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Since my motherís divorce things had been rocky between my mother and me. The whole breakup had been an emotional mess. My Mom and Dad had seemed so good together, he the working Dad and she the stay at home Mom. That is until Mom got a job a few months earlier. True my brother and I were old enough to take care of ourselves but it was weird to come home to an empty house. Mom took me on vacation with my Auntís kids to Florida for a week in the sun and we returned to a battleground of shouted insults ending in Dad storming out of the house and Mom crying. Dad moved out of the house soon thereafter, filing for divorce and putting the house up for sale. Mom started looking for an apartment. My brother and I were kept out of the loop until we arrived at the Child Custody hearing. The court wanted us to decide with whom we wanted to live. To my brother it was a no brainer, he chose Dad. They had always done everything together and it was just the natural choice. My Mom was heartbroken and I had a hard time believing she was the slut my Dad and brother made her out to be. I loved both my parents but chose to stay with my Mom.
When the moving day finally came my Aunt arrived to supervise the move. She had hired a truck and a couple of burley guys to do the moving. She supervised the removal of the furniture from the house while Mom directed where it was to be placed in our new apartment. My aunt even stayed the weekend to help unpack and ease Momís transition. My aunt and Mom had always been close, like sisters, even though they were only cousins. The rest of the family seemed to disappear after the divorce started. Mom hadnít heard from her mother, her sister or either of her brothers. They remained oddly silent at a time when Mom could have used the emotional support. I wouldnít understand until months later why. The first few months in the apartment were hard. Mom cried, a lot. Then one weekend we went to stay at my Auntís and when we came home Mom positively radiated happiness. She busied herself cooking, cleaning, and even making my breakfast before I left for school in the morning. Her mood diminished a bit as the weeks passed but overall things got better. Time passed quickly and my weekend to visit my Dad arrived and Mom told me she would visit my aunt that weekend. Why not, I wasnít going to be around was my thought on the matter. When she picked me up Sunday she absolutely beamed. Weird, eh? Old people are like that. On the drive back to the apartment she struck up a conversation about dating. She asked what I thought about it and I told her I had gone out on a few dates but hadnít particularly cared for it. The date always started out good but inevitably ended in a wrestling match. Mom had listened carefully than smiled and said, ďNo, silly. What do you think about me dating?Ē Truthfully I had never given it any thought; after all she was my mother. I thought about it for several minutes and told her it would be ok, although for the life of me I couldnít imagine who would be interested.
Friday night came and Mom did her hair and nails, put on make up and a dress that made her look not half-bad. She kissed me goodbye and was out the door. It was kind of nice having the place all to myself. I got out the chips and some pop and settled down to watch some TV. I figured it wouldnít be long before and she would be back. I was awakened by sound of a key rattling in the door at about two-thirty in the morning and opened the door to find my Mom struggling to unlock the door. She seemed a little tipsy so I helped her to her room and sat her on the bed. She immediately slumped over and I realized I would have to undress her. I pulled her back to a sitting position and began to undress her to put her to bed. The whole time she kept jabbering on about, did I think she was pretty? Arenít boyís nice? As I removed her bra she cupped her breasts and asked if I thought she had nice breasts? When I pulled her dress off I was surprised to find she had no underwear on and was wearing a garter belt to hold up her nylons. She had even shaved her bush in the shape of a heart and had the tattoo of half a mouse running up her ass. As I pulled her nightgown over her head she grabbed me and with a sober gaze stared me in the eye and said, ďYou are my treasure!Ē and fell over into a deep sleep. I sat by the bed for a long time watching her chest rise and fall with her breathing. Occasionally she would mutter in her sleep, ďWhy doesnít anyone like me?Ē For the first time I realized how desperately lonely my mother the woman was.
Mom started going out more frequently and coming home later. It wasnít long before I stopped staying up. Thatís when she started bringing home guys. The headboards of our beds abutted the same wall so I could hear them whispering and giggling in the next room. The creaking bedsprings, loud breathing and banging of her headboard against the wall gave testament to what Dad had said. Mom had always made a big deal out of, ďSave it for the right guy.Ē Yeah, like she was. This went on for a few months when she started seeing just this one guy. Donít know what she saw in him, he was less than half her age and dressed shabbily. He wore low cut jeans and shirts with the arms cut off to expose his tattooed arms. A chain hung from a pant loop and extended to his wallet. He rode a motorcycle and stank of stale beer and cigarettes. He started spending more time at our place and it made me uncomfortable as he was always pawing at Mom, grabbing her and kissing her. But he made Mom happy she was always laughing and giggling. Their sex was quite loud and active. My bed rocked from Momís headboard banging against my wall and Momís moans were so loud I swore she was in the room with me. I soon found my annoyance had turned to curiosity as it sounded as if Mom was having a very good time. It made me uncomfortable. I found it got unbearably hot in my room and would wake in the morning to a sweat soaked bed.
After one rather noisy night I awoke to find Momís purse and keys were gone and she had forgotten to wake me before leaving, so I missed my bus. I decided to make the best of things and went back to my room to undress and than into the bathroom to shower. The warm water felt good as it trickled over my naked form. My breasts ached and I massaged them as I lathered up. I felt that odd annoying itch in my crotch increase as I rubbed my hands over my body. I decided to rub the area of the annoying itch and found the more I rubbed it the more I wanted to. The ache in my breasts increased as a knot began to take form in my belly. I looked down at my breasts to see the nipples fiercely jutting out and the red area that surrounded it was growing larger. It was getting difficult to breath as a tiny bead I had not noticed before grew under my fingers attention. I rubbed it and a shudder ran through my body drawing a groan from my lips. Whatever was happening it felt wonderful and was connected to rubbing the bead nestled between the petals of my crotch. As my finger moved faster and faster I had the urge to lick my own breast and cupped it with my free hand and bent my head to suckle it drawing an even louder groan from deep within me. My hips and legs seemed to have developed a mind their own and began to sway in rhythm to my fingerís strokes. I had to place my free hand against the wall to steady myself. I found I was now gasping for air and groaning loudly as my hand became a blur of motion. The knot in my stomach became a fist and every muscle in body had tensed so much I thought I would faint. Thatís when it happened the fist exploded and I yelped in sheer joy as every fiber of my body exploded. This feeling was fabulous and I found I my eyes had lost their focus and I was losing my balance when strong arms embraced me from behind to hold me erect. I felt the naked skin of a manís chest press against my back as his strong arms encircled me and his hand closed over mine. I looked over my shoulder to see Momís boyfriend standing behind me, his arms had encircled me one cupped my breast as the other took up the rubbing motions I had just ceased. He was already attaining the speed of motion I had just stopped and my body eagerly responded to his attentions. ďLet me help you with that,Ē he said with a smile. My mind told me I should scream, tell him to leave but that maddening knot in my stomach had already reformed and my vagina demanded he continue. I bent my head back to kiss him as his fingers pinched my taut nipple and his hand cupped my yearning breast, God help me I kissed him. I could feel his chest hair on my back and pubic hair on my butt and something else. It seemed to tap against my butt at first, than later further down my thigh. I now needed both hands on the wall to steady me.
Thatís when he turned me around and kissed me full on the lips. My arms encircled his neck and I drew him close, his hands cupped my ass as our bodies pressed tightly together and for the first time I felt my naked breasts press against a manís chest and his pubic hair intertwine with mine. It was positively electric. My leg seemed to have developed a mind of its own as it wrapped around his and lifted to expose my vagina to his throbbing cock. I felt something hard tap against the length of my pussy and realized this was not his hand. Donít get me wrong I had seen my fatherís and my brotherís penis before but this was something entirely different, longer? I still hadnít seen it. All I knew was that my crotch ached for attention. I reached between us and grabbed what seemed like an endless pole and rubbed its head against the entrance to my body. As I did this I felt his knees bend slightly and his hips arch back and the head of his penis wedged itself inside me. There was not a single momentís hesitation at the thought of impaling myself on this beast. I knew only that my body cavity craved filling. Anchoring my arms around his neck I hopped up encircling my legs around his waist and driving his shaft further into my body. For a moment it seemed to pause, as if obstructed and with a pop lunged its entire length into my body stealing my breath away. The feeling was indescribable but wonderful. Beside the heat, taut muscles and overwhelming desire to rub that button between my legs along the length of his shaft a new feeling was emerging. His cock in my cervical tunnel created new feelings and sensations. I could feel the shaft of his cock inside me and I found that if I relaxed and tightened my legs I could cause it to withdraw than plunge more deeply into me. Each stroke I felt his shaft rub along the bead between my legs sending jolts of pleasure through my body and a desire for more. His shaft seemed endless as I rocked against him to drive it further into me till I felt his pubic bone bounce against my own. By now the annoying knot in my stomach had become a double-balled fist. I was bouncing frenziedly on his cock feeling his ball sack slap my ass and thighs. Thatís when I felt the head of his already large cock swell to twice its size deep within my body and begin to throb. Wave after wave of something pounded against the back of my uterus spilling out of my hole and down my legs. My mind exploded in one massive shuddering spasm as my body went limp in his arms and he scooped me up in his strong arms to carry me to living room and sat in chair holding me, my arms locked around his neck. I opened my eyes to see his smiling face staring down at me. I smiled back and we kissed. I wished this moment could go on forever.

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