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Authors note: This work of fiction is the first story in the Willow Chronicles, and the very first story I ever wrote. This story takes place in the current day somewhere in the woods near Salem, Massachusetts.

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frozen north
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It was the summer before my 15th birthday. My body had just started the change into womanhood and I was relieved that it finally had. I only looked about twelve but I no longer felt self conscious about being the only girl my age that hadn't started to develop. I know about boys, but had never even kissed one. I had spoken with other girls about sex; most had merely heard stories; yet a few had actually "done it."

One day I was walking home from my friend Amy's house after having just such a "girl" session with a few friends. Our house is in the outskirts of town and a good 20-minute bike ride away. I took the path through the woods since it was a warm sunny day and I had no specific time that I absolutely HAD to be home. I decided to stop by the stream for a while to relax and get my feet wet.

I headed for my favorite spot, a secluded little clearing a couple miles off the main path, under the old willow tree. When I got there, there was no sign of anyone. There never was. There is an old legend that this spot used to be used by the witches for their virgin sacrifices a couple hundred years ago. They say it's cursed or haunted. As far as I knew, no one ever came here but me.

I parked my bike by the willow, took off my shoes and socks and went wading in the stream. The water was cool and relaxing. The current was very slow, so the surface of the water almost gave the impression of stillness. It was calm enough that I could clearly see my reflection. I gazed down at myself and tried to imagine myself in the arms of a boy. What would it feel like to go all the way and have him up inside me? After wading and daydreaming a while, I decided to kick back under the tree with a book and read and daydream some more.

As I bent over to get a book from my backpack I felt something snag at my skirt. I reached around to brush the snag loose and something wrapped around my wrist. I turned around with a start to see what had me and something wrapped around my other wrist, and both of my arms were suddenly hauled into the air. I looked up in terror to see my wrists wrapped in vines. Looking around, I noticed that all the vines were moving.

There was another tug at my skirt and when I looked down, it was being pulled down by another vine. Almost as my skirt hit the ground, two more thick vines wrapped around each leg just behind the knees and pulled my legs apart lifting me off the ground. By this time I was overwhelmed with fear. I tried to scream but as soon as I opened my mouth, a mouth clamped down on mine and kissed me deeply.

At least it looked and felt like a mouth (I think), but it was at the end of a vine. I thought I started to hear voices, low and quiet; just barely audible. I couldn't make out the words, but I kind of got the feeling that the voices were trying to calm me down. I tried to calm down but I was so terrified.

A tendril then wrapped itself around my eyes. I could feel myself being undressed. My blouse then by bra came loose freeing my breasts. I was embarrassed for some reason at this point about how small they were. Then with some difficulty, my panties came off leaving me completely naked except for the bow in my hair.

With a sudden shock I felt a tongue and then a mouth on my right nipple, and then another one on my left nipple. I tried not to panic but I was hanging there spread eagle, face-up, by my wrists and knees. Very shortly, other vines wrapped under me and around me and supported my weight. At the same time my arms, legs and virtually my entire torso were wrapped completely and firmly. My arms were pulled outward and back, while my legs were spread so wide that my thighs hurt.

I was terrified and embarrassed beyond description, but a strange calm was slowly beginning to come over me. The mouths on my nipples were joined by what felt like hands squeezing my breasts. It began to feel curiously good and I began to relax. I could feel gentle kissing and hands all over my body. I began to feel... strangely... loved. I was being gently bent backward and the vine around my eyes gently pulled my head back so that it was below my body.

As it did so, a small opening appeared between the coils long enough for me to see three vines descending from above. One was about two inches thick with a curious cap shape on the end of it. The other two suddenly twisted their ends together to form a kind of glistening corkscrew about the same size as the other one. Then the opening was gone.

I couldn't struggle if I'd wanted to. The vines had me completely bound in a grip that was at the same time as soft as flesh, and as strong as iron. I couldn't wiggle my toes, my fingers, my head, my hips... anything. It was like I was both blind and paralyzed, yet I could still FEEEL EVERYTHING!!

I fell into a strange trance of calm. Detached, but not totally. I felt something touch me in my most private place and I gave a small, frightened intake of breath. Then it touched me again and I felt a strange thrill. Then I felt small hands spread my lower lips apart and spread them wide.

Again the shock and fear came. I had never been touched there before and this felt so strange. I knew that this shouldn't be happening, but at the same time, it felt so good. Then I gave a strangled gasp as I felt a tongue and a pair of lips fasten themselves around a part of me down there that made me feel more pleasure than I've ever known. It licked me and kissed me and sucked me and ran its tongue up and down my girlhood until I was gasping and whimpering and going out of my mind in pleasure. A couple more vines looped over my hips and up through my butt and spread my cheeks impossibly wide; but I was on the other side of the rainbow. It felt like I had tongues and hands and lips caressing every millimeter of my body and the pleasure was building. It was becoming too much to bear.

The universe condensed and became pure pleasure. On one hand I had never felt so naked and exposed and afraid before, but then, I had never experienced such pleasure before. The mouth on my clitoris was doing its job with such passion, as well as the ones on my nipples and lips (as well as everywhere else) that soon it rose to a point that I couldn't bear it anymore. Suddenly my hips were trying to strain against the vines, trying to thrash. I had this overwhelming feeling that I had to pee... BAD... This very second!

And then I had my first orgasm. I screamed, and convulsed, and then relaxed, but the mouths didn't stop. They kept going; kissing, licking, sucking and caressing me. I could feel it starting to build again. I was going out of my mind with the sensations flooding through my body. I could feel myself straining in vain against my bonds again shaking and quivering. It was building again, strong, and just as I started to get the feeling that I had to pee again something large pressed up against my vagina. It was followed by something equally large, but slippery and oddly shaped pressing up against my anus.

The reality of what was about to happen crashed in on me and my eyes flew wide in overwhelming terror. I tried to scream, but just then several things happened almost at once. The lips gently kissing mine suddenly clamped down over my mouth, the vines around me tightened a little (like a full body hug), my thighs were (if at all possible) spread even wider, and the thing at my vagina suddenly thrust forward... HARD!!!

I felt my hymen stretch impossibly wide and then rip, and my vagina stretch inch by inch. At the instant my hymen tore, the thing at my ass suddenly surged forward equally as hard... and the universe became PAIN! Overwhelming, unendurable, mind shattering AGONY!

I screamed, despite the mouth on mine, and continued screaming as these things pumped in and out of me deep and hard. I don't know how long I screamed; 5, 10 minutes at least until I could scream no more, then I surrendered myself to sobbing.

The voices came again then; clearer this time. They were telling me to be calm, that the pain was normal the first time and would soon pass if I would relax my body and try not to fight it. They told me that I had been chosen, and that they would teach me many things; but first I had to relax. The mouths on my clitoris and nipples were still doing their work and I could begin to feel them through my pain.

So I tried to relax, or at least to try and be still. I discovered that when I didn't try to fight against it, it hurt a little less. I was still sobbing and whimpering, but slowly I began to relax. As I did so, ever so slowly, the pain began to fade. My vagina and ass felt like they were being torn in half while on fire, but it began to fade. Slowly the pain was replaced by pleasure. I was being stretched out in two places to the point of bursting, and it felt SOOO GOOD. It was the most helpless and vulnerable feeling in the universe; and it was wonderful.

I could feel a now familiar feeling building in me again but coming from my whole being. It went on for what seemed like an eternity. The feeling that I had felt before I was impaled came back with a vengeance because this time it was inside of me. I was still scared of this feeling but my fear was being overwhelmed by pleasure. After what must have been several hours I felt the tip of the thing inside my vagina curl upward a ways as it continued to pound me. The feeling was indescribably beautiful.

And then it happened; the universe simply... exploded. My body attempted to arch, it began to convulse in a depth of ecstasy that to this day I still cannot comprehend. My vagina and anus convulsed around their invaders. They contracted so hard that it started to hurt, a lot, and I was afraid that I would finally be ripped in half.

The orgasm intensified, feeding the fear. The fear intensified, feeding the orgasm. The two fed off each other, intensifying each other in an ever expanding spiral. Finally, no longer able to take it I screamed "PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!"; but they kept pumping in and out of me making the orgasm more and more intense.

I thought I was dying, and would have it no other way. I could feel my heartbeat becoming hyper-fast and then irregular. I started to hyperventilate, and then stopped breathing all together. And then the climax, "climaxed". It was like the orgasm of and orgasm. It was more than my mind could take, and my mind finally fled...

I awoke to find myself being gently lowered to the ground and laid on the grass and released. Vines came down and caressed me. Then I felt the two great things pull out of me and I gasped and fainted again. I woke seconds later to a great feeling of love and lust all around me. I was completely wrung out, paralyzed for a bit. I saw and felt tongues come down and lick between my legs, cleaning me, tasting my virgins blood. A small vine came down and wiped some up and gently stuck it in my mouth for me to taste.

I vaguely noticed that it was late at night when I was set down, but I couldn't get up to leave. I lay there for several hours quivering and convulsing in the afterglow, but at the same time, I couldn't even THINK of closing my legs without crying because I hurt so much. All night the fleshy vines kept caressing me, and the voices kept soothing me and telling me that I was loved. They told me that they were actually a She, and that she had been waiting for me for a very long time; and that there were others (whom I knew) that she wanted me to bring to her. She spoke to me of magic and many other things, and told me that me and the others were to learn from her.

A little before sunrise, I was finally able to close my legs and struggle to my feet. I staggered around and found my clothes and got dressed. I walked my bike away, (I couldn't even THINK of sitting on that seat right now) I walked kind of bow-legged until I got home. I flopped myself into bed and began to plan. After I got off restriction for being out all night, I would have to tell the other girls; would have to bring them, one at a time...

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Great stuff as always

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Nicely done

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Thanks for sharing this! ^_^

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Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. Did you read the others in the series?

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wowowowooww how intense was that???? damn nice work...love the mystic about this series...and witches also..mmm can't wait to read more...