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When I arrived home after working the swing shift at 11:30 pm, I was surprised to find the house lights on and my girlfriend, Rose, chatting in my living room with her friend, Brenda. Rose had the key to my home but I wasn’t expecting to see her tonight. She’d earlier told me she and Brenda were going to watch a male strippers revue at a local club and then have some drinks afterward. But instead of bar hopping, here they both were fresh from the male stripper show.

Let me tell you about this pair of wild women, Rose and Brenda. Rose, my girlfriend, was a curvy redhead of 24. Brenda, her pal, was a buxom 20 year old blonde. They worked in an insurance office together and had been friends for years. Partying and bar hopping was Brenda’s main occupation on weekends and Rose frequently joined her. They gossiped together about all kinds of topics during their lunch hour at work. Like many women, Rose and Brenda often shared all kinds of secrets with each other and I had no doubt that Rose shared with Brenda many details of our lively sex life.

When I entered the living room and took a seat on the couch I found they were engrossed in looking through a glossy photo calendar featuring the nude male dancers from the local nightclub. Rose maintained a running commentary on the physical attributes of the men on each page. Rose could be raunchy when she wanted to be and tonight she was not holding back. As they progressed through the photos Brenda giggled and also commented on the appearance of each guy on the page. She could be as nasty as Rose when she wanted.

A half empty bottle of Captain Morgan’s rum on the coffee table along with some cans of Coca Cola told me they’d been busy drinking before I arrived home. Besides, the room smelled like booze. That explained why they were acting so giggly and tipsy with the calendar in front of them.

After a few minutes of gaping at the calendar Rose suddenly changed the subject and suggested we go for a soak in my hot tub. Brenda blushed a bit and modestly expressed some token “doubt” about the idea because she didn’t have her swimsuit with her. It was a sham, though. As if a small detail like nudity was going to stop nasty Brenda. Rose wasn’t listening, though. Instead, she was already busy stripping off her sweater and unbuttoning her skirt. Brenda soon joined her in undressing.

In a moment both of them were cavorting around in the nude in my living room amidst a pile of female clothing tossed on the floor. Giggling and smirking, they were having a jolly romp in the buff in front of me. This was getting interesting but I maintained a cool demeanor. I casually poured myself a dash of the rum and watched as they finished piling their clothes on the couch.

I slammed down the rum and began pulling off my shirt and shoes. As the fire of the booze entered my belly I unbuttoned my pants and pulled my briefs down. While I was busy I could see Brenda sneaking some peeks at my unit. No one said as much but we all knew it was the first time we’d seen each other in the nude. I made sure to give her a good view when I stood upright.

Naked as jaybirds we gathered around the refrigerator in the kitchen and grabbed a couple of beers before heading out to the patio behind the house. Rose and Brenda were wobbling a bit from the booze. We’d turned the porch lights off to keep the darkness complete so the neighbors couldn’t see anything. At the hot tub, we climbed into the hot water and started the motor. We sat there in the darkness for some time, chatting, sipping the beers and looking at the stars.

The conversation about the male dancers gradually resumed and then it got hotter and hotter as Rose and Brenda discussed the physical attributes of the male models in the calendar. Soon they were joking about which one of the dancers had the best looking body. I didn’t have much to say during this conversation but I knew it wouldn’t be long before they included me in the discussion. They were certainly getting more and more enthusiastic about the topic of male anatomy, particularly which of them had the largest penis.

Sure enough, they eventually got around to asking me what it was like having getting a penis. Brenda, giggling from too much booze, wanted to know how it felt to have a body appendage hanging between my legs. Did I ever sit on it by mistake? What did I do if I got a boner in public? Grinning, I replied to her question by saying it could be inconvenient if I got a boner at the wrong times but otherwise it wasn’t an issue. I told her I tried to hide it by being discrete when it happened but sometimes I had no choice but to endure the embarrassment from the stares of other people.

Now that the subject was an open topic for discussion, they piled more questions on me. Brenda couldn’t get off the topic of boners. She peppered me with queries about erections and ejaculation: How long could I go between ejaculations? How far could I ejaculate? Could I delay it if I wanted to? How much could I cum? Grinning and leering, the booze was causing Brenda to have no modesty regarding the personal nature of the questions she asked. I didn’t care. I thought the discussion was very hot.

Undaunted, I fired some personal questions back at her. Did she swallow? Could she deep throat? Brenda laughed and answered every one of my nasty questions in the affirmative.

I looked at Rose for confirmation and she was nodding yes at every one of Brenda’s responses. This was getting more and more interesting.

I jokingly suggested to Brenda I’d show her how much I could cum if she’d show me how much she could swallow. I phrased the suggestion as a joke but it was also a test to see if Brenda would take the bait. I wasn’t sure what their reaction would be. Rose was nominally my girlfriend but they were both so far gone with booze anything could happen.

Brenda grinned and said that it sounded like a fair deal. There was a brief pause as we all sat there looking at each other. Then Rose spoke up and suggested I let it get hard so Brenda could make up her mind whether she wanted to try it. Brenda wasted no time in agreeing. At first I thought they were still joking but after a few moments I realized they were serious about Brenda swallowing. They were both looking at me at me curiously and so I responded to the challenge by saying OK. All I knew was that now I was extremely horny and eagerly looking forward to letting Brenda go down on me.

We quickly climbed out of the hot tub and toweled ourselves dry before returning to the living room in the nude. When we sat down on the couch I was already starting to get hard. Brenda could barely disguise her frequent glances at my cock.

We all paused there for a moment, waiting and looking at each other. It was awkwardly quiet and neither of them giggled or said a word because we were all unsure about what was going to happen next. All the while my cock became completely stiff in front of them. All I knew was that I was utterly stoked to be showing off my boner to Brenda. They both peered with keen fascination as it started throbbing due to my total excitement.

Brenda scooted to the edge of the couch near me and then bent down over my lap. I could feel her hair tickling the head of my boner. By this time I was so hard the veins in my cock were sticking out and the head was flared out very wide. I was really, really turned on. My heart was pounding as I saw Brenda’s head lowering and then I felt her lips clamp around the head of my cock.

She reached out and grabbed my shaft while going to work with her mouth. I felt her tongue and palm working in unison to heighten my pleasure. Her free hand soon began gently kneading my sack and I could feel the heat and tension building slowly in my groin. Brenda was very good at felatio.

I leaned back on the couch and thrust my groin forward and enjoyed the sensation of Brenda inhaling my shaft into her throat. I could hear her slurping and sucking without pause. Rose was sitting so close beside me her boobs were jiggling my arm. My heart pounding in my chest and the roaring sensation in my head was almost more than I could endure.

Brenda continued kneading and sucking, faster and faster. Over the new few minutes I could feel the pressure gradually rising in my groin as I got more excited. Brenda sensed this and began encouraging me to cum by bobbing her head up and down on my shaft. When my body began to tense up, Rose exclaimed “He’s going to release!” Soon the sensation was too much and I began to explode streamers of hot cum straight into Brenda’s mouth. The next few moments were pure ecstasy as I closed my eyes and squirted half a dozen large pulses of semen. Gripping the sides of Brenda’s head, I groaned in pleasure.

True to her word, Brenda swallowed. Through the rush of pleasure and excitement I could feel her gulping down every pulse I shot. Her throat and jaw were working madly but she didn’t miss a drop. Finally the throbbing slowed and I opened my eyes. We were all panting heavily and I felt totally drained as I surveyed the results of one of the largest ejaculations of my life. Brenda’s lips were coated with my jizz as she raised her head and grinned at me. Her mouth was full as well and she smacked her lips at me while giggling. A rogue streamer of spunk drooped down her chin as she stuck out her cum coated tongue at me.

I felt her hands squeeze my shaft, forcing out another spurt. We all watched as she leaned down and licked it with her tongue. This caused yet another spurt to erupt and Brenda cleaned it as well. At last I’d been pumped dry.

Rose was chuckling and telling me “I told you so!” I still couldn’t believe Rose had just allowed Brenda to suck me off but it had happened. Alcohol and lust are a powerful combination.

Brenda had a dreamy look in her eyes as she scrubbed the inside of her mouth with her tongue. She flicked the drop from her chin with her finger and then breathlessly asked me “Do you always cum like that?”

I shrugged and nodded.

“Impressive” she replied.

We sat there for a while catching our breath. To my disappointment, Brenda soon began re-assembling her clothing and redressed. No threesome tonight. It wasn’t long before she departed for home, leaving Rose and I alone and in the mood for more.

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