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Mike sat at his desk looking out of his office at Tamzin as she bent across her desk to connect the new printer, her skirt had ridden up and her panties were showing. Mike felt his erection grow and just allowed his mind to wander, he could just see her now, strapped down across a trestle, tied hand and foot, her sex lips pouting from between her legs, a mass of "stripes" across her bottom cheeks, her head cranned around looking back at him, pleading, tears running down her face. From far away he heard his name, Mike, Mike are you ok? Mike awoke from his fantasy to see the object of his desires in front of him. "Oh- Oh so sorry I was miles away" he said. "Yes, I could see that " said Tamzin, "where were you"?

Mike looked at Tamzin, "Well to tell the truth, I was just thinkin how good you would look bent over a trestle naked and gettin your arse seen too", he leered. Tamzin blushed crimson with shock, "you dirty bastard pervert- you need lockin up" she breathed in deeply and turned and walked out.

Tamzin was realy upset as she headed back to her desk, how could he know, she thought, she had never told anyone her fantasy. All afternoon Tamzin kept thinking about what Mike had said, she had often seen him looking at her, had she given herself away somehow ?, she had been carefull not to show her feelings yet he had known, and all the time her "juices" had been on overdrive, her panties were soaked, "god she wanted him" but what should she do ? if anything. Tamzin could feel his eyes boring into her, eventualy, unable to stand it anymore, her feelings on overload she burst into his office.

Mike hoped to hell he hadn`t gone to far, the last thing he wanted was an accusation of sexual harassment, but she hadn`t done anything more than swear at him and now she was at her desk trying with all her might to demolish her keyboard and seeming extremely agitated

He saw her get up and the next thing he knew she was bursting through his door. Tamzin stood before him, she was shaking like a leaf, "For God sake I have wanted this for so long if you dont do it now Ill hate you for the rest of your life, please, tie me up and take me away from here, now goddammit".

Mike hesitated for just one second, he didn`t understand what brought this on but what the hell he`d go along with it. The rope he had kept in the boot of his car ( in case of emergencies) turned out to be perfect, as he bound her wrists and pushed her into the boot face down he effectivly completed by hogtying her. As he closed the boot lid he could see that she was very wet between her legs and seemed to be enjoying her bondage.

Mike drove out of town heading for his parents old place (now derelict) but perfect for what he had in mind, as he drove he thought about what he was going to do, of course he intended to fuck her and punish her but how would she feel about his other plans , after all he couldn`t imagine that she would agree to them, what woman would?

How would she feel about being "ringed", he didn`t think that she probably knew what it meant, but the thought of her being tied down with her legs spread and her outer labia having quarter inch diameter holes punched out of them and stainless rings fitted and then locked together with a padlock, wow, he didn`t think she would be to keen, and then of course when eventually her training had been completed, how would she handle being tied down across a punishment "horse" and her thigh branded with her knew owners mark. Mike almost lost control, christ he was going to enjoy himself, as he pulled into the yard of his parents old farmhouse and came to a halt he knew he had "arrived", from now on he would call the shots.

To be continued ;;;;;;


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Very good start...yes please continue....

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Good stuff...thanks!

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Yes.i'm Looking Forward To The Next Chapter.i Got To The End.and What.no More.sigh.

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Very impressive beginning. Please continue.

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yes, don't stop there.

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Whisky, the name Tazim is very unsual. I'm wondering where it came from. Their off to a great start. Don't stop now. We're just getting warmed up out here. Sounds like our Tazim is in for the time of her life.

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Hi Whisky

I see promise in this story. I guess a forum like this is a good place to do this piece by piece posting until the story is complete. Just hope there is more because you left us in confusion. Many questions yet to be answered.

Well, there seems to be a good response here. Is part 2 coming? Is part two written?

Need any assistance feel free to ask me.


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where is chapter 2?

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Hi Chattel...great to see you back again.....:)

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Tamsin had been rolling around in the boot of the car as it jolted and swerved along the road, she hadn`t bargained on being tied this tight or even thought that he would "hogtie" her, christ, there was no need, aftyer all she did invite him to take her, and my god he was taking her a long way, what was he playing at all she wanted was a good screw with a little bit of fantasy thrown in. The thought that he might actually have meant what he said about tying her down and thrashing her bottom hadn`t quite occured to her yet.

Mike pulled up and jumped out of the car, before he let her out he needed to make some preparations and headed into the old homestead. Once inside he went straight to the old cellar door and threw it open, grabbed an old broom and started sweeping his way into the old cellar, not I hasten to add, that Mike was particularly house proud but he had to make sure that no uninvited guests had made their home there, like spiders or snakes. Having satisfied himself that all was clear he pulled out the into the centre of the floor the original trestle that he had built just for this purpose some years before, checked the leather cuffs were still usable and went out to get Tamsin.
Boy was she in for a shock.

Tamsin lay still, heart pounding, legs squirming in anticipation, she waited and waited and started to get irritable, where the hell is he, whats he playing at, how dare he leave me here like this, she thought, then the boot clicked open and he stood there looking down at her, smiling.

Mike bent down and untied her hands from her feet, leaving her feet and hands securely tied, lifted her across his shoulders and carried her in. "Its about time, why did you leave me in there like that?"
"All will be revealed " Mike said, and continued through to the cellar.

When Tamsin saw the trestle and the cuffs attached she knew she had made a mistake. "No for gods sake you cant mean it surely, your`e not really goin to beat me are yu", her voice rising an octave every word?"
Mike didn`t answer, just pushed her forward over the trestle and fastened a wide leather belt across her waist. Tamsin screached her protest. "No oooo, goddamit I didn`t mean this, you cant do this, all I wanted was little fantasy fun, fuck me by all means but not this". Tamsin struggled and kicked and tried to undo the leather buckle on her back, but then Mike grabbed her wrists and untied them, pulling first one hand then the other to their respective cuffs situated on the forward legs of the trestle.
Tamsin screamed to the fullest extent of her lungs, fear surfacing in her voice, "for gods sake let me go, Im not into this, I dont l;ike it".

Mike took no notice but instead started undoing her clothes, tearing them when he couldnt undo them, eventually he came to her panties and hooked his thumbs into the waist band and slid them down. Tamsin shook with fear, tears rolled down her face. Now she was naked and cuffed hand and foot, her legs wide spread and totally helpless, no one knew where she was, no one had seen her leave., as she cranned her head around to see where her captor was her eyes widened in disbelief as she saw him holding a gnarled and wicked looking bamboo cane.
Oh my god no,oo.

Tamsin watched as it descended seemingly in slow motion, swiish thwap,the cane bit deep into her beautifully rounded young buttocks and bounced out again. Tamsin heard the impact a split second before she felt a line of fire explode across her bottom cheeks. Her shriek would have woken the dead but there was no one else to hear. Tamsin strained every muscle to get free. Swish thwap, and another line of pure agony implanted itself across her globes, Tamsin pulled and humped and squirmed every which way but could do nothing to prevent her suffering, swish thwap,swish thwapp, swish thwap in quick succession had Tamsin begging for it to stop, her wrists and ankles roar with chaffing, her voice almost hourse with screaming.

"Poor Tamsin" Mike thought, this was just the start, what would she think when the others arrived, he couldnt wait to see her reactions to what they had in mind for her, if she found this difficult then how would she handle her "ringing and branding", even as he thought it he could just smell her flesh as she received the brand, and then of course there was phsychological effect of being "collared", the look on her face, the fear in her eyes.


To be continued................

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Great chapter...thanks Whisky