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Taken from “The clan by Akuma-san and Freedom37803”
(Posts by freedom in blue posts by Akuma in white)

Chapter 1 the Village

I was trying to get my herbs ready to dry when I heard the noise outside. There were people running all over the place. I changed into my public robes and made my way out to the center of the camp. The Chief and several other leaders of the clan stood around a stretcher. I walked up and cleared my throat. When he looked at me he saw the old grey haired woman that everyone knew on site. It earned me the respect that I normally wouldn't receive.

The Chief turned and looked at me. "Mage Raven, I'm glad you joined us I was just about to send for you. Seems that one of our young warriors found this young man on the edge of our territory, I think he is in need of your healer skills."

I moved around the chief and looked at the young man lying in front of me. I could tell something was different with him. I ordered him moved to my hut. The young man was a new shifter. He couldn't have seen more then six moons.

I tended to his wounds and settled down to use my powers on him. He had something going on inside him and I had to find out what it was. I sat next to him and sent my power into his body. Searching...trying to find what was wrong or different. Whatever it was that was setting my senses all afire. I was almost done. I had almost reached the center of the mystery when a hand grabbed my wrist. My eyes flew open and I found him looking up at me with eyes full of anger.

I let out a howl of pain as my senses retuned to me.

“Who the fuck are you granny? Where the hell am I? What in the hell happened to that guy who shot me?”

"Hold on a minute young one. You will address me with some respect. I can put that damn bullet right back where I got it. You stay right there 'child'. I'll let the chief know you are awake. I can't answer you questions. I wasn't present at your rescue. But when I come back I have my own questions for you."

I walk out of the hut cussing all the way to the cheif's hut. Insolate son of a bitch. I'd have him out of my hut by night fall. I'd be damned if I'd go through a full moon with a newbie in my hut.

The chief was talking to his lead warrior when I entered. I started to speak. I wanted to get back to my hut. I was worried that injured idiot would destroy my home.

After she leaves me I lay back down my wounds still hurt a great deal.

“Damn senile old fool. Doesn’t have any idea what I am.”

By the time I got the chief to understand that the idiot in my hut was awake an hour had past. I left the chief yelling questions at me as I left and head back to my hut. I wanted to be able to hunt tonight. It was a full moon and it made hunting even better then normal. It had been several weeks since I'd gotten to stretch my beast’s legs in all their glory. I might not be great with a bow and arrow but in my wolf form I was one of the best hunters in the clan.

I let out a deep breath when I saw the young man still lying on the cot. "Thank the gods for one small miracle." I mumbled as I went back to my herbs. I still wanted to know what it was about this boy that was different from the others. As much as I hated to admit it I felt a kind of kinship with him. Kind of like I did with my master as he had taught me all those years ago.

“So granny did you find anything out?”

I ask I still have no name for her so I have no idea what to call her. I go to stand so I may introduce myself but my chest hurts too much.

“Well my name is Damian I would stand but I can’t.”

I turn to face him. Shock that he has any manners at all show plain on my face. I laugh after a moment and introduce myself.

"My clan calls me Mage. I am Raven. As to you standing...I'd rather you not. You'll get out of my hut quicker resting. The chief should be on his way to talk to you."

As I spoke the door to my hut opened. The only person in town that didn't know...the Chief. I turned back to my work as he talked to Damian.

“Hello chiefy. How are you doing this fine…? Is it still day outside?”

I shake the chief’s hand from the cot.

“I don’t think MADam Raven likes me so much.”

I turn around to face the young man. I take a deep breath and speak to the chief.

"I think he will recover just fine. But there's something different about him. Take care and don't trust him. BUT GET HIM OUT OF MY HUT...NOW!"

I motioned for the warriors that came with the chief to take the stretcher and the idiot on it out.

“Like I said I don’t think she likes me very much…”

“Sorry Raven. Until he is completely healed and can leave, he stays with you. That is my final order.” The chief says and leaves the hut with the warriors.

“Looks like you are stuck with me roomie. So where do I sleep?”

"Right where you lay. You will address me as Mage or Mage Raven. I am your elder and you will treat me with respect! I am hunting tonight. You touch anything while I’m gone and you won't have to worry about that wound. I'll kill you!"

I wanted to wring the cheif’s neck. How could he make me this idiot’s babysitter?

"Can I call you MR? It is shorter and faster. Plus shouting mage will make me look like a complete retard. Also why is your wormswood not in alcohol? It will last longer and not rot on you."

I turn to look at him once again. If looks could kill this "boy" would be a dead man.

"Just what the hell would you know about it smart ass? And NO...everyone in this village calls me Mage. It's a title of respect. If you ever earned my friendship I'd let you just call me Raven but I don't think you'll have to worry about being my friend."

I roll my eyes at her and gingerly walk over to her herb table.

“A poultice to counteract the harmful effects of silver in a lycan you are doing it right. Yet you are doing it the long way.”

I grab a few herbs and roots with my right hand and grind them to a powder. Mixing them with the poultice I give it to her to apply to the wounds on my back.

"Very well Magey."

I fight off the urge to hit him right in the chest over his wound. I rub the herbs on his back a little more roughly then necessary.

"Call me that again and you will die in your sleep. Back in bed with you. I have a hunt to run. You're stupid ass won't keep me from my run tonight!"

I lay down on the bed and look at this old woman.

“Just make sure you don’t break you hip. I can’t reach the middle of my back magey.”

I was about to walk out the door when he called me 'magey' again. I turn and look at him angrily.

"Don't you listen?" I send a line of energy into his body and I watch with satisfaction as he starts to itch. "Sweet dreams boy. I'll see you after my run."

"Not fucking funny Granny."

I send a line of energy into her to make feet tickle.

I laugh at his amateur attempt at payback. I squash his energy and head out the door to my favorite clearing in the woods to change in private. I have too many secrets to let just anyone see me change. With in minutes my solid black form streaks out across the night with a howl to my pack mates and the hunt has begun.

I laugh to myself as I think of the poor boy stuck in my old "granny" hut while we are out running down the moon.

After 20 minutes my wounds are closed and I am in no pain. I leave the hut and follow the scent of other wolves. I shift and my pure white form fly’s past a black werewolf.

There are no solid white wolves in our pack. I sniff the air as he passes. It's the boy. I don't know how he healed that fast but I'll be damned if he gets the deer I'd been tracking for ten minutes. I raced to catch up to him. I leap and sink my teeth into the thick fur at his neck and throw him to the ground. He was young and inexperienced. He could easily be killed out here with a full hunt.

I growl at him, "Stay with me if you want to live."

The blood draw from my neck bubbles into the air and I raise my arm. The Blood bullets rip through the head of the deer.

I let go of him, turn and walk away. I will find my own prey this night. I head out away from the rest of the pack. I run for miles just for the joy of running. Hunger breaks into my thoughts. I hear a rabbit in the brush. Moments later I'm enjoying a hare dinner on my little hill all alone.

"No idiot boys around to spoil it." I think to myself as I pick meat of the bones.

I appear next to her. The deer on my back.

"You tracked I killed. It is only fair you get the deer. I will see you back at the hut." A white flash is seen as I run back to the hut.

If I'd been in human form I would have banged my head on the table. Instead I make my way back to the hut slowly enjoying the night. I stop at the creek to clean the blood from my fur. I admire my reflection. Not to bad for a 1,253 year old woman. Not one bit of grey in my fur. I make my way back to the hut after I find my clearing and change clothes. I don't speak to Damian as I walk in. It's nearly sunrise and I fall onto my pallet and sleep. Curled up with my anger.

I can tell she is pissed at me.

"You know you keep that frown and even more wrinkles will appear on that face. Mage"

The mere fact that he called me mage makes me look over at him.

"You shouldn't have been out there. You could have been killed. If it hadn't of been me you found no one else would have recognized you. They would have killed you on site."

"The second my blood was drawn any one who dares attack me would die. I am sorry Mage I will do as you ask."

I walk over to her and cover her in my blanket.

I wonder what has gotten into him in just a matter of hours. I was just about to doze of when someone starts beating on my door. I get up to find the chief standing there with his advisor. From the fast talking and whispers all I could gather was that they wanted to talk about the boy. What the hell could they want? I followed them back to the main hall ready for anything.

I had left her hut and was at the stream bathing. I noticed a few large fish and decided to gather them for Mage.

I sat and listened to the drivel that pored from the cheif’s mouth. How had he healed so fast? Where was he from? Question after question that I couldn't answer. They wanted to learn from him one minute the next they wanted him gone. The chief had been convinced that he was a threat. They knew he had some sort of power just not any idea what it was.

"Why don't you just ask him Chief?"

At my suggestion they said that was why they asked me here...so that I could ask him since he trusted me. I shook my head and headed back to my bed.

I saw Raven leaving a hut looking rather pissed again.

"Oh great prolly my fault again..." I thought.

“Mage I caught some fish in the stream for breakfast. I know I am causing you a lot of trouble so I wanted to show some thanks.”

"I'm glad someone realized what kinda trouble you are causing. Look comes inside. You can clean those fish for me while we talk. I have to ask you some questions and if you value your life...you'll tell me the truth."

I held the door open while he carried the fish in. I could see the muscles underneath his shirt. I sighed. 'To be that young again' I thought to myself.

"So what did you want to ask me Mage?"

I slice the fish open and toss the guts in with the compost to be used to grow herbs.

"Several things. Who was after you? Where did you come from? But to be honest what I want to know...how far do your powers extend and how much training have you had. Chief wants to know if you are a threat."

I stop and look at the fish he's cleaning. They came from the steam bath. They were hard as hell to catch.

"How'd you catch 4 of those? What kind of bait did you use?"

"I was turned 5 Months ago. I am the son of a Demon Excorsit. I have the ability to mold water with my power. A group of Demon hunters killed my father and turned me.”

I look at the fish.

“These things I used my hands why?”

"I'm willing to bet you used your water power without realizing it. Those fish are almost impossible to catch. Damn...5 months old. You're a fucking baby. Do you have any idea how old I am boy?"

I knew that this water power could be dangerous. I had no choice but to tell the chief or I'd be in deep trouble.

"The Mage Raven of the clearstone. Born 1,252 maybe 3 years ago. I don't remember your Birth date sorry about that. No just my hands. Right now I can only control my blood with my dragon."

"Why do I think your father was more then a Demon Exorcist? How do you know that much about me? I swear...you best tell me the truth or my not live to."

It was eerie that he knew even that little bit.

"My full name is Damian Moonwater. My father was the fabled Dracous of the Red fang.”

I was pacing and I stopped dead in my tracks. I turned to look at him. "This better not be a joke. Did your father finish your training?"

If he was untrained in how to handle that kind of power we were all in danger. I didn't want to tell the chief who he was. It would mean trouble.

"I know all I can learn from another. At least for the water, earth, and metal gates. The rest is just what I must learn for myself."

"This isn't good. I'm sure you know not everyone in our two groups see eye to eye. Some people don't trust your kind. I have to take you to the chief. If I don't it will be worse."

I get up and motion him to follow me. I take him in the hut with the chief. I explain what he has told me then I leave him to talk to the chief by himself.

The chief is less then happy about the fact I am an Exorcist. He banishes me to the Black peak.

“Well Mage raven of the Clearstone It was an honor to meet you.”

I gather my few things from the hut.

“Mage those fish are already on cooking. They will be done shortly.”

"Where are you going? What the hell happened boy?"

Surely they weren't going to send him out untrained as he was. He might have a handle on his powers but no wolf went with out a guide for at least the first year...some two. If they sent him out of here alone they sent him to his death. He was annoying but that was uncalled for.

"The chief had banished me to the Black peak. I will train myself until I am stronger then him. Only when I can defeat him will I be allowed to come back. Thank you for your concern."

I bow and begin to walk into the woods.

"Stop right there young man. Take your young ass in my hut until I talk to that idiot. Don't move from my hut."

I marched into the chief’s hut angrily. I demand to know what he thinks he's doing sending a child out with out his proper training. Several hours later I emerge and head back to the hut.

As she walks back in I can see something bad has happened.

“I have been more trouble again haven’t I? It seems no matter the place all I ever do is brought trouble to those who show me kindness.”

"Don't fret young one. I got myself into just as much trouble by myself. Let's just put it this way. You have your guide. I'll teach you our ways. Once you are ready you will come back and challenge that idiot. Let me pack."

I picked up my main herbs, poultices and the hard to find things I'd gathered over the years. I packed them all away and turned to the door.

"Let's go...it's not a short trip and I'd like to be there by night fall."

"OK I am all ready."

We set out and I can’t help but feel bad that I have ruined yet another life.

We walk in silence up until late afternoon. I didn't walk away from my argument with the chief with out some scars but I wouldn't tell the boy. I know that we won’t make it by night fall since we started do late. I find us a good clearing near a steam bath and tell him to make camp. I make my way to the steam bath and was out the wounds I didn't have time to clean at camp.

I can smell blood in the air. I follow the smell to the stream and find Mage cleaning a cut. I walk back to camp a heavy feeling in my stomach.

I hear him in the woods behind me so I don't do everything I need to do to bandage and clean my wound. That will have to wait till after he goes to sleep. I walk back to camp and start getting things set up.

I catch a few fish and fall asleep the heavy feeling in my stomach won't ease at all.

After I'm sure that he's asleep I slip away to the steam bath with my herbs. I strip down to nothing. Then I change. I drop the false face that always wore in the village.

Where an old haggard woman had stood was now young woman no more the 25 by appearances. She had long midnight black hair and glowing blue eyes. She was 5ft 10 easily. Long lean and athletic with a well endowed chest.

I slid into the water and enjoyed the first night as myself in many moons. I put the herbs in the water and let them steam as I soaked. I drifted off into the sounds of the night only breaking my trance to clean myself from time to time.

I sneak up on her using the sound of the river. I use the thunder to cover my steps. I can see Mages clothes yet only a young wolf woman. I fear the worst and rush in. I change to lycan and tackle the women in the water. I know I will prolly die.

I can't help but cuss as he tackles me. I shift to my wolf and scramble up the bank. I take off into the woods. Not wanting him to know about my true form. Let him continue think me an old woman. He had speed but I had experience and I manage to sneak back to my clothes and back to camp before he finds my trail. I step to the edge of camp and call his name. Hoping he will quit hunting my true form and come back to camp.

I can hear Ravens voice from camp. I run back as fast as my legs carry me.
"Are you ok I saw another wolf next to your clothes I was worried."

"You goof. You are going to run into a lot of lone wolves up here. I would have called if I'd been in trouble. I thought you'd gone and got in trouble. Try and get some sleep. We'll leave at daybreak."

I breathe a sigh of relief that my secret is still safe.

I notice a cut on her hand. The other wolf also had a cut on her hand. I dismiss it as happenstance.
“Very well you can have the cot I will sleep on the ground.”

The sun broke through the trees way too early for my liking. I reached down and shook Damian awake.

"Time to go boy. Grab piece of that left over fish and eat on the go. I want to be there as soon as we can."

When she reaches down I am already gone. I have packed up camp and have cooked fish waiting.

“I woke up an hour ago. Once you are ready we can go.”

"You are way too hyper. But I guess that’s because you're young and full of it." I grab a piece of fish and throw my bag over my shoulder. My cuts are better but still not 100% today but nothing that I can't handle.

Once again we walk in silence. Damian with a look on his face like he's lost his best friend. We top a hill and there before us is a small but comfortable place carved out of cave.

"This is home till your training is done. Let's set our stuff up."

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