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07-28-2005, 11:09 AM
Was It A Dream
By Jolly1

The Forth of July weekend was perfect, around 89 degrees and a light wind from the east. So I decided to take the boat down toward Miami Beach to enjoy the parties and the fireworks. Just north of the city, as I lazily cruised a couple of hundred yards off of the beach, I got a flash out of the corner of my eye. I turned quickly toward the beach and did a double take, I was in front of a private nude beach.

There in the surf were people frolicking in their birthday suits. I pulled the boat into neutral and pulled out the field glasses I always carry for a better view. I could hardly believe what I was seeing, everywhere I looked were naked bodies, some laying on the beach, some splashing in the shallows. As I scanned the bodies I saw them, they could not have been over 18 or 19 years old, playing in the shallow water just up to their knees.

They were splashing water on each other, and when they saw me looking they smiled and waved at me. The taller of the two girls had dark hair and nice round large breasts, with light brown nipples. She had just a hint of dark fuzz above her smooth pussy. The other girl was only a few inches shorter and had just a good hand full of breasts and pale pink nipples, I could not see any hair near her shaven pussy.

Needless to say I dropped anchor in front of my newfound paradise. I continued to watch the pair of lovely girls playing in the surf and every now and then they would look my way and wave. Well I am no John Holmes but I am also not a pee wee, so when in Rome and all of that, I stripped off my swim trunks and dove over the side of the boat, swimming like an Olympic swimmer toward the two beauties.

After I arrived at my destination, I introduced myself and found out the dark haired beautyís name was Judy and the blond was named Ann. I also was reminded of why I am not a public nudist, as my erection was obvious to the girls, but they did not seem to mind. I was sort of self-conscious about it but their smiles and the look they gave each other put my mind at ease.

We talked and laughed and played in the surf for a while, and then I invited them to swim out to my boat and have a drink. I donít think I have to tell you I had other things than a drink on my mind. I was thrilled when they accepted my offer and started to swim toward my boat, with me close behind. I kept thinking this must be my lucky day and wondered if I should go buy a lotto ticket.

When we got to the boat I climbed aboard first so I could help them, with a few brushes of their breast and some grabs of their asses I finally got them on board and gave each a towel to dry off with. I led them below deck to the lounge and soften the lights, turned on some soft music and preceded to make up a batch of Bahamas Mamaís. The girls gladly accepted their drinks and we settled on the couch and talked and joked. By now my erection was hard enough to cut diamonds with, and I am sure it did not go unnoticed.
As I kept seeing them both take quick glances at my crouch, and smile at each other.

Our talk soon turned to sexual topics and jokes, like Judy said something like I could kill a girl with what I was packing. And I said something like she could poke a manís eye out with her tits. Much to my surprise Ann suddenly leaned over and kissed Judy on the lips. Soon it turned into a passionate kiss and I was feeling left out. Judy must of sensed this because she reached over and grabbed my cock. I jumped at her touch, but decided to just join in, by grabbing a handful of each of their breasts.

Soon we were a tangle of bodies, kissing, touching and teasing each other. In my mind I knew I was in heaven, almost every manís dream, alone with two naked beautiful nymphs. I soon suggested we retire to the master cabin where we could be more comfortable, and I led the way. There on the king size bunk, we kissed, licked and feasted on one another. After a short time I found myself on my back with Judyís lips wrapped around my cock while Ann sat on my face.


I promptly grabbed two handfuls of Annís ass and feasted upon her from her rosebud asshole to her erect clit. And she rewarded me with her juices. Mean while Judy had climbed astride me and was inserting my cock into her fiery furnace, she started riding me like there was no tomorrow. I hardly noticed that Ann and Judy were kissing and playing with each other, as Judy rode my cock she would bring me to a peak and then slow down until it subsided. This seemed like it went on for hours as Ann had multiple Orgasms and flood my mouth with her sweet nectar, which I greedily swallowed.

Judy mean while was flooding my crouch with her own cum, as I bucked and tried to drive into her. Finally with moans and shouts, I flooded Judyís womb with my seed, as I speared her deep for the final thrust. We all sort of rested as I could still feel Judyís hot pussy contract around my cock. The girls slowly got off of me, and Judy dove for my cock, she took it into her mouth and cleaned our mixed juices from me, while Ann licked and cleaned Judy, pussy.

It did not take me long to get hard again in Judyís mouth she used her tongue like a pro. So I rolled her off of me and laid Ann down so I could fuck her brains out. With her legs on my shoulders I entered her tight hairless cunt. Judy in the mean time crawled over her face and muffled Annís cries of pleasure, as I buried my cock to the hilt in her. This position gave my hands free access to Judyís big tits, and my mouth access to her lips.
Judy was sliding her pussy back and forth over Annís mouth and I was pumping her cunt for all I was worth.

I was mauling Judyís tits and we were having a war with out tongues, while Ann bucked and squirmed under me. I finally got one of Judyís tits to my mouth and feasted like a starving infant. I could hear Annís moans escape around Judyís pussy and feel her cunt snap and grab at my thrusting cock. Since I had already cum once Ann was in for a long hard ride. I could tell Judy was cuming as she moaned and shook, and grabbed my head and crushed it to her breasts.

Ann was bucking and trying to meet my thrusts, I was still feasting on Judyís big tits, and Judy rocked on Annís face. On and on we went until I could hold back no longer, with a mighty thrust and a growl that would have put a tiger to shame, I unloaded my hot stick cum into Annís hot wet pussy. Rope after rope it kept shooting until my balls were drained, and I could no longer hold myself upright.

As Judy and I got off of Ann, I collapsed on my back, and Ann moved down to slowly clean out mixed juices from my poor limp cock. Judy in turn returned the favor to Ann as she cleaned and sucked out the juices from Annís flooded pussy. Soon everyone was cleaned and Ann and Judy moved into my arms, with one of their heads on each of my shoulders, one of their legs and arms draped across my body, we snuggled and rested.

I guess I must have dozed off into a content sleep, when I awoke they were gone. I jumped up and searched the boat, went up on deck and searched. By then it was dark and I could see no one on the beach. Was this a dream, I had three damp towels on the deck so I do not think so; I had hickeys on my neck and chest, a satisfied and content feeling in my body.

I waited there until morning but never saw them again. I wonder where I will come next year on the Fourth of July?

02-17-2006, 07:25 AM
Great story Jolly. Just wish the pictures fit on the page better. Oh well you can't have it all can you? I'll settle for a good story.

03-03-2006, 11:44 AM
very good story.The photo`s just make it so much better.


11-21-2006, 03:54 PM
Heres another hot one with some good pictures.....bumped for your enjoyment....;)

04-02-2007, 06:34 PM
There is nothing more erotic than two naked girls making love(Shaved cunts)

04-02-2007, 08:55 PM
Thanx jolly for sharing this with us. I actually missed this one haha