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01-18-2007, 08:00 AM
I have always liked it when all of us have played together, You, M, and I. So all 3 of us would meet for the first couple of hours of playing. He is not that kinky, but I think he really likes getting together and shooting off a big load of his cum deep inside of you…knowing that I like to lick on a nice cum filled pussy and the cum that I am licking from your sweet pussy is full of both his/mine and yours. You would have to tell him that he couldn’t beat off or anything for at least a week before meeting at the hotel…It would be the same for me. We would end up both of our cocks buried in your pussy pumping load after hot load of cum into it…mixing it with your own sweet nectar. Mike seeing that you were safe in my hands would take off around 3 or so to head home. I would give you a couple of hot kisses and pull out the table and have you lay across it on a pillow with your feet on the outsides of the table legs. That would give me a nice open shot at licking and sucking on your freshly fucked and open pussy. I would tell you to use your pussy muscles to push some cum up and out of it,,,onto your pussy lips and keep licking and sucking on you until you beg me to stick my cock in you again. But I wouldn’t stop, I would start licking and sucking on your sweet asshole also. Slowly working a finger and then two inside of your ass, while having two or three fingers deep inside your open and wet pussy. Every now and then I would stop to lick your juices off of my fingers and start probing your opening asshole with my tonque also. You really want my cock buried deep inside of you again,,,but I take you and have you stand up, givings you deep kisses, while I have my fingers exploring deep inside your pussy. I take some rope, and knowing that you are afraid of being tied up, I take the rope, and pass it around under your arms leaving your arms free, but cross it back and forth around your breasts like a bra, but bind your breasts, wrapping the rope around the bases, until they are sticking st8 out ahead and tied up tight…I then take a pair of vibrating nipple clamps and put them on your nipples and cut them on, I have you lay back on the bed, propped up by pillows, so you can watch me start licking and sucking on your pussy again. I get up, and let you suck on my cock for just a bit, You know that I want to cum deep inside your pussy again and even though I love you sucking on my cock, you know where I want it to end up at. I go back down at start licking on you again, you know that I want to drink from you from times past, and when I ask you to, you start pushing out, and trying to let me drink from you. Like last time, you are able to let a bit go, for me to savor but with your upbringing and all,,,you still hold back,,,you want to please me with yourself, but it is hard for you to do. I get you up and lay you back on the table again, face up, pick up your legs, and start pumping my rock hard cock deep into your pussy. You beg me to fuck you harder and harder and we both explode into another orgasim together. We lay back and cuddle for awhile, and start kissing and caressing again. You tell me that you would like to play with me for awhile. I pull out a couple of toys, and you start first fingering my asshole with some lube and work up to 3 fingers…while licking and sucking on my cock. You take my 10” manhandler dildo with a handle for you to hold and use, and start working it into my bottom…amazed that you are using such a toy on me,,,watching it go into and out of my ass,,,you holding the handle and driving it in and out of my ass. You stop every now and then, making me moan, and I start working myself up and down on it. It turns you on, to know what you are doing to me, really turns me on,,,and just makes me hornier for more. You realize that now it has been quite awhile since you have been to the bathroom, and with an impish smile you tell me that you really have to go now. I get up and lay on the floor, with the dildo still buried up in my ass…you straddle my face, and put your sweet pussy down on my mouth…I start licking, but you tell me to just be still so you can concertrate. You start letting loose with just at first a dribble and then a push,,,as you open up, you start to relax and your sweet nectar starts to come out in a gush…I am in heaven and drinking away…You push your pussy down onto my mouth, telling me not to miss a drop…when you are done, I lick you and you ride my tonque until I send you into another orgasim. I help you put on the strapon and you ride me with it, until I come again,,,the 8 ½” one the first time.
We chill out and get something to eat…and start playing again. You using the 12” strap-on on me, me introducing you to an enema…you riding up and down on my cock,,,me holding your asscheeks together while 2 quarts of water slowly go up into your backside…but we end up curling up with each other, sleeping together overnight…maybe waking up for a nice slow love making session early in the morning…if you can stay Sunday night,,,who knows what we could get into

01-18-2007, 10:53 AM
One suggestion for next time, Eric. Paragraphs. Paragraphing your submissions would make them so much easier to read. That said, I enjoyed the story ;)

01-18-2007, 11:05 AM
A good read. Paragraphs help but it wasn't that hard to read. Thanks for the hard-on.

01-18-2007, 01:39 PM
Paragraphs would be my only suggestion...the story it's self is good. That would just make it easier to read.

01-18-2007, 11:46 PM
Thanks for another good story eric....I wont say more...hahahaha the others already did.

01-25-2007, 12:29 AM
Very nice Eric, thank you