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Deputy Duffy
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Son of a Bitch


Deputy Duffy

It started with a day off. Thanks to all the veterans who fought for this great country, I get a Thursday in November off from work. I decided to celebrate their courage this year with a trip to my local bar; to get shit-faced. Yeah, I'd pretty much accepted my pathetic existence. Some men just know their place. At 32, I had no wife, no kids, and a suck-ass job, with little prospect of changing any of that.

I set off for my local pub, Barneys, leaving the truck at home, so I could stumble home later. It was the only reason I went there, as Barney's wasn't an upscale joint by any means. But if you kept to yourself you could usually steer clear of the trouble, and the beers were cheep.

It was just after noontime when I strolled in. (I was starting early.) I took a seat at the end of the half empty bar. Barney smiled (I'm a good tipper) and pulled me a draft.

"Nice to see yah, Steven. Day Off?"

I nodded before toasting, "To the Vets."

"Definitely, to the Vets." Barney raised his bottled water.

I don't know if anyone else responded, because across the bar a black dress caught my eye. Two large dudes, wearing leather, flanked her. I'd seen both of them before, and knew they were trouble, but they didn't know me.

I took a second look and then a third, not at the dudes, but at the black dress. And, yes, it WAS Lexi. She was a rose between two thorns. I was confused because she was Charlie's girl. She was also looking hotter than usual. Her normally flat brown hair was teased, and I particularly noticed her lips: peach and glossy. She was primped to play, but it didn't fit, it was just after noontime, and Charlie wasn't around.

(Oh, yeah, I should mention that Charlie was a female. She was bull dyke, but she was our dyke. She even played on my dart team. We liked to joke about her being a dyke shooting spikes.)

I watched them for a little bit, and was just finishing my first beer, when I saw one of the dudes cop a cheap feel. Lexi smacked him and then she tried to get past. He sneered and grabbed her by the hair. His buddy was raising the back of her dress. It didn't look good. I started around the bar without even a thought.

"Hey dickheads, back off," I said, trying to sound as tough as I could but the moment I said it I wondered just what the hell I was doing. I didn’t even have dental insurance.

"Easy, Steven," Barney warned. "Don't mess with these guys."

It took a stare down and some threats, but I was able to pull Lexi out of the bar. (Barney grabbing his Louisville slugger helped my cause.) I heard a death threat follow me out the door so I'd really have to keep my head up around here now.

I was shocked that Lexi was less then grateful. She even tried to go back in the bar. We got into a lengthy argument before she finally gave me her car keys. Even though it was a short ride, I found out that Charlie was out of town -- a long way out of town -- on a business trip, and Lexi was feeling neglected.

I turned the car around: It planted a seed.

"Hey, you said you were taking me home," Lexi whined, when we pulled up to MY house. (Well, I rented the second floor.)

"And I did. Now get your ass in the house." I had to literally drag her into the house and up the stairs.

************************************************** ******

A couple of hours later, I handed Lexi her cell phone and ordered her to call Charlie. She whined and whimpered some more, but she finally did place the call.

"Now remember what I told you," I warned her. I put my arm around her neck and pulled her close.

"Hi, honey…, I know you have that meeting coming up, but I just called to say hi."

Lexi's voice was tense. I pulled on her hair.


"Me, not much. Did go down to Barneys today, though." (Hearing only one side of the conversation, I would have to stay focused.)


"Oh, I was just a little bored and looking for some fun."


"Yeah, I'm serious...Barneys. I even wore that black dress you like so much. You know the one that makes me look like a common whore on the prowl. And I had on them black high heels you bought as a joke."


"Yeah, the ones with the straps that wrap around my calves. Well, the outfit worked. I had these two big guys all over me. The things they wanted to do with me...."


"NO...I just went there to...you know, tease."


"I wouldn't have. I so would have been sick, and I might have needed some shots afterwards."


"You're right, your friends wouldn't let that happen. One of them came to your defense and dragged me out of there. It wasn't that easy; it almost caused a brawl."


"Oh, really? But I'm still with him. He's sitting right next to me."


"Yeah, it's a him. He's on your dart team. But I can't tell you his name."


"What am I doing here?" (She looked at me and pleaded with her eyes. I tightened the grip around her neck.) "Well, you're not going to like this...but I have his hard cock in my right hand, right now, as we talk."


"Go ahead and laugh, but I do. It's really hard, too. He joked before I called that he's done this a million times, even thinking about me. Then he turned serious, saying that my little hand feels so much better, and he confessed he thought that this would never happen. Seems like I had a secret admirer."


"I'm not stroking that fast. He showed me how fast he wants it."


I cleared my throat. (I had instructed her just what I wanted her to say, and she was straying.)

"Shhh.... Alright, I'll tell her," she said, in a stage whisper.

"He wanted me to tell you, that well, that I'm butt naked, all except for them damn heels."


"No, I didn't want to get naked for him, but it was all I could think of. I mean, as soon as we got here, he said he was going to fuck me silly. I was stalling for time to think of a way out of it."


"Why? He said I owed him, because he put his neck on the line and something about having to watch his back from now on. He was pissed when I told him what I was really doing. He also tricked me and drove me to his place when he'd said he would take me home, and that's why I'm still here...naked...with his hard dick in my hand."


"That's what I said. He didn't understand that you like it when I flirt with men, knowing they'd never have a chance. He said I'd done that one time too many. He's normally real quiet but I've seen his dark side and he can be sort of scary."


"I thought he was going to...he was all over me, but I pulled away and said the only thing I could think of. I thought he just might settle for seeing me naked."


"No, at first he didn't think I was serious. He even half-joking said, 'Ok, then strip, bitch.' It was crude, but I had a point to make, so I started. No dancing, just a slow (and, I'm sure, sexy) shedding of my sluttish duds. First my dress hit the floor, leaving me in my lacy, black and white bra and panties set. He looked me over, lustfully as I ran my hands over my body. He chanted 'take it off.' I answered by taking something off: My bra. He'd been sneaking looks at my tits for some time, so I knew it would shut him up.... Men...!"


"He had me tease my nipples to make sure they were nice and hard. I was embarrassed...'cause they were already. I even had to give him a little taste, first the right nipple and then the left. He sucked like a hungry baby, even sulking a little when I pulled away. I thought that might be enough, but deep down I knew I still had work to do."


"Yeah, work. Remember, he said, 'Strip.' I still had my panties to go. It was a little harder to muster the courage to drop them to the floor, seeing as you just shaved me clean down there. But I stepped out of them and kicked them over. He picked them up as if collecting a souvenir."


"I was still stalling, so I asked him if he wanted to see my ass. THAT was a stupid question, 'cause he was practically drooling. I backed up and slid my hands to my knees and waved my ass at him. It was more than a little humiliating. At least he had enough class to compliment my ass and give it a nice soft caress instead of a groping. I could tell he was also checking out more than my ass when I felt my cheeks being subtly pulled apart. I stood up quickly when I felt his finger slid over my pussy. I wasn't quite ready for that."


"He wasn't happy, that's what. He wanted to...you know...fuck me...right NOW. But I asked for more foreplay. He huffed, and then he ran to the bathroom and came back with some towels."


"Why? Because he took my clothes with him, that's why. He said he'd give'em back when he was done playing with me."


"I begged him to take me home. He laughed and tossed me my purse, but I knew he had my car keys, as well as my clothes. He even moved over and opened the door."


"Yeah, it was definitely time for Plan B. I wasn't leaving naked...and, yes, I'm still stroking his cock."


"The towels? He spread one on the floor and snapped his fingers. I whimpered, but, like a puppy dog, I came. He showed me a bottle of baby oil. It made me laugh. He said a women friend had left it. I joked that it must have been a long time ago, noticing the dust. He responded by telling me that he was going to rub it in now, and, boy, did he. It was a little perverse at first. He had me stand there with my hands behind my head and my legs spread apart, like I was under arrest. At least he had soft hands (and the oil helped). But I still had to close my eyes. He lingered in all the places you'd think he would. I reminded him not to put it on my pussy...he said he had another tube of lotion for that."


"He wants me to tell you every little detail…that’s why I’m talking like this. He wants you to know everything. Anyways, he suddenly stopped. I opened my eyes, and he was putting another towel on his couch. He pulled me over, and sat me down. He made sure I was on the couch's edge, and then he spread my thighs apart. I wondered what was next, but he answered by taking one of my hands and putting it on my pussy. But, he didn't want me to masturbate as much as he wanted me to show him my pussy. He slid down on his coffee table and positioned himself like he was a gynecologist. He also gave me instructions. I couldn't believe I complied, just like he was a real doctor. Although, all too soon, I was showing him even more than my gynecologist ever gets to see. He produced that tube of lotion. It was almost empty...from jerking off I'm sure. He lubed his finger. This time I couldn't pull away when he slid a finger in. He moved it around like he was looking for something. I don't know what he does for a living, but he missed his calling. Although, considering how long as he probed --and with gloveless hands, too -- he would have lost his medical license. He finally pulled out, but he wasn't done."


"No, of course I didn't have an orgasm."


"He told me to grab my legs under my knees and lift. When I was in position, he smiled like a devil. That made me question my actions. But then it got worse -- when I felt him rub lotion on my asshole. I really tried to fight him, honey. But, quite frankly, he was stronger. He 'helped' me back into position and told me he was going to examine my asshole, whether I liked it or not. I closed my eyes like I do at the doctor's and waited for the finger. Only this time it wasn't a women's finger. I knew it was going to be different, but it was still jarring. He went slowly, but I couldn't help shedding a tear knowing I'd crossed a line, and there was no turning back. I was his to do with as he pleased. I also figured he wouldn't be satisfied with just a finger, and that thought alone brought more tears. He pulled his finger out, seemingly noticing my discomfort, and used a towel to dry my tears. For once he was acting nice. He wiped off my nipples and sucked like a baby."


"I did. I asked him if I could leave now. I really did. I even promised never to play the teasing game again."


"His laugh chilled me, that's what. He stood up and dropped his pants and sat down next to me and slapped "it" into my hand. Using his hand he guided me, while he told me what he planned for my body. Nothing that really shocked me: handjob, blowjob, and straight fucking.... But then he really did it by telling me quite casually that he was going to 'fuck my cock-teasing ass,' as well."


"Why am I telling you this? I didn't WANT to call you; it was HIS idea."


"Why? Well, we have to make a decision. I'm sorry to tell you this, honey, but he's making me. H-h-h-he’s already fucked me. And he came inside of me."


"I'm sorry, but what choice did I have?"


"No, he doesn't have a gun or anything. But he's just bigger, stronger. He's also a little kinky. He used these bandanas to tie me up to his bed and he had these perverted clamps for my nipples. He also took some pictures of me with this camera. P-peverted pictures. But he didn't hurt me. It was just for his pleasure. I swear he didn't make me come. Although, he had this small vibrator…it did. I mean it wasn’t fair. And why does a single guy have one of those for anyways?"


"The call? Well, like I said we have a decision to make. Well, there's two things left on his list: oral sex and anal sex. He wants to do both but he said if I called you we can choose only one, but you're going to have to listen as I do whatever we pick. It's the only way. Then he'll let me go."


"He's not afraid of the police. Believe me I've tried that. He said they have tapes of me at that bar, and, the way I was acting, no one would believe me. Honey, I was putting on a good show. And I don't want them digging up my past. Plus, I want to get them pictures on that camera that he took of me. He said he would if I played along. Please, let's just get this over with. I mean, I'm already naked, and he's ready to go. He's already fucked me once, true, but I really don't want him to fuck me up the ass, just his finger was bad enough, so let's pick the other one."


"No, I don't want to suck his thing. I've never done that, either. Well, once in highschool…. But-but-but...."


"You have to be kidding me!" She turned to me. "She thinks I'm just having phone sex with her."

I stood up and grabbed the phone. With my other hand, I grabbed Lexi by the hair and pulled her to the floor in front of me. "Get to work," I ordered.

I figured it was time for me to make my introduction. "Charlie, Charlie, Charlie."

"Oh my god...! Who the fuck is this?" She cried out. (It was nice to be able to hear her voice now.) "And what are you doing to my Lexi?"

I chuckled. "It's not what I'm doing to her." Lexi was using a towel to rub the lotion off my cock, knowing it'd be icky-tasting.

"Steven, is that you, you asshole? You better be making this up."

"Nice to see that you recognize my voice." I patted Lexi on the head. "Now, go ahead, put it in your mouth."

"Hey, Steven, we are a long ways from April Fools."

"I know," I said with another chuckle. "But this isn't a joke. Lexi IS on her hands and knees, the head of my cock in her mouth."

"Cut it out, she wouldn't do that."

"Ok, I forgot. She's a man hater," I said, and then I took a minute or two to enjoy Lexi's mouth. I used a handful of hair to get her to move at my favorite pace. I also took her hands away and told her to play with her breasts while she sucked. I was done with the handjob. I’d forgotten how good this felt.

While this was happening, Charlie was screaming my name. I could tell she was growing frantic. I figured I'd turn the screw.

"Still don't believe?" I held the phone close to Lexi's head. She stopped sucking. (Fuck!) I grabbed her hair and started fucking her face. I went as fast as I could until she gagged. I pulled away, and she spit up on the floor.

"Oh, my god, leave her alone!" Charlie cried out.

"Well, at least that got your attention." I apologized to Lexi and wiped some saliva off her chin. But my kindness was short-lived. I guided my cock back into her mouth.

"I don't know, for a man-hater she sucks awful well."

"I still can't believe it," Charlie moaned.

"You want more proof? She is indeed naked. You are quite the lucky girl, Charlie. She has the nicest little body. Pink nipples that get nice and hard...and a tight little ass. Oh, and how about that pussy, so small and tight, but, when you open it up, the pinkness almost blinds you."

"Shut up."

I chuckled. "Although, I'm not really a fan of birthmarks so close to the clit."

I felt Lexi bite the tip of my dick. "Hey," I said with a nervous laugh. "I was only teasing."

"What happened?"

"Well, she had a little nibble of my cock."

"Bite it off!" Charlie screamed a couple of times.

"Relax. She isn't going to do that." (I prayed.)

"What the fuck, Steven, you were supposed to be my friend."

"I am."

"Right, and you're doing this to my Lexi. What the fuck, I'm going to kill yah!"

"Yeah, get in line. Those two guys at the bar said the same thing."

"So that was true, about the bar."

"Yeah, I had the day off, went on down, and there she was. Don't know the guys by name but seen'em before."

"I-I, ah."

"She looked hot in that dress, I'll tell yah, and I like the shoes, too. She still has them on."

Lexi pulled away. "How long do I have to do this?" She batted her dark eyes.

"Until the job's done." I pulled her head back to work.

"Don't you fucking dare!" Charlie warned me.

"What, you've already threatened to kill me, so what's a little cum in the face and mouth." I chuckled, "Plus it ain't going to kill her. And it's not like I'm trying to turn her straight. It's assholes like me that sent her over to your team, I'm sure."

"Why would you do this if you know how much I love her? We are going to get married and maybe have a family."

"Funny you should bring that up. Not the marriage part. I'm all for that. Marry away, even gay guys. I'm talking about the kids part."

"What's wrong with that? And will you take your thing out of my girlfriend's mouth?"

"Not a chance, it feels so good, I couldn't even tell yah. And the added bonus that I know she really doesn't want to be on her hands and knees with a face full of my cock, well, that just adds to my excitement. This just might be my biggest load ever."

"If I could reach through this phone...."

"Yeah, but you can't. Has to be infuriating to be so far away, knowing what your Lexi is doing and to whom."

Lexi gasped for air. "Please, just tell her, don't be mean. You promised."

"Tell me what?"

"Oh, kids, right, the family part," I said, reading Lexi's lips. I pushed her lips back on my cock. "You see, there were two reasons we called you. One was I wanted her to tell you where she was and what she was doing...."

"And what could possibly be the other?"

"Well, Lexi has been trying to tell you but she's a little scared of you."

"Get to the point, asshole."

"Well, it seems she wants a baby the old fashioned way."

"Wait, what?"

"Yeah, think back to the birds and the bees and before you went completely lezbo."

"Hey, asshole.... Oh my, wait...."

"Did someone just get it?" I pulled back on Lexi's hair so I could see her awesome dark eyes. "Yep, she wants to carry her own baby."

"But I don't get it."

"Wake up. I'm trying to tell you that the main reason she acted the way she did was to try to get pregnant. Like she said I don't have a gun or anything and I never forced her to do anything. She set me up to make it look that way, because she was too scared to tell you, but she figured once it happened, if you truly loved her you'd stick by her."

Lexi stopped sucking, but held my cock in her lips and waited for an answer. (I hoped it wasn't long.)

"I, ah, I do love her and will always love her."

"She said that she loves you and will always love you, so you can continue with your cock-sucking, now."

"I didn't say that."

("Too late," I laughed inwardly.)

Charlie's voice suddenly went down a couple of notches. "Jesus, Steven, I almost understand, but what does that have to do with sucking your, ah, thing?"

"It's called a cock. I know you've never had one in you, but that's what it's called.

"Fuck you!" She snapped. "When I get my hands on you...."

"Two words for you, Charlie.... Temper Management."

I turned Lexi around so her back was against the couch. I was getting close and wanted to block her path of retreat.

"Hey, funny guy, if this is about getting pregnant then why?"

"Why cum in her face?"

"Yeah, please don't do that to her." Lexi also pulled her mouth away. I grabbed my cock and stroked it. I was close enough.

"Sorry, but it's what I like, and it's part of the deal."


"Yeah, for the rest of your business trip, every time I fuck her and dump my seed into her pussy, I get to do the same to her face or asshole, and it looks like she chose face."

"No way. I won't be back for a week."

"Way…. We made the deal after I fucked her. I knew it was too weird. I told her I was getting close, and wanted to cum on her tits, but she was pleading with me to cum inside her pussy. I didn't get it, but who was I to argue? I mean, she was tied up and helpless, I could have done anything to her but I granted her wish. But then she did burst into tears afterwards. Hey, I'm not the best looking guy in the world but c'mon. It took me a while to find out the truth. And then after some negotiating, a deal was born and I untied her. But not before I took some pictures."

"You mother-fucker, you took advantage of her."

"Is that any way to talk to the father of your future child?" I couldn't hold out any longer. "I'm gonna cummm."

"Nooo." I heard Charlie groan, before I dropped the phone on the couch.

"Its uncle." Lexi corrected me, before a shot of cum splattered onto her cheek and eye. She whimpered as more followed. "You're only going to be its uncle."

"Yeah, well, if I'm going to be its 'uncle' then suck your 'brother'...suck me dry."

It was Lexi's turn to moan. "Nooo."

"Too Late." I chuckled as I worked my way into Lexi's mouth again. (And she was sadly mistaken if she thought that I wasn't going to fuck her ass, anyways.)

"Bitch," she gargled.

"That's funny. Let's hope it's a boy then, so you can have a Son of a Bitch."

The End

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