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It had been nearly nine months since we last attended a swingerís party together. I had suggested it as a way of clearing my head of any misconceptions I had developed about Ken. From the beginning I had loved the freedom of action participating with these like-minded individuals offered. The parties usually had eighty to one hundred couples participating. It was a little strange to troll for a companion to go with, when my husband stopped attending, but I found it to be much easier than I imagined. One of lifeís great myths is that men score with women when it is the women who allow them too. When I put the hook out there to snag a guy I would score within ten to fifteen minutes of the time I started. The parties were held on the third weekend of each month and offered me the opportunity to explore my sexuality in ways few women are ever afforded. My dance card was allows full at each and every party. I became the backup for every man or woman who wanted to go but whose significant other couldnít make it for one reason or another. I was especially pleased when I was asked to ďbreak-inĒ a son or daughter to the joy good sex brings. I believe my husband was born with a stick up his ass but this month I was going to get him to go. I knew the type of woman he favored and had spotted a business associate of his who matched that type at business party we attended together. Her husband was eager to respond to my idea and I visited there home several times before the actual party. Her petite size and youth as well as a remarkable likeness to an actress in his favorite television series cinched the deal. The previous yearís Halloween party had been a blast and the anonymity a costume and mask provided might break the ice that had formed around my husbandís cock. Kathy was a squealer and her husband Joe liked a bit of S & M.
I made a French maidís outfit with a long handled feather duster (a large two headed dildo with feathers taped to it) to round it out. My husband (ever the romantic) loved a TV series entitled ďBeauty and the BeastĒ and related to the hopeless love of Vincent for a young reporter. I found a full-face mask of Vincent at a local costume shop and a monkís cossack with hood to hide his form. Kathy was a dead ringer for Vincentís love interest and I dressed her to match the part. Her husband Joe would come dressed as a leathered biker boy (not much of a reach). In his mask and costume my husband was consumed by the role he played and unrecognizable for whom he was. From the moment we arrived at the party he was drawn to Kathy. Her husband played the role of a lecherous pimp and she the demure innocent trapped in this unspeakable situation. She enlisted Vincentís aid in guarding her virtue from the surrounding predators. Vincent rose to the occasion dancing every dance with her never leaving her side. I appeared to help by drawing her husband off to keep him entertained. Kathy made a point of asking her husband to leave before Vincentís watchful eye and pleaded for his aid when her husband refused. Vincent offered to take her home and she readily agreed. I had made sure there were no pockets in his costume so that he would have to return to our room (for his wallet and keys) before he could leave. Kathy deserved an Oscar for her performance clinging to Vincent all the way back to the room. Joe and I followed them back to the room at a discrete distance and were rewarded by the lustful sight of Kathy begging Vincent to allow her to show her gratitude as she slowly unbuttoned her blouse to expose her young, full ripe breasts to his horney gaze. Vincent (ever caught between his passion and his duty) sank his head to her chest to suckle each breast as she implored him too. She shrieked at his touch cradling his head as his eager mouth paid homage to each nipple fanning the flames of her desire. She grasped his rock hard cock through the Cossacks thin fabric pulling him toward the bed as she implored him to sink it into her quivering snatch. She sat on the corner of the bed lifting the hem of his Cossack that she might lick his ball sack and cock enflaming his desire. She raised the hem of her own dress to expose her hairless pussy pleading with him to ease her pain by driving his cock into her. He eagerly complied driving his cock into her pussy. He pounded his cock into her for over an hour, pausing only to change positions and remove articles of her clothing. He remained costumed and in character the entire time. She orgasmed twice before he finally came emptying one mighty load of jizz after another into her. I could not remember his ever have screwed me in such fashion.
Thatís when I stepped in the room and played the injured spouse demanding satisfaction. I engaged Kathy in a catfight, which began with scratching and hair tugging as she tore the costume from my body exposing my naked form. The wrestling holds became loving embraces as we fondled each otherís bodies. Joe and my husband had adjourned to the corner of the room to look on in rapt attention as Kathy and I sank into each otherís arms. I still believe a woman can experience no greater feeling than when a manís cock explodes deep in her pussy but there is much to be said for the caress of another woman. While the feeling of a manís cock driving into a womanís love canal is awesome, who better understands the art of sensual foreplay than another woman. Threesomes can be quite pleasurable when two women fondle each other. Only another woman understands the areas to stroke softly and when to be firm. How to draw a tongue slowly along our passions crease, circling but not touching the clitoris until the appropriate moment. How the areola of a nipple enlarges and the shape of the breast changes with arousal. The small rippling contractions along a womanís abdomen betray her level of arousal. The saliva in her mouth thickens as her tongue swells and lips thicken. Finally how the moisture of arousal turns from a trickle to a stream. Everyone knows a man ejaculates a thick, white viscous fluid when he cums but a woman who has a cervical orgasm does the same. The rare taste of such cream is the best taste anyone can know.
Kathy and I exchanged soft caresses while rubbing each otherís clit and kissing deeply. I soon trailed kisses down her body to sink my head between her legs and lap my spouseís jizz from her sluice. She squealed in delight as I lapped at her dripping cunt. Without missing a beat I removed the feathers from my feather duster and drove the head of it into her well-lubricated cunt than rose to place the other end of the double-headed dildo into my own. Her expression clearly showed she had never had such a large object wedged into her. I felt fingers help me wedge the head of the double-headed dildo into me as my husbands lips sealed around my breast. I grasped his head and lifted it to my lips as I sank my weight onto the dildo driving it into both Kathy and I at the same time. As our lips parted I pleaded with him to get behind me. I felt his naked form embrace me from behind as one arm encircled my chest to cup my breast and the other sank between my legs to rub my clitoris. ďHelp me,Ē I begged as the hand between my legs lifted my body higher than I could of, only to allow it to drop back down again impaling the faux cock deeply into both Kathy and I. Kathyís gasping breaths were punctuated by delighted squeals as this cock drove both us to a massive orgasm. My husband kissed the side of my neck and fondled my breasts as he aided our fucking. After we came I slowly withdrew the cum covered dildo from our creaming cunts and offered everyone the chance to savor the flavor of this rare treat.
Joe and I fucked as Kathy and my husband did. When the morning came we showered and dressed. The drive home was quiet. My husband threw his mask and costume in the garbage as we walked in the house and never attended another party. I had awakened a side of him that he was now ashamed of. We never spoke again of that night.

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