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02-10-2007, 06:39 AM
Valentine Siblings
by scouries

WARNING: This is an incest category story which features sex between two consenting, adult siblings (a male 18 yo High School senior and his 20 yo Community College attending sister). If this bothers you please click away. To everyone else, ENJOY!



"He's hot," Kate said as she threw herself down on the bed.

"What are you talking about? He is not!" Ginny responded to her best friend's statement.

"Have you looked at him recently? Your little brother is sooooo hot! Do you think I'm too old for him?"

"My gawd you're a slut. He's still a baby."

"I mean when did he get so big, so grown up? Did you see his chest? He used to be such a little twerp."

Virginia Couries had noticed of course. And not just today when they'd come upon Bobby coming out of the bathroom with only a towel around his waist for covering, but over the last couple of months. The little brother who'd trailed adoringly after his sister almost all his life had changed.

"Remember how much shorter than us, how much smaller he was," Ginny remembered aloud.

"We used to wrestle with him; he'd always get mad when we beat him," Katie said laughing.

"Now he's like five inches taller than me," the five foot nine inch redhead complained.

"What about me? He's way taller than me," her shorter friend answered. "He must have a huge penis," she added with a leer.

"WHAT?" Ginny screeched.

"C'mon, you can tell me, we're best friends. You must have seen it."

"God you're sick. He's my brother."

"You two share a bathroom; you must have seen naked him sometime."

Virginia actually hadn't seen her brothers penis, at least not since he was five or six, although she had, and she was never going to admit this even to her best friend, dreamed of her brother naked a couple of times lately. Naked and in her bed, and in her dreams it had been extremely large. It was disgusting!

"I haven't," she answered in a tone of voice that she hoped would close the subject.

"Do you think he's a virgin?"

"Of course he is," she quickly answered.

"I'm not so sure," Katie said as she lay back on the bed, her short skirt riding up her thighs. "Maybe I could teach him," she added, teasing her friend but also half serious. "Do you think he'd like this?" she asked as her fingers pulled the thin, white cotton panties aside and bared her neatly trimmed pussy to her friend.

"You're soooo totally disgusting," Ginny laughed.

Not that disgusting Bobby thought as he listened and watched the two girls as they discussed him. The camera and microphone he'd installed a week ago in his sisters room was working perfectly. He was sitting against the headboard of his bed, naked, holding his wireless laptop on his thighs, listening to the sounds from Ginny's room through his headphones. His cock rested semi erect on his keyboard as his eyes darted back and forth between the pictures of the two girls that streamed across his screen.

He grabbed the pair of white stretch 'boy shorts' he liberated from his sisters room earlier and wrapped them around his now throbbing cock. Slowly started to stroke himself as the girls continued to talk.

"Are you and Dave going to Nancy's party tomorrow night?" Bobby heard Kate ask his sister.

"No, Dave can't go. He's got to go somewhere. He told me yesterday."

"What? But it's the biggest party of the year."

"I know." Bobby could hear the dejection in his sister's voice but knowing her he knew that she was also more than a little pissed off.

"He'll be back for Saturday? Valentines Day? Flowers and roses and chocolates and sex?" Katie probed.

"He's gone all weekend. Some man thing with his dad and brothers. They're out killing little animals."

"How gross. God, what an asshole...oh gosh Ginny, I'm sorry, I didn't mean..."

"Fuck him," Ginny cursed, something so unusual for her that both Kate and Bobby winced at the harsh word.

"I'm sorry Gin," Kate started tentatively.

"He's history...I told him today."

"You what?" her friend gasped while Bobby in the next room let out a whoop of joy. "But what about...I mean..."

"Sex? He wasn't any good anyway."

"But I thought," her confused friend started.

"He was small...his thing."

"His penis?"

"Yes, his bloody penis," Ginny shouted.

Bobby's penis, and it wasn't 'small', started to spout at about that time, and he had to quickly move to prevent his computer from being coated in his sticky, white cream.


"Are you sure you kids are going to be alright this weekend?" Bobby's mom asked he and Ginny at dinner that night.

"Ma," her son groaned.

"I'm just worried, that's all. And you remember young man, Ginny's the boss this weekend. You obey her."

Their mom was leaving the next morning, supposedly to visit her sister in Tampa. Bobby had more than a sneaking suspicion something, or more accurately someone, else was involved.

"Are you going out with Dave honey?" she asked her daughter.


"But its Valentines sweetie."

"We've broken up."

"Oh Ginny, what happened?"

"He was a loser mom, a real jerk," Bobby piped up.

"Shut up," Ginny hissed.

"I better stay home this weekend," her mom offered reluctantly.

"Its okay mom, I know you're looking forward to seeing Aunt Jane."

"Well, if you're sure...you guys got my cell." Her mom quickly answered, obviously relieved.

"At least I've got a date," Bobby said smiling.

"With whom?" his mom asked suspiciously.

"It's just a party Friday night mom, nothing special," he answered, wishing he'd kept his mouth shut.

"Well you just remember young man what I've told you about how to treat a girl. If I ever hear..."



"Whatcha doing?" he asked her when he entered the play room around eleven Friday night and found his sister sitting under a blanket on the couch watching a movie.

"What's it to you?" she demanded. As she moved he could see she'd already changed into her pajamas.

"Still in a great mood I see," he said as he flopped down on the other end of the couch.

For minutes they sat silent, watching the television, before Ginny finally broke the silence, "I'm sorry."

"It's okay," he answered without looking at her, then stayed silent, knowing Ginny's curiosity would eventually get the better of her. He was right.

"I thought you teenyboppers had a big party tonight," she finally threw out.

"The hell with them," he muttered half under his breath.

"What? Who?"

He knew he had her attention now. "Stooopid girls...stooooopid bloody women," he answered, disdain dripping from his voice as he kept his attention on the flickering screen. That should get her both mad and interested he thought.

"Girls! Girls! What about fucking stupid men.?" she demanded, the continued use of the f word a good indication of her mood.

"The hell with you too," he half yelled as he jumped up and left the room.

He heard, "Bahhhbby?" called after him as he moved towards his room. He figured he had a minute or two before she showed up at his door so instead of going to his room he went to the bathroom they shared and quickly stripped and entered the shower.

She was pacing in the hallway outside their rooms when he finally appeared in the bathroom doorway, his blond hair dripping water and only a small white bath towel circling his waist.

"I'm sorry," she apologized as he stepped past her and entered his room.

"Hah. You're like the rest of them."

"I am not," she insisted as she followed him into his bedroom and sat on his bed. She was only wearing a pair of yellow satin p.j.'s, boxer bottoms topped by a lace trimmed matching cami that was struggling to contain her full, ripe breasts "What's your problem anyway? I thought all your little female classmates were treating you like a god," she asked, a belligerent tone still in her voice.

"It's all bullshit," he said as he threw himself down face first on the bed next to where his sister sat. "Leave me alone."

"What is it Bobby?" she asked, her female 'mother gene' kicking in, then tentatively touched first his shoulder, then his cheek.

"Christ, anything you do with one, anything you say...the next day every girl in school knows the whole story. Haven't you women the ability to keep anything secret?" he demanded.

Virginia Couries had to choke back what she really wanted to answer, something about how every man seem compelled to tell all his friends the second he'd slept with a girl. And about how every man who heard such a story felt it was his right to also fuck her. Instead she took a deep breath and simply said, "We're not all like that honey," as she continued to move her fingers softly through her hair.

"One day they love you, everything is perfect," he continued, ignoring her comment, "and then the next you're in the doghouse...a bloody animal."

"What happened tonight?" Ginny probed.

"Oh, I don't know. I mean, Chrissie and I were dancing...close...you know...real close. Then I kiss her...fuck, all of a sudden she's yelling at me."

"But Why?"

"Who knows? And then all of a sudden she's accusing me of stuff."

"What stuff," Ginny asked, now totally engrossed in Bobby's tale.

"Oh nothing...lies...just something about Rosie...that I was fooling around behind her back."

"Are you?"

"We've gone out. But not behind anyone's back...I mean I'm not married to Chrissie. Anyway, I'm didn't sleep with Rosie. Not yet."

"You're not a virgin, are you?" she suddenly asked. She didn't know what to say when he shook his head.

"I sorta like both of them," he finally admitted with a grin. "Eva...Brenda too."

"You haven't slept with all of them, have you?" she asked, trying to hide her shock.

"I'm horny all the time," he answered, avoiding her question.

"Me too," she said with a shy grin, surprising herself more than her brother with her candor.

"You are?"

"Uh huh."

"How come? I mean...I'm surprised. I didn't know girls got horny. What's it like for a woman...for us...me, I'm always hard...like twenty times a day."

"You are not. That's impossible. Anyway it's different for a girl."

"Do you masturbate?"

"BOBBY," she squealed but he could see she was enjoying the conversation as much as he. "Yes," she finally whispered.

"Me too! All the time."

"What do you do...I mean do you use something? Where do you do it? Do you look at dirty pictures or something?" the words, fueled by her great curiosity, gushed uncensored from her mouth.

"Would you like to watch?" he suddenly offered.

"That's disgusting. Besides I'm your sister," she said, her eyes glowing.

"You'd just be watching," he lured as he rolled over on his back.

"You shouldn't," she said as her eyes followed his hand as it moved to his waist and loosened his towel. "Don't! Please," she pled, watching as his now loose towel tented upward over his groin.

"I can't stop Ginny," Bobby groaned as he slipped a hand under the towel and grasped his shaft. He slowly stroked it as he watched her.

"How long do you do it for? What does it feel like?" she couldn't help asking.

"Take the towel away."

"No. I shouldn't," Ginny protested as her fingers inched toward the edge of it. He was fully erect now, and with his hand holding his penis just under his cockhead he lifted it so it was standing at right angles to his body. She couldn't stop her fingers.

"Oh my gawd Bobby," his big sister cried as she pulled the covering off him, exposing his sex to her awestruck eyes.

"What?" he asked, his hand now moving more urgently over his hardness. Caught up watching him, almost hypnotically entranced by the movement of Bobby's hand, Ginny didn't realize that bent over as she was her brother could see down her top.

"It's so big," she murmured as she involuntarily moved her head even closer to his penis.

He was watching her bare, ruby tipped breasts when he felt the first tightening in his balls, then simply groaned, "Oh Ginny," when the first spurting, creamy explosion of cum rushed up his shaft, a white stream that jumped from his cock and arched upward until it splashed against his sister's surprised face.

"Bobby!" she yelled but he was far beyond thought; his whole being was centered on the urgent spasms that were rocking his teenage body. Again and again thick strands of his cum leapt outwards from his prick.

"Sorry," he finally mumbled as he lay back spent on his back, panting lightly as his still hard penis dripped a few last drops onto his stomach.

"That was disgusting," Ginny chastised but he'd seen how her tongue had darted out and sucked in a hanging strand of thick, white sauce. There was a line of sperm hanging from her chin downwards onto the top of her left breast and with a finger he lifted it and drew it into his mouth. "Don't! Yeck," she said but he could see the excitement in her eyes.

He slowly squeezed out a last fat drop from his cock onto a waiting finger and then moved the cum coated fingertip to her lips. She started to say no but he stopped her words by pushing his coated finger deep into her mouth, then groaned softly as her tongue licked it clean.

"It's still hard," she said with a nervous giggle seconds later.

"That's my problem, it's always hard," he mock complained.

"Dave could only do it once. And he wasn't nearly as big," she said matter-of-factly, her brain working furiously to estimate how much wider and how much longer Bobby's prick was than the few others that had penetrated her in the past. There was no easy comparison, Bobby's was simply extraordinary.

"Do you want to touch it?" he offered.

"No...I shouldn't...its wrong," she demurred as her eyes followed every movement of her brother's long cock.

His free hand lightly closed over hers, then gently pulled it downwards towards his aching penis. "Please Ginny, please help me," he groaned as her fingers tentatively touched him.

"Yes...oh Christ Ginny...yesssss," he encouraged as her hand circled him and then slowly stroked him.

"Like this?" she asked softly.

"Yes. Put your other hand on my balls," he directed. "Ohh yeah Ginny," he moaned as her hand became a blur of motion on his cock.

"It's so hard, so fat...so long," she said as she drove him towards orgasm, "I never thought...I mean." Before she had a chance to finish her thought he came again, again catching her unawares and squirting strand after creamy strand on his surprised sister.

"It's so disgusting," she complained, motioning to the gooey cum that seemed to hang everywhere on her body. And yet she loved it.

"You're sticky," Bobby said as he ran his fingers over her cheek and then down to her stained cami.

"Bobbbbby!" Ginny squealed as her brother's hand rested for a second on her breast and then as he lifted a strand of his seed from her chest he flicked her erect nipple.

And then, lifting his softening penis from his thigh asked, "Will you suck it Gin?"

"No! Absolutely not...I'm going to have a shower...go to bed," she said a she scrambled back from her brother, all of a sudden aware of what they'd done, how inappropriate her behavior. Gosh, she was supposed to be in charge of him this weekend.

"Do you want someone to soap your back?" he offered his retreating sister.

"No. N...O. Goodnight," she said as she rushed blushing from the room.


Thirty minutes later he lightly tapped on Ginny's bedroom door, but then slipped inside before she'd answered.

"Bobby?" she asked as she turned on the bedside light. "You're naked," she accused when she saw him standing by the door.

"Can we talk?"

"About what?"

"Just talk," he answered as he moved to her bedside and quickly slipped between her soft sheets.

"Don't. We shouldn't have done that," she started.

"Can I sleep here tonight?" he interrupted.

"You can't...we can't...we're brother and sister...its wrong."

"Not that. Not sex."

"What then?"

"Just sleep together. Hug. I've never slept with a woman...not all night. Not wake up with her. I've never slept with a warm body next to me...cuddling..."

"Me neither...well, maybe with Kate a couple of times...but not like"

"Can I?"

"You won't try anything will you?" she asked but he knew she was already sold on the idea.

"I'm all tired out," he giggled as he cuddled up against his sister.

"You should have some clothes on," she delayed.

"Where are yours?" he asked as he tickled her bare tummy.

"Don't," she said batting his fingers away, but then grinning said, "I can't wear them, they're all sticky."

"Goodnight my beautiful and sexy big sister," Bobby said after giving Ginny a quick kiss on the lips. "Hey, do you want to go to the beach tomorrow? You can be my Valentine for the day."

"I don't know...I guess...maybe."

"Okay, great."

Perhaps surprisingly to his sister he was asleep within minutes. She realized almost immediately she was disappointed that he hadn't tried something. 'God, you're a slut,' she chastised herself as she lay sleepless in his arms. 'He's your brother'... 'but he feels so good' she argued with herself.

It took her a long time before she fell into a fitful sleep...and not before she'd run her fingers over his muscular body...exploring...



"Wake up sleepyhead," she heard while feeling a hand shake her shoulder.

"What time is it?"

"Almost noon," her brother answered.

"What!" she said as she struggled to sit up. Then realized that her little brother was staring at her, that her breasts were bare, that Bobby could see the red curls at the base of her stomach. "Bobby," she started to admonish as she grabbed the sheet to cover herself, but then remembered the night before, remembered her hand as it pumped his penis, remembered tasting his cum, remembered how it felt being nestled against him.

"Morning," he said smiling, then dipped his head and kissed her. It wasn't a lover's kiss but it also wasn't a younger brother's kiss.

"Morning," she finally mumbled back.

"C'mon. Get up. Breakfast will be ready in five, then we're going to the beach," he ordered, a big friendly smile on his face.

"You're happy this morning," she half groused but her eyes couldn't hide the excitement she felt. She let the sheet fall, and then after letting him feast for seconds on her breasts, ordered, "Don't look."


Two dozen roses arrived while they were eating breakfast, the unsigned card to Virginia Couries simply read, 'To the nicest (and sexiest) girl in the world. I'll always love you. Be my Valentine...for ever.'

"Did you send these?" she asked her brother with tears in her eyes.

"What? Yucky words like that," he denied.

But she knew.


"Not Haulover!" Ginny protested three quarters of an hour later when Bobby slowed the motorcycle and turned into the Haulover Beach parking lot.

"I won't go," she shouted just as Bobby shut off the engine. "They're all perverts."

"Fine, stay here," her brother said as he started for the tunnel leading under the A1A and the path that led to the famous nude beach.

"Wait," she cried as she rushed after him. "I'm not taking my clothes off," she promised as she put her hand in his.

"Do what you want," he countered disinterestedly as he led her through the dunes and toward the wide beach.

"Oh my gawd," she groaned when they turned the last corner and were faced by hundreds of naked bodies. He led his sister slowly almost the full length of the beach before he chose a spot to drop their towels. He could feel her hand quivering in his as they walked.

"I may take off my top," Ginny conceded as she sat watching her naked brother after he'd quickly disrobed.


"Why good?"

"I want everyone to see how beautiful you are, how sexy."

"I'm not," she said as she unhooked her bikini top.

"They're perfect. Now put some sun block on them," he ordered as he handed her the tube.

Suddenly brave, the excited coed, her nipples already erect and tingling, dared her teenage brother, "No, you do it," and handed back the sun block.

"Lie on your back," Bobby instructed as his warm, cream covered fingers pushed her shoulder back and then slowly moved down one of Ginny's arms, lighting touching the outside of her breast as he went. Her forearm sprouted goose bumps and her light, downy soft, red arm hairs seemed to dance as his fingers moved over her. "You're nervous, excited," he accused teasingly.

"I'm not," she insisted just seconds before he squeezed a fat dollop of cream onto her left breast. They both watched for seconds as it slowly slid down towards her straining nipple. "Maybe I am," she whispered looking up into her little brothers shining eyes.

"You better do it then," he said, pulling his hand away from her arm.

"No! Do it Bobby...its okay...really." And then she gasped, a long drawn out, "ohhhhhh," when her brothers long fingers moved to cup her firm, perfectly shaped tit.

He could feel himself lengthening, hardening as he caressed his sister, actually had to drop the tube and lie down on his stomach before he'd finished.

"You're hard again," Ginny teased, then asked giggling, "Do you want me to put something on your thing...your penis...we wouldn't want him to burn..."

"Ha ha sis," Bobby muttered as his cock, even through the towel he lay on, seemed to burrow deep into the sand.


"Let's go swimming," he said once his excitement had somewhat abated and his penis had half softened. Standing he offered his hand and pulled her up and then hand in hand they ran laughing into the foam flecked sea. There was no shyness between them now, even though they hadn't made love to each other, what they had done together the night before seemed to have forever broken the physical barriers that even days before would have kept them yards apart.

They frolicked in the surf, touching, hugging, splashing, playing like children although both were almost painfully aware of the sexual attraction drawing them dangerously together.

"I guess I really don't need these," Ginny declared when they'd finally left the ocean and stood by their towels, referring to her bikini pants which she quickly shucked in one deft move.

"No, you don't," Bobby agreed as he stared hungrily at his sisters curly red thatch of pubic hair.

"Don't stare," she ordered as she started to sit.

"C'mon," he said, grabbing her arm and pulling her back up.


"Let's go for a walk," Bobby said as he took her hand and started up the beach.

"Everyone will see me," she protested even as she stretched her shoulders back and tried to stand even straighter. "They're all staring," she giggled nervously after they'd walked fifty yards down the each.

"Of course they are, they're men," Bobby answered, his walk a proud strut that acknowledged his sisters beauty while telling every watching male that she was his woman, that it was his penis that would fill her. He good sense her excitement as he watched her eyes dart from side to side, knew that every man could see how her taut nipples advertised her readiness.

"The girls all wish it was them lying next to you," Ginny whispered to her brother after they'd settled back on their towels. And as she said it she realized just how badly she wished it really wasn't just a brother/sister game. Suddenly she accepted that Bobby attracted her more than any other boy she knew. Had ever known!

"Hah," he muttered.

Leaning over him she whispered daringly in his ear, "yours is the biggest, the nicest one on the beach ...they'd all like it inside themselves." She wondered what it would feel like...whether it would fit. 'He's your brother' screamed somewhere in the back of her mind.

For the rest of the afternoon her eyes continually drifted back to the thick shaft hanging between his legs. Her eyes couldn't help but follow the path of thin, golden hairs that started just under his navel and led unerringly to his sex. She wondered again and again if, and how, it'd ever fit inside her but somehow knew it would be perfect. 'I can't, it's wrong...he's my brother,' one part of her mind argued while another part argued back, 'I love him...it'd only be once...who'd ever know.' "Slut," she mumbled to herself, not realizing she'd said it aloud.

"Who's a slut," Bobby asked.

"No one...nothing."

"We better go," Bobby said later as the February sun finally started to set.

"Already?" she protested.

"Watch out Ginny," her smiling brother said, "If you don't watch out you might become one of those pervert nudists you were talking about."

"It's just I like," she started to explain but then saw his big grin and gave him a punch on his arm.

"I'm going to take you out to dinner...somewhere fancy."

"No. I'm going to cook for you. Something special, to repay you," she promised. As they rode home from the beach on his motorcycle she locked her arms around his stomach while letting her hands lightly rest on his groin. She pressed her hard nipples into his back. Nothing will happen, she promised herself, even as she felt the dampness spread in her groin.


"God, mom would go crazy if she saw us," Ginny giggled to Bobby as they ate the meal she'd lovingly prepared. "Drinking wine...naked in public...the stuff last night..."

"I'm sure she's got lots of other things on her mind right now," Bobby said.

"How come?"

"Her date."

"Huh? She's at Aunt Jane's. Why are you shaking your head?"

"Mommy's on one of those dirty weekends," her brother announced with a leer.

"You're crazy," she squealed, "Why do you say that?"

"I heard a phone call...it's all a ruse, visiting Aunt Jane I mean. The two of them have something planned...they met some guys last summer. They're all off on a weekend swinger's cruise or something."

"You lie...I mean she can't...she never dates...she's thirty-eight."

"She's beautiful...sexy," Bobby interrupted.

"But...you really think she's sexy?"

"After you she's the prettiest, sexiest woman I've ever seen." As his sister started to blush he added, "I dream of you two."

"You don't. What do you dream about anyway?" she asked, her curiosity aroused.

"Ever since it grew...my penis...since I became a man. You and I...naked together...last night was what I've always wanted. I want to"

"We were playing. It was just a game Bobby. We couldn't...ever...what would mom say. Our friends...everyone would think we're sick...perverts," she cried.

It was late when they finally finished their meal; they'd eaten their dessert in silence, their heads spinning from the wine and their inner turmoil. "I better wash up," Ginny said rising.

"Leave it til tomorrow," Bobby ordered as he embraced her.

"It's wrong."

"Dance with me once," he insisted as he pulled her into his arms.

"Please Bobby...please," she begged as their bodies came together, unsure even as she said it if it was a plea to stop or a plea to simply take her.

"Bobbbbby!" she cried as he put an arm under her legs and lifted her effortlessly into his arms.

"We can't," she whispered, her lips inches from his, as he carried her towards his room and waiting bed.

She'd never been wetter, never more excited than when he laid her on her back on his queen size bed. He had slipped the straps of her thin summer dress from her shoulders while carrying her and the simply pulled it off as he laid her down. Braless, only her damp white panties protected her. She'd seen it all afternoon but still gasped when he bared his now erect shaft. It seemed huge as he loomed above her.

She watched him as he crawled up the bed between her legs, and then gasped again when he tore the thin lace from her loins. Looking down her body she could she the engorged lips of her pussy and knew her brother could smell her need. Her sex flared outward and she could see her now unhooded clitoris as she watched as Bobby brought his large cockhead purposely to her gate.

Then she whimpered as the round bulb forced its way inside her, stretching her as she'd never been stretched before. "Bobbbbby...I can't," she cried softly as he pushed farther inside of her, not so much from pain but from seeing how much he still hadn't got inside. As he thrust again, she was mesmerized by the blue vein that ran almost the full length of his cock, and watched it pulsing as it slowly disappeared.

As his size stretched her insides to an unimagined tautness it suddenly felt as if every nerve in her vagina had been turned on, it was as if his penis was a key the had opened a door into a world of continuous throbbing ecstasy. For minutes she was unaware of anything except the bolts of pure electric energy that were overwhelming every synapse in her brain.

She was screaming, her legs locked around her brother, her back arched almost inhumanly, her nails raking painfully across his back, her nipples throbbing, when finally her shuddering orgasm pulsed outward from her centre.

Met by his pistoning, shooting organ. Flooded by cum.

She was crying when he finally pulled out and lay panting beside her. "I love you," he whispered.

"You're my brother," she said between sobs. "My little brother."

"Not so little," he said as he rolled back on top of her.

"Bobbbbbbbby!" she welcomed as he filled her with his now sticky shaft.


Later he woke to find her head resting on his stomach, and then felt the soft, moist probes of her tongue as she explored his cock.

"Ginny, don't," he whispered as he felt the blood rushing into his cock.

"I want to," she insisted, then ran her tongue from the base of his penis to its dripping eye. Again. And then again.

"Ginny, please," he groaned as she licked round the fat bulb completely, then popped it in her mouth. "It's too big," he cautioned even while hoping she'd take more. He had to fight himself to stop from grabbing her hair and forcing her down. She sucked about five inches of him in, then slowly retreated until she hit the thick ridge. Swallowed again, took more cock this time. Back and forth, back and forth; looking down he saw she'd completely swallowed him, she gagged once, pulled back, and then he was suddenly deep in her throat, his cock spewing its rich liquid.

They slept...woke...slept.

Later she sat astride him, rode him mercilessly like a Kentucky Derby jockey, urging him on as she rose up and down in her phallic saddle. Looking down he could see both their thighs were spattered with their sexual juices.



They woke late the next morning, ate quickly, then showering together he made love to her standing up. Filled her as the water cascaded over them.

Then her fingers caressingly soaped him clean before she led him to his bed by his throbbing prick.

"You'll kill me," he complained.

"He doesn't seem tired," she teased, then ordered, "Lie on your back." She lay over him, lowering her hair covered mound over his face even as he felt her tongue on his sex. "Eat me...please eat me."

He did! He finally had to push a finger into her anus to slow the writhing and thrashing of her hips as his mouth on her small, erect clit brought another burst of her sexual juices.


"You want to, don't you," she asked later.


"My little bum," she said flirting, turning so her perfect circles were facing him.

"No,' he denied, impossibly excited again.

"We only have today Bobby, only today," she lured. "Everywhere, I want you everywhere. You'll be first," she further enticed, waving her ass in the air.

He ignored her fiction that somehow this was going to be just a one day sexual fantasy as his hands cupped her firm, round cheeks, delicate melons that just seemed to be begging to be split. He tried to be gentle; well lubed he pushed relentlessly into her dark channel as she groaned in protest at the invasion.

But then, when he was finally buried completely, she slowly started to respond, moaning his name softly as he pistoned in and out in long slow strokes.


"Mom will be home soon," Ginny whispered much later, wakening him from a light sleep. "C'mon Bobby, we've got to clean up, get ready."

Dressed, their beds made, the kitchen cleaned, the two sat waiting for their mom's return. And Ginny talked. For twenty minutes she explained how much she loved him, how much the previous day had meant to her. But how and why they couldn't continue.

How they had to lead a normal life. That they couldn't hurt their mom who loved them so much. That they'd want to get married and have children some day. How impossible it was.

He nodded from time to time, letting her believe he agreed. He didn't care; he knew they'd never be able to stop. He knew they'd been meant to be lovers, he'd accepted it completely, knew Ginny would soon come round. I'll give her a few days, he thought to himself when she finally ran out of words.

And then he asked, "What about next Valentines Day," just as he heard his mother's key turn in the front door.

"What?" she asked, startled by the sound.

"Promise me," Bobby demanded as he cupped her head and brought her face within inches of his.

"But Bobby...we can't." He could see both her fear and excitement in her eyes as his lips moistly touched hers.

"Promise," he insisted as they both heard the door open.

"Maybe...maybe," she stalled.

"And Christmas," he added.

"No...please," she said, her eyes beseeching, and then she heard her brother call out, "hi mom, how was your trip".



'It's Mardi Gras' was written on the brightly decorated parcel that she found at the foot of her bed when she woke panting five days later. It had been the worst five days of her life. She'd only thought of one thing since her mothers return. She knew she loved him, had had to fight herself to stop from simply wantonly entering her brothers bedroom while he slept.

'Wear them tonight' the little white note read that lay on top of the package.

"Bobby', she thought, trying to control the wave of joy that reverberated through her body. Thirty or forty Mardi Gras necklaces spilled out when she slit open the wrapping. He's crazy, she laughed as she put strand after strand of colored beads around her neck. Watched them dance when she shook her breasts. Then she saw the last string, a string of inch and a half diameter colored balls knotted together.

She'd lock her door against him tonight, she promised herself as she fingered the balls. Then watched her fingers lift the end ball and slowly bring it towards her pussy.


"You?" she whispered at eleven thirty that night when he slipped between her sheets.

"Were you expecting somebody else?"

"We agreed...that we couldn't..."

"Except on holidays," her brother said with a grin.

"Only Valentines Day...maybe Christmas...not every holiday," she protested.

"Are you wearing them?"

"Maybe," she teased.

"Show me," he demanded.


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