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03-18-2007, 06:22 AM
"2? I hadn't thought that far. I don't know. Oh boy. That was something I didn't figure on."

I looked him a little worried. I hadn't thought about the fact that I was pregnant from a wolves view except for the time. I tried not to think that far.

"The clothes won't be an issue. Most wolves go naked or just partially clothed. Its just our nature."

03-18-2007, 06:25 AM
As I look over at her. This will be bad very bad. I want to fuck her 24/7. With kids around I am going to be left with blue balls a lot.

“OK if you say so…”

03-18-2007, 06:29 AM
"Our kinds kids grow into responsibility quickly. Just like with regular wolves. I just wish I had someone to talk to that has done this. Childbirth is rare in our kind. Most of us are turned. I've only seen on birth. I'm not sure what I am getting into. And I don't know if changing will hurt them or not."

I was rambling cause I was scared. I reached my hand down to my own stomach. There was life in there. I just hoped I"d be a good mother.

03-18-2007, 06:32 AM
I crawled over and kissed her stomach. I would be doing that a lot now. I gently rubbed it and stared at it. My children were goring in her right now. It was such a odd feeling.

“What about the dragons?”

03-18-2007, 06:39 AM
"I really have no idea. I don't know if it will affect the time or the birth at all. You would know about that then me. I would think that they would have some of your powers though."

I watched him rub my stomach and felt a sense of peace.

03-18-2007, 06:42 AM
I keep kissing her stomach. It was if I could believe she was carrying life in her. I laid a hand on her belly and rubbed as I moved closer to her and kissed her.

“Well dragon Females all had 9 month birthing cycles like normal humans. The gates don’t open until after they are born. The day the gate opens determines the gate. I was different being as I have all eight dragons. I had my powers in the womb.”

03-18-2007, 06:45 AM
"As fast as the symptoms hit me I think that the birthing cycle will be normal for me at 9 weeks. I wonder how fast they will grow though."

I run my fingers through his hair as he kissed me. I never thought this day would come.

03-18-2007, 07:00 AM
“Eh no clue. I am only worried about a few things.

1. Getting a room for the pups ready.
2. More food and milk for them.
3. Blankets to keep them warm.
4. The dragon powers.
5. If I still get to fuck you daily.
That is all I am really worried about.”

I kiss her and smile at her.

03-18-2007, 07:03 AM
"Well...we'll have to play number 5 by ear from now on. We'll try though. I need to try to get to a nearby wolf village and talk to the healer there. I know they had a birth a couple of centuries ago. I can't go home and ask. I that would make things worse then they are now."

I need to know what to expect. I really needed to know how shifting could affect the babies.

"I wonder how soon the pups will be able to change?"

03-18-2007, 07:06 AM
“Then let’s go right now. You can’t shift so I will and you can ride on my back.”

I shift to my wolf form once again I felt different after 2 more dragons fusing.

“Let me guess I am bigger again….”

03-18-2007, 07:08 AM
"Yeah...you could say a wolf the size of a small horse is big."

I laugh as I walk up to him. His head comes nearly to my shoulder. This was not normal. Not at all.

03-18-2007, 07:11 AM
"I wonder what my lycan form is like...."

I shift to my Lycan form and know I am even bigger. My legs feel thicker and harder. My arms ripple and bulge.

“I am scared to ask…”

03-18-2007, 07:18 AM
I could feel my mouth hanging open. This was 5 dragons and he was enough to scare me shitless. I looked up at him. Way up at him. He had to be 15 foot tall. A normal lycan was 9 when they shifted. I'd never seen anything like this before.

"How's the weather up there?"

03-18-2007, 07:30 AM
I raise my eyebrow at her. I know she is right. I am not only huge. My senses are stronger then normal. I can even smell the small change in her scent.

“Shut up….”

I shift back to wolf form and she climbs on.

“I can already smell a village near by. It should take me about 20-30 minutes to get there.”

I take off towards the village. I feel like my paws are not even hitting the earth. I make it to the village in less than 10 minutes. As I come to a dead stop in the center of town. Raven climbs down from my back.

A few of the towns people are staring mouths open at me. Not often do you see a timber wolf the size of a small horse. I shift into human form and hold ravens hand. I can feel the eyes on me as we walk.

03-18-2007, 07:36 AM
"Maybe we should have stopped outside of town for you to shift."

I squeeze his hand as we walk towards the healers hut. I can feel every one watching us as we walk but I know we need to talk to this healer. I have to remember her name. I had written to her several times over the years. I was really bad with names though. It came to me as I hit the door.

"Lithril are you here? It's Raven from your old village. I need to speak with you."

03-18-2007, 07:58 AM
“Uhm I do believe you are right. I will wait here until you are done inside. If you need me just poke me.”

I site down on a stone bench and begin to meditate.

03-18-2007, 08:13 AM
Lithril comes out of the back of the hut with a big smile. I hadn't seen her in at least 50 years. She hadn't changed one bit. She asked me what I needed. I sat down and told her all about the pregnancy. She looked shocked. She had known Drake breifly.

After an hour or so I have all the information she has to give. My head is spinning with info when I walk out the door. I tap Damian on the shoulder to break his meditation. I smile to let him know I'm ok. I feel eyes on us as we walk. The next thing I know I feel hands on me.

The hands pull me around to face a nasty looking wolf. He pulls me to him putting his hands all over my body. I push him away. This is going to be trouble.

"Come here sexy." He growls as I push him back. I know there has to be a way to settle this with the least amount of people involved.

"Stop right there. Do you forget your own laws? You want me, " I turn to look at Damian, "You have to fight my mate." I point at Damian with a wicked grin. This idiot has no chance.

When I step away I see a young she-wolf hiding behind the other wolf. She looked terrified. How had she got tangled up with this piece of shit? I walk to Damian and stand next to him. I hate to feel like property but there are times when these old laws come in handy.

03-18-2007, 08:18 AM
I look between raven and this ugly ass wolf.

“Baby What in the fuck is going on??? Wolf law???? I have only been a wolf for 6 months…..”

03-18-2007, 08:20 AM
"Calm down. It's simple. You get a fair fight with this guy. When you win you get all his stuff. I really don't think he has a chance in hell against you."

03-18-2007, 08:37 AM
“Wait I kick this ugly ass mule’s face in and I get all his shit…. I don’t know we might need to get it de loused and fumigated… I will do it, but I want a long bath when we get home. I don’t want lice.”

“You are going to pay for those insults pup. Once I kill you I am going to rap that bitch till she is dead.” The ugly brown wolf says.

My face hardens.

“OK now I am going to kill him for insulting my mate.”

I watch him shift to an 8’9 shit brown wolf. He is fat and I know this is going to be a one sided fight. “You going to run and hide now pup pretty scare to see a real wolf and not a bitch.”

I shift my 15 foot tall heavily muscled frame towers over him. My steel blue eyes glare at him. I can see the shock on his face. He bares piss yellow teeth at me and I match his tiny fangs with 12 inch long pure white ones.

He charges at me. I teleport behind him and chase him to stumble. He stares at where I was and feels my killing intent behind him. He spins around and I disappear again and rake his back with my 8 inch long razor sharp claws. He whimpers in pain.

The fight went on for a few minutes. I cut and beat him down but didn’t want to kill him. Until he grabbed a girl and used her as a shield that pissed me off. I teleported in front of him and grabbed the girl. She was tossed and raven caught her. I grabbed his shoulders and teleported 50 feet into the air. I swung him around and drove his face into the ground.

He still didn’t die. I was done playing around with him. As he got up I beheaded him and watched the foul smelling blood spill to the ground. I ran over to the spring and dove in.


03-18-2007, 08:45 AM
The girl in my arms is shaking. I hold her wondering why shes so upset.

"What's the matter young one?"

She looks up at me terrified. "I was his...uhm...property. I've never really been around anyone but him. He turned me when I was young. He was a horrible wolf. Is it wrong that I'm glad he's dead."

I feel my heart break for her. I figured any use he had for her was purely sexual. "No it's not wrong to feel that way. I can only imagine what he used you for."

She looked at me sadly and I knew I was right. I could smell his stink on her anyway. Looked like along with the baby we now had another problem to deal with.

03-18-2007, 08:49 AM
“Raven does your friend have any like volcanic rock. I need to scrap off a layer or two of skin.”

I see raven holding the shaking girl.

“I didn’t hurt her when I tossed her did I?”

I take the girl from raven and hold her. She is shaking and I send my healing powers into her. I can feel her grab onto me as I heal her many wounds.

“Are you ok?” She looks at me then buries her head in my chest.

“Sorry raven looks like we got a new addition to the cave. At this rate you will never be able to complete my training.”

03-18-2007, 08:52 AM
"At the rate your powers are changing I don't think I can teach you anything. I don't know of anyone that could. I don't think there's ever been anything like you before."

I stroke the young girls hair. It's a sad life she's had. I'd seen so much of this when I was human. It was terrible then and still horrible now.

"She was his property so she belongs to you now love."

03-18-2007, 08:57 AM
My eyes go huge at that.

“What do you mean his property? You can’t own another person. Slavery has been illegal for a long time.”

I can feel her tighten her hold on me. I pull her off me and crouch down so I am looking her in the eye. She is prolly older then me but looks younger. Prolly only 18 if that.

“So what do you want? Do you want to come with us? Or do you want to find your own way in the world? I will give you all of his things if you wish.”

She gets tears in her eyes and grabs onto me again. She wraps her arms and legs around me.

“Well looks like I am going to be doing a lot of hunting this winter….”

03-18-2007, 09:06 AM
"Slavery may not have been illegal when she was turned. Look at her she couldn't have been more then 16 or so when she was turned."

I can't help but feel sorry for her.

"Dear how old are you?"

She mumbles a number into Damian's chest but I couldn't understand her. I look at him and shrug.

"Did you get that?"

03-18-2007, 09:08 AM
"129. she is 110 years older then me...."

03-18-2007, 09:18 AM
"For a wolf that isn't much."

I knew that we needed to get headed out of town as well. Even that piece of shit had to have a friend or two.

"Baby we need to get out of here before what friends he had shows up. Besides we've got to deal with the girl and we need to talk about what the healer told me."

This winter was going to be harder then I had planned. The healer had told me a lot. I would have at least 2 pups. I would only be able to shift for the next couple of weeks. I would temporarily lose the ability. It was something the body did to keep the babies safe. There was a chance the babies would be born in wolf form or human. There was no way to tell until labor began. They would grow faster then human children. The shifting would come to them naturally. It wasn't something they would have to learn which was a plus in some ways.

I worried about what Damian's dragon power would add into the mix. I knew nothing about dragon clan pregnancies. I would have to ask him what he knew when we got back to the cave.

Having this girl to deal with wasn't going to be easy. Hopefully we could have her ready to be on her own by spring. She was young and should learn easily.

03-18-2007, 04:54 PM
“Okay I think you should just stay in human form. If you need to get anywhere fast I can go wolf and get you there. If she gave you anything keep a tight hold on it.”

I shifted to wolf form and laid down as raven climbed on. The girl was scared at first. She like so many others had never seen a werewolf with the ability to become a full wolf before.

“It is ok it is still me.” I spoke to her and licked her face. She giggled and hugged me again. After she had climbed onto my back we took off. I ran at full speed until I felt the young girl shaking. I slowed down to see what was wrong.

“Raven is she ok? What is your name girl you haven’t told us yet.”

03-18-2007, 05:06 PM
The girl had her hands buried deep in his fur.

"It's ok sweety. He won't let you get hurt. What is your name child?"

I waited for her to stop shaking. Once she calmed she took a deep breath and answered.

"My owner called me tramp but my name is Talor."

"Well your owner was an ass. Its nice to meet you Talor. My name is Raven and the big furry guy is my mate Damian."

03-18-2007, 05:13 PM
“Not nice you dork big furry guy my ass. Don’t listen to her Talor she is crazy.” At that I stick my tongue out at Raven.

“Don’t worry little one you are safe with us. We won’t make you do anything you don’t want to. And what do you girls say to a night in the human town? I think we can find a nice dress for Talor to wear. Then I can treat you two to a really nice meal in town. NO work for any or us. Then a night in the hot spring I will give you both hot oil rub downs to top it off.”

03-18-2007, 05:20 PM
I watched Talor light up at the mention of a human town. I didn't really want to go back but I wouldn't argue.

"Looks like that's a yes baby. Let's head back to the cave and change clothes. I probably have some she can wear till we buy her something else."

We could start shopping for baby stuff to. It would be easier to buy some of the things then make them. Damian and his ideas were starting to rub off on me. I laughed to myself as he started moving again.

03-18-2007, 05:31 PM
I Start running at full speed we reach the cave in about 15 with the stop to talk. I shift back to my human form and Talor attaches herself to my side. When I open the large stone door Talor’s eyes go wide.

“When we are in town I will buy her a bed and fix up two rooms, one for the pups and one for her.” Talor clutches my tighter.

“Talor do you not want a room of your own?” She looks up at me and smiles. I cast Raven a sheepish grin.

03-18-2007, 05:37 PM
I knew he was enjoying the attention that he was getting. He would have to be careful with it though. Right now he was her hero. Pretty soon it would be more if he didn't tread lightly.

I walk up to him and whisper.

"If she doesn't have a separate room," I paused to blow in his ear, "There will be no more of that. I don't like to put on shows."

03-18-2007, 06:07 PM
As she blows in my ear my dick twitches. I knew at this point the girl needed 24/7 reassurance that she would be safe and welcome. It looked like I would be without any for a while.

“Well until the time comes where she feels safe here. I will stay with her. She needs to be around people that love and care for her. It will take a while before she will be fine on her won again. Once spring comes she will be ok to live her own life away from us.”

At the mention of her leaving she pulls me even tighter and I knew she didn’t want to leave.

“Have you ever been taught how to hunt and fight my little flower? She looks up at me like I just gave her a diamond the size of a watermelon. “If not I am sure raven would love to have a student. My abilities are kind of out of her area.”

I lean over and kiss raven.

“Please baby. She needs to learn everything.”

03-18-2007, 06:19 PM
I knew he was right. I had gotten used to it being just us. I had better get used to company. But why the hell did he have to give her a cute little nickname.

"I'll gladly teach your "Flower" everything she needs to know."

I said with a hint of anger in my voice.

I could see why he called her that. She reminded him of the Wolf Rose. A white and yellow flower that grew in rare areas. She was a little thing. Not even 5 ft. tall. She was little and her skin was lightly tanned. Her blond hair was long but a tangled mess at the moment. Her eyes were the color of honey. She was pretty no doubt.

03-18-2007, 06:51 PM
The anger in her voice cut me deep. I had no idea what I had done to invoke it but I knew even after Talor had her own room. I would find my furry ass sleeping on a rug…

“Well let’s go to the spring. I smell. I will go get the stuff t fix up Talor raven can you get her ready for a bath?”

I walk into a side room and get soap and oil, plus a brush for her hair. I grabbed the jar of rose oil for her hair. I could tell that ass had abused her. I planned to make it up to her in every way. I just hoped raven would understand. She was way to much like Danni. I was too weak to save Danni I would make sure Talor had a great and very long life.

“Well Talor how do you like our hot spring?”

I ask as I walk in. She is by the edge looking at the hot water.

“My Flower why don’t you want to get in? It will wash away the last of your old life. I also had a question to ask you.”

She looks at me and nods her head.

“I would like to give you a new name. I knew a girl once that looked just like you. She also had a hard life. Only I was able to save her as I did you. I was wondering if I could call you by her name.”

Talor looks at me and a tear falls from her eye as she tackles me with a hug. We both end up in the water. As I break the surface she is still attached to my chest.

“Can I take that as a yes then?”

She looks up at me and flashes a brilliant white smile. Then she nods her head and buries it in my chest once more. I can feel Ravens eyes bore into me. I pay her no mind. It was like I had Danni back again.

“Well then from now on your name shall be Danni. So raven are you just going to stand there trying to kill me with a look. Or are you going to help me clean up our new daughter?’

03-18-2007, 07:00 PM
New daughter? I rolled my eyes. This was going to be one hell of a winter. I slipped into the water behind her. My silence was enough to let him know I wasn't truly happy with this situation.

I started working on her hair. I was a tangled mess. As I work on her hair it brings back memories of my in Ireland. I let out a sigh as I work. I didn't understand how anyone, human or wolf, could treat another creature that way.

A little of the anger eased out of my body. I felt my stomach start to churn. Being pregnant was going to be rough. I gave Damian a look to let him know I was going out side. I barely made the door before what was in my stomach hit the ground. I went back in and curled up on the bed. I felt like I'd been beat by a whole pack of wolves.

03-18-2007, 07:07 PM
I left Danni to clean her self up. I told her to stay and not to follow me. I knew Raven had been sick again. I found her curled up on the bed under the heavy rabbit fur blanket I had made. I slide in next to her and rub her back and stomach. I used my healing power to ease her stomach pain and curl up to her back.

“You ok now?”

03-18-2007, 07:11 PM
"As good as I'm going to get I guess. Sorry I got hateful earlier. I've just got used to having you to myself. Guess I got jealous when you gave her a nickname. You've never given me one."

I lean my head back against his chest. I feel so drained but that was part of being pregnant according to the healer. I wasn't going to have a lot of energy for a while.

03-18-2007, 07:29 PM
“Don’t feel bad I give a nick name to those I don’t want to get involved with. She reminds me far to much of Danni to be anything but a daughter to me even if she is 110 years older then me…. Damn I am a freak of the worse kind, 19 and already this powerful. I am scared I might….”

I howl in pain as I feel a shift on my back. I can feel the last two dragons shifting on my back. I see Danni run into the room at my howl. I can’t control it. The spirit dragon is the strongest of the bunch. The wood dragon was already done and it was nothing. Now it seemed like the my very soul was being torn apart.

03-18-2007, 07:50 PM
I know he's starting to shift again. This seemed worse then the first one. I slide out of the bed and grab Danni before she can jump on him.

"You can't help. I know...I've tried." I stand with my arm around her as I watch in awe. I feel a tear run down my face because I know I can't help him.

As he thrashes in the bed he starts to glow with blue and white light. Almost like an aura. As the light grows bolts of electricity start to shoot off the aura surrounding him. I see his eyes open and blue light pours out of him like he's a hollow shell and the light is all that fills him. He opens his mouth to scream and more light pours from him. The bolts of electricity start hitting the walls causeing a huge piece of rock to fall. I shove Danni out of the way as it crashes where we'd stood.

I feel his wolf power building. I know he's going to shift. Danni feels it too and I have to hold on to her tighter to keep her from getting lose. I watch as he shifts into the biggest lycan I've ever seen. He's twenty five feet tall easily. It was terrifying yet wondrous site. His teeth and claws are blue crystal against his pure white fur. As he lays there thrashing the bed explodes underneath him.

Suddenly it all stops. The whole cave is silent. I take a step towards him and am greeted by a huge white light. When I can see again he's gone.

"Oh dear gods no!" I go outside hoping he's only teleported a short distance. Danni is right on my heels. I hear his howl from the direction of the peak. I look up and see a light.

"Stay close Danni." I know it's probably not the best idea to shift and me pregnant but I had to get to him quickly. I jump and leap rocks like they aren't there. I stop from time to time to make sure the little gold wolf is still with me. We reach the top just as Damian's body falls off the cliff edge to land on the ground in front of us. I roll him over. I cradle his head in my lap. Tears plain on my face. Danni sits at his feet. Neither of us have shifted back. I can only wait on him to awake.

03-18-2007, 07:53 PM
“You know I though shifting was bad for you.” I give her a slight smile as the pain is still throbbing trough my body.

“I think Danni needs to know a few things. Would you mind I am really tired.”

03-18-2007, 07:59 PM
I smile down at him. I know he's right. The poor girl is terrified.

"I will as soon as we get you back to the cave." Since I'm still shifted I nuzzle side of his face. Kissing is awkward when you had a muzzle. I pick him up gently and head back to the cave. Being a lycan came in handy a lot. If I'd been a normal woman I'd never gotten off the peak alone.

"Let's go Danni. I've got a story to tell you."

03-18-2007, 08:03 PM
“I know why you want to get me back to the cave. Last time I shifted my tongue grew longer and it vibrates. You just think these shifts are making more and more of a giant sex toy.”

I stick my tongue out at her and turn to look at Danni. She is scared and her blonde fur is wet and matted under her eyed.

“Danni it is ok once Raven explains you will understand. That will never happen again thankfully.”

We arrive at the cave and I see the mess I made. The bed is gone vaporized. A giant chunk of rock has crushed the table and chairs.

“Well shit looks like I got my work cut out for me tomorrow. Sorry for making a mess. At least we can get a bed in town.”

03-18-2007, 08:12 PM
"Danni can you get the extra blankets over next to my herbs and lay them down in front of the fire?" I was glad he was joking. That was a good sign.

I laid him down on the rugs and go to get him some food and drink. I get him settled and then I set Danni down to tell her the tale of the dragons. I went to the herb counter and gathered a handful of Dreamers Fogg. Mages have an ability to tell a tale like no other. I sit next to the fire and throw the Dreamers Fogg into the fire. I let the smoke release into the air.

I begin the tale of the dragon clan. I tell her about their powers. How I came to know Damian and how we came to the cave. As I talk pictures form in the fire. Memories and histories of the words I speak. She watches the flames in awe. I smile. I'd always loved to tell stories and teach the history of our people. I move on in the story to the first change that had ever hit Damian. I stopped as I saw myself holding him cry as he screamed in pain.

I took a deep breath and finished the story.

"Do you understand now child?"

03-18-2007, 08:22 PM
As I looked between Raven, Danni, and the fire I was trying not to laugh at Danni. He mouth had been open the whole story. I reached over as the story ended and closed her mouth for her. She nodded at raven and lay next to me and cuddled into me.

“So basically Danni as long as I am around you or raven you are both safe. It seems that after the Final dragon fused I got a tad bit smarter as well. I also got a new talent.”

I smile as I touch Danni’s forehead she goes stiff and a gush of honey comes from between her legs.

“Gotta love this new power.”

03-18-2007, 08:28 PM
I stand up in a hurry pissed. I'm too mad to say anything. I start to growl and hit him in the shoulder.

03-18-2007, 08:30 PM
No sooner does her fist hit my shoulder then she finds her ass on the ground panting. Her legs are drenched. I just gave her a 100X concentrated orgasm. I had only given Danni a normal one.

“Best careful love you hit me and I can’t control the power.”

I smile at her as I move between the two girls. I pull them both close to me and stroke their hair.

03-18-2007, 08:33 PM
I lay in his arm panting. I couldn't stop shaking. My whole body was on fire. I still couldn't believe that he'd used it on Danni. I was still pissed but there was no way I could do anything about it. I couldn't even lift my arms.

03-18-2007, 08:39 PM
I lean over and whisper into Ravens ear.

“The poor girl has known nothing but pain her whole life. We need to show her love and pleasure in order for her to function. Do you really want her to go through life associating sex with pain and rape?”

I lift her head to see Danni’s smiling face. She was curled up to my side.

“Do you really want to take that face away from her?”

03-18-2007, 08:41 PM
I look over at the girl. I sigh softly.

"No but do YOU have to be the one to do it? Can't we find her a boyfriend?"

03-18-2007, 08:45 PM
Danni drifts off to a peaceful sleep it is still only afternoon. We have a while before we have to go to town.

“Do you really think she will trust anyone else?”

03-18-2007, 08:46 PM
"She will have to someday. Trust me I know. She can't stay with us forever."

My past was something that I didn't like to talk about. But I knew that she needed to start depending on herself as soon as possible. Then she would find her own love in the world.

03-19-2007, 08:55 PM
“I know she can’t stay with us her whole life. NO way am I going without sex for the rest of time…..”

I kiss ravens lips.

“Well looks like after my little change and the little gifts I gave you girls. We need another bath. I will carry Danni if you get the stuff love.”

03-19-2007, 09:03 PM
I nodded to tired to argue. He had drained what energy I had. I gathered the stuff and joined them in the warm water. I slid in and closed my eyes. I just wanted to be quiet and peaceful for a few minutes. There was so much to deal with at the moment.

I listened to Damian and Danni talk as I soaked. I drifted off into a daydream and tried to relax.

03-19-2007, 09:12 PM
As I talk with Danni or at least as much as you can talk with a girl who is afraid to talk. I notice Raven in a daydream staring out of the hole in the ceiling. I tell Danni to be quite as I sink under the water and crawl along the bottom of the pool.

I get between ravens legs and shift my tongue. Only issue is now my tongues split at the ends has gone all the way back. I basically have 2 tongues now. I know Raven is way out of it. I slip one of my tongues into her and wrap the other around her bare clit. I send a orgasm even stronger then the one I gave her into her as I vibrate my tongues in her. Even underwater I can hear the scream and taste her honey as she cums.

My head breaks the surface to see Raven panting with her eyes glazed over. Her skin is red instead of the normal porcelain white. Her tan nipples stand out about a half inch from her breasts.

“welcome back my love.” I say then show her my newest tongue. I smile as her eyes grow huge.

03-19-2007, 09:32 PM
Things get even quieter as I daydream. I was deep in thought when I felt his tongue enter me. The vibrations were insanely intense. I claw at the rocks and scream as the most intense orgasm ever. It sends my mind and body insane. My heart is pounding and I can't breath.

I look at him as he shows me his tongue. It's split in half all the way back. He has perfect control over each half.

03-19-2007, 09:38 PM
I shift my tongue back and give her a kiss as I cuddle up next to her.


03-19-2007, 09:45 PM
I laugh at him and wrap my arms around him as he cuddles next to me.


I lay my head on his shoulder. I feel bad for getting mad at him earlier. I know he just wants Danni to be happy. This is the first time I'd been afraid that I would lose something so dear to me. My love for him was still growing and he had become the center of my world.

I look up at him as I lay on his shoulder. I know if I lost him I'd lose everything. I sigh and close my eyes.

03-19-2007, 09:50 PM
I can see the sadness in her eyes as she looks at me. I also see joy and endless amounts of it.

“Ok ladies it is time to get going.”

03-19-2007, 09:57 PM
"Oh do we have to. I don't want to move." I was so relaxed. It seemed that the past few days have had very few quiet moments in them.

I sit up as he moves to get out of the water. I look at him from head to toe and smile. He's perfect in every way. The kind of perfection I wish I could be. And he was all mine.

03-19-2007, 10:00 PM
I help the ladies out of the bath and dry them with my powers.

“well Raven you help Danni get dressed”

03-19-2007, 10:11 PM
I had found some of older clothes that would fit her for now. I gave her a gold long sleeve shirt with white trim. It was long on her because she was so short. I had to cut the pants legs off. They were black and made the shirt stand out better. Her boots weren't in great shape but they would do until we bought her more. I pulled her hair back in a braid. She was pretty but I didn't dress her to show it. I hope the humans would think she was our child or sibling and leave her alone. There were down sides to never aging. Especially when you were turn very young like she was.

I pulled on the pants I'd bought the other day. I took out a top that I hadn't shown Damian and slid it on over my head. It was blood red and laced up the sides. It came down to my belly button leaving a small piece of skin exposed before my leather pants started. I brushed my hair out then did a braid down each side of my face accented with red leather.

I put a hand on Danni's shoulder.

"Ready or not...here we go."

03-19-2007, 10:17 PM
When I see raven I fall head first into the wall.

“SHIT WOMEN!!! Are you trying to kill me looking like that?”

She was amazing. I stand up and give her a kiss as I finish getting dressed.

I pull on a pair of tight leather pants and black combat boots. A skin tight black leather skirt and a large leather trench finished it. I see Danni and crouch down to look at her.

“When we get to town I will buy you lots of stuff. It is about time you get some birthday presents.”

I give her a kiss on the forehead and head out to the truck. I let them all get in. Danni had to sit between us so she would feel safe. I knew Raven wanted the middle but I could reach her with my arm as well.

03-19-2007, 10:34 PM
I tried not to let the little things get to me. I knew he saw her as a child and wanted to take care of her. I had to remember it was me that he wanted to be with. That the love he felt for her was different. Like that of a father. I slid into the seat and tried to be happy.

03-19-2007, 11:09 PM
As we pull up to the mall. I toss my jacket into the back of the truck. It is still far to warm for it. I walk over to them and put my arms around both of them. Raven on my right her head lying on my shoulder. And Danni on my left her arms wrapped around my waist with her head in my side.

I heard whispers of men lusting over Raven. Teenage boys staring at Danni and wishing they knew her. Then the women they whistled at me and yelled various things. I knew raven was getting pissed. As she raised her head and opened her mouth I captured her mouth with my lips.

“Leave them be. The only women in this world that matter to me are you two, my lovely wife and mate and my new daughter.” I ruffled Danni’s hair and she giggled that giggle only little happy girls can do. I wrapped my arm around them and led them to a shop where I knew teenage girls went to.

I had no idea what Danni would like. I called over a girl she looked to be only 18 or so. She saw me and I could even smell her excitement. She was getting wet just by looking at me.

“Miss would you mind helping my daughter out. It is her birthday so I am letting her get whatever she wants. Would you mind helping her?” I flash my snow white perfect teeth at her. By this time the smell of her sex is all over. I know Danni and Raven smell it. I can see them glaring at the girl.

“Sure no problem Mister?” she smiles at me.

“I am sorry the name is Damian, Damian Moonwater. This is my wife Raven and my daughter Danni. May I ask your name Miss?”

“My name is Lindsey. I would be happy to help your daughter Damian.”

Lindsey show Danni all the clothes and they chatted away like teenage girls do. Raven was glued to my arm and glaring at Lindsey. Every few seconds the young girl would look over at me and stare at my crotch. I knew these pants outlined my large dick very well.

03-19-2007, 11:19 PM
Humans stank enough and when they got excited it got even worse. I wanted to get out of here as soon as I could. I kept a close eye on the girl helping Danni. I didn't like her at all. I move from Damian's shoulder and stood slightly in front of him. I'm blocking her view and making a statement with my stance. I smile at her when she looks back. I'd let my canines lengthen before I did. Her eyes grow huge as she returns my smile. She goes back to helping Danni and doesn't look back again.

03-19-2007, 11:33 PM
I wrap my arms around Raven and shift my tongue so it grows longer. I lick her ear as the young girl sees how long my tongue is. Her eyes grow wide as she gets even more turned on. Her smell is over clover honey and the vanilla of her perfume. I can also smell Raven as I turn her on. The other girls in the place are about creaming there panties as they watch. It isn’t every day you see a 6’7 heavily muscled man with long white hair down to his knees, much less dressed in skin tight leather. Or have a tongue that would make Gene Simmons cry copyright infringement.

“Danni are you almost ready my flower?” I can see Danni staring at me with her mouth open. By this time I had been sending waves of pleasure into raven with my tongue. She was almost at the point of cumming. Her chest was red. She was panting and moaning as my tongue worked her ears and neck, my hands running up and down her back.

“Yes daddy I want to change into this before we go to dinner.” Danni says as she is looking at Raven so close to orgasm. I could keep Raven at this point as long as I wanted. I drove her higher and higher till I let the wave break. I covered her mouth with my lips as she screamed into me.

I smelt two of the girls in the place cum at that point. One went into the backroom. Lindsey however just stood there staring at me. I knew she would kill for a few minutes alone with me. She walked with Danni into the dressing room to help her put her stuff on.

03-19-2007, 11:54 PM
In a matter of moments he had managed to hit all my hot spots. His hands on my back were driving me crazy. I couldn't breath. I was so close to climax. But he kept me so close to the edge. I knew we were making a scene.

I could smell the other girls in the shop. When he finally let me break I collapsed into his arms. I couldn't hold myself up as i try to catch my breath.

03-19-2007, 11:58 PM
I pick Raven up into my arms and carry her like she weighs nothing at all. I ask one of the girls near to get Raven a glass of water. I gave her a couple bucks and she ran to a vending machine. As I gave her the water she gave me the dirtiest look I had ever seen.

“Well play nice and I won’t have to keep doing that.”

03-20-2007, 12:07 AM
"Buy some loser pants and I won't have to. It's just a womans nature to fend off other females. I'm your mate. I won't stand for another female trying to get with you."

I sip the water. I feel drained yet again. I feel my stomach churn.

"The kids didn't like all the excitement. I need somewhere to get sick at."

I put my hand over my mouth to keep from puking on him.

03-20-2007, 12:18 AM
I help her in the back to the bathroom. I rub her back and sooth her stomach with my power. She finally looks better.

“So when is that going to stop? I don’t want to have to worry about you getting sick every time I make you cum.”

One of the girls from the shop is watching us. More like she is staring at my crotch. As I am crouched down my dick is showing even more through the leather. I can smell her getting wetter and wetter as the time passes.

“I will be right back baby try drinking more water.”

I lead the girl out and ask her to leave us alone. Her watching me is upsetting my wife. She is the aggressive type and grabs my dick.

“Well mister I am pretty sure I could give you some help with this.”

The young redhead asks as she strokes my dick. I can smell her sex and see the wet spot in her jeans.

“Honey I would go change your pants and panties. You seem to have sprung a leak little one.”

I flick her forehead and go back to Raven.

“Damn if I had come here alone. I know these girls would have locked me up and rapped me.”

03-20-2007, 12:28 AM
I look back at him as he walks the girl out. I can see her touching his dick. I feel my anger boiling. I'm still fuming when he comes back. I don't say a word to him. It's not his fault.

I go to check on Danni. She was just coming out of dressing room when I walk in. She's dressed in a pair of tight blue jeans. They have flowers sewn on the pockets. Her top was a green tank top with yellow and white flowers sewn around the top. I was just fit enough to show her figure but still appropriate for the age she appeared to be. She looked like a different person from when we found her.

I told her how pretty she looked and took her out to Damian.

03-20-2007, 12:50 AM
Raven walks out of the bathroom and out into the store. As I go to leave the redhead and the girl who had cum corner me in the bathroom. I don’t want to hurt them but I am getting fed up with all this. I put a head on each of them and give the largest orgasm of their young lives.

I walk out to see Danni clutching Ravens side as she waits for me. I can see her new clothes and she looks beautiful.

“Well honey I say we pay for your clothes and get out of here. I am getting hungry.”

Lindsey rings up the clothes and I pay leaving a tip for the trouble. As we are about to leave the two girls come back out and see me walking out. Almost in unison all three of the girl say. “Come back anytime Damian.” At that I feel Raven step on my foot and Danni bit my side.

“I am sorry it isn’t like I could stop them.”

03-20-2007, 01:00 AM
Humans irritated me. These young females especially.

"You don't have to be so friendly with these humans."

We made our way to the restaurant and luckily we got a male waiter. I sat down thankful that there wasn't another girl crawling all over him. Much more of this with the way I felt and I was going to snap.

03-20-2007, 01:12 AM
As we eat Raven and Danni are kicking my legs the whole time. I was starting to get mad at them. They know I have a friendly personality. I can’t help it. After a few more leg shots I excuse myself and head to the restroom. I was getting more and more understanding of why Raven hated human cities.

Finally the bathroom frees up and I enter only to find it is a unisex bathroom. About 4 women were doing there make up as I entered. They all stopped as I went to the stall. The lock was broken and I knew I was going to have issues.

No sooner do I unzip then a women enters the stall and pushes me to the toilet before I can even tell her to stop she is sitting on my lap and grinding away at me. It wasn’t long before she had me hard. I was getting sick of this and touched her sending her into orgasm and fell onto me. I stood up and carried her to her friends.

Once I had washed off her scent I went back to the table. I knew I must have missed some of her scent. Raven and Danni kicked me even harder. A normal human would have had his legs broken.

03-20-2007, 01:21 AM
Every time a woman walked by the table Damian would smile being friendly. They would linger too long or come to talk. I was getting really upset. Danni wasn't happy either. His legs had to be sore by now. He left to go to the bathroom.

It was a few minutes before he returned. He stank of a human female. I couldn't stop the growl that came from my throat. I knew he could see the fire in my eyes. I kick him harder then ever and leave the table. My emotions were on edge from the pregnancy and this was starting to get to me.

03-20-2007, 01:41 AM
After Raven leave so does Danni. I finish my steak and ask for the check. As I go to pay the hostess ask me to come back anytime. I find the girls still walking away from me. I call to them and they walk away faster.

I know they need time so I wander over to a plumbing place to get more pips put in the truck. I was planning to make a shower in the hot springs. After that I go and pick out 2 big beds and the frames for them.

Once that is all loaded I buy a new table and chairs. I settle down in the food court and wait for them to show up. Soon enough a flock of women are around me and I am getting sick of it. I stand up and growl at them. My fangs grow in my mouth and I bare them. All the women run away save Lindsey.

The young girl just sat at my table and talked with me. I find out she was very attracted to me and asked lots of questions about the girls. I let her know after dinner the girls had dropped me and went off on their own.

She kinda pouted and called Raven and Danni a bunch of idiots. She understood raven was moody because of the pregnancy. She just didn’t get why she had to take it out on me. After a while I told her thanks and left her and went to the center of the mall. I knew they would pass by and I could grab them.

03-20-2007, 01:51 AM
Danni caught up with me quickly. I smiled as she caught up with me. She took my hand and spoke softly.

"He loves you. Humans are stupid. He doesn't realize what he's doing most of the time."

I knew she was right. I took a deep breath.

"I still need some time. Let's go shopping for baby stuff."

Damian had given me human money to use so we headed out. The first thing we bought were blankets and clothes. I saw a beautiful crib and just had to have it. I'd never seen such things for babies. I knew except for the clothes I would raise them in the wolf ways. No more human stuff then necessary.

"Guess we should go find him. I'm sure he's either in trouble or worried by now."

03-20-2007, 01:55 AM
I was in the middle of a mod yet again. I was getting sick of it. I needed peace and lots of it. Women in general were just pissing me off. As soon as we got back I would got for a training session for a few days.

I worked my way to mall security and they let me hide. I had them make a call over the PA system for Raven and Danni to go to the office to find me. I was sick of the attention form women. Even the female security officer flirted with me.

03-20-2007, 01:59 AM
We were headed toward the center of the mall when I heard a voice make an announcement that Damian was in the office. We made our way that way. I had Danni open the door while I held the crib. I looked in and smiled at him.

"Ready to go love?"

I could tell he was upset and I didn't want to make it worse.

03-20-2007, 02:02 AM
“Yeah let’s go….”

I walked past both of them and never made eye contact. I didn’t want to put up with the looks I knew I would be getting from both. I loaded the stuff in the truck and we all piled in. Same order as before only I keep both hands on the wheel and never spoke.

03-20-2007, 02:09 AM
I knew he was upset but he'd never acted like this before. He looked straight ahead the entire ride home. Danni looked from him to me in confusion. We pulled into the clearing where he parked the truck. I walked around to his side of the truck as he got out.

"Baby, I'm sorry I got mad. I just can't stand the thought of you with someone else. I guess I'm jealous. Will you forgive me for acting like I did? "

He wouldn't look at me as I talked. He stared out into space. I wondered if he even heard what I said.

03-20-2007, 02:24 AM
I carried all the stuff inside without talking to any of the girls. I set it all up. Once done I opened the stone door to the spring and locked it. I wanted to be alone. After a long soak I went to sleep in the spare room locking to door. Once the girls were asleep I finished a few things and left. I took nothing and left only a single word on a piece of paper.

03-20-2007, 02:31 AM
I waited a long time for him to come out of the spring. I was sitting on the new bed. I dozed off after a few hours. I tossed and turned in my sleep. I awoke the next morning still alone in the bed. My heart sank.

I walked through the cave looking for him. I noticed some of his stuff was gone. I moved to the table. I laid my hands on it and saw a piece of paper. All it said was "Stay".

I felt my heart move to my throat. He'd left. With out a good bye or anything. He obviously planned to come back but how long would he be gone. I felt sick and ran out the cave door.

When I finished throwing up I started to cry. How could he leave me when I was pregnant with his children? Was his pride so damn important that he could just up and go. I screamed at the top of my lungs in anger and pain.

I felt the coldness start to creep back into my heart.

03-20-2007, 02:40 AM
Three weeks to the day I showed back up at the cave. Danni was outside getting meat from the smoker as I walked up. She ran over to me and burst into tears. I hugged her till she stopped crying. I knew Raven wouldn’t be happy. I also knew she was going to hate me for the reason I had left.

“I am back.”

No sooner did the back get out of my mouth then a very anger Raven slapped me and started to punch me. I let her beat me until she could barley move her arms. Once her arms were too weak she started to kick me. Hitting anywhere she could land. Finally after an hour she fell onto the bed and I stood up.


It was all I could say. I left her fuming as I made my way to the hot spring. I needed to get cleaned up. I also knew Raven didn’t want to look at me. Her belly was large the pups inside may be mine, but I knew at this point I was nothing to her.

03-20-2007, 03:02 AM
I had built up so much anger at him while he was gone that all I wanted to do was make him hurt as much as I had over the last few weeks. I had heard Danni crying. When I'd gone to the door I'd seen him. I still loved him but he'd left me when I needed him so badly.

I'd been so sick the week after he left that I couldn't get out of the bed. Poor Danni had tried her best to take care of me. I watched him walk into the spring. I struggled out of bed. The pregnancy of a female lycan was identical to a female wolf. At 5 weeks I was the size of a human that was 6 moths along.

I walked into the spring. His back was too me. I sat down on the edge and let my feet dangle in the water

"I only have one question. Why?"

03-20-2007, 03:05 AM
“For lack of a better term peace I just needed to be alone.”

I slipped into the spring with my back to her. I didn’t want to look at the women I loved to angry at me. I would hang my head for the rest of my life if I never had to see her anger at me.

03-20-2007, 03:14 AM
"Peace? You could have at least had the damn nerve to tell me. You left me when I needed you most. Do our children mean so little to you? Danni had to take care of me and she's barely able to take care of herself!"

At this point I was yelling and growling. I wanted to hate him but I loved him to much. All he ever had to do was talk to me. I would always be willing to listen. I felt like he didn't give a damn about me, about Danni or the babies.

I started crying I was so angry.

"How can you love me if you can't talk to me?"

I hung my head. My heart felt like it was breaking.

03-20-2007, 03:27 AM
“I didn’t want you to see me the way I was for those 3 weeks. I knew you would try to help me and it would only hurt me. I found out once my Ryugan activated that my shift wasn’t over. It showed me a few nights after I left. I was on the ground writhing in pain once more. The shift was worse then it was any other time.”

I turned around and looked at her. I had to I loved her to much.

“I had run for 3 days. Once the change was over the shell I had formed exploded. The area for 20 miles was whipped out. I knew if I told you. You would check on me. I wouldn’t be able to live if I had killed you.”

03-20-2007, 03:35 AM
When he looked at me I saw the pain in his eyes. I was so hurt but I hated worse to see him hurt. I sat and looked into his eyes for a long time. I reached out my hand to him without a word and waited.

It would take time for me to get over the pain but I was willing to try.

03-20-2007, 03:40 AM
I walked over to her and kissed her. I looked down at her belly and kissed it. As I looked into her eyes I knew she was hurt by what I did. At least she was alive. She was sick and I knew she would have fought me tooth and claw about leaving.

“I am so sorry but I had to leave. I know how “proud” you are. If I had told you it would have been world war 3.”

03-20-2007, 03:47 AM
Despite my anger I smiled and laughed a little. He was right. I was stubborn and I knew it.

"If we are going to be a family then we have to do things together. I've been on mediation trips before. I would have understood. I know thats different but I would have understood. That's how love works."

I felt one of the babies kick. I knew there were two know. My magic could find their heartbeats. I took his hand and put it where the pup had kicked. I watched his face as they moved.

"There are 2."

03-20-2007, 03:52 AM
“Let’s just hope they get all of you. That way they are perfect just like you. They get any of my ugly ass mug and I will be sad.”

I kiss her belly where the baby had kicked.

03-20-2007, 03:58 AM
I smack his shoulder.

"You are the most handsome man I have ever seen. Even Drake. He was handsome but as you grow you become more and more wonderful."

I rub his hair as he kissed my belly. I knew if we could make it through the pain of this we could make it though anything. I just wanted him to talk to me.

"You...you're grounded for a week. You've got dinner and laundry duty." I tried to joke. I tried to make the smile I gave him reach my eyes.

03-20-2007, 04:03 AM
“Do I at least get conjugal visits? I mean shit I go through agonizing pain for 3weeks straight limo back. Then you beat the shit out of me. Now I have to cook and do the laundry. Shit I am starting to wish when the shell blew it had taken me with it.”

I climb out and dry off. I knew I deserved every bit of it. I walked out and started supper for the girls.

03-20-2007, 04:10 AM
My heart was still aching. I sat with my feet in the water until the smell of the food was too much to ignore. Danni was already at the table.

"Smells good." I tried to make small talk but I didn't want to upset Danni. She'd stayed in tears the whole time he was gone and I had yelled at her a few times when my nerves couldn't take more.

"Glad you didn't have to cook tonight Danni or eat my awful cooking?"

She smiled at me and nodded. I smiled back and sat down at the table.

03-20-2007, 04:17 AM
After the girls had eaten I washed the dishes and finished the dirty clothes. The whole time the girls watched me. It was like they wanted to make sure I didn’t run again. After I had cleaned up the mess the girls had left. I went into the spare room I had locked before I had left.

Inside was an extra bedroom I had ready for when I got back. I knew the girls wouldn’t want to see me very much.

“I am going to bed girls good night.”

I walked in and closed the door. Ever since the final shift I hadn’t slept. I was to afraid that I would explode and kill them.

03-20-2007, 04:44 AM
I watched him walk into the spare room.

"What the hell?" I waited for Danni to drift off then I got up and walked to the door. I put my ear to the door and listened. I knew he wasn't asleep. I opened the door. He was laying on the bed staring at the ceiling. I slipped in and shut the door.

"Damian? I don't understand. You've been gone from me for so long. Now you don't want to share my bed? Do you not want to be with me any more?"

The pregnancy was making me extremely emotional and uncertain of myself.

03-20-2007, 04:51 AM
“I didn’t want to keep you up all night. After the change I haven’t slept. I am worried I will blow up again. If I do I will kill Danni, you and the babies. I lose you and I would never forgive myself.”

I stare at the ceiling tears streaming down my face as I am to afraid to look at her.

03-20-2007, 04:57 AM
A lot of things had changed inside me since he left. I'd prayed for them to bring him back to me. I'd asked for strength to get through this.

"I don't think the gods would have brought you back to me if you were going to harm us."

I sit on the bed and wipe the tears from his face. I kiss his forehead.

"I've missed you so much. I want you with me."

I kissed his lips softly. I wanted more but I didn't want to push him.

03-20-2007, 04:59 AM
“The gods huh I thought you stopped believing in them?”

I lay her down next to me and hug her. I stroke her belly and kiss the nap of her neck.

03-20-2007, 05:02 AM
"They brought you back to me and gave me the strength to get through you being gone. Guess I kinda owe them."

I shivered as he kissed my neck. My body hungrily responding to his touch. I lif his face to mine and kiss him deep and hard.

03-20-2007, 05:09 AM
“Uhm baby I love you and all. But I can’t have sex with you till after birth. I don’t feel like killing the babies.” I point down to show the most recent change to me. My human form cock had gotten longer and thicker by 2 fold. It was about 8 inches long and 3 thick is now 16 by 6.

“So lets just say that until you have giving birth no sex for you or me.”

03-20-2007, 05:16 AM
I look down at him in shock. He was huge. I laid my head on his shoulder. I sighed quietly.

"It's ok. As long as you are with me it will be ok."

I hold him tightly. I was afraid I'd wake up from a dream and he'd be gone.

03-20-2007, 05:23 AM
“You think that is a shock. Wait till you see me turn. Damn I am huge.”

We are both naked and I slip the head of my oversized dick into her slit. I push a few inches into her and slowly work them back and forth. With my new girth she was very tight. I was sending wave after wave of orgasm into her. I was hoping to make up for lost time.

As I made love to her I whispered “I am sorry” into her ear.

03-20-2007, 05:27 AM
I moan as he makes love to me. I had missed his touch. He was using his power on me. My whole body shiver and jerked with orgasm after orgasm. My moans get louder. I know Danni is in the other room but I can't help it.

"I love you Damian. I really do. Please don't leave me again." I gasped out as he moves inside me.

03-20-2007, 05:30 AM
My Ryugan activates and I see that I am no longer in danger. The final shift has happened and I am safe and free.

“Never my love never again.”

I charge up and give her a orgasm that will makes that goddess of loves envious. Her body jerks as she is stuff all over from the pleasure. After wards I carry her to the springs and lat her soak as I message oil into her body.

03-20-2007, 05:35 AM
I feel like I'm floating. I don't see how our life can get better then it is right now. I love the feel of his hands on my body.

"I don't want this to ever end."

I sigh treasuring the moment.

03-20-2007, 05:40 AM
I sit down and lower her onto me feeding a good 6 inches of my dick into her. I use my power to make a seat for her in the water. The seat moves up and down on my dick. I can hear her moaning as I apply more oil to her body.

“Danni I know you are watching. Just come in and take a soak. I know you watch me having sex with Raven in the bedroom.”

Danni creeps in and slides into the water. She grips my arm and I hug her as the shelf keeps fucking Raven on my dick. I an sending constant orgasm charges into raven at random powers.

03-20-2007, 05:48 AM
I moan as the seat moves. That combined with his powers was amazing. I lock my muscles down on him as I ride him. I know he's not been able to get pleasure the last few times we've been together. I thought now would be a good time.

I concentrate as much as I can on pleasing him. I hold my muscles tight as I slide down. I flex them as I slide up to the head of his dick. I look at his face and can tell I'm having and effect even with the power he's pouring into me.

03-20-2007, 05:53 AM
After 5 weeks without an orgasm I am overly sensitive. Raven has her muscles locked down as tight as she can. The feel of her tight velvet pussy is amazing. I plow another of my strongest orgasms into her I dump close to a gallon of cum into her.

“Damn I feel better!”

03-20-2007, 05:56 AM
I feel his climax building as I ride him. His orgasm feels like it last forever. I collapsed on to him in exhaustion.

"With those powers you are going to make an old lady out of me."

I kiss him hard. I had missed him so much. I looked over at Danni and blushed. I hadn't realized she'd come in the room. I look at Damian shocked that he'd let her watch.

03-20-2007, 05:58 AM
“She saw us in the bedroom and was peaking at us as we doing it. I knew she would watch anyway so why not give the girl a better view?”

I slipped my limp cock out of Raven and slide her close to me. Her belly made it hard but I loved her just the same.

03-20-2007, 06:05 AM
I look at Danni. Why would she be watching us? It made me uncomfortable. She was smiling up at Damian.

"Danni why do you watch us? I know there has to be a reason."

I had to ask. It made me feel odd to have her watch us like that.

03-20-2007, 06:08 AM
“I think I can answer that. Back when she lived with that mule. He would make sex a very bad and hard thing. When I gave her that orgasm by the fireplace, It prolly was the first on she has ever had.”

I look into Danni’s eyes and I can read her like a book.

“She sees the way I make you feel and is curious about it.”

03-20-2007, 06:14 AM
"Well Danni, when you get out on your own or move to a village I'm sure you will meet a young wolf that will love you very much. I wish I could make all that disappear. I know it's hard."

I feel an old shadow fill my eyes and I try to hide it. I smile at Danni. She looks scared and worried. I know she doesn't want to leave but she will have to someday.

"I don't want to leave. I feel safe here. This is my pack." She whispers softly and buries her head in Damian's side.

03-20-2007, 06:17 AM
“Well baby want to start our own village?”

I look at her and give her a deep kiss.

03-20-2007, 06:22 AM
"You my dear have a battle to face back in my village. They won't go with out their healer forever. If we don't return the chief will send soldiers for us."

I don't want to go back either but I know what will happen if we don't. Challenges like this are always more then what they look like. The chief was up to something and I didn't like it at all.

03-20-2007, 06:27 AM
“The chief is a fool. We can head back and I will beat him tomorrow. I don’t want that ass to ask about the kids.”

03-20-2007, 06:36 AM
"Stop it. I'm in no shape to travel. I lost the ability to shift last week. Danni's done all the hunting we've needed here lately."

I smiled at her. It wasn't that I didn't like the girl but my life told me that she needed to be on her own and soon. She would never be able to survive if something happened to us if she didn't learn soon. I'd taught her a lot while he was gone. She was eager to learn.

03-20-2007, 06:38 AM
“Fine so when do I get to go and kick the rat’s ass?”

I look at her and wonder.

03-20-2007, 06:41 AM
"Spring. It would be to hard to travel before then. The snows will be falling soon and they are very bad here. There will be days when we can't even get out the cave door."

I know he wants this over with but I worry what the chief is up to. He won't gain much by beating Damian even if he was able to beat him. He stands to lose a lot though. I didn't understand what he was planning.

03-20-2007, 06:45 AM
“So I got to wait 3 months. Well that is great.”

I poke Ravens breast they have gotten fuller when I was gone.

“At least I won’t be bored after a month is over.”

03-20-2007, 06:47 AM
I smack his hand. My breast are very tender.

"Three months won't kill you. You'll be busy helping me teach our kids. Have you ever seen a child that is born a wolf. They age super fast into adulthood."

I knew for our sakes that would be a good thing.

03-20-2007, 06:49 AM
“Wait how fast is super fast?”

03-20-2007, 06:51 AM
I laugh at the confusion on his face.

"I knew one child. He was an orphan. He was born in April. By the end of June he was a full grown man. Looked to be around 26 or so. They learn fast and grow fast. And they eat like horses. He was always eating."

03-20-2007, 06:52 AM
“Fucking hell in 3 months our kids will look older then me.”

03-20-2007, 06:55 AM
"Probably. That's part of the joy of having an immortal race. We get all the interesting traits."

I yawn. My energy stayed low these days.

"I don't know about you two but the bed is calling my name."

03-20-2007, 07:00 AM
“Well then I guess we won’t have to worry about them thinking you were the mom. They will be what about 18 or so when I go to fight the chief. Taking into account you are due in a month.”

I carry Raven back to the big king size bed and lay down with her. Danni curls up on my other side an we all fall asleep.

03-20-2007, 07:12 AM
The birds singing were a nice change to the cold winter that had passed. I sat in the sun shine and watch Drake and Lily train with their father. The child birth had been easier then expect with Damian's power to help ease my pain.

Drake was 6'3" with black hair and pale skin like me. Lily was like her father. Her hair was snow white and beautiful. She was my height and well endowed. She was a beauty. Drake was as handsome as his father. They both had my blue eyes.

Neither of them had shown any of Damian's dragon powers and I was actually glad. I watched as Damian threw Drake across the clearing. It was kinda funny. Drake by all appearances was 22. Damian still looked 19 and would for the rest of his life. Lily looked like she was older then Damian as well.

I sigh as I sat back against the tree and watched my family. I knew in a few days we would be leaving for the village. I was glad it would be over soon.

I heard a twig break and turned to find Danni walking into the clearing. She was much stronger now as well. She was learning to depend on herself a lot since Damian and I became parents. I smiled as she sat down next to me.

03-20-2007, 07:19 AM
I had never been happier my kids were strong and healthy, neither had dragon’s powers so I would not have to watch the pain of the posts merging. Drake and Lily were already looking older then me and I never heard the end of it.

“Well dad what say we take a break so you can change your diaper.” Drake said as Lilly jumped on me back.

“Yup daddy you prolly need mom to feed you to.” Lilly poked at me.

“Very funny you little brats best watch out of this baby might kick your asses. Oh wait I already did. Let’s go eat.”

As we got to the cave I grabbed the last of our food I had cooked and we sat down for a meal the 5 of us.

“Tomorrow we head to the village and I get the beat that retard to a pulp.”

03-20-2007, 07:23 AM
"I know you are looking foward to this love but you have remember something. These battles are steeped in ceremony. There will be rules set and he will determine the rules of the fight. You won't be able to use your dragon powers at all."

I was dreading it. I felt trouble brewing like a storm on the horizon.

03-20-2007, 07:26 AM
“Who needs Dragon powers when your wolf form is almost 30 feet tall moves so fast you can’t see it and I have claws hard and strong enough to cut diamond?”

I also knew that bastard was up to something. He prolly though I would be a easy take down but he would be wrong.

“I also know I get to set one rule. No bystanders can be involved. That will keep all of you safe.”

03-20-2007, 07:29 AM
"Yes but we can take care of ourselves. He will say you are cheating when he sees your wolf form."

No wolf has ever been as big as him.

"And kids there will be no comments about my other face that I wear in the village."

03-20-2007, 07:30 AM
“That is right I hear one peep about your mothers normal face and I will personally beat you all. I know she is ugly as a mule but we love her.”

At that all members of the table chocked and looked at me.

03-20-2007, 07:33 AM
"Normal face? I'm going to kick your ass young man. This is my normal face."

I pick up a roll and throw it at him.

"Ugly as a mule huh? Come here I'll kick ya like a mule." I got up and moved around the table to him with a smile.

03-20-2007, 07:34 AM
As she goes to swing I grab her and she falls into my lap. I kiss her and she wraps her arms around me.

“You know I love you mule face.”

03-20-2007, 07:40 AM
"I'll kick you ass anyway. So Danni you ready to play mom tomorrow?"

When I went back to being the mage Danni got to play mom for the day. She wasn't too happy about it either.

"I guess so. Ready as I'll ever be."

I laughed at her. She'd grown a lot over the winter and I was proud of her.

03-20-2007, 07:43 AM
“That means you and Drake can’t be sneaking off into the woods at night either. No one buys that either guys.”

I smile at them as Drake spills water into his lap. And Danni chokes on some of dinner.

“What are you talking about dad? I have no…….” drakes stammers out.

I give him the look.

“You are sneaky son but you are nothing to the Ryugan.”

03-20-2007, 07:48 AM
I look at Danni and smile. She'd finally found someone that would love her.

"Is that why you guys have been so tired the past few nights?"

They both blush. Lily hits her brother and laughs as he coughs and chokes on his food.

03-20-2007, 07:55 AM
“Why are you acting so innocent Lilly? At least your brother and Danni don’t masturbate with the handle to my hairbrush?”

It was Lilly’s turn to blush and be teased.

“Alright off to bed with the lot of you. Drake I got you a double bed for a reason. Danni your stuff was moved into his room. Be happy about it. Show some public displays of love.”

I watch them hold each other as they go to their bedroom. Lilly slips off the bed not even trying to hide when she takes my hair brush.

“Kids are odd. Let’s get some sleep.”

03-20-2007, 08:16 AM
"Kids are odd? I thought you were odd the first time I met you."

Going back to the village was going to bring back memories. I smiled at him and curled up next to him in the bed. We'd taken precautions about getting pregnant again. We loved each other to much to not make love. I didn't want to chance it with the fight coming up.

I kissed him laid my head on his shoulder.

03-20-2007, 08:35 AM
When dawn broke we had already left. I knew at the speed we traveled we would get there in only a few hours in lycan form. I planned to show up all in human form.

Around noon we all walked into town. Danni and I arm in arm. Drake and Lily walking behind there mother who was in old lady form.

“Well pup you showed up far sooner then I expected. Not only that you have a mate and by the looks of the young ones pups. So you think you are ready for me?”

“I was ready to take you out months ago. Danni was still carrying the twins and not in the shape to travel. I want to get back to my home by nightfall lets make this fast.”

I can see the rage in his eyes as he glares at me.

“Fine by me pup my rules. No magic or dragons powers. You can use your lycan form and only fight using martial arts. Is that clear. What is your one rule?”

“Keep everyone else out of the fight. I don’t want anyone else getting involved.”

“Fine fine fine. I am a busy man lets get this going.”

I approach the center of town and wait for the ceremony to end. We both stand naked ready to fight. I can see that the chief’s dick is about the size of Drakes….when he was born.

The gong rings and the chief charges at me. He shifts his arms and goes to strike at me. I dodge easy and deliver a hard blow to the back of his neck.

“If that is all you got then I suggest you stop.”

He growls at me and full shifts. He grows to an average 9 foot height. He charges me and I jump into the air. I kick him into the dirt and grind his head into the sand. He is getting even more pissed at me.

He lunges at me and I punch him right in the face. He flies across the center of town and hits the trunk of a tree. He has had enough and is going to settle this the easy way.

“Grab them!” the chief yells as 4 wolf warriors grab the member of my family. “What are you going to do now pup?”

I growl at him as my family laughs.

“You broke my rule. So all yours are gone you little bitch.”

I shift. My muscles bulge and my bones grow, once done I am a 30 foot tall mountain of white fur and muscle. I move so fast he can’t even see me. I cut him in to and leave him wondering what I did.

03-20-2007, 08:44 AM
I watch as Damain cuts the cheif down where he stands. I can hear the other villagers talking. I can't tell yet if this is going to be good or bad. The Cheifs councilers approaches me. They are afraid to talk to Damian.

The head counciler bows and speaks to me.

"According to the rules of the ceremony the young one is now the cheif of this village. The previous ruler fought unfairly buy breaking the rules. We will carry out the ceremony tomorrow if the young man wish to Cheif."

I knew this would happen. I turned to Damian and smiled.

"Well Cheif...looks like we have some talking to do."

We couldn't live in this village and me be the mage. It would be ackward. I was his wife and I wasn't going to hide forever. This was going to be a long night.

03-20-2007, 06:41 PM
I walk over to my family and the council members run off as I get closer. Ravens tell me we have a lot of things to talk about.

“So wait we can’t go back home tonight? But I want a dip in the hot springs. Raven I want to go home.”

I sit down on a near by stone and drop my head*

“This blows….”

03-20-2007, 09:13 PM
"I told you this wouldn't be simple. You are now chief of this village. There will be a ceremony. They will expect me to continue to act as mage. That means the old lady me. The one they know and trust. Either we tell them the truth and live here. Or we live at the cave and let them come to me when they need me, but that causes issues with you being chief."

I put my hand on his shoulder. In my current disguise I couldn't do much else.

03-20-2007, 09:18 PM
I lay back on the stone and I hear my back pop a few times.

“Blah blah blah this blows so much. Why don’t we just move the damn village to the cave? That area is flat around it. More food and water in the area as well, not to mention the other village near it. We can open channels of communication with them. Maybe even make a larger village.”

I hated this village to many bad memories.

03-20-2007, 09:27 PM
"That is something that you will have to put to a council vote. You might be chief but the people still have a say in things like that. I agree. But I would still have to be the mage and healer for them. That causes an issue. I won't watch my children call Danni mom. She's like a daughter to me but that would be too much."

I sigh deeply. Why did things have to get so complicated?

03-20-2007, 09:31 PM
“Not to mention I know Drake will want to be with Danni. It would be too weird for him to have to call her “mom” all the time. Not to mention it won’t go unnoticed that Drakes Lycan form is so close to yours.

The only way I can see is that you reveal your real form. Do it in front of the whole village. Then they will know it is you. With you being my mate it won’t matter much.”

I sigh this was going to be annoying to say the least.

“Well tell me about this ceremony and what I have to do so I don’t look like a idiot.”

03-20-2007, 09:36 PM
I dread the thought of revealing myself. It would mean that I would have men hassleing me behind Damian's back. That's life for you.

"The ceremony is simple. It's done at night. There is a bonfire. The gods are called to the fire to show they accept the new chief. If the fire flares you are chief. If it doesn't then there will be a council of the village elders. If they find you fit they will disobey the gods and give it to you anyway. But that means if you piss them off they can remove you. If the gods show you favor, then the village can't touch you or yours. Afterwards you have to deal with a bunch of drunk wolves and hours of congratulations."

03-20-2007, 09:43 PM
“Well I guess I get the gods favor every night. Seems whenever I get a fire going it flares like crazy almost burned down a house once. What happens if fire turns a color? It does that to me a lot. Mostly it turns a bright white of blue.”

I looked at her and sent her all the love I had with my eyes.

03-20-2007, 09:56 PM
I return his look and smile.

"That's usuallly because of a power that's growing inside you. The gods have to be called to the fire. Unless you were calling them by accident. Maybe we should let you make the fire then we know it will flare."

I laughed softly. I could see the villagers faces now.

"Let me find where we get to stay tonight because my hut is too small."

I walked off to find the councilers.

03-20-2007, 10:06 PM
It didn’t matter who light the fire. I could control with my Yellow looping fire dragon. At this point I can do it without moving or anything.

“Ok then I guess I will just lay here till you get back.”

03-20-2007, 10:17 PM
The councilors were waiting anxiously at the meeting hall.

"We need shelter my good men. My hut is too small to house us all. Where can we stay for the night?"

They looked at me funny. I knew sometime bad was about to happen.

"Do you intend on staying with them too? Your duties are done. i think it would be more fitting for you to stay in your own home tonight."

I swallowed a growl. Looked like either I revealed myself sooner then I wanted or I slept alone tonight.

"I'll be right back gentlemen."

I walked back to Damian and looked down at him. He could tell I was pissed. I told him what the councilors had said. I sat down on the rock next to him angrily.

03-20-2007, 10:25 PM
“Let me guess. Either you reveal yourself or you can’t be in the same room am I correct?”

I know I was right. I knew it would come to it.

“Well if you like we can both come out. I know they fear me if just for my wolf form and speed. Much less my abilities they don’t know about. My hybrid form will scare them shitless.”

I pull the hood from her head and look her in the eyes.

“Let’s go to the council chamber together and show them both. Granted we might will have to step outside form my hybrid from.”

03-20-2007, 10:30 PM
This was too easy. I was waiting one the next bad thing to happen. That's the way it worked in this village. Drama kept it going. I hated it.

The group of men were still pacing outside the chamber door. I took a deep breath and waited see what would happen. I hoped it didn't turn ugly.

03-20-2007, 10:49 PM
I walked in behind her and put my hand on her shoulder. I crouched and whispered into her ear.

“What say we just screw these asses and go back to the cave? I will give the leader spot to a member of the council and you can give the healer spot to another wolf.”

03-20-2007, 10:58 PM
I reach behind me and smack him.

"You and I have a responsibility to the wolves in this village. Now lets get this over with."

I step over so that he's at my side instead of behind me.

"Gentlemen...you're future chief and I have something to talk to you about."

I give Damian a little shove forward. I know out of the 15 men on the council two of them know my true form already. I have help on this but Damian only has me. We were sorely out numbered.

03-20-2007, 11:05 PM
“Well gentlemen Raven and myself have a few things we wish to talk to you about. We also each have something to show you. I think you will be genuinely shocked by both. Mine more so then Raven’s.

First off I think Raven should show you her secret. That will make what I have to say go much smoother. Love if you wouldn’t mind.”

03-20-2007, 11:12 PM
"I know there are two of you here that have known me since I was turned. I greatly respect you and the fact that you have kept my secret since I became mage."

I let the magic slip away. I had used and illusion on my clothes as well this time. It was easier then carrying extra. I was wearing dark brown pants that laced up the side with knee boots to match. My top was snow white with blue bead work. It was more of a vest then a shirt. It covered my back completely but cam over my shoulders in two straps that covered my breast but left the skin between them and on my stomach open to view. The straps then tucked into my belt.

I heard angry whispers as I stood there. I had lied to them. I understood.

"I'm sure you can see why I hid as I did. Too many problems with getting the respect of the villagers as a mage if they can't look past your looks and hear your words."

I would let Damian tell them we were married. They would take that better from a man.

03-20-2007, 11:32 PM
“Thanks love. I think I know two people that will reveal the latter bit of info better. Drake Lilly come in here please”

I yell out of the hut. As they enter they see their mom in her normal form. I knew Drake to well.

“Mom damn cover up would you!”

At that Lilly hit her brother and the every council members jaw dropped.

“Danni isn’t my mate. Raven is. These to pups are our children. I saved Danni from an abusive master a few months ago. Oh yeah kids please leave. This isn’t stuff that would interest you.”

They left with a dumbfounded look on their faces.

“Well council members I do believe it is my turn. I doubt the chief told you much about me before he banished me. Well my full name is Damian Moonwater. I am a member of the Demon Exorcist clan. I also inherited the power of all of the dragons.

Now if you would follow me outside. I am going to show you my true form. The lycan form I used against the chief was only about 1/10 of my power.”

Once we stood in the center of town I had Raven next to me. I could hear the mummers about her. Men whistled and I would deal with hem later.

I shifted to my lycan form. I stood over 30 feet tall. My blue crystal fangs and claws shined in the mid-day sun. Many were still scared of this form and I knew my next change would scare them even more.

“Now you saw this form earlier. I also have another 2. One is that of a normal timber wolf. Well as normal as a timber wolf the size of a Clydesdale is. The next is a hybrid of my dragon and wolf forms. I suggest all those of weak bladder turn around or take your pants off.”

I shifted to my Hybrid form. I didn’t grow taller. My claws shifted from blue to black. They lengthened and grew straighter as well as sharper. My large white wings grew from my back as my black fangs lengthen to over 2 feet long. The claws on my feet curl up and turn to talons. I roar into the sky and the earth itself shakes. My power takes the form of a blue aura with white lightning sparking and arching off of my wings. In this form I couldn’t talk without shaking the very earth. I look at Raven as she stared at the crowed.

03-20-2007, 11:44 PM
I looked out into the crowd and watched the reaction of the people. There were mixed reactions. Some of fear while others were awe struck. I knew things were going to get very tough now.

I ignored the whistles and the comments directed at me. I waited as he shifted back. We went back in doors. There were going to be a lot of questions for Damian. I took a deep breath and braced for the worst.

03-20-2007, 11:59 PM
No sooner then I was back in the hut then I was assaulted with both questions and insults. I was called a freak and a monster. To the wolf that told me that I simply replied.

“Thanks for the welcome. To think a Werewolf would have the nerve to call his own Chief a freak and monster. If you wish to fight me then challenge me. You all saw my power. I thought more of you would see how good this could be. With a power like mine we would have peace for a very long time.”

After several long hours of “Talking” the Elders were convinced I was more then capable or running the village. A few of them seemed more interested in trying to get a peak at Ravens body. For the most part she just sat next to me leaning against me with our arms hooked in each other.

“Well Elders this is enough for tonight. We will talk more tomorrow. Also if I see any of you trying to get a look at Ravens body again. I will personally remove your head from your body.”

The two that had been trying froze in place and kinda whimpered. They left and I called for the kids. After they cam into the hut we all laid down. I wasn’t going to care if they were in the same room I wanted to taste my mate tonight.

03-21-2007, 12:04 AM
I snuggled up to Damian. I was glad that things had gone smoothly.

"You are quiet the talker love. And you managed not to kill anyone either." I laughed to ease the tension. I heard a grunt and looked over to see Danni being pulled into Drakes lap. I pointed for Damian to look.

"Like father like son huh?"

I kissed him deeply and wrapped my arms around him.

03-21-2007, 12:12 AM
“Well what do you expect? With my sex drive shit.”

I look at Danni’s face as she rides Drake. I finally see her in pleasure and she loves it.

“Drake I give you this one warning. I love both you and Danni. But son if you ever make her cry I will show you a world of pain the likes of which you have never seen.”

At that Drake doubled his efforts and Danni’s screams of pleasure increased. I also saw Lilly tossing and turning in her bed. I got up and walked over to her. As I lay down she rolled over and hugged me. I felt tears on my chest.

“What is wrong baby girl?”

She buries her head into my chest more and hugs me. I knew what the problem was. But I also knew I wanted her to wait for a while before she became active sexually. I hadn’t been able to stop Drake. Plus I knew Danni needed him.

“I know baby girl but you have to wait. Drake is needed by Danni. That is the only reason I let it go on. Why don’t you sleep next to me and your mom tonight? I promise to keep it in my pants.”

03-21-2007, 12:53 AM
I got up and helped Lily move her bedding over next to ours. I remember being young and dreaming of love. I wanted it so badly and it was hard to watch others be happy.

"Don't give up hope baby. You've never really got to meet any boys. Now that we will be around the villagers you will meet plenty of guys. You're beautiful."

She hugs me and smiles. I stroke her hair as I hold her. I'd never loved anyone more then Damian and the kids. I cover her up after she lays down.

"Guess we'll have to wait for what I wanted." I smiled and crawl in bed with him.

03-21-2007, 12:59 AM
With Lilly on the other side of Raven I was free to move. Once I heard both had gone to sleep and drake and Danni had passed out. I slipped under the covers and shifted my tongue. I licked Ravens slit and teased her clit with my tongues. I heard her gasp as I hit her love nub.

“Quite baby you will wait Lilly if you make any noise.”

I push my tongue into her hole as far she her hole will let me. I start vibrating my tongue in her and on her clit as I touch her legs and back. I am sending an orgasm to her brain every second. Each one is getting stronger and stronger. I finally break her and she blasts me with honey.

“Well baby I promised Lilly to keep it in my pants. Can you think of a way around that?”

03-21-2007, 01:12 AM
I grab the pillow and bite it to keep from making noise. I was horrible. I wanted to scream and howl. After I orgasm I am panting I'm breathing so hard.

I could think of a way around the problem of his pants easily. I unbuckled the top of them. When he slept he wore baggy pants. I slid my pants off and slide down inside his pants. I was little but it was a tight fit. As I slide in them I slide his dick into my slit. I let out a gasp as I do. He's so huge now. I start to ride him, using my arms to pull myself up since my legs cant move much. I clamp down tight on him as I do.

03-21-2007, 01:21 AM
I whisper into her ear.

“Oh my little slut is so very creative.”

I buck my hips into her. She bites my shoulder as I buck into her. I now she is so close. I keep my hands on her. I keep her at the edge of an orgasm. I keep pushing the orgasm higher and higher. She starts to gasp and draw blood as I keep going.

“Do you want to cum baby?” She bites harder and gasps yes to me.

I break her orgasm and she bites down on my shoulder so hard I know she has hit the bone. I dump a huge load into her and I can feel it ooze out into my pants.

“Well looks like we need a bath.”

I stand up and buckle my belt with her still laying limply on me. I walk over to the stream and drop my pants with her still impaled on my hard dick. Once we sink into the cool water. I start to pump into her faster and faster. I can feel the water washing the cum out of her.

“Does baby like her bath?”

03-21-2007, 01:31 AM
"I love my bath. Don't stop."

I could be louder out here. It drove me crazy having to be quiet. When we got to go home the kids were getting their own huts. I wanted private time with my husband more often.

03-21-2007, 01:44 AM
I heard a twig snap in the bushes next to the stream I knew Raven wouldn’t have noticed it in the state I had her. I finished off Raven with a giant orgasm from my hand. When I finish I stand. My 16 inch cock comes into view and I hear a gasp form the bush.

“Whoever the hell you are come out now.”

A young brown haired girl comes out of the bush. It was Lindsey, the girl from the mall almost 4 months ago. She was a Werewolf now.

“What are you doing here Lindsey? Also how on earth did you become a Werewolf?”

“Hi Damien….I mean chief…. Well about 2 months ago a few of the girls from the shop you went to. Well we went camping up in this area. A wolf from this village turned me and killed my friends. I have been his slave ever since.”

In the moon light I could see bruises and cuts on her body. I motioned her over and ran my hands over her body. As I touch her the bruising heals and her cuts close. My first act as chief would be to stop slavery. I wouldn’t see another girl hurt like this. I brought her over into my lap and hugged her.

“It is ok Lindsey. Once I am sworn in tomorrow I will challenge your owner and free you.”

The young girl hugged me back very hard. I heard raven stir and come over next to me.

03-21-2007, 01:49 AM
I walked over to where Damian and the girl were. I knew this girl. I thought back over the months that had passed. My light up with recognition. It was the girl from the store. It brought the old pain of Damian leaving that night back.

I didn't say anything. I just looked at him. The question plain in my eyes.

03-21-2007, 01:53 AM
I explain it all to Raven as she sits next to me. I knew once again my compassion for others would upset her and I would be ousted yet again. I wanted to make life better for others. Even at the cost of my own happiness.

“Alright Lindsey I do believe that the chief has the right for any slave girl to sleep in his hut right. Well I will invoke that now. I don’t want you anywhere near that wolf. We have a extra bed in our hut. You will sleep there till I sort it all out.”

03-21-2007, 01:58 AM
I took a deep breath and tried to be patient. I knew he wanted to help people. I just to be patient. I still remembered the days when there were no villages. When life was every wolf for themselves. I smiled at him and tried to make an effort.

"Come on Lindsey. My daughter is about your age. She'd love to have a new friend and I'm sure Danni will remember you."

This wasn't easy but I'd try.

03-21-2007, 02:00 AM
“Your daughter shit so I don’t count in this anymore? I see I will just go sleep in your old hut then…”

I dropped my head and started sulking towards the village.

03-21-2007, 02:03 AM
I call to him laughing as I walk.

"Get back here. You're crazy."

I run to catch up and wrap my arms around his waist. I turn him around and kiss him.

"Of course you count."

03-21-2007, 02:07 AM
“But you said that….” She puts her finger over my mouth and kisses me.

“Ok let’s get back. I know when we left everyone was awake already. So they will want to get to know Lindsey at least our kids will.”

03-21-2007, 02:18 AM
I take his arm as we walk. I leaned against him. When I first met him I never would have dreamed he'd be chief. I was afraid he'd come here and get killed. I remember being so mad that they had brought him in my hut.

My life would have been so much different. It would be empty. I'd still be alone and I wouldn't have my kids. I sighed and knew that I would never leave him no matter how hard the road got.

03-21-2007, 02:34 AM
As we entered I saw Danni ridding Drake yet again.

“Danni don’t hurt the poor boy.”

They all get up and Danni’s eyes narrow as she sees Lindsey. She grows her fangs and bares them at Lindsey.

“Danni sheath those fangs before I rip them out!” I growl at her.

“Lindsey is in the same situation I found you in. So pipe down, finish up and go to sleep. All of you to bed.”

I pulled and set up another bed on my left with Raven and Lilly on my right. As I set it up Lindsey and Lilly became fast friends. I was glad my daughter would have a friend to talk to.

“All right girls time for bed.”

As we all settled down I noticed raven shifted on top of me and wrapped here arms around me. Lilly cuddled into my right side as Lindsey did the same to my left. I was the middle of a giant flesh burrito and I loved it. I kissed the little one on their heads and gave Raven a deep kiss as we drifted off to sleep.

03-21-2007, 02:47 AM
I laid on top of him. I wanted to touch as much of him as I could tonight. I knew once he became Chief I would end up sharing his time with others. I returned his kiss and slipped off into a peaceful sleep.

03-21-2007, 03:04 AM
When I wake up I have not the normal one set of hands on my dick. I have 2 both Raven and Lindsey during the night had searched out my crotch and were holding on for dear life. I got there hands off me and went to the stream bath to wash up.

When I got there I wasn’t alone. About 20 female wolves from my new pack were there bathing. I undressed and jumped into a deep spot. As I washed my hair the next thing I knew I had been surrounded by the females.

“Good morning ladies. Is there anything I can help you with?”

A murmur went through the crowd. An attractive gray haired woman swam over to me. She looked around 20 but I knew she was prolly in her hundreds.

“The girls and I wanted to thank you. That ass of a chief was an abusive bastard. He would rape every girl in the village as often as his dick would allow. We also heard about what you did for pour Lindsey. If you ever need anything from any of us we will be more then willing to help.”

I looked in her eyes and saw tears falling into the water.

“Well ladies I do need someone to wash my back for me. No lower Raven would kill me. Besides even if you girls wanted it I am not the cheating type. I would rather die then cheat on my mate.”

The gray haired women picked up the soap I had brought and washed my back for me. I sat on a stone and chatted with the women as they washed. I told them of my plans to end the old ways. Women would be able to hold elder spots. No more slavery and also no more men just sitting on their asses as the women do everything.

I could smell and hear my family coming down to the stream. I called to them to join in.

03-21-2007, 03:14 AM
I watched as the kids dove into the water. I walked over to Damian and sat down next to him. He seemed to have won the heart of every woman in the village.

"Morning dear." I kissed him and slid into the water to bath. When I finished I swam up the stone that he sat on and laid my head on his leg. I needed to go to the hut today and see if there was anything I could take back to the cave with me. Tonight was the ceremony and things would be busy. I enjoyed my time with him while I could after tonight it would be rare to have.

03-21-2007, 03:19 AM
“Well love so I just have to stand next to a bonfire right. If it flares then I am in sounds easy enough to me. I think the hard part will be once these ladies get drunk. I have a policy to never hurt a woman. So I would get my ass kicked.”

I stroke Ravens hair and lift her into my lap. I can see several of the ladies watching me. I pass several waves of orgasm into Raven with my kisses and her honey runs freely down my once dry leg.

03-21-2007, 03:23 AM
I felt a blush creep up me as I felt the ladies eyes on me. I managed to catch my breath after a few moments and answer him.

"The men will be an issues as well. The will be drunk and challenge happy. Try not to hurt too many of them."

I looked over at the ladies taking in all of the stares. I had a feeling my life was going to get more difficult as the days went by.

03-21-2007, 03:32 AM
“Oh yeah so I got to fight on my first night looks like no drink for Damian tonight…….damn it!”

I lay back on the rock as Raven splashes water on my legs and her.

By afternoon I was tired of being in that hut listening to these old men fight I just left. As I walked out they yelled at me to sit down.

“We have been in the hut for almost 5 hours. And we are talking about moving a fucking rock down the stream for the ladies. They want a stone so they can wash clothes easier I am going to give it to them.”

I walked down the stream about a mile. As I came into view I noticed a few ladies were cleaning there laundry on a large stone. Normally 5 lycan males would be needed to move this stone. With me I just had to shift.

“Well ladies I am here to move this stone down stream for you. So get your clothes off so I don’t drop anything.”

They grabbed there things and I shifted. I grabbed the stone and tossed it onto my back. The ladies a grand 9th grabbed onto my legs and feet as I walked. When I arrived at the stream nearest the village I set the stone down and dug a hole with my paw so it would sit just below the surface of the water. I widened the stream bank so the added stone wouldn’t mess the flow up to bad. After a good stomp the stone was set perfect.

“Well girls there you go and I have to go help gather firewood with the women in the forest. So I will bide you ado.”

03-21-2007, 03:59 AM
I sat in my hut. The pallet that Damian had slept on was still in the floor. I sat and relived our time together. It was wonderful. I wouldn't trade a moment of it. I can smell him in here still. I sigh and start packing things that I could use at the cave.

I hear a bunch of woman talking and Damian's name. I walk out the door and listen. He was make himself the hero of the village. I smiled. I wasn't surprised. Damian was a very giving person.

I smiled at the ladies as they walked by. The look I got wasn't a friendly one but no one said anything towards me.

"Great. Tonight will be a damn blast." I sighed and walked back in the hut. I hadn't been inside long when the door opened.

I turned to find the oldest member of our village standing in my door. His name was Jerick. He'd brought me to the village a few years after I turned. I smiled and hugged him tightly.

"Looking beautiful daughter." He was the closet thing I'd ever had to a father and I had let him adopt me.

"Thank you father. I've missed you." He was one of the two on the council that had never ratted me out for my illusion.

"I have a message for you dear. Your mate has caused quiet a disturbance through out our world. Word travels fast. You and he are summoned to the High Council in Ireland. He will stand a trail. It has never been allowed that a dragon clan member be allowed to rule over us. He maybe a wolf but he was one of them first."

I sat down and hung my head. I'd heard of the High Council. The trials he would be put through wouldn't be easy even for him. They would be more then just brute force fights.

"Thank you father. I will tell him after the ceremony. How long do we have? And can we take the kids or do you want to babysit?"

He smiled. "You have a week. I'd love to meet my grand kids. They can't go. It must be you and him alone. You are summoned because you are our mage. Otherwise he'd be there without you as well. I must go prepare for tonight. I'm truly sorry dear."

I sighed as he walked out. What a day this was turning out to be.

03-21-2007, 04:10 AM
I walk back into town with a few tons of firewood for tonight and the ladies following me. I saw Raven and knew something bad had happened.

After I dropped the firewood and got to her she told me the whole thing.

“Great Ireland I guess we can see it as the honeymoon we never got. Don’t worry I am faster, smarter, stronger, and overall more powerful then anything on this plant. Save another like me.”

03-21-2007, 04:18 AM
"I hope your right. They will take all your skills into consideration when they make the test. There's a legend of another like you. But no one has seen in over a thousand years if he ever really existed."

I take his hand. I want him to meet my father.

"I want you to meet someone."

I lead him to my fathers hut. I knock on the door. Jerick answers with a smile. I give him another hug.

"Damian, I'd like you to meet the man that gave me a home. This is my father Jerick. Father I believe you know my mate."

I move and let them shake hands.

03-21-2007, 04:21 AM
“Hello again sir I remember you were the only one in the council meeting that wanted to help the village ASAP. I admire that. Not only that, but you gave my love a home. So I am in dept to you a great deal.”

I knock his hand away and give him a hug.

03-21-2007, 04:27 AM
I laughed as he hugged my dad. I thought my dad was going to die.

"I'm glad you two like each other so much."

I left them to get to know each other.

03-21-2007, 04:29 AM
2 hours later I walk back to the hut.

“Your dad is funny. So when does this thing start?”

03-21-2007, 04:32 AM
"It starts at sundown. They will have your ceremony robes at the meeting hall. What did you and my dad talk about?"

I hadn't told Damian any of my past but my dad loved to talk. I hope he hadn't told him anything yet.

03-21-2007, 04:35 AM
“He told me about this one time. You had stuffed a gourd up your uhm pussy the fat end to masturbate with it. He came home and you couldn’t get it out. Then about the time you tossed your back out trying to lick your own clit. Fuck I about died on that one.”

It was almost sundown.

“So I have to walk to the center of town naked? At least I don’t have to be covered in oil”

03-21-2007, 04:41 AM
"It's not like everyone hasn't seen you naked already. I don't think it will bother you. Remind me to kill my dad when I see him again."

That was so embarassing. At least that's all he had told him. I didn't want to go to Ireland. I'd left it behind for a reason. I hadn't set foot there in over a thousand years. Now I had no choice in the matter.

"Love...how are we going to get to Ireland?" I hadn't thought of that when father had mentioned it.

03-21-2007, 04:48 AM
“Love I am rich. It is called a plane. He also told me about this one time. You mixed up a batch of herbs to uhm get larger breast. Well it worked. Your boobs were about 400 lbs each. That one was funny to.”

I looked over at her and smiled.

“Plus he also went into detail about how finding you was the best thing he has ever done in his long life. He also blesses our mating. So what say I let you strip me and do the stuff I know you got to do.”

03-21-2007, 04:53 AM
I hang my head in embarassment yet again. Jerick was a dead wolf.

"You'll 'let' me strip you?"

I had a few magic tricks he'd never seen. If dad was bringing up all my stupid tricks I'd show him a few of them. I reached out with my power and all of his clothes came apart at the seams and fell off.

"Your stripped love."

I walked over and ran my hands over his body. He was so handsome. I licked his nipples and smiled.

03-21-2007, 04:57 AM
“My clothes!!! Baby that was my favorite shirt.”

I pout at her as she licks my nipple.

03-21-2007, 05:01 AM
"Don't worry. What I break I can fix."

I kissed his pout and moved away from him. I looked out the window. It was almost time for him to go. I knew that our private time would be a lot less after this but it would all work out in the end.

03-21-2007, 05:16 AM
As the sun sets raven opens the door and I step out. She follows behind me every step of the way. Several of the ladies dressed in almost nothing have a large bowl of oil. I know what is to come. I stop before them and they rub my whole body head to toe in the oil. They seem to make sure my dick is covered extremely well.

After I am covered I walk father and several ladies dressed in even less have a few bowls with different herbs in them. They once more cover me head to toe in the herbs, paying special attention to my ass, dick, and ball, once more.

Finally I see 5 naked women holding a large white robe and a headdress. They drape the white robe over my shoulders and se the headdress on my head. I look down and see my dick is at full mast for no reason. I also see a large alter and a young human girl.

Raven had left this out. I can smell she is a virgin. I see the fear in her eyes. I know what I am supposed to do but I won’t do it.

“Release the girl. I am putting an end to these rituals. The gods will be called now. I will give them no virgin blood tonight or any night for that matter.”

I walk over the girl tied down and release her. She grips to me like moss grips to a tree.

“It is ok young one no one will hurt you.”

I can see Raven and the leaders of the Village smiling at me.

“Didn’t I just break the ceremony? Am I not in trouble?

03-21-2007, 05:24 AM
After the horrors the last Chief put these women through it was important to show these people that Damian was a good man. My father had arranged this trial.

Jerick walked up to Damian and put his hand on his shoulder.

"You passed a test. Now let us dance and call the gods."

I stood next to the chair of honor that Damian would sit in at the end of the ceremony. The selected men and women of the village danced the ceremonial dance. As it finished the young virgin lead Damian to the fire. A council member instructed him to hold out his hands. If the fire flared he was the god choice.

I watched as he held his hands out. I held my breath as I waited on the flare. It happened seconds later. It was so bright that I was left blinded for a moment. As soon as it faded the party began. Damian was lead to the chair. I kissed him after he was seated. My father asked me to dance. I smiled at Damian and let Jerick lead me out into the crowd.

03-21-2007, 05:31 AM
No sooner then Raven had left then I was approached by a few more women with more oil and herbs.

“No thanks ladies I don’t want my dick to explode.”

“Chief these will get you back to your normal state. Granted the ladies and I had a few ideas to help you out.”

I looked at them. All of them were naked as was everyone at the party. I had to keep my strength about me in case of a challenge.

“Sorry ladies just put the herbs and oil on. I have a mate and I will remain loyal to her. Also any more of those nasty looks or comments about my love. And I will personally see you punished for it.”

03-21-2007, 05:37 AM
I laughed and danced with my father. This village hadn't laughed in a century or more. My head was spinning by the time he let me leave. I made my way back to Damian. The ladies gathered around the chair hung their heads and wouldn't look at me. I saw they had the bowls of herbs to help relieve Damian's state.

"I can do that ladies. Go enjoy yourselves. Have fun." I tried to smile and be friendly.

I took the oil and herbs and watched them walk away.

"What was that all about?"

03-21-2007, 05:42 AM
“Let’s just say if you ever get pissed at me and toss my furry ass into the street. I won’t hit the dirt. Now can you do something about this damn erection?”

I look at her as she smiles at my state.

03-21-2007, 05:45 AM
"Oh I could do something about it. I could do lots of things about it."

I slide in front of him and begin to stroke him gently. He knew I'd never do anything in front of all these people but I would tease the hell out of him for a few moments.

03-21-2007, 05:56 AM
“You best be putting herbs on or will use your pussy as a hiding place for my dick. I don’t care how many people are around.”

She is still teasing me with her hands. She looks at me with evil look in her eyes.

03-21-2007, 05:59 AM
I wrap my hand around him and squeeze as I slide my hand down him cleaning off the old herbs.

"Gotta get you clean first."

I smile my most innocent smile.

03-21-2007, 06:06 AM
I moan at this and see other women looking at me. All I can smell is turned on female. It is intoxicating and I can’t stand it. I lift the naked Raven onto my lap and slide into her. I sink all the way into her balls deep and she moans.

“Ok let’s see if I can make you beg me to let you cum.”

I pump a orgasm into her and hold her at it for almost 20 minutes as I fuck her.

03-21-2007, 06:09 AM
I gasp in shock as he grabs me. I felt him release his power into me. I was right on the verge of an orgasm but I couldn't cum no matter how hard I rode him. I was whimpering with frustration. I knew we were the center of attention but I didn't care. I kept thrusting myself on him harder and harder.

03-21-2007, 06:13 AM
I just sat and let her thrust onto me. I keep a tight hold on her never letting her break for an orgasm. I let it fly higher and higher. But I never let it break. Not until she begged me for I would I let her release.

03-21-2007, 06:16 AM
I couldn't take it anymore. I needed to orgasm so bad it hurt.

"Please." I didn't have the air for more then a whisper.

03-21-2007, 06:19 AM
“What was that I couldn’t hear you love?”

I knew what she wanted. I also knew she had to work for it. I was so close I ouwl let her cum when I did.

03-21-2007, 06:22 AM
I try to catch my breath long enough to speak but I can't. I'm gasping for air. After what seems like and eternity I catch one good breath.

"Please! Let me cum! I can't take it anymore!" It comes out louder then I meant for it too. Almost a scream but not quite.

03-21-2007, 06:24 AM
At that moment I flood her with so much cum it blasts out into the bowl that used to have oil in it. She cums so hard she passes out in my arms.

I stop people from coming over to help. I let he slowly float back down.

“Well hi have a nice trip?”

03-21-2007, 06:26 AM
"Wonderful." I lay against him weak beyond belief.

For once I don't care how many people are watching. I kiss him and stay in his arms.

03-21-2007, 06:29 AM
I motion for a village girl to come over and clean us up. At first she uses her tongue. The last thing I needed was that hassle. After giving her a little lesson she got us cleaned up and stole away the bowl full of my sterile cum.

“You think she is going to do what I think she is going to try?” I whisper into Ravens ear.

03-21-2007, 06:32 AM
"Probably but it won't do her any good." I laughed as I sat in his lap.

I noticed a bunch of young males talking in a group. They kept looking at Damian.

"Love I think you'll have your first challenge soon." I nodded in the boys direction.

03-21-2007, 06:45 AM
No sooner does she slip off my lap then a male comes over to me. He was older then that was for sure. Both in the way he looked and his actual age.

“Chief I challenge you to combat.”

I look at him and send a burst of killing intent into him. He sees me get out of my chair and except his challenge. I rush him and blast his stomach out all over the ground. When he comes back from my illusion he has pissed himself.

“I am sorry sure I back down from my challenge if you will let me?” The man whimpers at me.

“You will have clean up duty tomorrow. Every male that challenges me and loses will clean up in place of the women. Males her don’t do shit but eat, sleep, piss, and screw. From now on men and women split everything down the middle. Tomorrow I am replacing a few council members with new ones I want half of the elders to be women. I already have them picked.”

I look around and see a male wolf forcing Lindsey to bend over. I cross the distance in a instant and knock him down.

“I challenge you to one on one combat. You may use any weapon poison is not allowed.”

He shifts and attacks me. I grab his jaw and he implodes. Nothing is left of him.

“I ever see a male or a female force them selves on another. They are dead no ifs no ands. You are dead.”

03-21-2007, 06:50 AM
I've never seen him use his powers like that before. It leaves me feeling shaken. He was set on changing things and quick. Lindsey hugs him and goes back to the party.

I wonder who he has chosen for the council. There were a lot of strong women in the village. I knew several that would be good choices. Life was going to be much different then before.

I knew his grandfather would be proud of him.

03-21-2007, 06:54 AM
“Raven I need to talk to you tonight before we go to sleep.”

I noticed that the party had taken on a more festive mood. Then men were actually up and trying to win girls the right way. They also had fun doing it.

03-21-2007, 06:58 AM
I smile at him. I can feel the change in the people. It's wonderful.

"Of course love. I think things will be ok here if you want to go now. We'll just tell dad before we go."

03-21-2007, 07:05 AM
“You can go tell him. I thought you needed to talk to him about our conversation earlier. You know I think I understand my you don’t like gourds now.”

I run into our hut and dive under a pile of pelts.

03-21-2007, 07:11 AM
I gave him a go to hell look as he ran off to our hut. I took a deep breath. He was going to pay. I went and found dad.

"Me and Damian are going to go to bed. I think we've gave everyone enough of a show."

He hugs me and smiles. He's waiting for me to blast him.

"It's no fun dad if you know I'm going to yell at you. As long as you don't tell him about my life before the village I won't get mad. I want to be the one that tells him that if he ever ask."

He puts his hand on my shoulder. "When you go to Ireland you won't have much of a choice. You know there are people there that will give you problems. I hope it goes well in the end. But anyway my horny little girl...run to your mate."

He kissed my forehead and I walked to the hut. There was a wolf in there that was going to pay. I stop at the water well and fill up a bucket of water. This was going to be good. I walked in the door. Kicked the covers off him and poured the icy cold water on him.

03-21-2007, 07:15 AM
“OWWWWWWWW!!!!! Bitch cold I was warm and now my blankets are wet. Your ass will pay for this. Tonight I take your ass with this monster.”

I pull her down onto me.

“First though we need to get me dry and warm and new bedding.”

03-21-2007, 07:21 AM
I sit on top of him laughing. The look on his face was priceless.

"Oh no...my ass is a virgin and its staying that way. Get your own blankets. You can go get them from my dad."

I jump up still laughing and ran out the back door into the woods. I shift and run till I get to the river about a mile from the village. I laid down on the bank still laughing. I knew he'd catch up with me at any moment. I just laid in the moonlight and waited. I shifted back and stared up at the moon.

03-21-2007, 07:11 PM
I teleport to her side my large frame pins her to the ground.

“Your ass is still virgin after this long? Well looks like I get to take at least one of your holes virginity.”

I use some water from the stream to hold her ass into the air. I use the water and have it slip into her ass. It gently works her open wider and wider. I am sending constant orgasms into her. Finally I put the water back into the stream and line my hard dick up with her virgin ass.

“Here it come’s baby.”

The head slips in easy from the water working her open. I slide in with no problems and I can feel her orgasm from my entry. I start to pump her ass gently. Long slow strokes in and out. With each bottom out I send a large orgasm into her. She is screaming at this point.

03-21-2007, 07:16 PM
I dig my fingers into the dirt as I scream. The feel of him is amazing. I'd never felt anything like this before in my life. My pussy is dripping from the orgasms that he's pumping into me.

My throat gets horse and my screams are reduced to whimpers. I start sliding back on him meeting his thrust with my own.

03-21-2007, 07:20 PM
I release her and roll over. I hold her at a orgasm right at the peak One constant orgasm.

“You will stay in orgasm till I cum. I guess you should move that ass.”

She starts to thrust harder and harder onto me. Her ass is so tight it is amazing. I feel like my dick is going to get cut off by it. He body is convulsing from the constant orgasm I am pumping into her.

03-21-2007, 07:33 PM
My body arches at the sensations pouring into me as he changes positions. I can't breath. Each thrust is more intense then the last. I squeeze my muscles around him holding him tight to me. I want to feel him cum deep inside me.

03-21-2007, 07:47 PM
I can’t hold out much longer. She far too tight and after 10 minutes of her riding my cock I explode into her tight ass. I fill her up I know that my cum is in her stomach. Her whole body stiffens.

Her body outlined by the moon. Her long black hair a tangled mess and her body covered in sweat as she is impaled on my dick. She finally collapses to me and I hold her tight.

“Well that was fun. What say we take a dip and head back to the party? I need to check to make sure everything is going smoothly.”

03-21-2007, 07:57 PM
I lay on him exhausted.

"Do we have to? I asked dad to watch things."

I slipped off him. I felt empty from where he'd been so deep inside me. I kissed him and got in the water.

03-21-2007, 08:10 PM
I dive into the water and use my powers so it flows into her ass. She grips my chest as the waters thrusts into her empty ass washing her out.

“Oh do you like that baby?”

I can see the blush on her face as the water washes her out.

03-21-2007, 08:12 PM
I hold on to him tight as the water flows into me. I sigh at the sensation. It feels so good but so different from him being in me. I feel my body reacting to the pressure the water causes in me. I grip him tighter my nails biting into his chest.

03-21-2007, 08:20 PM
I let the water flow out and carry her back to the party. Her ass is still gaping open as we arrive at the bonfire. The party is going great and I can see women are having fun with their new freedoms.

“Well baby why don’t we sit down and get something to eat before we hit the sack. I will let you sit on my lap so your ass is on something soft.”

03-21-2007, 08:23 PM
"Food sounds great. So does your lap." I laugh softly.

After the pleasure had eased I was starting to feel tender. I was going to be walking funny for the rest of the night. I kissed him and smiled.

03-21-2007, 08:41 PM
No sooner had Raven collapsed in my lap then several naked women carrying plates of all kinds of food. After we had our fill I leaned back in my chair and let Raven curl up in my lap. Shortly after I had laid her down to bed and gone back to the party.

I was asked to dance by several females. Ravens father told me I had to dance with the ladies. It was a custom. I was pulled next to the fire and surrounded by women. I would guess around 30 naked female pressing themselves against me.

I looked over their heads and saw several of the men of the village heading towards the hut I had laid raven down in. The look in their eyes was something I had seen before. I knew what they were going to try and I wouldn’t allow it.

I teleported into the hut, no sooner did the male open the door then we flew over the fire into a hut. It was against the village law to enter the chief’s hut without his permission. I beat every one of them and sent them home with broken egos.

“I warn every male in this village. You try anything to harm my family and I will not hesitate to kill you. Women the same goes for you. You lay a finger on my family and I will see you killed in a very painful way.”

03-21-2007, 08:49 PM
I awoke to the sound of wood breaking. I sat up suddenly worried. I saw the door to the hut was open. I ran back to the fire. I heard the last of what Damian said.

He started to walk away from the party and I caught him.

"Love things will get better I promise. Come lay down with me."

If things were this bad here I dreaded to see what happened when we got to Ireland. I was not well liked by most of the head council members. It would be a long and trying time.

03-22-2007, 12:05 AM
I lay down next to her but didn’t sleep that night. She had passed out no sooner then her head hit the pillow. 3 more times during the night a group of males came in thinking I was asleep. Each of them was sent back broken and bleeding.

I knew I would never be welcome here. I decided to appoint a new chief for this village. I would travel back to the cave and allow all those who wished to follow. We would start a new village in the shadow of the black peak, under the spray of the white falls and in the valley of the fallen moon. I would call it the village of the white moon shadow.

I awoke the next morning and went down to the stream bath. Drake was awake and more then strong enough to keep the girls safe. Once again all the women were at the river. I wasn’t even at the bank when I was surrounded by wet naked women. They all saw the look on my face and knew something was up.

“Chief what is wrong? Did you not sleep well?” The young gray haired wolf named Christine asked.

I sat down on a rock I had moved into the shallow end of the stream. It let me sit next to the large wash rock so I had water falling over my shoulders. I let out a long sigh and a few of the ladies started to wash me as one rubbed my shoulders.

“Thanks ladies I had a long night. Three times during the night I had to fight off a group of males with weapons. I refuse to live this way. I have decided to start over and raise a village from the ground up.

The cave raven and I called home is in a great area. Black peaks magma chamber warms the waters so there are hot springs we can dig up. Imagine it Hot water all year round. The minerals in the water are perfect for the skin as well. A few miles from the cave is the White falls. I have trained in its spray many times.

Also not 10 miles from the cave is another village. I saved Danni from a wolf there. I want to open a line of talk with them and join us into one village. That would give us more security and more people to make the village grow.

The area has many caves that would work as homes till we can build log cabins. I can import glasses windows from the local human town. Bigger homes mean bigger families. Then with more people we can grow crops instead of just hunting and gathering. I want to set up a permanent village and make it self sustaining.”

As I let the water run over my shoulders and wash the soap off of me I can see that the ladies love the idea. I know when I make the announcement I would have the support of the women. The men seemed happy to keep things the old way. Well I would not sit back and watch them rape women and sit back as they do all the work.

I also knew I could trust Jerick to go as well. A few of the council members had taken a liking to me and would follow me to the end. I was more then happy to leave the men to there own. I would come back to this village and challenge all those who took slaves. I would kill them and free the slaves. I would keep our kind free. Those that put chains on us will pay.

As I was deep in thought I had missed that the ladies had gotten my dick to full mast and they were looking at it in awe. They were chatting about how there was no way in hell it would fit in them. I felt someone lick the underside of it and knew things would get out of hand.

“Ladies I am taken and you know it.”

A redheaded wolf looks at me and smiles.

“Oh what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her.”

At that a few of the ladies grabbed me and pinned me to the rock. They knew my hands could induce orgasm at will. I was too tired to do it anyway. After working all day yesterday, the fights, and sex with Raven, I had nothing left. I watched as the redhead licked my dick and a few others started to lick my balls and nipples.

I would let them have their fun. It was all I could do. Soon they were sucking my dick none of them could take it into there mouth but many tried. Finally one of the ladies climbed on my lap and slowly slid my dick into her. She was tight and only about half of my dick fit into her. She rode my dick till she collapses in orgasm. They all took their turns and all were left passed out on the bank.

“Ladies none of you stand a chance against me. The only women that can satisfy me is Raven. I love you all. You are my children. So never try this again this is your one warning.”

I walked back to the village and gathered the council members. As I expected they all knew I was right. Out of the ten elders 8 wanted to go with me. The other two stayed behind and I gave the chief position to the one I knew was best. He was strong and fair. He wanted to change the village for the better just like I did.

We gathered the whole village. Several of the women walking oddly from the stream I might add. As I spoke I could see the way the men’s faces light up. When I asked for those who would follow me to raise their hands, every woman in the village and a few of the better men did.

The men that had attacked me were standing in a corner waiting. As I walked past them they circled me and everyone in the village could see the daggers dripping with poison.

“Like hell we would let you take the women to a new village. We will kill you before you can even set a new chief.”

As they jumped at me I charged my whole body with a huge amount of electricity. A bolt of lighting shot to the sky and the group was incinerated by the heat of it. Nothing was left of them. I saw the looks of shock at my power. Raven and my family ran to me and covered me in hugs. Several of the women and men crowded around me to say I had no choice.

We set off for the new spot that day. I shifted to my Dragon form and flew the large things into place. As the villagers walked below me I could hear the shouts and cheers as I flew over head. The last to go to the new village were my family. I lie down on the earth and let them climb on my back. As I took off I could hear Raven and Lilly comforting Lindsey as we flew.

When we landed and I shifted back to human form the rest of the villagers were still about 2 hours away. I sent Raven and the kids into the cave to get it cleaned up. I went to white falls.

I hadn’t been alone for almost 3 days and I needed some time to myself. When I came upon the falls it was like it always was the large pillar of rock and the many layers of rock platforms and waterfalls flowing over them.

I stripped down and started to beat at the pillar. I would punch and kick till I could no longer feel my feet. I had upped my weights with magic so each set weighed 10 tons each. I was moving so fast even with them on it was insane. All you saw was a white flash as I moved. Each hit would make the rock vibrate and a piece would fall into the water.

After an hour I climbed to the highest platform and began to go though my tai-chi. I was putting energy into each movement. Electricity was arching from my head and hands as I did the moves. As I moved through the steps fire started to shoot out of my hands and the earth began to shift as I moved. Water would follow the flow of my hands and blue energy would flow out into the waterfall.

After 2 hours in tai-chi I jumped down to the stone pillar and sat on the top. The water was hitting the top much harder then at the upper stages. I began to go into my mind and listen to my heart. As the time went on my breathing near stopped as I traveled the sky with my minds eye, I saw the ladies of the village had once again gathered by the pool of the waterfall to watch me.

I felt a strange peace in me. I was finally feeling like I belonged somewhere. I had a family that I loved. I was the chief of a new village. The only thing that worried me was a pair of blue eye I always saw in mediation. I felt as though a great power was watching me. The power wasn’t evil not by a long shot. It felt familiar like my own power. I could see the eyes smile at me each time I would go deep into my heart.

After an hour of meditation I woke to find the sun setting and the ladies still watching me. I had set up a large cave with the things they would need. They were waiting for me to come to dinner.

I jumped down to my clothes and gathered them. As I walked past them the women walked with me. They chatted away at how I had never moved for over an hour. They seemed to be completely in awe with me. I knew Raven wouldn’t like it but it wasn’t something I could control.

“Ladies I will part with you here. Please go to the cave with the red sandstone door. You will be staying there. Tomorrow I will fall some trees for you to begin making log cabins with. Have Drake show you the way to the tar pits. Use that to seal the logs.

I have to leave on a trip to the grand council by weeks end. Jerick will be put in charge and my son Drake will be second in command. I will appoint 5 women to the village council. I will also be forming a council for war and communication with the near by village.”

I walked into my cave to a roar of “aw come back!” I pulled Raven to the side with note book to write the names of who would best serve me in the various councils. After several hours I had 30 names 5 men and 5 women on each. If a tie was ever made Raven would cast the breaking vote.

03-22-2007, 06:21 PM
As Damian worked on his exercises I'd made the rounds through the new village. I checked on everyone and made sure that they were getting settled all right. My father was very busy moving people and things around.

I smiled at him as I passed. I pass a group of women coming back from the direction of the waterfall. I smile at them but I hear whispers and several looks of anger that they try to hide. I never thought it would be hard to be Damian's mate but I guess I was in for a rough ride.

I made it back to the cave a few minutes before Damian. I helped him with his choices for the various councils. I knew making me the tie breaker was going to be a risky move but it was his village. I didn't make the rules.

I set the food I'd cooked out on the table after I cleared his papers away. I looked around the cave. I had brought all of my things from my hut at the old village. It made things a little more crowded.

There were two chest that I had locks on. They held things from my past that I hoped I would never have to use again. I had brought them in while Damian was setting up the temporary cave and hid them under my herb cabinet. I hoped someday to pass the things inside to Lily but I didn't know what abilities she would acquire as she continued to grow.

Most of the items in those chest were either from the days before I came to be a wolf or the first few centuries there after. I’d had a rough past and had done a lot of bad things. Most of what I’d done was because I was made to do it. I took a deep breath as I put food on my families plates. I had a family and a future. The bad days were gone. I didn’t have to do anything I didn’t want to ever again. I didn’t have to fend for myself I had a family to help me and they had me.

I had invited my father to join us for dinner. It had been a long itme since we’d got to relax together. It seemed that everytime we saw each other in the villiage it was always on business or in passing. I sat down and looked around the table. I thought of the trip facing me and Damian. I prayed to the gods that we didn’t lose everything we had.

I was thinking and didn’t hear Jerick speak to me.

“Are you ready for this trip?”

When I didn’t answer Lily shook me. “Mom?”

“Sorry, what did you ask me?”

“Are you ready for this trip? Have you told Damian anything about the council and how its set up?”

I took a deep breath and shook my head no. I had planned on doing that after dinner. I was not favored at the council. I had bad history with it. Damian wouldn’t like it either. If he thought our village was bad he would go into shock at the council village. I shivered. I remembered it well.

“I was going to do that tonight. I wish we didn’t have to go.”

I laid my hand on Damian's as we talked. I tried to tell myself everything was going to be ok. I sat back and tried to enjoy dinner with my family.

03-22-2007, 06:32 PM
As we ate I saw the worried look on Ravens face.

“It is ok Raven. I won’t let anything happen to you. I think we will have a very powerful friend in the village when we arrive.”

I smile at her as we finish. I get the kids to clean up as I lock me and raven in the Hot springs.

“OK well tell me what I need to know. Am I going to get any sleep in the council village?”

03-22-2007, 06:43 PM
I take a deep breath.

"I seriously doubt it. You won't like the way the village it's self is run. If you thought mine was bad you'll hate this. Slavery is an everyday thing."

I slide next to him and lay my head on his shoulder.

"I'm not very popular with the council. We have some bad history. When we go I won't be able to act as your wife only as the village mage. Don't even tell them we are mates or it will make it worse for you."

03-22-2007, 06:51 PM
“Ok so I won’t speak a word about us being married. I won’t challenge anyone till after I have passed the councils tests.”

I look at her and hug her.

“Besides I still have only shown about 20% of my power. I have tricks that many would consider god like.”

The look of confusion is plain.

“You will see. Let’s get to bed. I think we need to go and get a ticket for the ride to Ireland. I will get us a private jet. Alone for a while, that way I can sleep the whole way”

I carry Raven to bed. I need to save my strength so no sex or heavy training for a while.

03-22-2007, 07:06 PM
It would be hard for him not to challenge anyone before the test were over. I would be treated badly I was sure. They would respect that I was a mage but that would be all that kept me from being forced into doing things I didn't want. It wouldn't keep the words from being spoken though.

I laid in the bed and stared at the ceiling all night. I think of things that I did before I met my father. None of it was pretty. I got out of bed and started packing things for the trip.

I walked to the chest. I looked behind me to make sure Damian was asleep before I opened them. I took out two black arm bracer's. Each would cover my arm from wrist to elbow. Inside each one was a dagger. I slid them in the bottom of the bag.

The next thing I took out was a bolo. It was black with blood red stones on the end. The last thing I took out was a vest. It was beautiful. It was black with blue running wolves sewn into the front. Each wolf hid a secret though. There were four more daggers on each side of the vest. I shivered as I remembered the things I used to do with these weapons.

At one time I'd had a bow as well but it had been broken years ago and I'd never had it replaced. I knew I would wear these to the council. That was one place I would never go unarmed. I was strong for a female lycan but some time there were easier and less noticeable ways to handle things then with brute force. I didn't know how my magic would stand against theres if it came to that so I was going to be prepared for anything.

I piled my clothes in on top of the weapons. Then I moved on to pack Damian's things so that I could try to think about something else.

03-22-2007, 07:45 PM
I awoke to find Raven sitting in the chair by the bed. The bags were already packed and I could see the worry on her face.

“Baby if anyone touches you they will die. It is a wolf law that you are not allowed to touch another village’s mage without her permission. I can kill with little to no effort. If anyone thinks they are above the law then I will act as the law.”

I pulled her to me. The kids were already up and I knew breakfast was waiting.

“Let’s go eat then we can have Drake drive us into town. We can catch a cab to the airport.”

After 3 hours we were loading bags into a jet. I knew Raven had packed weapons I could feel the metal in her bags. I had no need for weapons with my power. She felt safer with them so I let her take them.

After a long flight that both of us sleep on the whole way save for lunch. We arrived in Ireland. A taxi was waiting for us. After getting our bags we climbed in and I could tell the young wolf was scared. I wasn’t sending any mixed signals here. My killing aura was not being covered at all. I had no worries. Every person that made a false move against me or Raven would see their death the second they had a killing intent.

After we arrived I already knew I was going to have to kill half the men. I saw a women being Raped right in plain sight. As I passed I sent the man a burst of killing intent and he passed out. I gave a mark to each woman. Every time a man tried to rape or hit her. A burst of my killing intent would show me killing them. It was all I could do till I had passed the test.

Raven was tense as we walked. The men glared at her. One idiot even grabbed her. No sooner did his hand touch her then his head fell to the ground. About 8 wolfs jumped me and tried to kill me. In the blink of an eye each was split in two and to even a seasoned warrior it looked like I had not moved.

We arrived at the council building. As we walked in I saw many wolves with slave girls walking into a main room. Raven took me into a side room where I was to wait. As I sat I was fuming. The 9 I had killed were only the beginning.

“Well I think that will make the council realize I am not some pup they can toss to a group of hunters”

03-22-2007, 08:12 PM
I took my bag as I left. I would not walk into the council unarmed. I would remind them who I was and what they made me. I was called Raven for a reason.

I slid my black leather pants on. The vest went on next. I checked each blade. They were as sharp as ever. The wrist sheaths went on next. It worried me that it felt right. It was like something in me clicked when I put the weapons on. The bolo went tied around my waist as a belt.

They would remember the fear I caused while I was here. And if they thought I was bad. Wait till they met Damian. I was feared because of my skill. He would be feared for his sheer power. I laughed to myself. It even worried me at times.

I walked into the council chamber. My mage powers ebbing and flowing as I walked. I showed the required respect and bowed.

"You summoned my chief and I to your council. What would you have of us?"

I would act as a go between until they called for him. You could cut the tension in the room like a knife. I didn't hide my hatered for these men. They had made me a killer and they would remember it.

The oldest council member looked at me but didn't speak. He was the one that had turned me. I had tried to block that period of time out of my mind. I turned my gaze from him and awaited my instructions.

03-22-2007, 08:21 PM
I could feel the hate from the room. Raven was pissed and wasn’t hiding it. The second I was called into the room I would fill it with my power. I would show these “Elders” they had no idea who they were fucking with.

03-22-2007, 08:30 PM
"Your chief has been summoned here to face a trial to see if a dragon is fit to rule the wolf village."

I bristle at the sound of his voice. I hated him with every fiber of my being.

"I understand that councilor Valr. Would you like him brought to the circle now?"

He nodded and I left the room. I opened the door to the room Damian waited in. I noticed he looked at me oddly when I opened the door. Between my outfit and my hair pulled back slick into a ponytail I probably looked like a stranger to him. Not to mention the steel glint in my eye.

"They're ready for you."

03-22-2007, 08:44 PM
I stood up and passed Raven. We both could feel how pissed and angry we were with the council. As soon as I stood on the platform, I felt all the members of the council send out Killing intent to me. I laughed at them. It was pitiful. They were so weak. I shot out a blast of killing intent to each of them. I saw the looks of shock on their fat ugly faces when I did.

“Dragon you have been brought here to see if you are fit to rule a wolf village. What do you have to say in your defense?”

I smirk at him and send a blast to show me turning him to ash in the blink of a eye.

“I have nothing to say to a bunch of pompous bastards who think they have any power or right to judge others. You are all weak and if I wanted to you would all be dead already. Test me and get this over with. Any of you try your little magic tricks with me again. And I will show you powers the likes of which the gods themselves envy.”

03-22-2007, 08:53 PM
I stand a few feet away from Damian. If they have any idea at all that there is a connection between us I will be used against him. I watch as the council members walk from their seats to the platform. Valr moved near me.

"I've missed you Brannagh." He whispers my birth name. He touches the side of my face.

I grab his hand and twist it. A knife at his throat before he can blink.

"My name is Raven. That's the name my father gave me. You would do well to remember it councilor and keep your hands to yourself. You forget our laws. You have no right to touch a mage."

The other members were keeping Damian busy as I dealt with Valr. I pushed him away from me and put the knife back at my wrist. I wouldn't have Damian distracted worrying about me. He had enough to deal with.

03-22-2007, 10:32 PM
As the councilors keep me away from Raven I saw one of them touch her. She could take care of herself. But he was a dead man. That much was certain. As they lead me into a room I could hear them talking about the 8 tests. I knew no creature other then the being who was in my minds eye could touch my power.

They had set up the first trial to test my strength in a large arena. A 20 foot tall mountain troll was chain to the wall. It was pissed and I knew what I had to do. I could tell I had to fight this creature or I would fail.

“Ok Dagon your challenge is to defeat this mountain troll. You are not allowed to use your dragon powers at all. You are only allowed to use lycan powers. So shift and show us this lycan form all who have seen it fear.”

I shift I tower over the troll and my crystal blue fangs and claws glint in the sun. My blue eye pierce the heart of the council members as the stare open mouthed. I could smell one of them had pissed them self. I roared at them and the earth shock with fear as the Troll huddled against the wall and covered his head.

“Your troll is quivering in fear at me. You have pissed yourselves in fear. Do you wish to test me further?”

Valr stepped forward and yelled at me.

“You have passed this test Dragon but I will make sure you don’t pass the next. I will see you killed and that mage will be my bitch once more.” He spat at me.

“Hold your tongue filth. Raven is a mage and you are not allowed to touch her without her permission. You broke that rule and I saw it. You are a dead man so live these days as they are your last.”

Valr went pale and I heard a chuckle in the crowd. I looked down and saw a large man with the eye from my mind. He spoke to my mind.

“Damian I have watched your power grow. Yours is even greater then mine. Once you dispatch these fools I will travel home with you and teach you.” the man spoke. His words carried love with them.

“I thank you master. I have a favor to ask of you. Will you watch over Raven? I fear they will try to use her against me.” I pled with him.

“Your mate is safe young one. I am keeping my minds eye glued to her. Sleep well tonight I will keep watch over both of you.” he finished with one final sentence. “You look so much like your grandfather is I eerie.”

As I was talking with him the council members had set up the next test. I was lead into a different room. 30 men were in the room. I had 1 minute to kill all of them and get the girl out.

“In this test we will test your speed. You cannot use your lycan form or dragon powers. Any lycan powers you are free to us. GO!”

I teleported to each of the men and snapped their necks, taking only a half a second for each kill. I then teleported to the girl and teleported back to the finish pad. The buzzer went off as our weight and the sensors on the men showed I had completed the test. The time shower only 15 seconds had passed.

“Your second test is done. Let’s get this done. I am getting bored.” I said with a yawn.

“You have failed this test Dragon. You teleported that isn’t a lycan power you fool.” Valr screamed at me.

“You are the fool. Teleportation is very rare and it is a lycan ability. Raven gives him the book that proves me right please.”

She hands him a book that shows a lycan teleporting to kill pray. His fury is noticeable. His face turns red and he throws the book down. I am then lead to a large pillar. Far taller then any normal lycan could jump. At the top a flag was placed. A couple of wolves tied weights to my arms.

“Now we test to see just how smart you are. You have 30 seconds to get to the top. Each weight represents a virtue. The flag is the goal. Reach the top with both and you pass. No lycan powers and no dragon powers. Only what you have right now.”

At the go signal I release the 20 tons on my legs and jump grabbing the flag and dropping back to the ground. Only 2 seconds had passed. I strapped the weights back on my legs and tossed the Virtue weights into the Council booth.

“Next time make it a challenge. I train wearing 4 tons on my body. Those weights were nothing to me.”

I am lead around all day, beating challenge after challenge in record time. I had one left by the time night had fallen. When the final challenge was ready it would be my favorite of the day. Standing in the middle of a ring was Valr. He was wearing lycan armor and had many weapons. Each dipped in a fast acting poison.

“You have to beat me in hand to hand combat. If you do that then you win. You can use any power you want if you can that is.”

The ring was a spell ring. It was meant to suppress both lycan and dragon powers. I was laughing so hard when the bell rang. He charged at me and I activated my Demon Excorsit power. My white hair turned black as twisting dragon tattoos appeared on my body and face. He was frozen in fear as my power was breaking the spell circle. I could see piss run down his leg as I moved I a flash and stopped right before I hit him.

“You lose Valr!”

At that a giant gold dragon exploded from my body and turned Valr into ash. Not only had I defeated him I had taken his spot as the leader of the grand council. Ravens face was one of pure shock. I had never shown her that power. Nor had I wanted to. As the council members tried to talk there way out of what they knew was coming. I looked at them and killed them all in an instant. The council village was now mine.

“Well pup even that I had no idea about. You truly are a god amongst gods aren’t you? Well do you want me to charter a 777 for the trip back? I know a few hundred of the ladies you just set free are going to want to come with you.”

“That would be greatly appreciated master. Also what is your name master you never told me?” I asked him as my hair turned white once more.

“I am sorry how rude of me. My name is Kronos. Legend has named me many things. From Odin, to Thor many gods are based off of me. You my young friend have a power even I can’t hold a candle to. I was a dragon turned into a lycan. My dragon was the earth dragon. You have all 7 dragons, the Demon exorcist blood, and you are “The True Warrior”.”

Raven was getting more and more confused as the day went on. After about 2 hours of fighting I had killed every evil man and women in the village. Kronos had the plane ready and everyone in the village was coming with us. But the name Valr called Raven still had me puzzled. On the plane ride home I would ask her about it.

The next day Kronos, Raven, and I piled onto the private jet while a 777 followed us.

“Drake how are you is everything alright at home?”

“Hi dad everything is fine. How much longer are you going to be gone?”

“I am already done. I passed and even took over the grand council. Let’s just say they were old weak and very unsavory people. Are the log cabins up yet?”

“Yeah we ended up having enough to build about 5 extra so we did. Why do you ask?”

“Well about 200 more villagers are coming back with us. I freed them from some very evil people. So I would suggest you build a very large long house and pack it with pelts for them to lay on tonight. We will be back in about 20 hours so I would get to work. Tell the ladies I will let them replay the river incident if they get two long houses up ok.”

“Sure dad I will let them know. Oh wait Jerick wants to talk to you dad. I will see you soon goodbye.”

“OK bye son you mom sends her love. And hello Jerick what’s up?”

“Drake said something about people coming back with you. You already passed and who is coming back with you?”

“Well like I told Drake. I not only passed but I am the grand council now. They were evil men and I killed them. Then I purged the village of the rest of the evil. I am bringing home about 100 women and 100 men who are very much in need of a warm welcome.”

“Damian you never stop trying to make every ones life better do you? It will be done. The houses will be built and I will send out some a party to hunt down A LOT of food for you all. Be back soon ok.”

“Jerick I want to be home more then anything on earth. I also found myself a master. Another dragon that was turned into a wolf, he isn’t as strong as me but he is far smarter. I got to go it is time for sleep. I will see you later. Raven sends her love.”