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I soon found my reawakened sex drive gnawing at me for attention. I called Debbie to see if Mike (Ken’s friend) might be interested in getting together again with me for a date. Debbie got the number from Ken and gave it to me. I phoned Mike and after some phone tag was able to arrange a meeting the following Saturday evening. This worked out well as Deb and her husband (Richard) were working; their kid’s were off on holiday with Dick’s parents. My ex had his court scheduled visit with the kids this weekend as well.
I arrived early Saturday and helped Debbie pick up and clean the house. Candles were strewn about the living room and bedroom, blinds drawn. I took a long hot bath (in the master bedroom’s garden tub) surrounded by candlelight and soft music. I used the new toy (a vibrator) Deb had given me to elevate my body’s already aroused state. Debbie helped me do my hair, assisted with my make-up and helped me choose between the outfits I had brought with me. Debbie helped me primp and sensually aroused me even further with some mutual foreplay. Deb left for work and her husband mixed up a pitcher of margaritas before leaving. I asked; “How do I look?” To which he answered with a grin and a wink; “You’ll do fine!”
Mike arrived right on time. We sat in the living room, sipping our drinks and exchanging small talk. Mike arose and asked if he could look around as he wandered off to explore the back of the house. He noticed a door wall that fronted the park behind it and opened the door to step out onto the wooded deck. The red hues of the fading sun greeted his eyes and he called for me to join him. I emerged from the house carrying our drinks and handed him his as I sat on the bench beside him. Together we watched the sun sink below the horizon. We embraced and shared a long lingering kiss as I reached down to rub his crotch. His love muscle was pressing against his pants and lurched at the touch of my hand. His hand moved from my neck to slide down my chest to hook his thumbs in the hem of my low cut dress, which he drew over my large firm melons. As his hands grasped my breasts his head bent that he might lick and nip at my jutting nipples. A moan escaped my lips at the touch of his tongue as my hand fumbled with the zipper of his pants. His head rose to kiss my lips again as my hand sank into his pants to fondle his manhood. It was his turn to groan as his hands shot down to the hem of my dress and up to find my naked pussy damp in anticipation of its impending visitor. Mike stood sweeping me up in his arms and carried me in the house covering my face and lips with impassioned kisses. He carried me as far as the kitchen, setting me on the counter. Again he kissed my lips, only to run a trail of kisses down my neck and across my chest, to first one swollen breast and than the other pausing only to suckle on each taut nipple. My heart was racing as he raised his head that our eyes might meet as he knelt before me. I saw a smile cross his face as his head dipped beneath my dress. I felt his face brush against my thighs and my hands grasped his head as I felt his tongue lap against my damp vaginal folds. My back arched to his tongues ministrations and my thighs splayed ever wider to allow his tongue to delve more deeply into my womanly treasure. I groaned my approval of each swipe of his tongue, pulling his head deeper into my thighs. My breath was coming in ragged gasps now and I knew any second I would… He stood and carried me to the bedroom setting my feet on the floor beside it that he might remove my dress. It fell quickly from my body revealing my naked form to his adoring eyes; again he embraced me and kissed my moist lips fully, deeply. My hands struggled with his belt as he again lifted me and placed me on the bed. He reached to the head of the bed and removed the pillows to place them under my ass tilting my vagina to a better angle to receive the throbbing cock jutting from the zipper of his pants. He stripped his clothing slowly in the pale candlelight blowing out a candle with each article of clothing removed the final being blown out as his pants fell from his body. In the darkened room it was difficult to see but I felt his hands grasp my ankles and raise them high while splaying them apart. I felt his penis tap against the entrance to my body and begged him; ‘Fuck Me! Oh, Please Fuck Me Hard!” That was all the encouragement he needed as he drove the head of his cock into me with a mighty lunge. I screamed, first in shock and than pain as I felt my vulva stretch to a limit I had only known once before. I raised my body so that my hands might grasp the pole now impaling me and was shocked to find my fingers could barely encompass it as both hands grasped his protruding pole. His hands pushed back on my shoulders and my fingers lost their grip as he again drove forward with his massive rod. Deep within my body I felt my cervical canal stretch to greet this invader and my body released copious amounts of fluid to ease its passage. I could no longer catch my breath and the normal knot of an impending orgasm was replaced by a much larger sensation as wave after wave of ecstatic pleasure washed through my body. The bed was soaked with my sweat and vaginal lubricants. My hands reached out again as he lunged into me to find a chest thickly matted with hair and chiseled pecks. Forgotten was the initial pain as I rejoiced at every additional inch he rammed into me. My legs locked behind his back and I added my muscle to his inward plunges. I made no attempt to stifle my cries and demanded he: “Fuck Me Harder!!” His hips began to pile drive into me ramming his mammoth tool deeper and deeper into my hungry cunt. I lost count of the number of clitoral orgasms his savage tool had brought me; my body was building to something else. After what seemed an eternity I felt his pubes brush mine and I cried; “Yes!” in triumphful joy. Which was short lived as he began series of very long deep stokes each taking my breath away and stretching the back of my uterus. When he came it was as a volcanic explosion in the core of my very being and I came in a huge monstrous wave that stole the conscientiousness from my body in one ecstatic moment.
I awoke to the harsh overhead light glaring in my eyes and Ken kissing me full on the mouth and to my surprise I was kissing him back. His cock was still buried deep within me but had apparently shrunk a bit. He began to pull away and my arms encircled him to firmly hold him in place. I felt a hand on my breast and turned to see Mike lying next to me. I understood now, it had all been a set up. I heard the rustle of clothing and lifted my head to see Debbie getting undressed at the end of the bed. “Admit it! Wasn’t that the best fuck you ever had in your life!” she said as she climbed on the bed next to Mike who rolled toward her sucking her nipples as she descended on his staff. I nodded dreamily and felt Ken’s cock begin to swell again. “It won’t be the last either”, he growled. The next several hours drifted by in a tangle of limbs and orgasms until the exhausted men finally had to leave.
Naked, Deb and I walked the men to the door and showed them out. As Deb closed the door behind them I embraced her saying, “Thank You!” As I looked at Debbie’s face I saw her eyes were focused on the back of the trailer. Her husband was asleep in his chair. Debbie kissed me and began the long walk to the back of the trailer. I took her hand and stopped her saying; “Let me do this for you?” Debbie nodded her approval and smiled weakly. I had seen Debbie perform this ritual last time and knew the routine. In the darkened trailer Debbie watched as I bent by the chair and saw telltale bob of my head as I sucked his cock. It wasn’t long before she saw my leg rise and my body sank to engulf his dick. Well what do you know she thought and a smile crossed her face, it was immediately replaced by a frown as she heard the chair’s footrest drop and saw Richard stand. We appeared to talk for a few moments and I walked back to the front shaking my head. I opened my mouth to speak and Debbie’s hand went to my lips to silence me. “Don’t tell me, let me guess. He told you, you were very beautiful and he is honored by the great gift you offered but that it wasn’t his to take. He could only receive it from me, his wife.” I nodded my head in astonishment; it was word for word exactly what he said. Debbie went on exasperatedly, “ I’ve heard it before” and began the long walk toward her husband.

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Very Hot thanks

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Thanks for the post

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thank you for the storie

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Steamy,Could use paragraphs though, would make it more interesting and easy to read 8.5/10 easy...............Keep it "UP" HAHAHAHA..............

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I thought this was confusing. There's a lot of action, but with no paragraph breaks, it's hard to follow. I couldn't get related to any of the characters--the author introduced about ten names in that first blurb. I was confused also by who the "I" was in the story. There's a big paragraph about Debbie, then it jumps back to "I". I hope this one gets edited--I'd like to give it another chance.