell upon the black book in Derek's arms. Unlike just a few minutes ago, it was no longer emitting a healthy green aura. "You can't even see that your book is already dead."

"What are you..." Derek faltered as soon as he noticed that his flaming serpent was fading out of view. With wide open eyes, he desperately tried to pull it back into existence. "Flamma Serpere! Flamma Serpere! Damn it! Don't die on me!"

Unfortunately, the flames of the serpent died out and it vanished into thin air. All that was left of the creature was the black smog rising up into the night sky. While Derek was distracted by the loss of his magic-using abilities, Fallout drew back his right fist and concentrated on his spiritual energy. Reaching deep into his soul, he pulled out as much energy as he could and gathered it into his right fist. By the time he was done, he had a blue baseball-sized energy sphere enveloping his right fist. Without wasting anymore time, he punched the energy sphere directly at Derek's black book. Soul-tech: Surge Fist! (Hadouken!).

As soon as the blue energy sphere hit the black book, the book erupted with a flash of green flames. All the green light that was within the victims of the Prosternere spell flew through the air and fed the green fire of the black book. Derek attempted to drop the book, but it was as though his hands were glued to it. He screamed out in pain as the green fire enveloped his entire body and burned him from the inside out. He fell upon the fragments of the burnt bridge as the fire continued to consume his body. Then, as though it was never really there, the green fire vanished.

"....." Fallout warily approached Derek's body and surveyed the damage. The black book was gone; it had probably disappeared along with the green fire. Surprisingly, Derek was unharmed by the fire, but simply passed out from the pain. Fallout stood over the unconscious former magic-user and remained there for a few seconds longer. Then he made his decision.


"Woah... what happened here?" Hal asked as he looked at his teammates in awe.

"I believe they have passed out," Click replied as he scratched his head with a puzzled look on his face. His eyes went to the empty beer bottles that littered the field. "Look. Maybe they found the coach's secret refrigerator."

"Aw, c'mon! They drank the beer without us?" Hal complained. He took a closer look at the other players, then decided, "On second thought... it's a good thing we weren't here when they drank the beer, cause I really don't wanna know what they did."

"Ugh... what happened?" Alec groaned as he sat up. "Why does my head hurt and where'd my pants go?"

One by one, the other football players along with Maverick and Eric woke up just as confused as Alec. Apparently, they didn't remember what had happened after Hal and Click decided to raid the coach's porno stash. They were also scared and confused as to why their pants were off and their cocks hanging out.

"Ack... my head hurts... no... wait... my ass hurts more," Derek groaned as he slowly came out of consciousness. He froze as soon as he realized where he was and that the football team was half-naked. He looked down and realized that he was also half-naked... and that there was semen coming out of his ass! Screaming in horror, he ran from the football field while attempting to pull his pants up at the same time. "What the hell? What just happened?"

"Oh... my... God... we didn't..." Alec's eyes were wide and filled with shock. He started asking the others about what happened, but none of them remembered anything that happened in the past three hours.

"This... does not... leave... the group... understand?" Gary growled to everyone else.

Everyone understood.


"It appears that they do not remember anything," Monica noted as she watched the football panicking from behind the trees next to the creek.

"That's good to know," Fallout replied as he knelt next to Ms. Quartz and Sandra's bodies. Both of them were sound asleep for they had endured quite a bit before finally passing out from the black book's destruction. Fallout hoped that there was a chance that just like the others, these two wouldn't remember a thing as well.

"So what do we do about these two?" Monica asked as she knelt down next to Fallout.

"Well... we might be able to figure out where Ms. Quartz lives by checking her briefcase," Fallout replied as he grabbed hold of Sandra's naked body. The girl was still covered with piss, sweat, and semen, so the young man took her down to the creek. "You should probably take Ms. Quartz home. I'll try and find Sandra's house on my own... and I think I have to find Heather while I'm at it."

"Can you handle that by yourself?" Monica blinked. "I mean... first of all, how will you find out where she lives?"

"I'll... figure it," Fallout replied as he crossed the creek to reach the other side. He looked around and muttered, "Let's see... that way."

*He's using Sera's gift*, Monica noticed as she picked up Ms. Quartz and placed her over her shoulder. *Speaking of gifts... even if it was Alec, I don't remember being strong enough to take on a golem empty-handed like that. Was it because of Sera's training?*

08-30-2007, 01:40 AM
Great Deathnote...thanks for the addition

08-30-2007, 06:02 AM
Thanks for the new chapter :)

09-03-2007, 03:14 AM
The first Friday of the school year...

Sera stood before the group who were about to undergo the training that took place in the strange world that was in her backyard. Hanging from the strings in her outstretched hand were gemstones shaped like finger-sized hexagonal prisms with pointy ends. She passed them around by throwing them directly at them.

"What're these for?" Rock asked as he caught his gemstone. He stared at the red ruby gemstone he was given, then looked to see what everyone else got.

"These precious little things called tuning stones," Sera replied with a grin on her face. She paused for a second, then in an unconcerned voice said, "I'm sorry Spike. Did I throw too hard?"

Everyone else sweat dropped.

"Ow..." Spike moaned as he sat up after getting hit in the forehead by the blue sapphire prism that was now in his hand. Once he stood back up, he looked at his gemstone before noticing that Monica had the same one. Even though a small stream of smoke was coming from his forehead, he replied to Sera, "I'm fine. It just slipped, that's all."

"....." Tim had a yellow topaz gemstone, which he decided to wear around his neck.

"These tuning stones glow any time they're within their respective elements," Sera explained as she produced a third blue tuning stone to demonstrate. She threw the gemstone into the pool and as soon as it was submerged, it started glowing as brightly as a glowstick. Before it was out of reach, she knelt down and pulled it out of the water. As soon as she did, the gemstone stopped glowing. "It reacted to the mana of the pool's water, you see. The heavier the mana concentration, the brighter it'll glow. Of course, these gemstones don't just react to mana."

To demonstrate what she meant, she placed the blue gemstone around her neck and held it up for everyone to see. Once she had everyone's attention, which took a while to get from a certain half-dog, she released enough blue ki from her hand for normal people to see and for the gemstone to become enveloped in it. Almost instantly, the gemstone glowed so bright that everyone except Sera had to look away at once. A couple seconds later, both Sera's hand and the gemstone stopped glowing.

"It didn't glow that bright when it was in the water," Rock remarked as soon as it was safe to look again.

"Shiny! Do it again!" Trent exclaimed excitedly as he moved about rapidly to examine Sera's gemstone from all possible angles.

"It'd take years before any of you could reach this level," Sera smirked as she took off the gemstone and threw it over the cliff. Trent immediately went after it by diving off the cliff and disappeared from view.

"Uh... is he going to be alright?" Spike asked as he watched his hyperactive friend dive off the cliff.

"The aura produced by your ki is as unique as your DNA, but you can tune it so that its properties matches something else, like water," Sera continued her explanation. "The best way to do that is by being in an environment where you're surrounded by the right kind of mana. That's why we're here. There are a select few locations that are perfect for this kind of training. You'll be staying at those locations for ten hours per day for the next three days in groups of two. I've already decided on the pairs."

"Oh hell no!" Rock sharply replied as he held up his red gemstone. "Unless red means tomato patches, I ain't spending three days in some scorching hot desert!"

"Well then, you're in luck," Sera replied with a Cheshire grin. "You won't be spending three days in some scorching hot desert."

Lava pit, everyone besides Rock thought at the same time.

At that moment, Trent, in his golden retriever form, jumped back onto the cliff and ran over to Sera with the blue gemstone (the one Sera threw away earlier) dangling from his mouth. Sera knelt down, took back the gemstone, and praised Trent for being a "good boy" by scratching his belly. After a long while, everyone was getting impatient with the two of them, especially Rock.

"If you're going to be doing that all day, could you at least send us on our way or something?" Rock asked angrily.

"Why of course. I'll send you on your way as soon as I tell you where you're headed," Sera grinned in response. "I'll be paired with Trent and we'll be doing our training somewhere close to here, so we won't have to teleport. Moto-chan and Berserker-kun will go to the beach for water training. Kera, I'm going to have to ask that you go with Tim to the wasteland. Last, but not least... Rock and-"

Title: WTF High's School Defense Force - Lesson X
Class: 4D
Room: 104
Time to find out what happened after the grand battle on the bridge! Blargh... it was barely even a battle... ("~_~)

The crisp morning sun of the Autumn season shone through the clear glass window and into the bedroom within. The sunlight revealed the titles of the books that were securely placed on the bookshelves that took up one side of the room. A bulletin board filled with pictures of family vacations, school field trips, and summer camp took up the opposite side of the room. Right under the pictures with the top end against the board was a black L-series "Headless" Steinberger bass.

"Mmmph..." Sandra moaned and rustled about from under the sheets as soon as the sunlight hit her eyes. She pulled the sheets over her head to block out the sun and sleep for a while longer, since the alarm didn't even go off. She didn't even need to wait for the alarm for she became alarmed when she realized that something was wrong. Snapping her eyes open, she quickly sat up and pulled back the covers. Her eyes immediately went wide in horror when she realized that she was not only naked and covered with the smell of sweat, urine, and semen, but...

"Mmmph..." Heather moaned in her sleep as soon as the sunlight hit her eyes. Those same eyes snapped open when she realized she was in the wrong bed.


"Huh... why didn't I notice this sooner," Fallout muttered as he examined what was left of his scorched backpack. The bottom of the backpack broke causing all of his books, pencils, erasers, markers, binders, notebooks, crumpled up newsletters, ruler, hole-puncher, post-its, moldy sandwiches, goldfish, loose change, and gum to spill out onto the floor. He gave out a heavy sigh, then went in search of something temporary before asking his parents for a new backpack. After finding nothing in his closet, he went upstairs to the attic to see if there was anything there.

What he found in his attic was a backpack made out of what appeared to be material from an old black and white carpet. In other words, it was a carpet bag shaped just like a backpack that used a hood instead of a zipper and the straps were actually chains. It was mostly black with what appeared to be a Yin-Yang symbol on the hood and around the symbol were the characters for fire, water, earth, wood, and metal in white. Seeing nothing else available, Fallout picked up the bag and left the attic.

Hmm... I wonder if it was a good idea to leave Heather with Sandra, Fallout thought to himself as he made his way back to his room. I'd had left Heather at her place if I didn't hear that message she left her parents. Oh well... I'm sure there's no problem at all. I hope this backpack doesn't have fleas or anything like that.


"Okay... breathe..." Sandra instructed to both herself and her unexpected guest. She took three deep breaths all the while saying, "Breathe in... breathe out... inhale... exhale... now tell me why the fuck you're in my room."

"I don't know! All I remember is going home after cheerleading practice!" Heather cried as she covered up her body with the bed sheets as best she could. "I don't remember anything that happened after that!"

"That's after school, right?" Sandra asked. "I don't remember anything that happened after school, either."

"You don't think... we... did... stuff...?" Heather faltered as she stared into Sandra's eyes in horror. Her trembling hands gripped the bed sheets in aguish and she looked just about ready to cry. "Wh-what... what have... we... are... we..."

"D-don't worry... I... I don't think we d-did anything," Sandra stammered for she was also worried about that possibility. When she realized that the other girl was close to breaking down than she was, she knew what she had to do.

"Y-you... you really... think so?" Heather asked with a glint of hope in her eyes. Unfortunately, her hopeful expression faltered and her eyes went downcast again. "W-we're b-both n-naked and sh-sharing a bed, though."

"If we did, it'll be a secret between the two of us," Sandra replied with a nervous grin. With an obviously fake chuckle, she added, "Unlike a guy, I wouldn't go blabbing about this, saying I scored and shit... or in this case, pissed."

"O-of course," Heather managed to giggle in response. Whether she actually thought the joke was funny or thought it was so lame it was funny, she started cheering up.

"We should get this... stuff... off of us and get to school right away. Go ahead and use the shower first. My parents are almost never home, so we're probably safe in terms of keeping this a secret," Sandra chuckled as she leapt off the bed and started putting on any dirty clothes she could find. "I'll make sure the coast is clear, just in case, then see if I can find something for you to wear."

Heather nodded her head in agreement as she watched Sandra leave the room to make sure the house was still empty. She still felt uneasy about the whole thing, but found herself heading for the bathroom to take a shower anyway. She figured she might as well go along with Sandra's advice, clean herself up, and get ready for school. She also thought about what she should tell her parents once she got home.

Holy crap, my ass hurts, Sandra thought to herself right after she left her room. She wasn't an idiot... she knew something more happened during the time she couldn't remember. The dried semen she was covered in was proof enough.


Monica stood completely naked in the bathroom with a roll of elastic bandages in her right hand. She stared at it for a long while, then sighed, *I didn't wanna wear these fer school, but...

After hesitating a while longer, she unrolled the bandages and started using them to bind her breasts to her body. She was used to binding her breasts when she was training under the Double-Sword Demon-Slayer. It proved to be effective as a form of support and the speed of her movements slightly improved as a result. However, when she started school, she decided to try and be like everyone else since she was expecting a peaceful school year. Now that she knew it wasn't going to be a peaceful school year, she knew she had to be prepared.

With that in mind, she wrapped the bandages tightly around her chest area until her breasts appeared a few sizes smaller than they actually were. Once that was done, her eyes went down to her lower body. After a moment of more hesitation, she went to work on covering up her crotch with the bandages by making tight, yet flexible panties out of them. Once that was done, she got dressed, left the bathroom, and got ready for school in that order.


The continuous spattering of the shower's water rang like a mantra through Heather's mind. She stood under the water for a long while, mulling over her unexpected predicament. She saw the date on the digital alarm clock and realized that she had lost two days worth of memories instead of one. The young cheerleader was so absorbed with her thoughts that she didn't notice the bathroom door opening.

"Oh, you're not done yet?" Sandra asked as she entered the bathroom. She closed the door behind her and dropped a change of clothes on top of the hamper. "Turns out my parents aren't home right now, so we're safe... for now anyway. I got you some clothes that might fit you and breakfast is on the table. Let me know when you're done. I can't go to school smelling like this, after all."

Heather peeked out from behind the shower curtain and noticed that Sandra was keeping her eyes on the clothes. She wondered how the violet-eyed girl could stay calm about all this. Then she remembered that the other girl wasn't acting very calm when they woke up next to each other. When Sandra turned to leave, Heather suggested, "Um... if you... don't mind, it'd be faster if we just showered together... because it's faster... and wastes less water."

Sandra kept quiet for what seemed like an eternity. Heather started mentally beating herself once she realized what she was suggesting. It didn't seem like a big deal to her at first because she always showered with other girls after cheerleading practice. Without a word, Sandra stepped out of the bathroom and closed the door behind her. Once she did, she leaned back against the door with her hands on the doorknob.

S-shower together? A-after what happened? Is she for real? Sandra thought to herself with an anguished expression on her face. She began to walk away, but only took a couple steps before she stopped and looked back. Her sharp violet eyes stared at the bathroom door for a couple of seconds, then she walked back in again. After locking the door, she smiled and said, "I just checked the time and I guess we really do have to shower together if we don't wanna be late."


In apartment room 5011 of a fifty storey building, Tim was preparing eggs, bacon, toast, and sausages for breakfast. The morning sun shone through the sliding glass doors that led out to the concrete balcony. The sound of sizzling grease and of the fan above the stove filled the peaceful air.

"Mmm..." Eria roused from her sleep once the smell of freshly cooked bacon reached her nose. She slowly opened her eyes as the sun flooded them with light. While still lying in bed with the sheets up to her chin, she turned her head towards her master and noticed that he was making breakfast. "Master Tim? Why didn't you wake me? I could've made breakfast if you wanted."

"It's fine. Didn't want to wake you," Tim replied as he placed two sausages, a sunny side up fried egg, and four pieces of bacon on each of three plates he had out. He placed two of them on the coffee table, then walked over to Eria with the third plate in his hand. Reaching out with his free hand, the former assassin pulled back the covers revealing that Rebecca was tied-up and sleeping between Eria's legs.

Eria's wrists were tied together and pressed against the small of her back with each hand pressed close to or against the opposite elbow. All she wore was a white short-sleeved blouse with the buttons undone and nothing underneath, which meant her ringed breasts were exposed to the morning light. Her knees were bent and her ankles were shackled to Rebecca's with chains. Rebecca had to sleep face down with her ankles tied to her thighs and her arms tied behind her back in the same manner as Eria's arms. A ring gag was used to attach the mahogany-haired girl's mouth to the clips that decorated Eria's pussy. As a result, a lot of drool collected there.

The first thing Tim did was remove the clips from Eria's pussy, causing the light brown haired girl to squirm a little in pain. After that, he placed the plate of food that was in his hand under Rebecca's nose. He lightly shook Rebecca awake before removing the ring gag from her mouth so that she could eat. He didn't bother untying either girl and he had no intention to until breakfast was over. He took the two sausages on Rebecca's plate and stuffed them two thirds of the way into Eria's wet pussy and dry ass. Two pieces of bacon were placed on the inner thigh of each leg while the sunny side up egg was placed directly above the clitoris.

"Ah..." Eria moaned in pleasure as she felt the girl between her legs go after the pieces of bacon on her inner thighs. Her vaginal and anal walls gripped the warm sausages as her own juices mixed in with the grease. Her first orgasm that morning sent her into override mode when the yolk from the egg spilt onto her exposed clit. As that went on, Tim fetched another plate and started feeding the frenzied slave girl with a fork.

Eria probably had at least three orgasms before Rebecca was finally finished with her breakfast. Understandably, Eria still had quite a bit to go before she was finished hers. Setting Eria's plate down, Tim untied Rebecca's arms and legs before ordering her to clean up her mess. As Rebecca obediently licked up the grease and girl juice from Eria's pussy, Tim continued feeding Eria the rest of her breakfast.

Once Eria was done eating her breakfast, Tim released the two slave girls' ankles and undid Eria's arm bindings. Once both of them were released, he said, "Go shower together."

"Yes, Master," Eria and Rebecca bowed their heads at the same time, then went into the bathroom to shower together. Once Tim heard the water running, he went over to his own plate and ate his breakfast. His sharp ears picked up the sounds of giggling coming from behind the bathroom door, but decided to ignore it and let them have their fun.


Meanwhile, Sandra and Heather were back-to-back under the constant stream of the warm shower they were awkwardly trying to enjoy. Both of them snuck curious glances at each other's body when they thought the other wasn't looking. However, they caught each other looking at the other's body at the same time and immediately looked away with embarrassed looks on their faces. When their backs accidentally touched, the two girls froze up at the same time.

"Um... I'm done, so..." Heather began as she turned her head to face Sandra's. When the other girl didn't respond, she added, "I need to get out."

"Huh?" Sandra snapped back to attention when she realized that she was the one standing in front of the curtains. She immediately turned around to move out of the way. "S-sure! I'll just..."

Heather maneuvered her way around Sandra to get to the curtains and leave the shower. As both girls tried to get out of each other's way, their nipples brushed lightly against each other causing a chill of pleasure up their spines and against their ashamed faces. As a result, Heather rushed out of there as fast as she could while Sandra accidentally drove her right thigh into the other girl's crotch. The chestnut haired girl quickly stumbled out of the shower and left the bathroom in a hurry.

"Um..." Sandra sweat dropped when she noticed that the change of clothes she prepared for Heather was still on top of the hamper. That meant that Heather was out in the hallway right now, naked and dripping wet. The violet eyed girl visibly relaxed when the chestnut haired girl came back inside the bathroom.


"This is Super Monkey Fist Radio on 99.95 FM! Looks like we've got sunny skies today in-"

"Ugh..." Rock roused awake to the morning radio weather forecast being played on his clock radio. He grabbed the radio without even getting up and threw it out the window. A couple minutes after the sound of a screeching cat due to the flying radio, the youngster finally got up and got ready for school.

He looked around his room before throwing on a pair of sneakers and a jacket. After that, he was out the door and on his way to school.

Of course, as soon as he realized that he wasn't wearing any pants, he mugged the guy who was laughing at him and stole his jeans. Turns out those jeans were stolen from some other guy in the first place.


"Hector! Wake up!" Sandra knocked on the door to her younger brother's room before making her way over to her younger sister's. "Dice! Wake up!"

"I thought you said no one was home," Heather said with wide open eyes.

"I said that my parents weren't home," Sandra explained. "I wasn't worried about those two. A bomb could go off and they wouldn't even notice. Jesus, they're still sleeping. Wake up or I'm gonna slash you with cold water!"

When neither Hector or Dice responded, Sandra sighed and headed off towards the bathroom to fetch a bucket of cold water. Unsure what to do, Heather decided to follow along and see what happened next.


"I'm awake!" Trent shouted as he suddenly sat up in his desk. He blinked, then looked around the classroom to see that it was empty. His eyes turned towards the window and he noticed that the sun was rising. It was then he realized that he had been sleeping at his desk for the past eighteen or so hours. Scratching his head, he got up from his desk and headed for the washroom.


"Ack... my head hurts from all this jumping around," Fallout groaned as he made his way to school. "Attention! Do not read any further if you are either too young, not allowed to view this kind of content in your region/area/whatever, offended by this kind of material, or related to the author by blood! In other words: Read at your own risk!"

"Little late there," Monica remarked.

"I know..." Fallout groaned again.

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Very nice. Thanks for this part

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"Attention! Do not read any further if you are either too young, not allowed to view this kind of content in your region/area/whatever, offended by this kind of material, or related to the author by blood!" Trent announced as he read off a piece of paper. "In other words: Read at your own risk!"

"Does anyone ever listen?" Eria asked.

"Who knows? I wouldn't," Trent replied as he crammed the piece of paper into his mouth and swallowed it. "Mmm... minty!"


The clear blue skies and the gentle breeze of the wind watched over the town below. The clouds above rolled along with flocks of chirping birds and themselves as their only company. With the setting sun halfway into the horizon, the shadows were long and stretched out into monstrous shapes. The blue skies slowly turned orange as though they were dyed with hot-blooded fire. This created the right kind of atmosphere needed for the training taking place atop the fifty story apartment building.

Four shots rang out.

Tim stood atop the roof of his apartment building with sunglasses on and a Glock gun in each hand. Both of them were pointed at the eight wooden poles that were around 100 feet away. All eight wooden poles were wearing the standard Dragon Skin body armours (it'd probably be the standard in the future... right?) and they were positioned so that four were in front and four directly behind them. Directly above the body armours where the necks would be were the bullet holes made by Tim's two guns. The bullet holes in the four front wooden poles reached all the way to the other side and in line with the holes in the rear wooden poles. The holes in the rear wooden poles were only an inch deep.

Four more shots rang out.

This time, the young assassin decided to survey the damage done to the wooden poles and examine them closely. He checked the bullet holes in the front wooden poles first. Each of the front wooden poles only had the single hole that stretched from one side to the other. Taking out an extra unused bullet, he placed the bullet into one of the holes and found that it was a perfect fit. He got the same result with the other three poles.

When he checked the rear poles, he found that they also only had a single hole each. However, this time they weren't only an inch deep. This time they stretched out from one side to the other. Using the same unused bullet as before, Tim checked to see if it fit perfectly into all the holes in the rear wooden poles, front and back.

They all passed.

"Master? Dinner's ready," Eria called out as she poked her head over the rooftop. One of the benefits of living on the highest level of a rundown apartment building was the easy access to the rooftop. All Eria needed was the rickety old wooden ladder that was already out on the balcony and the courage to use it. Ever since Eria started living with him, Tim considered getting an actual metal staircase with railings installed. However, Eria assured him that she was just fine with using the ladder and installing a staircase would be too much trouble.

"I'll be done soon," Tim replied as he made his way back to the spot he fired his shots from. As he made his way back, he thought about the training he received over the weekend when he was in Sera's "backyard". With the images of the training clear in his mind, he concentrated on surrounding himself with as much chi as possible. As soon as he reached his firing position 100 feet away from the wooden poles, the dark yellow chi around his hands had already enveloped his guns. He turned around and fired.

Another four shots rang through the air.

Title: WTF High's School Defense Force - Lesson XI
Class: 4D
Room: 104
What do you get if you cross a lollipop with a pussy?

"I'm sorry! I'm really sorry! Please stop!" Metal Mask pleaded as she cried out in pain. She was wearing her metallic mask as usual and her long brown hair with pink bangs was tied back into a ponytail. A piece of red string with two bells encircled each long side-burn as they swayed from side to side. Instead of her usual sunglasses, she wore a black blindfold around her head as commanded by her new master, Liowyuhgu the orange demon.

"You were the one who summoned us to catch a blonde wench, a slayer bitch, and a berserker bastard," The orange demon growled bitterly as he clenched the cat o' nine tails in his right hand. His eyes were narrowed and concentrated, though it didn't appear as though he was completely focused on the bound girl before him. "You never told us what kind of people you were sending us after. It's bad enough that you never mentioned anything about that Kenjutsu brat being the Double Sword Demon Slayer's disciple, but you left out the fact that "some guy" was actually a berserker! Then there's that gunslinger, that invincible summoner, and that... other blonde freak you oh-so conveniently forgot to mention. What's more... that blonde bitch you wanted back alive turned out to be that deadly pair's eldest daughter. Now Mianngu and Koougu are dead because of you! You really expect me to stop after sending us on such a suicide mission?"

After the initial attack on certain students of Windroy Twelve Forrest Secondary School, Metal Mask did her best to hide from her demons. She received word around two days after the attack that the blue and red demons were killed, but the orange one was still alive. With two less demons to worry about, the masked woman got sloppy and that led to her capture four days later. Now she was at the mercy of the very demon whose comrades were led to death by her request.

"I-I... I didn't mean to! Honest!" Metal Mask continued to beg for mercy as she hung there upside down from the ceiling. Her ankles were shackled together and attached by a single chain to several eye bolts that were planted into the ceiling. Her voluptuous breasts were bound from the top and bottom by even more chains. Her hands were stretched out until they were almost touching the floor below her head with the wrists cuffed tightly together. The cuffs applied to her wrists were put on so tight that there was blood trickling painfully down her throbbing purple hands.

The back of the masked girl's body was covered with angry red welts from the demon's whipping earlier. The buttocks in particular suffered the most damage from the cat o' nine tails. There were also serious bruises all over her body, indicating that more than just the whipping occurred. The orange demon wanted revenge so badly that he lashed out with his tails at first, but after several beatings he decided he wanted to keep the girl alive for future torments. Once he made up his mind about letting the girl live as his new slave, he settled on finishing her punishment with a good old fashioned whipping.

"Had enough?" Liowyuhgu growled as soon as he stopped whipping the masked girl. Dropping the cat o' nine tails, he stepped back and made a signal with his left hand. As soon as he made the signal, Lana and Jenna stepped forth into view with instruments of torture in their hands. The orange demon chuckled, "That's your cue, my pets."

"Yes master," Both Jenna and Lana said at the same time. Jenna carried a lit red candle in her right hand and a cup of salt in her left hand. She wore a black French maid's outfit that was sleeveless and the hem of the skirt reached only past her pussy. She also wore four inch heels with locks on them so that she was unable to take them off herself. The locks on the heels were also attached to each other by a thin strand of wire, which effectively acted as a hobble. Due to the short skirt of the uniform, it was also quite obvious that she had no panties on at the moment. The orange demon couldn't help but give the brown haired girl a rough pat on the ass.

On the other hand, Lana wore a red leather collar around her neck along with a matching red under bust corset around her waist. Both of her nipples were ringed and attached to her collar by chains, causing them to remain erected at all times. She also wore a black ring gag around her head, preventing her from speaking and closing her mouth at the same time. A single silver chain was attached to the underside of the stud in her tongue and ran all the way down to the clitoris hidden behind the chastity belt she was forced to wear. She held in her right hand a plastic bag full of wooden clothespins.

"Wh-what do you think you're doing with those?!" Metal Mask exclaimed with a frightened look on her face. She wriggled about in her bonds, but gave up as soon as she knew it was futile. Her hands were so numb at this point that she couldn't even feel them anymore. The welts on her back stung like hell and her breasts were getting chaffed by the chains binding them together. However, she knew such pain was only the beginning of the long and arduous punishment her demonic master had in store for her.

Lana was careful to keep her head down at all times to keep from pulling on the chain attached to her clitoris. Since she was forced to wear the chastity belt, she had been denied any orgasms and was tempted numerous times to pull on the chain to reach it on her own. However, she was once caught by Liowyuhgu right before she reached one and was punished severely as a result. Since then, she became afraid to disobey the orange demon and followed any and all orders she was given. With the memory of the punishment in mind, Lana knelt down in front of the bound masked woman and attached the first wooden clothespin to the left nipple.

"Ah..." Metal Mask struggled in pain as she felt the clothespins on her nipples. Behind the blindfold, her eyes were squeezing tightly in an effort to overcome the burning sensation on her breasts. Tears started pouring out of those eyes as soon as the salt hit the welts on her back and buttocks. Jenna slid the bottom of the lit candle into the masked woman's pussy and positioned it so that the wax dripped onto the thin layer of skin between the pussy and the anus. With one hand free, she was able to proceed with sprinkling salt all over her former captor's whip wounds.

As Jenna sprinkled the salt, Lana decorated the bound girl's breasts with 10 clothespins; five on each breast. Realizing that there were only ten more clothespins left to use, she got to her feet and turned her attention on the vulnerable cunt lips before her. Jenna stopped sprinkling the salt once she realized that her fellow prisoner was done with the breasts. Setting the cup of salt down, she pulled out the candle out of Metal Mask's pussy and started dripping wax all over the bound girl's back. Lana attached three clothespins to each of the masked woman's cunt lip and one to each buttock. She held the next one as wide as she could before attaching it to the layer of flesh between the pussy and the anus. The final one was attached directly to the exposed clit.

Metal Mask gave out a bloodcurdling scream once the last two clothespins were clipped in place. She was very close to passing out once she felt that last clothespin on her sensitive little love nub. All of her muscles tightened up so much in response to the pain that she barely noticed the burning wax dripping all over her back. She was ready and willing to do anything to get the clothespins off her pussy, but she knew that there was no way that was going to happen anytime soon. She learnt soon after her capture that Liowyuhgu was a cruel bastard when it came to torturing his prey.

"P-Ple-Please... l-let... let... me..." The masked woman continued sobbing through her metallic mask. She stopped struggling with her bindings and simply hung there upside down with a pool of her own blood directly underneath her purpled hands. She didn't even try to resist when she felt a stream of hot piss hit her face.

With the plastic bag now empty, Lana had only one task left before she was allowed to sit and watch the rest of her former captor's punishment. She carefully straddled her legs so that her pussy was directly over the masked woman's face. Once she was in position, she let loose a stream of piss through the grillwork of her chastity belt and all over the masked woman's face. Unfortunately for Metal Mask, the mask did not block out all the piss for most of it slipped through along the chin and pooled all over her mouth. Since Lana's piss did not leave through the other side, it filled up the mask and stayed there until the bound girl was forced to swallow it all up. Once she was done, Jenna slipped the candle back into the masked woman's pussy and took her turn pissing all over the bound girl's face.

"Excellent work, girls," Liowyuhgu grinned maliciously as soon as his new sex slaves returned to his sides. He cupped each girl's chin in an affectionate yet authoritative manner and stared evilly into their beautifully glazed eyes. "Both of you will be rewarded tonight. Lana, my pet... I'll allow you an orgasm tonight."

"Thank you, master!" Lana exclaimed at once with excitement in her glazed eyes. She had waited so long for this and now it was finally here!

"Thank you, master!" Jenna tried to emulate Lana's excitement, but unlike her fellow prisoner she was not denied any orgasms since her capture.

"Now sit back and watch as I teach this bitch a lesson about messing with demons," Liowyuhgu smirked as he approached the bound masked woman yet again. In each of his hands he held a long and sturdy cane made especially for spanking naughty little girls like the one hung helplessly before him.

Metal Mask whimpered before the first two strikes struck their marks.


"Back in the day, the Glock had a pretty popular reputation as the plastic pistol that could get pass metal detectors and other security screening devices. So... I bought them."

"Is that why you use them, Shihfu?"

Shihfu carefully took aim at the inanimate target before him.

"That's right. I totally bought that myth when I heard it."


Bang! Head shot at 25 feet.

"There's no such thing as a gun invisible to metal detectors. Even if there was such a gun, the bullets inside are still detectable. That's what I learnt as soon as I bought them."

"But... yours are undetectable. I've seen you go through metal detectors with them without any problems."

Bang! Neck shot at 50 feet.

"The ones I have are different. These aren't normal Glocks. They're X0-series Glocks. After the Glock 45 was made, a new line of undetectable pistols branched out and became the X0-series. The ones the police and military use are from the regular Glock-series. The ones I use are from the undetectable X0-series that you can't legally get anywhere."

"Then the ones you first bought were..."

Bang! Bang! Right through the eyes at 100 feet.

"Antique Glock 39s that came out more than a decade ago in 2005. Here, it's your turn. You'll notice this one's a bit more powerful than the ones you're used to."


Bang! Klang!



"Looks like that gun is too strong for you. First time I've seen a gun fly out of a guy's hand like that."


"Pick it up and try again."

"Yes, Shihfu."

"This time, use this chain and tie it to your hand."

"Yes, Shihfu."

"There're a hundred cartridges in this box here. Keep trying till you run out, understand?"



Tim's eyes slowly cracked open to the view of the white ceiling above him. He lay in bed with the sheets up to his armpits and his hands by his side. For some reason, he didn't feel like getting up today.

As he lay there, he remembered the time when he first fired an X0-series Glock and how it flew out of his hand as soon as he pulled the trigger. The sheer force behind the recoil stung his hand badly and caused him to flinch in pain, resulting in a miss. The young former assassin also remembered how his Shihfu had him fire the gun over and over again until he got it right. In the end, all one hundred cartridges were used up and only a few lucky shots managed to hit the target in non-lethal areas like the ears, shoulders, and thighs. Although the chain kept him the gun from flying out of his hands again, the recoils did enough damage to his right hand to make it bleed a river of blood.

It only took a couple of seconds for Tim to realize that he wasn't in his apartment anymore. Once his brain caught up, he turned his head to the side and immediately realized that he was in the hospital. When he tried to get up, he was quick to notice that both of his hands were wrapped in bandages!

Tim urgently sat up, causing the clean white sheets covering him to fall to his waist. Breathing heavily, he examined his bandaged hands with the same sharp and calm look in his eyes. When he felt his fingers move slightly through the bandages, his breathing slowed down to a normal rate. He wouldn't be able to write let alone shoot a gun for a while, but the injuries didn't appear as serious as he first thought.

The guns exploded.

Tim remembered.

That's why he was here.

The guns exploded and knocked him out.

"Mmm..." A familiar voice moaned. Tim looked down to see that the voice belonged to Eria, who was resting her head atop the bed. The little slave girl was fast asleep despite the afternoon sun bathing her long light brown hair with crisp autumn light. Her sweet child-like face breathed peacefully as she snuggled up to the warmth of her master's bed sheets. The normally cold and distant young man couldn't help but brush back the older girl's hair in an affectionate manner and give her a serene smile.

Unlike for other people, Tim didn't need to use his sharp piercing eyes to know how worried Eria must have been. The poor girl was probably scared to death and stayed by her master's side all this time. The two of them had known each other for a little over three months, but it felt like they had known each other all their life. Leaning back against the white bars that made up the headboard, Tim placed his hand on Eria's head and enjoyed the peace and tranquillity.


Knock! Knock!


Bam!!! Bam!!!

"I said I'm coming!" Derek shouted as he continued channel-surfing with no real intention of getting up and answering the door. When the door-banging did not stop, he reluctantly got up and answered the door.

"Package for a Mr. Derek? Uh... this address here is right, right?" The postman scratched his head as he held out a very thick envelope out to the youngster. The man was acting strangely, as though something might jump out of nowhere or something. His hat was lowered to the point where his eyes were hidden in darkness, but it was evident that there was fear in them.

"Eh?" Derek accepted the envelope and was surprised at its weight. He was even more surprised when he saw who it was from. "It's from my dad! Eh? Kenya? I thought he and mom were in Egypt. Huh..."

"Okay, gotta go! See ya!" The postman suddenly exclaimed hastily as he ran off as fast as he could.

"Whoa! Hey! Wait! Don't you need me to sign anything?" Derek shouted after the postman, but it didn't look as though the postman heard him. Shrugging his shoulders, he opened up the envelope and a golden brown book fell out onto his awaiting hand. Puzzled as to why his dad would send him a book, he opened it up and was even more puzzled to see that it was completely blank! Well... completely blank save for the very last page, which read:

"Hey champ! Found your magic yet?


"So... this is where the source of that last spike in energy level readings took place, huh?" A younger teenager who couldn't be over fourteen remarked as he stood next to the creek where the burnt bridge laid in shambles. The intrigued young man had short blonde hair and swampy green eyes. Tucked under his arm was a laptop with what appeared to be five differently coloured gems embedded into the back of the screen. "Well... second last spike, anyway."

"Hey, !X says he found a lead to that surge of energy you picked up last night," The voice of a girl around seventeen called out to the younger teen. She had short curly brown hair with string-like sideburns and soft brown eyes. "You wanna check it out? It's not that far from here."

"Where's it at?"


"I'm already here," X!, AKA Click announced as he stood in front of a hospital. His left eye appeared glazed for a second, and then it turned completely around revealing that it was a mechanical eye! The left eye now looked completely mechanical with a glowing red pupil in the middle. With this, he was able to see into the hospital and find his target. "I'm going in."

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