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The car wouldn’t start again. This was the third time this month and I didn’t have the money to get it fixed. Cal was no good with fixing mechanical things and the only person I could think of who was a mechanic was my younger sister’s boyfriend Robert. Sure, he was tall, handsome and had a rugged sort of charm but he hit the bottle to hard for my liking. It also seemed to me that he never gave Peggy a moments rest. She complained constantly about fending off his lewd behavior from the moment he met her. Robert had one thing on his mind and his hands were always trying to go places they shouldn’t. Well it couldn’t be helped, I needed the car to run my errands and Dave was out of diapers. I rang up the old house and asked Peggy to help me out. Robert was here in a flash. You can add delinquent to that list of unlikable qualities. He was obviously skipping school to do this.
He arrived and immediately went to the garage, toolbox in hand. By the time I made sure my boy was settled in and walked back to the garage I could see the hood was open and he was bent over the engine. As I stood behind him I noticed his t-shirt had pulled out of his jeans exposing the crack of his ass. “Well Robert, what do you think? Can it be fixed?” I asked. He rose from his work and turned to face me, “Yeah, I think I can fix it. It’ll take a couple of hours.” He replied as he stared up and down at me undressing me with his eyes. I felt naked in front of him folded my arms across my chest and my legs shifted back and forth under my dress. “Good I’ll be up at the house if you need me,” I answered as I turned and quickly strode back to the house to escape the gaze of those x-ray eyes of his. It wasn’t until I heard the slamming of the screen door behind me that I let out a sigh of relief. I busied myself cleaning the kitchen and chasing Dave. A couple of hours passed and I could see Bob’s legs sticking out from under the car. The occasional clanging of metal against metal followed by a string of curse words that shouldn’t be uttered much less shouted testified to his progress. I was just laying the boy down for his afternoon nap when pounding on the screen door startled me. “Yeah, Pat I think I got it. Could you come out here a minute, I need a hand with reattaching something,” Bob asked. “OK! Give me a minute. I gotta put the boy down for his nap,” I answered. I tucked Dave in and checked to make sure he was asleep before going out to see what Bob wanted. Bob was leaning against the car smoking a cigarette when I finally arrived. He flicked away his cigarette and turned to me saying, “I need you to get under the car and hold a part for me while I reattach it.” With that he pointed to the dolly and strode to the workbench to retrieve the part. I could do this, I thought, as I lay on the dolly careful to tuck my dress between my legs so it wouldn’t snag in the wheels. I lay back on the dolly and pulled myself under the engine to a position where I could see his face peering down at me from the open hood. He positioned the part on the front of the block and told me to hold it while he reattached it. “Use both hands, hold it tight. He disappeared for a moment and reappeared holding a wrench. He began to tighten some bolts. His efforts caused the entire car to shake above me. My arms were starting to get tired and began to tremble from the effort. “You about done?” I asked. Once again I saw his face peering down at me through the open hood. “Yeah, I gotta put in just one more thing,” he replied and disappeared to retrieve it.
That’s when I felt his hands on my ankles. I shrugged, we must have finished. Instead of pulling on my ankles to pull me out he spread them apart and I realized that must have given him quite the view. “Robert, what are you doing?” I demanded. “Like I said I have one more piece to insert,” came his reply. I felt his hand on the waistband of my panty’s and than he tore them off with one mighty tug. I tried to struggle but the car pinned me in. I felt something hard press against my vagina and than he was in me. He was stretching me in ways I hadn’t thought possible. “Robert, you’ve got to stop. This is rape, Robert!” I cried. “Go ahead and yell Baby, you know you like it,” he grunted as he rammed his man meat into me. His big cock ramming in and out of me was making my body respond in ways I didn’t want it to. I felt my pussy flood with juices to ease his way and my heart began to race, it was becoming difficult to catch my breath. I found my hips betraying me as they rose to meet his thrusts. “God, Robert you feel good,” I moaned. He pulled me out from under the car and I wrapped my arms around his neck to kiss him. He kept pounding away at me as he grabbed the neckline of my dress and tore it open to the waist. Now only my bra blocked his path to my breasts and he ripped it asunder. His grease stained hands now grasped my breasts so hard milk leaked from my nipples. His head bent to suckle them, sending spasms of sheer ecstasy through my body. He was fucking me so hard and I was loving every minute of it. This was wrong in so many ways and I didn’t care. I just wanted him to come inside me. “That’s it! Fuck Me Robert!” I could feel his cock so far inside me and my pussy stretched so wide I swore it would burst. My breasts ached and milk leaked from them splashing everywhere. Robert bent and began to suckle as his cock pounded into me. I howled, “Suck Me dry Bobby, Suck Me!” and Robert eagerly complied. It felt as though he sucked first one and then the other dry. “Baby I’m gonna CUM!” he shouted as his rampaging cock exploded deep within my cunt. I orgasmed in ways I hadn’t thought possible. We lay exhausted on the ground next to the car.
Robert stirred and stood pulling up his jeans and buckled his belt. He offered me his hand and pulled me up. I slipped off the remnants of my bra and bent to pick up the tattered remnants of my panty’s and tossed them in the garbage. I arranged what was left of the front may dress to conceal my breasts and mustered what dignity I had left to stagger to the house. I peeked around the corner of the door to Dave’s room to see my little angel had slumbered through the whole thing. I turned and walked across the hall to my bedroom to change out of my dress and replace my undergarments. I let the dress slide from my arms and looked at my red swollen breasts, watching them with some fascination as milk dripped from their swollen nipples, I pushed my dress over my hips and let it fall to the floor. “Now that is what I’m talking about!” I heard Roberts voice. There in the doorway stood Robert he stepped into the room peeling off his grease and sweat stained t-shirt. “Bobby, the boy?” I pleaded motioning to the door. “Well, I guess we’ll have to be quiet?” Robert replied as he dropped his pants. My eyes opened in amazement at the monster of my desire’s passion that sprang from his crotch. I did not know that a man’s cock could grow to such monstrous dimensions. This time I didn’t fight at all quite the contrary I wanted him. I embraced him and kissed him as I had never kissed a man before. I pushed him on the bed to straddle his waist; my hand grasped his cock and guided it to my beckoning pussy. I groaned as I sank down his pole welcoming it into my body with a flood of lubricating juices. It felt as if he was splitting me in two and I was loving every fucking inch of it. I rode him slow but hard lifting my body till he almost popped out only to ram it back into me by dropping my weight on him. He grasped my gyrating tits and milk flowed from them increasing my arousal. “That’s it, milk me Bobby!” I groaned. By now we were both gasping for air and moaning our arousal. Nothing mattered except my impending orgasm, which washed over me in a tidal wave of ecstasy as I felt his cock spew forth, it’s hot load again. I fell into his arms and we snuggled in each other’s embrace for several minutes exchanging kisses. I opened my eyes to tell him how wonderful he made me feel. There was David standing by the bed. “Whatcha doing Mommy?” he asked. I pulled the sheet across our naked bodies and took his arm, “We were playing baby,” I answered. I rose from the bed wrapping the sheet across my naked form as I rose. With a firm grip on his arm I led him back to his bed, tucking him in I kissed his forehead and pulled the door shut behind me as I left the room. As I reentered my bedroom I found a naked Bob standing by the doorway. He pulled the sheet from my grasp allowing it to fall to the floor as he embraced me and kissed me backing me against the now closed bedroom door. “I rocked your world, didn’t I baby!” He stated as he mashed his body against mine.
I drew a deep breath and in the most serious tone of voice I could muster I stated, “Bobby this never happened. I swear Bobby you tell anyone and I’ll kill you.” Bobby thought a moment and turned away to retrieve his clothes. As he was tucking his shirt in to his waistband and buckling his pants, he walked up to me, nose to nose he muttered with a sneer, “Don’t worry baby not a word.” With that he pulled the door open, left the room, down the hallway and out of my house but not out of my life. He married my sister not a year later, after he knocked her up with Debbie. Of course it wasn’t his first, I had Candy three months before they married. She has her father’s eyes. Every time I look at her I see my own weakness and I despise her for it.

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i like the storie ,but for me it was a little hard to read with out a little seperation between paragraphs.. thank you though for puting this up ..

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Bumped form the great beyond....hahahaha Ok folks enjoy

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Really nice story. Thanks

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Nice story but could use some spacing work though...thanks for sharing it!

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good story

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Not bad despite the lack of paragraphs.

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This has alot of views...and this Author does still visit....wish they would write more for us again...:)

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nice-way togo man- thanks

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very nice@ZZ I loved it ^^