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Richard had surprisingly avoided every pitfall I had placed in the path before him in securing a relationship with me and he still persevered. I had never known any male in my life before who was so persistent. He walked away from his ex when he had the opportunity not too. It was already late in the spring and my cash supply would run out by summer. Than I would have nowhere to go. Pat had moved into a small mobile home, Candy and Jerry were on the west coast; Dave was finishing his Masterís in Business. Sherry had married and popped out a couple kids. Jimmy was in the middle of a messy divorce and had child support payments, as well as alimony. Uncle Gene had moved to Las Vegas and my Dad was a handful for his new wife to handle. I needed to start making plans about the next step in my life and top of the list was a place to stay. Richard wanted to take it to the next level. He wanted to take me home with to meet his parents.
Richard wasnít what you would call attractive. He was fat (shoot he was obese). His dress was conservative (he hadnít owned a pair of jeans until I met him) dark slacks and button down shirts. He had jet-black hair and a swarthy complexion with eyes that changed color from brown to hazel to green. His expression was one of focused attention. He had a ready smile that lit up his face on rare occasion. When he spoke his voice and mannerisms were almost hypnotic, his sincerity about his beliefs unquestionable. He wasnít the smartest man I ever met. Hell, he wasnít even a good fuck but when he spoke to me while staring so intently into my eyes he made me feel as if I was the only person in the room. As far as his feelings for me I had no doubt of their sincerity. Try as I might I could not convince him I did not feel the same way. He would always respond that one day I would and I eventually gave up on trying to convince him otherwise. Hell, he never once set down any rules to the relationship and seemed not to notice when I fucked someone else. I could live my life as I wanted and heíd always be there, in the background to help and encourage me. What the hell? Why not? Richard was elated when I told him and he immediately called his parents to inform them he was bringing a girl home to meet them. We arrived late Friday evening so both his parents were in bed. He insisted I take his room and he would sleep on the couch in the basement. The long drive had really worn the two of us out so we both retired and quickly fell asleep.
Richard had neglected to tell me his Dad was an early riser, so imagine what happened early the next morning when the door to the room I was slumbering in slammed open and his Dad barked, ďGet your Ass out of bed mister your burning daylight!Ē I sat bolt upright in the bed and screamed. Richard rushed from his basement bed up the stairs to find his Dad sitting at the kitchen table, his face buried in his hands to hide his embarrassment. Richard saw me standing in the doorway to the kitchen pulling on my robe. He patted his Dad on the back and wrapped his arms around him saying with a smile, ďIíd introduce you to Debbie but I hear you two already met.Ē
With that, the house was up and his Dad started his morning chore of making coffee and preparing breakfast for his wife who was getting dressed to go to work at a nearby hospital. The tar he brewed and passed off, as coffee was the strongest I had ever tasted but his wife loved it. His Mom and I hit it off right away, she was strong willed, determined and one hundred per cent protective of her son. She had lost both her breasts to cancer a couple years earlier and it hadnít slowed her a bit. She told me point blank she hadnít cared for the previous two girls he had brought home (she likened them to stray cats) but liked me. I could see Richard was clearly relieved and that I had unwittingly passed a major hurdle in our relationship. Richard explained we were in the early stages of a relationship and that he had hopes it would develop into so much more. He further explained I had no real place to go and asked if they would agree to allow me to spend the summer with them. There was no pause in the discussion his parents insisted I accept their hospitality. Richardís Mom knew some people at the hospital and offered to get me a job working there. True to her word I was hired that afternoon. Richard didnít fare as well and it took him nearly a week to land a job. Richardís Dad, who had retired early, kept busy with odd jobs and community service projects. The weeks passed quickly and all to soon it was fall and time for Richard to return to school. Richardís parents insisted I stay with them when they discovered I was not returning to school.
The house was quiet without Richard around. His Mom worked days and I worked midnights so the only person I interacted with was his father. We seemed to bump into each other a lot in the hallway between the bedrooms as I emerged from the bathroom after taking my morning shower before lying down to try to get some sleep before returning to work again that night. I got the uncomfortable feeling these ďaccidental meetingsĒ were intentional. He seemed to rise later and later each day as he was still in his robe when these accidents happened. Each time it happened we bumped a little harder and a little longer his eyes leering down at my chest with a look I was all to familiar with. Until one morning as I emerged from the bathroom and he from his bed room as we brushed by one another I felt a tug at the sash of my robe and itís fold fell open revealing a bare breast to his lecherous gaze. He stood staring and fed up I pulled my robe open asking, ďIs this what you want? Take a good look!Ē To my surprise he didnít turn away, without a momentís hesitation he dropped his robe from his shoulders and stepped forward bending to grasp my leg behind the right knee raising and spreading my leg as I sank against the wall behind me driving his rigid cock into my damp pussy with uncanny precision. For a small man he was quite strong, using his hip thrusts to wedge his dick into my moistening pussy bouncing me off the wall behind me. This little old man was turning me on as my passion grew with every thrust. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and whimpered, ďYouíre fucking me so hard!Ē my voice cracking with each thrust of his hips. He was neither kind nor gentle just very matter of fact. Each thrust was long, hard and arousing. I arched my back against the wall to grasp his head with my hands pulling his lips to my upraised chest to roughly suckle my now distended nipples. His manner was course and rough of a style women expected decades earlier. I tried to kiss him but he was having none of it. Eventually his thrusts slowed and stopped, he stepped back revealing his still turgid tool glistening with my vaginal lubricants, I could see his eyes still glowed with lust as we both paused to catch our breath between rasping gasps. I was glad for the wallís support as I leaned against it my legs trembling; we stared at each otherís sweat drenched bodies. I finally caught my breath and pushed away from the wall only to have my robe fall to the floor in a disheveled heap around my feet. I turned my back to him and bent to pick up my robe. I felt his hands grasp my ass cheeks spreading them, fearing he might drive his cock in my ass I spread my legs and bent further to tilt my pussy up to receive his cock. I fell forward planting my palms on the floor to steady my self as he thrust his cock back into my all to willing pussy. His hands grasped my hips pulling my body into each thrust he made. Years of pent up lust were expended in that hour and by the time he came we were both exhausted. I collapsed on my bed and blissfully slept the day away. We never needed to speak again of it, he had a need and I would fulfill it again and again in the years to come.

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