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Whilst Jesminder is based on a real woman, we've never been lovers, and Jesminder is not her real name. This story, therefore was born out of a fantasy, and written at the urgings of a good friend. I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out, however. So, enjoy!

================================================== =====

I always knew Jesi had a dirty side. Now, mind you, at nineteen, and being from a home with very strict and traditional Indian patents, she didn’t know it, or at least didn’t admit to it. Hell, you should have seen the trouble we had convincing them to let her out with an older white Australian in the first place, but that would probably be a story in itself. Speaking of stories, I should get on with this one.

My Jesminder is a beautiful woman, standing around 5 foot 2, with black hair down to her shoulders. Her skin is a deep, rich brown and velvety soft, an absolute joy under my hands (or any other part of me), and it covers a delicious set of curves. From her firm c-cup breasts to her shapely legs to the adorable little curve of her stomach, she’s every inch of what I would look for in a woman. Her best features, though, are her eyes. Deep brown, wide and full of passion and joy. If she looks me in the eyes…well, I’d do anything for her. As for myself, I’m tall, about 6’2”, broad built, curly dark hair, bit of a beard. Nothing remarkable, and besides, I’m not the focus of this story. At least this part.

As I said, I knew she had a wild side buried under the expectations of what it was to be a ‘good’ Indian woman, and whilst we’d been having sex and enjoying it for a long time, I thought I could probably make it better for both of us if I just unlocked that part of her. This would need a cunning plan. A plan so cunning (warning: lame pun ahead),only a cunning linguist could execute it. Fortunately that is, if I do say so myself, my specialty. I knew from long experience that I could reduce my darling Jesi to a quivering, screaming (she has this funny habit of shouting in Hindi when she’s orgasming. It’s absolutely adorable, trust me.) mess with a bit of work. The question was how long I could keep her on edge, and what I could get her to admit to whilst she was there. Even if it didn’t work, this was going to be fun.

So, one warm Autumn evening I took her out to dinner. We talked over the meal, sharing a bottle of red wine, and becoming steadily more flirtatious as the evening progressed. By the time we left, her stockinged feet had progressed from stroking my ankles to teasing my groin, bringing me to an erection that lasted from the start of dessert and all the way home. We left the restaurant with my arm around her waist and her head nuzzling against my chest. As soon as we got home to my flat we wrapped ourselves around each other, our mouths together, our hands urgently exploring, groans of too-long repressed lust filling the room around us. I lifted her, already falling out of her pale blue dress, her lips warm against my neck, her divine nipple hard in my mouth as I fed ravenously on her irresistible round, brown breasts. As we more or less crashed through the door to my bedroom, I lay her down on the bed under me as she pulled my shirt off, caressing my back as we kissed, electrified with our shared passion.

We stopped briefly, gasping for air, me propped up over her on one hand, whilst the other tenderly stroked her hair and face, looking into her eyes. I’ve already mentioned what effect they have on me, but when we’re amorous like this, they positively burn with the heat in them. Sometimes, during long nights, all she has to do to get me back up is look at me like that, and I’m a new man, like some of the desire in her eyes has leapt into me. The moment stretched on, as she whispered ‘make love to me’.
“Not yet”, I responded, a wicked gleam in my eyes as I begin to kiss her, working down from her lips, across her chin, lingering on her neck, which I know is exquisitely sensitive. As my lips brushed ever so lightly across her skin, she began to whimper.

When I reached her breasts I began to work her dress slowly and gently down along her body to her hips, taking plenty of time to caress her with my hands as I did it, whilst my mouth and tongue tarried across her chest. Teasing, but never quite touching her nipples, until I took my farewell with a gentle nip, causing her to jump slightly. I looked up at her face, her lips parted, eyes closed, head thrown back, black hair spread upon the pillow, the light from the half-moon in the window shining off it. I don’t think I’ll ever find a more beautiful girl, not that I feel inclined to look. I continued my journey down her body, across the smooth, plump curve of her stomach and down further. Her panties are still on, with a noticeable wet spot growing across them. (She has a tendency to become very, very wet, which turns me on more than I can describe.) I slip my fingers under the waistband of her panties, and I slowly slide them down her, the smooth skin of her legs tantalising my fingers. Her breathing is very heavy, and she moans ‘eat me, my love, make me cum in your mouth.’

As I’m down by her feet, I take the left one in my hands, and begin to massage it gently, soft kisses on the delicate arch of her instep. ‘Not until we talk about a few things, darling Jesi.’
‘Like what?’ she pants.
I tease my way agonisingly slowly up her leg with my mouth and my hands, ‘I want to know every dirty little thought you have, every erotic fantasy that’s crept into your head. I want to see the wild girl under my angel.’
She moans as I progress up her calf. I see her hands moving towards her pussy, and I push them away as I kiss the side of her knee.
‘I can’t’ she moans, loudly, ‘I can’t. It’s too embarrassing..’
‘You can’t? Well, I guess you can’t orgasm, either. That’s too bad, I know how being teased drives you crazy’ as I inch my way ever closer to her pussy, by now drenched with arousal, her clit engorged and her body heaving.
She groans, long and loud, making me glad of the thick walls of my flat. ‘No…no, I can’t, please’ she moans again, as I’m less than an inch away from her lips, my left hand teasing towards her anus, which she loves to have stimulated during oral. ‘Please, baby, let me cum.’

I brush my tongue ever so gently across her clit. Then look up into her eyes, smile and say ‘no.’ her head slams back down to the pillow, her breasts heaving as she groans in agonised frustration when I brush her astoundingly engorged clitty with my tongue again. ‘Tell me, tell me everything and I’ll make everything come true, show you everything you ever wanted, everything you ever dreamed, my sweet, sweet Jesi.’
She sighs and groans, and I know she’s given up. I pull back, waiting for her to start talking, but keeping up a steady amount of stimulation.
‘I want you to take control of me, lover. I want you to control me completely.’ She speaks, barely more than a whisper, but I reward it by beginning to penetrate both her entrances with a single finger sliding slowly into each.
‘That’s good, baby, that’s good, tell me more, tell me everything you need.’
‘Oh, fuck’ She moans ‘give me more!’
‘Tell me more first!’ She groans, a harsh guttural sound that’s half pleasure and half horrible frustration, my cock leaping as another barrier is broken in her.
‘Tie me up! Tie me up, rough me up! Put a collar on me and lead me around!’ As I begin to thrust two fingers into her burning, dripping sex, smelling her in the air and the saturated bedsheet, she cries out, and I know she’s right on the knife-edge, teetering on the brink of her passionate completion.
‘Make me yours! I want to belong to you, heart and soul. I want to be yours! I want to do anything for you!’

That’s enough for me to work with, more than enough. I decide not to torment her any longer I enter her with three fingers, brushing them back and forth over her g-spot as I take her clit into my mouth. Two fingers slide in and out of her ass, and she begins to scream. I can’t tell if it’s her usual Hindi, or simple incoherent screaming as she begins to bounce and shake, her hips bucking right up off the bed as I concentrate all my energy on her, doing every trick imaginable to bring her off as big as possible, a reward for her suffering and her compliance, and as a taste of things to come. She screams my name, over and over, filling my mouth with her sweet juice as she comes, unbelievable passion coming from her beautiful body.

A few minutes later we lie there, the smell of sex heavy in the air, spooned together, her still panting and trembling, my cock still ragingly hard, poking at her sex, but waiting for her to recover. She turns to me. ‘I’m glad you made me tell you. I wanted to, I just never…’
‘It’s alright, we know now, and I promise, you’ll try everything you always wanted. After all, the next weekend is the long weekend, and we’ll have nothing but time to play…’
She moans softly at the thought. ‘I love you’, she whispers.
‘I love you too, Jesi’ I murmur as I kiss the back of her neck. And the rest of that night was given over to lust, and love, in anticipation of what was to come.

01-19-2007, 07:11 AM
Good story. Keep writing and give us more.

01-19-2007, 07:49 AM
Thanks Wyl...another great tale.....hope to see more....:)

01-29-2007, 12:15 AM
Excellent! Well done! I love the humor, you are indeed a 'cunning linguist'! lol

02-12-2007, 08:47 AM
Thanks for the kind words. I hope to have a pt.2 up soon

04-14-2007, 02:38 PM
Ok, so when I said 'soon' I really meant a shade over two months later. Oh well, I've been busy. Anyways, enjoy part two of the story, and hopefully the third and probably final chapter will come soon. Love to y'all!

================================================== ========

It was the Friday night before a long weekend. I had worked a little later than I was usually wont to, trying to finish up a few meaningless tasks before the little break I had planned with Jesi. We wouldn’t actually be going anywhere, we’d just…well, all will become clear, as that is the subject of this little tale. I was waiting at my desk, tapping out some meaningless sentences (I have an incredibly tedious job at a medical insurance company. It pays the bills whilst I work on my masters.) I was tingling because of the email that had arrived for me from my darling Jesi about two hours earlier, that had simply read ‘I accept’. To help you understand this, perhaps I should show you the email that I had sent her earlier. It was as follows.

“My dear, sweet Jesi,
I remember what you said when we were together two nights ago, and I want to give you the opportunity to indulge your fantasies, and I think this weekend is the perfect opportunity to try them. If you truly wish to do so, reply with an email saying so. If you join me in this, I expect you to be at my house when I arrive home around 7pm. You will have dinner cooked and ready, and be kneeling by the door, naked except for the collar, wrist and ankle cuffs that will be left for you by the door. At that time the rules and expectations of the weekend will be explained to you.

Love forever,

Now perhaps you understand the measure of my excitement. The short tram ride home to my flat was almost unbearable, with anticipation building up within me, making me tingle and grin uncontrollably. I took a second to compose myself before opening the door, wondering if she’d truly gone through with it. And to my deep pleasure, she had. As I said, to me there is no woman in the world more beautiful than my Jesi, and now, with her collar and cuffs on, naked, on her knees, eyes on the floor and face slightly flushed with embarrassment, I don’t think I’d ever seen her look more utterly desirable. I offered her my hand and helped her to my feet, admiring the grace of her every movement, pulling her into my arms. I took a moment to kiss her softly, feeling the warmth of her body pressed against me, holding her tight and murmuring ‘good girl’ in her ear. I led her into the living room, the smell of the curry she had made (being, as I said, a good Indian girl) filling my nose with a delicious, spicy scent.

I sat on the couch in the living room, and had her kneel in front of me. I looked into her beautiful, liquid brown eyes as I outlined the rules for the weekend. There was some negotiation of limits and whatnot. I won’t outline that all here, as it would take far too long and doubtless you want to move on to the good stuff. I don’t blame you. Suffice to say that over the course of the weekend, she was to obey all instructions, refer to me as Master Wyl or Sir, and had a safeword. With that, it was time to begin the weekend’s fun. But first things first, I was starving. I had her serve dinner, however, when she put hers at a spot on the table next to me, I stopped her.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I asked, sharply.
“I’m…having dinner, sir?” She replied. I gestured meaningfully to the floor beside my feet. “No. That is where you eat. Understood?” A look of irritation crossed over her face, but she caught my warning look and swiftly remembered herself. “Yes, Master Wyl.” We passed the meal in silence, save for making her go to the fridge to get me a drink on a couple of occasions. I enjoyed the meal thoroughly, as my Jesi’s cooking is splendid. When I had finished (she hadn’t, but hey, that’s part of the fun) I ordered her to clean and then go to my bedroom whilst I went to my storage cupboard and removed a few items I had borrowed from a friend who’s much more experienced in the BDSM world than me. I went to my bedroom, changed and began to set things up.

As Jesi entered my room, I let her look over the things that I had laid out whilst she washed up. A riding crop and a small flogger, some handcuffs, a spreader bar, a gag, a blindfold and a small collection of dildos, vibrators and butt plugs greeted her. I smiled slightly as I saw her eyes go wide and bade her kneel by the end of the bed. I walked around behind her and stroked her beautiful ebony hair for a moment, reassuring her. I walked over and sat in the armchair. “Stand” I commanded, and she stood. I put her through her paces, testing her obedience in a light way, making her twirl and bend over at the waist, then spread her pussy for me, play with her breasts then kneel again. I enjoyed the little show I made her put on for me for a little while, then decided to do something more significant with her.

“Bend over the bed, with one hand under you, backside facing me. Spread your lips with that hand and play with yourself.” My voice is calm and level, despite the trembling excitement inside me. She hesitates ever so slightly, and then complies, and I enjoy the view. The sight of her slowly spreading and stroking her lips, her pretty little backside up in the air, looking so utterly delicious in the moonlight through the window making me hard in a matter of moments. I watch a single bead of moisture form on her lips, slowly rolling down to their lowest point and dropping in a glistening drop to the floor as she moans softly. We stay like this for several long minutes, me watching intently, her growing steadily more aroused as I coo gentle praise over to my beautiful lover. I call her over to me, watching her hips sway as I sit back in my chair, a slight smile on my face as she kneels again before me, clearly engaging eagerly in her role. “Lie across my lap. My naughty little beauty needs her pretty ass spanked, I think.” I see her blanche a little at my words, but the glistening of her thighs gives the game away somewhat. She lies herself down across my lap, the warm weight of her on my thighs and the increasingly heavy rhythm of her breathing causing my arousal to grow.

I see my darling Jesi’s ass sticking up into the air, the firm rounded cheeks so inviting and delicious. Slowly, I stroke them with the fingers of my right hand, delving down into the wet lips of her sex occasionally, making her tingle and moan as the excitement in her builds. The warm flesh of her buttocks feels so good under my hand, smooth, dark skin so luscious. As I’ve said before, she’s the most beautiful woman the world has, in my eyes. With a swift movement I bring the palm of my right hand swatting down, raising a healthy slap, but not hitting all that hard, wanting to gauge her response. With no signal that she can’t handle the pain, the next one is harder. The palm of my hand crashes down on the sensitive skin where her cheeks meet her thighs. Between each spank, I stroke her ass, reducing some of the skin and brushing my fingers over her lips, the heavier and heavier breathing telling me that this is enjoyable for her. Each spank bringing a little grunting squeak, mixing pain and pleasure, letting her sink into it, enjoying the mix of sensations. 5. 5 more makes 10. 10 more makes 20…and that’s where I decide to stop, reasoning that it’s not a good idea for too much too soon. Besides…there are other things I want to do to that pretty backside of hers before the night is done, and all her wiggling on my lap is making me more and more hungry for it.

I bend down to stroke her silky black tresses and whisper in her ear. “Such a good girl you are for me, my darling Jesi…did you like that, baby, me spanking your gorgeous little ass?” I whisper.
“Yes, sir…yes, I did” she purrs back, barely audible to me. I take some time to stroke and soothe her, feeling her arousal like repressed lightning, just below the surface of the skin. “Good” I whisper to her, right against her ear, my warm breath filling it “Because I’m about to fuck it…” as she hears this, she goes tense, looking at me with a worried expression. She’s never had anything bigger than a finger in it, after all. I stroke her hair and kiss her softly, breathing in her scent. “My sweet, this weekend is about exploring your limits. You know I won’t let any harm come to you. You know this. So trust me, my darling Jesi.” She gulps, but answers
“Yes, sir” and I can see the desire conflicting with worry in her eyes. But her desire wins out. “Yes, sir” she repeats, nodding resolvedly.

I stand; using my powerful arms to lift her, her head snuggled against my chest and put her down on the bed. I turn her over onto her belly and order her up onto all fours. I take a tube of lubricant and spread it on the first two fingers of my right hand. These I know she can take. I spread some lube around the opening, slowly working them into my darling’s puckered ring. Once I’ve lubed her to a degree that seems reasonable, I stroke her hair and ask her if she’s ready. She murmurs her assent. With one hand resting on her hips, and the other slowly stroking the dripping lips of her pussy as I position the head of my cock at her asshole. Ever so gently I rock my hips forwards, using the hand on her pussy to keep her relaxed. Slowly I work the head in, leaving it there for her to get accustomed to it, then taking it out, working it a little further back in. Repeating this process over and over until I’ve worked half my length into her and her gasps of shock and pain have turned to pleasured moans. I can’t believe how tight she is, not even her virgin pussy was this tight, and the warmth of her is incredible. It takes a lot of self-control not to just start viciously taking her, but I restrain myself.

Thrusting slowly and deeply, stretching her slowly until finally, in an agony of slow, controlled pleasure, I bottom out. I stroke her hair and ask her if she’s alright. She nods. “It feels…it feels really good, sir.” I moan deeply as she playfully clenches on me, and get to work. I start to slowly thrust into her, pushing in and out, the tightness of her feeling like it might almost crush my cock, hand playing gently over her pussy. I feel her start to clench and writhe, her hips bucking, pussy dripping onto my hand, which I then lick clean and return to her pussy for more. Slowly we climb our private staircase into ecstasy, sensations rocketing through both our brains, passion burning through our bodies. Joined at the hips, our fucking becomes faster and faster, slowly growing harder, but the delicious friction of her tight, virgin ass is going to be too much. I use every ounce of my control to hold back. Then she screams out as orgasm hits her, the feel of her body under my hands and around my cock as the lightning under her skin is finally released, crackling through her like a thunderstorm. She screams and spasms, her ass and pussy clenching on me so forcefully around me. Her climactic spasms set me off, and I pump my own release into her ass, a bigger load than I think I have ever put into her, or anywhere else. The moment of our shared climax seems to last an eternity, but that’s still too short for my tastes, as eventually it ebbs away, leaving us spent for the moment and entwined on the bed. I kiss her gently, holding her head against my chest.

We came around later, talking softly about what was to come for the weekend…but that’s a story for another night.