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Candy’s marriage failed when her husband found out she had been having a torrid affair. He pressed it, tried to hem her in and she divorced him. He blamed me, for her sexual escapades saying I had encouraged Candy to seek sexual gratification outside their marriage. Maybe so, maybe not, only Candy knows for sure. I do know she was pretty despondent about the whole thing.
I loved Candy like a sister and decided to cheer her up with a night on the town. What a night I had planned! I called Ken (my stud) and asked him to arrange a “suitable” date for Candy. The day finally arrived and Candy came by early so that we could shop for “proper attire”. We spent the remainder of the day primping. I helped Candy bathe and introduced her to the wonders of a vibrator. We assisted each other in doing our hair and make-up. As we were dressing I pointed out the advantages of going braless in a strapless dress. How much sexier (and freer) it was to wear a garter belt and nylons instead of pantyhose. Pantyhose were out because they messed with the dress’s clinging outlines. Just before we left I got some ice from the refrigerator and pulled down my top to rub the ice over my nipples, so they would stand up firm and high. I encouraged Candy to do the same. My tongue slipped across my lips as I watched Candy studiously do the same and ask; “Like this?” I nodded my agreement and we left to meet our dates at the bar while my husband watched the kids.
We spent an hour or so at the bar drinking and engaging in small talk. Ken remarked he had left something at his motor home and would we mind swinging by there before going to dinner. Not a problem, all agreed. Ken invited Candy and I in to see the place (which I had seen on many previous occasions) it was quite spacious actually.
Ken wanted to show the place off and gave us the grand tour pointing out the queen size bed. He made a big deal about his fabulous sound system and turned on some soft music and invited us to sit and enjoy a drink. Ken made drinks for all and placed them on the kitchen table. Ken and I sat on one side of the table and Candy and Mike on the other. Ken and I began necking almost immediately. Mike proceeded to do the same with Candy. Candy soon realized things were getting out of hand as Mike kept trying to pull down her top or put his hand between her legs. She turned to tell me that maybe it was time to leave. To her surprise she saw my top was down around my waist and Ken’s mouth was firmly planted on my bare breast. I had placed my heel on the edge of the bench to spread my thighs apart to allow his warm hand to rub my moistening vulva. Candy gasped, attracting my attention and I could see the rabbit look in Candy’s eyes. I arose from the table taking Candy’s hand and bidding her rise. As Candy stood, I put her arm around me and we began to dance with one hand cradling Candy’s head while my other arm drew her close. We danced slowly swaying with the music while Ken and Mike looked on.
I looked in Candy’s eyes and drew her head down to a full kiss. The liquor, the music, and the sensuous touch of my near naked body against hers aroused a passion Candy had not felt for a while. My hand traveled sensuously up Candy’s back and around to her breast cupping it softly but firmly. Candy’s eyes met mine and I knew and she wanted what was happening. My hands moved to the elastic sides of Candy’s dress and my fingers hooked the top as my lips and tongue traced a path from Candy’s mouth down the nape of her neck and onto her chest. My thumbs slowly drew the elastic material over Candy’s breasts, exposing two large ripe melons whose enlarged areolas and turgid nipples betrayed her sexual arousal. My lips firmly encircled one tit and than the other as my tongue drew circles slowly around each areolas in turn. Candy moaned in forbidden pleasure as a woman drew heat from her in ways she knew only a woman could. Still my tongue traveled lower as I drew the dress over Candy’s hips toward the floor, as it reached there Candy raised her leg to step out of it, my tongue darted out to swipe Candy’s clit. Candy responded with a shudder that almost knocked her off her feet. As I arose I slipped out of my own dress and embraced Candy in an amorous hug. We kissed again as my hand planted itself between Candy’s thighs, massaging her vulva. My fingers knowingly parted the petals of Candy’s labia, quickly finding her clitoris. As I rubbed Candy’s clit her hips involuntarily begin to sway with the rhythm. Moisture began to drip down her cervix to run along her leg. Candy was rapidly approaching an orgasm and needed to slow things down a bit. Her hands cupped my face and pulled it to her yearning mouth. Our mouths met and tongues danced about each other’s mouths. Candy’s hands dropped to my back and pulled me close so that first our nipples than breasts and finally pubic hairs might touch, firmly, sensuously. It was a long, wet kiss and as it ended our eyes met, a fiercely tacit approval passed between us. Candy’s hands came round to grasp my breasts and Candy’s head dropped to suckle each nipple in turn. Candy dropped one hand to my pubic area and her fingers sought out my elusive clitoris. This time it was my turn to shudder as wave after wave of sexual arousal washed through me. Candy lit the candle of my sexual passion and it was my turn to embrace Candy and pull her close. We kissed, setting off a mutual tremor.
I turned Candy slightly pushing her backward as my lips and tongue left a moist trail down Candy’s neck and chest pausing briefly to suckle each nipple in kind than continuing across her chest and belly toward the moist valley below. Candy felt the edge of the table press against the back of her thighs and buttocks. She lost her balance and fell backward but firm hands cradled her back and neck as she was laid on the table. She opened her eyes to find the men, now naked, sitting on either side of her. My hands continued to move down Candy’s body, as did my lips and tongue. Surely I wasn’t going to do what she thought, here, now. It had been a while since, and her body shuddered at the touch of my tongue against her womanhood. My hands slipped behind Candy’s knees to raise and separate her legs so I could have better access to that wondrous gash. Candy could feel my moist, warm breath on her inner thighs and than my fingers spread the folds of her labia exposing her cervix and clitoris. My tongue swiped from Candy’s rectum over her orifice and circled her clitoris only to retrace the trail, again and again. Candy was amazed at my ability to so thoroughly arouse her. The moisture trickling from her cervix was now a steady stream. Candy’s back and hips began to arch with each succeeding pass. The men were running their hands over her body, suckling her breasts and taking turns kissing her anxious lips. Her breath was coming in gasps now. She could feel the stream of cervical juices pooling on the table behind her back. Each swipe of my maddening tongue caused her heart to beat faster and pump more blood to her burgeoning nipples and clit. She thought she would explode. Then she did, her body spasmed uncontrollably as wave after wave of her orgasm washed over her. As her climax subsided she could feel my tongue lapping at the newly released juices following her clitoral orgasm. Candy, with the men’s help, rose to sitting position and with still quivering hands reached down to grasp my head. Candy pulled me to a standing position as she slid off the table and embraced me. Sheepishly my eyes met Candy’s and a newfound level of understanding passed between us. We kissed, as lovers do, a moment of bliss was shared. Candy could taste her own bodily fluids and savored its flavor. Candy than drew her head back and licked the remaining fluid from my face while fondling my breasts. Candy’s hand left my breast to massage my yielding gash and found it amazingly moist for someone who had not received the attention she had. That’s when Candy realized I took as much pleasure in giving it as getting it.
By now the all but forgotten men were thoroughly aroused, they arose from the table to partake in the fun. Candy glanced down and noticed Mike’s cock was rock hard and about five inches in length and two inches in girth (about the same length as her ex-husbands and now long gone lover). Mike took her hand and led her to the queen size bed in the rear of the motor home. He sat her on the edge of the bed and drew her head to his penis. Her mouth dropped open as his musky male aroma filled her nostrils and his taste filled her mouth. She pursed her lips around his girth and began the familiar head bob associated with oral sex. Out of the corner of her eye she could she me sit down next to her. My hand barely encircled Ken’s girth and a couple inches of his cock protruded from my clenched hand. Candy noted Ken was uncircumcised, she hadn’t seen this before. To further astound her Ken’s cock continued to grow as I sucked it. Fascinated she would glance over to watch as it grew longer and thicker until I had both hands around it’s still protruding length, peeling back the foreskin to lick it’s angry tip. The spike became a pole.
The time had come for intercourse and Mike tilted Candy back on the bed. She lifted and spread her legs to allow him access to her portal. She watched as his cock approached her crotch, than touched her orifice. Her well-lubricated cervical canal greedily swallowed its length. Oddly, she felt her cervical muscles immediately clamp down on its length and begin to milk it for its life giving sperm. He moaned in pleasure. Say what you will but she was quickly becoming aroused again. She felt fingers knowingly massaging her clitoris and opened her eyes to see my hand resting on her pelvis. She glanced at my face and again knowing glances were exchanged. My head turned away as Ken grasped my legs lifting them high and spreading them wide. My splayed pussy dripped in anticipation of what was rapidly approaching. I tilted my hips to receive what had to be the largest cock Candy had ever seen. Ken’s now rock hard cock protruded from his pelvis like a flagpole. It had to be fourteen inches long and six inches in girth. She watched in awe as it sank into my pussy. She thought it would split me asunder but my orifice eagerly spread to accommodate it. Mike was pistoning into Candy like a ramrod and her body was responding eagerly to his attentions. Her hips rocked in time with his thrusts as her breathing became more erratic. She felt the knot of an impending orgasm well up in her as she felt the head of Mike’s penis swell to spew its hot load in her as she came again. Mike quickly rolled off and left to have a cigarette. She turned to find I had locked my legs around Ken’s hips and was answering each of his thrusts with my own. My eyes were focused on his dick and I concentrated on drawing every inch of its length into me. Candy was amazed to see twelve inches of cock withdraw from my pussy only to plunge its entire length back in as our pubic hairs entangled only to separate again and again. Candy watched in astonishment as the two of us came. She could see the hot load that overfilled me spurt out from around my vaginal orifice. Ken rested in my loving embrace for a few minutes before he arose.
Candy rolled toward me and kissed my breast and than my mouth. Her hand dipped down to touch my pussy and was rewarded with a handful of cum. I rolled to Candy and pushed her on her back, my face covered Candy’s as I kissed her deeply.
She could feel my hand trail down her body to allow my fingers to once again stroke her clitoris. Candy ardently returned the kiss as she felt hands lifting her legs to spread them wide. My lips moved with hers. All this sex had made her skin more sensitive and she could feel my long hair grazing her neck, shoulder and face. She could feel my nipple brushing her right arm gently swaying to and fro. She felt her date position himself between her legs than lift them just a bit higher to tilt her pelvis up. She felt a cock head nestle itself at the mouth of her orifice. She smiled at the thought of her newly awakened sexual appetite and opened her eyes to look into Debbie’s. She noticed Mike was standing behind Debbie driving his cock into her ass. That’s when the world exploded as Ken drove the head of his penis into her. True it had barely penetrated her (an inch or so) but Candy reacted as though a white-hot poker struck her and instantly shot to the head of the bed in stark terror. She drew her legs together and pulled her knees up to her chin locking her arms around them. The look on her face clearly announced this evening was over. I led the men out of the room and came back with our clothes. I dressed her and talked soothingly about how everything was all right and we were leaving. I took Candy to the car and stopped to talk quietly to the men kissing each before returning to the car to take Candy back to my place.
The drive home was quiet. My husband had fed the kids and gotten them off to bed.
He was sleeping in his chair in the back of the trailer. Quietly we went in the bedroom and closed the door. My husband had turned the bed down for us. We each took an opposite side of the bed and sat facing the respective wall and began to undress. Candy thought it had been an awesome night up until Ken ….. Candy began to feel guilty. I was slowly getting undressed and thinking Candy was angry with me. I slipped out of my dress and bent to unhook my nylons when I felt the soft touch of Candy’s hand on my shoulder. Candy’s hands gently turned me to face her. She saw the tears in my eyes and her heart skipped a beat. “I’m sorry. I’ve never done, felt or seen anything like that before. It frightened me.” Candy said. Now it was Candy’s turn for the tears to well up her eyes, she started to sob. I raised my finger to Candy’s lips and said; “Shh! It’s okay.” Candy’s arms flew around me and she again drew me close and kissed me fully, deeply.
Candy wanted to make it up to me and she knew just how to do it. Candy got off the bed and walked around it to my side and knelt before me. She unfastened my nylons drawing each slowly down my leg caressing each as she went. She looked into my eyes and smiled mischievously, I returned the smile questioningly. Candy kissed me again and began a trail of kisses down my body pausing briefly to suckle each breast. I liked the feel of Candy’s ample breasts against my skin. Candy placed her hands under my knees and lifted them causing me to fall back on the bed and splay my legs. Candy had not done this to me for a while and could only retrace the steps I had taken with her. As her head dropped closer to my vagina she could smell its warm dusky scent and see the trickle of seminal fluid trickle from my orifice. Gingerly she used her fingertips to part the petals of my labia exposing my gaping orifice and still swollen clit. The recent sex made my organs sensitive to any touch and I shuddered at the touch of Candy’s tongue. Tentatively Candy swiped her tongue along my gash and found the taste to be a little salty but not unpleasant. My hips were soon swaying to each swipe of Candy’s tongue and my breathing was soon coming in erratic gasps. My cervical muscles spasmed with each swipe pushing more of Ken’s fluids out of me for Candy to eagerly lap up. I felt my oncoming orgasm and pulled Candy onto the bed, kissing her deeply. I positioned Candy on the center of the bed, on her back and than on all fours straddled Candy’s head while placing my own head between Candy’s legs. I than began to lick furiously at Candy’s gash, stopping only to suck the juices from Candy’s drooling orifice. Soon we were both writhing to each other’s service, building to another climax. That’s when Candy felt something nudge against her orifice. Slowly she felt the object spread the folds of her moist vagina and distend her orifice. Just as it become uncomfortable the pressure would ease off, only to be applied again when my tongue swiped her clit. Candy soon realized she was actually pushing her body against the object, drawing it deeper into her. She felt her vaginal muscles tugging at it each time I tried to withdraw it. The painful stretching of her cervix gave way to a pleasure she had never known. She could feel herself building to another clitoral climax as that other sensation only Dave had brought her built deep within her too. Each stroke of my tongue brought her closer to a climax. Suddenly I stopped, climbed off her face only to turn around and climb on the other head of the massive double-headed dildo protruding from between her legs (she would later learn this was a latex duplicate of Ken’s cock). As the shaft disappeared into my cervix Candy could feel it pressing against her own. She stared in awe as we rocked our hips to more deeply imbed this object until our pubic hairs meshed against one another. Candy found her legs had encircled my hips pulling me against her harder and harder. She could feel the cock’s head filling her, pressing against the walls of her uterus. She was stuffed and loving it. Muscles she never knew she had began to milk this cock for all its worth. The sweat rolled off our female bodies under the effort and our breasts began to take on a cone shape as our mighty vaginal orgasm loomed. The trickle of seminal fluid had become a torrent and our pussies glistened with it. We simultaneously climaxed falling into each other’s arms, exhausted.
We lay together, locked in each others arms, cock stuffed, for what seemed an eternity. I raised my head and kissed Candy deeply and was well met. Smiling, I rose withdrawing the massive double-headed cock first from myself and than slowly from her. Juices flowed liberally from the now unblocked orifices. Candy noticed a glint in my eye as I smiled and began to lick a creamy white substance from the cockhead I had withdrawn from her pussy. “I love the taste of you”, I remarked. Candy quickly followed suit with the other end and found she really liked the flavor. Candy’s hand reached to my pussy and scooped the white creamy substance from its petals. She licked it from her fingers and pressed me back on the bed that she might lock her lips around my gaping orifice and sucked out the remaining fluid, swallowing it greedily. We kissed again and embraced one another. Candy lay down; expecting me to do the same but I got out of bed and went to the door. I explained I had a duty to perform; I had to fuck my husband it was only fair. Not long thereafter Candy felt me crawl into bed and we embraced each other and began to fall asleep. But Candy couldn’t get comfortable, she got up and grasping my legs she pulled me to the edge of the bed. Candy placed her arms under my legs and spread them as her tongue sought out my dripping orifice. Her lips locked solidly around my dripping hole and she sucked out the newly deposited fluids. She than crawled back into bed and our limbs intertwined, our bodies pressed tightly together. She smiled and looked deep in my eyes and said; “I love the taste of you”. I realized as I lay there that sex with another woman was more satisfying than that I had with a man. Men are all about penetration, driving their cock into me until they come but what about my needs. I sighed and drew Candy closer as I realized just how deeply I loved her and knew I must never tell her how I felt lest I scare her off.

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