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01-19-2007, 07:01 AM
A short lesbian D/s sequence I wrote for a friend, to her specifications. Not especially to my taste, but I thought it might get a few takers. Enjoy!

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It was late afternoon, and Sharon was working in the kitchen. A bell rang in the house, and she shuddered with excitement and anticipation, knowing it’s meaning and filled with joy at it. She removed the apron she was wearing and washed her hands. She went swiftly upstairs, and entered the bedroom. She kneeled on the floor.

“You are late.”
“I am sorry mistress. I was preparing your dinner.”
“No excuses! Put your hands above your head.”

Sharon obeyed, quickly sticking her hands above her head, where they were handcuffed roughly together. She felt her mistress clicking the chain into the loop on the spiked dogs collar she wore, which carried a gold tag engraved with the phrase “Sharon- Bitch.” Aside from the collar she wore a maids outfit that barely covered her rounded body, with its large breasts, long hair dyed a bright blue and broad, curving hips. Under it she wore nothing but sheer black stockings, ending in lace at mid thigh.

Her mistress yanked on the chain, forcing her to stand up quickly to avoid being chocked. She felt her mistress violently rip the dress off her, then spin Sharon quickly around and push her down onto the bed. “Keep your whore’s legs open, bitch”, growled Annika, “and do not speak unless commanded.” Sharon opened her legs, revealing her bald mound, already glistening with juices from her excitement at what was to come. Annika was on all fours over her, the chain in her hand. She bit roughly down on Sharons breast, sucking her nipple forcefully enough to leave a bruise. She bit repeatedly, and Sharon had to fight from moaning in ecstasy as she felt her Mistress’ teeth break her skin and bring forth her blood. Annika sucked some blood from the wound she had made, then used the chain to roughly pull Sharon’s face upwards, kissing her roughly, and biting her lips.

Annika locked the handcuffs over the ornate bed head. “I don’t think you’re worthy to touch me today, slave. I think I’m just going to make you watch. Or maybe I’ll do something really bad. Maybe I’ll just beat you, beat you black and blue, then get myself off in front of you, then make you sleep in the yard like the bitch you are. Would you like that, slut? Answer!”
“Y-yes m-m-mistress” stammered Sharon, knowing that Annika could easily do it.
Annika pulled roughly on the chain, choking Sharon “I cant hear you”
“yes mistress!” gasped Sharon, fighting for air. Annika kept choking her for a couple of second, then eased off. She clipped the other end of the chain to a bedpost, and walked over to a chest of drawers. She removed a large vibrator and came back over to the bed, lying with her feet on Sharon’s shoulders and her ass on Sharon’s stomach.

“No, definitely not worthy to touch me” said Annika, as she slid the toy slowly in and out of herself, brushing it over her clit before driving it back in. Sharon stared longingly at her tall, red haired mistress, wishing lustfully to be allowed to touch her smooth, soft skin and taste her juices, which to Sharon’s adoring lips were like the nectar of life. She kept silent, remembering the instructions given to her. Annika continued to pleasure herself, going slowly, teasing her slave into a haze of frustrated lust. Eventually she allowed herself to indulge in an orgasm, coating the vibe and her slaves chest in her cum. Languidly she stood up.

“Clean it.” Said Annika, forcing the vibe into Sharon’s mouth. Sharon quickly and efficiently cleaned all of Annika’s love juices from the toy, moaning involuntarily and nearly orgasming from the taste alone. It brought back memories of the times when Annika would bring men home, and make Sharon finish them after she had fucked them to her hearts content, the taste of her mistresses nectar on the flesh of men whom had been privileged to be fucked by her. The stimulation of the memories and her mistress forcing the toy into her mouth was too much, and she came without being able to stop herself, moaning loudly as she did so.

Annika was furious. “Did I say you could cum, you fucking whore??!? Did I say you could speak, bitch!? Did I give you permission to do so much as breath?!?!?”. Annika slapped her across the face, hard, then bit her again and again and again, bringing pain to Sharon’s face. Then she pushed Sharon’s legs upwards, tying her feet to the bed head and bringing Sharon almost bent like a C, her pussy and asshole completely exposed. “You know I hate having to punish you, sweetness, but you don’t leave me any choice when you behave so badly.” Sharon tensed. She knew what was coming. Annika retrieved an enormous toy from the chest. It was almost two feet long and four or five inches around, and she also brought out a whip.

She whipped Sharon twice across each thigh, bringing welts and blood with each stroke. Then she roughly forced the huge toy into Sharon’s tight anus. She cried out with pain, and tears began to flow down her face as the enormous toy spilt her open. Annika was very angry, and began to roughly fuck her slave with it, each fresh groan of pain bringing a new flood of juices out of her body. She bit hard at Sharon’s thighs.

“Please mistress”, Sharon begged “please stop, I cant take any more! Please, mistress!”
Sharon was crying. “I’ll do anything, but please stop! It hurts so much.”

Annika was often angry, but she was not unnecessarily cruel. In her heart she did love Sharon deeply. She stopped and untied Sharon. “That’s enough for now, my dearest little whore. I’m hungry now, go and make me dinner. I’ll have more work for you afterwards, slut. Dismissed.”

Sharon bowed low and kissed her mistress’ feet, then left. Annika relaxed back onto the bed and sighed, breathing in the scent of her beloved little bitch. After dinner would be more indeed…

01-19-2007, 07:43 AM
Very good story indeed....thanks Wyl....