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Ken’s rejection had put me in a dismal mood. I had been unable to shake myself out of the doldrums for some time now. It had a bitter blow to me that all he desired was sexual gratification and the rest didn’t matter. The emotional baggage I had attached was my downfall. I was afraid some man would become emotionally attached to me and I wouldn’t be able to shake him. Instead Ken was a man of his word in that he had told me all along he was in it just for the sex and if I sought anything else he would dump me. I had said that I needed “good sex” to be fulfilled, frequently. It struck me, if I could find a way to keep it in the right perspective I might snap out of it. I had heard about the “lifestyle” and that a chapter held its monthly parties nearby. The only requirement to attend was you had to be of age, bring a partner and an open mind. What better way to snap me out of this mood than to introduce myself to a room full of people who thought as Ken did and as I had professed too.
With this in mind we went to our first “Swinger’s Party” in the fall. Admission was carefully supervised but once you got in anything went. It was a large dimly lit bar with a dance area in the center and a raised dais encircling it. There was drinking, dancing and laughter (all the makings of a good party). As the evening wore on, more alcohol was consumed and the “Lambada” became the dance of the evening. Dance partners squaring off to see who could interpret this dance more erotically. The atmosphere became charged with sexual tension and clothing became optional. As we were new to the group an experienced couple took us under their “wing”. Frank discussions about sex could be heard throughout the room.
Diane and her husband were younger than my husband and I but were quick to snatch up fresh meat when it appeared. My husband had slimmed down quite a bit so he didn’t look so bad and Diane seemed quite taken with me. I was apprehensive at first but loosened up as the evening wore on. Diane was cute and made clear she had a strong interest in me. During one particular song Diane pulled me from the table to the railing and began to dance very suggestively with me. I matched her move for move, which only seemed to excite Diane even more. I was awestruck as Diane removed her blouse and bra to raise her hands over her head spinning for the room to see her ample breasts. I turned to my husband to comment on this gesture, only to decide I would do the same and remove my skirt as well. I turned back to Diane who was just removing her panties to toss them to my husband. Diane danced toward me and we danced the “Lambada” in absolutely the most sensuous style I had ever performed. We were breathing hard when the dance ended and Diane embraced me and we kissed, as lovers do. I was clearly aroused and turned to look for my husband’s approval as Diane stated the two of us needed the privacy of a room. Sheepishly, my husband nodded his approval bringing a delighted smile to my face. Diane’s husband leaned forward to suckle on my bare nipple and Diane grabbed my husband’s head and dragged it to hers. He was clearly uncomfortable with this “familiarity” with a woman other than me and I think he realized I knew it. I sat down next to him and took his hand to say: “Do you want to leave?” Diane’s husband leaned over to mine and commented how hot his wife was to try me out and nudged him. My husband looked into my eyes and after swallowing deeply said: “No, we’ll stay. You have fun. With that Diane and I were off, about thirty minutes later we returned gleaming with sweat. I handed my under clothes to my husband and grasped Kevin’s hand to pull him up from the table. I grabbed his crotch, smiled and kissed him saying, “Let’s not let this go to waste,” as I led him to the dance floor. Diane slid into the booth to press up against my husband, she put her arm around his neck and used her other hand to massage his crotch. As she ended the kiss the hand around his neck slid down to grasp his hand and place it against her moist vagina saying, “Your wife has made me very wet and I need a man’s cock to plug the flow. Could you help me out?” In the room Diane had explained to me first night jitters were her specialty and she told me not to worry my husband’s reluctance. I watched as she kissed him full on the mouth and as their tongues did battle I could sense things might work out. I could see my husband’s hand massaging Diane’s moist hot cunt under the table. God she was making me hot! I dragged Kevin back to the table and grasping my husband’s hand said: “Let’s go to the room.”
Diane led us to the room and he stared at her naked form like a bedazzled schoolboy. He hadn’t seen another living woman stark naked since we married seventeen years earlier. I started taking his clothes off as we walked through the foyer into the room and to the bed. I slipped out of my clothes and crawled seductively on the bed. That’s when he noticed I was kneeling above Kevin my hips grinding away at his cock with my cervix. I stretched my arms out to receive Diane and we embraced, kissing deeply. Diane motioned for my husband to join us as she nestled her pussy on her husband’s face. He climbed on the bed to kneel next to the three of us. I grabbed his limp cock and began to stroke it while Diane kissed me and drew my head to her breast. Oddly enough he couldn’t get an erection. I knew my husband was aware I had had a multitude of other partner’s male and female but he had never seen me “in action” before. He would tell me later that in all our years of marriage he could not remember a time he had seen me so aroused. I was lost to the sexual heat of the moment and the eyes, he was always so lost in, were now filled with lustful passion. Diane, Kevin and I soon rocked to a mutual orgasm under his watchful gaze.
I slid off Kevin’s pole to wrap my arms around my husband and kissed him, my heart was filled with joy. Diane bent to suck her husband’s cock clean. I pushed my husband on his back and immediately began to suck his limp dick. The touch of my lips, the soft brush of my long hair against his body aroused him from his stooper as his cock began to grow at my behest. It didn’t take me long to give him a raging hard-on and I raised my head to his to kiss me. He closed his eyes to the strangers in the room as he shared the strange flavors of another man and woman, which were in my mouth, and he found it oddly disconcerting. I shifted my body to allow him to poke his now rigid cock in my moist pussy. He groaned at the warm moist clasp of my cervix as it wrapped around his cock. I used my hands to push against his hips as I rode his cock in long undulating strokes. I marveled at how good it felt as I felt knees settle on either side of my head and I swiped my tongue along the vulva on my face tasting an oddly salty mixture. Don’t get me wrong I love to give head but I have never given it to another woman in front of him. I was grinding away at his dick, while Diane ground away at my face. I soon came, as did Diane. I wasn’t giving up as I continued to grind away at his dick and he tried mightily to keep his erection as Diane slid off my face to kiss him, as only I had. I suggested Diane take a turn at grinding away at his cock and his dick shrank to nothing. I sensed Diane’s frustration immediately engaged her in an embrace that caused him to tumble off me. He sprang from the bed to find Diane’s husband sitting in a chair offering him a drink. They sat and watched us engage in oral sex until I brought out the biggest two-headed dildo they had ever seen and the two of us took turns being on top driving this massive tool into ourselves as well as our partner. It was mesmerizing for them to watch two women bring each other to a climax. When we finished we dressed and returned to the party.
Diane and her husband began cycling the room and I would dance with different fellows and go off to the room. By three am I had gone off to the room six additional times with a variety of partners. Sometimes with one person, sometimes a couple and finally a few couples at once. My husband nursed a few drinks but could not be coaxed to the room again. Whereas I had discovered my sexual appetite was apparently unquenchable I couldn’t say the same for his. This was everyman’s fantasy and he had eyes for only one girl in the room or so he said.
My husband and I would attend a few more parties together and he tried to go to the room at least once at each party but failed miserably two out of the three times. That’s when he stopped going altogether. By this time I had made enough friends that I could always find someone to partner up with. I enjoyed the “lifestyle” and he felt if it made me happy, why not? I would come home the following day and engage in sex with him after each party. I have to admit I became quite adept at using the muscles in my cervix. I even ended up in an amateur porn film. I had set out to minimize my affair with Ken but opened a whole other can of worms. I admit I am more comfortable with participating in the “lifestyle” because I knew the social etiquette of these affairs precluded emotional involvement. So long as I had multiple partners the chances of my becoming emotionally entangled again were minimized. I would regale him with tales told in graphic detail of my sexual escapades and he found them to be oddly arousing. He loved me, still does. I suppose he feels he failed me because he couldn’t satisfy my needs and that is a bitter pill for any man to take.
As the years have worn on his testosterone levels have diminished and I can now tell myself, “See it wasn’t all that important after all.” He still loves the sight of me. The way my hips sway and my butt moves still arouses him whenever I draw near. Though I have aged he still see’s the girl he fell in love with ageless, timeless.

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