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Virgin Gangbanged To Slut
by emap

Before I go into the tale, I guess I should tell you a few things. I stood about 5'8" with long red hair, large breasts and I was a cheerleader. No not all of us are sluts, enough to make it seem that way though.

Steve and I had gone out on a date, we went to dinner, talked for a long while, then we headed to an overlook. I know what your thinking but I was curious, he told me he had a surprise for me, he still had to convince me, but I did go. Blonde moment I guess you could say.

So at the overlook, we parked and he pulled this bottle of wine out of the back along with two glasses. So we drank some, and I got tipsy, yes it was my first drink and I was kinda dumb. Anyway Steve got a little frisky and started kissing me, I kissed him back, opened my mouth to let his tongue in, and basically did every thing your not supposed to do to stay a virgin, but I'm coming to that so hang on.

He got excited and I got excited since his hands were caressing my breasts through my top and he pulled my shirt open. I almost said something, but didn't when he put one hand in and started moving it around over my bra. Next thing I know he had undone my bra and was pinching my bare nipples. Well that got me wet and horny, and I did what came to me, I fondled him back through his pants.

Now at this point it should have stopped with him creaming his pants, except I was still tipsy and feeling horny. OK, I admit I was dripping, still shouldn't have gone farther. You know hindsight, it's such a bitch. Well at this point he pulled his hands away from my breasts, which got him a pout but then he unzipped his pants, now I had never seen a man's hard dick before so I bent down to look.

He put his hand on my head and pushed a little, his other hand holding it pointed at me. With the wine still taking away most of my reservations, I didn't stop him and opened my mouth. At first it was strange having this thing in my mouth, but there was this nice flavor there so I licked at it and got more. I didn't know what it was but I liked it. (I know now so don't bother telling me K) I was doing something right because he kept his hand to the back of my head and started pumping himself in and out of my mouth. I was getting into it to, I had wrapped one hand around the base of him, the other playing with his balls. OK, have to stop for a second, I knew what to do because I was friends with one of the slut cheerleaders and she told me.

He started moaning and his pumping started getting a little frantic. (You guys are so cute when your about to cum,) ) I of course didn't know what was happening, my friend hadn't shared that little bit, so kept going bobbing my head up and down on him, my hand still wrapped around him moving with his pumps, and of course still fondling his balls. Suddenly he jerked and this warm stuff was in my mouth. Of course I had no idea what it was so didn't swallow and then more came in, and more. After he was done and slumping back, my mouth was full of him and this stuff. I didn't go with him so his dick popped out and took a large amount of it with it. So there I was sitting there over him with the white stuff dangling off my lips connected to his dick and a lot more in my mouth, well I tasted it about then, or rather the taste of it got to my brain about them, and I liked it so I swallowed what I had and bent down lower to get the rest.

About this time the door to the car opened behind me and this rather large guy pulls me out. I didn't really struggle, I was so horny and I recognized the guy, well the smell of him anyway, I hadn't been able to see his face right then. Without ceremony but gently he puts me on the hood of the car and two more guys appear, I'm pretty sure they had been standing there the whole time but I hadn't seen them, they each grabbed an arm and picked me up while the large one unfastened my skirt, pulled it down along with my panties. (They were pink and small, not G-strings, but getting close) The two put me back down on the car as my panties and skirt were tossed behind me somewhere. I think onto the trunk, but I never really did find out. So there I was sitting on the hood of Steve's car totally nude, my legs spread a little and still very horny. Now the big one pushed my legs farther open and had at some point dropped his pants. I looked down to see this really big dick pointing at my pussy and getting closer.

"No wait, I'm a virgin." I squeaked it out, kinda wanting them to hear me and kinda not.

Well they did hear me because they all three walked away for a second and talked, I guess about who was going to do me first. At this point my reservations kicked in a little and I thought about it, did I really want to let this happen, if I said no would they accept it and walk away or force it, should I just get up and walk back home. That one kinda caught me, I didn't know where my clothes were, Steve didn't seem to be around so I would definitely have to walk, and that decided it, I am so not going to walk back home naked. These guys would have gotten it eventually, but not before my folks tarred and feathered me. Besides I was horny and they were cute, I knew all 3 of them from school. One was a linebacker on the team, another was a safety of some sort and the third guy played baseball I think, I knew him from classes mostly.

At this point they came back to me, and I was still sitting on the hood with my legs spread. I'm not sure why I stayed like that, just didn't really think about it. The baseball guy, oh let's call him Ron, better than calling him baseball guy don't you think, came up between my legs, his pants also gone somewhere. His dick was smaller, more like Steve's so I wasn't that worried about whether he would fit or not. Ron pushed down on me so I would lay back and then he lined his dick up with me, and started pushing it in until he hit something. At this point I was scared and suddenly I had a hand over my mouth and the big guys, Earl slapped Ron on the ass hard I guess from the sound. Not terribly sure, I was screaming at that point, he had gone all the way in.

It really hurts to be popped that way, so if you ever find a lady who wants you to pop her, don't do it fast.

Ron was a really nice guy, he didn't move for at least a few minutes, well at least not until I wasn't whimpering. Then he started moving, slowly at first then getting faster as I started moving under him. He would pull almost all the way out of me then push it right back in. I wasn't really enjoying the feeling of him almost leaving me, so I wrapped my legs around him and kept him in deep. As a huge bonus he started going faster, at this point I was moaning loud and constant, then I came.

Ron actually stopped pumping me for a bit, I was practically in a convulsion under him it was such a big orgasm. When I started to come down a little I managed to gasp out fuck me dammit. I actually still turn a little red remembering that. Well Ron got a sheepish look and did, oh my it is such a wonderful feeling, still cumming and being fucked. I probably came two more times before he grunted and stopped moving. I was going to tell him to pull it out, I wasn't on the pill, but then I felt him shooting in me, I came again at that first spurt, and had a small one after his last little bit came out.

Ron kinda collapsed on me, and I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him for a moment before he was pulled off and Brad got between my legs, he's the safety. He looked down at my dripping pussy looks back up at me and then kinda grinned. I moan as he shoves himself in me all the way. Brad didn't do anything except fuck me. I was moaning his name in moments as he moved in and out of me fast and hard.

I actually had to grab my breasts to keep them from hurting he was fucking me so hard. It actually didn't take him to long to grunt and shoot in me, though it probably helped that I was cumming about every 5th pump. I came 3 or 4 times while he was shooting it in me, he shot it pretty hard. I got to feel every spurt hit the back of me. Unlike Ron he also kept pumping me a little, it was so pleasurable I actually moaned when he left me. The Earl got between my legs next, I looked down at his dick and kinda panicked, I pushed him away and turned around to see Steve sitting in the front seat watching me, his clothes gone and his dick in his hands.

"Steve would you like to come and do me to?" I asked him, batting my lashes and smiling at him.

Like a shot he was out of the car and between my legs vainly trying to get himself in me. He tried for a few seconds when Earl grabbed him, picked him up and lay him down on the hood of the car next to me.

"Just sit on him." Earl tells me with a grin.

I knew what that meant, back when I was a freshman in gym I was sitting on the bench sideways and this girl a year older than me saw it and came up laughing and asked me if I was getting ready to go ride some cock. Well I was flabbergasted and didn't say anything but right about then another girl came up and explained it to me. Well I turned beet red and didn't sit like that again, well not in school anyway, but that is another story.

I rolled over and got up on my hands and knee's then lifted one leg over Steve and sat on his stomach. I was actually kind of embarrassed, I left a trail of cum along his hood and on his stomach, but not really caring about then, I was still wanting to have more cock in me, I just raised up a little grabbed him and sat. I came with that, and I am pretty sure Steve almost did to. I sat on him looking down at him, and I just loved being up here. I started moving on him, at first just rolling my hips, then I started moving up and down on him. At first I was upright, like I was actually sitting in a chair, and he was pretty deep in me, then I leaned forward, looking to make the up and down movement easier, he got deeper.

I kept leaning forward until he stopped getting deeper and the pumping was easiest, and I rode him. I rode him fast, then slow, then fast again trying to find the right speed for me, I did finally find it, but he was shooting in me at that point. I didn't care, I kept riding him, I felt every shot and I shuddered and came for most of them. Until finally Steve just kinda fell out of me, he had a bad habit of doing that. Steve also took a goodly amount of the cum that was in me out to, it was all over his stomach, and around his dick, and on his dick

I got off of Steve, well had to to see all that cum on him, and Earl grabbed me and placed me at the end of the hood, his dick hard and ready at my lips. I looked down at it and back up at him and panicked again.

"Earl I can't handle that thing, you'll never get it in me." I squeaked at him.

"Slut you can take this and your going to take this, now lay back and enjoy."

OK, usually I get really pissed to be called a slut, or when anyone I know is called a slut and I tend to just beat the shit out of the person saying it, but when Earl said it, it was kinda like somebody had hooked a car battery up to me, I lit up and practically came just to have him call me that. I didn't say anything after that, just lay back and pulled him in me.

Of course Earl was right, I took him in me, and I came a lot having that monster hunk of meat pumping in me. In and out of me he went, sliding that monster most of the way out then right back in, he was going kinda slow and I was raring to get really fucked, so I started talking naughty to him, things came out of me like 'fuck your slut faster' or 'pound that meat in me, make me feel it' and quite a few more, I can't for the life of me remember them. In between the naughty phrases I was screaming his name as he really started to fuck me and I was coming like a fireworks show. I have absolutely no idea how many times I came on him, he fucked me for an hour or so and when he stopped fucking me and just lay there shooting in me, I pretty much passed out.

Next thing I remember is sitting in Steve's car at my house, Steve shaking me a little and then getting out of the car after a nice peck on the cheek and walking into my room, falling face first on my bed. The next morning when I went to get up, I was sore, and dry cum kept falling off me. Got worse in the shower, I had to actually scoop my fingers into myself to get out the cum. I took a shower for about an hour, most of it trying to get all that cum out of me.

Next day, I got on the pill.

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