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02-13-2007, 06:16 AM
I posted this as a series elsewhere. I’ll just post it in one piece here. It’s long but broken into parts so you don’t have to read the whole thing at once if you don’t want to. I think it has sort of a cartoon flavor to it.

She Fucks the Whole Mob- Part One ;co

“Slap” the blow stung the nearly hysterical woman’s face. It wasn’t a hard blow but it did focus her attention.

“Do what I say bitch! Get you’re fucking clothes off NOW!” Her dope crazed husband screamed.

“No, no, please. I can’t. I just can’t do what you want. Please.” The 21 year old blond begged.

How had her young life come to this. She had been raised right. Middle class parents, church on Sunday, a high school graduate with what she thought would be the perfect marriage. She would pump out two-point-five kids, have the house with a fence and the whole nine yards. Sure her husband Brad was a little older but that meant he was already more established didn’t it.

Somehow a year or so ago Brad had taken a bad assed wrong turn. A high rolling business life led him to experiment with coke; one thing led to another and he was hooked. Even worse tonight he was intent on dragging Linda down with him.

“You don’t get it do you, stupid bitch. Those guys are the mob. They don’t fuck around. “

Those guys, were the five men Brad had dragged home. Those five strangers were waiting in the living room to fuck her. All five of them. She was a virgin when she married. Her husband was the first and only man she had ever been with. This was insane. His demand was too terrible to even contemplate let alone actually obey. “Oh God…No…No,” the young housewife whimpered.

“You’re cunt is my meal ticket out of this mess bitch,” he hissed pulling a pistol from his pocket. The blond gasped and tried to get away but he grabbed her and stuck the gun in her ear. It was a little gun, a Saturday night special, just a .25 automatic, but it looked like a cannon to the frightened blond.

“You ain’t no fuck’en virgin or noth’en. I made sure of that. Didn’t I? No virgin and no virgin holes either. You love to fuck. A real wildcat. So what’s the big deal? Now get them clothes off or die. You’re choice.”

With no escape Linda dropped the robe she was wearing when the visitors dropped in. In a drug induced frenzy, Brad grabbed her bra and yanked it off exposing her 34DD breasts. Then tore her bikini briefs off leaving her naked.

“Now,” he whispered into her ear. The ear that still felt the cold steel of the gun. “You go out there and do whatever they want. Anything they want. Any position. Any hole. If their not completely satisfied then you and Mr. Colt here will have a major discussion. Do you get me bitch?”

“Y yy…yes,” she stammered.

“You believe I will kill you?”

His terrified wife could only nod silently.

“OK, get on with it. I’ll be right here in the bedroom. Oh, and have fun cunt,” her deranged mate snickered cruelly, shoving her out the door.

The young blond beauty entered the living room unsuccessfully attempting to cover her nakedness from the eyes of the grinning strangers. Eyes downcast, she was greeted by a wolf whistle and a volley of rude comments. Then even under threat of death she broke into tears.

“Oh Jesus,” the older silver haired guy on the couch moaned. “OK, shut up you guys.” He was obviously the boss so they readily complied. “Come here honey, we ain’t goanna hurt ya. These guys, well their a little coarse but they ain’t you’re barbarians or noth’en. Come here. Come here.” He said beckoned with a huge paw. “Ain’t no point in being shy. We done seen ya and boy what a sight ya are sweet cakes.

The terrified girl shyly approached. Like a gentleman of manners he kissed her small hand. “Hi babe. I’m Eddy and these are my guys, so to speak. They work for me. You’re Linda right?”

Linda was thrown completely off guard. The last thing she expected was a kiss on the hand. The situation was so bizarre she giggled slightly, blushing, if possible, even more deeply.

He doesn’t seem like a monster, she though.

“Natural blond,” he observed staring at her exposed crotch. She nodded. “Real tits too I’ll bet? How big?”

“What?” she whispered.

“Hey you can talk and you’re not crying anymore. So we’re mak’en progress. Right?” What size are you’re breasts honey? Their beautiful by the way.”

“Thank you. I ah…I guess. 34DD. Their 34DD.”

“Wow!” one of the other guys breathed.

“OK, Bobby. Make her a little drink. A special little drink. You know what I mean. Help her relax a little.

“Alright Linda come you here and sit on my lap,” he said, pulling her to him. “Take a deep breath and try to relax a little; were all just friends here. “I told ya, anybody hurts ya, they gotta answer for it. Guess you never done this before huh?”


“Didn’t think so,” he responded. “Boy you got a real piece of work for an old man.”

She sipped the drink someone had handed her.

“Good girl. Drink it down and you’ll feel better in a few minutes. Then we’re goanna have a little fun. But you won’t be hurt. I promise. I guess we thought old Brad was married to some slut hooker or something the way that ass wipe shot off his yap. Well you‘re a real lady. That ya are.” he gently stroked her long blond mane. “You’re married though so ya ain’t no virgin or noth’n.”

He gently stroked her bare back. It was so relaxing. She realized that she was even beginning to feel good, warm, relaxed. No, Eddy couldn’t be a monster. He wasn’t rapist. He was so nice.

In her ear his voice sounded deliciously hypnotic as his strong and confident hands massaging her neck and sholders. The naked girl sighed and leaded back onto his broad chest.

Linda had passed a threshold where pleasure outweighed fear and offered no resistance as his teasing hand worked it‘s magic on her breasts. Each touch, every caress, sent sparks of electricity through her body. Sparks that went straight to her crotch. In spite of her best intentions to resist, Linda felt herself flooding, her out lips engorging, her pussy opening in anticipation . Her body had taken over and lust drove away any thoughts of resistance. In the back of her mind the dazed girl wondered if she had been drugged. It didn’t matter. She felt good. So hungry. So needy.

Linda glanced around and looked at the guys eagerly watching her seduction. They were going to fuck her. All of them. All those dicks. She moaned as Eddy sucked and bit on her rock hard nipples, her legs instinctively parting. Now oddly the scene thrilled her on a primal level. Could she satisfy five men? Could she do that…really…Jesus, what a thought.

Eddy’s hand slowly circled her belly, teasing, tickling, relaxing, yet exciting all the same. Her legs opened wider; her anxious pussy burned for his touch.

“Oh my….Oh God…” she moaned over and over babbling in delirious desire.

The young woman was so preoccupied that she didn’t notice Eddy motioning to one of the guys so she was surprised to feel another set of hands between her legs opening her sex completely to five sets of excited eyes

Four hands, the drugged woman vaguely realized. How interesting. Her back arched, meeting the tongue that had just now found her hardened little clitty. She moaned humping that wonderful tongue firmly implanted in her slit.

Meanwhile Eddy kissed her passionately. Their tongues mingling in an ancient dance of passion. She was spiraling out of control. Her body welcomed it, demanding more.

She didn’t notice the other guys getting naked but wasn’t shocked as a hard cock appeared before her face. Her greedy mouth opened accepting this new treat as instinctively as a newborn takes the tit.
After all, she had done 69 plenty of times and this isn’t a lot different than that, she thought.

The young housewife was in heaven. Eddy’s strong hands exploring her sensitive nipples and holding her safely against his broad strong chest; her pussy being licked like never before and even had a nice big cock it snack on. What could be better? Then she found out.

Hazily she heard Eddy telling the guys that he thought she was going to cum. My god. I am going to cum, she realized, as the sensation penetrated her drug and lust fogged brain. The tingle was there; still vague but there it was on the edge of awareness. An old and trusted friend. As good as Linda felt now, she knew that soon she was going to feel better. A whole lot better.

“She’s close Tommy,” Eddy said to the guy eating her pussy. “Give it all ya got buddy. Let’s give her a good one. The girl deserves it.”

Linda desperately sucked cock swallowing more and more of the cock in her mouth as the orgasm built. Three men played her young body like finely tuned instrument. Yes she was going to cum. They were rewarding her for being a good girl, she thought. O god it felt so good. She wanted to cum. Yes she did. It was going to feel so good but she didn’t want it to stop either. “Uh…Uh…Oh…” she panted.

“Cum Linda,“ Eddy commanded, “come on girl let it out, don’t hold back; we’ve got lots more for ya.” Her older, highly experienced lover read her body. He understood just how close to the edge the girl was.

Yes, oh, yes, there’s five of them. Five rock hard dicks. Lot’s more fucking…sucking…fucking…sucking. Her brain babbled over and over. It felt so good, so dirty, so good “….Oh…OH…. “

With perfect timing Eddy slapped the girls ass hard and shouted “Cum.”

That did it. The excited girl’s head snapped back releasing the cock from her throat as a desperate growl came from deep within her. “C..u..m…I…..n…..g. “ she moaned and stiffened thrusting her pelvis toward that wonderful tongue. Wave after wave of pleasure took her.
Then barely stopping she realized she was going to cum again. My god. What am I? What have I become? She had just had one of the most violent orgasms ever, maybe the most violent and now she was going to cum again if they didn’t stop.

Oh no they can’t stop. Can’t stop now. “Don’t stop.” she begged. Don’t stop…..don’t stop…..don’t stop….” the out of control blond chanted, “I’m going to cum again.” Reflexively she reconnected with the cock that had been in her mouth and was vigorously jerking it off.”

“That’s it girl, jerk that thing. Jerk that cock off. Make me cum slut. I’m going to cum in you’re face. Jerk that cock and we’ll come together. Open that pretty mouth and I’m going to fill it with hot cum…her oral partner exclaimed “Shit oh yes… Ahh….” and load after load of male milk erupted. The girls pink tongue shoot out greeting his emission, welcoming each eruption, tasting, savoring, loving each beautiful glob of wonderful prick cream.

Then she came again. The once shy young housewife exploded. She screamed, she pounded, her body jerked violently. “Never this good…“she groaned, “Oh MY GOD…“ Linda passed out cold.

“Damn, I’ve been with a hundred broads and I’ve never seen anything like that,” Eddy said, lying the unconscious girl one couch.

“Yeah” Jon, the guy who had shot his load in her mouth said, “that was something else. She’s one hot broad. You think her old man’s got a clue what he’s got?”

“I doubt it or the stupid son of a bitch wouldn‘t a give her up to us. Fucking doper. I’d take a’ chick like that any day over a bunch a’ blow. Can’t make no drug better than a cunt like that. You ok Tommy?” Eddy asked.

Tommy the “tongue” lay on the carpet catching his breath and rubbing his overworked jaw. “Man my tongue’s about ta fall off but it was worth it,” he grinned. “Nearly drowned me. I’ve never seen one gush like that. What a fuck’en pussy. Like a fucking oil well go’en off. Didn’t know ya could make a bitch cum so hard she’d pass out. Man Oh man.”

“Hey looks like our little fuck toy’s coming around or cumming around that is,” someone observed with a giggle.

Eddy noticed that her eyes were open. She was breathing ok but seemed dazed. Who wouldn‘t be? Gently kissing her he whispered, “You OK?”

“Yes I think so. I feel kind of strange but yeah I’m alright. What happened?

“Ya came so hard that ya passed out sweet cakes.”

“I did?” Her eyes jerked into focus. “I did didn’t I?” She grinned looking at all the gaping naked men. “Oh my god you’re great,” she exclaimed noticing Tommy still lounging naked at her feet. Linda bounded off the couch grabbed Tommy and began kissing him passionately. His dick naturally found her gaping, welcoming, pussy and they began to fuck for all they were worth while everyone else clapped and cheered.

“Linda, meet Tommy the tongue,” Eddy said dryly.

The guys eagerly watched Tommy’s hard cock slam in and out of the girls pussy. When the two “love birds” finally came and Tommy’s galloping cock filled her waiting pussy, everyone gave them another round of applause.

Afterwards they moved Linda around from position to position fucking her in ones, twos and threes. Doggie was the most popular and the blond didn’t disappoint, proudly displaying her gorgeous young pussy for penetration.

With one lover eagerly fucking her sopping pussy she sucked up the next one for his turn at her fuck hole. Load after load pumped into her hot pussy filling her vaginal canal to overflowing until semen ran steadily onto the carpet. No one cared about sloppy seconds, especially not Linda. She was their fuck slut, their cum dump. She loved every minute of their attention.

Linda thought about Brad there in the bedroom and what he was missing. Well serves him right, she thought. How stupid she had been to make such a fuss, crying like a confused teenage virgin. Was it an hour ago, two hours? She didn’t know or care. One thing she knew for certain. The tiger, all bright and shining, was out it’s cage it wasn’t going back. Not now. Not ever.

Someone penetrated her ass. She didn’t know who. She didn’t care for that matter. It hurt a little, like it usually did when she and Brad did anal, but then her ass relaxed and it felt good. Somebody else thought it would be fun to do a DP. Now the once childish girl who had so recently been in tears, fearing rape or worse, begged for it. She craved two dicks, three dicks, a dozen or more. After all, after the first one what difference a did whole bunch make.

Linda lost track of the times she came and only god knew how many loads of spunk her eager holes had absorbed. She was soaked in cum, it covered her body and seeped from every opening, even her hair was plastered with spunk. Linda had never felt so alive.


Finally all the guys just ran out of spunk. Linda had fucked all the cum out of five sets of balls. She was worn out and sore all over and probably wouldn’t be able to fuck for a week. At least not comfortably but she was so god damned happy.

“Ok,” Eddy said as each of the guys got dressed. “We’re going to have a little change of plans. Jon you help Linda get showered off I think she could use a little support. Tommy I want you to go get Mr. Big Shot wife abuser. When he comes out somebody go get some clothes for our little lady and take them into the bath then come back here. You got that?”

“Hey, no fooling around in the shower you two,“ he added as Jon and Linda headed off on their assignment “We’ve gotta get out of here. We’ve already fucked away the whole evening”

“Very funny boss, you get’n to be a regular comedian.” someone chimed in as they laughed at his little pun.

As Brad walked through the living room doorway he was quickly grabbed by on either side by two guys and a Glock 9 mm was stuck in one ear.

“Wooow! Hey man if she was that bad it’s not my fault. I came through by giving her up man. Besides it sounded like everyone was having fun in here. What’s the deal anyway?

Eddie: “Well Mr. Big Shot, you’re wife’s performance isn’t the issue ya see. She wuz fine. More than fine actually. She was great and the lady deserves better than a slime ball dope dealer like you so we’re going to renegotiate this little deal we got”

“What are you talking about man? A deal’s a deal.”

“Well yes and no. Ya see, a deal’s not a deal until it’s a done deal and I’m the one that says when it’s done. See. You talk pretty damned big to for somebody’s got a gun to their head ya know. Might want to rethink that strategy,” He smiled like a cobra sending shivers of fear through the confused Brad.

Eddy continued: So here’s the new deal. Here’s you’re product,” he tossed a package wrapped in butcher paper on the table. “There’s a kilo to start. Yeah I know we talked heavier weight but you’re gonna to get it in installments. We’re do’en this little carrot and stick thing ya see. The carrot is I’m taking you’re wife with me. She can stay at my place for awhile, nicer digs, keep me entertained if she wants ta. “ he grinned. “If you don’t fuck this deal up and use the merchandise you’re self or hold out on us or whatever; then maybe you get the little honey back. If she wants to come back that is. I don’t know why she would want to be with a pencil dick like you when she can be with real men but…”

“Hey you can’t do that man.” Brad interrupted. “She’s my fuck’en wife. I’ll….”

“Hey, hey…watch it pal you ain’t do’en shit. Shut the fuck up punk and listen to the boss,“ the guy with the gun ordered jamming it into Brad’s ear to emphasize the point. “You ain’t in no position to be yapp’en. Get it?”

Eddie: “Well Mr. Sleezeball Big Shot you got a lot a’ nerve coming off with that wife bull shit after ya gave her to us like she was a common hooker. After you pimped her off to be gang banged for a kilo of dope. My wife…My, my, my. That’s a doper talk’en for sure.

“See that’s the thing. When we agreed to come over and have some fun I thought that you must be married to a hooker the way you was blow’en about how good she wuz. Then we get over here and find a real fine lady that’s be’en abused. Yeah, she turns into a hot piece of business but that ain’t none of you’re do’en.

See. I don’t go for abusing women. At least ones that don’t ask for it; so now I don’t exactly trust you so much no more. That’s why we’re have’n this little talk. Renegotiating.

Now the stick I was talking about sport is that if you do fuck up. If I don’t get every penny I got coming. Then the boys here are going to blow you’re smart assed little head off, after they cut you’re balls off and feed ‘em to ya, that is.”

Linda and Jon had returned. She was standing there open mouthed staring at her husband with a huge gun stuck in his ear just like he had done her. She couldn’t stifle a giggle. Watching her abuser being touched up for once was too rich.

Her giggle drew Eddy’s attention; he glanced at her with a heart stopping smile and beckoned. “ Come on sweet cakes you’re going with us. We’re kinda adopting ya while we see what kind of a businessman hubby is.”

The troops formed up around the boss with Linda on his strong right arm. If she had looked back, which she didn’t, she would have seen a pale Brad staring at them and at the dope on the table and wondering what the hell he had gotten into.


The next morning Linda awoke with a start. The sun was streaming in on her over-size four-poster bed and she was buried in the most comfortable feather soft covers she had ever known. On the one hand she was a comfortable as a kitten and didn’t want to move. On the other she wondered where the hell am I. Jesus I’m sore.

Then she remembered. Oh yea, she grinned. Last night was for real otherwise I wouldn’t be sore and she relaxed actually beginning to revel in the soreness. She had earned it by god. God what a slut she had been. What a slut she was, she amended.

“You awake sweet cakes?” Eddy had entered the room so quietly she hadn’t even heard.

“Ah…” she breathed, reaching from under the downy cover, pulling him in for a morning kiss. “My prince charming. You are real. Thought maybe I was dreaming,” the girl teased.

“Well I don’t know about that crap but yea I’m real. What did ya think.” The big mob boss actually blushed.

“How come I’m waking up in here and not in you’re bed?” she countered. The blond stretched out from under the covers showing a good portion of her fabulous 34DD’s. She had discovered she was naked under those covers and didn’t remember how she got that way or where her cloth’s were but she didn’t care. Right now even if she was too sore to do much about it she wanted to be a shameless hussy for her protector.

“You were so tired after last nights little work out that I thought you might sleep better in here. How did you sleep by the way?”

“Like a log. I don’t think it would have mattered where you put me. You could have probably hung me upside down like a bat and I would have zonked out.”

“Now that’s an interesting image,” the older man leered.

“You like that hugh?” She teased. “Well, this mama’s gotta go pee. Is that the bath?”

“Yeah, you want me to get ya a robe.”

“Na you’ve seen it all.” Feeling every bit the slut she had become Linda threw back the covers and slowly got out of bed making sure she spread her legs enough in the process to give this prince of the under-world a good peek.

In the bath she left the door open so she could talk and he could watch if he liked while she took her morning piss. It was all a little confusing. This was new territory. The girl could never bring herself to piss in front of anyone before, not even her husband. She had always been a bit of a prude she guessed; insisting on privacy when she pissed or crapped but now she didn’t care. In fact she wanted to show off. To show herself completely to this man and anyone he wanted her to be with. She didn’t want privacy anymore.

She sure as hell wasn’t a simple little-girl housewife anymore. It was like she had grown up last night. She went into that living room still a girl at heart and came out five dicks and loads and loads of spunk later a grownup women.

Now she wanted to be wanted by men,
lots of men. Not just be her lame dick husband. God what had she seen in him anyway?

“Where are the guys?” she asked breaking out of her fantasies.”

“Mostly home I guess. Their all married, except Tommy. You remember Tommy the tongue?” He teased. “ Oh yeah and Roger he‘s your driver.“

Linda just grinned without even blushing as she spread her legs to wipe her piss. “You know I’ve never been able to do that before.”

“What, pass out. I’ve never seen a broad cum so hard she passed out. That was someth’en.”

“You liked that hugh?”

“Oh yea sweet cakes that was rich. Everybody had a fit over it.”

“Well there was that. No I’ve never even come close to that kind of organism “ Casually she slipped into a warm soft robe that had been left in the bath for her but left the top open exposing herself to him.
“Not just that but even multiple orgasms. I’ve never had more than one orgasm at a time. Sometimes not even that. Sometimes my husband was in too much of a hurry and didn’t give a shit about me.”

She plopped down on the bed beside him. “You know if you keep this teasing up you’re going to have to take care of business sore or no sore.” He leered.

“What ever do you mean. Me tease?” she said turning to him. Reaching for his hard on she grinned. “Looks like somebody down there’s all awake.”

As they tongue fucked each other’s mouth his hand went to her oversized breasts. “Are they sore?” he asked.

“Yea, a little but don’t stop. It’s mostly my pussy and ass that’s sore. I won’t be able to walk right for a week. Don’t worry my big mouth isn’t sore so it could give you a nice little wake up head job. You could fuck me though if you really wanted to.

She casually massage his erection and continued. “ I don’t know much about you Eddy dear. I don’t know how long you’re going to keep me around but while I’m here this woman is all yours. Well, yours and anybody else you want me to be with.” Her mouth engulfed his penis sliding it all the way into her throat. She took him to the hilt in one smooth move showing by example what she could do for him. “You like?” she asked coming up for air. Then bobbing back for more deep throat as he moaned.

“Oh, hell yea I like a lot.”

After a good course of head he pulled out, laid her back on the bed and pulled the robe off her tits. Straddling her at the waist he said, “ Ya know. You’ve got about the prettiest titties I’ve ever seen and honey trust me. I’ve seen a bunch of tits.” Sliding his hard on into the valley between her gorgeous breasts he told the girl, “rap them babies around my old dick I’m going to give you a good old fashioned tit fuck’en.”

Doing as she was told, Linda squeezed her breasts around his erection and began to masturbate him as he rubbed and pinched her rock hard nipples. “Oh babe this isn’t going to take long. You done so good with that pretty little mouth I’m almost there anyway.” He humped his 9 inches in the soft valley and told the girl to hold her mouth open for a nice load.

Linda couldn’t wait. She had been fucked silly for hours last night and here she was getting ready for a nice wake up load first thing in the morning. She hoped every morning would be so much fun.

His humping became more energetic and the girl held out her tongue begging for his load. She felt just like a little girl on Christmas waiting anxiously for a really nice present. She was expecting it, begging for it even, but his first spurt came as a surprise catching her right between the eyes. Laughing for joy she adjusted her head and the next glob squirted all the way into the back of her mouth. The spunk hungry girl lapped it up as a cat would lap the finest cream. Then she took his receding cock into her mouth and sucked every delicious drop.

Linda : “I don’t know what’s got into me. I’ve sucked my husband off of course. Mostly just wanted to fuck. You know. I’d suck him up hard then he’d give me a fuck’en. I didn’t really like him cumming in my mouth. He didn’t much want to which was good. If he had done what you just did I know I would have gagged and probably have thrown up. Now I can’t get enough. You taste wonderful. Not just that, I loved what everybody did last night. It just went on and on and when at last I had all that cum all over, I mean it was in my hair and everywhere, and I felt more alive than ever.

“You know,” she continued, “you should have brought Brad out before I went to clean up. We could have shown him what he caused. He should have seen me all sweaty and covered with spunk and loving every minute. Then he would have known what he had just lost. Would have served the bastard right.

Eddy just grunted and mumbled something that sounded like,” It could be arranged,” and the lovebirds settled in for a contented nap.


The rest of the week went by in a whirlwind as Linda settled in, learned the routine around her huge new digs. She felt like she needed a map to just get around. Further she learned that there was a cook for breakfast and lunch then a chef came in and prepared dinner which was served at 7 pm in the big dining room. At seven everyone sat down together to eat and talk. Business, she learned, was strictly forbidden at the table. The meal was served in this magnificent formal dining room but dress was causal. Whatever people had worn to work.

Linda learned that Big Eddy wasn’t married. He was a widower. His wife of 20 years had passed away five years ago of breast cancer. He had said that she was the love of his wife, his high school sweetheart, and that he felt no desire to ever re-marry. Hell he said he wasn’t a monk but he could get all the bimbo’s he wanted so no big deal.

“Is that what I am,” she asked, “just another bimbo?”

“Na, you’re a guest. A bimbo you hire by the hour. At an hour bata- bing and their out’a here. Maybe a date for a party and some action afterward but that’s it. See. You’re like somewhere else. Hey I grant ya, you’re a hell of a fuck but you’re obviously more permanent and different. A category of your own I guess. See if any of these guys had even looked sideways at my wife, and she was a dish by the way, I’da cut their nuts off on the spot. With you I can love ya myself but I don’t care if ya have fun with the boys if you want to.

He continued: We gotta keep the fun in-house so to speak though. I got lots of enemies and it wouldn’t be safe for you to end up accidently getting mixed up with the wrong guys. They would love to fuck you up just for fun and try to use you to get to me. So you don’t mess around with nobody I don’t approve of agreed.”

“Ok, I understand.”

“I got bodyguards wherever I go and from now on so do you and you can’t be distracting them unless you’re in a very safe place. Ya know what I mean? Their job is to keep me and you safe. After hours I don’t give a fuck. So those are about the only rules I guess.”

Later he handed her an unlimited credit card in her name. “ Had the bank fix it up and messenger it over as a rush job. Roger’s going to take you shopp’en. Get what ever you need. What ever you want. Go to the good places, none of that Wal-Mart crap.”

“What kind of stuff should I get Eddy?”

“Fuck if I know what women need.”

“No I mean like what am I going to wear it for. Party stuff of what?”

“Oh, well get casual stuff for around here and shopping and the like. Underwear whatever you need. Maybe some of that fancy sexy junk if you want, although I don’t know why. Ya sure don’t need it. Unlike most women, you look a lot better naked.”

Linda grinned and blushed in spit of herself.

Get a couple of party outfits too. Noth’en formals coming up soon but there are always dinner parties to go to and we just gotta show ya off. The old farts in the business are going to go ga ga,” he smiled and got a kiss on the cheek for the complements.

“You’re the best Eddy. The very best.”

A few minutes later she hopped into the front seat of the Lincoln limo beside Roger who was to be her chauffer. Roger was tall, blond, and a real hunk. All Eddy’s body guards we’re big guys. Sort of goes with the trade. Roger wore a form fitting short sleeved shirt showing off the muscles he obviously worked hard to cultivate and not looking at all like her idea of a chauffeur.

“Most of my customers sit in the back,” he said flashing a radiant smile of perfect white teeth. Roger was a lady killer and he knew it. Gossip travels fast everywhere so he had also heard about Linda’s recent performance and her unusual deal with Eddy about playing with the help. He was anxious to give here a try himself. God knows she was a hot property. He could feel a tingle in his dick just sitting beside her.

“Ah…I’m sorry.” She started to get out.

“Just kidding.” he said taking her by the arm. “Most of my customers are old men. You can sit up here anytime.”

She had relaxed back in the seat and giggled getting the joke. He gently held her arm and she didn’t pull away. She liked his touch. The thought of pulling him into the backseat in the big limo and fucking like teenagers flashed through her mind. The way his eyes roamed over her body she figured his was thinking something similar. But like a good little girl she said, “Eddy says I shouldn’t distract you when your own the clock. Maybe I should sit back there, sort test out the back seat. It looks kind of comfortable.”

Roger visibly gulped as he obviously got her meaning. The guys were right. This broad didn’t hold anything back. “No,” he said. Stay up here…..I’ll behave…for now.”

Releasing her arm he gently brushed his nails down the down it’s bare length sending goose bumps all over. “Where to?” he asked.

So they rode all over town. She wore him out as she tried on everything in the store. “You’re not married, are you?”

“No I’m not. Why do you ask?” He questioned.

“Get used to it buddy. When you’ve got a wife she’s going to be doing a lot of this and you’re going to put up with it. If you’re really smart you’re going to even act like you enjoy it. Besides the best is yet to come.” She grinned enjoying the flirting.

He looked questioningly but she when no further.

Linda bought a bunch of casual stuff. Jeans and T’s. Tight jeans. Hip huger jeans and tight T’s to be exact. Then casual pants and a few skirts and tops. She bought two little black dresses for dinner wear. One was just you’re basic little black dress with spaghetti straps that show off a little cleavage and the other was you’re very little black dress that showed nearly everything for when she was feeling especially wicked. Roger’s mouth literally dropped opened and his eyes bugged out when she stepped out of the dressing room with that one on.

“Well I guess this one gets the appropriate response,” she laughed. “Told you it wouldn’t all be boring,” as she slowly turned around showing off her rear as well. “Come in here for a minute and help me with this zipper,” she beckoned. “I’m not exactly sure I can get it down.”

Glancing around he self-consciously made sure no one was watching and allowed her to lead him into the little changing room.

“Ever done this before?” she asked.

He shook his head.

“I don’t think we can fuck in here but you’ve been such a good sport I thought you deserved a little reward. Taking him into her arm she asked him to go ahead and unzip the dress and he discovered that she was in fact naked underneath. She kissed him passionately and they tongue fucking as his hands wandered all over her smooth warm skin. Finally she broke the kiss stepped back and tugged at his tent pole a couple of times and said, “Ok that’s enough for now.”

He gowned in frustration and leaned against the confining wall watching the beautiful blond get dressed. For her part she sat on the bench and made sure that she spread her legs enough to give him a good look when as she put on her panties. When she was dressed she peeked out the door to make sure no one was around and then motioned him out behind her.

“See.” she said. “If you’re girl is creative enough even that dreaded shopping trip can be fun. But wait there’s more?”

“What do you mean?” The flustered body guard asked.

“Victories’ Secret,” she whispered.

“Oh shit.” he replied.

On their way out the couple stopped in the shoe department where Roger eye flirted with the cute young salesgirl as Linda tried on one pair after another. He looked on appreciatively as she purchased several expensive pairs of high heel “fuck me” shoes. Linda knew full well how they would display her ass, legs and breasts when she wore sexy outfits, or nothing but the “fuck me” shoes for that matter. Exactly the look the young woman wanted.

“Ok one more stop and then I’ll buy you lunch,” she said waving the credit card. “Shopping is hard work. Makes a girl hungry.” As she was paying Linda decided she didn’t want to think how much she had run up on the card. Compared to what she was used to it was a fortune but Eddy said the business made more cash than they could get rid of anyway so she just signed the receipts without looking.

Roger stayed in the car at Victoria’s Secret. He wasn’t generally shy or squeamish about women’s undies as some men but discretion advised that he not be part of some outrageous scene the sexually aggressive girl might create in the store. After the changing room scene he realized that she was capable of anything and the boss wouldn’t approve if it got out of hand.

Returning with a couple more sacks of goodies she handing him a wrapped package with a nice little bow she said it was a present but he couldn‘t open it until she said so, then asked. “Ok Roger old buddy. You hungry?….For food?” They both laughed temporarily relieving the growing tension.

While enjoying a light lunch at an outside table overlooking the harbor Roger got things rolling. “So this is where I would ask you’re place or mine but I guess we can’t just go back to the mansion…”

“Well Eddy said it was ok for you guys to be playmates off the clock. After all we did have an orgy together but that was before I started sleeping in his bed and he didn’t say where I could play. Is you’re place around here somewhere and….well do you live alone? You know, no live in girlfriend?”

“I’m maybe twenty minutes away and no there’s no one there. I kinda just date around, you know.”

“Spreading sunshine hu,” she commented in a friendly way. “Maybe I should call you Sunshine Man then. You guys seem to go in for nick- names. Tommy the tongue for instance,” she teased.

At Roger’s apartment they didn’t slow down but headed straight for the bedroom throwing off clothes as they went. “God you’re beautiful,” Linda exclaimed diving across the bed where she landed on his boner. “And will you look at this handsome, proud, guy,” her eager hand encircling his throbbing cock. He moaned in pleasure as she planted a wet kiss on the head of his dick. For the moment he was content to allow her to explore the muscular body he had worked so hard to achieve.

Linda: “This takes a lot of work doesn’t it but the girls love it don’t they?” Her hands roamed over his arms, his chest, his rock hard abbes, all the way down his thighs to his feet. “Wow.”

Then he pulled her on top of him and they began to kiss passionately. “You’re pretty nice you’re self lady,” His strong hands finding her ass cheeks and using them to grind her down on his waiting hard-on. The girl moaned in pure pleasure as his big dick invaded her opening slit. She responded in-kind humping her hips, masturbating her engorged clit on his dick.

Linda: “You know he’s going to be pretty tight don’t you?” Rogers cock wasn’t really long, about you’re average 6 inches, but he was big around, at least the size of the girls wrist, maybe more. “You know,” she panted between kisses, “a few days ago…,I was just a little old housewife….. with a husband I’d been faithful too…. for three years and he wasn’t….nearly as big as you.” She finally got it out around their tongue fuck.

Be that as it may Roger noted that the his beautiful blond lover didn’t seem exactly scared. She continued to drive him crazy humping her pussy over his cock and grinding those big tits against his chest. “You’ll adjust I think.” He commented dryly.

“Boy I hope so. Lets see now….” the girl reached down and guided the huge head into the appropriate slot then gasped when it popped into place. Slowly, cowgirl on top, she lowered her sopping pussy onto his big cock. Between her own juice and his pre-cum lube it went in smoothly. Tight but it didn’t hurt. “Boy howdy that’s tight,” she exclaimed when her pubic hair touched his.

It was all the way in. He thoughtfully allowed the girl to pause and experience the sensation and get used to the fit. Then she began to slowly raise and lower herself on him feeling letting herself relax. “Well I did it she exclaimed proudly.” After a couple of minutes her pussy had gotten used to the invader having stretched, as pussies do, to accept the unusual thickness.

After all, she thought, if a pussy can stretch to push out a baby then a big dick isn’t much at all. Then she rolled him over on top, hooked her heels around his powerful back and declared “Ok buddy let’s see you give that pussy a pounding. Roger begin to power up driving his cock into the whimpering girl almost violently. Rather than cry for mercy the she met every thrust, their humping, fucking, pelvises slamming against each other again and again.

Finally Roger yelled that he was cumming and moaned

“In my pussy she yelled back. I’m so full I can’t stand it but I want more. Load that hole up. Load her up good,” and he let go. Linda felt the hot load hit her cervix and that set her off. “God yes she cried, shuddering as pussy juice and cum gushed around his cock and poured from her widely stretch vagina drenching the sheet below.

The lovers remained hooked up. His weight pressing her down into the soft mattress, skin to skin, felt wonderful. Not speaking just they slowly came down and reveling all the while in the mutual pleasure they had given each other.

He finally rolled off and she already missed the naked contact. “That was a hell of a fuck lady. The guys said you we’re special but wow.”

“Well wow back at ya,” she couldn’t resist touching his beautiful semi-hard cock. “Ya know as much as I would love to,” she said after a few minutes of silent stroking, “I’m not ready to do anal with this thing.”

“Yeah.“ He pouted, “Women tend to scream and run away from that idea.”

“So are you like, an anal cherry? You’ve never had a woman in the ass hole.?”

“No unfortunately not. Sad situation huh?”

“Huh, must have been little girls. Porn girls do it with great big cocks. Bigger than yours even. Brad, my husband, used to download porn from the net to spice things up. You wouldn’t believe some of the things they do. So all things are possible. I’ll work on stretching out for you.”

“You will?” You would do that?”

“Sure, I always like a good challenge. The next time we’re out lets stop at a sex shop. I’ll go in and see what they recommend. Maybe butt plugs or something. In the mean time I’ve got an idea. Remember your present”. She handed it to him. “Open up. Actually \it’s for me sort of. For you to use on me anyway.”

To Roger’s surprise and delight the package contained a lifelike vibrating dildo and a tube of K-Y. The soft rubber vibrator was bigger than a lot of dicks. Bigger around than her husband Brad but not as big as Roger.

“Alright this wasn‘t exactly what I planned but we must be flexible….,” getting on all fours and spreading her cheeks to provide a welcoming target. “Grease me up and shove that thing up my ass and lets get the stretching started. Give it a good pounding then you can fuck my cunt with you’re cock and my ass hole with the toy at the same time. That is if you want to.” she giggled teasingly.

Boy did he want to so of course he did.


“Mmmmmm…” she stretched. “ Just love waking up with you in you’re big old bed Eddy. I always feel so safe and warm and comfortable. Don’t take this the wrong way but I sort of feel like a little girl waking up with daddy on Christmas morning and wondering what Santa brought. Every day here’s a wonderful surprise.” She declared playing with his dick.

“So now I’m you’re daddy?” he playfully slapped her naked butt.

“Well I never fucked daddy so it isn’t the same thing.” she playfully squeezed his cock. “ But you know what I mean. I just feel safe and you make me feel so good, so wanted.”

“Actually I think everybody around here sort of takes a part in that,” he chuckled not unkindly. Reminding her what a wanton slut she had become.

Understanding the strength of her newly found needs he had graciously given her the bedroom she had used on her first night at the mansion along with it’s romantic four poster bed as her play room. For her part she had gladly promised to return to his bed and see to his needs each night and do whatever else he required of her.

Her love making with Eddy was different. He was older and more experienced and as the boss he was more self assured. He was a wonderful lover. Slow and steady when she needed it and poundingly powerful at just the right time. He made certain that she was always satisfied, that she got to cum, usually more than once before they stopped. He would hold her and she would fall into a wonderful sleep, waking up the next morning for another round of passionate love making. No wonder young women were often attracted to older, powerful, men she reflected.

Then of course there were all the side benefits she enjoyed in this unusual relationship. Her pussy spammed again despite recent very satisfying sex just thinking about Tommy. Tommy was a freak of nature. Like a snake he could touch his nose with his tongue. He could stick that thing in her vagina and tongue fuck her G spot for god’s sake. And he never seemed to tire. She had been too stimulated during last weeks gang bank to notice the G spot tonguing but no wonder she had passed out. Tommy was the first invitee to her new playroom and he hadn’t disappointed. Not at all. Even the thought made her shiver.

“You cold sweet cakes?”

“No Eddy just thinking I guess.”

“Well here’s something for you’re pretty little head to think about. It’s been a week since we adopted you and now it’s payday.”

“Yes…? Payday?” She asked with no idea where this was going.

“It’s the day for Mr. Big Shot Brad to pay up our share and get next weeks merchandise.”


“We been watch’en the little turd pretty close and he’s been out busting his hump moving product. Probably used some being the little tweeker that he is but most likely he can cover that out of his profits. So unless he’s fucked up some other way he can cover the vig.

“Does…does… that mean…I have to go back? Oh Eddy….” Linda was genuinely alarmed at where her thoughts went. She couldn’t go back to Brad. She just couldn’t. The ball couldn’t be over. Not yet.

“Shush,“ he said pulling the girl comfortingly into his strong arms.
“Don’t even think it. Remember the deal was that he “might” get you back if he was good….and…if you wanted to go back. I take it you aren’t ready to go back to lover boy?”

“God Eddy. I love it here I told you so. I’ll do anything.”

“I know, I know. Ta tell ya the truth I’ve sorta gotten fond of ya myself and if I sent ya packing now I do believe the boys would revolt and throw this old fart into the river in them fabled cement overshoes. Na you ain’t going nowhere. I believe you’ve about made yourself as much the made man as them that took the oath.

“Made men?…Oath?”

“Yeah sweet cakes. I know you don’t know or even need to know much about the business except maybe that you can’t spend money on that plastic I gave ya as fast as it rolls in. Any way a “made man” is a guy whose killed somebody for the mob.”

Looking her in the eyes and seeing that the girl wasn’t shocked by this revelation he continued. When he’s made a guy be may asked to take the oath. It ain’t automatic or noth’n ya still gotta get the invite. So he vows to be part of the family for life, to do everything his superiors want and never divulge, under penalty of death, family secrets. When you’ve done the oath there ain’t no back’en out ya see.

“So” she hesitated, “ are all you’re guys…made men?”

“Oh yeah. All you’re little playmates are certified killers.”

“Oh my…”

“Still want’ a play sweet cakes? This ain‘t just no game.”

“God yes.” For some reason her pussy was tingling again and her eyes were now shining with excitement. Jesus this is the real thing she thought. No wonder Brad is scared of them. “Maybe it’s too late for me to leave anyway.”

“Naw. Not yet. You don’t know jack about the business and I can always just deny this conversation but I guess you need to know what you’re getting into before you go any further. There’s deep shit going on around here and after some point if you learn enough then you’re leaving would, shall we say, be a very difficult proposition.’

He couldn’t have been more surprised by the girls next question.

“Are there any made women? Women who’ve sworn the oath?”

“Jesus girl”….he began to laugh…’you really“… laughing harder, “know how to get to the point…but god-damn.” By now he was rolling on the bed with tears of laugher running down his cheeks.

“Don’t you dare laugh at me god damn you ! Maybe you’re the fucking boss and I’ll be you’re fucking sex toy by you aren’t going to make fun of me. You better get that straight in a hurry.” In her passion she began to pound her small fists on his broad shoulder.

“Hey, hey, calm down. Wait, wait,” he said holding her wrists the her from hurting herself as much as anything. “Let me get under control here.” as his laughter wound down. “I’m not laughing at you. I’m laughing at your fuck’en moxy. Damn gal you’re a tiger. The real thing. So now ya want’ a be a made woman? By god I think you just might be willing at do it.”

“I …I…want. I…I just want a family. To be a part of a family for life. Don’t’ you see?” Now she was bawling, crying on his shoulder. “Don’t you see? If I take the oath of family then I can’t abandon you guys and you guys can’t abandon me. Under penalty of death do us part. Sort of like a marriage but the death part is for real.”

“My god girl you do understand. “ Now real tears had filled his eyes.
“Family is stronger than marriage. There’s no divorcing the family. “We’ll see, we’ll see. Don’t cry. Your not going anywhere anyway.

He continued: Now we goanna think about payday. You’re going to like this. So he told he w hat they were going to do.


That evening Roger, the blond haired body builder who could intimidate superman, took the point, knocked on the door, and was standing there when Brad opened the door. “Hi” was all he said stepping in.

That was all it took to turn Brad a whiter shade of pale. Roger was followed by a box of four guards surrounding Eddy with Linda on his arm.

Brad sincerely looked like he might shit himself as Roger roughly pushed himself into a chair where he sat staring with open mouth.

“What are you staring at Mr. Big Shot?” Eddy asked. “Oh yea.” he noticed, “ the little wife I guess.” Linda was dressed in the micro little black dress with four inch heels sandals. As she and Eddy sat on the couch across from her husband she adjusted her legs letting him see her lack of under pants. That she was braless was already apparent as the tiny dress strained to contain her big lovely tits. If she bent over even just a little it was certain that the law of gravity would take over those golden orbs would indeed flop out.

That her husband was excited was already apparent by the tent pole forming in his pants. Excited and scared at the same time; she was sure of that. Things were shaping up just as planned. Brad was too distracted to notice that Roger had taken up position up behind his chair.

“Ok sport. It’s payday. You got the money? Do you get to live another week or have you fucked up?”

“No man it’s all there. Every bit. In the bag there on the table. I figured you would send somebody around. I know you’re a busy man and like, I didn’t expect you to come in person. You didn’t have to do that man.”

“No, no. Don’t worry about me. We was sort of in the area you know. We wuz going out to show you’re old lady off a little. She’s something else ain‘t she? How do you like these new duds. Sexy huh?” He gently tugged at one of the dress straps which caused the already straining cloth to give up the fight allowing her right breast to fall out. For her part Linda neither complained nor made any move to put it back in. In fact she gazed lovingly at Eddy and smiled while he encouragingly squeezed her hand.

“Wow, man, wow. That’s my wife. You said I’d get her back if I didn’t fuck up. Now there’s the money so let her the fuck go.”

“Now, now, there you go again making demands.” Eddy said while Roger smoothly moved forward and pulled Brad, who had started to rise back, into the chair. They held him there, one hand on his shoulder and the other sticking another 9mm in the guys ear again. “Brad my man, Eddy continued, “ you gotta get control and remember who you are. Actually the deal was she could come back if she wanted to, see. It’s just that over the past week things have changed in ways you don’t know yet. Knowledge is power Bud. Sometimes it’s the power of life or no life.”

Eddie continued: “During the past week you’re little sweetie has grown up. She’s sort of married several of the guys. You know in the biblical sense.

I know. I know. It’s hard to explain. You know to get you’re head around. Especially a shit wipe such as yourself. So she don’t want to come back to a low level doper like you.

Real men will do that to a girl every time. Right sweet heart?” He gently squeezed her exposed breast. Her eyes were bright with excitement. Her guys, they were her guys now as much as Eddy’s, grinning, enjoying the situation, anticipating the next act.

With a motion from his free hand a couple of those guys grabbed Brad hauling him off the chair and handcuffing his hands behind his back. “Linda thought a little demonstration would be in order. You see and the guys just couldn’t bring themselves to deny her since she’s been so nice to them.”

Tape was slapped on Brads mouth. A knife appeared from nowhere and his clothes were quickly cut off. He was shoved naked back into the chair with Roger once again holding him in place and the gun back in his ear.

“Remember Bud you set this in motion last week so you got no room to complain.”

With that Linda stood up on cue and dropped the little dress to the floor leaving her naked except for the fuck-me sandals. Slowly she walked to her husband bent over, rubbing her tits in his gagged face and began to tweak his penis. He was scared but biology began to take over and he responded. His penis grew hard under her expert hand.

“Poor Brad,” she pouted “he gets to watch but he can’t play. Not even with himself. Too bad. Bet you didn’t think of this when you were so freely giving me away last Friday.”

With that she smoothly moved from man to man, kissing each allowing him to feel her nude body however he choose as she helped him undress. She was no longer the shy little house wife who was afraid to look anywhere but the floor. Each man in turn knew that he was special, very special to the girl. She was proud of her sex appeal. These men, her new family, her collective husbands, desired her, wanted her, needed her and she in turn needed them.

Eddy, as was his right as the boss, took her first. She returned to him still on the couch got on her knees and began to suck him hard. When he was ready he stood up and bent her over. The girl eagerly presented her ass as her lover slammed his cock home. With a gasp she begin to hump back and encourage the older man to fuck her wet cunt. Eddy gladly obliged and slapped her ass playfully while the other guys stood around and slowly jerked off watching.

In the meantime Linda reached back and fingered her clit for all she was worth and came almost at once. Eddy had begun to buck and when he was almost there, to show his mastery, he quickly pulled out jerked the girl around and finished off shooting his cum into her face and eager mouth. She laughed for joy at the wonderful surprise and she defiantly stared at her bound husband as she made a show of licking and swallowing the cum on her lips.

Then the orgy was on. Brad struggled without relief as Linda was moved on to missionary on the couch with one guy fucking her cunt and another fucking her mouth as if it were a second cunt. She was led from position and the apartment was filled the cloying smell of sex as orgasm after orgasm overtook excited the participants.

Linda was pussy fucked, then ass fucked doggy style. She was DP’ed and switched sucked two guys at the same time to boot. She rode on top, on the bottom, and with her legs bent all the way over her head to the floor, the most exposed position at all. She didn’t care. The more exposed the better. Upside down Tommy tongue cleaned her greedy, spread, pussy as Roger finally broke his anal cherry and got to force her previously opened ass just a even farther.

“Do it. Do it. Rip that ass Roger. I don’t care shove that big thing in there. I want you’re fucking ass cherry now. God yes….“ she screamed as her poor abused butt hole stretched farther and farther.

It was an awesome performance. Like a metronome Tommy didn’t miss a fucking beat stimulating the girl’s flooding cunt replacing pain with pleasure as her rear was forced open almost to breaking. Further and further her ass stretched as Roger went deeper and deeper. The girl was hysterical with pleasure. So much so that Tommy finally came up for air announcing that the broad had actually pissed in his mouth. He wasn’t complaining though and it sent everyone to cheering and into fits of laughter. Finally the deed was done. The huge cock was in all the way.

“Pull out man and show us her hole.” somebody suggested.

Roger pulled demonstrating her open sewer.

“Wow, what a hole, look at the size of that thing. I could stick my fist right in there.”

Linda didn’t mind the lewd comments. She welcomed them. Right then a fist in her ass sounded ok to her. Roger quickly pulled her up on all fours and re-entered before her ass had time to tighten up again and proceeded to give it a proper pounding, filling her grossly stretched anus to overflowing with his ass virginal cum to chorus of hoots and cheers.

The girl collapsed to the carpet when he finally pulled his bull-dick out of her ass. She would have trouble shitting for a week or more and was sure she would enjoy it every time she tried. The pain would remind her of this ultimately amazing experience.

Then Eddy’s loving arm encircled her and whispering in her ear he asked if she was alright.

“Sure,” she said. Just….just a little tired.”

“We got one more thing to try. You up for one more scene before we put you’re worthless husband to use.”

She had completely forgotten about Brad tied up there in the chair forced to watch her perform every known sex act and not even allowed to touch himself. The thought brought her out of her stupor.
The tiger was back and it grinned wickedly at her very uncomfortable ex-husband. Yep, she thought, he’s and ex that’s for damned sure. Well then this is a divorce party I guess. Happy divorce ass hole.

“Ok,“ she whispered back to her lover. Whatever you guys want but I probably too tired to participate much. You gotta bring the horsepower. She slid into the DP position between two of the guys who had sat out long enough to recover.

Everybody else’s gun was empty. Out of ammo. The position confused her a little though because they had already done the DP thing. She didn’t care if they want butt and cunt again and god knew her ass was plenty big enough. They said this was going to be new though.

Then the guy on the bottom slid into her gaping pussy. Hey wrong hole, guy on bottom does ass, her groggy mind said. Then something amazing happened. The second cock began pushing into her vagina from the front. Wow, she thought, now that’s weird. Then her beautiful blue eyes popped wide open as the second cock slid in beside it’s brother. “My god their both in my pussy. I’ve got two cocks in my pussy. Oh my I don’t believe it.” The other guys knew what was coming so they laughed and clapped.

She had never been so full. Sure she could feel both cocks sliding back and forth between the thin membrane between ass and cunt when two guys doing the usual DP. But now two loving cocks were in the pussy at the same time. She didn’t know whether to cum or pee or both. The former little house wife found tears of joy streaming down her face as her new friends used her most intimate hole in this strangely intimate way.

She loved them so much and just knew they loved her to. She was in the family. Of course that sort of made her a sister and them brothers, a stray thought crossed her mind, but so what. Linda quickly decided that she would have fucked her brothers any day if made her feel this good.

This time the guys wound up and unloaded the last of their cum, emptying their mighty balls into her waiting cunt. She was too tired to cum again herself but it still felt good. To the confused girl it wasn’t gang rape. It was a warm and loving act. Once again she was covered in cum and still more leaked out of all her openings. She wouldn’t have had it any other way.

“Now for Mr. Big Shot gets to show his stuff,” announced the boss. You uncomfortable over there big guy. Maybe got the blue balls a little Hu?”

Brad tried to say something behind the duct tape but it came out a mumble.

“You guys think maybe Brad’s uncomfortable.” The all said yes at the same time. “So lets help him out a little.“

Eddie continued: What’s going to happen is were goanna pull the tape off and if you do exactly right we’ll take off the cuffs and let you jerk off. If not, then you’ll have to figure out how to get out of the cuffs yourself. When Roger takes off the tape not a word you hear?

Brad nodded. Remember the gun Mr. Big Shot. Oh and if you’re really obedient you get next weeks supply too. You ready?” Another nod. The tape was painfully jerked off causing a gasp but otherwise Brad sat quietly.

“Good boy. That’s the first test. Now were goanna take off the ropes and you’re goanna come over here to Linda. Linda was lying exhausted on the floor but her eyes were open and bright with anticipation of the coming justice.

Brad was untied and still in handcuffs was led over to the girls prostrate body. Linda raised her knees and invitingly displayed her open slit for the last time to the creep who had once been her husband. Poor sucker probably thinks he gets to fuck me she thought sarcastically.

Brad was pushed to his knees before the excited waiting girl. “Now you’re goanna clean her up?”

“What!?” What the fuck are you talking about?” his overloaded mind refused to accept where this was going.

“Brad,” Linda spoke, “they mean you are going to lick me clean. You’re going to suck all their cum out of all my holes and lick all their cum off me all over.”

“I…I can’t,” he stammered. “I can’t do that.” he gagged just thinking about it.

“Well Brad isn’t that exactly what I said last week when you held a gun on me and pushed me out the door to do the same thing. Kinda funny isn’t it. What goes round comes round or is that cums round. “ She laughed.

“ I can’t.” he whimpered. “please Linda no. I’ll get off the dope. I’ll do anything you want.”

“Brad don’t beg it’s pitiful. Now you better think this through. We’re talking serious last chance. You humiliated me, now…well.

Brad gasped and tried to jerk away as he was shoved forward on his hands and knees and a strong hand grasped his up turned ball sack. Brad’s body jerked around enough to see that the guy holding his balls in one hand (Roger) was holding what looked like a very sharp knife in the other. “As they say in Texas, ‘now it get’s down to nutt’en time. You gotta shit or get off the pot. You’re choice.”

After he pissed himself to the enjoyment of everyone. He did it. They pushed his head between Linda’s legs as her fingers held her pussy open to give him complete access. He licked and sucked and gagged until she was satisfied. Then his mouth was pushed into her stretched ass hole for a complete vacuuming. They made him lick the girl all over even her feet and toes.

“I don’t want the fucker tongue in my mouth.” she decided. “Besides a girl wants to keep some for herself yah know.“ She giggled.

Finally it was over. Brad no longer had a hard-on so when they took off the cuffs he just made a bee line for the bath where wrenching sounds were quickly heard.

Linda was turned on again. Not by the licking which was in a way disgusting but by the feelings of power she experienced. If she hadn’t been so tired she was sure she would have cum when Brad saw that he was one stupid move away from loosing his nuts. She knew Roger would have done it too.

Linda scooped up her tiny dress and slipped it’s nominal cover on. They dropped another kilo on the table and left.

Linda never saw Brad again. A collector came round the next week and found the dope still on the table untouched. A few clothes were gone but otherwise Brad was no where to be found.

The uncontested divorce became final a month later thanks to some expensive legal work. Linda came by and picked up a few personal items and donated the rest. She already had much nicer stuff than she was leaving behind.

They voted to make her an honorary “made women” for her courage in confronting Brad when the knife came out. She had never flinched. They knew she would have used it herself if push had come to shove.

Linda had proven herself. She was family. She began learning the accounting process. Learning to move money around to avoid the IRS and make the maximum return. It was the most sensitive and trustworthy part of the operation. She could take everyone down with one phone call. They trusted her and rightly so. She was family.

But she wasn’t really “made,” she mused. Not really; it was like an honorary PhD. Nice to have but not the real thing. Someday. Just maybe someday…..she dreamed. ;guns

Thanks for the read. I hope you enjoyed it. I liked writing this one. Comments and suggestions are always encouraged.

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Deputy Duffy
02-17-2007, 09:16 PM
Good story telling. Nice use of dialog to drive the story along. I like how you made Brad a bad guy so we had someone to root against. As Far as the woman in the story goes, I thought she changed a little to quick. Would have seen her slowly change but that’s just me.

I liked the ending.

Thanks for posting it and look forward to more.

02-18-2007, 12:53 PM
Thanks for sharing that with us

02-18-2007, 02:04 PM
Yes I guess the transition was a little quick Duffy. I started out thinking of Stockholm Symptom then it sort of got away from me. I thought about it later but didn't want to re-write the whole thing. Thanks for the comment.