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03-16-2007, 07:09 AM
A story I wrote for a friend a while back. Hope you all enjoy! As always, comments and feedback welcomed and desired.

This moment, so long awaited and filling my heart with a fiery joy as I pull you down to my bed. I feel your comforting weight on top of me as our lips meet, and I can feel a crackling energy passing like electricity between us, joining us, limbs entwined, lips together, tongues dancing and our bodies together. We move sinuously as one, clothes shedding as we go, breaking our kiss but soon rejoining with passion newly doubled. My mouth makes slow moves to your neck, drinking in the heady perfume of your beautiful hair. I feel your teeth, sharp and strong, but tender in the waiting, electrified skin of my neck, and I arch my head back, gasping your name.

I look down into your eyes, my hands caressing the bare skin of your firm, full breasts. You see in my eyes a perfect love, a total, consuming passion, and my desire to fill you with it, to fill you up with the pleasure of it until you can take no more. I kiss you again, deeply. And again. And again, and again. Covering the body I worship with reverent tokens of my adoration. The warmth of your nipples in my mouth. The warm moistness of your sex beneath the gentle caressing of my hand. The sudden, passionate shudder of my body as you moan in anticipation and your nails dig into my back, the slight pain fuelling the fire in me. The glorious friction of my body against your smooth, silky olive skin. Both of us connected, sharing the wonder, drinking in the pure, glorious ecstasy of this moment.

Your body convulses, and you cry out as a finger enters you, timed with the first sweet touch of my tongue upon your clit. I hear your sweet voice, broken with desire moaning my name far away, but I am lost in you, all my self dedicated to your pleasure. The taste of your juices in my mouth fills my belly with heat like a strong spirit, and I feel I could get drunk on the taste of you, the sheer, intoxicating closeness of you. I feel your fingers entwining in my hair, locking me into you, demanding the pleasure you need, the completion you crave, and I am eager to give it to you. Two of my fingers enter you, snaking over your g-spot as they slide swiftly, rhythmically in and out, my tongue flicking over your clit. Your hips rise off the bed, again and again, faster and faster. I add a third finger to your soaking wet, blazingly warm pussy, my mouth locking in over your clit, a finger on my other hand teasing your asshole, before slipping in, wet with your own passion.

I can hear the moans of your climax filling the room, and I know others might be able to hear. But I dont care. Right now there is only this moment, this room, two bodies moving swiftly towards becoming one. Two people heading towards a fulfilment too long delayed. I move you swiftly from one climax to another, allowing you no time to rest. Not that I could, with your hands forcing me down. You cum, moaning and shouting, your body shaking and twitching, overloaded. The sensation of my three fingers thrusting in and out of your pussy, another finger moving in time into your tight little butt as I fill you with pleasure. Add in the slow circles of my tongue and caresses of my lips over your clit, and Im driving you over the edge again. The room is filled with your scent, and I breath it in, my erection raging, harder than Ive ever known, my mind filled only with desire for you. The message behind what youre shouting slowly penetrates the fog of sheer lust surrounding my brain. Youre begging me to fuck you, to take you, to make you mine.

Although a large part of me insists on doing just that, I decide to make you wait a bit longer. Still gently teasing your lips with one hand, I move back up your body, kissing you gently a couple of times, then surprising you with a sudden, blazingly passionate kiss. We roll over, joined at the mouth, wrapped around each other until Im on top again, and I break the kiss. I stand up and walk away; I can hear you moan in frustration, your breath heavy. I turn around and look at you laying there, the most beautiful sight I can imagine, your skin flushed, your breasts heaving. I cannot help but take my cock in my hands, stroking myself gently, lost in lust at the gorgeous, utterly arousing sight spread before me. As I keep playing with myself, you roll off the bed onto your knees, and crawl over to me. I release my dick and you take it in one hand as you caress it, looking up into my eyes as you slowly peel back the foreskin and kiss me ever so lightly on the head of my cock. You have one hand slowly jerking me off, the head of my member in your mouth, your hot, skilful tongue rolling around the head of it. Your other hand is busy between your legs. You take me deeper, moaning, the vibrations on my cock almost causing me to lose it there and then, I begin to pant and moan, my hips bucking forwards, and you know Im close to the edge.

But Im not the only one who can tease, which you prove by backing off. You keep me hard as a rock, quivering with arousal using your mouth and hands, the saltiness of my pre-cum filling your mouth. I plead with you, beg you to let me cum. You just smile and shake your head. Sometimes youre so adorable it drives me crazy. You rock back onto your backside, legs apart, playing with yourself, and moving back towards the bed. I watch you, transfixed, my hand bringing me towards orgasm. We cum together, looking into each others eyes, calling out each others names. My load, made huge by the sustained teasing Ive just been through flies across the room, hitting your face, your breasts, your stomach. You smile wickedly, still gazing straight into my eyes, and lick a little bit off your face. Im filled with a sudden kinky urge, and come straight to you, helping you clean yourself, starting with your pussy and moving slowly upwards. We kiss, tasting our juices mixed together. My fingers tease you, slipping in and out of your sex, caressing your lips, working you up slowly, and bringing you to another orgasm as we kiss, your moans filling my mouth with vibrations as your hand brings me back to hardness.

I look you in the eyes, and I know its time. I kiss you softly, and murmur that I love you. You whisper back the same, and then roll over, getting up onto your hands and knees. I spend a moment looking at your perfect, juicy backside. I begin to play with you, one hand still soaking wet from fingering you slipping around to tease your arsehole, the other rubbing myself over your lips, pulling away when you try and slide back onto me. Memories of long ago conversations flood back to me, remembering you describing how you love a little bit of roughness. My hand swings down, spanking one delicious cheek, and you gasp and then groan at the stinging impact. I do it again, harder, causing you to cry out. Are you ready, my love? I ask
Yes! Do it! You call back to me. I spank you again, leaving a little welt on your skin.
Do what? Huh? What do you want? I growl.
You know you moan, frustrated almost to the point of tears.
Say it as I spank you again, my cock brushing against your dripping wet pussy lips, one finger probing your ass, working you into a sexual frenzy.

I enter you smoothly, deeply, filling you up, my hands grasping your hips. Your head drops to the pillow, muffling the sound as you cry out, practically cumming as I bottom out on my first stroke. I begin to fuck you, thrusting quick and hard, one hand reaching around to caress your beautiful breasts, pulling on the nipples, the little bit of pain underscoring the pleasure as you groan passionately. My hand works slowly back to stroke your clit, then I growl, a harsh, guttural sound, almost animalistic as I pull your hair, bringing your head back. I love you! Cum for me, babydoll! I groan into your ear as the hand working your clit comes back around to spank you again. I let you go, and my hand works back around to you clit. I stroke it in time with my thrusts, coming hard and deep. The walls of your pussy are clenching around me, impossibly hot and tight, and Im working overtime to get you off before I come, the delicious friction bringing me closer and closer every time.

Were dripping with sweat and other fluids, growling, grunting, moaning like animals, our entire worlds reduced to this one moment, belonging to each other, becoming one. I thrust in so deep, filling you with every stroke. My hands caress every inch of you, the roughness gone and replaced with a desire to show you every possible ounce of my love. My hands caress your breasts, and as my mouth toys with the back of your neck you begin to cum, the convulsions inside you setting off my own climax. We moan each others names, crying out together, joined as I fill you and as almost a years developed sexual tension is finally, explosively, released. The moment of climax seems to stretch forever, and in that eternal moment, were one.

Finally, though, you collapse, arms and legs like jelly, and I collapse with you. We slowly move into a spooning position, my arms wrapped around you, my lips snug against your neck, and a blissful exhaustion slides into sleep. The warmth of your body next to me fills me with the sweetest of dreams, utterly content in this moment.

03-16-2007, 07:16 AM
very well done. Can't wait to read more of your stuff.

03-16-2007, 01:21 PM
Thanx for sharing.

03-17-2007, 03:17 PM
I loved this one!!! I love stories that are so detailed that I can see the movie of the story playing in my head as I read!!

Thanks for posting this!!!

03-17-2007, 03:24 PM
Aww, thanks, kind words are always appreciated! Although, it might just be because I threw your name into the story :P

Still, you're welcome, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.