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Black Hole of Seduction
by Wife Watcher (wifwat@excite.com) ;drool

Beth was pissed off at me again. I wasn't even sure why
but it was obvious I was in the wrong. I suggested we
go for a drink thinking that may cheer her up a little.
She agreed to go but said she was fed up with the local
places and wanted to try somewhere different.

After driving around for some time and we still hadn't
found anywhere that she thought was interesting. She
suddenly shouted 'There!' And pointed to a flashing
sign that said 'Black Cat.' I wasn't sure quite where
we where but the area looked decidedly run down.

'Lets go in there!'

'Are you sure Dear?'

'As soon as I make a suggestion you give me an

'OK! OK! If this is where you want to go.'

Before I had finished the sentence she was getting out
of the car. I locked the car and followed her in to the
place. It looked just as shabby inside as it did
outside. Well from what I could see of it, it was very
dimly lit. I suppose that helped hide the tatty decor.

We had a couple of drinks at the bar then found a
booth. By her fourth drink Beth was getting quite merry
wanting to dance and another drink, both at the same

I left her dancing by herself whilst I got the drinks.
The place was filling up a bit now so I had to wait a
while at the bar. All the while I was watching her
swaying to the music. I wasn't the only one watching
her, lots of guys in the place couldn't take their eyes
of her. Her very short skirt seemed even shorter out
there all alone on the dance floor.

With swaying and twirling, she was moving gradually
around the floor till she was by a wide opening to
another room that didn't appear to have any lights on.

Two guys started dancing, well not 'with her' but by
her and facing her as though they were hoping to get
her attention. But as the guys were dancing, they were
moving toward her and this automatically made her dance
backwards and into the darkened room.

As the three of them went out of sight, suddenly a half
dozen other guys followed in. Not straight in as if the
were going to join them but casually, keeping to the

I gave up waiting for drinks and followed along after
them. I wanted to see what was happening. As I entered
the room, I could see that the walls and ceiling were
painted black. But that was about all I could see. I
was like a Black Hole, a glow of light may have been
coming from the bar area but it was being swallowed up
by the black walls. I couldn't see a thing.

'Here you'll need these!' a voice said out of the
darkness as he handed me a pair of glasses. Wow! When I
put them on it was like daylight. Everything had a
greenish glow but I could see everything clearly. The
men were standing around playing with their cocks and
all watching my wife who was now dancing and kissing
one of the guys. The second guy came up behind her and
raised her skirt and eased her panties down.

Either she didn't realise what was happening to her in
her drunken state or just didn't care. The guy pulled
out his cock and started rubbing it against her bottom,
gradually easing it in between her legs. Slowly he
pulled her hips toward him so that he could angle his
cock so as get it up inside my wife's pussy.

I wanted to rush over and stop this but I just stood
staring the same as all the other guys in the room,
enjoying the sex show. It then dawned on me that I also
had my cock out was wanking away the same as the rest
of them. I almost came as I heard Beth moan. It must
have seemed all so intimate and discrete to her being
in total darkness, secretive even. Her not realising
she was putting on a sex show.

Hearing the guy groan as he was shooting his cum into
my Beth, I came as well. It was all just too exciting
to take.

'No good doing that!' a man said next to me. 'You
shoulda saved it for your turn to fuck the slut.'

Hearing that and seeing the guy withdraw his now
shrinking cock from Beth and one of the watchers took
his place. His cock disappeared right up Beth's
dripping, sperm filled cunt. It hit me then that she
was going to get gang fucked. With that my cock was
rigid again.

The guy she had been dancing with was quite content
keeping her occupied, kissing her, fondling her
breasts. I don't know whether she realised it was lots
of different cocks fucking her or maybe in her lust and
drink crazed mind she thought it was still just the one

I was the last one to get to fuck her. What a wonderful
sensation that was, I had never felt anything like it.
Sinking my cock into her delicious cunt, all dripping
with cum.

I say I was last but the guy kissing her still hadn't
had a turn. I asked him if he wanted to fuck her. He
said that he was taking her to some black friends of
his to whom he owed a favour. They had invited him to
their Gang Bang so he was going to give Beth to them to
use as a thank you. And that is when he would fuck her.

I couldn't begin to describe the state she was in when
she arrived back home the next day. She does however
want to do it again but with not quite so many men the
next time. As for me, I don't care how many use her,
just so long as I can watch and join in.

Part 2

Beth had been awakened. Her first experience of being
Gang Banged had opened up a whole new side to her
personality. She talked incessantly about Gang Bangs
especially when in bed. She had me describing what I
saw and how I felt.

Did I enjoy watching? Did it turn me on? How did I feel
letting a stranger take her away to be Gang Banged? I
assured her that everything I had seen turned me on.
And her being taken away to be used by an unknown
number of black men was the most thrilling thing ever,
even more exciting than watching the men fucking her.

'Oh I am so very pleased you feel that way. Because I
loved it happening to me and it would be dreadful if
you didn't like it and got jealous.' She was like a
little girl on Christmas morning.

She told me every minute detail of the gang banging she
got from the black men.

But, and this bit surprised me, she said that although
it had been wonderful being kept in a state of
perpetual orgasm as cock after cock used her and filled
her with cum, she didn't want to do it again. She
wanted to be used and Gang Banged but not just to go
and say 'Here I am start fucking away!'

What she wanted was the slow seduction and coaxing she
got at the Blacked-out room. That had really got her
warmed up. The men not sure she would play along,
coaxing, caressing her. Trying to manipulate her to
allow them to use her.

But next time she didn't want to be drunk, maybe just
one drink. But she wanted a clear head so that she
could savour every moment.

Well that made sense. Her seduction should be how she
wants it to be.

She also said she had a surprise for me that she knew
would turn me on.

I couldn't wait.


We went along to that bar again but on a different
night. Hoping in that way perhaps it would different
men there. Her reasoning being that if the same men
recognised her, they would spend less time seducing her
and go straight into the fucking. And it was the
seducing part that she wanted more so than the fucking.
Though she said the fucking's nice too.

She had a couple of drinks to steady her nerves but she
certainly wasn't drunk. She then got up to dance the
same way she had before but this time a guy walked over
to her and asked her to dance with him.

It didn't take her long to get real close to him with
her head on his shoulder. He had one hand on her bottom
and the other up between them. I couldn't see but
assumed he was feeling her breasts.

He soon manoeuvred her into the dark room and as
before, lots of guys followed them in. I gave then a
few minutes to get started and then I followed them. As
I entered I was expecting someone to hand me a pair of
the see in the dark glasses but instead I was grabbed
by two guys who quickly walked me back out to the bar.

'Your wife wants you to stay at the bar while we fuck

One of them said as they turned around and headed back
into the room. Beth told me later that that was my
surprise, seeing as I had enjoyed her being taken away;
she reckoned I would enjoy not being allowed to watch
her. How well she knows me. It was far more exciting to
be thrown out of the room and left to imagine what was
happening to her than actually being there to watch.

I sat there with an extremely hard aching cock for an
hour. The guys started to come out of the room. One
came over to me and said that Beth said to go home, she
would be back tomorrow. When I asked where she was, he
said she had gone out the back way with 2 black guys.

What a wonderful slutty wife she is and what sloppy fun
I will have when she cums home :-P

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