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Chapter One
By Gloryboy

It had seemed a simple enough mission to the Teen Titans. Robin, Kid Flash, Aqua Lad and Speedy broke into the headquarters of some new criminal who thought he was a mastermind. Didn’t they all think so? At eighteen, Robin had short black hair and a solid, muscular body. Kid Flash was seventeen. He had brown hair and the lean, toned body of a runner. Aqua Lad was a blue-eyed blond sixteen year old with a tanned swimmer’s physique and Speedy had long red hair to go with his costume. He was well toned at eighteen years old.

Robin had a bat-a-rang ready and Speedy, Green Arrow’s sidekick, had an arrow notched into his bow. Aqua Lad relied on his super strength that he retained for a time after leaving the water and Kid Flash knew he could use his super speed. So they were quite confident as they entered the lair of this new villain known as DarkMind. The name seemed appropriate as the place was a labyrinth. They finally decided they would have to split up in order to search the place properly. Kid Flash knew he could search far faster than any of the others and so offered to search most of the building.

Kid Flash had been searching for some time when he entered a room and the lights went out. He could see nothing. He remembered where the door was and put on a burst of speed to get into the next room where he saw there were lights. But, when he got there, he still could not see. He heard a voice in his mind.
“The darkness is not in the room but in your mind, Kid Flash. You cannot see. You cannot move.”
He felt cold creeping over him but, like the darkness, he felt it was in his mind, numbing him. His limbs were not responding properly. Then something dropped on him, engulfing and entangling him.
“Meet my partner,” DarkMind said. “I selected him because he is the perfect partner for my intentions.”
Kid Flash felt himself slowly losing consciousness as something wrapped around his throat and choked him out.

DarkMind was a tall, well built middle-aged man with black hair and a well-trimmed beard. He looked down at the unconscious Kid Flash. Flash was hogtied with strong ropes. As DarkMind watched, the ropes slid away from Flash and slithered up to a standing position. The ropes then began filling out and changing until a slim young man of average height stood there. He had long brown hair, was wiry and handsome. He looked to be about eighteen.
“Well done, Rope-Man,” DarkMind said. “Now strip him and use the real ropes. I want him bound so can’t move a muscle at super speed or any other way before he wakes up.”

Rope-Man grinned happily as he began the joyful task of stripping Kid Flash naked.
“It’s like getting four nice presents to unwrap,” he smiled.
He proceeded to thoroughly bind Flash. First, he tied his arms behind his back, wrists to elbows. Rope was wrapped around his upper body for extra assurance. Rope-Man took a device called a humbler. It was a metal clamp that fit snugly around Flash’s balls. Rope-Man then pulled the device between Flash’s legs. The humbler formed a bar that was set against the backs of Flash’s thighs, at the bottom of his butt-cheeks. This caused his balls to be stretched back between his legs. Rope-Man then tied Flash’s ankles and his knees tightly together. He then pulled Flash’s ankles up behind him and strapped his ankles to his thighs. Taking a moment to admire his work and Kid Flash’s body, Rope-Man smiled.
“No running for you, Flash boy.”
Then he gagged Kid Flash and put a hood over his head. This would serve the purpose of making him unable to see and also the hood was laced with a powerful anesthetic that would keep him nicely sleeping.

The capture of the archer, Speedy, was essentially the same scenario. The only difference came when it came time for Rope-Man’s task of binding him. He decided the breaking process would be added to with a little mockery. After placing Speedy on his side, bound as Kid Flash was, he took one of Speedy’s arrows from its quiver. He removed the arrowhead and broke the shaft. Then he placed the remains of the shaft pushing snugly between Speedy’s balls. He tied the shaft so it continued separating his balls with the feathers at the end touching his cock. So he was bound like that and wore the humbler.

Robin was the third to fall and, again, it was pretty much the same scenario. This time, to add to the humiliation factor, Rope-Man had prepared a humbler designed to look like a batarang.

Aqua Lad was the last to fall.
“Last but certainly not least,” Rope-Man grinned as he looked at the blond, blue-eyed tanned surfer physique.
The only difference in binding was that, after tying Aqua Lad’s ankles together and his knees together, he pulled Aqua Lad’s knees up to his chest. Aqua Lad’s ankles were tied to the humbler on his balls and the rope around his knees was tied around his neck as well.

Once the helpless heroes had been taken to Darkmind’s hideout, the special anesthetic hoods were removed. Darkmind put his arm around his slim, gorgeous partner, Rope-Man, and smiled.
“Take a moment to just stop and admire,” he said. “Before we do anything else, just look at the helpless beauty we have assembled before us.”
Rope-Man looked them over and took a deep breath. Indeed, here bound, helpless and unconscious before them, were four of the most gorgeous young males on the face of the Earth and they were now the bound, gagged and helpless property of Darkmind and Rope-Man, to do with whatever they pleased. And what they pleased to do was completely break and rebuild them into their total slaves and sex toys.

As the heroes regained consciousness, Darkmind and Rope-Man moved each of them to a kneeling position. The one exception was Aqua Lad, who was placed on his knees with his forehead to the floor. The glazed eyes of the four young men soon cleared and they looked at their captors. Darkmind walked to each of them.
“Speedy,” he smiled running a hand over Speedy’s balls and along the arrow shaft between them, not touching his cock, but, by implication, demonstrating he could do so anytime he pleased.
Speedy was writhing, both cringing at the touch and telling himself it did not, in any way, arouse him. Darkmind could easily read these thoughts in his mind.
“Oh but it does arouse you, my little archer. You can’t keep any secrets from me.”
Looking down at Speedy’s crotch, he laughed.
“I apologize,” he said. “I should have called you my big archer. Can’t deny you’re aroused now can you?”
Speedy looked down in humiliation, realizing he was growing hard. Fear of what he was feeling went through him as Darkmind moved along to Kid Flash.

Reaching behind the helpless hero, Darkmind gently caressed his restrained balls. Kid Flash moaned and tried to writhe as the man traced a finger teasingly around and around his balls.
“In time, we’ll have all you young men nicely shaved, especially your balls and your pubes,” Darkmind said.
He sighed in pleasure at the feelings of humiliation he felt in their minds at that knowledge.

He moved on to Robin, who just glared angrily at him with a look almost defying Darkmind to touch him, a look that said ‘I’ll get free and kill you if you do.’
Just to demonstrate how little chance there was of that happening, he rubbed some lotion onto his hand and began caressing and stroking Robin’s cock. Robin closed his eyes but also started breathing heavily. Clearly he didn’t like this but there was an inescapable biological reaction to the stimulation of having his cock stroked. Darkmind stopped.
“We don’t want to get you too stimulated right now,” he mocked. “You’ll make a mess.”
“Mmph! Mmph!” Robin protested furiously into his gag.
That comment by Darkmind made it sound to the other Titans as if Robin had actually liked that. Gagged as he was, he could not even protest or deny it.

Darkmind moved on to Aqua Lad. Bound in the position he was, Aqua Lad could not even see what was going on, only hear it. Darkmind admired and then caressed Aqua Lad’s toned and muscular ass, enjoying the way he moaned and wiggled at the touch.
“I’m an explorer at heart,” Darkmind teased. “I do so love exploring virgin territory that has never been touched my Man before.”
Now Aqua Lad was really moaning and wiggling.
“But not right now,” he smiled. “In fact, I think one of you three will get that honor.”
He indicated Speedy, Kid Flash and Robin. He easily read their minds.
“You think not,” he laughed. “Not now and not ever. But that’s a long time.”

Oiling his hand again, Darkmind went to Robin, having already decided that he was drawn to Robin’s defiant attitude. The Boy Wonder was going to be his special project. He glared and twisted angrily as Darkmind caressed his balls and then started slowly stroking his meat, changing the tempo from fast to slow.
“Look at that delicious ass,” Darkmind whispered.
He indicated Aqua Lad.
“That can be yours. You’re young and so needy. All you have to do is nod ‘yes’ and I’ll place your dick right at that ass, Dick.”
Robin looked at him shocked and Darkmind peeled off Robin’s mask.

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Oiling his hand again, Darkmind went to Robin, having already decided that he was drawn to Robin’s defiant attitude. The Boy Wonder was going to be his special project. He glared and twisted angrily as Darkmind caressed his balls and then started slowly stroking his meat, changing the tempo from fast to slow.
“Look at that delicious ass,” Darkmind whispered.
He indicated Aqua Lad.
“That can be yours. You’re young and so needy. All you have to do is nod ‘yes’ and I’ll place your dick right at that ass, Dick.”
Robin looked at him shocked and Darkmind peeled off Robin’s mask.
“Yes, Dick Grayson, ward of Bruce Wayne.”
Something flashed across Robin’s mind. DarkMind grinned wolfishly.
“So that’s it,” he smiled.
He leaned close and whispered.
“Now you be a good boy and this will be our little secret. I have no desire to give away your secret identity or anyone else’s. Believe it or not, I am not and will never be a murderer. Giving away your secret identity or his to his enemies would be tantamount to signing a death warrant. No, don’t worry, Boy Wonder, my plans for you involve you staying very much alive.”
He continued stroking Robin’s very hard cock but stopped every time his breathing started getting really heavy. Robin refused to meet his eyes, refused to beg with his eyes for relief.
“That’s it Robin,” DarkMind smiled as he re-oiled his hand. “I don’t expect you to give up easily or even today. We’ll take this nice and slow.”
He stroked Robin’s hard meat very slowly, agonizingly slowly.

Meanwhile, Rope-Man/ Connor was sitting on a short stool facing Speedy and Kid Flash. He had Speedy’s cock in his left hand and Kid Flash’s in his right hand.
“I feel like a farmer,” he teased as he slowly milked at their straining manhood’s.
They were both moaning in desire and in the need to deny that desire to Rope-Man, to each other and to themselves.
“Hmm,” Rope-Man taunted. “This is the opposite of a farmer milking his livestock though. My goal is to not let that milk come out but make it want to so bad.”
He stopped stroking but held their cocks in his hand. They both instinctively started thrusting, their need for release controlling their actions for a few moments. They both soon managed to stop as they realized what they were doing. They were red with shame. Rope-Man started very lightly stroking again.
“That’s okay boys,” he purred. “No need to apologize. It was only natural.”
They both mumbled into their gags, protesting.
“Speedy,” Rope-Man said, looking back and forth as if carefully appraising, “I think your cock is slightly bigger than Kid Flash’s but his is harder.”
He grinned at Kid Flash.
“You really like this don’t you? Definitely you like it even more than Speedy does and his nice erection gives away that he loves it too.”
Both of them blubbered into their gags, denying that they liked it at all.
“Oh I know,” Connor taunted as he kept lightly stroking, “there’s a certain inevitability of an erection when having your cocks stroked like this.”
They both nodded agreement with that.
“Of course,” Connor mocked, “that doesn’t explain why Kid Flash is noticeably harder and clearly likes it more.”

A week went by like this. The helpless heroes were constantly bound and also gagged except when being fed and given water. They were ungagged one at a time so they could not carry on conversations with each other. They quickly learned that any attempts to speak resulted in excruciatingly painful squeezings of their aching balls. They were expertly teased for hours every day. Their balls were full and hurting. They were going crazy were frustration, they needed sexual relief so badly. To keep their muscles from cramping, they were given localized muscle relaxers but those relaxents did not affect their burning, needy loins.

“Now, here’s the deal,” Connor purred as he stroked Speedy’s and Kid Flash’s cocks. “You see Aqua Lad there, with that tight, muscular ass of his all up and ready? “Well, either one of you that wants to can have that sweet ass of his but only one of you, whoever nods ‘yes’ first. Neither of us has taken it. That will be virgin territory for one of you to explore.”

Connor kept stroking their cocks. He smiled. Both of their cocks were unbelievably hard, so hard he almost expected the skin to break. They were straining and purplish, leaking precum. Their balls were so full he knew they had to be burning and swollen. God, that made him hot. He wanted to bend one of them over right now and pump into his ass and cum or lock a spreader gag onto one of them and jackhammer into his mouth and spurt his load. His mind drifted. He thought he would prefer to use Speedy’s ass and Kid Flash’s mouth. They both had hot muscular young asses but he thought he would prefer to see Kid Flash’s eyes and enjoy the humiliation he saw there. But it was moot. DarkMind was right. It was very important to their mental enslavement that they broke and used each other at first rather than being forced while bound. He really hoped it would be Kid Flash that broke first. Once he broke and used Aqua Lad’s luscious ass, then Kid Flash himself would no longer be off limits and, as a bonus, neither would Aqua Lad. So, perhaps subconsciously, Connor teased Kid Flash a little more than Speedy with his words and his stroking.

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