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The first part of this story is narrated as if from an outside observer.
The next chapters are from the viewpoints of the indicated person.

Collusion - Narrator
"Hello?" Rhiannon said into the receiver of her cell phone.
"Rhiannon, it's Dawn. We have this year's candidate. Where and when can we meet to
discuss things?" Dawn Whitham asked.

"I'm in the middle of teaching a class right now. I'll stop by your tattoo parlor on my way
home. Will that be soon enough?" Rhiannon asked, warily watching the children for signs of
impending riotous behavior.

"Sure, no great hurry. I'll see you then," Dawn hung up, went out to the parlor, and began
her part of creating a complicated tattoo, awaiting Rhiannon's visit.
Back to the Classroom - Narrator

"Okay you little darlings, Miss Rhiannon has a new song, to teach you," Rhiannon
informed the children.

"This is an old Welch ditty that has been put to a Rock & Roll beat. I think it will play well
in the school assembly later this year. Who here knows where Wales is?" Rhiannon asked the class.

A bright-eyed young girl raised her hand and waited to be, called upon, "Go ahead

"Wales is on the southwest coast of the Isle of Great Britain," she declared confidently.

"Very good, yes Wales is an ancient place, one of legends, myths, and folklore. Many of
these stories were passed down through song, many legends have been put to music over the
thousands of years gone by," Rhiannon told the children, though she had a far away look in
her eye as if remembering the past more than remembering the history taught her.

"It was a time of gods, goddesses, wizards, and magic," suddenly Rhiannon's mind seemed
to leap forward once again to the here and now, "Or so the stories tell us."

"The song we will be learning was written around a very old legend of the warrior woman
Cathain. She was the fiercest warrior of her day, but a very lonely woman because of it. I'm
handing out the lyrics to everyone and we can all read them together."

The papers were quickly, distributed and Rhiannon went on, "This legend should have
something for everyone. It has warriors, great battles, romance, and magic all in one. So boys and girls both will enjoy it."

"Who would like to start us off by reading aloud first?" Rhiannon looked around the room
at the many raised hands, but like many teachers, she picked the quiet boy in the back that had
not raised his.

"Roger, would you start reading for me?" Rhiannon knew that the boys in her class all had
a crush on her. A raven haired beauty with curves to die for, a bust that was nothing short of
amazing, a petite frame which neared their own heights, and eyes which seemed to penetrate
them to their very souls. Therefore, she didn't have to bully the children into doing things for the
sake of their grades, she simply had to ask them to do something for her, and they would quickly
jump to it, just to please her.

Roger obviously just wanted to remain anonymous in the back but Rhiannon was intent
on nurturing all of her children to be all their potentials would allow so Roger held up his paper,
gulped, and began reading aloud, "

The Cathain Legend
By: Grant Lee Phillips

Bid goddess rise from mists of memory
Rise the fair Cathain
In battle the equal of every man
And every lover disdained
Her heart was locked in a round tower's keep
And none that gate could unbar
Till rose a prince in Ulster's east
His name was Conchobar

By day she taught him feats of arms
With sword and mace and bow
By night they kindled passion's fire
That only lovers know
So king and warrior thus were joined
In battles blood and love
The throne belonged to Conchobar
To Cathain the Witch's Glove"

"Okay Roger that was very good. I knew you would do a fine job. Now who should be
Hands all around rose once again, this time all of the children volunteered having seen the
praise Roger had received.
"I'm so pleased that you all want to participate. I think therefore that we should all read
the rest aloud together. Follow along now.

Dark rivals rose against the king
To challenge for his throne
All Ulster in the balance hung
Without its champion
A druid he sent to sacrifice
An offering to Cathain
A maiden fair with flaxen hair
Not once but two times slain
Two times slain

Ooh ooh ooh

But Cathain she would ne'r return
To fight the kings own war
Till druid did a virgin bring
To Conamara far
The fair Iona pure and sweet
On the self-same table lain
And by the Corclach's hungry stone
The innocent was slain

Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey

In rage the warrior goddess from
The Western Sea arose
Her bloody gauntlet dealt that day
A thousand fierce deathblows
The kingdom saved her quest complete
She sank beneath the waves
Till Ulster's sons with sacrifice
Bid her return once more"

A huge smile graced Rhiannon's full lips when they finished, "Wow, that was great! Now
all we have to do is, add the melody and were ready."

Rhiannon took out her DVD player and patched it through the room's loud speakers, "As
some of you know, I'm not just a school teacher, I'm the lead singer for my band, Sweet-N-Evil.
I'm only saying this because I had them play the melody without the vocals so we could sing

Most of the children were somewhat stunned to discover that their lovely teacher by day is
the lead singer for a Rock-n-Roll band by night.

"Let's all listen to the melody first," she started the player and the class all listened to the
haunting music and its Gaelic overtones.

That day, the children left school reluctantly. The entertainment and fascinating subject
had enthralled them the whole day long and they couldn't wait to come back tomorrow to see
what Miss Rhiannon would do next.

Roger was the last to leave, as he often would be. He didn't want to leave the loving aura
of Miss Rhiannon to return home to his abusive father. He would never say anything to the
teacher for fear that he would be harmed or worse, his last remaining parent would be taken
from him, leaving him orphaned. He missed his mother terribly.

Dawn Whitham - Narrator
Rhiannon hopped into her Ferrari and left the school for her visit with Dawn, waving at
young Roger as she went by him.

It didn't take long and Rhiannon swung into the parking lot of Dawn's tattoo parlor.
Dawn came out to greet her. (Hey, nothing sounds like a Ferrari in your driveway, but a
Ferrari in your driveway.)

Dawn moved in for a big hug of her longtime friend, "Damn girl, if I didn't know how long
you've been packing away money for that car, I would think you were a dope dealer or

"You know better than that hon.. I've got investments older than this whole country,"
Rhiannon replied cheerily.

"Don't I know it? You don't look a day over four hundred either!"
"Watch yourself girl, you may be way bigger and stronger than I am but..." Rhiannon
simply let the threat trail off unspoken.

"Uncle! Sheesh, can't a girl tease you without worrying about finding herself eating flies
for the rest of her life?" Dawn backpedaled at warp speed.

"I was only teasing and you know it," Rhiannon declared as she walked into the business
with her friend.

"How long have we known each other now?" Dawn wondered aloud.

"Since you were about six years old hon., about thirty six years," Rhiannon's memory, still
as perfect as it should be.

"And now you look younger than I do," Dawn sighed.

"What's your point?"

"Nothing. I'm just waxing rhapsodic," Dawn shook herself to bring her back to the job at
hand, "We have a new candidate for transferal. This one's a real piece of work."

"Do you think you can handle another one this soon?" Rhiannon asked.

"Yes, I'm hoping for some more bulk anyway," Dawn, confirmed.

"So, tell me about our next victim?"

Dawn grabbed a file folder and handed it to Rhiannon, who took a comfortable seat across
from her and began to thumb through it.

"We are considering this electrician foreman who has numerous complaints against him
from the females that have worked for him, complaints of sexual harassment, women who get the
nastiest jobs, his attitude towards female electricians in general. We have complaints from the
men working for him as well. He was arrested for, assault and battery on three separate
occasions. One reported incident of spousal abuse is in the record. The spouse has passed away
since then leaving him a single parent of one child. His spouse died in a car accident after fleeing
their home one evening. The coroner, a lady friend of mine, determined that many of the injuries
she sustained were from before the accident occurred. She says that in her opinion the reason
for the crash was that her eyes were nearly swollen shut, making it very difficult for her to see."

"This qualifies in so many ways for our kind of punishment, however you stated that there
is a child involved. You know that I disapprove of leaving a child orphaned," Rhiannon stated
flatly, ready to toss the folder away without further consideration.

"You may wish to reconsider when I tell you the rest..." Dawn, with a mixture of anger and
sorrow, on her face, added.

"What could possible make me consider orphaning a child?" Rhiannon asked confident in
her rule's rightness.

"Look at the page with photos from the child's doctor and the emergency room."

"Oh, this poor little guy..." she declared, seeing the bruises and marks the boy sported,
"But orphaning him is still not the solution I would choose."

Dawn swallowed hard and steeled herself for what she knew would be coming, "Loo... ah
Look at the name Miss Rhiannon." Dawn, a hugely muscled woman body builder did not look as
if she would ever be afraid of anything. However, Dawn knew her godmother quite well, and so
she knew what could happen next.

As soon as Rhiannon saw the name printed on the paper, the very air in the room the two
women occupied took on a 'charged' quality. Small sparks jumped from chairs to tables and
from there to other objects in the room.

"Calm down, godmother. Don't shoot the messenger," Dawn cautioned, having been
present before when Rhiannon became enraged.

Dawn's use of the word godmother brought Rhiannon back from a blind unthinking rage,
which would have surely damaged portions of Dawn's parlor.

The fire slowly died down in Rhiannon's eyes and the sparks became fewer until they
finally stopped.

Dawn breathed a huge sigh of relief, "Thanks Rhiannon, I just bought some of this stuff
and I'd hate to have to go find it all again." Dawn smiled and gripped Rhiannon's shoulder in her
strong hand.

"Hank R. Speight! You knew?"

"Yes, I knew he is the father of one of your students," Dawn admitted.

"He's accepted as the next one, but you are going to help with the aftereffects, do you
understand?" Rhiannon's rage was closely held in-check as she stared at the image of the man,
with his hand raised, swinging on his son.

"Yes ma'am, I will do whatever you wish," Dawn pulled her godmother in for a tightly held
hug. "When do you want to do it?"

"Tomorrow night. Does Roger have any other family he can be placed with?" Rhiannon
asked, leafing through the file looking for the information.

"Don't waste your effort. Roger has no one other than his father."

"You've done such a thorough job with this, so tell me who you plan to place the child
with? Neither of us has the lifestyle needed to bring him up properly," Rhiannon rightly
determined. "You're one of the few who know who I really am, and why I couldn't do it."

"Yes godmother, and I know that my bodybuilding and business might not be the best
environment for a sensitive kid like him to grow up in. I have a lady I know who's only child, a
daughter, died a few months ago and is having a hard time filling the hole in her heart."

"Have you spoken with her about the possibilities?" Rhiannon, asked in her all-business
manor now that she was determined to see this through.

"Yes, and she was so hopeful that we could place a child with her. It nearly broke my
heart not to be able to promise her," Dawn declared, "If she gets him, she will dote on him like he
is the only reason for her to live."


"Yes, Roger would still be one of your students," Dawn reassured her godmother.

"It's settled then, tomorrow after school, Roger comes home with me, and Hank finds a
new home," Rhiannon stood, having made her decision. "It's going to be tough onstage tonight to
smile and sing."

"I'm sorry Rhiannon. I know what your students mean to you," Dawn hugged her
godmother once again.

"I'm sorrier that I didn't investigate this myself sooner. I've always felt protective toward
Roger and I should have followed my instincts about him," Rhiannon sadly admitted in self-

"You can't blame yourself," Dawn soothed.

"Poor Roger's life will be forever changed. I just have to believe it will be for the better,"
Rhiannon released herself from the hug and started for the door.

"See you tomorrow Rhiannon," Dawn waved as Rhiannon left her parlor. Dawn shuddered
suddenly, thinking of the rage Hank will be subjected to, the very next day. Dawn knew that her
friend wasn't merely named after the Celtic Goddess of the underworld. She is that very same

Later That Evening - Narrator
Rhiannon readied herself for tonight's performance on stage with her band, 'Sweet-N-Evil'.
Business as usual, however she paused before putting on her face to have a good cry for
her poor student.

Once she had settled down, put on her face, and donned her costume, Rhiannon joined
'Sweet-N-Evil' in front of the crowd. She smiled at the band members and told them which song
would begin tonight's performance.

Rhiannon turned and approached the microphone, saying, "I want to dedicate tonight's
opening song to one of the children I teach. This is for young Roger Speight with my hopes that
his torn life goes in a more beautiful direction starting tomorrow. The name of the song is The
'Cathain Legend,' written by: Grant Lee Phillips."

'Sweet-N-Evil' began to play for the first time on stage, 'The Cathain Legend' as sung by
Mistress Rhiannon.

The haunting melody held the audience spellbound. When she had finished the last verse,
the whole crowd was on its feet. Never had they heard such feeling and emotion poured into a

That evening the performance was impeccable, however, anyone who was asked
afterwards, which song was the best would be heard to answer, "The first one." They might not
remember the name of the song, but they all remembered it was for Roger.

Come the New Day - Narrator
Just prior to the school day's start, Rhiannon cornered Roger as he entered the school,
"Roger? Can I speak with you for a moment dear?"

Roger was so used to being in trouble for something that he slowly approached as if ready
to bolt should things get sketchy.

Rhiannon noticed right away and put his mind at ease, "You are not in trouble honey. I
just want to apologize to you."

This was something new for Roger. No adult had ever apologized to him before.

Once she had Roger safely alone Rhiannon began, "Roger, I'm sorry I was unaware of your
situation before yesterday. I should have been more observant."

Roger was puzzled at this, "Situation, Miss Rhiannon?"

Rhiannon couldn't resist any longer, she pulled the boy in for a hug.

Roger hadn't gotten a hug like this since his mother had died, which surprised him some,
but not as much as when she released him. For the first time in weeks, Roger was free from
aches and pains throughout his body. Had he inspected himself, he would have noticed that
every bruise and aching joint had disappeared from him.

"Wow, thanks Miss Rhiannon. I feel really good. You're the best hugger ever!" Roger
declared enthusiastically.

"I want you to enjoy yourself today, but before you leave to go home, I need to talk to you
again. Will you wait to talk to me after school?" she inquired, looking deeply into his eyes.

"F... F... for a little while, Dad gets really mad if I don't get home on time."

"Well, you won't have to worry about that. I've arranged things so he will never know you
were late. You trust me don't you?" Rhiannon asked the slight boy.

"More than anyone Miss Rhiannon," he declared definitively.

"Thank you Roger. Now why don't you go and play until school starts?" she let go of his
small hand with a smile.

"You're the best teacher ever Miss Rhiannon," he claimed, blushing as he ran away.
"I just wish that all of life's lessons didn't hurt so much..." she whispered to herself.

School's out For Roger - Narrator
Rhiannon watched her classroom empty out, all but for Roger who waited as Rhiannon
had asked him to.

Rhiannon walked up to him, took his hand, and said, "Come with me Roger. We're going
for a ride in my car."

Roger could hardly believe his ears. Miss Rhiannon's car was the subject of many
students' awed whispers at the school. It was by far the coolest car any of them had ever seen.
Kids would walk out of their way just to go by it on their way home and Roger was going to get a
ride in it.

Rhiannon had to pretend not to notice Roger pinch himself to be certain that he wasn't

Once Roger was belted in next to Rhiannon and they were tooling from the parking lot
with many of Roger's friends watching him go by, in the Ferrari with Miss Rhiannon, he saw envy
written all over their faces and it made him grin so big it hurt his face.

"Do you like my little car Roger?"

"Oh yes, it's über cool," he admitted, but then he thought better and asked, "You aren't
going to drop me off at my house in this are you Miss Rhiannon." Roger knew that he would
catch hell if his father saw him arrive home in that car.

"Don't worry Roger, you won't be getting beaten ever again," Rhiannon promised him.

'Oh no, I'm being abducted by my teacher...' Roger thought to himself.

"You're not being kidnapped Roger. I am going to help you, and make certain that you are
with a loving parent from now on," she reassured him.

Roger was still quite frightened, so Rhiannon did the only thing she could, to spare him
from his angst, she reached out and touched his head with a single index finger and the boy
slumped over in the soft leather bucket seat, asleep.

'That should hold Roger and keep him safe until I have dealt with Hank,' she thought.

Goddess Enraged - Narrator
Rhiannon met up with Dawn at her home with little Roger sound asleep in the passenger

Dawn was expecting them and carried the slumbering boy into her house, laying him on
the pretty guest bed, "He's even cuter in person than in the photos," she exclaimed to Rhiannon
who had followed her into the bedroom.

"I am still very concerned for Roger. I haven't wanted to extract vengeance on anyone in a
long time as much as with Hank," Rhiannon said, looking sadly at the sleeping boy before her.

The two women left him sleeping peacefully. As they closed the door, Dawn stood back
waiting while Rhiannon waved her hands in the air and brought them together in a clap like
thunder, almost more felt than heard. A shimmering luminescence hung a couple inches in front
of the door, continued along the walls to the width of the room, and then disappeared into the
wall at right angles.

"I still love seeing you do things like that! That was a guard spell on the room to protect
Roger while we're away I assume?"

"Yes, no one and nothing of this earth can harm Roger while he is enshrouded in the fog.
(You can't see it outside of the bedroom.) He will be safe and slumbering until I awaken him,
once we are through with this ugly business," Rhiannon sighed and then added, "Are you ready
to do this?"

"Yes godmother," Dawn nodded her assent.

Rhiannon whirled her hands about herself, she seemed to shimmer out of focus, and when
she could be seen again, she was wearing a glittering golden short-skirted gown with matching
thigh-high boots.

Dawn knew this look and was far more terrified of Rhiannon in Gold, than most people
would be of her in jet black. Dawn recognized this as 'Rhiannon the Goddess,' bearing little
resemblance to the Rhiannon the rest of the world knew.

Rhiannon swirled her hands about Dawn next and the muscular lady was dressed in a
similar dress though hers wasn't the same pattern, her mid-drift and arms were exposed,
accompanied by gold armbands and gauntlets. Dawn appeared more warrior than as a tattoo
artist. The outfit was finished off with a golden mask, hiding Dawn's face with that of an enraged

"Let's visit Hank invisibly at first," Rhiannon suggested, snapping her fingers and the two
winked out from Dawn's house, appearing ethereally above Hank in his living room.
Hank was seated in front of his television in his jockeys, swilling beer and staring at a
baseball game, "Where is that fuckin' kid?" he muttered.

"Sum bitch needs to make dinner and clean up this shit hole," he drunkenly declared.
"Hafta teach that fuck a lesson when he gets here. I told him not to be late no more!" Hank
angrily threw his beer bottle across the living room where it exploded into small shards of glass.
"Hafta get mah own damn beer now!"

Hank got up and made his way into the kitchen.

Rhiannon and Dawn floated over to Roger's room and found a very Spartan place. Roger
had a small bed, a desk with a folding chair, a dresser, and very few toys, all of which were neatly
stored on a shelf.

The women floated over Hank's room and discovered a rat's nest. Bed unmade, dirty
clothes strewn about, Playboy Magazines laying open all over, and beer bottles laying all about on
the floor.

The two ethereal women floated back towards the living room, which was tidy, but it was
evident that little Roger was the one charged with cleaning it.

Hank was again, seated in front of the TV and downing another beer, with four more
stacked next to his chair for him to grab so he wouldn't need to get up again soon.

The kitchen was clean and there were only a few dished in the sink, waiting for someone
to wash them, most likely Roger.

"Where the fuck is that worthless fucking kid?" came from Hank in the living room and it
was punctuated with a loud belch.

The air in the room took on an electrically charged quality. Little sparks flew from
furniture to walls and floor.

Even though he was drunk, Hank took notice, "What-the-fuck?" he exclaimed looking all
about the room. He finally saw the two golden female forms solidify right in front of his chair.

"Holy shit, where'd you come from?"

"Hank Roger Speight, the Goddess Rhiannon has come to extract retribution. What do
you have to say for yourself?" Rhiannon announced, her voice ringing as though through an
amplified echo chamber.

"Fuck you ain't nothing but Roger's big tittied teacher! Ha! You come for some of Hank's
cock eh? It don't matter. Whatever you came for, you're in my house, so you're mine!" Hank
rose from his easy chair unsteadily staggering over towards the women he towered over.

"You have confirmed the judgment of Rhiannon with your vile intentions. My enforcer
shall take from you what she needs and leave the rest to me!"

"Yah baby, come and get some!" Hank directed his stagger towards the woman who
appeared chiseled from golden marble.

Behind her mask, Dawn's face broke into a demonic grin, closely approximating the one
her mask sported.

As soon as he was within reach, Dawn wrapped her hugely muscled arms around Hank
who immediately went limp as she lifted him off the floor.

"What you doing?" Hank cried out, totally helpless in her steely grip.

Rhiannon chanted, "Dha nerth remüvya an Dawn." ( * See translation at the end.)
To any casual observer they would have seen Hanks arms shrink in bulk, his muscular
legs diminish in mere seconds, his shoulders and chest loose all their definition, his stature
diminish, and his face become almost androgynous.

At the same time, Dawn appeared to gain size and definition to her entire physique. Dawn
grew no taller, nor did she take on any masculine attributes, and in fact her breast size increased

When she was done with him, Dawn could hold up what was left with one hand. She had
to bunch up his clothes though, lest they fall off him.

"Rhiannon wishes to see what is left of his manhood," Rhiannon declared, more for Hank's
sake than her own. Rhiannon had seen this enough times before to know exactly what was left.

Dawn allowed Hank's pants to fall to the floor from his thin hips and near anorexic body.

"I don't think you will be using that for a weapon again Hanky. You're not hung any better
now than most ten year old boys," Rhiannon taunted.

Hank now as weak, as a kitten, looked down at his crotch and upon seeing his shriveled
penis and testicles, he began to cry.

"You don't deserve to be a man Hank. Beating that poor sweet son of yours, Roger, and
his mother, you have abused your strength, and now you've lost it. Should there be any doubt in
your mind, you've also lost Roger. I shall take him to my bosom and he shall be reborn to a
loving parent who will appreciate what a special person Roger is."

"Finish disrobing him," Rhiannon ordered.

Hank was easily slipped out of his now, oversized clothing. He looked like a scrawny
teenage boy, who is small for his age.

"I could leave you like this Hank. You would never become stronger. You would never
become larger in any dimension, no matter how much you worked out, or how many steroids you
took. You would never become more masculine in any way. However, never let the Goddess
Rhiannon be said to be compassionless. Prepare yourself Hank. The Goddess of metamorphosis
will give you a life where being small and weak can be an asset."

Rhiannon raised both hands, fingers splayed widely over her head, in an attitude
reminiscent of someone ready to pounce on their prey.

She began to chant, "Dewes Rhiannon brüsy hem tebeles dhe an deleth cussya a benenek
tekter ha yeunes." ( ** See translation at the end.)

Pink clouds of smoke emanated from her palms and directed towards the form on the
floor, which lay in a fetal position. Hank seemed to soften and fill out some. Hank's butt spread
wider and plumped up into twin soft crescents.

His face seemed to shrink and become all eyes and lips, accented by high cheekbones and
a small upturned nose.

Hank's narrow shoulders began moving together sporting large soft nipples hanging in
front and between them. Behind those enlarging nipples, there appeared to be balloons, which
were quickly being, inflated. Larger and larger they became, as his nipples puffed out like
marshmallows on top of the balloons.

Hank moaned and you could hear it gain in pitch until it reached unrealistically high
tones, like those of tiny young girl.

His waist pinched in, farther and farther becoming ridiculously small in circumference.

The last thing to go Hank reached out to hold onto, attempting to keep it from slipping
away. However, it did no good, Hank's once proud cock shank away in his dainty little hands
until he was gripping his clitoris, centered above his new, long, wet slit.

Hank's changes kept going until he was any male's wet dream girl.

Hank couldn't seem to release his clit and discovered that his vulva was drooling a huge
puddle of lubrication onto the rug. Hank twisted and yanked on his hand trying to let go, but
the more he did, the wetter, and the shorter of breath he became.

Without ever having meant to, Hank orgasmed in gushing bliss in no time.

His orgasm seemed to cloud his mind, though he continued to try to release his clitoris.
Hank soon discovered that since now he was a girl, he could easily be, brought to orgasm time
and time again. After Hank had yanked himself to a half dozen mind numbing orgasms, his
mind could no longer take the intense stimulation and he fainted.

"Gather up that nymphomaniac slut and bring her with us," Rhiannon ordered Dawn, and
being familiar with the drill, she lifted the soft creature into her strong arms as Rhiannon
teleported the two to Dawn's tattoo parlor and the locked rooms it contained in the basement.

"Good news girls! I brought you another playmate. When she wakes up, I'll put her in
with the rest of you to get acquainted," Dawn announced as she placed the unconscious form
onto a femininely draped bed in an empty cell and locked it behind her.

Roger's Dilemma - Narrator
"Now we do the hard part," Rhiannon sighed, as she translated them back to Dawn's

"Do you want to change us before... or should we do this in official garb?" Dawn asked
Rhiannon as they approached the spell locked room.

"Roger needs to know," Rhiannon informed her, "So now, another mortal will grow up
knowing my secret. However, I don't mind this one. He reminds me of one forty years past."
"I know dear godmother. I hope he acclimates well," Dawn agreed with her ancient friend.
Rhiannon slid her hand through the shimmering field as if it were a knife blade, bursting
the bubble of protection. She opened the door and the two entered to watch over Rogers' sleeping

"Awaken my child," she commanded.

Roger yawned and stretched. When his eyes beheld his teacher decked out and
shimmering with golden power, standing next to a woman with more muscles that he had ever
seen on a lady he let out a tiny shriek.

"Calm yourself Roger Lukas Speight," Rhiannon spoke in that echoing voice she had used
with his father not long before. "Rhiannon, Goddess of the Moon, has taken you into her
protection. Your sole remaining parent, Hank, has been punished for his many crimes against
you, your mother, women, and others in general. I regret deeply that this means you will never
see him again," tears were streaming from her eyes, "Fear not my child. Rhiannon will replace
that which you have lost, with better than you had. If you will allow me to, I will explain further,
though I prefer to do it as your friend and teacher, not as the Goddess Rhiannon. May I?"
Roger's eyes were the size of saucers as he nodded his ascent.

Rhiannon whirled her hands first around Dawn, and then about herself, restoring both
Dawn and herself to the clothing they were wearing when first this evening began.
Rhiannon now in the dress and voice Roger was familiar with came to the boy and sat on
the bed next to him.

Dawn took the opposite side, as she was now much softer looking without, her muscles
being pumped up, and having her heart go out to the young boy's plight.

"Roger, I want you to meet my friend, Dawn Whitham. I have known Dawn since she was
as young as you are now," Rhiannon introduced.

"H... how can that be? She looks older than you do Miss Rhiannon," he stammered,
momentarily having forgotten all about how mad his father would be when he came home late.

"I was not just play-acting a minute ago Roger. I really am a Goddess. I was constrained
to live on earth after I fell in love with and married a mortal. His name was Pwyll. (Pronounced
Poo-ul.) He died long ago and I loved him deeply," Rhiannon explained.

Roger dove at her, hugging her, saying, "I'm so sorry Miss Rhiannon."

"Thank you dear. It has been over a thousand years since I lost him, but I still know the
pain. I grieve with you too Roger. You lost your mother not long ago, and now I have been forced
to take away your father. I can help fill those holes in your sole, if you agree to what I propose. I
won't make you do it, but I believe for you, it will be best. I know how your father was treating
you. How you cooked, cleaned, and waited on him, only to receive beatings for your love and
efforts. You deserve better and I want to see that you get it."

"Is he really gone?"

Rhiannon nodded her head to affirm that he was.

"Your father isn't dead. You need to know this. You would never recognize him if you
were to see him again. His form was changed to aid in his punishment. Goddess Rhiannon does
not kill to punish. She has far better ways to show mortals the error of their ways," Rhiannon

Roger's eyes lost focus as the knowledge sank in. He finally spoke, "I hope you don't think
I'm rotten Miss Rhiannon, but I can't cry for him."

"No, Roger, I think you might cry for him later. However, he doesn't deserve it. You need
to start a new life and I want to help you do that. Do you trust me?" Rhiannon asked the boy.

Roger looked at his small hands and meekly said, "I trust you Miss Rhiannon. What do
you want to do with me?"

"For one thing Roger, your father's disappearance has made things so that you couldn't be
in my school anymore if you remain, who and what you are. It would be necessary to have you
placed in a foster home, and at your age, those are usually a dead end. I don't want to have that
happen. I know a lady in the area who lost her daughter in a tragic accident recently and she
needs a child as much as you need a parent."

"The difficult part is, I want you to remain my student, and to live a fulfilling life with me
near to watch out for you. What will have to happen to do all these things is that Roger must be
gone. I will have to make you appear to be someone else entirely. Would you allow me to do that
for you?" Rhiannon asked.

"I guess so Miss Rhiannon. Who would I be?" Roger questioned.

"I want to make you so that no one would ever suspect that you are Roger, and to make
the lady who would be your mother happy again. That would mean I have to make you a girl,
Roger. You don't have to decide immediately, but I need an answer tonight, before things happen
that might make it awkward for us," Rhiannon cautiously put her plan to the sweet boy.

"Would you make it so I like being a girl?" Roger asked, with his eyes wide with wonder.

"I guarantee it. One thing that I must insist on though, is that you can never tell anyone
who I really am and what I can do. That can be hard sometimes, just ask Dawn, she's kept my
secret for forty years."

"It has been difficult godmother, but it has also been one of my greatest joys, knowing
you," Dawn squeezed her godmother's elbow to accent her admission.

"Won't the other kids know it's me in a dress?" Roger fretted.

"Let's see if you know it's you in a dress and I think that will tell you," Rhiannon stood,
holding her hands as she had with Hank, "Hem tullwysk a gwregoleth rak ty," the pink smoke
gathered about the boy, as she chanted. ( *** See translation at the end.)

The changes he underwent were nowhere near as drastic as his father had experienced.
Roger's nipples became soft and puffy, his face rearranged in such a way that he might be
mistaken for one of Rhiannon's relatives, as it took on a softer look. Unlike his father, Roger's
clothes morphed with him, becoming a pretty, pink, sun dress with knee high socks and patent
leather shoes.

Rhiannon took Roger over to a mirror, "Do you know this person?"

"Never seen her before," Roger admitted, looking the new him up and down, having trouble
believing it was he that looked back.

"Would you mistake what you see for a boy?"

"No way!" Roger agreed.

"Will you be this lovely girl for me, so that I may introduce you to your mother?" Rhiannon

Roger rather uncouthly, grabbed his crotch, to make certain that it was as it now felt to
him, "Wow this feels weird... but it's okay."

"You won't be looked at as a boy in a dress, or even as Roger who was turned into a girl,
you are a real girl and you don't look anything like you did. Your classmates will get to meet the
new girl," Rhiannon reassured the changed girl.

"What's my name? If I'm to be someone else what should I be called?"

"How about Tamara? That was the name of an old friend of mine. She was a protector
and a water goddess. Do you like that name?" Rhiannon asked the still stunned newly minted
"Did she have big boobs too?" she asked innocently.

Rhiannon and Dawn both laughed heartily.

"Yes, she was even bigger than I am," Rhiannon recalled, "A great river flowed from her
breasts to protect all of Cornwall."

"Wow, she had really big boobs then! Am I going to have boobs that big when I grow up?"

"Well, you won't be a goddess, but yes, you will have some lovely huge boobs. That is if
you want them," Rhiannon added the caveat to allow the new girl to decline having them.

"Oh no, if I have to be a girl I want to be pretty like you," Roger hugged Rhiannon tightly,
and knew that he was no longer Roger, but now, Tamara.

"Don't be alarmed now Tamara. Dawn and I need to change again," with that, Rhiannon
took on her 'official' persona and translated the three of them to the home of Tamara's potential
mother, Conni Cromwell.

They found Conni sitting at her kitchen table eating a light supper. When the three
popped into existence across the table from her, she dropped her fork with a clatter and a sharp
intake of breath.

"Fear not, Conni Ashleigh Cromwell. The goddess Rhiannon is not here to harm you.
Rhiannon has heard of your loss and broken heart. Rhiannon is here to offer something to fill
the hole in your heart. Know that should you accept, how well you perform will be closely
watched. Rhiannon offers you the opportunity to be mother to this orphan, who is part of her
heart. How say you Conni?"

"I must be dreaming... but on the wild chance that I'm not, yes, I would love to have
another daughter," Conni declared with a suspicious expression on her face.

"Conni, meet your new daughter, Tamara Ashleigh Cromwell. Come the morning, you will
discover that legally Tamara is the fraternal twin to the daughter you lost. Care for her well, lest
Rhiannon discover your failings," with that Rhiannon and Dawn disappeared, leaving Tamara
and Conni alone in the kitchen.

Tamara's Story - Tamara
I woke up in the middle of a big bed in what looked like a girl's room. I must have fallen
asleep in Miss Rhiannon's car.

Miss Rhiannon, in a golden dress stood near, with another golden lady, who has really big
muscles. The two of them seem to shimmer and glow as I stared at them.

I yelped, but Miss Rhiannon told me that she was really a Goddess. I know better than to
contradict grownups so I just listened.

She told me that she had punished my dad, but more likely, he's been arrested again,
which means that when he gets home I'm going to get it.

I started to believe her when she changed out of the golden dress right before my eyes and
I could finally see the face of the other woman.

Her voice changed too, now it was as she is at school.

The things she told me were so incredible and sad. She really must be a goddess
especially if the other woman is really younger than she is.

She told me that dad isn't dead, but that I won't see him again. Who will take care of me
now? True, dad wasn't much, but he was all I had.

When she offered me a new mother, that was tough enough to believe, but when she
added that she wanted me to be a girl too, I was starting to have trouble accepting that. Girls
look way different than boys do and I would look funny wearing a dress. Everyone would laugh
and call me names.

Miss Rhiannon turned golden again and said some strange words, which made me feel all
funny. The next thing I knew, I'm standing in front of a mirror looking at a really pretty girl that
I've never seen before, but her lips move when mine do.

I had to make sure the strange feeling I had between my legs was real, cause it felt like my
thing was gone. When I grabbed myself down there I knew it was true. It felt like my butt went
all the way from back to front!

If I wasn't sure that Rhiannon was a goddess before, I sure am now.

She named me after a friend, another goddess in fact. The funny part is that she says
when I grow up I'll have big boobs like her. That's cool because I always liked Miss Rhiannon's
big bumps. They make all the men act so silly when she's talking to them and she stands out
from all of the other women. I don't understand why some of them look at her so funny though.

Suddenly Miss Rhiannon... uh, no... Goddess Rhiannon, Dawn, and I are in another
house with a lady eating a salad. I think she almost passed out when we popped in.

Goddess Rhiannon asked her to be my mom and she accepted! This is neat. Maybe I will
be okay after all.

When Goddess Rhiannon and Dawn disappeared, my new mom and I were alone in her

"Y... y... you're still here?" Conni stammered.

"Yes mother, where else would I be?" I asked.

Mother leapt up from the table and grabbed me in a bear hug, "Oh dear god, I have a
daughter." She began soaking my new dress with her tears.

I wasn't sure how to take her crying so I asked her, "You are going to be my new mother,
aren't you?"

"I don't really know what just happened, but if it is true, I so want to be your mother, that
it hurts," Conni wept.

"It was real mother. The goddess Rhiannon promised to replace my father with a loving
mother," I told her, because if I'm a girl now, it had to be real.

"You had a father?" mother asked me.

"Yes, but Rhiannon punished him for hitting me so much and so, he can't be my father
anymore. She said you needed a daughter and I needed a mother. Am I okay for a daughter? I
don't know much about being a girl, but I'll try really hard," I promised.

"How can you not know how to be a girl sweetie?"

"Because I was a boy a half an hour ago," I told her.

The next thing I know, mom has passed out onto the floor. I didn't know moms got drunk
too, so I did as I would for dad. I slipped a comforter that I found on the sofa under her and
dragged her to the couch. Then I piled up cushions in front of the couch and rolled her up onto
the sofa, making sure that she was on her side, in case she threw up. I took off her dress and
folded it up on the coffee table so it wouldn't be wrinkled.

I put everything back where it was and then washed mom's plate. It took me a few
minutes to find out where she kept the dishes so I could put it away.

I went in to check on mom and she was okay. It was awfully quiet though. I'm used to
dad leaving the television blaring on some kind of sports game.

I was on my knees looking into her face to see if she was all right when her eyes opened.
That never happened with dad so I asked, "Are you okay mom?"

"What? What happened?" she mumbled.

"You passed out, just like dad used to. You're not going to hit me are you? I did
everything right didn't I?" I asked her worriedly.

"What? Where's my dress?"

"I folded it on the coffee table. I didn't know where you keep your clothes," I figured that
might be a good enough excuse that she wouldn't be mad.

"How the heck did you get me onto the sofa, little one?" Conni asked, now starting to come
fully awake.

"The same way I used to do for dad. He was a lot heavier, but I was a little stronger then
too. I made a pile of cushions and rolled you up there," I supplied. It's funny dad never asked
how he got onto the couch."

"You dear sweet thing! I'm so sorry!" Conni declared, weeping and holding Tamara tightly.
"I didn't 'pass out' honey. I fainted. I can't believe you took care of me though. I should be
taking care of you."

"That's okay, I'm used to it," I told her, "but I'm more used to getting hit than hugged. I
like being hugged a lot better."

"I don't know who your father was honey, but whatever Rhiannon did to him, I hope one
day he realizes what a treasure he lost. Come with me sweetie. I want to show you around your
new home," Conni said, picking me up and heading for the kitchen.

"Where... what happened to my dirty dishes?" Conni asked aloud.

"I washed them and put them away," I told her, but I began to tremble, thinking that she
might not have been done eating. "I hope you were done..."

"Oh my god! You're trembling. What's wrong honey?" Conni forgot all about the dishes.

"You're not going to hit me are you?" I worried.

"Never! I promise Tamara. I will never hit you, ever!" Conni swore.

"Okay..." I was glad she said that but it was hard to stop shaking.

"Don't worry, I was done eating. Thank you for cleaning up my mess too," she confirmed,
stroking my long blonde hair. "I am beginning to really hate your father dear. Why don't you try
to forget that life now and relax while we look around, okay?"

"Okay. Wow, you smell nice," I declared, nuzzling into her shoulder.

"Thank you honey. I will make you smell pretty and teach you everything about being a
girl. When you told me that you were a boy before, I couldn't handle all of the new things that
had happened tonight, that's why I fainted, not because I was inebriated... uh, drunk," Conni
realized that I might not know the big word.

"Uh, I think I need to go, but I don't know where the potty is and I never went as a girl
before," I informed my new mom.

"Oh my! Well, come on," she carried me to the bathroom and set me on the floor.

I went to pull out my thing, but it wasn't there anymore.

"You really were a boy! Here darling, pull your panties down and sit on the seat as if you
were going poop," she told me, while helping me with my soft undies.

"Gosh, those feel lots nicer than my old shorts," I said, holding onto her to steady myself.
Conni giggled, "Sweetie, if you like that, I promise that you'll never have to wear anything
but the softest, smoothest, prettiest things I can find. Okay, sit down."

I sat on the seat with my panties around my ankles and nothing happened. I looked over
to mother worriedly.

"Relax your butt muscles hon.," she instructed.

That seemed to work as I heard the pee flowing into the bowl, but it splashed all over my
bottom, "Oops, I got some pee on me..." I blushed.

Conni laughed brightly, "Sweetie, girls always do, that's why you have to wipe when you
are done. Here wipe like this," she showed me how by wiping my butt for me.

"Thank you," I told her, nobody had been this nice to me since mom died.

"It is my pleasure dear. Now pull up your panties and wash you hands."

We both washed our hands and when we were done, she hugged me again, "God, I love
you. I am so happy I can't hardly stand it."

"I love you too mother," I replied. It was strange calling her that, but it felt right.
Conni led me to a bedroom and walked me to the bed, which she lifted me onto, "This is
going to be your room. I know my daughter would want you to have all of her things. I kept it
just the way she had it before..." Conni couldn't finish that sentence.

"I'm sorry mommy," I held her and she stopped her tears.

"You are almost too good honey," Conni assured me, "I should be comforting you."

"Why? I have a new mom who won't hit me and a pretty room with lots of new things," I
asked her mystified as to her concerns.

"Never mind right now hon.. Tomorrow you and I are going shopping and I'm going to
spend a small fortune on you. Would you like that?" she smiled reassuringly.

"It's not my birthday or anything," I informed her because I didn't want her to spend a lot
of money for no reason.

"I know sweetie. I want to do something for you because you made me so happy. I want
you to have some of your very own things too, not just hand me downs."

"I don't mind using my sister's clothes and stuff," I offered. I must have said something
really bad because she began weeping really hard.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean it, whatever I said. Don't cry..." I frantically told her, hugging
her around the neck.

"No... no, Tamara, you didn't say anything wrong. You made me so happy when you
referred to my daughter as your sister. God she would have been so happy to have had you as a

"Okay, I just thought..."

"Shh... honey, it's getting late and I need to get you into a soft and pretty nightie," Conni
stated, standing and going to a drawer in the white, flower covered dresser, "Hmm, I think this is
the right one." Conni pulled out a sheer baby blue baby doll and held it up for Tamara to see.

"Girls wear those to bed?" I was astonished. I had never seen anything like it.

"Strip Tamara and I will enfold you in softness," Conni smiled knowing I would love the

I started taking off my shiny black shoes and socks, which wasn't difficult. Next, I
dropped the panties, but I couldn't find where the dress was fastened to me.

Conni giggled at my struggles and said, "Here honey, it's zippered up the back," and she
unzipped me, letting the dress fall to the floor.

I was surprised to find out that I had something around my chest, "What's this?"

"Oh my, honey, you're wearing a training bra already. Here, I'll get it off you," Conni told
me as she unhooked it.

I looked it over and saw a pretty, pink rose in the middle of it.

"Oh goodness, I guess you needed that bra too," Conni said in mild shock.

"Huh?" I said, looking down at my chest. I was surprised to see big soft nipples with tiny
bumps behind them, "What happened to me?"

"Nothing sweetie. You are just developing a little earlier than most girls your age. It's
nothing to worry about. I bet you will have boobs like your protector, Rhiannon, when you grow
up," she remarked chattily as she looked over my new body. "You are quite developed for a eight
year old. I suppose that was a gift from your goddess."

I was a little ashamed so I told mom, "I was afraid I wouldn't look like a girl when she
changed me. I think she wanted me to feel like a real girl."

"You sure look like one honey. Hold still, now step into these panties," Conni held them
for me to get into, "Now prepare yourself," she said as she floated the gossamer top over my head.

The silky feeling whispered to my soft skin all the way down. I shivered.

"Does that feel nice?"

"It makes me feel like I peed a little..." I confessed with a blush.

"That's what happens to girls when they get excited honey. It's like when your thing got
hard before, very natural, and good, for you. We'll talk about that more later though," she
assured me.

I yawned big.

"You must be tired sweetie, gosh, especially after hauling my big body around the house. I
can't thank you enough for that. You're so special. I promise to do my best to deserve an
extraordinary girl like you," she kissed my cheek, turned down the bed, put me into it, and then
tucked me in.

"Thanks," I said with a tear in my eye.

"What's the matter? Why the tear?"

"I haven't been tucked in since mom died..."
She hugged and kissed me saying, "Get used to it, because I'm tucking you in for a long

Mom turned out the lights and I let the darkness take me.

Hank's World - Hank

I was startled when those golden bitches appeared in my place, but when the one hugged
me, and I shrank, I knew that it was just another drunken nightmare.

Therefore when the little one with huge giant knockers started chanting and turned me
into a booby slut, it was just more nightmare to me. Of course, I've never orgasmed like that in a
dream, but there is the first time for everything.

When I woke up though and saw the huge woman with the muscles towering over me I
began to think it might not have been a dream.

The woman grabbed my huge nipple and twisted it painfully and I screeched in a voice so
high I scared myself.

"Wondering where these lovely nipples came from bitch? Are you wondering why I'm so
big and you're so small?" Dawn began her training of the new addition to her stable. "Well if you
remember in your drunken stupor, I took your strength and a very pissed off goddess made you
into a slut."

"Got to wake up now Hank," I told myself in a Munchkin high female voice. "Got to make
sure that worthless kid made my lunch and left for school..."

That statement got me punched square in the mouth, bam! I had never seen stars like
that before. I screamed like a sissy. 'What the hell is going on?' I thought.

"If ever I hear you refer to that incredible, loving child like that again bitch, you will regret
it for all time!" Dawn screamed into Hank's swollen lipped face.

'Maybe that could get me out of this?' I thought, so I said, "Where is Roger?"

"There is no Roger anymore. Roger was taken by the goddess Rhiannon to his reward for
putting up with a scumbag father like YOU!" Dawn screamed three inches from Hank's new face.
Dawn smiled and added, "Not that you could father anything with the pussy between your
legs now! Haw, haw, haw!"

My hand moved like lightning to my crotch to confirm what I already knew to be true.
"Horny already this morning Hanky? That I am prepared to help you out with," Dawn
declared, moving back away from Hank.

"Stand up bitch, you need a bath!" Dawn ordered.

I must not have stood quickly enough, because Dawn snatched my hair and pulled me to
my tiny feet. "Ahh," I yelled.

"You had better get it through that air head of yours slut, you do what I say, when I say it,
and as quickly as possible! You got that slut?" Dawn whispered menacingly into my shell-like

"Yes ma'am," I squeaked back.

"I love the silly voice Rhiannon gave you, it makes you sound like such a sex toy," Dawn
exclaimed, "Now, follow me and be quick about it."

She set me back onto my feet, which were hard to keep flat on the floor as I followed her.
The way my body jiggled and shook with every step was distracting to say the least. I found
myself staring at the giant mountains of flesh hanging off the front of me, getting hotter with
every step.

"That's right, take your drooling snatch into the bath tub and start washing," she

I was too frightened of what she might do if I disobeyed, so I quickly climbed into the
warm, sweet smelling bath water. "Ooh," I moaned as the oily water swept over my voluptuous

"I can see your new body's imperatives have begun to take over. Soon you will be
operating on autopilot. Yielding to that body's every yearning," Dawn laughed demonically.

I forgot what she was talking about almost immediately. The feeling of the soap sliding
over my soft, smooth body was foremost in my thoughts. When I soaped up my voluminous
breasts I nearly slipped below the water. Every rub on them had me moaning and my split
bottom was nearly burning with desire.

"Do you like having boobs Hanky? Where is that macho swinging dick attitude now?"
Dawn taunted, even though she knew that, my feminized male mind was enshrouded in the
pleasures of my new flesh. She knew I could hear her, but was unable to do anything about it.

After I had washed all over, though my being new to femininity, I hadn't known that I
missed a vital spot, so the muscle broad said, "That was very good Hanky, but you missed a

Dawn took a fat douche bag from a nearby hanger and hung it back up near the tub.
When she grabbed the business end to hand to me, my eyes grew round as teacup saucers, "You
need to shove this up inside you hon.. I'll handle turning the flow on."

I knew that if I didn't immediately do as she ordered, I would wind up in pain. I grabbed
the penis shaped end from her and began slowly easing it into my new cunt.

'This is so humiliating!' I thought as it pushed out the inner walls of my vagina.

I knew about douching. I was married at one time, but this wasn't quite the same. I could
feel a warm, thick oil begin oozing out from between my legs into the water, "What the Fuck?" I

I was slapped upside my head, "My bitches don't swear. Don't make me remind you
again!" Dawn growled.

Everything seemed to feel better, or hurt more than I have ever experienced before. I was
almost shocked when I began crying.

"Aw, did I hurt the big strong Hanky?" Dawn asked in a 'cutie' voice. "How's it feel to be
the little, soft, easily-hurt person? Don't you wish you were that big strong mean asshole that
you were yesterday? It wouldn't have done you any good though. I am easily twice as strong as
you ever were."

"However, I don't want you to think that I will hit you whenever you do something wrong.
You won't be hit, after your training is complete. Until then, I must be strict. You will be in
training for at least a month so get used to it, bitch. The more feminine you act, the less likely
you are to be punished. You are here to learn to be a proper slut, and you will learn it well."

"Ah, it looks like your lubrication is finished. Pull out the probe but insert this right
away," Dawn handed me a penis shaped dildo with an indent around the base next to the flat

I whimpered but did as she ordered. The dildo slid in easily, bottomed out and my labia
tightened around the indent, keeping the dildo from falling out.

Dawn grabbed a towel and had me stand while she draped it around me, helping me out of
the tub. I started to rub myself dry with the towel and quickly discovered that my new skin was
way too delicate for that kind of thing.

"I bet you won't forget that lesson. It hurts to rub a towel on your girly soft skin now,
doesn't it?"

"Y... yes," I stammered.

"You are just a sissy weak girl now Hanky. Here, you need two towels now that you're a
girl," Dawn said, handing me a towel for my long blonde hair.

I looked at it, but had no idea how to wrap it around my head.
"You are pathetic! Here, flip your hair forward, now wrap the towel like this," Dawn

Once she had it on me I looked at myself in the mirror. I saw an incredibly sexy 'Gent
Magazine' type model in a big fluffy towel staring back at me. A tear began rolling down her
cheek as I watched.

"Aw, poor baby. Maybe you should have been a human being and you wouldn't be in that
gorgeous sexy body. You heard Rhiannon's curse, didn't you?"

"I heard her say some mumbo jumbo," I replied.

"Yah, well that mumbo jumbo is an ancient Celtic language. I'll translate it for you. The
first thing she said was, 'Your strength transfers to Dawn,' which you probably could have
guessed from the outcome. The second thing she said was, 'Goddess Rhiannon sentences this
wicked person to the suitable curse of womanly beauty and yearning.' I'll let that meaning unfold
to you over the next couple of weeks," Dawn said, snickering.

"Now, slip these panties on and then I'll help you with the bra," Dawn told me, handing me
some pink lacy panties.

I pulled those on without incident, but when she wrapped the bra around me and fastened
it in place, I moaned like a slut.

"Good girl. Acting like a slut is exactly what I want to see. Keep that up and maybe you
will be through with training early," Dawn declared while she finished the adjustment of the

I wasn't expecting the garter belt she slipped onto me, or the silk stockings, which followed

When the slip flowed over me as if it were whispering to my skin all the way down, I
shuddered and moaned, which made Dawn quite happy.

"Hanky, look at those nipples poking through your bra as if they were screaming, 'Horny
bitch here'," Dawn snickered as she ran her hand over my protruding nipples, which only served
to make them more pronounced. "Just like walking around with a boner."

I could feel my face heat up.

"Well, you have blushing down. Let's go on to the next sissy girl lesson. First though, you
might want to pee," she pointed to the toilet.

'Oh, pee,' I thought. 'Okay, no stupid typical male mistakes.'

I walked over to the toilet. Pulled down my panties... well I tried to pull down my panties.
They stopped right at the top of my nylons.

"This lesson is to remind you that when wearing a garter and hose, always lace the straps
of the garter through your panties so that you can slip them off when you want to pee," Dawn

I unlatched the hose and pulled my panties down, and then I could sit and pee. I even
remembered to wipe my... my... my butt, before standing back up. This time I affixed my garter
straps to the hose and then pulled my panties up. 'Oh my god, did I just think that? 'I pulled up
my panties'?' I thought to myself in near panic.

"You look like you've just come to the realization that you'll be wearing panties for the rest
of your days, didn't you Hanky?" Dawn mocked. "Well it's even worse than that, but you'll figure
that out for yourself soon enough."

I made no reply. I simply smoothed the slip along my flanks.

"Well, here is your dress for today," Dawn said, proffering a shimmering black silk dress.
I was afraid to take it, for I knew that putting it on would make me shiver and moan, but I
also knew that if I didn't Dawn would kick my ass.

I did my best to put it on without allowing it to caress my body, but no matter how careful
I was the last couple of inches was all it took.

This time Dawn only smiled and then said, "How do you like that cleavage out in front of
you hon.?"

I looked for the first time at what was a half an acre of cleavage jutting off the front of me.
How could I have ignored this for so long? I reached up and supported my bra-encased boobs
with my hands.

To say that I moaned would be an understatement. The silk of the dress, the feel of my
hands on my boobs, and the feel of the lace on my hands, all worked together to promote the
sexiest feeling I've ever experienced.

When I began rubbing my boobs from below and moaning harder Dawn stopped me
saying, "Not yet my pretty, soon though. Put your motor on idle for a short while." She was
almost gentle in the way she said it, which surprised me more than if she'd hit me.
I released the girls and followed her, when she beckoned.

"You need to eat something Hanky," she stated as she led me to a small kitchenette.
I saw there were sausages and eggs benedict waiting there, "Is that for me?"

"It sure is honey. Meet me back in your room when you're done," Dawn said, and then left
the room.

I sat down, being careful to smooth my dress before I sat down. (Where in the hell did that
come from?) I looked at my breakfast and was entranced in a way foreign to me. The sausages
looked very good so I licked one to see if I liked it. That was nice, so I picked it up, and to my
disgust, I stuck it whole into my mouth, licking it and sucking the juices out of it.

I was grossed out when I realized that I was giving a sausage a blowjob! I dropped the
thing as if it were a snake, and then picked up the English muffin with the egg on it. My tongue
flicked out and came back coated with the thick salty goo of the egg and hollandaise sauce. It
tasted wonderful, so I licked it until there was no more of the salty thick liquid left.

Only after I had finished off licking the egg clean, did I realize that it was about the same
consistency and near what I had heard from ladies what sperm tasted like.

I've been made into a wanton female sex machine. I knew right then that there would be
no sex act, which I could decline. I would yearn for a sex from anyone!

I walked back to my room on the high heels that Dawn had me wear, with my blonde
haired head hung down in defeat. No matter how hard I tried, I'd be a sex toy for anyone who
would have me.

I opened the door to my room, was greeted by Dawn, who looked up from the book she
was reading, (Written by some hack whose name started with a W...) "Ah, all done with breakfast
already? Great, wait here and I'll be back in a minute," she declared as she stood and left.

She returned a few minutes later with a ravishing beauty in tow, "Hanky, I want you to
meet Duany. I'll be back after you two sluts get to know each other better." Dawn left chuckling
to herself.

Duany remarked as Dawn left, "Oh my god, Hanky, you got it bad didn't you?"
"You look pretty hot too, so why do you think that I 'got it' bad?" I asked the buxom
fantasy before me.

"The sheer size of your boobs and your height, Rhiannon makes you shorter and bustier
for worse offenses," Duany supplied, "and you are the shortest, bustiest one of all of us."
"All of us?" I asked with trepidation.

"There are eleven of us here right now, but I think that Darrel will be leaving soon," Duany
informed me.

I was shaking and biting my lip by then, so Duany said, "Yup, you got it bad alright. It's
okay Hanky, I want you almost as much as you want me." She approached me and caressed my
huge protruding nipples.

"Ooh, that feels so good," I moaned and returned the favor.

She planted her big soft lips against mine and forced her tongue into my mouth, which I
accepted without complaint. She pushed me down onto the bed and popped one of my giant
boobs out of the top of my dress.

I was helpless to resist. All I could do was try to stimulate her as she expertly played my
nipple into a clenched point of intense pleasure firing lightning into my helpless brain.
I could feel her unzip my dress, so I helped her shrug the silken garment from my
yearning feminine body, leaving me in my lingerie.

She popped my other breast out of my bra and assaulted my other nipple while she
shrugged off her own dress.

My goodness her lingerie was pretty and she filled it out so well.

Freeing her own boobs from the top of her bra caused me to salivate like one of Pavlov's
dogs. She knew how it affected me and was considerate enough to place her nipple to my lips
while she slid her hand down towards my quivering moistness.

When I was a man, yesterday, I would have been in heaven making love to this stunning
beauty, and now that I'm a woman, I'm still in ecstasy.

I could feel what seemed to me to be a lake of warm cum flowing from my cunt. I needed
to know if she was as hot as she was making me, so my flailing arm finally brought my hand to
her mons veneris, which I could follow down to her wanton pussy. As I was hoping, her thighs
were soaking wet with her own lubrication.

"Oh, yes baby, I'm just as hot as you are. I'm reveling in your delicious femininity," Duany
encouraged as she slipped her hand down to cup my vulva. "Wow, you are one hell of a juicy
'Why does that turn me on?' I thought.

I began desperately finger banging her molten hot pussy with my hand and squeezing my
nipple with my other hand.

I shuddered through an intense orgasm and expected to be done, and then help Duany
through her orgasm, but she didn't even, slow down. I was riding the crest of an orgasmic wave
ready to pound through another mind numbing orgasm when Duany shuddered through her first

I could hardly believe it when her orgasming brought on another one of my own, and still
she didn't stop.

The shock I experienced when she poked her finger inside be was mitigated by the ecstasy
which washed over me like a tsunami. I didn't even protest when she invaded me with her
second or third fingers, and in fact, I began to yearn for even more, while I quivered through
orgasm after orgasm.

I had long since ceased to be able to reciprocate to Duany the sexual stimulation she was
giving me, I could only lie there and gush out huge tidal waves of juice in orgasm after orgasm.
I was happy when Duany placed her shaven nether lips to my face so I could lick up all of
her liquid love, as I ducked my squirmy tongue inside her labia for a clit tickle from time to time.
When she came all over my face, she drenched my hair and shoulders, but when she screamed
into my cunt as she came, it triggered an incredible multiple orgasm for me.

I think I went a little crazy during that lesbian tongue fuck. My brain couldn't think of
anything but fucking and Duany accommodated my desires. We were laying there, tongue
fucking each other for over four hours straight when my brain finally couldn't handle it anymore
and I fainted from orgasm-overload.

A New Day for Tamara - Tamara
I woke up from an incredibly refreshing sleep with a yawn and a stretch. When I felt the
silky material shifting and tickling me as I moved and it all came back to me flooding my mind.
However, for some reason it made me smile.

I rolled out of bed and padded my way into the bathroom, sat down and pee-peed, then
wandered out of my room yawning.

I must not have been completely awake yet, because I sleepily went to the kitchen, made
two sandwiches, packed two lunches, cooked some eggs and sausages in the microwave, and
then set them out on the breakfast table. (Aunt Jemima Great Starts.)

I padded my way back up the hallway to the master bedroom, opened the door, and was
shocked to see a woman lying there!

"Oops! Duh, where's my head?" I whispered loudly to myself, slapping my forehead.
"Is that you sweetie?" Conni mumbled from the bed, "Come crawl in here with me for a
minute honey."

I crawled into bed with her and she hugged me to her tightly, "Did you wake up feeling
scared honey? Is that why you're in here?"

"Uh no, I was coming to wake my dad up," I admitted, "Breakfast is on the table in the
kitchen and our lunches are waiting on the counter for us."

"Oh my god! You're a better mother than I am dear. Are you always up this early?" Conni
was stunned.

"I'm not a better mother..." I declared and then started to tear up.

"It was a compliment Tamara. Honest, I don't need you to be the mother for me. I want
you to have a real childhood. If you want to do things for me, it's okay, but you have to get used
to me praising you and hugging the stuffing out of you when you do. Is that okay hon.?" Conni
kissed my cheek and went right back to hugging me.

"We don't want your breakfast to get cold, so we better get up and head to the kitchen,"
Conni declared, releasing me and flopping open the covers for us both to crawl out of bed.

She held my hand as we entered the kitchen, "Oh my god! You fried sausages and eggs by

"No, I microwaved them and then put them on plates. That's okay isn't it?" I was starting
to tremble again. Conni had raised her voice and that was usually a cue for me to be hit.
"Oh god, you're shaking again," she picked me up into her arms, "I wasn't angry baby. I
was really impressed that you can do all of this by yourself."

"Okay... I was just a little scared," I informed her, as I slowly calmed back down.
"Here, sit down and enjoy the breakfast you made, while I sit over here. You are an
incredible child Tamara. Napkins, orange juice, and silverware all laid out in a proper setting.
Who taught you how to do that?"

"M... m... my old mom," I admitted, not wanting to insult Conni.

"Baby, it's alright to talk about your mother from before, at least with me it is. We don't
want you overheard in public doing it though. Rhiannon said that the rest of the world will think
you're my other natural born daughter, so it might be difficult to explain, okay?" Conni coached,
while readying a fork full of eggs to be eaten.

I had already stuffed a sausage into my mouth whole so I couldn't reply. I just nodded.

She laughed, "Tamara we will have to work on your girliness I can see. Girls take small
bites honey. Don't worry about it right now though. I want to get us dressed and down to the
shopping mall so we can go shopping wild."

"Is shopping fun?" I asked as I finally swallowed.

"Most girls enjoy shopping," she stated after swallowing. "I'm hoping you will have fun

"I will. I promise," I announced.

"You can't know that baby. I won't be upset with you if you don't like it. If you have fun
or you don't have fun, I honestly want to know. I care about how you feel," Conni stated, with a
slightly worried look on her face.

"Are you upset with me?"

"No dear. I am worried that I won't be a good enough mother to make up for what you
have been through," Conni admitted, "I promise to try though. I just wish I could talk to your
goddess once in a while and ask her advice."

"Oh, that's easy. You can talk to her any time, but you must promise to never call her the
'g' word in public. You would have figured out who she is sooner or later anyway. The first
parent-teacher conference would have done it. Rhiannon is my teacher."

Conni's jaw dropped open, "Your teacher is a goddess?"

"Don't pass out again..." I said worriedly.

"Wow," Conni exclaimed, "Well, we better put our dishes in the dishwasher and go get

"Your dishwasher works? Neat!" I jumped up, opened the dishwasher door, and we both
placed our dirty dishes in it.

We left the kitchen together and mom ran a bathtub full of pretty smelling bubbles for me
to wash in, while she took a shower in her bathroom. I was still splashing around in the tub
when she came in wearing a towel around her middle and top, with another one around her head
like a turban.

She was carrying her cell phone, "Hello? Yes, Matilda? This is Conni Conway. I won't be
in for work today. No, I'm feeling fine. I just have to go shopping with my daughter Tamara. She
needs some new things for school right away. I didn't tell you about my, darling Tamara? Gosh,
I felt sure I must have... Well, I'll swing by work sometime today and introduce you. Will that
make up for it? Ha! Yes, okay I will. Bye-bye." Conni hung up the cell phone and tucked it into
her cleavage for the time being.

"Well, you have had time to wash most of you, now I need to show you how to wash the
girl parts," Conni advised.

When I was all clean and pretty smelling, mommy patted me dry with a big fluffy towel. I
was then, spritzed all over with a moisturizer and mom sprayed FDS on my privates, which made
me jump because it was cold.

Mom pulled some soft pink panties up my legs. When it came time to put my bra on,
mom said I would have to wear the same one I had on yesterday, but that was okay because it
felt good holding onto my jiggly nipples.

Mom had me wear a pink wraparound skirt with a blouse covered with flowers and a pair
of white knee-high sock that she showed me how to double over the tops of my socks. She told
me that would help keep them up.

She found me a pair of my sister's shoes that almost fit, and had me wear them. She
wadded up some toilet tissue and stuffed it in the toes so they didn't fall off when I walked.

"Now what to do with your beautiful hair?" she mused, "I know, brush it out and use a
couple of hair clips to keep it out of your beautiful eyes."

Once that was done she declared, "One more thing and I'll get started on myself." Conni
took a small spray bottle and sprayed my wrists, neck and the backs of my knees, "There, now
you're perfect! Do you want to watch me get ready?"

"Um... won't I see you naked?" I asked worriedly.

"Well, at least somewhat, but dear remember, you look like me now. Some day you will be
wearing big girl clothes too. It's only fair too, I saw you naked," Conni laughed and kissed my

"Okay," I agreed, "It's all new to me. Who would have thought girls have a butt on the
front and the back?" I shook my head in wonder.

Conni nearly fell down laughing at me, "I have never heard anyone put it quite that way
sweetheart! Ah... I can see that looking at womanhood through your eyes is going to be an
experience," she stated, wiping the tears of laughter from her eyes. "Come on then, let's take all
four of our butts to my room."

Mom showed me how pretty big girl's panties are, how to put on pantyhose, and the
difference between my training bra and one that holds up real boobies. She showed me how big
girl dresses contour around a woman's hourglass figure, how to match colors and cloths, how to
pick my earrings and jewelry, and how much more complicated doing your hair and makeup
becomes when you're grown up.

Mom even put a little makeup on me so 'I would feel pretty'. I've never felt pretty before,
but I think I like it.

We put together a purse that my sister used to use and then mom and I were off to the
mall. I was really excited to ride in her Jaguar. The leather was as soft as butter, but I was
careful not to get anything dirty. I kept my hands in my lap so she wouldn't get upset with me.

The mall was a scary and exciting place. When we were walking into it, I grabbed mom's
legs and held onto her tightly. She waddled us over to the side and gently asked, "What's the
matter hon.?"

"I'm wearing a dress... won't people laugh at me?"

"Relax will you, I'm wearing a dress too, and nobody will laugh at either one of us. Pretty
women look good in dresses, and like it or not sweetie, you're a little fox. Remember, you are one
of the people with a butt in the front and in the back now. Oh, and don't get nervous if boys are
watching you. It just means they want to be your friend. Okay, are you ready now?" Conni
explained patiently.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be a sissy..." I apologized.

Conni stopped us and quickly squatted down to my level, "Tamara, don't ever apologize for
being a sissy. You are a girl. If you want to be a sissy, or act like a delicate little flower, I want
you to do it. You don't have any macho ass who is going to punish you for being a sissy and if
anyone ever makes fun of you I'll hear about it and they will wish Rhiannon had dealt with them

"I want you to go into that mall with me and act like the most sissy person in the whole
place okay?" she ordered, with a smile on her face so I wouldn't be frightened.

"I'll try," I agreed.

We went into the mall and right into the first store with girl's fashions we came to, the
Nordstrom's department store.

There wasn't a very good selection of dresses there and the jeans were very expensive.
Nevertheless, mom was excited about all the pretty shoes. I saw a pair that were sissy to the
max and I asked to try them on.

The store lady measured my foot and came back with the pink 'Linea Paolo ´Anabela´
Pump', in my size.

"I think these look sissy mom. Can I have them?" I asked with an earnest look on my face.

Mom smiled brightly and told the sales lady with the shocked look on her face, "Wrap
them up. We'll take them."

Just like that and I had a pair of pink high heels.

Mom hugged me from the side and whispered, "Thank you hon.. I feel better, don't you?"

"Yes, I do feel better. Especially because you're happy," I told her with smile.

When mom was paying for the shoes, the sales lady told her, "Ma'am, I envy your
relationship with your daughter. You have no idea how many young girls come in here fighting
with their mothers over everything. I hope you know how lucky you are."

"Thank you. That's nice of you to notice. Tamara and I are more like best friends than
mother and daughter. She's the most precious thing in the world to me."

We left the store with shoebox in hand and walked down the mall.

"Mom?" I whispered.

"Yes hon.?"

"Does the way your dress hits the back of your legs when you walk make you feel funny?"

"Well, I haven't thought about it in many years honey, but yes it feels nice. It's as if the
dress is telling me I'm a woman with every step. Is that how it feels to you?" Conni asked back.

"It kind of makes me feel all warm down there," I told her confidentially.

"Do you like it, is really all you should ask yourself I think," mom informed me.

We slipped into the 'Old Navy' store and mom had me try on jeans and t-tops. It was
apparently very important how your jeans made your butt look, so I spent most of my time
showing my butt to mom who would hem and haw over whether they were acceptable or not.

I saw this pink linen ruffled skirt hanging on a rack as I went back to change out of
another pair of jeans and into a new pair, but I slipped on the skirt instead and when I came out
to model it for mom, she clapped her hands together and giggled into them. I blushed, figured
that I must look stupid, and was getting ready to bolt back into the changing room when mom
stopped me.

"No honey, I wasn't laughing at the skirt! It's very pretty. I really like it on you. I was just
incredibly happy that you surprised me with it. Did you pick that color for a reason?"
I looked down at my feet, "I thought it would look nice with my new shoes..."

"I'm so proud of you!" she squealed, "Here, put your shoes on and let's see how they look

When I walked around in them mom told me, "You have a terrific color sense girl. Put the
skirt in the keepers pile."

We wound up with a couple big bags full of clothes so mom took us back to the car to load
it all into the trunk.

Farther down the mall, I started noticing that we were being watched, so I shook mom's
elbow and whispered, "They're staring at us."

She whispered back, "Are their mouths open, and are any of them drooling?"

"Yup, lots of open mouths and one young guy, was drooling a little," I supplied.

"That's because you are turning them on girl. They think you're beautiful and desirable.
Hey, do you want to grab a bite to eat?"

"Out of one of those guys?" I asked.

"No silly, a bite of lunch. You're not old enough for a bite of one of those guys," she
laughed. "I was thinking more on the line of a sandwich or a salad."

We both had salads and resumed shopping in several other stores. I've never changed
clothes so much in a single day in my life.

Mom really surprised me right before it was time to call it a day, "One last mission and
then we're out of here." She walked me up to a jewelry booth, spoke with the counter person,
and came back to me, "We're ready for you Tamara. Sit over there in that chair."

"W... w... what are you going to do?" I stammered.

"I won't try to fool you baby girl, this will probably hurt a bit, but it is a right of passage all
women go through, and I think you are old enough. We're going to pierce your ears."

"Oh, okay I think I can take it," I said bravely.

Conni held out a pair of diamond and gold studs, "I bought these for you. They are real
diamonds so don't loose them."

I gulped and nodded my head.

The sales girl smiled at me and said, "It won't hurt much hon.. I'm going to hold this piece
of ice on your earlobe for a minute and then use this," she held up some kind of punch, "To put a
hole in your earlobe for your new earrings. Hold still now."

"Snick, Snick," and she said, "There that wasn't so bad was it?" while she stuck my
earrings in for me. "Those look fantastic on you!"

"Do you really think so?" I asked her.

"You bet I do. Here see for yourself," she held up a mirror for me to see.

I saw the pretty girl I was now, with two glittery diamonds reflecting the lights of the store
from the center of my earlobes, "They do bring out the golden highlights in my hair, don't they?"

"They're gorgeous Tamara," mom declared.

"Tamara? That's a pretty name. Where's it from?"

"I was named after the Cornish Goddess Tamara who is the guardian of the Tamar River in
Cornwall England," I informed her.

"Wow! That's really beautiful. You're mom and dad named you Tamara, that's really
special," she enthused.

"Worse than that actually. The Goddess Rhiannon named me," I corrected her.

"T... that's nice..." she stammered confusedly.

Conni leaned over to her and said, "It's a pagan thing."

"Oh!" the girl remarked as if she understood as to what Conni was referring.

We left there and Conni laughed and told me on the way back out to the car, "You freaked
that salesgirl out. Perhaps you would be better off letting people think that I named you. I know
it's not the truth, but we need to protect Rhiannon's identity. Can you do that?"

"Oh sure, I'm good with secrets. I never told anybody about my dad breaking my arm or

Conni stopped right there, grabbed me, and hugged me tight, crying big alligator tears
onto my dress.

After she recovered, she piled me into the Jag and we left the parking lot. We pulled into
the county/city building's parking lot and mom took my hand as she led me into the building,
through the metal detectors.

"Good afternoon Ms. Conway," the lady guard said, "Is this your niece?"

"Actually Billie, this is my other daughter, Tamara. Tamara, this is Billie," mom
introduced us.

"I didn't know you had another daughter."

"Yes, Tamara and Deidre were fraternal twins," mom told her.

"I'm so sorry about your sister hon.," Billie told me with a hug.

"I miss her," I admitted with my own tear rolling down my cheek.

Once we were away mom said, "Either you are an incredible actress, or you really do miss
Deidre. How is that hon.?"

"I feel her, when I'm with you and when I explore my new room. I just wish she was still
with us," I told her, another tear rolling down my face.

"That's the sweetest thing..." mom held me to her, "I know she would have loved you too.
Right now we need to stop in briefly with my secretary and then we'll hurry off to your school."

We entered a big office reception area and walked up to the lady sitting behind the desk,
and mom said, "Matilda, I'm proud to introduce my daughter, Tamara. Tamara, this is Matilda,
my secretary and good friend."

"I'm very pleased to meet you," Matilda held her hand out limply for me to shake.

I wasn't having any of that from one of mom's 'good friends'. I slipped around her desk
and hugged the stuffing out of her, "Nice to meet you Ms. Matilda."

"Whoa," Matilda giggled, "You are definitely my favorite 'boss's daughter."

"I like her mom. Can we keep her?"

"I'm so glad you two are getting along, but we have an appointment to keep. I'm sorry to
run out on you so quickly Matilda. I'll see you tomorrow around noon-ish. Say bye-bye to the
world's best secretary Tamara," Conni announced while moving towards the door.

"Bye, world's best secretary Ms. Matilda. I hope to see you again soon," I said and let mom
drag me back out to the Jaguar, and we were off again.

I began to recognize the streets near my school and asked, "Are you taking me to school

"Yes, I need to talk to your teacher about your enrollment. Your classmates should be
leaving school right about now. Do you know which car is your teacher's?"

"Oh sure, everybody at school knows which car she drives!"

"What kind of car is it?"

"The red Ferrari. You can't miss it," I pointed to it as we entered the parking lot.
Conni parked right next to it and we waited until Rhiannon was walking to her car to get
out of the Jag.

"Hi Conni. Hi Tamara. Are you ready to come to school tomorrow?" Rhiannon greeted us.

I ran up to her and hugged her as tight as I could, "Thank you so much!"

"Whoa, it's okay baby. I was happy to do it."

Conni came near, "I'd hug the stuffing out of you too if I knew you wouldn't object."

"I never object to hugs Ms. Cromwell," Miss Rhiannon reached out to accept mom into our

"I needed to thank you Miss Rhiannon. Tamara is the best daughter I could have ever
prayed for," Conni enthused.

"Yes, I knew she would be."

"Do I need to do anything so she can come to school tomorrow?"

"That's all taken care of, but you must remember that Tamara will have some very special
needs apart from her schooling," Rhiannon reminded her.

"I have discovered that and I couldn't be more willing to deal with them. I just need to
know..." Conni didn't finish the last part.

"Have no fear Conni, even you couldn't dream up a more suitable punishment that was
meted out. Tamara? Would you wait in the Jaguar while your mom and I talk?"
"Sure Miss Rhiannon."

"By the way, you are looking ravishing, and those earrings are gorgeous!"

I blushed all the way down to my knee-highs, "Thank you Miss Rhiannon." I curtseyed
and went to the car to wait.

Private Conversation - Narrator
"Did you teach her that already?" Miss Rhiannon asked.

"No, I didn't. That is one incredible person. Did you know she used to put her heavy
drunken father onto the sofa when he passed out inebriated? I only found out after I fainted
when Tamara told me some of her former life and woke up on the sofa with my dress neatly
folded on the coffee table and my dinner dishes washed and put away. I vow that will never
happen again though. Do you know that kid woke me up this morning with breakfast on the
table and our lunches packed for the day? The poor little thing expected to be beaten for doing it
too. Every time I think about her father breaking her arm, I want to scream!"

"Right now her father is a four foot ten inch tall slut with boobs almost as big as she is
tall. She's so gorgeous that she spends all of her time wishing she could fuck herself and since
she can't, she has compulsions to fuck anything that will come near her. She is just a pair of tits
and a cunt yearning to fuck anything, who is so weak she can barely hold up her own tits, for the
rest of her life," Rhiannon related.

"A fitting end for a womanizing child beating bully. I feel better knowing though. Don't
worry. I won't tell Tamara what became of that asshole."

"Good, I don't want her thinking that her becoming a girl was a punishment. What she is
and what her father has become are two different things. Tamara is a normal beautiful girl who
deserves a much better life than she had and I'm counting on you to give it to her," Rhiannon
looked Conni straight in the eye so there was no mistaking her meaning.

"It's hard not to blubber like baby when she tells me things sometimes. I try not to
because she thinks I'm going to hit her when I do," Conni's tears began streaming down her face.

"I know Conni. It was all I could do to keep from burning him into a charcoal stump. I
console myself with the knowledge of how Hank will serve man now," Rhiannon admitted looking
far away in the sky.

"Well Rhiannon, I want to invite you to dinner on Friday night," Conni suggested.

"Oh, darn, I would love to come over but my band and I are booked up on Fridays and
Saturdays for quite some time. Could we make it tomorrow night? I'll bring something,"
Rhiannon really wanted Conni and Tamara to know that she would be there for them if she were
ever needed.

"Perfect! I know that Tamara will be so happy! My emotions are riding a rollercoaster with
her. I'm deliriously happy one moment and then next sad and mournful, which leads right into
madder than hell, and back to so happy I could bust," Conni babbled.

"Sometimes I wish I could have a..." Rhiannon's voice faded off into the distance.

"Would you be Tamara's godmother?"

Rhiannon smiled knowing that once again, she has a semi-daughter to love and cherish,
"It would be my honor and my pleasure."

"Do you want to tell her tomorrow night?"

Rhiannon smiled, "How about we have Goddess Rhiannon proclaim it?"

"Uh, sure... between you and me though, she can be scary."

"She's a pushover, believe me," Rhiannon smiled brightly and all of Conni's concerns
melted away.

"Wonderful, I'll expect you at say 6:00?"

"I'll be there, and don't worry, I already know my way there."

Conni just had to hug Rhiannon one more time before they parted ways.

Mom and Me - Tamara
We met back up when mom climbed in the car with me, but Rhiannon leaned in my
window and placed a big soft-lipped kiss right on my mouth!

My eyes opened in surprise but she didn't hold it long and it felt so good.

"Take care sweetie. I'll see you in school tomorrow and then for dinner tomorrow night.
Bye Conni, take care of my girl," Rhiannon waved as she turned and slid into her Ferrari.

"How does she afford that on a schoolteacher's wages," Conni wondered aloud.

"Mom... Rhiannon is thousands of years old," I supplied. "She is also the lead singer for
'Sweet-n-Evil. I don't think she needs to be a teacher, if she didn't want to be one."

"Woof! I never thought of that. I guess she just stuns me," Conni admitted to me as she
brought the Jaguar's engine to life and we headed home.

Lacy Hanky - Hank
I awakened feeling so satisfied. I'd never felt like this before. I expected to see Duany
lying beside me, but my bed was empty except for me.

I looked myself over and found that someone had fitted my hugely boobed body into a
teddy, and yes, this was pink as well. I suppose I had better get used to the fact that I would be
wearing pink a lot.

I got up, went over to the room's toilet, and sat down for a pee. A tear dropped from my
eye as I remembered standing up to pee just a day or so ago. I'm trapped in this girl body, but
suddenly I got an idea. 'Maybe I could make a deal to get my body back, or maybe I could buy it
back... yah there's hope!' I thought as I wiped my pee soaked pussy.

I went back to my bed and sat there formulating a plan.

Suddenly the golden visage of Rhiannon popped into being right in front of me. She didn't
say a word. She just stood there with her fists on her hips and glared at me.

"Miss Rhiannon... no, ah Goddess Rhiannon, is there any way I can earn my manhood
back? Any repentance I, can perform? Is there a fine I could pay to be changed back into my
former self?" I begged, hoping for any sign of forgiveness.

The room became electric. Huge bolts of lightning shot all around us. I dropped to my
knees hoping that might appease her.

I then heard in a voice that filled the room and my soul, "You fucking broke his arm you
piece of human trash! That little angel took care of you as if he was your mother, and you
fucking broke his arm! Oh, you are going to pay bitch! You are really going to pay!"

My boobs began growing and my nipples were bulging out like cow teats. My ass was
spreading and the desire I had been able to suppress before washed over me as if I was run-down
by a nuclear submarine. I was humping my hand, the bed, scooting my butt on the floor like a
dog, anything to stimulate my craving crotch and my thirsty nipples. My brain had only one
thought, "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck..."

Rhiannon flung open my door and I could hear her open others in the hallway outside, "I
want you to all go and fuck that thing until either you all can't fuck any longer, or it is satisfied!
However, know this, it will NEVER be satisfied!" I heard her heels clack away down the corridor.

Ten of the most beautifully stunning creatures I've ever seen ran into my room and began
fucking me with fingers, tongues, dildoes, vibrators, bed posts, feet, and some very large
vegetables! The more I orgasmed the more sexually crazed I became.

The girls started tag teaming me, as soon as three of them had cum so many times they
could barely move, the next set moved in with one girl getting an extra recovery period each

I just kept screaming and gushing cum. This time I wasn't even spared the blessed
release of passing out.

I'd begun screaming what would become, my mantra, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck
me..." on infinitum.

It's a School-day - Tamara
I almost couldn't sleep last night. I was excited, nervous, anxious, and deliriously happy,
all at the same time. What will school be like as a girl? Will the girls treat me differently? Will
the boys be mean, or tease me as they do the other girls?

My eyes flung themselves open and I was immediately awake. My internal alarm woke me
as usual. I sat and peed, and then made my way to the kitchen with my new pink bunny
slippers tickling my feet. I just wanted to giggle they felt so nice on my feet. (Yes, they're cute

"Good morning Miss Tamara. We have your table right over here," mom told me, holding a
chair out from the table for me.

I stopped dead in my tracks with my mouth hanging open.

"What's the matter?"

"Nobody ever gets up before me. I'm used to being the only one awake and being all-
alone," I said, finally moving to accept the proffered chair.

"Well young lady, I was determined to be up before you, and to have your breakfast ready
on your first day of school. I want you to have a hearty breakfast and plenty of time for me to
make you pretty." Mom spooned an omelet onto my plate, though I didn't know what it was at
the time.

I looked it over carefully. I looked over at the trashcan to see what it is that she was giving
me, but there were no boxes in the can. I looked even closer at this odd looking thing on my
plate. Hmm, looks like scrambled eggs that somebody forgot to stir, some ham cubes, a few
bacon bits, two different kinds of cheese, and some round green things all through it. I sniffed
suspiciously at it. I detected garlic, black pepper, and butter I think.

"Is there something wrong honey?"

"I've never seen these sold at the grocery store. You must shop at a different one than I

"You, bought the groceries too?"

"I usually helped. Dad would have the cart hold him up while I filled it, and he wrote the
check to the cashier."

Conni bit back the response she felt in her heart and said instead, "Well the reason you
haven't seen these in the store is because I just made it. If you promise to try eating some of it,
you can watch me cook my omelet."

I took my knife and fork, daintily cutting a small piece off, and put it in my mouth. Before
I could even taste it though, I said, "Mmm."

"Cut that out. You don't have to fake liking something. You will either like it or not, but
please be honest with me?" mom asked.

"It's very tasty. I would have said mmm even after I tried it, honestly, I would have
mother," I quickly stated.

"Okay..." she sighed. "Here, watch this," she took a bowl, cracked two eggs into it, with
one hand even. She then tossed in a forkful of garlic, a couple shakes of pepper, and some
bacon bits. This mixture was beaten with a wire-whisk, poured into a frying pan greased with
butter, and then allowed to fry for a time. Mom tossed in some ham, and grated cheese, for long
enough to have the cheese melt, and then folded the round in half like a taco.

"That was neat. Dad always said he wished I could cook. Maybe if..." I lamented.

"No. Honey nothing that happened was your fault in any way. You did more than many
grownups I know could have. Don't ever doubt that," she told me as she slid the omelet onto her
plate and sat next to me.

"Will you let me make you an omelet tomorrow?" I asked eager to learn how.

"Sure baby girl. I'll teach you how to cook all you want. I can even bake some," she added
and then dug into her omelet.

We finished up, put our plates in the dishwasher, and mom plopped me into another tub
full of lavender scented bubbles, "Wash up, and I'll meet you back here in a couple of minutes."

I got on to washing everything, but when I washed my front girl stuff, my finger hit a little
knob in there and it felt like someone dropped a radio into the bathtub. I got shocked, or at least
I think I did.

When mom came in, I asked her, "Mom? When I was washing... you know my girl parts, I
was electrocuted. Is there a short in this bathtub?"

She laughed and said, "You remember that when you played with your weenie it felt

I nodded.

"Well, that's how girls play with themselves. You have a little knob inside that feels really
good to tickle, called a clitoris, but you might want to put that off until after school or you might
be late."

"You mean there's names for my girl stuff?"

"Yes, and I promise to teach them all to you. For now though stand up and let me dry
you," she ordered.

"I could probably do it myself if you have more important things to do."

"The most important thing on the whole planet needs to be dried off. What could I be
doing that is more important than that?" Conni asked me as she wrapped me in both towels.

"I'm glad you're my new mommy," I hugged her.

"I am certain that you won't believe me right now, but I'm even more glad that you are my

Mom dressed me in the outfit that I had picked out the day before. I wouldn't have ever
dared to wear anything pink to school before, but it made me feel special so I wore it.
When we went to put my training bra on, it didn't fit anymore.

We were both puzzled over that until mom found a package with a new bra in it. The note
on it said:

You'll be the bustiest eight-year-old in school.


Sure it was only an, 'A' cup, but you don't need much boobies to be busty in the third

I reached up, touched my enhanced booby, and declared, "Mmmm."

"They are fun to play with honey, but we need to get you dressed," mom reminded me.
"Here I'll help you with your new bra."

Mom put it on me and it felt nice, as well as kept my nipples from changing locations
when I walk.

"You know, Miss Rhiannon didn't tell me that boobies not only look nice but they feel good
too. It's like they remind you they are there all day," I observed.

"You don't know the half of it yet dear, but that is a discussion for a later time. Ah good,
you have your top on, your earrings are still in, and your skirt is wrapped around you. Put your
shoes on and I want to put just a little makeup on you," mom directed.

I went to put my socks on, but mom stopped me saying, "No dear. You don't wear socks
with those shoes. Oh damn, you don't have polish on your toenails. Kick those off a minute, I'll
be right back," with that she raced into her room.

I sat there amazed as mom painted my toenails at near warp speed, "That's not a very
good job, but everyone will excuse it because you're young."

"It looks very pretty. Thank you," I told her looking at my toes, "Girls get all the pretty
stuff," I sighed.

"Yup! You get to be pretty, soft, and smell like flowers. On the other hand, you can be
dirty greasy and smell like motor oil. Girls get to be or do anything they want these days. Now
keep your toenails from touching anything until they dry, while I brush your hair and clip it."
When she was all done, I had pink toenails sticking out of my pink open toed pumps. My
skirt was very nice and mom even had me wear some Victoria's Secret panties. I felt so special
and pretty.

"I need to update you on the story I'm telling people about you. You are my daughter,
Deidre's fraternal twin, the reason nobody knows about you is that you were living with your
father. However, your father can no longer care for you so you are living with me now. That
should help people get over where you've been and why they haven't seen you," mom coached, as
she straightened my clothes for the fifth time.

"Do you have all of your school supplies ready?"

"Yes mom."

"Do you have your purse?"

"Yes mother."

"Do you have your PE clothes?"

"Yes mother."

"Spare panties?"

"Yes mother."

"Do you have your lunch money and your emergency money in your purse?"

"Yes mother."

"Your makeup is in, your purse?"

"Yes mother."

"God, I know I'm forgetting something..."

"My kiss?"

Mom smooched me and said, "No silly, but thanks for reminding me."

"Oh darn," I stated, "I don't have my homework for Miss Rhiannon!"

Mom laughed, "Honey, that was Roger's homework. Tamara doesn't have any yet."

"Oh yes, um... but she knows who I am..."

"Yes, and she will not do anything that would give you away. That reminds me, I have a
surprise for you when you come home."

"Okay, thanks," I answered with a smile.

"You don't even know what it is. Aren't you even curious?" mom looked at me in surprise.

"If you wanted to tell me, you would have done it already," I answered her.

"I'm just used to being nagged to tell I guess. Well let's put your stuff in the Jag, and I'll
take you to school."

The closer to school we got, the more nervous I was, "Are you going to come in with me?"

"Just for a minute, to hand you over to the teacher and then I'm going shopping. I might
swing around during the day, but don't let me disrupt your schoolwork," mom said as she
wheeled us into the parking lot.

Mom helped me carry my stuff into the classroom. No one was there yet, except Miss
Rhiannon, who greeted us, "Somehow I knew you two would be here bright and early."

Miss Rhiannon pulled mom aside and whispered, "You know that what she is wearing isn't
standard school wear don't you?"

"Yes. I just wanted her to stun the other kids, at least on her first day," mom sighed.

"She might stun some of the bachelor male teachers. That is one hot little babe you have

"I know..." mom agreed, "but she picked it all out herself. She'll wear normal stuff

"Tamara has good taste. A little too sophisticated for her years, but good taste," Rhiannon
agreed. "I might have to watch a couple of the boys closer today. To keep things from getting out
of hand," Rhiannon mused. "Damn, I do nice work."

"You sure do, and if you ever want or need anything, if I can beg borrow or steal it, it's
yours," Conni promised.

"You are giving me, at dinner tonight, the one thing which is most precious to me,"
Rhiannon assured her. "Just being able to be part of her life will make me happiest. The last girl
I was named godmother of, is now 42 years old and I treasure every day with her. She didn't
start out life as a boy though, as Tamara did."

"Hey, would it be alright if I brought pizza for the whole class at lunch time?" Conni asked.
"Sure, just be careful you don't smother her," Rhiannon warned.

"Can you do anything for a mother, if she explodes? I have felt that I'm going to explode
since you gave her to me," mom admitted, "I cannot fathom anybody wanting to harm her."
"I have to admit, after talking with you last night, I visited her father. The punishment
was increased, I'm not sure she can stand up anymore, her tits are so big," Rhiannon confessed,
"She's so horny now the only thought in her pea brain is 'FUCK'."

"She's going to be really popular with the guys..." Conni chuckled.

Rhiannon simply smiled.

While the two were talking, Tamara arranged her things in her cubical, and silently took
her old seat, smoothing her skirt before sitting and keeping her knees together.

"Did you teach her that already?" Rhiannon asked.

"I almost fainted again when she did it the first time. No, I didn't teach her that. She
maneuvers in a dress better than I do!" mom claimed proudly.

Conni said goodbye and left Miss Rhiannon and I alone in the classroom.

I made some friends with people who never would even talk to me before, especially with
the other girls.

One girl never would talk to me before and I really liked her, so when she made friends
with me on her own, I was a very happy girl. Her name is Lori Lovette, and I soon found out
during recess that she was just unreasonably shy around boys.

"Too bad you didn't get to meet the boy, who used to sit in your chair, Tamara," Lori told

"Oh?" I replied.

"He was really nice, for a boy," she told me blushing.

'She, thought I was nice?' I mused, but replied, "Were you friends?"

"I... I... couldn't talk to him..." she divulged, "He tried to talk to me a couple of times, but I
just don't know what to say to boys."

"Boys are just people, Lori. I bet he wanted to be your friend."

"I guess you're right Tamara. Roger was a quiet boy, who didn't have many friends. Miss
Rhiannon told us that 'Child Protective Services' took Roger away from his father. I feel so sorry
for him. His dad was beating him. I wish I would have known. Maybe I could have made him
feel better."

"I know that he would have liked that," I assured her.

"Hey, do you want to swap phone numbers? We could call each other at home and talk,"
Lori requested.

"Sure, I'd like that. We might not be able to talk for very long, at least for a little while.
My mom and I are still getting acquainted," I enlightened her.

"That sounds funny. You, don't know your mom?"

"I've been living with my father. My twin sister was with my mother. Dad couldn't take
care of me anymore and then Deidre died, so I came to live with mom," I explained, "It's not very

"Deidre, was your sister?" Lori placed her hand over her heart.

"Yes, did you know her?" I asked, feeling the way she said it that she might have.

"Last year she was in my class," Lori told me, but surprised me with a hug, "I cried for
three days when I heard she died. I wasn't her best friend, but I knew her. She was nice."

"Thanks Lori."

"Hey, does your mom always let you wear makeup? My mom would freak if she saw me
wearing makeup to school."

"Mom thought it would be nice if I wore my new outfit to school. It makes me feel pretty," I
admitted with a blush.

"Damn Tamara, it should. You should more than feel pretty in that, you're gorgeous girl.
You had Gary staring at you so much he didn't hear what Miss Rhiannon asked him during
class. Didn't you notice?"

"I just thought he was daydreaming," I blushed.

Lori giggled, "He was... daydreaming about you that is... he, he, he."

I hadn't heard her come up, but Miss Rhiannon interjected, "That's right Tamara.
Therefore, I need you to dress a little more casually tomorrow, or I'll have to hold separate classes
for the boys. I don't think we're going to get much learning done today, but that's okay. A new
girl should have an opportunity to enjoy using her power at least occasionally. How's your first
day in my class going Miss Tamara?"

"I love it Miss Rhiannon. It's like I belong in your class," I grinned in collusion with her.
"Yes, I feel as if we have know each other for quite some time too," she winked back at me.
"Are you getting along well with Tamara, Lori?"

"She's nice. Did you know that she's Deidre's sister?"

"Yes, the girl in Miss Hopkins's class who died," Rhiannon acknowledged, "I'm sorry for
your loss Tamara, however, I happy you're in my class."

"Me too Tamara. I think we're going to be good friends," Lori informed me.

"I love the diamonds Tamara. They must have cost your mom plenty," Rhiannon

"They aren't cheep diamonds like lots of girls wear?" I asked wide-eyed.

"Those are probably about four hundred dollars," Rhiannon said, her trained eye having
appraised them.

"Eep!" I squeaked.

"Wow, my mom never gave me anything like that!" Lori exclaimed, looking closer at the

A tear rolled down my cheek, "I didn't buy her anything..."

"You were her present, Tamara. She loves you unconditionally," Rhiannon explained.

"I'm so happy for you Tamara. Your mom is so cool!" Lori said enthusiastically.

"If you think that's cool, when we go back inside, Ms. Cromwell has brought pizza for the
whole class, for lunch," Miss Rhiannon told us.

"But... she packed my lunch this morning..." I stammered.

Miss Rhiannon handed me my lunch bag, "Look at what you have in your bag."

"Ooh, she bought me a cell phone!" I enthused, pulling it out and showing it to Lori.
While Lori had it, it rang.

She handed it back quickly and I opened it, "Hello?"

"Surprise! How do you like it?" mom asked.

"It's really wonderful. Why do I need a cell phone mom?" I questioned.

"Lots of reasons honey. I can call you when I want. I can locate you if I need to. You can
take pictures to keep and share them with me. You can call me if you are in trouble or stranded.
You can call your friends and they can call you... well within reason. You don't have unlimited
minutes. Don't you like it?" mom asked.

"Oh, it's cool, I just didn't think I was old enough for a phone," I admitted.

"Lots of young girls are getting them, and... and... Darn, I just need to do whatever I can,
so you are safe. I'm just a little insecure baby. It's worth the cost to me for your protection," she

"Thanks mom, you're so good to me. I'll hug you when we come back from recess. Bye
mom," I flipped the little phone closed.

"Well girls, we should be going back to class. Too bad you weren't dressed to go and play,
Tamara," Miss Rhiannon mused.

"It didn't look like many of the others were playing much today..." I observed.

"That's because most of the boys have been staring at you, and many of the girls are trying
to decide whether to like you, or to hate you," Miss Rhiannon chuckled.

"Hate me?" I asked innocently.

"Yes, plenty will be jealous of your looks. Some of the girls will be jealous of your boobs
too," she sighed, knowing that difficulty all too well herself.

Lori giggled, "You have the biggest boobs in the third grade. It doesn't bother me though.
I'm not jealous, I just think you're nice."

"Thanks Lori, I think you are special too," I returned, thinking, 'I would have given almost
anything to be your friend before...'

Some of the other girls started to gravitate towards us. Seeing the teacher chatting
happily with two of her students was more than their jealousies could handle. If there was a
special relationship here, they wanted to be part of it.

Most of the boys still stayed clear, obviously avoiding a terminal case of the cooties.

We started to smell the pizza as we neared the classroom. We could hear activity going on

When we got inside, there were mom and Matilda, busy setting up a table with plates,
napkins, and plastic silverware.

"Hi Matilda," I declared as I entered.

"Hi there Tamara!" she squealed and rushed over for a hug. "Don't you look lovely today."

"You look beautiful today too," I returned the compliment. "Hi mom," I hugged her,
"You're always gorgeous."

"Flatterer," mom accused as she hugged me. "Who's your new friend?"

"Mom, this is my friend, Lori Lovette," I gently prodded the shy girl towards her, "Lori, this
in my mom, Conni Cromwell."

They exchanged greetings as the recess bell announced the stampede of returning

"Everyone please take your seats," Miss Rhiannon told the students.

Once the class was seated she continued, "Miss Cromwell has brought the whole class
pizza for lunch to treat her daughter's new friends and classmates. I want you all to line up in
an orderly fashion, starting with the row of students on my right and then each row as the one
before it empties. Starting with Bruce in the back row there, no horse play, no shoving. Each
student will take two pieces of pie back to their desks to eat. Miss Cromwell, Miss Carter, and I
will bring drinks to you once your settled. Don't forget your napkins and plastic ware."

Everyone excitedly went through the line picking up his or her pizza. Once we were
settled, everyone began talking and wolfing their pizza down.

I suppressed my natural desire to shove as much into my face at one time as I could and
only took tiny bites and wiped my mouth after each of them.

Everyone started talking to me and telling me how cool my mom is, but when the other
kids saw my cell phone, they all wanted my number, so I gave it to them. A couple of the other
girls pulled theirs out and gave me their numbers too. Who knew that girls in my grade had cell

The funny thing was that the other girls wouldn't give their numbers to the boys. I began
to think that maybe I shouldn't have either, but that cow was already out of the barn.

Bruce came over and said hi to me. He looked scared to death. I smiled brightly at him
and said hi back. I hadn't planned to giggle, but it forced its way out.

Bruce had been a casual friend before, and he wasn't normally very brave where girls were
Concerned. I was slightly surprised, but pleased that he made the effort.

Lunchtime turned into almost a party/social event and I had lots of fun. When other girls
saw that the boys were even talking to me, they had to meet me and flutter about. It seems that
if a girl is popular with the boys, she becomes somewhat popular with the girls.

Some of the girls seemed to want to shoulder Lori out of the way, but I wouldn't allow
them to shoo her away.

Not too much more happened at school that day. Miss Rhiannon didn't seem to mind, but
a somewhat miffed looking principal poked his nose in and looked disapprovingly at Miss
Rhiannon. She left the room for a minute to discuss world affairs or something and when he
came back, he brightly went over to mom and was, introduced by Rhiannon.

I was beginning to get the idea that mom was a person of some importance, because he
changed his attitude the minute he walked into the room.

"How nice of you to visit our school Ms. Cromwell," he said, offering his hand.
"Thank you Principal Masters," mom shook his hand.

"Am I to understand that you have another daughter enrolled?" he pried.

"Yes Norman, my other daughter, Tamara is now in Miss Rhiannon's class," mom
answered warily.

"That's odd, when you supplied Deidre's information, you said she was an only child," Mr.
Masters recalled suspiciously.

"She was at the time my only dependant, and sole child living with me. After Deidre's
passing, I was asked to take her fraternal twin back from my ex-husband. It's a long story.
Tamara was living with her father until recently and now she is living with me, as my only child,"
mother spared words with the suspicious principal and it looks as if she has him on the ropes.

"Norman, if you have an issue with one of my students, I'll be happy to discuss it with you
in the teacher's lounge, or the office. You're spoiling the festive atmosphere," Rhiannon chastised
the nosey administrator.

Norman Masters knew better than to cross Rhiannon. There were stories of others who
had run afoul with her in the past... strange and frightening stories.

The principal cleared his throat and said, "No, no, I have no problem with your students
Miss Rhiannon. I was merely curious. It was nice seeing you again Ms. Cromwell and I hope to
see you around the school again in the future." He beat a hasty retreat, leaving the party nearly

"Wow, he acted as if he's afraid of you Rhiannon," mother whispered to her.

"He is. No matter how much I try to hide my activities, sometimes rumors abound about
me, so I use them to my advantage. That way I don't have to do any of the fancy stuff..." she
laughed brightly.

"What, did you punish one of the teachers or something," mom asked conspiratorially.

"As a matter of fact, I have. However, he wouldn't have heard about it. Do you remember
reading about that Mary Kay Letourneau woman?"

"Hasn't everybody? I heard about it so much that I was sick of hearing about it."

"Well, not long before that came out in the press, we had a similar incident here. She
never made it to trial or even arrest," Rhiannon smiled wickedly.

"What hap... Never mind, I don't think I want to know," mom thought better about what
she was about to ask.

"Well... if you ever have a case of the screaming hornies, just give me a ring. I'm sure we
can satisfy your needs," Rhiannon laughed.

"I suppose we should wind the party down now and let you get back to teaching your
students," mom made ready to begin cleaning up the mess.

"Oh no you don't," Rhiannon stopped her, "There is more to teaching than tests and
lectures. This is teaching many of them about interpersonal interactions between the sexes. It
isn't often that they have this opportunity to discover the other half doesn't really have cooties."

"The boys are trying to speak with Tamara and so are the girls, so she is a factor in
knotting the group into a single body. I see how that could be very important. I sometimes wish
some of my teachers had been thoughtful enough to do this kind of thing for me. There really
isn't much social interaction between boys and girls until high school," mom agreed, now with
her arms folded and observing how we were talking, laughing, and reacting with each other.

"I'm so impressed with how far you have brought Tamara in such a short time. She seems
completely at ease with being a girl. Some don't take to it as well," Rhiannon appraised with her

"It's not my doing, or at least not all of it is my doing. Tamara is an amazing little person.
She accepted that she's now a girl and has made the best of it. I sometimes worry when she
trembles and cowers, but at times like this, all I can do is shake my head in near disbelief," mom
admitted to her.

"Children?" Miss Rhiannon spoke up, "May I have everyone's attention please?"

Once the room quieted, Rhiannon went on, "I'm not going to make everyone break up just
yet, however I would like everyone to take their empty plates and plastic ware to the garbage cans
now so that we don't wind up with a big mess. Thank you."

The party went on right up until it was time to go home. The whole class thanked my
mom for a nice time and we said our goodbyes to them.

Looking In On Hank - Hank
I've been fucked in so many different ways, which I had never thought possible and still
I'm ready for more. My need is so great I've not worried about eating or drinking, except for the
bodily fluids of my partners.

Mistress Dawn had visited hours before and declared, "What the fuck?" however she went
on and asked one of the people resting, "Did Rhiannon stop in?"

"Yes Mistress Dawn."

"I take it that she, did..." Dawn asked while pointing at me.

"Yes Mistress Dawn."

"What were your orders?"

"Rhiannon said, 'I want you all to go and fuck that thing until either you all can't fuck any
longer, or it is satisfied! However, know this, it will NEVER be satisfied!' and then she blinked
out. We've been doing our best Mistress, but it just keeps wanting more," the hugely busted,
gorgeous woman informed her.

"I wish she would have... uh never mind. You are doing well Dearie, so I'll pick up some
rations for everyone and bring them here so you can stay at it," Dawn informed her, as she left
mumbling to herself.

'Oh bliss!' I thought, 'This will keep them strong enough to keep fucking me...'

Right about then Rhiannon came tooling into the parking lot above. She leapt out of her
Ferrari, walked in and stated, "Dawn? Dawn baby where are you?"

Dawn walked up with an armload of energy bars and Gatorade, "I'm here godmother."

"I'm so sorry baby. I was so angry I forgot to appraise you of what has become of Hank,"
Rhiannon quickly apologized.

Dawn sighed, "Thank you godmother. I was going to read you the riot act."

"Okay... so I'm a goddess. I never said I was perfect," Rhiannon hugged the bigger woman.

"You've always been able to take the wind right out of my sails," Dawn laughed.

"I take it that you are going to fortify our sluts for longer sexual intimacy?" Rhiannon
asked nodding to the items in Dawn's arms.

"Of course, they are scared shitless that you might turn them into something like Hank."

"I want to graduate Hank to the next level. Bring Joni in on him. I don't think he'll be
able to deny her," Rhiannon ordered. "Did you know that fuck head broke Roger's arm?"

"I knew that Roger had a broken arm once, but not that Hank did it. That explains the tits
and torment. I'll release Joni on him in about an hour. After she's had time to build up her...
well, you know," Dawn informed her with a blush.

"Perfect! Now I have to jet to get ready for a dinner date with Tamara and her mother,"
Rhiannon supplied to Dawn.

"I haven't seen you this pleased in quite some time godmother. Come on... give!"

Rhiannon broke into a huge grin, "I'm going to be a godmother again!"

Dawn squealed like a happy cheerleader, "I'm so happy for you! I know how much you
love mentoring girls."

"Thanks Baby girl. It doesn't mean I'm any less of your godmother mind you. So don't go
getting jealous!"

"I've been hoping that you would find a new goddaughter for years now. Jealous, Hell I'm
relieved," Dawn, admitted, "You need the love of that girl as much as she needs yours."

"I never could fool you. Oh, before I forget, here's a check to help pay for the new slut
until I can get her up to speed," Rhiannon handed the other woman a large check.

"You know that this is way too much," Dawn accused.

"This one is going to take some extra attention so I want you to be compensated for taking
you away from business. It's only money after all," Rhiannon informed her.

"If I didn't know that you could easily afford this I would make you take half of this back.
But since you are wealthier that that pretender Gates, so wealthy in fact that you can remain
anonymous, I think I'll accept your generosity."

"Good, I hate to argue. I'll give your best to Tamara and Conni," Rhiannon waved back at
her while she quickly exited the tattoo parlor.

Dinner with the Cromwells - Tamara
I was in the bathtub soaking in lilac bubbles when mom slipped in, "Hi there sweetie."

"Mom?" I asked.

"Yes, what is it Tamara?"

"I really love you," I told her. I don't know why I said it, but I needed her to know.

She dropped to her knees crying and hugging me.

"Is this a happy cry or am I in trouble?" I asked.

Conni laughed, "Baby girl, my heart is soaring. You just surprise me so much," she
explained as she hugged me.

"Why is that mom?" I was confused just a little.

"You are just a dear, girl," she explained.

"Oh, am I a better girl than I was a boy?" I asked wonderingly.

"I don't know, however I think you were an incredible boy too. When you were first, a girl
you did things from when you were a boy that easily qualify.

"Oh, thanks. I was just trying to figure out why my dad didn't love me," I sighed, going
back to washing myself.

"Tamara, the only thing I can tell you for sure, is that in no way was it your fault. Your
father is the one who was at fault. As an adult if he was having troubles, which he couldn't deal
with himself, he needed to either find help, or send you to live with someone who could care for
you properly until he could get his head straight. Do you understand Tamara?" she asked,
holding my face between her hands and looking into my eyes.

"Okay..." I replied unconvinced.

"I know it's hard to convince yourself that you didn't do anything wrong, especially when
you are used to someone else saying how things are always your fault. You should take the
opinion of a goddess, if you're lucky enough to know one," mom grinned at me. "And one will be
here in half an hour, which means that you had better get out of this tub and get dressed or I'll
bring her to meet you while your naked."

"You mean that she doesn't know what a naked girl looks like?" I teased back.

"Well I wouldn't want to make a goddess think that I was showing her disrespect by not
making the effort to be dressed by the time she arrived," mom pointed out.

"Okay, okay, I was getting out now anyway. The water is getting chilly. What should I
wear for her?" I asked, letting her dry me off with a big fluffy towel.

"I think I'm going to dress you in the softest sissy-looking dress you have. It will only be
for you, Rhiannon, and me to see you in and I want you to feel as feminine as possible tonight.
Can we do that?" she requested.

"Sure, it feels nice," I admitted. "The other nice thing about it is, nobody hits you when
you look pretty."

"Nobody should hit you ever honey. That's another good reason for you to be pampered,
so let's get busy," mom proposed as she led me to my bed, where she had laid out my garments
for this evening.

After the panties were on, mom helped me into a pair of pantyhose, my bra, and a pink
handkerchief dress, which has a low-waist style with floral appliqués at shoulder and hip and is
made of polyester and spandex, and long dangly earrings. Mom made my face up with more
makeup than she had the other day, and then put my hair up in an Edwardian braid.

I put on my strappy satin sandals, which are a closed-back, ankle-strap style with
rhinestone trim at the strappy toe vamp, a full 4-inch stiletto heel, and satin uppers.

Mom sprayed me down with some of her 'Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior perfume', in
all the appropriate places.

Then Mom let me watch her dress again and over her lingerie she put on a turquoise
asymmetrical halter dress with strappy rhinestone sandals in blue patent.

Mom was a vision in her pretty dress, "Wow, you look like one of the models in your

"Why thank you sweetie. I wish I could say the same thing about you, but you are way too
pretty to be one of those models," she smiled and adjusted my dress.

"That's silly. Those girls are gorgeous," I stated, having taken her seriously.

"Well then maybe next week we can take you out and have you do some modeling. You
could be the next Cheryl Tiegs. It's hard work though... what am I saying? You're not afraid of
hard work. We'll ask Rhiannon when she gets here, okay?" mom asked as we started out from
the bedrooms towards the kitchen.

The doorbell diverted us from our intended path. We answered it together and invited
Rhiannon in.

She was dressed in a silk racer-back dress with ruched center seam and rhinestone detail
at the bust, which on her was an amazing sight to say the least.

Rhiannon was carrying a sealed bowl and she said, "Hi, I brought something like I said.
I'd love to hug you both but I need to set this down in the kitchen first."

I hugged her anyway.

Mom said, "This way Miss Rhiannon," and she led her to the kitchen.

"So, Miss Rhiannon, what did you bring," I pried.

"I brought a big bowl of Cawl. It's the national dish of Wales. I hope you will like it. I've
had quite a while to perfect the recipe," she laughed.

"I've never heard of it. It sounds intriguing," mom told her.

"What's in it?" I asked curiously.

"Leeks, potatoes, onions, parsnips, carrots, and plenty of special herbs and spices are in
it. Good thing for you I'm not Scottish, I would have had to bring a haggis," she laughed.

"What's that?"

"Oh, it's the heart, liver and kidneys of a sheep, ground up with oatmeal and stuffed into
its stomach," she informed me.

"Is it good?" I asked with much trepidation.

"It's really not bad. You have to eat it with a huge pile of mashed potatoes though," she
told me with a fond smile.

"People eat some funny stuff," I surmised.

"They do indeed. But changing the subject, you look devastatingly beautiful tonight,"
Rhiannon told me as she held me at arm's length.

I blushed, "You're just saying that because I'm wearing a beautiful dress."

"I've got other reasons too, however right now let's help your mom with dinner," Rhiannon
said as she carried a stack of plates, which were obviously meant for the table out to the dining

I followed her with the silverware and between the two of us we had the table set in no

"Okay you two, take a seat and I'll bring it out to you," Mom declared from the kitchen.

Rhiannon held my chair for me, however I didn't know what to do, "This is something you
should start getting used to Tamara. Whenever you go out into a public restaurant, men are
going to hold your chair for you. Just smooth your dress and be seated, but expect that I will
push it in towards the table," she instructed.

I did as she directed and found that it was very nice to have someone pamper me like that.

"Thank you."

"I'm happy to help teach you anything dear," Rhiannon smiled as she seated herself.

Mom brought out the food and placed it on the table and we started our meal with the

I was surprised that it was so good, but I should have known that Rhiannon would be the
best cook ever.

Once the soup was finished, we dug into the garlic chicken breasts and baby carrots mom
had prepared. Dinner was terrific, and the chatter was only slightly, strained.

After cleaning up, we retired to the living room and Rhiannon motioned me to sit next to
her on the sofa, "Tamara, your mother has asked something of me and I have agreed to it, as
long as it's alright with you."

"What is it?"

"Would you let me be your Godmother?" Rhiannon asked with a silly grin.

"You, mean like Dawn? You, want me to have big muscles?" I asked round-eyed and

"No honey. Dawn has big muscles because she likes to have big muscles. That doesn't
have anything to do with the fact that she's my goddaughter. It just means that I promise to take
care of you, as your mother does, for as long as I live," she informed me, again, while holding
both of my hands.

"Would you?" I replied, hoping against hope that she would.

"It would please me more than you will ever know dear."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you," I chanted, pouncing on her with my arms wrapped
around her shoulders.

"I take it that you agree to it?" she teased.

"Duh," I mocked her.

"So you, don't want big muscles?" Rhiannon asked and continued with, "What do you

"I want to be little and soft and have big boobies like my godmother," I declared with verve.

"So, wearing this lovely dress doesn't bother you?"

"No, should it?" I brightly asked.

"Just answer me honestly, what about it do you like?"

"It caresses me all over. It's colorful and just feels delicious, and I like being pretty," I
answered and then added, "Partly because people are nice to me when I'm pretty."

"I'm so glad you like it, but I have one other question to ask you. Would you go back to
being Roger if you could?" Rhiannon was looking into my eyes so hard it felt as if she were
peering into my very soul.

"I... uh... no, I don't think I would want to be Roger. Even if I had my mom still and
everything else, I just like being soft and pretty... Is that a bad thing?"

"Not at all. It makes my heart soar. I'm so glad that you like what I did to you. I was so
very torn about doing it. You could have hated being a girl and hated me for making you one,"
she fretted.

I didn't know what to do to make her feel better, but her big soft lips were so close and
they had felt so good, I just kissed her on them.

"Mmm that was nice, and the best answer you could have given me. I can't wait to tell

I thought for a minute, "Will she beat me up? I hope she won't be jealous."

"Actually when I talked to her about it, she was relieved, happy for you, and happy for me
too," Rhiannon informed me, "In addition, now that you're my goddaughter, nobody anywhere
ever will hit you and not pay the consequences, including Dawn. However, you don't need to
worry about Dawn. Dawn is a gentle and very loving soul who only uses her strength to punish
those who do evil and you don't even come close to that."

"I'm not all that good godmother," I fretted, knowing that she might find out my secret.

"Nonsense precious," she passionately stated, "Maybe... Conni, could you excuse us for a
few minutes please?"

"Sure, I'll go do some laundry," she jumped up and quickly left us.

"Tamara, confession is good for the soul. You know that I'll find out sooner or later and it
will be better for both of us if you tell me now," Rhiannon sternly urged.

"I..." I started, sniffed and then went on, "I'm the reason mom is dead..."

I tried to run away but she wouldn't let me go, "How did you do this heinous thing?"

I was crying now and through my tears I admitted, "I was bad and... and when dad was
punishing me, mom tried to stop him. When he couldn't hit me, he started hitting her instead.
When she finally got away she drove off and... and..." I couldn't finish it.

Rhiannon kept her cool, though it was certainly difficult, "What did you do that was so

"When I had recovered enough I filled in with, "I didn't get all of the dishes washed. I
missed some that were in the living room."

Suddenly the room was alive with sparks jumping from place to place.

I shrunk down as far as I could to minimize the pain, which was surely coming to punish
me, "I didn't mean to..."

Conni popped her head in the room, "What's going on! Don't you harm my little girl!"
Conni rushed to grab me away from Rhiannon.

"Don't mom! I'm not worth it!" I yelled to protect her.

Rhiannon quickly calmed and the electric arcing stopped, "Wait, I'm not going to harm
anyone here! I'm sorry, but when I become seriously angry, there's a buildup of energy around
me. Tamara, you didn't have anything to do with your mother's death. Hank is damn lucky that
he wasn't here right now. Tamara, nobody who is human expects an 8 year old to scour their
house and search it top to bottom for dirty dishes. Your mom was doing just what Conni was
about to do, save her baby, and Conni was doing it in the face of almost certain death. She
didn't know that I wasn't going to harm you. That's what parents do. They protect their kids.
Not just moms either, loving dads do it too. No, I wasn't upset with you Tamara and I'm sorry
that you carried that burden so long. The only one responsible for your mother's death is soon to
reap a surprising reward."

Conni said, "Whew! I'm glad of that."

"I thought you were going to punish me..." I sniffed.

"Sweetie, you were blaming yourself for things that you weren't responsible for. Thinking
of the anguish that caused you, is what made me angry, but angry with the person who really
was responsible. Now will you help me to see if I broke anything please?" Rhiannon helped me to
my feet.

"That's got to be a real burden, that lightning thing," Conni remarked to her.

"You have no idea... It's a good thing I'm wealthy," she ruminated.

"If you're wealthy, why the hell do you teach school?" mom remarked quizzically.

"The first thousand years are easy. I like to teach children. I could care less that it
doesn't pay much. I have to be careful that I don't do anything, which will make the other
teachers or principal suspicious, so I arrange for grants and things to see to it that our class has
everything they need. It's not totally concealed, so the principal knows that something isn't
kosher. That's another reason he is careful around me."

"You sure have a complicated life Miss Rhiannon," I affirmed.

"Darling, to you, I'm either godmother, or just Rhiannon, at least whenever were away
from school. In the classroom you'll still have to call me Miss Rhiannon, so the other children
won't think I'm playing favorites, okay hon.?"

"Oh sure, thank you godmother."

"That goes for you too Conni."

"You want me to call you godmother too?" mom kidded.

"Would you like to pull on the other leg a while too?"

"Okay Rhiannon, but it wouldn't take me long to become excited. It is a lovely leg after
all," mom told her blushing.

Rhiannon winked at her, "I think we can explore our friendship more later, but I think my
favorite student is going to need her rest."

"Yes, Tamara should get her beauty sleep. Hey, Rhiannon, do you want to help get her
ready for bed? She's lots of fun, and you can see first hand how much your goddaughter loves
being a girl now," mom proposed.

"You know, I would love that. Is it okay with you Tamara dear?"

"Sure, if anyone knows what I look like naked, the goddess who created me should, so why
not? We all look alike now," I logically surmised.

"In most aspects anyway," mom said with a smile.

We all trudged up to my room and mom asked Rhiannon to weed through my nighties for
one she liked. She came up with a snow-white lacy teddie, which she helped me don.

"I'm very proud of you Tamara. You are an inspiration to me and I want you to know that
you are in no way responsible for your mother's death. Now you sleep peacefully and if you need
anything, yell out my name and I will come flying like an avenging angel, okay?" she hugged me
and tucked the covers around me tightly.

"Wearing gold?" I asked bright eyed.

"Yes and I may bring your god-sister for good measure!"

"That would scare those who are too stupid to be afraid of you I guess."

"That it does little one," Rhiannon kissed me, turned off the light and they both left

Joni Dickford - Hank
I've been fucking my brains out forever it seems and I still want more.

Dawn entered my room and announced, "Rhiannon has decided that will be sufficient for
now, you may all go back to your rooms and rest up until you are needed again."

"Nooooo don't go! Please, I need you all!" I began diddling myself since they were all filing
out of the room ignoring my pleas.

"I'll be back once you are in a more flexible frame of mind," Dawn declared as she locked
the door behind her.

"Fuck me, fuck me..." I chanted urgently working my twat.

Almost one half hour later Dawn entered another heretofore-locked room, "Joni, I have a
job for you."

"Yes mistress Dawn," Joni stood up ready to follow.

"Before we leave, make sure it doesn't show," Dawn instructed.

"I'm ready mistress."

Dawn led the lovely woman to Hanks room and opened the door, "Hanky, I have a new
friend for you. I want you to say hello to Joni, and you had better be extra sweet while you say
it, or I won't let her stay."

"Nice... pleased... ooh, so lovely to meet you Joni," I stammered, while not missing a beat
with my vulva ministrations.

"I'm pleased to meet you too Hanky," Joni offered her hand to shake.

I forced my hand from my nipple to make contact with hers and shook it.

"I bet if you beg Joni for sex, Hanky, she would be happy to fuck you..." Dawn suggested

"Please beautiful Joni, will you fuck me please?" I begged shamelessly.

"You know what I want you to do first, Joni," Dawn winked at her, "I have customers to
attend to, so I'll leave you two alone." Dawn closed and locked the door behind her.

"My, you got it bad Hanky. You must have been a bad, bad boy! Just look at the size of
those boobs. They have to weigh almost as much as the rest of you."

"Ooh, but they feel so..." I moaned.

"Okay, we might as well get on with it. Would you take my skirt off for me Hanky?"

My shaking hands were all fumbles, so it took longer than normal to deprive her of he
skirt and as soon as I had, my hands went right back to their stimulating of my sex.

"Now I don't want you to be frightened when I turn around Hanky, so ready yourself," she

My mouth was watering thinking of her luscious pussy, but when she turned, "Oh my god!
You've got a cock!"

"I certainly do and before I can fuck you with it, mistress Dawn insists that you suck the
sperm out of me first," she informed me, with her member rigid, and six inches from my nose.

"Suck your cock? No way I... I... I can't," I pleaded.

"Darn, okay well then I'll just put my skirt back on..."

She made to do it but I stopped her, "No please don't go!"

"So you want to suck my cock after all?" she asked having momentarily stopped pulling up
her skirt.

"No, but I... I will if I have to..." I whined.

"You make it sound so unappealing Hanky. I guess I had better leave."

"Oh please..." I nearly screamed.

"Only if you beg to suck my big thick cock, and you better swallow when I shoot my wad
missy, or no fucking for you!" Joni threatened.

I was beside myself with lust and yearning, so I didn't really have any choice, "Please let
me suck your big thick cock Joni. I promise I'll swallow!" I knew that I was broken and that
whatever perverted sexual desires anyone asked of me, I would be a willing, meek participant.

Joni presented her huge throbbing member for my mouth to encircle. I uncertainly
slipped it between my lips and began licking it up and around the shank and occasionally
tonguing her glans.

She reached over and began working my free breast, rubbing, pulling, and twisting on my
large sensitive nipples.

I was so hot that I actually shoved my head down farther on her big cock and slipped it
down my throat a ways.

"Ooh you're a good cock sucking whore. Yah, suck it baby!" Joni urged.

I grabbed her testicals, which were the size of two big fuzzy tennis balls in a fleshy sack,
and stroked them, cupping them, and gently squeezing from time to time.

"Mmm, that is good too. See if you can take all of my big cock into your mouth baby,"
Joni moaned, tweaking her own nipple.

My own hand in my crotch busily working my clit provided a sexy splooshing, squishing
sound and I was getting insanely hot. I must have lost it, because I was driving that huge penis
down my throat. I had to slide it out at times just to breathe but I quickly drove my face back
down on it, farther and farther. Finally, my lips closed around the base of it, right at her
scrotum, and I moaned in desire and accomplishment.

I felt her balls twitch and I still don't know why but I drove my finger right up her asshole,
wiggling it around as I did.

Joni drove her hips hard into my face and I could feel her sperm flowing down my throat.
I backed my face off finally to breathe and wound up with my cheeks puffing out like a
chipmunk. I had to swallow fast to keep from letting it flow out of my lips. Her huge balls must
have held a quart of jizzum, because I knew I was drinking down more than a l-liter bottle full.

"Oh yah, you're going to be a terrific cocksucker Hanky. Let's do that again baby, you
came really hard too, I know you did. Just swallow what you have left. There's more where that
came from," Joni urged.

I was amazed that she was still ready to go. Her massive dick didn't become flaccid in the
least. I knew that I must do as she said, so once again I drove my face to the base of her
throbbing tool.

"Ooh good! Moan and suck baby, moan and suck," Joni was licking her large lipstick
covered lips as she stroked my head.

The thing that I realized right at that point was that I didn't need to stimulate my body as
long as I was sucking her big dick. I didn't know why but it drove back my yearnings to an
almost manageable level.

I was driving up and down only this time I put suction on her penis that pulled my cheeks
up against her pulsating implement. I was toying her testes with one hand and banging her butt
with the finger of my other hand.

It suddenly occurred to me to use another finger, so I poked a second up her rectum.

Her twitching member richly rewarded me. I felt her cuming so I squeezed her balls and
the flow down my throat increased plenty, but I just had to taste the salty goodness of her sperm,
so I backed my head off and got another mouthful.

"Ungh! Whew, that was a good one. Now baby lick my dick clean and maybe I'll fill your
cunny with squirmy, wiggly sperm," she taunted while holding my head on her massive

I obeyed her and slurped her penis clean as a whistle.

"You're a damn good cocksucker Hanky, now let's see how good a fuck you are!" Joni
announced as she moved one of my gigantic breasts to one side so I could lie on my back. She
then turned me so that my butt was hanging slightly off the edge of my bed.

My legs splayed seemingly by themselves and I started playing with the one nipple still
within my reach, and man was it so good.

"She did you good, boy! You should see your cunt positively drooling cum!"

"Fuck me, please! Oh fuck me like a bitch in heat!" I moaned, no longer caring that I was
Hank, former macho man.

She teased my wanton hole with the glans of her penis for a while and my hips kept trying
to slip my labia around that pleasure pump.

I could feel Joni grasp my boob with both of her hands and pull that diamond hard point
of my ecstasy towards her.

"Take me, please take me," I pleaded wantonly.

"My, my, we certainly are a slut, aren't we?" she cruelly asked.

I didn't answer. It was humiliating enough having been, turned into this sex machine.

"Oh, you can't get away without admitting it Hanky. I'm going to stop if I don't hear what I
want you to say," Joni ceased all her ministrations.

My yearnings and needs grew exponentially until I screamed, "I'm a slut! I'm a fuck crazy
whore! Please fuck me."

"That's better," Joni finally began slipping her massive member past my labia into my
drooling vagina.

"I'm going to make you a woman now Hanky. Hold onto your ovaries baby," Joni
proclaimed as I felt her stretch my hole tightly around her love rod.

She began banging her hips into my widely spread butt and I could feel those gigantic
balls slap against my fanny. With each thrust, I spoke out a high-pitched girly moan.

"Hanky, I want you to squeeze my cock baby. Tighten that vagina down around my big
quivering cock."

I discovered muscles down there that I didn't know that I had, and began gripping her
manhood to keep it from leaving my insides. I could feel my belly bulge each time she drove her
penis inside me.

I screamed a big trembling orgasm, clamping down my vaginal muscles tightly around her
Johnson, but she didn't even, slow down, she just kept fucking me.

She brought me to orgasm after orgasm until I felt her cock spew her huge load into my
uterus. Her hips seemingly glued to my soft womanly ass.

When she pulled out, it felt as if I was empty and hollow and the need for being filled
washed over my mind in an avalanche.

"Oh fuck me more, please, please Joni," I begged shamelessly.

"I intend to slut, now I want you to help me roll you over," she told me as she picked one
of my boobs and moved it to the same side as the other. I got up on my knees as she urged me
to, staring at my breasts lying on the bed way out in front of me.

"That won't do. Here, I'll swing your breasts around to the sides so we can play with them
easier," Joni offered as she moved the first one.

I couldn't do much but lift my arms as she swung the boob around, except orgasm while
she caressed the second as she moved it.

"Oh yes, Hanky was an evil boy! However, you will make amends for it, Rhiannon will
make quite certain of it," Joni informed me.

While I was on all fours, Joni slipped her big cock into me once again, and the feeling was
incredible. I was once again whole.
Her hips slammed into my huge soft butt, making it shimmy as if it were Jell-O. My
boobs, even though they were lying quite firmly on the bed, had quivers flowing out from my
chest, right to the end and then reflected back towards me, intercepting other out-going quivers.
The sensation was indescribably luscious.

I supported myself on one arm for a bit to reach out and play with my sensual boob, but
Joni's ass slamming was too much for me, to do it for long, that and the multiple orgasms
turning my brain to mush.

In the midst of one lightning, star filled orgasm I caught a golden flash from my peripheral
vision, but was too caught-up in pleasure to be bothered to look closer.

"You're doing a fine job of fucking this slut Joni," Rhiannon quietly stated.

Joni, breathing hard, replied, "Thank you Mistress Rhiannon, anything to please you."

"Hmm, do you think Hanky would enjoy a bigger cock?" Rhiannon asked her, with a
vengeful glint in her eye.

"I am sure she would Miss Rhiannon," Joni answer with great trepidation.

"Don't you worry Joni, this will only be a temporary upgrade. Enjoy it while you have it,"
Mistress Rhiannon cooed to the frightened woman.

I could feel Joni's dick swell up inside me as if it were a rigid balloon and the slap of her
fuzzy balls began to feel as if it were the hammering of shot-putt size melons on my soft ass.

I was so tight around her that she could barely slide in and out of me. I loved every
second of it though, being so full of her and yelping out my pleasure with each thrust.

"You know Joni, you look thirsty to me. Are you, honey?" Rhiannon prompted.

"Yes my mistress, I am thirsty," Joni replied knowing full well that's what Rhiannon
wanted to hear.

"Your goddess provides," Rhiannon stated.

I felt my breast swell and become heavier. They ached with their fullness, and I could feel
my nipples grow wet. I felt someone lift one of those gigantic orbs up in her feminine hands.

"Here you go Joni, some milk to give you increased stamina," Rhiannon urged, offering my
nipple to her.

Joni started sucking my teat and between the relief and the sexual stimulation, it sent me
over the orgasm precipice once again.

"I've turned you into a moo cow Hanky. You will need milking plenty often now. Consider
this payment for making your sweet boy think that it was his fault that his mother died, you
piece of shit!" Rhiannon yelled in my ear, with great vehemence, and then winked out, leaving the

"Mmm, you have such sweet thick milk Hanky. I sure wouldn't want to be in your panties
honey," Joni declared as she fucked me faster and harder than ever.

Not long after that, she exploded into my womb. The force of her ejaculation had sperm
flowing out around her massive cock on all sides. My thighs and stomach were covered in thick
slimy sperm.

Her orgasm triggered my own orgasm and I bit into the pillow so hard that I made a hole
in the casing. I was so insane from that I didn't even know my own name.

Nevertheless, when she pulled out of me, it felt as if she gutted me. I would do anything
just to get that back inside me.

"Please don't stop Joni. I need you so bad..." I whined.

"Here, suck on your other nipple for a little while," she demanded, handing me my teat.

I did, as she desired, feeling the bliss of pressure reducing in my aching boob and the
flashes of pleasure playing about my synapses. My milk was indeed sweet and thick, reviving my
tired body and making me ready for another two or three days of fucking.

"You look much better now baby, so back on your knees," Joni insisted, helping me roll
back over.

"Joni, what did you do that made you into a woman with a huge dick?" I pried, my mind
barely my own for the moment.

"I took advantage of a boy in my class. Therefore, I must experience the desires a young
boy goes through in puberty. I can't look masculine, which would make getting what I desire
much too easy," she informed me. "Now you delicious slut whore, relax your muscles at this

I did and she took her sperm soaked cock and started ramming in my bunghole.

"My ass?" I asked fearfully.

"Most certainly. The mistress requires her sluts to be, filled with jizzum in every orifice,
and I would never do anything to displease her. The repercussions are too terrifying to be
risked," Joni almost apologetically replied.

My tight ass finally, painfully yielded to her gigantic member.

"You might want to take your hand to your clit while a butt fuck you," she suggested.

I took her suggestion and it wasn't long before I took my other hand and had it rammed
up to my wrist in my cunt as I diddled my clit. My torso was supported solely by my mammoth
mammaries, which were leaking milk onto the bed as she fucked my sore ass.

Joni had me scream through three intense orgasms before depositing her incredible load
in my widely stretched colon, with plenty spewing out to slime my legs and back.

Joni flopped me over stuffed a teat into my mouth, one of my hands into my cunt, and the
other on top of my clittie, "Here, you do yourself while I go wash off my meat."

Now I found myself yearning for my ass to be filled as well as my fist filled love hole, but
my desperate diddling kept me from loosing my mind all together as my milk revitalized me.

Joni returned and asked, "Since I washed my dick, will you suck it?"

I wanted to say no, but my cravings and bodily yearnings took over and I rotated my body
and my boobs on the bed so that my face would be available for her use.

I spent the next full day sucking sperm from her, and having Joni inject my cunt and ass
with huge amounts of her sperm. I was more and more frightened with each and every load I
consumed. I was coming to love the taste.

School Daze - Tamara
Mom woke me and we breakfasted together as we had the day before. This morning
however mom gave me some jeans to wear and a very girly t-shirt.

"Mom, does this t-shirt make my boobs look too big?" I asked her, while I stared at the
bumps on my chest.

"Yes, it does make them look enticing," mom answered with a grin.

"You were worried about how my butt looked when we bought these jeans, but I think my
fanny grew since then. I had to jump up and down to pull them up and then I had to roll around
on the bed to get them to snap," I confessed.

"That's to be expected with your newly washed jeans honey. They tend to shrink up a
little in the wash. After you wear them for a few minutes they will relax a little," she informed
me, "Are you ready for me to take you to school?"

"Sure mom and thanks. You're a terrific mom," I told her out of the blue.

"Thank you precious. That means a lot to me," she hugged me and we left to take me to

I was early so I was able to hug my godmother before any of the other students arrived,
"Miss Rhiannon, are you singing in your band tonight?" I pried.

"I sure am. Hey, can I dedicate a song to my new goddaughter tonight?"

"I'd like that," I told her. "I've never had anyone dedicate a song to me before."

"Technically, you're correct. However, Roger did have a song dedicated to him a few days
ago," Rhiannon, informed me.

"Wow, that nice. It was you then too, wasn't it?" I assumed.

"Yes it was, and it will be again tonight," she assured me with a hug.

"I'm glad you're my godmother," I hugged her back tightly.

With things more relaxed at school the other girls were more comfortable talking with me
than they might have been before.

Lori was as friendly as ever. I think that she and I are going to be best friends. I rely on
her and she seems to overlook my feminine fopas. She would help me out when I acted too much
like a boy and I tried to help her with anything I could.

The one subject I knew more about was, boys although she really didn't seem too
interested in them.

I started to learn about the kinds of things girls liked to talk about, and fashions was one
on the top of the list. I was thinking to myself how much I appreciated mom taking me shopping
or else I wouldn't have anything to add to the conversation. As it was I had to do plenty of
listening, but I was learning plenty all of the time.

Frankly, I was having so much fun that I was almost stunned when my stomach started
cramping up on me.

Luckily, Miss Rhiannon noticed that I was off my feed, "Judging by your face Miss
Cromwell, you are not feeling well. Please come with me while the rest of the class works on their

Once she had me in the hallway alone she asked, "It's evident that you are not feeling well
Tamara, so please tell me what's wrong?"

"My stomach is kind of knotted," I admitted, holding my tummy with my hands.

"Uh oh..." Rhiannon snagged my hand and took me into the lady teacher's restroom with

I was reluctant to go in with her because it was for the teachers, but Rhiannon insisted
that it was okay and I followed her in.

"Okay Tamara, into a stall with me please. Now pull down your jeans and panties. I need
to look for something," Rhiannon instructed.

I did as she told me and yelped, "I'm bleeding..."

"Calm down honey. It's okay. You're just menstruating. It's a natural thing for us women
Tamara. Most girls don't start this early, but to give you those nice boobies, your body is just
more mature than the other girl's bodies. This means that you're a woman now sweetie,"
Rhiannon told me. Just stand there for a minute. I'll be right back."

When she returned she handed me a big bandage to put in my panties. She called it a
'Maxi Pad' and said I would have to wear one in my panties for five days, maybe six. Additionally
I will have to wear one in my panties in bed.

"Your body is just cleaning out your womb and getting prepared to accept a fetus if you
were wanting to get pregnant. I'll talk to your mom and have her come to get you," she said,
"Now come with me. We're going to have you lay down in the nurses office until she gets here."

While we were walking to the nurse's office, godmother flipped open her phone and said,
"Conni? This is Rhiannon. Yes, I think you will need to take Tamara home for the rest of the
day. No, she isn't in trouble. No, she's not sick either. Tamara is just having her first period.
No, it's not all that unusual. Most girls don't start until they're around eleven, that's true.
Actually, I think it is probably my fault. You know those boobs that she wanted? Well, you and I
both know what makes them grow. Yes, I'm afraid so. No, I don't think she was embarrassed in
front of the class. I caught it quickly enough and took her to the ladies room with me. Okay,
she'll be lying down in the nurse's office when you get here. It's my pleasure Conni. See you."

"Your mom will be here in fifteen minutes Tamara. You don't mind if I look in on you
tonight before I head off to sing do you?" godmother asked.

"I'd like that. Thank you for taking such good care of me, go... ah, Miss Rhiannon," I
choked back the word before actually saying it.

"We're alone in a hallway dear. It's okay, no harm done," she claimed as we passed into
the school office.

"Becky? Are you in here?" Rhiannon called out as we entered the nurse's office.
"Right here Rhiannon. What's up?"

"I have a precious young girl here who just became a woman. Her mom is coming to get
her and should be here in about fifteen minutes. Can she lay down until she gets here?"

"She most certainly can. My, you are young for this, but I've heard of it happening. It's
nothing to worry about, but you will not feel very good until it passes. Kick your shoes off and
lay down," she fretted over me like a mother hen, "Rhiannon, did you take care of...?"

"That's all handled," godmother assured her. "Don't tell anyone, but Tamara is my
goddaughter, so it's like my job to help her anyway."

"Is she really?"

"I'm the one who named her," Rhiannon assured her.

Becky looked to me for confirmation, so I nodded my assurance.

"Okay, well she's in the hands of a professional now, so you run back to those other
children before they set the building on fire or something," Becky shoed her.

Rhiannon winked at me on her way out and I just lay there. It wasn't really very bad. I'd
ached a lot worse after dad punished me, but I let them pamper me, cause mom said I could and
should act like a sissy now that I'm a girl.

This girl's body should have come with an instruction manual. Of course, girls don't have
to worry about their thing dangling out of their underwear. Having a smooth bottom was nice
that way at least. Nevertheless, guys only have to give it a few shakes when they pee, whereas
girls have to take off their clothes, sit, and then wipe. Then again, boys don't bleed out of their
things, or at least I don't think they do, not having quite reached puberty as a boy yet.

I thought about all of this while I lay there waiting for mom. At least I get to act as if it
hurts when it does, as a girl. I don't have to pretend that I'm not hurt, just so I don't get hurt

'I wonder how much I'm bleeding? Can I bleed to death this way, or does the big bandage
on my butt stop the bleeding? Do all girls do this, or just the ones with boobies? Does this mean
that I can have my own little girl when I grow up? Boy, if I do, I sure would never be mean to
her. I'd hug her and dress her in soft and pretty clothes... and... and take her shopping,' I
decided as I daydreamed.

"Do you have my darling daughter here Nurse Becky?" I heard mom ask.

I sat up, swung my legs off the couch, and slipped them in my pumps, "In here mom."

I got to my feet and suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my tummy, but I only hesitated a little
as I stood.

"I'm feeling okay. You didn't have to leave work for me," I bravely told her shuffling over to
where she was standing.

"You are going to come with me honey. When I get you in the car I'll give you a couple of
Midol and we're going to introduce you to my OBGYN," mom enlightened me.

I had no idea what an OBGYN was, so I didn't say anything.

"You're definitely not feeling up to par," mom announced as she hugged me and began
walking me towards the door. She stopped us briefly outside out of my class, got Rhiannon's
attention and when she came out to the hallway mom said, "Thank you Rhiannon. This can be
tough on a girl, especially if it happens and she doesn't have someone to help her."

"Oh, don't say another word. I'd have done it for any of my students, but I was especially
glad to do it for my goddaughter. I'll swing by after school and see how thing are going if you
don't mind."

"My home is your home," mom told her and we were on our way.

Belted in the Jaguar and on the road I asked, "Mom, what's an OBGYN?"

"An OBGYN, or OBstetrics and GYNecology doctor, is a doctor who specializes in the
special problems which only women have. What you are going through today is something only
women go through. It's natural and normal. I just want you to be checked out by the doctor
since this is your first time," mom told me reassuringly.

"Is there a lot more stuff that's going to surprise me about being a girl mom?"

"This is probably the big one for most girls, but they are usually expecting it. Soon their
mothers will be warning them that this will be happening to them, so it won't surprise them. You
are just an early bloomer and I didn't have time to warn you. It would surprise any of the other
girls in your class at your age too honey, so it's not just because you were a boy. Just think, now
you will be able to help the other girls when they have their first period," mother bantered as she
drove us.

"Their first period?" I asked confused as to what she meant.

"That's a common slang term for when a girl is menstruating. It's also referred to as
'Being on the rag'. Since women often use a sanitary napkin during that time of the month.
We'll talk about the other ways to deal with your period at the doctor's office," mom told me as
she parked the Jaguar and we headed into the medical building.

As we waited to be called, mom filled me in with another vital piece of information, "I don't
want to scare you Tamara, but when you go in there, Dr. Wimbush is going to examine your
private parts. It's something we need to do. She will put something inside your vulva and
inspect your female parts. I don't want you to be frightened."

"Okay, if that's what girls do, I think it's something I should do too," I reasoned.

"That's the spirit," mom said, just as we were called back to the exam room.

"Hi there Tamara, is this your first pelvic exam?" the nurse asked me with a smile.

"Yes, it sure is."

"Has your mom filled you in on what the doctor will be doing today?" the nurse asked.

"Yes, she has."

Alright then sweetheart, disrobe completely and put this gown on," she said as she handed
me, a pale-pink, cotton, open back gown with little red and blue flowers all over it, and then she

I stripped, but had no idea what to do with my sanitary napkin. Mom knew where they
went and how to keep me from making a mess while we waited.

"Hi Tamara. Hi Conni. So, you've started menstruating have you, young lady? Well let
me have a look to make sure it's not something else which has caused the bleeding," the lady
doctor began, "First I want to get your vitals and do a general inspection of your body, so I'd like
you to remove the gown and just stand there for a minute."

I did it and she looked under my arms and all over my body then she asked, "I need to
palpitate your breasts, so just relax," and she pushed on my boobies and nipples, declaring,
"Those feel normal, although I would expect them on a much older girl. You can put the gown
back on and the hop up on the exam table please."

Up I went while she checked my blood pressure and listened to my heart and lungs,
"Everything is fine. Now onto the tough one Tamara, lay back onto the table and I'll help you put
your feet in these stirrups."

She put my feet up and to the sides and my whole bottom was exposed to her, "This is
going to be a bit uncomfortable, but it won't take long."

I felt her stick her slimy fingers inside me and feel around and the next thing that
happened was a warm metal tool was, slowly pushed inside me and then it expanded! Man, that
felt weird!

She pulled it out but my hole didn't close up right away, so it felt like it was still inside me
for a while and the jelly she used made me feel all slippery down there.

"Everything is completely normal hon.. Now we'll get some blood and check that out," the
doctor said while she poked me in the arm with the Vacutainer.

"There, that wasn't so bad, was it? You can get dressed now and you'll find tampons and
Maxipads in that cabinet," she pointed to it. "I'll be back in a few minutes to give you a

She left and mom helped me clean up and put a new pad in my panties.

Dr. Wimbush came back in and informed us, "Well even though it is unusual for a girl this
young to be menstruating, it's not without precedence. As far as the physical exam goes you're a
completely normal girl. The breast development is consistent with the fact that you are
menstruating so it simply appears that you are blossoming a bit earlier than your peers will,
Tamara. I have a few pamphlets here for you to read and you will need to have a long talk with
your mother about how to handle your period. However, it appears that it is simply time to
welcome you to womanhood," she held out her hand and I shook it.

"Conni, I'll call you when the blood work comes back and then mail you a copy of the
report. You might want to schedule a mammogram for Tamara sometime in the near future too,"
she told mom.

We settled-up at reception, and then headed back for home.

Rhiannon was waiting for us in the driveway, "Can you spare a cup of coffee?"

"Sure can, just let me get the door open," mom opened the garage and I opened the front
door while mom made coffee.

"Are you feeling better now hon.?" she asked after hugging me.

"I didn't feel all that bad at school either. I hurt a whole lot worse in class lots of times
before," I admitted.

"I'm so sorry Tamara. I promise to do better in the future. You have to admit though, you
were very good at hiding your pain," Rhiannon said with a tear in her eye. "I'm just so glad that
Dawn caught on."

"Would you thank her for me godmother. I think I owe her a lot."
"A whole lot of people owe my other goddaughter plenty. She's good people. I'll have to
bring you by her shop some day. No tattoos for you until you're old enough to make an informed
decision though," Rhiannon warned me.

"How do tattoos come into this godmother?"

"Oh, yes, you wouldn't know, would you? Dawn owns a tattoo parlor, that's how they
come into this."

"Oh," I said.

We were coming into the kitchen about then and mom and Rhiannon hugged each other.

"So, did the doctor tell you that I do good work?" Rhiannon said smiling broadly.

"Yes, the doctor confirms that Tamara is a healthy happy girl with the body of a ten year
old," mom told her.

"Tamara is the hottest eight year old in the state," Rhiannon stated unequivocally, "I
think, she takes after her godmother don't you Conni?"

"I'm sure of it. Her mom's only got a D cup and I'm betting Tamara is that big by the time
she's in sixth grade," mom teased.

"And be into customs by the tenth grade," Rhiannon assured her.

"Are customs pretty and will they make my boobs look like yours?" I asked the questions
that were the most important to me.

"Sure honey. Custom means you can get them made any way you want them. I have a
couple of good seamstresses who do mine. If I see something I like, I give them a picture and
they make one for me in my size. If I want one with a slight difference, like maybe, satin cups
with lace over, I have her make it that way."

"It sure feels nicer to be a girl than being a boy... Ouch! Ooh... Cramps," I declared.
Mom and Rhiannon broke up laughing.

Rhiannon hugged me and said, "Sorry sweetie. I have to jet though, 'Sweet & Evil', will
skin me if I don't get to the club on time."

She hugged mom and I, and then waved goodbye as she left to climb into her car.
We finished off our evening with dinner and education on how to deal with menstruation.

Planning - Narrator
"Hello? Dawn? This is Rhiannon. I think we can step Hanky up to the next phase."

"Right, have you got enough lined up for tonight or should I make an announcement at
the show?"

"I agree the more the merrier. Expect company later. See you honey. I love you too,"
Rhiannon smiled as she pulled into the parking lot of her latest gig.

A New Name for Hank - Hank
"Oh, please! Someone fuck me!" I was nearly insane with desire.

Dawn walked into the room with a couple of the other girls and had me transported to
another room... one with a door that opened to the outside world, "Time to clean your cum
soaked room up some Hanky. The girls are giving you a sponge bath, so don't expect them to
pleasure you and I'll see to it that you get plenty of more sex as soon as you're clean."

"Oh thank you mistress Dawn! I don't deserve your kindness! Oh god I need a fuck!" I
screamed, begged, and whined.

It seemed like forever before they finished cleaning me of crusty dried sperm and pussy

"There, you are all cleaned up and ready for sex! Okay girls, back to your rooms," Dawn

I was shocked and frightened. How could she promise me sex and then send my
playmates to bed? However by now, I was smart enough to keep my swollen lips shut.

"Where oh where are we going to find someone to fuck poor Hanky?" Dawn wondered
aloud. "Maybe through this door?" she said as she opened the door to the outside.

I looked through the open door and screamed!

Dawn closed the door and said, "Well if you feel that way about it! No sex for Hanky!"

She was on her way to leave the room and I stammered, "You can't be serious? You want
me to fuck... to fuck... to fuck GUYS?"

"I most certainly do! Believe me, after your sperm cravings have had a while to work on
you, you'll suck, fuck, and do anything you possibly can to get some. It's your choice, suck
cocks, or go insane. Of course, if you go insane, it will be insane for sperm. If you don't get at
least a quart of sperm a day, your cravings become greater. If you get enough, then soon your
boobs will shrink down to a size, which will allow you to walk on your own."

"So when they are small enough, I won't have to... ugh... drink a quart of sperm a day any
longer?" I asked, hoping I was right.

"You misunderstand honey. You need a quart of sperm in you, yes. However, you need at
least a cup in your pussy, a cup in your anus and a pint in your stomach. It can't all come from
one male either. These were Rhiannon's requirements, the highest ever required of a slut to date,
congratulations on the record by the way. Now, you can either get your nourishment right here,
or when you go crazy, you will get it from everywhere as you wander the streets begging for
sperm. You can't wander though can you? Your boobs are too big for you to heft aren't they
sweetie? Well, last chance. Do you want sperm, or do you want to wait until you can't help

I cried, I moaned, I pleaded, and predictably, I acquiesced.

Dawn opened the door again and declared, "She's all yours boys! Fuck her brains out!"

'I'm not even a whore,' I thought to myself, 'I'm fucking and sucking free. I'm just a
worthless slut!'

Right then, some faceless guy offered up his prick for my lips to pleasure, and my cravings
overrode my disgust so I performed my first blowjob on a man, while being fucked from behind
and nursing two other guys.

It didn't take me long to be rewarded with creamy loads for my cravings. The guys were
quickly switched for new ones. I became more and more eager to suck their cocks, and be
fucked by them. Luckily, I was able to convince some of the guys to fuck my ass too. Once I had
received my reward, I started to be able to think again, as my craving slowly diminished.

'How the hell will I know when I have enough sperm to meet my requirement?' I wondered.
'I guess I just have to make sure I have way more than minimum.'

Today wouldn't be a problem. I was swimming in cocks and sperm in no time.

As soon as two or three guys were satisfied, two or three more took their place. I lost track
of time and no one could count how many times I came. I was the Timex of sluts, I give a licking
and keep on fucking!

I heard one of the guys exclaim, "Damn, this slut can sure take a cock! Ughn, yah baby,
suck all that cum off my dick!"

"Hell, this end has so much sperm drooling from her cunt, I'm getting it all over my balls.
We have to get someone to hose her out. It's like fucking a blow up doll after twenty or thirty
other guys."

This was no revelation to me. There was a puddle all around my knees on the bed and I
could feel the slime flowing down my legs in rivers.

As soon as that team finished with me, the doors closed and a couple of my girlfriends
came in and cleaned the bed, the floor, and me.

"Don't say anything. Were just cleaning you off so more guys will fuck you, Dawn's
orders," one of the girls informed me. They finished cleaning me quickly and opened the door to
the long line of men, who were waiting for their turn.

That same scenario played out time and again and I couldn't stop fucking, even if I had
wanted to. Thank goodness that my boobs were still supplying me with the milk, which so
revitalized me.

Unfortunately, for me, some of the guys saw me nursing on my massive boobs and they
gave it a try too. Imagine their surprise when their dicks became steel-hard and ready to fuck
the slut a whole lot more!

Some of them even persuaded the girls to let them nurse, while I was cleaned up, which
lead to plenty more sperm infusions. I watched the sun come up before the line outside dwindled
and the girls finally cut me off from my supply.

"Come with me, Hanky. You are to be bathed and femininely dressed in a nightie and
then Dawn wants to talk to you," Duany informed me. "I don't know what kind of a scum bag
you used to be Hanky, but you must have been a real piece of work. I was a total asshole, and
she didn't do nearly this much to me."

"I just wish you were sporting a big cock right now... I want a dick in my mouth so badly
you'll never believe!"

"Somehow I believe you will have your wish fulfilled shortly, girl!" Duany laughed as she
began scrubbing the caked on jizzum off my body.

She cleaned me up, while I diddled myself through a few good orgasms and then led me
back to the room I had started in.

"Ah, good to see you all prettied up Hanky. You will actually get a chance for some sleep
after your enthusiastic performance. Duany, wheel Hanky's boobs over to the bed and get her
laying down, won't you love?" Dawn asked the hugely busted woman, who was pushing my boobs
down the hallway on a tall table so that I could walk along with them.

Once my jiggly boobs and wiggly butt were lying on the bed, Dawn went on, "Now the only
way you will be able to relax and sleep Hanky, is if you have this up your butt," she handed me a
large penis shaped dong, "this up your cunt," she handed me an even bigger vibrator, "and this
down your throat, strapped in tightly. Well, what are you waiting for? Get to inserting them or
I'll take them away and you can lie there and try to diddle yourself asleep. It won't work though,
but you can try!"

I knew better than to try not doing what Dawn recommended, so I inserted all of her 'gifts'
as she recommended and she padlocked the strap behind my head to keep the cock gag she
proffered in place.

"Good girl, Hanky. Now for the final touch... I attach the tube to your gag and activate the
sperm pump. Enjoy your jizzum filled nap dear," she taunted as she left me
I only had to swallow infrequently so it didn't take much effort to keep from drowning, the
pump just made certain that the taste of sperm filled my mouth while I slept. I was out like a
light in a few minutes.

Girlfriends - Tamara
At school, the other girls were all asking me what had happened the day before, so I put it
off until they became insistent and I finally told them, "I was... uh... well, the nurse said I'm a
woman now."

I was surprised to find out that better than half of them understood what that meant.

Even Lori, when she pulled me aside and said, "So, you're on the rag! I'm so jealous. No
wonder you have boobs Tamara. I can't wait until I have the curse too."

"You... you, want to bleed?" I asked in disbelief.

"Of course silly! It means you're a woman and can have babies," she gushed happily.
"Wow, my new friend is already a woman, this is so awesome! Cathy and Tiffany are so jealous
they have been trying to start the rumor that you are really a year older than we are."

"I am not," I declared in my own defense.

"That's what I told them. I knew that you weren't, because your twin was the same age as
us. That and Rhiannon wouldn't lie and say that you're our age. That shut them up but quick.
Nobody accuses her of anything unless they are darned sure of it, at least not if they think they
would be caught," Lori giggled.

"That's a good policy," I agreed, thinking, 'Especially if they are boys... and want to stay
that way.'

"That's right, Miss Rhiannon took you to the nurses yesterday," she recalled. "I don't care
what the rumors are about her, I like Miss Rhiannon."

"She likes you too," I assured her, but then I added, "I'm sure she likes all of her

Lori looked at me funny, but didn't say anything.

The topic changed to fashions and what the other girls were doing, or saying. The rest of
the school day was mostly uneventful.

The only thing which stood out was, the fact that Tiffany who was being catty, decided to
accuse Miss Rhiannon of having Roger taken away by child services and stuck into a foster home
far away.

"Miss Rhiannon wouldn't do something like that!" I declared loudly right to her face. "She
was very upset about what happened to Roger and you shouldn't say bad things about her,
especially not when I'm close enough to hear them." I turned and walked off, Lori in tow behind

"Wow, you sure went off on Tiffany. I thought you didn't know anything about Roger when
we met."

"I didn't know about him, really. I know about Miss Rhiannon though. She's the one who
fixed it so I have a mother again, so I know what a good person she is," I quickly dissembled.

'Well... it's mostly true,' I thought to myself.

"I knew you and Miss Rhiannon were friends. I could just feel it when she's around you,"
Lori confided as we headed back to the class after recess was over. "Tiffany is just upset that
Roger is gone. She really liked him, even though she never was brave enough to tell him."

"Darn, now I'm sorry for yelling at her. But she shouldn't ever blame Miss Rhiannon," I
told her, my emotions all in turmoil, "Miss Rhiannon would change the world to help any of her
students if they need her."

Lori suddenly went pale but replied, "I bet she could..."

I figured that I should shut my mouth, because I was just making Lori more suspicious.
We walked in silence for a ways and Lori declared, "Oops! I was supposed to invite you
over to my house tomorrow. It's my birthday and mom is going to have a few girls over for a
slumber party. Please, tell me you can come!"

"I... I have to ask my mom first," I replied, dearly wanting to be there.

"Well, ask her before we have to be back in class," Lori insisted.

I slapped myself on the forehead. I forgot that I have a cell phone and mom is on speed
dial, "Hello? Mom? It's me, Tamara."

I laughed when mom said, "As if I wouldn't recognize my precious daughter's voice!"

"Um... Lori asked me over to her house on Saturday night. It's her birthday and she is
having a slumber party... and..."

"Enough said sweetie. You can go. I know you'll love it. I kind of miss going to them

"Thanks mom! I'll miss being with you, mom. I have to go. Recess is over now. I love you
so much mom," I told her quickly, right before the bell rang.

"God, I love you so, Tamara. Bye hon.."

"Mom said that I could go."

Lori squealed, "We're going to have so much fun!" she jumped up and down, holding my

I wanted to jump with her, but I didn't think my tummy would like it much.

After School - Tamara
When I got home, mom was so excited about the slumber party.

I didn't have a clue what a slumber party is, so I said, "Mom, this might sound funny but,
what's a slumber party?"

"Oh, that's right... you wouldn't know. If you didn't know what it was sweetie, why did
you ask me to go?"

"Lori is kind of my best friend... and she wanted me to be there. It's her birthday party
too, so I figure I should be there," I answered, wondering if I was in trouble now.

"That's very sweet of you dear and I know you won't regret asking to go. Slumber parties
are for girls only. It's when your girlfriends all get together for a party and sleepover at
someone's house. They stay up late and play games, tell stories, dress up their dolls, and
generally get silly," she told me with a huge smile.

I relaxed right away, but realized right away, "Um, mom, I don't have any dolls and I don't
know girl's games."

"Oh... that's right! You could be found-out..." she bit her lower lip lost in thought.

Conversation - Narrator
Finally, she got up and grabbed the phone, "Rhiannon, this is Conni. We have a minor
emergency I could use your advice on how to handle it."

"Sure hon.. What's up?"

"Tamara's going to a slumber party," mom told her.

"Good for her, so what's the problem?" Rhiannon asked, driving the Ferrari, using her
hands-free cell connection.

"Tamara has never played with dolls...? She doesn't know any games that girls play at
slumber parties...? You know... girl stuff."

"Conni, I hate to say this, I haven't been to a slumber party as a girl in a couple of
thousand years..."

"Oh-my-god, that's right! I guess I just need some help giving Tamara a crash course on
playing with dolls and all. Do you have any ideas?"

"Hold for a second, I'm putting us on a three-way," Rhiannon replied.

"Hi godmother. What can I do for you?" Dawn answered.

"Dawn baby, could you give Conni and Tamara a hand? Your god-sister needs to know
how to play with dolls and slumber party stuff. By-the-way, Conni, whose slumber party?"
Rhiannon asked.

Dawn replied, "I'd love to help! It would give me a chance to spend some time in the 'light
side' of the force."

"The party is for that little cutie Tamara has made friends with, Lori Lovette," mom

"Lori? That's perfect!" Rhiannon declared, "I know her aunt!"

"Lovette? Oh yes, she's a darling!" Dawn declared.

"You know, I think we could wrangle our way into this slumber party. Hang on, I'm going
to a four-way."

"This is the Lovette residence."

"Lovette, this is Rhiannon and I have Dawn Whitham on the line with me, along with the
mother of one of your niece's friends."

"Rhiannon, Dawn, so good to hear from you. To what do I owe this lovely surprise?"

"Well darling, I have a nervous mother who is just getting to know the daughter who was
raised by her father, but is now with mom once again, after her other daughter passed away.
You are getting the general mood I hope."

"Oh, I understand completely. How can I help?" Lovette asked brightly.

"First off, are you attending the birthday party?" Rhiannon pried.

"Actually, it had slipped my mind, but I think I should wrangle my way into her party. I
get the feeling that you and the rest of the posse want to come as well?" Lovette giggled good-

"Ah, you still read minds I see. Yes, Tamara's mom would be relieved to join the rest of us.
However, I think that the grownup girls could have a great time, while the girls get silly on their
own. Are you up for that hon.?" Rhiannon proposed.

"That would be fun... We'll have to be cool though. My sister is straight," Lovette warned.

"Not a problem hon.. How soon do you think you can get back to me if you sister goes for

"I'll call you in ten minutes. You're still calling from that Ferrari, aren't you?"

"I've got to get a better muffler for this thing," Rhiannon teased.

"Okay, talk to you in a bit, bye now," Lovette clicked off the connection.

"Me too, I'll be over to your house in a bit Conni," Dawn promised.

"Great, that's a relief. Thanks Dawn. Thanks Rhiannon," Conni declared as she severed
the connection.

Mom and Dawn Teach Dolls - Tamara
"Well Tamara, your problems are solved. Dawn will be here in just a few minutes to help
with doll play and girl games. Rhiannon is wangling an invitation for Dawn, Lovette, herself, and
I to go to the party with you," mom informed me with a big hug.

"But Lori was coming anyway. It would be silly to have a party for her without her being
there," I decided.

Mom started laughing and once she caught her breath she said, "Ah, you're a treasure,
Tamara. Lori's last name is Lovette, but her aunt uses it as her stage name too. Therefore, it will
be the grownup girls and the birthday party girls in double parties. That way, we can be there to
cover for any possible mix-ups."

"How does that get me dolls, to play with?" I asked, always the practical girl.

"Come along to your room Tamara, your sister had a lovely collection which I know she
would want to pass on to you," mom took me by the hand and we wiggled our way into my

"You know mom, being a girl is a lot jigglier than being a boy was," I observed.
"You notice the funniest things sometimes Tamara. I'm so used to it, I hardly even think
about it. I suppose you're right though, even though you are just barely jiggling at your age.
However, we need to introduce you to Barbie and her friend, so you can fit in with the other
girls," mom announced as she refocused us on what was important.

The doorbell rang, so we raced each other to answer it. Even though mom jiggles more
than I do, she still beat me to it.

"Dawn!" I squealed, throwing my arms around her small waist.

Mom just stood there and stared.

"Are you two going to ask me in, or is Conni going to try and do laundry on my abs?"
Conni blushed and said, "Please come in, Dawn. I'm sorry if I was staring, but it's the first
time I've seen you without your, ah... gold suit and mask."

"It's alright Conni. I'm just pleased to be able to hang out with my god-sister."

"Wow, I've got the toughest god-sister ever! Um... would you mind if I felt you muscles?" I
asked her uncertainly as we all made our way towards my bedroom.

"Here, go ahead," she told me as she flexed her huge bicep.

"It's like rocks. Mom, you've got to feel this!" I enthused.

Mom blushed three shades of crimson until Dawn said, "Go ahead, I know you want to."

Mom's feel was a lot gentler than mine was. She even got Dawn to moan as she did it.

"Sheesh, you have lovely soft hands there, Conni!" Dawn replied breathily.

"You have such delicious muscles too, god-sister Dawn," mom purred back. "I heard that
I have you to thank for my precious Tamara."

It was Dawn's turn to blush, "Oh, it's not all my doing. We have a small network of ladies
who are on the lookout for candidates to participate in Rhiannon's special kind of punishment. I
almost wound up buying a new shop over my sweet god-sister there." Dawn smiled
mischievously, ruffling my hair with one of her strong hands. "When she heard what was
happening to you... well I'm just glad I got her attention away from her anger."

"I understand fully. When I told her it was my fault that mom died..." I gulped loudly right
at this point.

"I thought she was going to harm Tamara," mom interjected.

"Nah, she wouldn't allow anything to happen to either of you, but your house might have
needed some remodeling. I had a little shop once that was nearly flattened when she was pissed.
That was before I learned to break her concentration," Dawn confided to us, "Of course I wound
up with newer and better stuff. Godmother paid for everything. I just don't like to see her paying
good money for something I can stop with a word or two."

"I thought I was dead," I admitted to her.

"She would never harm a child Tamara. Rhiannon has rules that she won't break. She
has some rules that can be broken, but only if a child is in danger, and then only if there is no
other way to help that child. Tamara is the first child she has allowed to be orphaned in forty
years. I thought I wouldn't be able to stop her from doing serious damage when she learned it
was you. I would have rather been locked in a phone booth with a cougar than tell her
something like that."

"Every time I learned more of what Tamara went through I wanted to take vengeance for
it," agreed Conni as we entered my room and she opened the closet.

"Don't you worry, Rhiannon is a 'VERY' good teacher," Dawn chuckled.

"I think she is a wonderful teacher. I'm so glad that the other kids and I get to be in her
class. She's better than watching Television. All of the kids in the third grade want to be in her
class, and all of the boys want to ride in her car..." I giggled, "But that might have changed
because the last boy who got a ride, didn't come back."

"Well, actually she did," Dawn, corrected, "just a whole lot prettier."

"You, think I'm pretty?" I asked blushing at the compliment.

"You, my sweet god-sister, are gorgeous. If anybody tells you different, you call me and I'll
thrash them good," Dawn declared making a big muscle. "I'm kidding of course. I don't hurt
people unless it's absolutely necessary."

"What kind of car do you have god-sister Dawn?" I asked envisioning a big monster truck
or something for her.

"You didn't see my hog when you let me in?" she asked, walking over to my window to
point it out in the driveway.

"What hog?"

"The Harley Davidson motorcycle, hon.. Some people call them 'hogs'. In 1914, Harley
formed its own racing team, called the 'Wrecking Crew'. One of the Harley team riders adopted a
baby pig as a mascot, he called it 'Hog', and it became associated with Harley-Davidsons since
then. Even if the corporate folks started, Harley Owner's Group, to be able to trademark the
word, that's the real reason for it."

"Wow, I bet lots of people don't know that. You sure are smart," I told her.

"Just because I'm a girl it doesn't mean I can't like some of the same stuff guys like. I still
like being feminine too, mind you. I sure remember playing with dolls as a young girl too, so let
me show you some of the fun we had during slumber parties," Dawn started pulling out the dolls
and their clothes.

"Things have changed since I was a girl though. The fashions are different but the
important thing is learning what clothes go together on her, and for what occasions she would
wear them."

Dawn started showing me how to coordinate the clothes and I learned a whole lot about
the things that girls wear. There was even a makeup kit to teach girls how to put it on. Dawn
showed me how to take care of my 'babies', and then she was showing me games like, 'spin the
bottle' and 'truth or dare'.

"You do have an advantage over all of the other girls and even your mom and me. When
the girls start talking about boys, you will be the expert. Not matter what one of the girls thinks
she knows about guys, you are going to know for certain, so be careful and think carefully about
correcting some of their misconceptions. It could lead to someone finding out who you were. On
the other hand, you could be responsible for your friends knowing more about guys than any
other girls around, just make sure they learn it slowly and try to attribute the knowledge to say...
your 'fictious' father, Conni's ex-husband. You should deal with those issues later though."

"How should she bail out if she's in trouble Dawn," mom interposed, "a good catch all
excuse for her to seek our help?"

"Well... you are the only girl in your class who is menstruating, so you could claim a 'pad
failure' or say, 'It's time for my Midol.' and then head for the kitchen or bathroom. The old,
'holding your stomach and claiming, 'cramps'', and rushing out, ploy should work really well.
Your girlfriends will all be understanding, even though they have never had 'cramps'," she
laughed at the thought.

"It doesn't really hurt that much god-sister Dawn. I hurt a whole lot worse than this lots
of times before..." I claimed, innocently.

Dawn snapped the mascara tube in two, accidentally right then, "Oh, Damn, sorry
Tamara, I didn't mean to break it."

"It's okay Dawn, I have another one she can have... a real one," mom comforted her, "I
understand completely. If I was as strong as you I probably would have dug fingerprints into the
wallboard just now."

"Did I say something wrong?" I fretted.

"No dear, you didn't. We're just glad that your periods are so mild," Dawn lied, giving
mom a sideways glance.

They coached me for some time after that, until I was becoming sleepy-eyed, "I think
Tamara is getting tired Conni, and we can continue this tomorrow morning if you like," Dawn

"Good idea. Let's dress Tamara in something sexy and soft and let her get to sleep," mom
decided, as the two women dug through my nightie drawer.

They came up with a lemon colored long length, silk nightie. Man, it caressed me all over
and the shimmery cool fabric was so nice hugging my body in bed.

Mom and Dawn tucked me in, both ladies kissed me good night, and I fell asleep almost
immediately, sighing in the comfort of my soft night clothing.

Grownups Discuss Tamara - Narrator
"Every time she makes light of being in pain because it's not as bad as she had it before I
just..." Conni declared between gritted teeth.

"Tell me about it. I'm the one who snapped a mascara in two. I have to admit that I was
beginning to feel sorry for Hanky, but I don't anymore."

"Who is Hanky?" Conni asked, not having heard the name before.

"Oh, Tamara's father was named Hank. We just started calling him Hanky when
Rhiannon made him a bimbo," Dawn supplied, "Why? Do you have a better name for her?"

"Brittany?" mom giggled, "or maybe Bambi?"

"Bambi Boobies... now there's a name! He, he, he," Dawn chuckled at the justice in such
a bimbo-esque name.

"That's fitting. Imagine a guy who finds out his name is the pure definition of a sex toy,"
Conni enjoyed the irony of it.

"I'll talk it over with Rhiannon, but I'm sure it will stick in this case," Dawn decided,
yawning, her own fatigue catching up with her.

"You had better head home before you fall asleep at the hog..." Conni was becoming quite
tired herself.

"It was so nice to meet you two. God I'm so glad Rhiannon has a new goddaughter. She's
like a new woman. I haven't seen her so bubbly in decades," Dawn said as she hugged Conni

"I feel alive myself for the first time in months. Thank you so much for my daughter.
She's so perfect I've cried myself to sleep more than once since I got her," Conni admitted as they
broke apart.

"You've handled her difficulties well Conni, though I'm sure she will be dealing with them
for many years to come. You have a tough job girl, since Tamara is so good at hiding her
problems. You will need to draw her out and get her to share herself. I don't envy you that job,
but I do envy you the loving daughter," Dawn waved as she went into the driveway to climb
aboard her yellow Harley for the ride home.

Hanks New Name - Hank
I woke up feeling refreshed but it took a few moments for me to remember why I had a
cock gag in my mouth with the salty taste of sperm flooding my taste buds. I immediately felt the
two large items impaling my bottom, and the two giant boobs keeping me from moving very far. I
reached around to try to dislodge the cock gag but it was firmly, locked into place.

I just lay there waiting for someone to put me to some other disgusting or demeaning task.
I soon realized that I was enthusiastically sucking on the gag, drawing a thicker stream of sperm
out of the tube. It was so good, I had to get more, so I started milking the tubing to force more
into my mouth. It soothed me as if I had taken barbiturates. The more I got in me, the less I
minded sucking cocks.

I was becoming slightly bloated with the amount I had consumed by the time Dawn

"I see you have a new record Hanky. You drank a whole gallon of dick juice, you nasty
slut. Well, be that as it may, I have good news for you," she declared forcefully pumping another
full cup into my face, "It was decided by your offspring's mother that you should be called, Bambi
Boobies. I think that is just the perfect name for a whore like you. Get all that jizzum off the
cock gag so I can take it out of your perfect cock sucking mouth."

I eagerly licked up everything that was available after she had turned off the flow of sperm.
Dawn popped the gag out of my face and said, "Go ahead, and lick your spermy lips. So,
what's your name slut?"

"B... B... Bambi," I stuttered in shame.

"That's not all of it. I want the whole thing, NOW!"

"Bambi Boobies," I corrected.

"Make it a total sentence. I want you to sound as if you love your new name, or you will
not only be in major pain, you won't be getting any jizzum in the near future either!"

"My name's Bambi Boobies," I intoned perkily, in my little girl voice, punctuating it with a

"That's better. Now say, 'My name's Bambi Boobies and I love being fucked."

"My name's Bambi Boobies and I love being fucked," I repeated, knowing where this was

"Add sucking cocks to that, and I think we're getting somewhere," Dawn insisted, a cruel
grimace on her face.

"My name's Bambi Boobies and I love being fucked and I love sucking big nasty cocks," I
embellished, adding a giggle, trying to avoid her adding more to the phrase by being one step
ahead of her.

"That's the spirit, but you left out those udders, so slip how much you love being milked
like a dairy cow and you finally have the right mindset," Dawn decided, not quite willing to let me
off the hook yet.

"My name's Bambi Boobies, I love being fucked, I love sucking big nasty cocks, and it
drives me wild to be milked like a Jersey cow," I supplied with the requisite giggle.

"That's lovely Bambi. Now when I have the girls come in and move you to your happy
place, I want you to announce that same thing to your adoring erect fans before I let them in to
feed you more squirmy sperm. You will do that for me, won't you Bambi?" Dawn had obviously
done this before.

I don't know what happened while I slept, but this Dawn was much crueler than when she
put me to bed, so I dared not disappoint her, "Bambi will do it for you eagerly, Miss Dawn," and I
threw in a giggle for good measure.

"You have the airhead act down quite well Bambi. See to it that you maintain the illusion
until I tell you to stop doing it."

I giggled in reply.

Dawn let three of the girls in to drag my boobs and me to the room I occupied last night. I
nearly lost it when they lifted my tits onto the rolling table, even with them ensconced in silk. I
was so weak from not using my legs or arms to move myself about they nearly had to drag me.

"What's wrong with my feet? They won't let me put my heels down anymore, Miss Dawn,"
I asked, tiptoeing behind my boobs.

"You have to wear high heels for the rest of your days Bambi. You will never get to be a
normal woman, so high heels make your legs look sexier and give your butt an alluring wiggle.
You have every advantage needed to lure men to you as if you were magnetized. Get used to it,"
she responded flatly.

"Thank you so much Miss Dawn," I figured that being polite might be my only salvation.

"Girls, before we open the doors, does anyone need a pick-me-up? If you do, go ahead and
nurse some. I'll wait," Dawn, offered to the ladies, who all three started suckling on my nipples
swapping from time to time.

"Ughn... ooh... uh..." I moaned as the intense pleasure melted my mind once again.

The girls had my cunt positively drooling by the time they were sated.

"Scoot girls," Dawn commanded as she herself vacated the room, "Remember what I told
you slut!"

The door slid open to the outside again and my supply of sperm was dangling there
waiting for me to harvest it.

Well, it was dangling until they caught a glimpse of the titty slut drooling at both ends
waiting for them.

"My name's Bambi Boobies, I love being fucked, I love sucking big nasty cocks, and it
drives me wild to be milked like a Jersey cow!" I exclaimed with a giggle. I needn't say any more
even if I could get it out around the huge piece of man meat that was fed to me.

'I was encased in cocks, all standing at attention and every one of them was for me!' I
smiled with the realization, however immediately I thought, "Oh my god, what am I thinking!'

I was unable to think about it further though, because a giant jet of jizzum fired into the
back of my throat and I moaned in the pure ecstasy of the experience. Thereafter I received
sperm donations every minute or so as I orgasmed and sucked, while supplying milk to
invigorate my studs.

Whenever a dick slipped from my mouth, I moaned and chanted, "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck
me!" Usually, there was a penis, slipped between my lips right about then.

Hour after hour, I was, fucked, cleaned, and fucked some more.

During one cleaning Dawn came in and whispered in my ear, "I was beginning to feel sorry
for you yesterday, that is until I spoke with your offspring. You are deserving of every bit of this
and more, cunt!"

"At least I know there's a boy somewhere to carry on the family name!" I retorted, in my
one act of defiance since this hell had begun.

That bitch actually laughed! "Oh, no there isn't, Bambi!" she declared triumphantly.

I broke down crying at that point. It must be all of these feminine hormones I am awash
in, "Poor Roger... what have I done?" I blubbered continuously until someone filled my swollen
lips with a jizzum tube, whereupon I was once again, overcome with lust.

Forevermore the thoughts of Roger, no longer a man, would haunt my existence.

Prelude to a Slumber Party - Tamara
I awoke early as usual. Saturdays were always a great time to do whatever I wanted in the
morning, dad usually slept in until noon.

My fuzzy slippers tickled my feet when I put them on. They were so cute and soft I always
smiled when I thought to myself they are mine and no one is going to be angry with me for
wearing them!

When I stumbled into the kitchen, mom was already there, waiting for me, with a hug,
"You're better than an alarm clock girl. I can set my watch by you. What should we have for
breakfast today?"

"Can I make omelets for us?" I asked hopefully.

"Only if I can coach. Is it a deal?"

"You bet! Eggs..." I recalled as I invaded the refrigerator, looking for them.

"Butter..." she offered, one of the ingredients I might not have realized I would need.

After gathering everything and placing it on the counter next to the stove, I dug out a
frying pan, dropped a dollop of butter in it, and turned up the heat.

"You amaze me all of the time Tamara," Mom proclaimed. "You already make a better
homemaker than many of your friends do, I wager!"

"I don't even know how to use a hammer..." I replied in surprise.

Mom giggled, "No, goofy, homemaker is someone who takes care of the family. Home
builders are the ones with the hammers."

"Ohhhh..." I said, while carefully cracking the eggs into the bowl. I did pretty well too. I
only had to fish out one piece of shell!

Mom handed me the whisk and showed me how it worked.

"This works better than a spoon," I realized, making the eggs all frothy.

"That's a relief," mom exclaimed.

"What's a relief?"

"I'm just happy to be able to teach you things and show you better ways than you already
know. I'm relieved that you don't know so much. It makes me feel needed."

I set the bowl down and hugged her, "I'll always need you, mom."

"You better get back to it, you don't want the butter to burn," mom refocused me, but
hugged me tightly before letting me go.

I finished making the first omelet and quickly made the second, however, mom had me
make a third. She didn't say why.

When I put the food on the table, the doorbell rang and in came my god-sister Dawn,
"Good morning ladies. Ooh, what's this? My god-sister cooks?"

"Mom, you knew Dawn was coming!" I accused with a smile.

"Sit down you two, we don't want Tamara's efforts to get cold," mom insisted.

It was a wonderful breakfast. Mom and Dawn were full of so much praise, I was
embarrassed, but it felt nice to be appreciated.

My girl training continued for a while but we soon had to break off because it was time to
get ready to go.

The phone rang and mom put it on speaker, "Hello?"

"Conni? Are my goddaughters there with you?" Rhiannon inquired.

"Yes, and they can hear you. I have the speaker phone on."

"Terrific! Well, Lovette came through. We are all invited to the slumber party, so get your
nighties ready girls. I'll be there in about a minute and we can discuss the game plan," she
informed us, "Oops, I'm in your driveway now. Answer the door girls!" She hung up the phone
without any more ado.

We raced each other to the door, opened it, and Rhiannon marched in as if she owned the
place, carrying her overnight bag, "That car is faster than I think sometimes."

"The parking outside Lori's house is going to be a real sight!" I decided.

"Yah, Lori's neighbors are going to think her place is a crack house," Dawn tittered.

"Well in literal terms..." Rhiannon started, thought better of it, and let the sentence fade.
I laughed myself into a case of hiccups though.

Mom and Dawn only let out a small snort of a laugh, but giggled at my reaction to the

Mom taught me how to stretch my diaphragm and relieve the hiccups, by over-filling my
lungs. (Moms know stuff like that.)

"What's everyone standing around for? Am I the only one eager to get to the slumber
party?" Rhiannon inquired.

We all turned into a flurry of feminine activity, packing, dressing, and primping and were
ready in no time.

"I suggest we arrive at slightly different times. Dawn, Conni, and Tamara you should
arrive first. Dawn is technically with you two, and I'll be there as Lovette's guest. That should
keep our relationship from being exposed. The girls would be wondering why the teacher showed
up with a student, but when they find out that Lovette's my friend, that should confuse the issue
enough," Rhiannon informed everyone.

"Wow, you should have been a general! You planned this as if it was a military strike," I

"Who says that I wasn't?" Rhiannon said, shocking all three of us, including Dawn.
"Sometimes a girl just gets board. Anyway, when that slut Josephine took off on me, I decided I
didn't want to play anymore and quit at Waterloo."

"No...! You weren't..." Conni started.

"The bindings on my boobs kept coming loose. I had to hold the ends together..."
Rhiannon stated in excuse.

"So the reason you were painted with your hand..." Dawn began.

"Those hat were so cool, and the uniforms... well you know," Rhiannon blushed at the

I had no idea what they were talking about, but the grownups were plenty shocked, so I
stayed out of it.

"I learn things about my godmother everyday," Dawn stated in awe.

"You should have seen Josephine's face when she woke up as a man... as her little general
no less," Rhiannon smiled at that point, "Too bad she sucked at being a general."

Mom and Dawn both laughed.

"Well, don't just stand there with your mouths agape, take off you three, I'll be twenty
minutes behind you," she ordered.

Mom and Dawn saluted, so I did too and we headed out the door, Dawn to her hog, mom
and I to the Jaguar.

Secrets Slumber and Revelation - Tamara
We pulled into Lori's driveway and as we rang the doorbell, Dawn pulled in behind us.

"Hi Tamara," Lori stated, "This must be your mother...?

"Call me Conni," mom told her as she offered her hand.

Lori shook it and said, "Nice to meet you." However, her attention was diverted as Dawn
climbed the stairs after us.

"Lori, I want you to meet my god-sister, Dawn Whitham."

Lori froze like a deer in headlights.

Dawn took it right in stride, "Nice to meet you Lori," holding out her hand to shake.

"N... N... Hi," Lori stammered and hesitantly took Dawn's hand, not at all sure she would
get it back.

"Looks like you've never met a body builder before," a small feminine voice came from
behind Lori.

"Lovette!" Dawn exclaimed with open arms.

The two women embraced.

"Aunt Lovette?" Lori quietly stated, slightly shocked.

"Relax Lori. Dawn and I are long time friends," Lovette told her, "Looks like you have a few
new tats Dawn."

"Just a few. I hear you have another friend coming along soon too," Dawn slyly stated.

"Rhiannon is coming and us big girls, so to speak, are going to party while the young
ladies have theirs," Lovette giggled at the subterfuge.

"Yes, us big girls. Watch out Lovette, Lori is almost taller than you already," Dawn
laughed aloud.

"I'd take offense if I didn't know how much you love dainty little ladies," Lovette rebuked,
as she beckoned us inside.

Dawn swatted Lovette playfully on her bottom and we all chased them into Lori's house.

"Do you know what's going on?" Lori asked me in a whisper.

"Yes. You know how women are when there's a party," I explained.

"Huh?" Lori wasn't following my circular logic, which is exactly what I had hoped for.

"Aren't you happy to see me?" I pouted exaggeratedly.

Now poor Lori was really confused, but she couldn't let her friend feel unwanted, "I'm
extremely happy to see you, silly. I'm so glad you could come to my party."

"Is anyone else here yet?" I wondered, looking down hallways and into the living room.

"No, you are the first one. I wanted you to be here early, so you and I can spend some
time together and I thought that you might want to help me set things up..." Lori asked

"Oh, I'd be more than happy to help. How many of us are there going to be?" I inquired, so
I would be able to figure how much we needed to do.

Lori was blushing beet red and answered, "Everyone I invited is already here."

It was my turn to be confused, which didn't last long because the doorbell rang.

Lori and Lovette dove for the door together, which was rather comical since they were
almost the same size but Lovette has a better forward counterbalance so she opened the door,
"Rhiannon! So good of you to come darling." Lovette hugged my pretty teacher, with her face
over a foot from Rhiannon's since their boobs were at the same level.

"Miss Rhiannon? You, came to my slumber party?" Lori stood with her mouth agape.
"Oh, hi Lori. Actually, I'm here for Lovette's slumber party," Rhiannon dissembled while
she released Lovette.
"Lori, I've known Rhiannon for quite a while. We've even done a... well umm... We've
worked together, yah that's it. We've worked together before."

"Good recovery Lovette," Conni giggled.

Lori's mom joined us, "Sorry I didn't get here sooner, but I was putting snacks out."

Lori decided she should introduce us, "Everyone, this is my mom and Lovette's sister,
Lucy. Mom, this is my teacher, Miss Rhiannon."

"Nice to meet you," and handshakes came in stereo.

"Mom, I'd like you to meet my new best friend, Tamara Cromwell and her mother, Conni."
Lucy shook mom's hand but me, me she gave a hug so big my feet were dangling above
the floor, "You my dear, have the most enthusiastic best friend ever. Lori can't speak about
anything but, Tamara."

"Nice to meet you too, Ms. Lovette," I replied still floating in the air.

"My goodness, I don't think I've seen a girl wear a dress in... well in a long time. I thought
Lori was loosing it when she started wearing dresses more often. I love seeing the two of you
looking so beautiful. You're a good influence on her."

When Lucy set me down, she looked around her and then said, "Oh my god, do I feel
underdressed!" when she realized that she was the only one wearing slacks.

"Don't worry about it Lucy. I've been having Tamara wear dresses because her father
wouldn't buy her any," mom told her, covering for me.

It seems that I like to wear dresses now. They make my legs feel nice and I feel like one of
the girls when I do. (I couldn't wear dresses as a boy.)

"Everyone into the living room. This hallway is getting too crowded," Lucy stated as she
led the way.

I paired up with Lori and asked, "Did you mean, when I asked you before, that I'm the only
girl you invited to the slumber party?"

Lori blushed and replied, "Yes."

"I was so worried about what to do at a slumber party... I've never been to one before," I

"I've never been to one either. I'm not very popular I'm afraid. The other girls think I'm
spooky," Lori informed me, which surprised me quite a bit.

"Spooky? You always seem to get along with all of the other girls really well."

"I'll tell you about it when we have a chance to be alone, if that's alright with you."

"Sure," this was interesting. She sounded like it was a real deep dark secret. I felt so
special since she wanted to share it with me.

We chose seats in the living room, Rhiannon, Dawn, and Lovette on the couch, and Lori
and I on the love seat. Lucy excused herself and slipped away down the hall.

"Oh good! Lucy left her no calorie dressing for the vegetables!" Lovette exclaimed as she
adeptly scooped up some on a carrot.

"No calorie? Usually low calorie means it tastes like..." I caught myself before I actually
said anything more.

Lovette laughed, "I know what you mean! Nevertheless, Lucy's is delicious. It's an old
secret family recipe. Give it a try Tamara. Lori, show Tamara it's not poison," she laughed again.

Lori dug out a big scoop and stuffed it in her mouth.

"Okay, if she likes it..." I put some on a piece of broccoli and sampled it. "Mmm, it tastes
like sharp white cheddar and bacon."

Dawn dug in and tried it next, "I don't care how many calories it has. I'll work them off
later," she declared, flexing her bicep. "No way does this have zero calories Lovette!"

"Guaranteed or your figure back," Lovette assured her.

Rhiannon stared at it for a moment, "She's right Dawn. You could eat as much of that as
you want and will never gain a single pound from it." Rhiannon stood up and held her hands
over Dawn's eyes, with her fingers spread.

"OH! Yes, now I understand," she remarked, as though she had been wearing decoder
glasses or something.

Lori blushed and Lovette twittered. I on the other hand just looked puzzled, but felt
better, when Lori held my hand reassuringly.

There was a bright pastel streak, which flashed by in the hallway and an announcement
from the kitchen, "Dinner's ready, everyone to the table."

"Wow, your mom is sure fast!" I told Lori.

"You saw her?" Lori's eyes were wide in astonishment.

"I just told you I did. I would never lie to you Lori, unless I really, really had to!"

Lori cleared her throat, stood, and then led me to the dining table, with everyone else in
tight formation behind us.

The table was set so beautifully, I had to gasp, "That's the most beautiful setting I have
ever seen Lori." Every piece seemed to glow with it's own inner fire. The patterns had knot work
all around the edges and dragons on the plates rim chasing each other around inside of the
knots. The center of each plate was different with what appeared to be runes.

"Thank you Tamara. Mom only brings it out for very special occasions," she smiled as she
had me sit in the chair right next to her.

Lucy was very fast putting the dishes on the table. Not as fast as she was in the hallway,
but she was as quick, as anyone that I'd seen before was.

"I love your dress Lucy. Very smart with just a hint of sexy," Rhiannon observed, smiling
from ear to ear.

Lucy blushed and said, "Thank you Rhiannon. I just felt that since we had such exalted
company, it was only proper and polite."

Dawn looked questioningly at Rhiannon, with a, 'does she know?' look.
Rhiannon looked back, smiled and nodded.

I caught the whole exchange and it sent chills right up and down my spine.

Lucy bowed her head and said, "Thanks be to the god and goddess."
Everyone but me replied, "So mote it be."

Hey, I didn't know what was going on, but even mom had known what to say. I was
embarrassed having not said it, but Rhiannon winked at me, which to me meant everything, was
all right.

"I have prepared pasties for everyone and there is a fine red wine chilling. Lori will be,
allowed some, but it is up to Conni whether Tamara will imbibe. There is crystal clear spring
water and my own homemade juices for anyone who would care for some."

Lucy stood, entered the kitchen, and returned with a bottle, which appeared to have an
incredibly faded label on it. She proffered the cork to Rhiannon, and then poured a taste into a
big funny looking spoon.

After Rhiannon had approved the cork, she tasted the spoonful and proclaimed,
"Magnificent." The look she shot Conni was utterly unmistakable, it said, 'Tamara should try

Conni wasn't about to give up her decision-making ability, even to a goddess, "Who makes
the wine, Lucy? Is there a vintage?"

"This is from a family vineyard. It dates to 1437," Lucy looked almost trapped, as if she
hadn't wanted to say how old the wine was.

"Holy! Yes, Tamara may partake! Dear lord, that's older than the whole continent!" Conni
was astonished, "Thank you so very much for sharing this with us!"

Mom was even, flushed, when she whispered to me, "Tamara, if that bottle were sold at
auction, it would be worth as much or more than Rhiannon's car."

When Lucy poured the wine, Rhiannon first and then the rest of us, I noticed the
wineglass had more of the knot-work around it and it gave off a bluish glow.

Lucy placed a semi-circular pastry on everyone's plate there was a seam around the
rounded edge, doubled over and pressed with a fork to seal it.

When everyone had theirs, I waited and watched to see how to eat it.

Rhiannon smiled at me, used her fork to pierce the top part of the pastry around the
seam, and then lifted it over making it cover the whole plate. She took her knife and placed a
pad of butter on each half, which melted quickly.

I followed along and inside the shell, I found steak, potatoes, peas, rutabaga, and parsley,
"Neat! A whole meal in a pie shell," I happily exclaimed.

"I haven't had one of these in quite a few years. This is a lovely treat, Lucy," Rhiannon
stated with a smile, as she delicately chewed small bites of the pasty.

Lucy beamed with pride at the praise, "I am overjoyed you approve, Rhiannon."

"Tamara, I just can't resist the teacher in me. The pasties you are eating come from the
region, which the goddess, you are named after, protects. They were, made for the miners in the
area to take into the mines for lunch. That was way back before Tupperware or plastic wrap so
they were a way to take the food with them, without having a pot or bowl with them. Pasties just
might be the world's first fast food," Rhiannon informed me.

"Thank you Miss Rhiannon. That's a very special insight for me."

Lucy was studying me closely, but I pretended not to notice.

I sipped my wine and it tasted so nice. It felt like the grapes were singing to my tongue,
"Mmm, this is tasty. Does all wine taste like this?"

"Um..." mom tried.

"Ah..." Dawn wanted to cover, but was at a loss.

"No, Tamara, this is a very special wine. You may never taste its like again," Rhiannon
informed me, completely honestly. "Unless Lucy has a basement full she wants to share with
you," Rhiannon tittered, winking at Lucy, who blushed.

We finished eating our dinner, and I went to help Lucy take the dishes into the kitchen
but she wouldn't let me.

"You and Lori take off and play," she insisted.

"When can we give her the birthday presents?"

"Oh, give me about half an hour and we can all get together in the living room, alright?"
Lucy ruffled my hair and shooed me.

I joined Lori in her room and asked, "Do we play with Barbies now?"

"Do you really want to?" Lori asked, "Or would you like to talk about how I know that
you're really Roger?"

The whole world went out of focus, as if I was looking through my own eyes from far away.
When I snapped back forward into my head I said, "What? I'm not..."

"I know Roger. I'm not guessing that you are Roger. I know you are Roger. I can see you
in there," she insisted, "But don't be frightened. I'll share my secret with you. I want you to
know, because we are from the same hidden world that normals will never know. That's why I
know I can be close to you and share who I really am."

"Are you like Miss Rhiannon?" I asked wide-eyed.

"Oh goodness no! I'm not a goddess!" she remarked with a little giggle.

"You, know who she is?" I was totally astonished.

"Yes, I've known for some time. Goddess Rhiannon has known who I am for longer than
that," she admitted, "For a goddess, Rhiannon is the nicest one."

"Oh... so you know about her husband then..."

"She's married?" Lori was astonished this time.

"No, her husband died long ago, but he was a mortal like us," I supplied, sitting on her
bed with her.

"Like you," Lori corrected.

"Okay you know about Rhiannon and me. I won't think anything bad about you, honest.
Unless you don't want to be my friend anymore because I was a boy, then I'd just be sad."

"I'll just come out and say it then. I'm a pixie," she swallowed hard.

"I thought you were a cute pixie when I was a boy, so now we can be pixies together?"

"No, Tamara, I'm a real pixie. Mom's a pixie and so is aunt Lovette. Mom is very old. She
made the wine we drank at dinner," Lori admitted, staring deeply into my eyes looking for my

"That's great. So, you are going to be around a long time too? You're so lucky," I hugged
her tight.

"I thought of so many reactions you might have had, but this one I never expected. You
aren't frightened or upset," she smiled brightly, "I love you!"

She kissed me on the mouth, which startled me but I didn't push her away or anything.

"I have to ask you a question though, Tamara. Did you really see mom run by in the

"I wouldn't have said I did, if I hadn't."

"Normals aren't supposed to be able to see us when we move that fast, and Dawn had to
look through Rhiannon's vision to see that we're pixies. What do you see when you look at me?"

"You look like you always did, except that you have a bright pink glow all around you.
Your mom is Lavender and Lovette is bright red. Rhiannon and Dawn are both golden."

Lori stood up and yelled, "MOM!"

There was a blur and instantly Lucy was with us.

"You're not hurt. What's the scream all about?"

"Woof, Lucy you are Fast, with a capitol F!"


"Mom, Tamara is..."

"It's alright Lori. I know what Tamara is," Rhiannon assured everyone in the room as she
joined us.

"What am I, Rhiannon?" I quietly squeaked, suddenly afraid I'd grow another head or

Rhiannon changed into her golden goddess form evoking gasps from everyone except
Dawn and me.

"Calm yourself child. The goddess Rhiannon has known from the start that within you
resides the sole of a sorceress untrained. Your new friend was simply, frightened by things long
in the past. Pixies and Sorceresses haven't gotten along very well in the past. Now a days they
have learned to be friends and even closer in some cases. Tamara is still the same sweet girl
you've grown close to in the past few days, so throw off your prejudice and hug her or there will
be a very annoyed goddess in this room."

Lori, "eeped," and threw her arms around me immediately.

"Pixies aren't as bored as they once were. In this world there is so much to see and do,
therefore they don't go off and annoy sorceresses just for kicks and wind up with their little hoo-
haws getting kicked by angry sorceresses. Long life can be very boring when the fastest
transportation is a horse," Rhiannon informed the uneducated. "I'm going to change back now,
so don't get out of hand right away, cause if there's anything worse than a pissed off sorceress,
it's a pissed off goddess!"

Mom had arrived in time for the show and looked like all of the blood drained out of her
face, "Rhiannon? Would you catch mom before she hurts her nose?"

"Oof! That was very observant of you, Tamara. Dawn! Get your big assed muscles over
here and lend a hand will you?"

Dawn hoisted mom into the air as if she weighed ten pounds and asked, "Where to

All three tittered and Lucy said, "Take her to my room, first door on your right."

"I had hoped to break the news to Conni a little gentler than that..." Rhiannon sighed.

"What color is Conni, Tamara," Lori asked.

"Mom's a warm yellow," I supplied.

"Hey, Lovette, Tamara says that you're a scarlet woman!" she giggled into her hand.

"Lori? Was the blue glow in the dip, pixie dust?" the auras all around me were beginning
to make sense, so I tried to confirm what I suspected.

"Yes, that's why no calories."

"What did you think all of the colors were about Tamara," Lucy asked in fascination.

"I just thought all girls saw the colors and boys didn't."

"In your case, that was true. Boys don't become sorceresses. Therefore, when I made you
a girl, it freed your abilities. I would have told you, but you've had a hell of a week," Rhiannon
lovingly stroked my hair away from my face.

"Can I ask just one more question?" I asked her.


"What's a pixie?"

The laughter was uproarious.

"Sorry Tamara, we were laughing because no one bothered to make sure you knew about
pixies," Rhiannon assured me, "According to mythology, Pixies are small, winged creatures with
heads too large for their bodies. They have small pointed ears and noses and arched eyebrows.
Their wings are shiny and translucent, and they are seen wearing seasonal colors and flora.
They are friendly but capricious and are given to non-malicious mischief. They wear caps of
foxglove and toadstools, both plants they hold sacred."

"That's what normals think Pixies are. However, real Pixies are right in front of you.
These ladies are small, but not tiny. Lori, would you pull your hair back for Tamara?" Rhiannon

Lori pulled her long hair back and there, exposed for everyone was a pair of pointy ears.

"Tamara, look," Lucy encouraged. She didn't need to uncover her ears, they had been
exposed all night, however as Tamara watched, Lucy's ears went out of focus and when you
could see them again, they were as pointy as Lori's ears, and then Lovette's ears did the same

"Wings..." Rhiannon prompted.

All three ladies unfolded very large translucent butterfly type wings.

"That is so cool! Lori your wings are beautiful. I'm so jealous," I told my friend. I wanted
to hug her but when I stepped close, she backed away from me, "What's the matter Lori?" I
stuck out my lower lip, upset that she was frightened of me.

Rhiannon cleared her throat and then said, "Lori is very exposed right now, and her wings
are incredibly fragile. You could hurt her if you aren't careful."

Lori slowly came towards me. I felt it was best that she came to me, so she wouldn't be
concerned. I held my hands out towards her but let her place them on her flanks so we could

"I'm so proud of you girls. Lori, you can hide your wings if you like hon.," Rhiannon
suggested. "Tamara, when Lori is older, she too will be able to hide her ears the way her mom
and Lovette do. Until then she needs to use her hair to hide them."

"She's good at it too. If her glow didn't have pointed ears, I wouldn't ever have guessed," I

"You, knew I had pointed ears? You, never said anything? Why didn't you ask?" Lori

"I thought they were beautiful, and even when I was Roger, I wanted to get to know you,
because of them," I admitted, blushing and looking at my shoes.

"You could see auras when you were Roger?" Rhiannon asked, the last person, whom I
thought would be shocked.

"Uh huh. I used to be hit when I told people about their colors. Dad was angry that his
was muddy brown, and mom's was sunny yellow. Rhiannon was always golden. All of the other
kids had their own colors."

"Wow, now I'm impressed, Tamara. Boys never become sorceresses, but even so, you still
had some of the potential. You will one day be a very powerful sorceress," confirmed Rhiannon
with a maternally proud smile.

Dawn leaned in close to Rhiannon and whispered, "Bambi is lucky you got to her first!"
Rhiannon laughed and whispered back, "Sorceresses who are abused as children can be
vengeful indeed. I'm certain that Roger one day would have had to become female, one way or
another, and then splat, Hank would pay."

"Come on Tamara, let's get in our nighties and we can slumber party. Maybe the big girls,
will play too?" Lori was acting like herself again, knowing that I had know she was different, all

We started grabbing our stuff and the grownups all wondered back to the living room.

Once clad in our gossamer finery I giggled and said, "Come on Lori, Let's put mom in her
nightie while she's napping."

Lori's pixyish face took on a wonderful mischievous smile and she agreed.

We finish quickly, slipped into the living room with the others, and were, greeted by
Lovette, who hugged us in turn and squealed, "You two look positively delicious."

Everyone told stories and laughed. We had a wonderful time for better than half an hour
when mom came stumbling out from the bedroom, "How the heck did I wind up in my nightie?"

I swear we tried to stifle it, but it was too insistent, therefore our giggles gave us away

"I know whose idea it was too! Tamara, thanks sweetie, I'm sorry that I fainted... again,"
she blushed and peered about her, looking for wings, pointed ears or maybe a golden goddesses.

Lucy hugged her and announced, "Quite understandable my dear. I myself almost fainted
when I heard your Tamara is a sorceress."

Mom looked a little unsteady again but managed to ask, "What does all of this mean?"

"It means, oh mother of my favorite god-sister, that you are going to have one of the most
interesting lives a mortal woman has ever had," Dawn smiled and hugged her big enough that
her feet were off the floor.

The slumber party went silly after that and we all had a giggly fun time.

Bambi What Are You - Bambi
My time went dizzyingly quickly with orgasms, cleaning, and milking.

Once Dawn returned, I asked her something, which had been bothering me for some
hours, "Miss Dawn? Why don't I get hungry, or want to eat regular food?"

"Oh my, Bambi, aren't you getting enough jizzum? We could see if you could handle more
cocks if you're still hungry," Dawn taunted.

I was long past being ashamed of sucking dick so I answered, "I'm drinking enough cum to
provide for my daily requirements then."

"Well, I'll let Rhiannon answer that one," Dawn declared with a knowing smile.

The room became, energized as the now familiar form of Rhiannon the Goddess appeared
in front of me, "Bambi, so nice to see your sperm coated face again. Dawn and I found out how
very lucky you are that I was able to punish you, rather than you waiting around for your
offspring to do it. However, that isn't why I'm here."

Rhiannon had paused so long I asked, "W... w... why are you here?"

"Why to help you on to your next life of course!"

"After all this... you're going to kill me?"

"Heavens no Bambi! I would never waste all of this training my dear."

"So, now is when my boobies get small enough I can be a street walker?"

"Good guess, but wrong Bambi. Your boobies stay the gargantuan size I made them."

"But Dawn said..." I stammered incredulously.

"We wanted you to think you would be returned to a more normal looking slut. You might
have become despondent otherwise," Rhiannon answered, obviously enjoying drawing out my

"So I'm being sold to a brothel, or a freak show?"

"You do have a mundane imagination Bambi. No my dear," Rhiannon raise her hands,
bringing forth swirling golden balls of magical force which she flung in my direction.

I felt lighter than I had in weeks, and in fact, I actually began to float above the bed!

"You are to become a succubus, Bambi, cursed to roam the world in search of sperm. You
will find yourself chasing the night around the planet, ever searching for a man who will supply
you with the biggest load of jizzum in the area as he slumbers. The ever present need to feed on
a man's release, to feel the creamy juices flowing down your throat, to enjoy his nursing on your
mammoth breasts, so that he will provide you with more sperm, will consume the rest of eternity
for you. You are trapped in the body of an insatiable, freakishly hugely busted, mega slut, for all

I was fast loosing focus on what Rhiannon was telling me as my yearning swelled.

"You should envy your playmates here at Dawn's pleasure palace, they at least have a
chance to earn their forgiveness, returning to an almost normal life after serving their penance.
You will soon have no other thought than about the next cock you will be sucking. Now off with
you Bambi, fulfill the nocturnal fantasies of desperately lonely men who need the release only
you can provide."

'Damn I'm glad she finish her ranting, I need cock and I need it NOW!' I thought, 'Nice... I
can fly. I can fly through walls and solid objects now. This sure will make it easier to find cocks!
There's one now! God, he looks like he hasn't gotten off in six months! Poor baby, I know you'll
feel so much better after you give me that immense load making your pretty balls so blue! Come
to momma!'

I slipped his morning bone into my drooling lips and sucked greedily on his jizzum
fountain. I flopped one of my massive hanging boob's nipples into his snoring mouth, only to feel
the orgasmic stimulation firing throughout my very being.

'Yah, baby, suck on mommy's milk! It feeds strong boners twelve ways! Mmm sperm, so
much sperm, is backing up, in your big smelly balls. Okay now fuck mommy! Yes!' I mentally
encouraged my slumbering jizzum supply, knowing that in his dream, he could feel and see my
wanton feminine form fucking and sucking him.

'How could that silly Rhiannon think that this was punishment?' I mused, while I happily
sucked the boy until he was dry.

"Aw... all gone! Well, on to the next hairy Dick!' I mindlessly mused, flying off ethereally in
search of my next sperm donor.

Tamara and Conni's adventure with sorcery, pixies, goddess, and more proved to be the
stuff of legends. They grew as close as any mother and daughter, could. The trials and
tribulations any young girl experienced were all Tamara's for the taking.

Dawn and Rhiannon continued working to make their little corner of the world a better
place, later aided by the awesome powers of the Sorceress Tamara.

Lori eventually married Tamara, sealing a pact, which healed the rift between sorceresses
and pixies. Their daughter grew to be a special kind of pixie, whose like would shed peace upon
all who would know her.

Lucy, the proud grandmother would champion the peace with all pixies.

Lovette... well, her acting and modeling career is known throughout the land, and men,
fantasizing about making love to her in their sleep would awaken suddenly to view an ethereal
creature who appeared to be mostly boobs, draining their aching balls for them.

Joni, whose help with Bambi was so necessary, was finally paroled. Rhiannon changed
her back into the woman she so desired to be, as long as she remained away from schoolboys.
The other women... err... objects of Rhiannon's just punishments, met various ends. Most
of them pleaded to remain the buxom women they had become use to being, and many of those
became loving mothers, but that's another story!

The End


Cawl or 'leek broth' is the traditional St. David's Day meal.

1 TBS. bacon fat
2 medium onions, diced
2 parsnips, chopped
5 carrots, sliced
1 LB. beef brisket
2 LB. bacon
10 peppercorns
4 garlic cloves, peeled, and minced
water or beef stock
1 LB. potatoes, peeled, and quartered
5 small leeks

In a heavy soup pot, heat the bacon fat and add the onions, carrots, leeks, garlic,
and parsnips. Brown the vegetables, and remove from the pot. Add the beef brisket
and brown. Return the vegetables to the pot, removing some of the grease (as much
as you prefer). Then add the bacon and spices, covering all in the pot with water.
Heat to boiling, take off the skim on top, and reduce heat. Simmer for 3 hours. Add
potatoes about 30 minutes before the end of the simmering.

The following are written in the actual Cornish language, Translations are to English.

First Incantation
Dha nerth remüvya an Dawn.
Your strength transfers to Dawn.

Second incantation
Dewes Rhiannon brüsy hem tebeles dhe an deleth cussya a benenek tekter ha yeunes.
Goddess Rhiannon sentences this wicked person to the suitable curse of womanly beauty
and yearning.

Third Incantation
Hem tullwysk a gwregoleth rak ty.
This disguise of femininity is for you.

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Goddess Rhiannon (Version 0.1)

By Wholeman
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01-10-2006, 10:21 AM
another super story thanks

01-10-2006, 10:12 PM
Yes, but has Ms. Salsa read it yet?

;) :D

01-11-2006, 12:29 PM
Yes, but has Ms. Salsa read it yet?

;) :D

LOL I do not know I keep her pretty busy ---no seriously if she had she would reply to it ---she is not like the other lurkers here who read a good story and do not have the curtiousy to say thanks to the author :D

01-22-2006, 06:41 AM
great story...as usual :)

01-23-2006, 07:23 AM
Thank you again Freedom37803.

You are a trememdous boost to my ego! :o


Big hugs,


04-18-2007, 12:28 AM
I wish we could read more about the little "girls growing up"