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Deputy Duffy
04-12-2007, 08:11 PM
Aunt Peg's Hangover Cure
Deputy Duffy

It was another rough Sunday morning when I got a phone message from my Aunt Peg. When I heard her whiny voice, I knew she wasn't inviting me over for a cookout. She seemed to call only when she needed something. I wish that included something provocative, since she looked and dressed sort of like Peg Bundy, from that TV show, and that would have fulfilled a couple of long-standing fantasies of mine. But usually it was just some sort of household repair or baby-sitting duty. She was a single mom, and I knew what that was like, being raised by one, so, as much as I didn't want to, I returned the call.

And then, one hour later, sporting one nasty hangover, I made the hour trip, plumbing tools in tow.

The plumbing problem was easy to fix, just a hairball in the bathroom drain. My aunt offered me a much needed cup of Joe, so we went back to the kitchen. I walked behind her, admiring her black stretch pants and her way-too-high-to-be-sauntering-around-the-house-in high heels. Yeah, it was a strange feeling to be lusting after one's Aunt. But I'm not even sure if we we're still related. My dad's been married four times, and I've lost track of who's who on his side of the family. I keep hoping that one day she'll invite me over and offer to clean out MY pipe.

After some small talk, she started on about her kids. Being a 29-year-old single guy, I tend to stop listening when people talk about their kids. I try not to be rude, but I don't really care how many goals Adam scored in his soccer game. I was too busy sipping my coffee and enjoying her sweater-covered-assets to hear much, although my ears perked up when she brought up her daughter, Leanne, who was a senior in high school, and who'd been giving her fits, lately, even being brought home by the police.

"Will you go next door and help me out…? I'm desperate." She finished by placing her hand on my knee, her face inches from mine, her perfume tickling my senses.

My mind started screaming, "Desperate women do desperate things." I nodded my head and started to reach for my fly. Next thing I know I'm being pushed out the front door.

"Thanks," she said, as she shut the door behind me.

"What the fuck!" I muttered, shaking my head. I thought, "That never happens in pornos."

I stood in front of the next-door neighbor's house for several minutes. I was still trying to regain my composure. I knew the girl that lived there and my cousin are best friends, and then I remembered that I had been there once a couple of years ago, to change the locks after the lady of the house threw her husband out, but for the life of me I couldn't think of her first name. The door suddenly opened, and she waved me in.

"Ah, hi there Mrs. Parker," I managed, with a wave, at least remembering her simple last name. (Fucking Hangover! How did I even make it home last night?)

"Come in, Steve, I've been waiting for yah," she said, with a smile. "Nice to see yah again."

"Yeah, been a while," I said, feeling awkward as hell, as I entered her house. The house smelled kind of funny. (Oh god! Don’t puke all over the place.)

It looked like Mrs. Parker had lost a few pounds since I last saw her, but, in a simple summer dress, she still looked like the proverbial housewife. She led me into the kitchen, where I saw Leanne sitting at the table.

"Hey, Steven...,what are you doing here?" Leanne said, with a scrunched face.

"I-I-I," I, ah, stammered. I still didn't really know that either. I just stalled while she stared at me.

"Well, why don't we go into the living room," Mrs. Parker said, ending my desperate mumbling.

I walked into the living room, and Mrs. Parker told me to have a seat. I settled into an old fashion wooden rocking chair, while Mrs. Parker took a seat on her couch, just off to my left. With a snap of her fingers, she had Leanne standing in front of her, her left profile toward me. Leanne was a cute brunette with "girl next door" qualities. She was dressed simply in blue jeans, a small white top (that she filled out well), and a pair of black, high-heeled boots. She had blossomed quite nicely last few years.

(Little did I know I was about to find out just how much.)

"Now that we are in position, are you ready to begin your punishment?" Mrs. Parker asked.

I found myself rocking steadily back and forth. I don't know if it was nerves or just the simple fact that it was a long time since I'd sat in a rocking chair, and it was kind of fun. Leanne looked down at the floor and nodded her head.

"Ok, then, let's get started," Mrs. Parker said. She leaned back, crossed her legs, and said a simple word: "Strip."

"What?" Leanne screeched. My rocking came to a sudden stop, as I was asking myself the same thing.

"You have a hearing problem?" Mrs. Parker snapped.

"You can't be serious!"

"I am."

"No way.... I'm 17…. 5 days from 18. I ain't no baby."

I started rocking again, and I'm pretty sure my rocking was from nerves now.

"You agreed to be punished by me, for your sins, while your mother punished Hillary, and already you're balking at my first command!" Mrs. Parker barked.

"B-b-but I…ah…didn't think.... I mean, I'm a woman now."

"I thought you knew this was going to be a bare bottom spanking. After all, your mother had no problem stripping Hillary to the skin and giving her a good one."

"B-b-but that was dif…. Nu-uh, she would've told me.... And what about him?" Leanne (seemingly flustered) said, pointing, but never looking my way.

"He will help me with the spanking, 'cause I have bad wrists…arthritis."

"He's going to spank me?" Leanne squealed.

My rocking stopped. I, too, waited for the answer.

"Yeah, that's why your mother called him. She knew it would be extra embarrassing for yah, and it might just teach you a lesson this time. Now, no more arguing; get going."

I was shocked, but at least I knew why I was there now -- mostly for embarrassment purposes. Still, my heart was racing. I don't really have a spanking fetish, but I was already picturing her stripped naked, cousin or not.

"I can't believe this," Leanne said, as she pulled off her left boot. "Unbelievable," followed the right one. "But I'm only taking these off," she stated, while wiggling out off her tight blue jeans. It was a struggle, but they were finally wrapped around her ankles. With a kick, they slid across the hardwood floor.

"But, I don't have to take this off,” she said with a snap of her waistband. “Because it's a thong."

Yes, it was...a nice black one. I still couldn't see much, but I knew it was only a matter of time. I chuckled inside, feeling like a dirty old man and noticing that I was instinctively rubbing my palms together.

"Let's get this over with," Leanne sighed.

"Well, who died and left you boss?" Mrs. Parker hissed, and then she crossed her arms. "I said, 'strip, girl.' Now get going, and don't stop until you're in your birthday suit."

I cheered inside. (This Mrs. Parker lady was alright.)

"Are you insane?" Leanne quickly cried out, as if she finally realized Mrs. Parker's intentions. She looked at me, and then she added, huffily, "Yeah, like that's happening."

She bent down and picked up her jeans, whereupon Mrs. Parker jumped up from the couch. Leanne seeing this, raced for the door, while trying to step into her jeans at the same time. I stood up and turned to watch the pursuit. It was a short one. After a couple of stumbling steps, the jeans won the battle and sent Leanne tumbling down to the floor. She came to an abrupt stop on the hardwood floor, with an ear cringing screech. Mrs. Parker stood over her in a triumphant pose for a moment, before she reached down, and, with an unsympathetic pull of the hair, helped Leanne to her feet.

"Please, my hands are burning," Leanne sobbed, as she rubbed her palms together.

"You'll forget about your hands soon enough," Mrs. Parker huffed. She bent, pulled the jeans off of Leanne's left leg, tossed them onto the couch, and then sat down right on top of them.

The ticking sound coming from the grandfather clock in the corner was the only sound for a few minutes. Finally Mrs. Parker cleared her throat.

Leanne answered with a shake of her head. She also wiped away a teardrop.

"Keep stalling," Mrs. Parker said. "We have all day and all night, but you're not leaving here until I'm satisfied that you've learned a few lessons.... And Lesson #1 is you getting naked."

"This ain't fair! I only agreed to a spanking, not a strip show," Leanne whined.

"Funny, the cop that brought you home said you were wearing nothing but a smile when…."

"But I didn't see him coming," Leanne interrupted. "And that was with Donny. And it was dark, and-and we were just paying off a debt...."

"And?" Mrs. Parker snapped.

"And…I mean it’s the middle of the day, and you want me to get naked in front of my best friend's mom and even worse, my old cousin Steven. See what I mean?"

(Hey! When did I become old?”

"Yes I do," Mrs. Parker said, with a wicked smile. "Hence the word 'embarrassment.' I guess your mom was right." With that, Leanne flashed me a look that could kill. For the first time I felt a little for her, but exactly what I felt, I wasn't sure. I knew I wasn't her favorite person in the world. (I think she knew that I was hot for her mom.) And it wasn't like I knew this was her mom's plan when she called me. Needless to say that, so far, I was glad that I returned that phone call.

For the next several minutes Leanne would tug at her top, but then she would do some more complaining, while I was using the time to mentally picture what her breasts might look like. They certainly looked substantial in her clingy top, and I could just make out the outline of her nipples. But her stalling was killing me. I felt like jumping up and tearing off her top, just to get on with it.

"What?" Mrs. Parker finally said with a laugh. "Is someone still stuffing her bra?"

Leanne smacked her lips, but it finally got her moving. She turned around and pulled her shirt over her head. (And, no, she wasn't stuffing her bra; she wasn't even wearing a bra.) I got a nice profile shot of her breasts (Jesus!), before her arm blocked my view. Arm pressed against her chest and face flushed, she turned back around and dropped her shirt on the floor.

But Mrs. Parker quickly barked at her, "Toss it over." She did, but wasn't happy, in fact, I swear she mumbled the word, "Bitch."

"Ok, just one more thing," Mrs. Parker said, pointing at Leanne‘s thong.

"But why?" Leanne cried, a tear rolling down her cheek.

"Because you've lost your thong-wearing privileges."

(I had to clamp my jaw to keep from laughing.)

Nervous minutes passed, and I began to wonder if Leanne was going to make another run for it, but at last she turned around and rolled down her panties with one hand, keeping her arm across her chest. She turned and tossed her thong at Mrs. Parker, her actions quick enough that I couldn't see much -- but I knew I'd see more.

"How times have changed," Mrs. Parker said, shaking out Leanne's thong.

"My mother would have killed me for leaving the house in these." Mrs. Parker wore a sour look, as she held them up. Leanne moaned, "Oh my god!"

Then she looked at the floor, one arm still across her chest, and the other covering her crotch.

Crossing her legs, Mrs. Parker sat back, and folded her hands in her lap. We both were focused on Leanne now.

"Hey, didn't someone say earlier that she wasn't a baby? Look at you."

I must admit that Mrs. Parker was indeed acting like a bitch and Leanne looked like someone about to go skinny-dipping for the first time.

"Well, she's all yours."

"Excuse me?" I squeaked, forgetting my place at this point.

"Remember the spanking? Hello...."

"Oh, yeah," I said, trying to play it cool, though I'd never given a spanking before, not even to a lover. But I do have the Internet. (Need I say more?)

The first thing I thought about was the position. With Mrs. Parker's presence and my groin already a-flutter, I didn't think I could handle Leanne lying across my lap, so I scanned the room. I didn't really see anything that helpful, and I didn’t think she’d go for “all fours” on the coffee table, so I figured the couch would have to do.

"Ok, move over to the couch." When she didn't move, I snapped my fingers.

"Let's go." Still nothing.

"Are you deaf, girl?" Mrs. Parker said, for the second time. Leanne shook her head and shuffled forward. I knew who was really in charge.

With legs straight and tightly pressed together, Leanne dropped her hands down on the seat of the couch, right next to where Mrs. Parker was sitting. I moved over by her side. Mrs. Parker was facing me, so I couldn't really be obvious with my stare, but I could tell that she had a nice butt. I was about to see if it was a nice butt for a spanking.

I gave her a test blow with the palm of my hand, since Mrs. Parker said nothing about an implement. I almost laughed, not believing I was really doing this. A few swats followed, each a little firmer, until I finally got the smallest of a squeak from Leanne. I figured I found the correct strength behind my blows now, as pain really wasn't my goal. I must say I enjoyed the various noises that escaped from her lips as I continued. The ass cheek that I was focusing on was turning a light shade of pink. I figured I gave her a dozen blows or so, and wondered if that was enough, so I looked over at Mrs. Parker (who, I must say, had a great view from where she sat of Leanne's breasts as they hung from her chest -- and maybe I was mistaken, but she did seem to notice).

"You can't be serious," she said, when our eyes met, and I was confused.

She slid to the edge of the couch. "She has two cheeks, you know," she said, rather wisely, her face only inches from Leanne's ass. I used the opportunity to shift behind Leanne and finally got a good look for myself.

(What do you know, she did.)

Leanne glanced back, as we examined my handiwork, but she quickly changed her mind (obviously embarrassed that we were checking out her ass) with a smack of the lips.

("Yes, a nice ass, indeed," I thought.)

“Can I go now?” Leanne asked.

"But we’ve only just begun, my love. Now get up there," Mrs. Parker said, with a pinch of Leanne's ass.

"Ouch!" Leanne crawled forward and knelt on the couch, her head resting on the top of it.

Mrs. Parker waved her hand in front of my face. "Ok, back to work, you, and put some muscle behind it.... If you have any."

Normally, I would have been a little insulted, but, after she said this, she turned and picked up Leanne's right leg and moved it about two feet away from the left one. Leanne had to arch her back to adjust.

What a view!

"Hey, what the...?" Leanne spat, reading my eyes, and she quickly moved her legs back together, just seconds after Mrs. Parker let go. But Mrs. Parker was at least as stubborn. Back apart they went. Back together they went....

I stood back, amused, enjoying the tug of war, which went on for five or six rounds.

"So you wannna do it the hard way." Mrs. Parker finally wrestled Leanne's legs apart and slid her own legs in between them and sat down.

Leanne's knees were now resting on both sides of Mrs. Parker’s outer thighs. Mrs. Parker slowly spread her legs apart which also spread Leanne’s legs.

“What are you doing?” Leanne whined. “He can see….it…now”

“Ok, back to work.” I heard Mrs. Parker’s voice, but as hard as I tried, I could not get over the implications of this position.

(And speaking of hard, I suddenly realized that I was now sporting a full-blown hardon. I was hoping my loose-fitting running pants that I had worn for the long drive were hiding this embarrassing fact. I also shifted to Leanne's side and quickly delivered some blows, while trying to wish it away.)

I think with the added excitement my blows were a little firmer because my hand started stinging. I rubbed her ass cheek after every blow to ease the sting. (At least that was my excuse.)

Leanne seemed to moan out after every blow now. It did little to soften anything. Harder blows followed until Mrs. Parker interjected, telling me to check her ass. She wanted “red tomatoes.” Honestly her ass was more like “red Zinfandel,” but I lied when Leanne turned her pleading gaze my way, a small tear drop rolling down her face.

“Let me check,” Mrs. Parker said, in disbelief. She stood, pressing on Leanne’s back as she was trying to get up. Mrs. Parker ran her hand along Leanne’s ass cheek.

“She’s not even that warm back here.”

I nodded, but didn’t even know why. I was simply focused on watching her rub Leanne’s ass.

“Please,” Leanne whined. “My bikini.”

(I figured Leanne wore a thong bikini as well and was afraid of bruising.)

“What the hell!” Mrs. Parker suddenly cried out. My body shook, and then my jaw dropped. Mrs. Parker had both of Leanne’s ass cheeks in her hands, her thumbs pulling them apart. “Where is your pubic hair?” I couldn’t help moving in for a closer look at Leanne’s shaved pussy.

“Please, he can see!” Leanne shouted. I felt guilty, but I could see…. Clearly!

“Not so fast!” Mrs. Parker snapped. “Not until you tell me why.” Her fingers pulled farther apart, and Leanne’s pussy lips spread, her pinkish insides flashing into our view.

I gulped when Leanne’s pretty pink pussy gaped open.

Mrs. Parker chuckled, grimly. "Yes, he can see everything now."

“Oh my!” Leanne squealed and managed to break free, but a ponytail grab jerked her back on the couch. Mrs. Parker looked steamed. A moment later I found out exactly why.

“Hey, I’m not the one who told you to shave down there. You probably talked my daughter into it as well…just like the other night.” Mrs. Parker was pulling on Leanne’s hair, and Leanne was reaching up, grabbing at Mrs. Parker’s wrists, probably trying to free herself. This offered me my first clear shot at Leanne’s lovely ample breasts. They were nice and round and firm-looking. They were capped by light pink nipples surrounded by even lighter areolae, which looked truly erotic against her silky white skin.

“Let me go!” Leanne wailed, and she took a kick at me, probably noticing my stare. I stumbled back and tripped over the edge of the coffee table. It was now my turn to crash to the hardwood floor, down on one knee. Of course I quickly stood up like it was no big deal. But with the pain in my knee, I forgot about one little fact.

“What are you laughing at!” Mrs. Parker snarled at Leanne. “That could have hurt him.”

Leanne pointed at me, "The perverts got a hardon!" I froze. (She could see?)

"Well, whose fault is that?" Mrs. Parker spat, and she pulled Leanne off the couch by the hair. When she landed in front of me, I instinctively covered my excited crotch with my hands.

"How is it my fault?" Leanne cried out. Mrs. Parker still had a handful of hair.

"All that moaning and groaning while being spanked...flashing your bare pussy.... It was supposed to be punishment, girl. You’ve gone and stunk up the living room."

Mrs. Parker flashed a wicked look at me. “I bet you even shaved this morning, hoping this would happen.”

“No way!” Leanne sobbed. “Please, I’ve learned my lesson.”

"Lesson! I’m glad you said that, because Lesson #1 didn't work -- in fact, I think you even liked it. So maybe this'll be more effective.... Pull down his pants."

"What?" Leanne screamed out, and I gulped, thinking the same thing. But I wasn't running for the door either. I was frozen like a statue, a statue with a hardon.

Leanne looked right at the bulge in my pants, which I quickly covered with my hands once again. "I don't do...."

"Oh, don't give me that. My daughter told me what you did to that punk, before the cops showed up."

"No way.... She wouldn't tell you THAT!"

"She did. She told me everything. She spilled her guts after I yanked the TV out of her room."

"God, I'm going to kill her," Leanne said, before she looked over her shoulder, up at Mrs. Parker. "But did she tell you, we were just paying off a debt, and that Donny helped us pass chemistry?"

"She did, but is that supposed to make it any better?" Mrs. Parker turned Leanne's head around and pushed her forward. She almost banged into me.

"Trading sex -- is that how you're gunna get by in life?"

"It wasn't sex!" Leanne snarled. "He wanted it, but it was just...."

Mrs. Parker's laughing drowned Leanne out. "Well, you did it once. So suck it up, Miss Clinton."

It was with that one-liner (which I think should have been "Miss Lewinsky") that I suddenly realized they were talking about oral sex. I was stunned. "Mrs. Parker can't be serious!" My brain screamed, “Not here...in front of her.” I also jumped back in surprise when Leanne reached for my pants.

"See, he don't want to either," Leanne said, as she tried to stand, but Mrs. Parker pushed down on her shoulders.

"No, I think you're mistaken," Mrs. Parker said, now standing directly behind Leanne, rubbing her shoulders. "I think he might be a little shy, that's all. Just ask him."

"Are you, ah, shy?" Leanne asked. I just shrugged my shoulders.

Mrs. Parker giggled. "No, you twit, ask him if he’d like...."

"Frig that!" Leanne spat and she tried to scamper away, but Mrs. Parker had her by her ponytail.

"Maybe she's had enough." I tried to offer, but I got the "Zip it" signal from Mrs. Parker.

"No, I think this is a good ending to the punishment...now get over here."

It was weird. I suddenly felt like Leanne wasn't the only one being punished here. Maybe I should have put up more of a fight, but one look at Leanne, naked and on her knees, ended any more actual thinking. I shuffled forward, dumbly.

"Now get them pants down!"

It took three or four repeats for Leanne to finally act. This time I didn't back away when she reached for my pants. She offered one warning as she gripped my pants waistband. "If you tell anyone...."

I bit my lip and nodded, and my pants found their way around my ankles. My underwear soon followed, and my hard cock sprang free. My face flushed. I swear Mrs. Parker snickered, and then she added, "What do you know, he does have one.”

I ground my teeth when Leanne wrapped her tiny hand around my cock, and then, after a few deep breaths, she put the head into her mouth. I felt her tongue swirl around it. I looked down, but she had her eyes closed tight. She continued to lick the head of my cock and then started moving slowly back and forth, until Mrs. Parker yelled, "Faster." It startled me, because, for one brief moment, I was in heaven.

Leanne whimpered as Mrs. Parker moved Leanne’s head back and forth over my cock. At first it was slow and easy, but soon she was really pushing back and forth vigorously. Slurping sounds filled the room. It felt great, although it was also strange. Maybe my mixed emotions were the only thing keeping me from exploding immediately in Leanne’s inviting mouth.

Mrs. Parker let go of Leanne’s head somewhere along the line, but Leanne kept sucking. For the first time, I ran my fingers over her hair and she looked up at me and purred. I almost lost it, but for Mrs. Parker again.

"So you like sucking that big cock?"

Leanne stopped and looked back. "It ain’t that big. Donny’s is…." She didn’t get the chance to finish, before I spun her head around and thrust my dick back in her mouth. (No, now wasn’t the time for analyzing.)

The sound of Mrs. Parker’s tapping foot was matched by Leanne’s truly erotic slurping sounds as she continued. It wasn’t long before we were interrupted again.

"See, I knew you liked it," Mrs. Parker said, as she moved over next to us. “That is so disgusting.”

I sighed and shook my head.

“I let go a while ago,” Mrs. Parker teased. “But you kept sucking along.”

Leanne broke her grip. "Hey, whose idea was this, anyways?"

"Why you little cock sucker!" Mrs. Parker snarled, and she reached out and tweaked Leanne’s right nipple. Leanne batted her hand away. Mrs. Parker raised her hand like she was going to slap Leanne. "If you were my daughter...."

"Speaking of Hillary, did she tell you that she did this to Donny too?" Leanne said, before quickly covering her mouth with her hand.

Leanne’s words seemingly hit like a body blow. Mrs. Parker gasped and then became very red in the face.

"Why, you little liar."

I wasn’t surprised that she went right for the hair again, and the struggle was on. Leanne put up a good fight, but was outsized, and wound up defeated once again. She ended up lying on her back on the coffee table, Mrs. Parker sitting on her stomach holding Leanne’s hands over her head.

The cat fight doing little to ease my excitement, I found myself stroking my cock watching them.

“Don’t just stand there playing with yourself,” Mrs. Parker said, looking up at me. “Get over here.”

I moved over, obediently, but was more than a little confused. I looked at Mrs. Parker, and she seemed to be in the right position, so I moved closer.

“Not me, idiot -- her!” she screamed.

I jumped back.

Leanne seemed amused until I knelt and turned her head. It was awkward, but I managed to get my dick back in her mouth. After a couple of minutes, my knee was quickly becoming a problem, so I suggested a change of position. Mrs. Parker wasn’t too happy, until she heard the details, and then it was Leanne who wasn’t happy. Mrs. Parker once again “helped” her into position.

And it was quite a position. Leanne was lying on the couch in an upside down sitting position, her head at just the right height for some face fucking. I moved over, and, after a few attempts, Leanne finally relented, and I went to work. I think I got caught up in the moment and was really giving it to her. (Did I say that I have the Internet?) I was holding onto her legs and made sure I had a good view of her pussy. I even managed to forget about Mrs. Parker.

It only took a couple of minutes for me to reach my limit. It just felt too damn good. I pulled out of Leanne’s mouth and let go of a few streams of cum that landed on her cheek and chin. I pressed my dick against her lips, and, with a scrunched face, she finished me off. Mrs. Parker offered some mock applause.

I stepped back and Leanne quickly spun herself around.

“Ewww, gross,” she said, as she ran her hand along her face.

“If I only had a camera,” Mrs. Parker said, and then she told Leanne to take a shower. Leanne scampered away. I pulled up my underwear and pants.

Mrs. Parker was pointing to the door. "You were certainly a big help. Or shall I say 'LITTLE' help?"

And with that final quip, I was on my way. Funny, my hangover was totally cured.

I walked back to my aunt's house, hoping that she had some beer in the fridge, because I needed one, big time. I washed up in the bathroom and then found my way to the fridge and was fishing around when I heard Aunt Peg's voice.

"It's in the bin."

"Ah, what?" I said, a little embarrassed.

"The beer. Isn't that what you're looking for?"

I just nodded, and I guess my aunt knows me a little better than I thought.

We moved to the couch. It was strange sitting next to her after what had just happened. I knew that she'd used me for embarrassment purposes, but I'd gone beyond the call of duty. I felt that forbidden fruit guilt.

"So, did Leanne enjoy her punishment?" she asked, after a few minutes of silence.

I felt my face flush. "I don't know." I said. (And I was really still trying to figure that one out.)

"It must have been really embarrassing to have you watching her get spanked."

I nodded, and then, a couple of seconds later, my brain screamed, "Watching?"

"I was surprised." I said, fishing for more information.

"I bet. I know spankings are a thing of the past, but I've tried everything else. I hope it didn't make you uncomfortable."

"Why, I mean, why didn't you do it…the spanking?"

"Marilynn thought it would be better this way. You know, child abuse."

"Would that be Mrs. Parker?" I said, beginning to get a strange feeling....

"Yeah, she wasn't happy, either. I mean, to open the door and have a cop standing with a hand on your daughter's shoulder. I shudder at the thought. They're just lucky that the cop knew Marilynn. And then to top it off, my daughter doesn't even tell me about it. I felt like an idiot when Marilynn brought it up, and I was clueless. I was also a little upset that she was trying to pin ALL the blame on Leanne."

"So you spanked her… I mean Marilynn's daughter." Trying to avoid one of my aunt's rants.

"Yeah, it was strange, and she wasn't happy about it, so I guess she learned her lesson."

"I see."

"Yeah, she's downstairs, playing a board-game with Adam."

"I see," I moaned again. I'll admit my mind wasn't working all that well, still a little flustered by the previous events, so I asked.

"Did you...like...do it today?"

"Yeah, right here on the couch."

"Over your knee?"

"Yep." She took a few playful swats with her hand. "I think Adam got a kick out of it."

"Adam?" I squealed with surprise.

"Yeah, it was the audience factor."

"Another Marilynn idea?" I asked, but didn't have to.


"But isn't Adam a little young? He’s like fourteen."

"No, maybe it taught him a lesson, as well."

By her matter-of-fact tone, I figured I knew the answer to this one, "Was it a bare bottom one?"

"No," she said, before I even finished asking. "But she had on these thin stretch short pants, so she felt it.... Wait a second, was my Leanne's bare bottom?"

I nodded, wondering if I should drop this whole conversation.

My aunt giggled. "Wow, that must have been embarrassing for her. I understand your surprise about Adam watching now. Yeah, he would be a little young for that. In fact, I've never spanked my kids that way."

"But you've given one to Hillary before. I mean a bare bottom one."

She shook her head. "Gosh, I would have been too embarrassed. Why do you ask?"

I stammered a bit, pulling the pieces together. "I-I just thought both of them got the same punishment."

"Me, too. But not from the sound of it," she said. (And she had no idea.)

"Well, maybe she’ll learn this time…. Oh, wow, it's time to take Adam to soccer practice." My aunt went downstairs and fetched Adam, leaving me alone with my thoughts. "I'm glad it's only practice and not a game, because I know I would have been dragged along, and I'd rather poke my eyes out then watch a bunch guys in shorts chase a black and white ball around. It was a strange first thought, I agree, but I was also glad that Leanne hadn't come back yet, because that would have been more than a little awkward.

I was about to leave when Hillary came upstairs. I had met her only briefly a couple of times, so, when she sat down, we just said "Hi" to each other. I started flipping through a newspaper, and she a magazine. Hillary was the blonde version of my cousin, only a little taller. She was wearing a tennis skirt, so I figured she had some shorts on underneath them. My eyes ran up her long legs.

"It's weird, huh?" she said, after several minutes.

"Oh?" I panicked, my heart fluttering, thinking she'd caught me looking up her skirt. ("What the hell was happening to me? When did I turn into a pervert?")

"No TV here," she said, gesturing, after a couple of seconds of my flushed silence.

"Oh," I said, with a chuckle. "Yeah, Aunt Peg isn't big on TV…corrupts the mind."

"I know; it's weird." (What I thought was weird was confessing ones sins to her mother just so she could watch it.)

"Ah-huh." I agreed, but I was thinking about her mom, and if she would follow in her footsteps. I kept looking over to her, trying to muster up the courage to ask her about the night that the cop brought her home. The front door suddenly opened. Leanne ran in and headed right up the stairs.

"I'm never going over there again!" she screamed out, as she made her way.

Hillary looked at me, and then got up and started to follow.

"Wait, give her some time," I barked.

"Why, what happened?"

"Your mom gave her a good one."

"Jesus, she should have known that, though."

"Why?" I wondered.

"Well, my mom was pissed...still is. We thought that cop wouldn't tell, after...." She looked up and got red-faced, like she suddenly realized who she was talking to. She ran to the door. "I gotta get going. See yah."

And, just like that, she was gone.

I sat quietly, trying to pull the pieces together. I wished someone would finally tell me the whole story instead of my getting it in bits.

Leanne came bopping down the stairs, about ten minutes later. She flashed me a quick look. "You still here?" She went into the kitchen and grabbed some soda from the fridge. I almost asked her to bring me a beer, but I bit my tongue, deciding not to press my luck. She poured her Coke into a glass and looked up at me. "Waiting for my mom to come back?" I could tell by her tone that it wasn't really a question. "What, cat got your tongue? I noticed that happened a lot today."

I didn't really know what to say. I felt bad for her but…honestly…it was the coolest thing that ever happened to me.

She was leaning up against the dry bar in the kitchen, only a few feet away. She was looking my way, but her stare was blank.

"Do things like this happen often around here?" I finally mustered the courage to ask, after some awkward silence.

She just rolled her eyes. "What's that, a guilty conscience?"

"Hey, I had no idea this was...."

"I know, I know." Leanne interrupted. "Sometimes you get more than you bargain for."

"You had no idea, either?" She just shook her head at my dumb question. "Wait, are you talking about today or with that Donny guy?" I could tell by her sudden change of expression she wasn't happy at that question, either.

"Sorry," I offered, "I'm just a little confused."

"You want to know what happened, is that it, how I got into this whole mess?"

I nodded, and held my breath. (Was someone finally going to tell me?)

"Then I guess you have to promise never to tell anyone about anything that was said today, as well." I quickly crossed my heart, knowing I was hell-bound anyways.

"Donny is just this guy we know who graduated last year and he took chemistry and aced it, not because he's smart, but because he had the answers to all the tests. Seems like our retarded teacher never changes her frigging tests from year to year."


"So, we tried, but c'mon, it's chemistry, so we made a deal with the devil."

She turned and started idly going through some cabinets. I guess that's all she wanted to tell me, but I wasn't satisfied.

I cleared my throat. "It only happened once?"

"Oh, brother," Leanne sighed. "Yeah, we kept putting him off and thought we might get away, you know, after we graduated, but he found us at the mall and wanted his payment. He said it was our last chance, or he’d haunt us. Only he used the “R” word. We could tell he was pissed."

"He didn't hurt you or anything, did he? I could kick his ass...."

"Please," Leanne said, with a laugh. "A little late to play the protective cousin. Plus, he didn't. He just wanted...you know."

"A...BJ," I mumbled.

"Yeah, right!" Leanne cried out. "No, his promised payment. I guess in the end that's basically what he got. Well, after we stripped, and he tossed our clothes into the front of the SUV. We were in the back, me on one side, Hillary on the other...our heads, well, you know. That’s why we didn’t notice that cop when he showed up, although I was glad to see one, for once. You see, Donny had this perverted list of sex things he wanted. He even had this bag of toys.”

Leanne wasn’t looking at me as she told her story. Instead, she was focused on her glass. “He said we could choose which one of us did what, but we had to complete the entire list, and then he'd never see us again. I mean that was the original deal. Jesus! What were we thinking? I've never even did half the stuff on that list before. He even had anal on the list. See why we were trying to put it off?"

I nodded, but she was focused on her glass. "Are you sure you don't want me to kick his ass?"

Leanne smacked her lips and flashed me that “you idiot” look. "He's like 6'4" and 250."

I chuckled. "Ok, you want me and a couple of my friends to kick his ass?"

Leanne shook her head. "No, we talked to him later, and everything’s cool. Seems like that cop put the fear of god into him."

"That cop seems like a cool guy."

Leanne gave me that look again. "No, he is a guy, a horny guy, a guy with an offer. Well, after he chased Donny away and confiscated his sex toys."

"Oh, my!" I moaned.

"Yeah, but I'm sworn to secrecy on that one. Let's just say that I've done most of the stuff on that list now, well except for...." Leanne paused and finished her drink off. "Funny, I was sooo scared, but ended up really getting off on the fact that I was doing stuff to him and even Hillary that I'd never do otherwise. It was so guilt free. He was just ordering us around. Honestly, it prepared me for today.”

She looked at me sheepishly. “Can you believe she made me do that to you?"

"Yeah, that was s-something," I mumbled.

"Can I ask you something?" Leanne said, looking at the floor, and I nodded.

She looked up at me, and I nodded again. "Not that I really like it, and I’ve only done it a couple of times, and no one's really told me before but...was I, ah...?

"Awesome!" I answered.

Leanne fluttered her eyes. "And my b-b-body?"

"Sexy as hell."

"Better than my mom's?"

"Light years."

Seemingly satisfied, she headed for the stairs. She turned to me and smiled. "Do you think Mrs. Parker actually has arthritis?" Then she continued on her way. She poked her head back. "Whose idea do you think it was to have YOU watch my spanking, anyways?"

My jaw dropped.

Leanne nodded her head. "Hillary warned me that her mom always gave bare bottom spankings, and I knew if I pleaded with my mom not to call you that she would. But again, I got more than I bargained for. I just thought that you’d see my body. I was just trying to prove a point. I think she just took advantage of the fact that I'd be so embarrassed that I'd never tell. But now that’s it’s over...."

“I know I’ll never forget it,” I said.

“No kidding, me either.” Leanne gasped. “And can you believe that after you left she pulled me out of the shower and took my temperature. She said I acted like a baby so you can guess where she took it.”

“Wow!” I said, mentally picturing it.

"Yeah, wow!" Leanne flashed me a sly smile. "Sorry, you're gunna have to take care of that little problem in your pants yourself. It was a one-time thing," Leanne turned and headed up the stairs. "That is, unless I get punished by Mrs. Parker again."

After a few minutes to regain my composure, I grabbed my keys and headed for the door. But I stopped short in the foyer, dreading the long ride home, especially in my fired-up mood.

“Don’t even think about it!” my conscience screamed into my ear.

But I was listening to that horny devil on the other shoulder who was reviewing everything that Leanne had just said, every little sordid detail, adding fuel to my mood.... Making a deal with that punk, accepting the cop's offer (and being double crossed), agreeing to be punished by Mrs. Parker -- and wanting me there to witness it when she found out about Mrs. Parker’s penchant for bare bottom punishments -- and, most important, admitting that she did find measures of pleasure and excitement in it all....

I glanced at the clock; I still had some time.

Leanne did say it was a one-time thing. Well, that "time" wasn’t over yet. Her confessions had left me more than ready for an encore, only this time she wouldn’t get away with just a blowjob. No, I was hot for more. (She was 5 days away from 18 but I wasn’t waiting.)

As I crept upstairs to the bedrooms, I wondered if anal sex was that one thing on that sex list still remaining...AND if she would ever joke about my or anyone’s “size” again.

I snickered, also wondering if Mrs. Parker really took her temperature rectally, or if that was just for my benefit...maybe to plant the seed of an idea in my thick head.
Although Mrs. Parker had been more than helpful, I knew I didn’t need any more assistance from her. No, Leanne had said enough to lead me to believe that my actions, however perverse, would be forgiven.

But not forgotten!

Then, halfway up the stairs, I paused, thinking about that tall blonde, just next door. I began to develop a follow-up idea -- and I wondered if they might be up for another threesome....

“But, first things first,” I said, knocking on Leanne’s door.

The End

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