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By Gloryboy

Tina Walker was bored with her life. At twenty-two years old, she was doing okay financially but her relationships had never worked out very well. So she was interested when her friend and roommate, Becky Martin, mentioned a retreat in the mountains she had been told about.
“It sounds really good,” Becky said. “The introductory weekend is free. If we decide we like it, we can pay for a whole week seminar. But, even then, we don’t have to pay for it all at once. It’s designed to help women deal with their life issues, relationships and everything else.”
“Sounds fantastic,” Tina smiled. “Where did you find out about this?”
“Oh, it was Doug, the next-door neighbor,” Becky explained.
Tina winced.
“Oh, that Peeping Tom?” she said. “He gives me the creeps.”
Becky shrugged.
“He seems nice enough,” she said.
“Oh. I didn’t say he wasn’t nice,” Tina explained. “But haven’t you noticed that whenever he talks to me, he’s constantly glancing at my cleavage?”
Becky mused that this was especially true of Tina’s cleavage. The twenty-four year old had long blond hair and blue eyes with a very curvaceous figure and ample breasts, all of which Becky envied. Her own shorter brown hair, brown eyes, full but modest sized breasts and decent figure just did not seem to stack up to Tina’s in any way, not in her own mind.
“Oh, maybe a little bit,” Becky laughed. “But, come on, he’s a guy.”
“He’s an OLD guy,” Tina said.
“Sheesh, Tina,” Becky smiled. “You make it sound like a person should shut off their libido at a certain age. Besides he’s in his forties. He’s not old.”
“Says you,” Tina sighed.
Then the conversation drifted to other things. Tina entertained the possibility of going to the retreat but mostly brushed it off although Becky seemed really hyped on the idea.

The next day, Tina and Becky received mail giving them all expenses paid to get to the retreat as well as while they were there. It would cost them nothing. That settled it. A few weeks later found them arriving at a resort in the mountains. From what they could see, everyone here was a woman. That put them at ease as they were shown to their rooms and taken to the cafeteria for a midnight snack and drink before settling in for the night. After a bit of girl talk, they decided to get to sleep as the morning activities started early.

Tina was excited but, once she settled into bed, she quickly calmed down and drifted to sleep. Unknown to her, a drug had been placed into her drink at dinner. It was designed to put her to sleep but only into a light sleep, the stage where dreaming took place. But it was also designed to keep her there for a prolonged period of time. Above her head was a light bulb. She had switched it off before going to bed. Now lights began to emit from it but not the ordinary light that emits from a light bulb. These lights were soft but multi-colored. They disturbed her just enough to get her to open her eyes a little bit. As the blotches of color danced across her eyes, they seemed to be telling her things, secret things. ‘Shush, just listen. Just drift peacefully and listen. There are secrets to the universe. There are secrets to happiness. I will tell you those secrets but you must look and listen. Do not move. You must relax and absorb, absorb, absorb.’
She purred softly and wiggled her broad hips. Somewhere in her mind, she was thinking that she should turn away or close her eyes. She sensed that somehow ideas were being put into her mind. But she was too tired to turn away, too tired to even close her eyes. She was like a person just waking up but so sleepy they cannot even force their eyes open. This was in reverse as she could not force her eyes closed.
‘Look. Listen. Absorb.’

The next day, Saturday, Tina awoke feeling very relaxed and perky. She laughed. ‘Perky’ was not ever a word she would have used to describe herself. It just seemed so sexist somehow, with implications of a lack of intelligence but happy and sensual. But somehow, today, it seemed to suit her. She thought little more about it as she showered. The shower itself was a sensual experience as she soaped up her large, full breasts, enjoying the sensations of drawing slow circles around her nipples. Then her hands dropped between her legs and she softly caressed herself there. She purred, feeling the sweet sensations. But she did not allow herself to get too into it. She had to be downstairs for breakfast within a few minutes.

In the hallway, she met Becky, who was just leaving her own room. Becky noted the way in which Tina was dressed. She was wearing a very short skirt that completely showed her toned, tanned legs. Leather boots adorned her feet and almost compelled a viewer to look up and up her legs towards that skirt and what was under it. A tight halter-top bared her waist and hugged her large breasts tightly, the nipples displayed prominently beneath the fabric. Becky was amazed. It simply was not like Tina to display herself like this. Becky did not even know Tina had clothes like this. Even if she did, why would she bring them to this retreat? Becky shrugged and joined Tina as they walked downstairs. Becky was oblivious to the fact that, without thinking about it, she had put on clothes that she found laid out on a chair next to her bed when she got out of the shower, clothes that were exactly the same as the ones Tina was wearing.

The talk at breakfast was not the sort of dialogue Tina normally engaged in. She was an intelligent college girl. Sitting around chatting about makeup and clothing and how to be more attractive to men and being preoccupied with such things were a bore to her at the very least and, so it seemed to her, rather buying into the whole sexist mentality, as if women should exist for the sole purpose of being attractive to men and pleasing them. Yet, right now, it did not seem to be so annoying. The meetings that day were mostly the sort one might expect from such a retreat. There were meetings on how relationships are a two-way street and one should look at one’s own faults and be considerate of one’s partner. She noted there was no mention of situations where the man is demanding or domineering. There was also no chance to vent about men and past relationships, something she would have thought would be a big thing at a women’s retreat about relationships. Still, the morning meetings gave way to a delicious lunch and to an afternoon of swimming and relaxing by the pool and then taking nice leisurely walks in the woods.

That night, Tina slept soundly though she had still been a bit troubled as she drifted off. She seemed at peace and felt the retreat was helping her but only in the sense that it was a relaxing weekend. She felt there were issues that should be dealt with that were not being dealt with. Still, she was very open to what people had to say, trying her best to absorb it all.

Once all the women attending were sound asleep in their rooms, the men emerged from the attic where they had been observing the whole retreat through electronic surveillance. The women who worked at the retreat, most of them former attendees of the retreat, were waiting in the lounge area as the men entered. Each of the women smiled and giggled gleefully, running to one of the men. Each of the men had at least one woman holding him and kissing him, some had two or even three women on him. The mature, matter-of-fact, professional demeanor the women had displayed in front of the new women was gone in favor of these personas.
“Shush, hold it down, girls,” Doug whispered. “People are sleeping and it would be very bad to wake them up too soon.”
A middle-aged man, he was the leader of this particular squad. They had huge financial backing, of course, and a large team of technical experts. But none of that would matter without the natural gift of mesmerism. He cuddled the woman in his arms and whispered, “Now, honey, I know it’s been hard for you, walking around all day with that old persona on the outside while your real, bubbly personality was inside aching to get out and have fun.”
“Poo on that boring old persona, Master,” she sighed. “But it’s what you need and it’s only on a Saturday once in a while.”
With a slap on the ass, he said, “Now you girls run along to bed while we men do our work –but go quietly.”
The girls hopped off with a few giggles but not enough to wake up the slumbering attendees.

In her room, the light was again doing its work and Tina was moaning and purring softly. She had pulled the covers off and was writhing in the bed. She was far too entranced to hear the door opening and closing again. Doug sat down slowly on the bed and just smiled, watching her for a minute. She was purring and smiling, making sensuous noises of pleasure as the lights played over her.
“You are a good girl,” he whispered. “You long to be pleasing to men.”
“Hmm, good girl, please men,” she purred.
He softly caressed her face.
“A man’s needs are what matter most,” he whispered. “Pleasing a man is what matters. You should be attentive to a man’s needs, always attentive. You should pay attention. Being pleasing to a man makes you happy. Men want you to be happy. Men care about you and want you to find your way. You have been lost, lost, lost and now only men can guide you back onto the right path.”
“Lost, lost, lost,” she moaned pitifully.
“But it’s all right,” he whispered. “You have been found. You know now what makes you happy. Pleasing men makes you happy.”
“Pleasing men, happy, pleasing men, happy.”
She purred sensuously again and arched her back, pushing her large breasts forwards. He ran a finger gently over a breast.
“You want to be a good, pleasing girl for men.”
“Mmmm, yes, pleasing, men, pleasing men.”
He cupped her breasts and massaged them. She moaned happily and ran her hands over the backs of his, pushing her breasts towards him.
“You will sleep now and you will dream of being a good girl, wanting to be attractive to men, living to please men. That s what makes you happy, happy, happy.”
“Happy, pleasing men, happy, pleasing men, happy…”
“Thinking about college, indeed thinking any serious thoughts, is unpleasant. It is so much better to relax and be told what to do.”
“Hmm, yes,” she purred, “told what to do, so much better.”
“You need to be guided and directed.”
“Hmm yes, guided, relax, do as told, not think, and don’t like to think. Please men, be happy, please men, be happy, please men, and be happy…”

Sunday morning, Tina awoke happier than ever. She showered with a nice bar of soap left that would make her skin extra soft and then carefully shaved her legs and applied perfume. She spent an hour making sure her makeup, though minimal, was absolutely perfect. She must practice being pleasing to men and doing so made her feel so good. There was a perfunctory knock and a man walked into her room. As she was naked, she felt a momentary twinge of anger where she would once have been horrified and furious.
“Your clothing for the day,” he smiled.
She suddenly felt bad about her momentary twinge of anger. She wanted so much to please men. It was strange. She knew she had not wanted to do so just a couple of days ago. She tried to reason out what had changed but her head hurt so bad trying to engage in serious thought and logical deduction.
“Are you okay, young lady?” the man asked.
“Oh, just a slight headache,” she said.
“Hmm, sorry to hear that. This might cheer you up. I brought you your clothes for the day.”
She brightened up. Today’s clothing was different. The ‘clothing’ consisted of a pair of cut-off bluejeans and nothing else. She immediately tried on the jeans and discovered they were very tight. She really had to shimmy to work them up her hips and, even then, the beltline would only get to slightly above her hips. As she wiggled and tried to force the button closed, the man said, “May I offer a suggestion?”
“Of course,” she gushed. “I need to be guided by men.”
“Very true,” he smiled approvingly.
His approval made her giddy.
“Just leave the button undone. Problem solved.”
She blushed in embarrassment.
“I feel so stupid,” she said.
“Not at all,” he smiled. “You do the best you can. I’m only too happy to guide you. All the men here are.”
“There are more men here?” she said happily.
“Oh, yes, there are many men here for you to please.”
“Oh good,” she said, jumping up and clapping her hands.
She was topless and her breasts bounced up and down. He smiled.
“You’re pleasing me already,” he said.
She felt so good about that. She started to question why but it seemed such a boring thing to think about.
“Should I go to breakfast now?” she asked.
“Of course,” he said.
As she was bouncing out of the room, Becky was putting her clothing on.

Becky’s clothing included a top but she had forgotten to put it on. The man who had brought her clothes said, “Ahem, you might want to put your shirt on first.”
She blushed as he handed it to her. A thought occurred.
“Would it be more pleasing to men if I didn’t wear it?”
“It might be for some,” he smiled. “But there is something to be said for accentuating your assets without showing them completely. Put it on and I’ll show you.”
She pulled it over her head, wiggling into the tight shirt and adjusting it snugly to show her cleavage, her pert nipples clearly showing through the thin fabric. Without bothering to ask, he reached out and traced his finger around her cleavage.
“There,” he said. “In some ways, the shirt, especially with no bra, makes your boobs even more enjoyable to watch.”
“Oh good,” she smiled.
“And the tight, low pants show part of your ass, which is also very pleasing.”
She was beaming with joy.
“Now time to get to breakfast, sweet-cheeks,” he grinned.
He gave her a playful slap on the ass and she trotted from the room.

Becky and Tina ran into each other in the hallway. Tina was wearing a pair of very tight cut-off jeans while Becky’s had leggings. Tina was also topless, her magnificent breasts on display.
“Wow,” Becky said. “You are impressive but a man told me that I should accentuate my breasts with this shirt.”
“Cool,” Tina smiled. “A man told me that I should display mine openly.”
“Clearly, they want each of us to look our best,” Becky said.
“You look great,” Tina said.
Then they turned together and bounced down the stairs.

By this time, all of the women knew there were men present. They were not surprised by it and they also were not offended or angered by it. After all, their purpose in life was to please men, was it not? Tina noticed that one of the men here was Doug, her neighbor.
“Hello, Tina,” he smiled. “I must say you look delicious.”
She smiled gratefully.
“Thank you,” she said.
She curtsied as she said it, the action coming without realizing she had done it.
“I feel bad about my attitude before,” she said. “I didn’t understand what was best for me.”
“That’s all right, dearest,” he smiled. “That’s what we’re here for, to teach you what is best for you. Would you like me to start right now?”
“Please Sir.”
“Good. To begin with, in the kitchen area, you will find, obviously, a variety of food and drink. Some of the girls have expertise in that area. Join them and they will begin your lessons in how to cook a delicious meal.”
All the new girls scampered off, happy to learn this new man-pleasing skill. Although not all their efforts resulted in the best food, it was a beginning. Breakfast was followed by a meeting.

“Ladies,” Doug began, “by now you know that the purpose of this retreat is for you to learn to be happy.”
The ladies all applauded.
“As I look at you, I realize you are all beginning to understand the nature of real happiness. It comes to you by pleasing us men. The result is that we are all happy.”
The ladies all applauded more.
“As you know, this is called the Fun Retreat. Now this is fun in the usual sense but also F.U.N. in another sense. Now this is silly but you like silliness, don’t you girls?”
They all giggled and nodded that they did.
“This is also F.U.N. as in Female Units. Now, you may wonder where the ‘N’ comes in. Well, the ‘N’ represents the word ‘Number’. So, for instance, the lovely Kathy, my wife and our first inductee, is Female Unit Number One or, for short, F.U.N.-1.”
The girls all cheered as Kathy climbed onto the stage, wearing a very short skirt and a shirt that bared her waist and snuggly hugged her bountiful cleavage. He caressed the face of his lovely, young red-haired wife as her hair fell down her back and across her shoulders.
“It is an appropriate designation as she certainly is a fun one,” he smiled. “Now, each of you will be listed in our registry in a similar way that will indicate how many have completed our program. Tina, you will be Female Unit Number Twenty-Six or, for short, Fun-26.”
Tina was not sure why, but it filled her with such pleasure to be given a name like that, her very identity now controlled and chosen. She happily jumped up and down in excitement.
“Becky, your designation on the roster will be Female Unit Number Twenty-Seven or Fun-27.”
Becky and all the subsequent girls reacted much the same way as their designations were announced.

“Now, ladies,” Doug continued. “We all know the retreat was supposed to end today. But we would appreciate it if you girls would stay another night. I realize some of you may have jobs to get back to but don’t worry, we will take care of that and of you.”
The girls readily agreed and spent the rest of the day getting used to spending their time happily serving and pleasing the men. A number of new men showed up during the day. Doug shook hands with one of the men, one who looked to be in his early forties, and walked him over to Becky.
“Jim, I would like you to meet Becky.”
Becky greeted this man whom she had never met before with the attitude that pleasing him was the most important thing in the world.
“Becky, Jim would like to talk to you and get to know you better.”
He leaned close and whispered in her ear.
“Remember, what you want most is to please men.”
Then he walked over and patted Jim on the shoulder.
“Don’t hesitate to, let us say, do what you may feel you want to do. Remember, she is ‘programmed’ to want to allow what will please you.”
He smiled as Jim overcame any hesitations and put his arm around Becky’s bare waist as they walked away. He turned his attentions to Tina.
She was standing there topless and quite glad that this was pleasing to all the men.
“Well, Tina or, should I say ‘Female Unit Twenty-Six’, I hope this is turning out to be everything you may have hoped.”
“Oh it is,” she grinned. “Is there something I can do for you? Is there some way I can please you?”
“That would make you very happy, wouldn’t it?”
“Oh, yes,” she said.
“Well, not right now,” he smiled. “But later tonight, I’d like to come to your room and discuss some things.”
“That would be wonderful,” Tina said.

Doug excused himself for the rest of the afternoon. There were reports to be filed and systems to be checked. This was not all fun and games although the fringe benefits of the job were- delicious. The F.U.N. Project or ‘Female Units Numbered Project’ had started in its rudimentary form in the 1950s. During World War II, the traditional gender roles had started breaking down as a result of women having to do traditionally male jobs while men were fighting the war. In the 1950s, the F.U.N. Project (although that was not its name back then) was secretly founded to move society back towards more traditional gender roles. Its first attempt was the early days of television, a basic but effective form of suggestion and mind control. By reinforcing extremely rigid and traditional gender roles, they had an effect. But television was a medium that worked only by psychological influence and it could be used by anyone. As less traditional ideas dominated the airwaves, that means of control faded away. However, there had been experimentation with implanting hypno-tubes into select television sets and the research and development on those had finally led to the current situation.

On Sunday night, Tina saw that her friend, Becky, was headed for her room with Jim, the man she had met that day. Tina envied her. She so hoped she would have such an opportunity to please a man this night. Then she remembered that Doug had said he would show up some time this evening. She hurried to her room and did everything she could think of to make herself as attractive as possible. On some slight level, she still questioned this. She knew this was not her normal persona or her normal ideas. But her head began to ache every time she tried to think of such things. She finally laid down on the bed, trying to look as inviting as possible. But, as the minutes went by, she slipped into a light sleep. She barely noticed as the light in the room slowly dimmed and the strange combination of lights began. She purred softly as she slipped into an even more suggestible state than she had been in the last couple of days. She saw Doug slip into the room and she purred happily as he sat on the bed.
“It’s time for your final conditioning,” he said. “Would you like that?”
“Oh yes, please,” she sighed.
“Good girl. You’re already mostly there anyway.”
His hand again cupped a breast and traced a finger around it as he spoke.
“Now you have become a very attentive girl who loves to please men,” he said.
“Hmm, yes, love to please men.”
“Now you must also obey men. Not everyone equally of course. You will have a master and him you must obey above all others. Would you like that?”
“Mmmm, yes, Master, obey above all others.”
His fingers traced their way down her flat tummy.
“I’ve watched you for some time and wanted you to be mine. It’s a fringe benefit of the job. You will be only the second ‘F.U.N.’ girl I’ve taken as my own. Becky interests me too but we already have someone willing to pay a hefty fee for her. But I am especially interested in you. I love babes with long blond hair, big boobs, wide hips and hot fantastic bodies and that’s you. So I will be your Master. You will be attentive to my needs at all times and live to please me. You will obey me in all ways. You will believe everything that I tell you. You will exist to please me.”
“Oh, yes, be attentive, obey, believe, and exist to please you, Master.”
“You will be happy. Those headaches will go away because you won’t trouble yourself with trying to think anymore. You will just do as you are told like a good girl.”
She wiggled on the bed, purring happily.
“Yes, want to be a good girl and do as I’m told.”
He gently kissed her breast. She pushed them towards him.
“You will be happy and content, doing as you are told. You will be loved and cherished and happy, always happy.”
“Loved, cherished and happy, always happy. Love you, Master. Exist to please you, Master. Happy, Master.”
“Always happy,” he whispered as he slipped into the bed with her.

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