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02-04-2007, 10:23 AM
I met the guy I'm writing about thru an internet sex site, so all of you out there, GO FOR IT!! He just gets better and better... This is what we did the other night... After a half hour of smoking and drinking and making pleasant smalltalk, with lots of continuous touching of each other thru our clothes, we ended up on a padded floor space, as usual! He began to stroke my face softly, and undo my jeans and belt. He slid them down my legs, kissing as he went. The g-string was damp already, but a couple of hot breaths on it made it feel damper. He kissed me thru the material, as he slowing hooked it aside with one hand. That always fires me right up, and he loves to tease. I am totally smooth and was waxed the day b4, which makes him crazy. He started licking my inner thigh, gently making slow slides up and down my pussy lips with a gentle finger. Every few moves, he rubbed a little circle around my clit, and then started sliding the g-string off. Spreading my knees apart, he pushed my thighs back and leaned down and kissed my pussy. He always starts moaning when he starts to go down on me, and when he does, I slide my foot between his legs, so I can feel his cock, and rub it. With one hand under my ass, he started to slip a finger up into my pussy, as he used the other hand to spread my pussy lips and get my clit to poke out more. That just gets me so hot, that he has to keep slowing down and moving his lips and tongue off my clit for a few minutes. Then just when I feel like I'm calming down, he gently pulls and spreads my lips back behind my clit, and sucks my clit up between his lips, while he flicks his tongue over it. One finger inside me becomes two or three, and he starts to pump slowly, groaning as they slide in deeper. I can't hold off anymore, and I spread my legs right back and hold the back of his head down hard as I work my clit against his mouth, which makes me start to cum so damn hard, and I just keep on cumming and cumming, the more he licks and sucks and thrusts inside me. Now I just want his cock giving it to me hard, and he climbs between my legs, and squeezes his cock into the tightness, which makes me cum with a lot of screaming and thrusting. I love it when he flicks me over onto all fours, and starts pumping hard from behind, slapping my ass and then rubbing my clit up and down from underneath. He never cums until he feels me start to spasm again around his cock, and it is so intense like that, I sometimes spurt out a bit of piss as he's stroking my clit. It is always like this, over and over, and when we kiss, it's with so much love and passion, that we sometimes pull back and just stare at each other. Guys, if can make a woman feel like this, you will see paradise.....

02-04-2007, 02:35 PM
Thanks for sharing that and welcome to the site!

02-04-2007, 11:01 PM
Welcome to the forum...thanks for sharing that with us....Hope you enjoy your stay....

02-05-2007, 06:04 AM
Thanx Nastygurl, it was a very nice story. Hope to see more contributions from you in the future!! Welcome to the site