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My wife Joy is a slut. There is no other way to describe her. She simply loves to suck and fuck all the time, anytime. She has been gang banged by clubs, fraternities, softball teams, bowling teams, the night shift at a 24-hour gas station. She has been videotaped and photographed entertaining groups of guys.

Joy was once gang banged by a group of her teachers when she was seventeen in high school in the principal's office during school hours. She has no inhibitions about doing a guy or group of guys in public. In fact, having a group of people watching her suck cock or getting fucked turns her on. She especially likes the feeling of being a slut and being used like a sperm bank.

The following story is about an event that happened to my wife a number of years ago.

My wife, Joy, went to her company's Christmas party dressed in a tight black skirt, a blue silk blouse, dark thigh-high stockings and 5" black patent leather high-heeled pumps. The blue blouse was the type that wrapped around itself to cover her big 34C tits. She didn't wear a bra or panties and because of the material and the cool temperature of the night, her nipples sticking out nearly poked out through the silk material.

At the Christmas party, the guys out numbered the women by a ratio of about five to one. Every time Joy would walk to the bar for a drink, the height of her heels made her tits bounce under her blouse. A lot of the guys at the party took notice of this every time she walked.

Finally, one guy from a party of six seated at a table went up to my wife and asked if she would like to dance. She willingly accepted his offer and soon the both of them were dancing to a slow song in a corner of the dance floor that was in the shadows. While my wife danced with her new friend, she made sure that her tits rubbed against his chest. The guy decided to take some liberties and cupped my wife's left tit in his right hand. He could feel her hard nipple through the silk material of her blouse.

Joy made no attempt to stop him feeling her up and he got a little bolder. He slipped his hand inside her blouse, pulled back the material and let her left tit pop out. He continued to dance with her while her tit was exposed for everyone to see.

After the song was over he pulled away from my wife, and she casually covered up her exposed tit. She thanked her new "friend" for the dance and both of them went back to their seats. The guy couldn't wait to tell his pals about his experience and sure enough, when the next slow song came on, another guy asked Joy to dance with him.

Like his friend this guy was also able to pull my wife's tit out of her blouse for the enjoyment of everyone there. After the dance was over, Joy again put her tit away and sat down. For the next two hours, Joy was asked to dance to every slow song that played. Each and every guy who danced with her got to feel her up and expose her tit to the crowd.

All the time during those two hours, when Joy wasn't dancing and being felt up, she was drinking the endless stream of drinks that guys were sending over to her. By the second hour of dancing she had quite a buzz on. Being felt up by nearly every guy there was also making her quite excited. Every time a dance would end she got slower and slower about putting her exposed tit away. One of the first guys to dance with her got a second chance and this time he pulled both of her tits out of her blouse.

When the song ended Joy was so hot and wasted that she didn't bother to cover herself up. By that time, many of the partygoers had left including most if not all of the women. So there was my wife, standing on the dance floor with her tits hanging out of her blouse and a room full of guys enjoying the show.

The guy who had just finished dancing with her asked if she would like to join him and his pals at their table. She happily agreed and the guy took her hand and walked her back to his table. Joy was feeling the effects of the liquor and this coupled with the height of her heels, made her tits bounce every which way. Every guy there enjoyed watching her melons bouncing all over the place.

The guys at the table made a seat available for my wife and she sat down without putting her tits away. The guys figured Joy was up for a party and very soon after she sat down the guys on each side of her reached over and grabbed a handful of her tits. Joy's nipples were rock hard and the guys pulled on them to see how far they could stretch out her tits. When they let go of her nipples, her mounds would bounce back onto her chest like bags of Jell-O.

Soon there were guys standing behind her and they reached around to grab their share of tit. The two guys sitting to her left and right gave up on her tits and each reached under the table and stroked the inside of her thighs. My wife immediately spread her legs farther apart for them. The two guys took the hint and each of them reached up to feel her wet cunt. While one stroked her excited clit, the other buried his middle finger in her pussy.

Joy was getting so turned on by all this attention that she started to fuck the finger inside her. The guys playing with her tits were now sucking on her hard nipples and kissing her tits. The guy standing behind her pulled her face up to his and gave her a deep open mouthed kiss. The guy on her right took her hand and brought it down to his crotch so that she could feel his hard-on.

Joy squeezed and rubbed his erect cock through his pants. The guy unzipped his fly and pulled his hard dick out for her to play with. My wife immediately began to jerk the guy off. After a few seconds of this, the guy stood up put his hand behind her head and guided her face to his dick. My wife opened her mouth wide and took his hard dick deep into her mouth. As she sucked the guy to her right, the guy on her left whipped out his dick and made her wrap her hand around it.

So there was my wife, sucking one guy, jerking off another and having her tits mauled by a bunch of guys standing behind her. The guy who had his dick in her mouth grabbed a fistful of hair and held her head still while he fucked her mouth like a cunt. After a minute or so of fucking her face he pulled out his dick, jerked it a few times and then blew a wad of cum onto my wife's face. Some of his cum dripped down her chin, but the thick globs stuck to her face. He took his finger, scooped up the globs of cum and fed it to my slut wife. As soon as he backed away, another guy stepped forward and presented my wife with another hard dick to suck. My wife wasted no time and immediately began sucking this new cock.

Someone in the crowd behind my wife suggested that they make her stand up. They pulled Joy to her feet and made her bend over to suck the dicks that were now waving out of a lot of zippers. While she bent over to do as she was told, hands raised her skirt above her hips to expose her ass and pussy to the crowd. As soon as she was bent over, some guy buried two then three fingers into her pussy. Another guy licked his middle finger and buried it up to his knuckle into her asshole.

While this was going on, the other guys pulled her blouse open and then off so that her tits were dangling towards the floor. One guy got underneath her and sucked on her tits like a baby cow at feeding time. Her other tit was being pulled and twisted by three other guys. The guy finger-fucking her decided that she was ready for some real cock and got behind her. He spread her ass cheeks farther apart and with one quick thrust buried his dick up to his balls in her pussy.

My wife was so excited by this time that she had her first orgasm after only a few strokes of the guy's dick inside her. The orgasm was so good that her knees buckled and she almost lost the guy. After a few more minutes the guy fucking her mouth couldn't hold back any longer and he shoved his dick a little more into her mouth a then filled her face with her first load of cum. He announced to everyone that he was cumming in "this bitch's mouth".

This turned on the guy fucking her from behind and he emptied his cum into her pussy. The guy who came in her mouth was replaced by another eager dick that proceeded to fuck her mouth like a cunt. The guy behind her pulled his softening dick out of her cunt and a small stream of cum flowed out of her pussy. The next guy to mount her from behind had to stand on his toes to fuck her because she was still wearing her 5-inch stiletto heels.

After half an hour had passed, my wife had sucked off 5 guys and another 6 had fucked her. By that time she had cum on her face, in her hair, on her shoulders and tits. Her pussy was so full of cum that it constantly dripped out of her cunt and made a puddle on the floor. Every time someone shoved his dick into her he forced out some other guy's cum from her well-used pussy.

Joy was quite a site being bent over with a dick in her pussy, her tits flopping around as her head bobbed up and down on another guy's dick. She had bent her knees slightly so that everyone who wanted to fuck her from behind could easily reach her pussy, she wouldn't take off her high heels, she said they made her feel slutty.

After a while my wife said she wanted to lay down and be fucked, they took some table cloths off the tables placed them on the floor and had her lay on her back. She got on her back and spread her legs as wide as she could to show everyone her gaping pussy. She asked two of the guys to each grab an ankle and spread her out as far as they could.

She then asked the crowd, "Who wants to fuck this slut?"

A line immediately formed at her pussy and the first in line rammed his dick up her hole. Meanwhile some fat black guy straddled her chest, sat on her tits and rammed his fat dick down her throat. He forced his dick down her throat until his balls rested on her chin. My wife struggled to breath around his big dick. The black guy just laughed at her discomfort and told her "Suck my big black dick you white cunt!" After two or three minutes of this he grabbed his dick, stroked it a few times and blasted a huge load of cum onto my wife face. When he was done shooting he stuck his dick back into her mouth and told her to "clean me off."

While she was sucking the black guy, two other guys had emptied their loads into her pussy. Someone decided that instead of sloppy seconds in her cunt, he wanted to fuck her up her ass. So they made my wife roll over and get on her hands and knees like a dog. The guy got on his knees behind her, stuck his dick into her pussy to lubricate it with the cum that was in there and proceeded to shove his dick up my wife's ass.

Two guys spread her ass cheeks farther apart and very slowly the head of the guys prick disappeared in my wife's asshole. He pushed in a little, pulled out a bit, pushed in a little more, pulled out and by the third push his dick was all the way in her asshole and his balls were resting against her open pussy. While she was being fucked in the ass, another guy had grabbed a hand full of hair and was forcibly fucking her mouth. Another guy had reached under her and was pulling her nipples and twisting them around forcing her tits to shake all around.

After the guy fucking her ass emptied his load into her asshole, the next five guys in a row fucked her in the ass. When the fifth guy pulled his dripping cock out of her ass, her asshole was huge. It was no longer the little puckered eye it had been. Instead it was a round gaping hole inviting the next cock to fuck it. Sometime during this asshole fuck fest, someone had decided to fill my wife's empty cunt with something. That something turned out to be a Coca-Cola bottle. He had shoved it so far up her snatch that only the bottom rim of the bottle was visible from her cunt.

During the time her ass was being gang-banged, her mouth was also being gang fucked. Six or seven guys were playing a form of Russian roulette with her mouth. Each guy would fuck her mouth for a few moments and stop just before he came. The object of the game was to see who could last the longest without cumming in her mouth. However, after the first guy came all over her face and in her hair, the rest of the guys forgot about the game and decided to give my wife a cum shower.

Eventually all of the guys who took a piece of my wife were spent. In the space of an hour and a half she had sucked 14 different cocks, been fucked by 12 more, had been fucked in the ass 6 times and had a Coke bottle shoved up her pussy. When all the guys were through, my wife fucked herself with the Coke bottle in her cunt until she had her final orgasm of the evening. She lay on the floor covered in cum in her stockings and high heels. She played with her tits and asked if the guys had any more for her.

The guys told her that they were fucked out, but if she gave them her number, they would arrange another "party" later in the week. They promised Joy that she would be the entertainment.

During all this I had been sitting at our table watching as my wife being used. My dick was about to explode and I had already unzipped to release it from my pants. After the guys left I got up and went to my wife and told her what a great slut she was and I dropped my pants and told her I needed some relief. Joy smiled at me and grabbed my dick a began sucking it. Joy loves sucking a dick and is an expert at it. Because of seeing her will used I didn't last long and shot a huge load down her throat.

I gathered up Joy's clothes and put them in her purse. Joy didn't want to mess them up and said she would just ride home naked, if I also wouldn't put my pants back on so she could play with my dick on the way home. Joy also promised that we got home we could party together in the showered.

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Hey- Welcome the the Blues and thanks for bringing you're Joy story to us. Please post more of them. They're great. I read them all on the story site. Oh and check out our sister forum. There is a link in Davesmistress and Freedoms signature area below their posts. Gotta spread the Joy. :-0

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