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02-05-2007, 07:35 AM
My son's teenage mate Dan was sleeping over one weekend. He is a gorgeous guy, who I've known since he was little. I've always known he was attracted to me, but of course I just let it go as a teenage crush. At about 2am, I thought I heard a noise at the other end of the house, so I got up to investigate. All bedrooms were quiet, with only the sounds of sleeping kids. I crept down the hall, towards the source of the noise, and could see light shining thru the underneath of the laundry door, which was closed. That gave me a shock, as I knew I had not left it on before I went to bed. I gently opened the door, and was stunned to see Dan sitting on the floor, masturbating violently, head thrown back, with one of my g-strings wrapped around this massive, thick, log-like cock! What's more, he had another g-string in his other hand, and had it pressed to his mouth, licking the crotch. He had taken them, unwashed, from the laundry basket next to him. I was so blown away by this, that I stepped in, closing the door, and asked him what the fuck he thought he was doing. Naturally his hard-on began to wilt because of the interruption. He stood up and said that he was sorry, but had been fantasising about me for ages, and was super horny knowing I was just one room away. Couldn't get to sleep. Couldn't help himself, he said, and admitted that it wasn't the first time he'd used my worn g-strings to get himself off. He said that EVERY time he had ever been over in the past few years, he had managed to sneak a g-string out, take it to the bathroom and lick it thoroughly before returning it to the laundry. I couldn't believe it, and was speechless. He then walked straight up to me (he is much taller), and told me that he had dreamed of my pussy for years, and had to know what I tasted like, and that the g-strings had been thru utter desperation. In a split-second, I decided to do something I never thought I would. Really, I said, the real thing is so much better. I moved towards the washing machine, and asked him to lift me onto it. I took off the sarong I had thrown around me when I got out of bed, and let it drop. He looked at me with intense eyes, and I leaned forward and kissed him. That was it. Any nervousness or shock disappeared, and he kissed me back hard, and put his arms around me. I asked him if he wanted to look at my pussy, and spread my thighs apart, leaning back. He didn't say a word, but reached out to stroke it. I sensed his excitement building as he got down lower to have a good look. He gently ran his fingers over my pussy, breathing heavily and not taking his eyes off it for a second. Lifting his fingers to his mouth, he licked them and returned them to my pussy, groaning at the smoothness. I moved my legs further apart, and asked him if he knew what to do to a woman's pussy. He said he'd read and seen heaps of porn, but had never had the chance to do the real thing. Come on, I said, it's time to try. He began rubbing my pussy up and down with his fingers again, and started to lower his head towards it. Slide a finger in, I whispered, as I was already wet and raring to go. It's so beautiful, he said, I want to lick it. He held my lips apart, and brought his face in really close, taking a deep breath first. He started to lick from the base of my pussy all the way up my slit, leaving a finger pushed inside me. My clit was already swelling, and he gently licked it side to side. I moved my hand down, and pulled up the skin behind my clit, which made it poke out more, and he groaned in amazement at the sight. Go for it gorgeous, I said, taste me and touch me, and make me cum in your mouth. He inserted another finger into me, and started to lick me up and down, stopping to suck on my clit every few seconds. The more he played with me, the wetter and more swollen I got. He pulled away every now and then, and poked his tongue out hard, flicking it across my clit, and gently stroking my pussy lips, still working two fingers in and out. Oh god, I moaned, if you keep doing that I'm going to cum. He gasped and reached down to his cock, telling me he'd just blown without even touching it. Put in another finger babe, I pleaded, and suck my clit hard. I put my hands on either side of his head and started to grind myself into his mouth, spreading myself as widely as possible. I felt so abandoned to the pleasure he was creating, and so turned on by the fact that he had thought so much about me. Holding his hair, I exploded against his mouth, feverishly rubbing my clit against his tongue, and feeling the pulsing of my pussy around his fingers. Don't stop sucking it, I almost hissed, I'm going to cum again. With one hand behind his head, I reached down and slid two fingers either side of my clit, rubbing it up and down as if it was a little cock. He licked wildly over and thru my fingers and as I started to cum again, I took my fingers away, and grabbed his head again, pushing him against my throbbing clit, and telling him to fuck me with his fingers. I felt like I would just keep spasming into his lips and tongue for hours, but was overcome by the need to feel hard cock in my pussy. I pushed him off, and jumped down, almost collapsing as I lowered myself to the floor. Fuck me hard Dan, I breathed, feel what you've done to me. He guided his cock thru my puffy wet lips, and I thrust upwards against him, loving the feelings of fullness and tightness his cock was giving me. After only about three or four thrusts, he came hard, shaking and squeezing my ass cheeks as he drew me close and held me there while the cum pumped out. Without a word, he pulled out, and went straight down to my pussy, thrusting his tongue where his cock had just been. Slurping and sucking, he licked out our combined wetness, stroking his cock roughly and making deep growling noises, like a possessed person. The excitement of this set me off again, and I bucked up my hips as he buried his nose and mouth in my pussy. Again I slid my fingers in around my clit, almost grabbing it for him to suck on. I started to cum instantly, and felt floods of liquid gushing out of my contracting pussy all over his frantic fingers. I kept feeling myself peaking, and just came and came, until I tore him off my throbbing clit, feeling like I would pass out from the intensity of my orgasms. Staring at him, and panting hard, I dropped my eyes to his cock, which was again engorged and hard as a rock. Saying nothing, I reached for it, and drew him into my mouth, sucking him in, licking around his cock without letting it out. My other hand was gently pulling his tight balls away from the base of his cock, sucking his full length into the back of my throat, teasing his shaft with my tongue. Slowly I began sucking up and down, never releasing the pressure of my lips around his thick cock, massaging his balls and pressing near his ass, feeling him tensing with pleasure. Jesus, I'm gonna blow hard, he growled, and put his hands behind my head. Arching his hips up, grinding against my mouth and lips, he looked straight at me as I felt his balls harden, and the deep pulsing of cum start to surge up his cock. Suck me hard, he moaned, closing his eyes as blast after blast of hot cum pumped out, flooding my throat as I swallowed each spurt. Finally, when he couldn't take anymore, I gently released his still-hard, beautiful cock, slowly drawing it out of my mouth, as he watched me. I sucked and licked all the way down to his balls, kissing the underside of his cock as I went. I kissed his hard tummy, making my way up to his nipples, gently sucking each one before pulling his head to mine, and kissing him deeply, probing his mouth with my tongue. Moving back, I stood up. Slowly, I inserted two fingers into my pussy, using the other hand to spread my lips apart, and started to rub my clit in a circular motion, feeling it swell immediately from watching the effect it was having on him. Do you want to lick me baby, I purred at him, feeling myself getting hotter and hotter, more and more abandoned and sexy. Do you want to suck my clit, I whispered, squeezing it between my fingers, offering it to him, stroking my fingers in and out of my pussy. He got up on his knees, and I slid my fingers out, rubbing them against his lips, pushing them into his mouth, drawing him up towards my pussy. I guided him to my swollen lips first, tensing at the feathery feeling of his tongue licking and probing between them. Rubbing my clit, watching his tongue slide around beneath my fingers, I leaned back against the wall, slowly lowering myself into a squatting position. Get underneath me baby, I want to sit on your face, I breathed at him. Climbing over him, I kept rubbing my clit, telling him to poke his tongue out and fuck me with it. I slid onto his tongue, rising on and off it, feeling my clit getting harder and harder between my fingers. Suck me now baby, I said, sliding down against his tongue, spreading my lips open and back. The heat and pressure of his mouth around my clit made it swell achingly, and suddenly I was grinding hard against his face, thrusting my hips, as wave after wave of unbearable intensity hit me, wanting to keep cumming and cumming, harder with each new peak. Two fingers plunged into my pussy, as he pressed up, stroking my g-spot hard and fast. A deeper throbbing surged through me, and my whole body felt like it was cumming, as I flooded his face with hot liquid. Leaning forward, I got on all fours. Fuck me baby, go hard, I panted, as I felt him rub the head of his cock over my clit. Drawing back, he slammed between my lips, right to the base of his cock. I gasped as he grabbed my hips, slamming in and out of me, hitting my cervix, rock hard and massively thick now. Godddddd, I'm cumming, he groaned, pumping load after load deep into my pussy, both of us moaning in excitement and pleasure. Gradually, his body relaxed and he gently dragged his cock out from between my hugely swollen lips, leaning down to kiss them and run his tongue slowly from my clit back up to my ass. Cum was leaking down my thighs, as I weakly got to my feet. Think you might be able to get to sleep now, I asked him, kissing him and walking to the door. See you in the morning Dan, I whispered, creeping back down to my room.......

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Thanks for sharing that with us...another good story!

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Follow it up ! Spur of the moment always is exciting -----Especially a devoted younger admirer. skeemr

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wow very hot thanks a lot

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yes follow up please