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04-29-2007, 11:05 AM
Travelling on the tube one cold January morning an article in my local paper caught my eye. “Swingers get it ******”. On reading the article, I decided to look up the site when I got to work. However, as soon as I got in I found myself snowed under with problems and things to do and it wasn’t until around 18:20 that I remembered the article.

On reading a few of the ads I soon realised that many of them were either fake or were other sites trying to get your attention. I was just about to exit the site when an ad caught my eye “4 Males wanted” Intrigued I opened the ad to discover a couple who wanted to be fucked by four guys. Thinking that it could be fun and with the motto ‘nothing ventured nothing gained’ bouncing around my head, I responded with my details.

The next day I opened up my mail to find I had a reply, my heart skipped a beat, they called themselves Roxanne and Charles and they wanted some further information about me along with a photo. I obliged sending one of me in uniform. Within seconds my mail pinged and they responded that they were interested. They enclosed a photo and both looked stunning. He was tall, broad and dark whilst she was petite and blonde with what appeared to be double D breasts. I got hard just looking at them both and my mind went quickly into fantasy mode. I began to stroke myself. I unzipped my pants to allow my thick cock to emerge. A glistening head appeared to pulsate as I slowly masturbated as I pictured having sex with them both. Wonderful images filled my head as I shot my load over the desk.

Emails went back and forth over the next few days and numbers were exchanged.

I was in a meeting when my mobile phone began to ring. Taking it out, I quickly realised that it was Charles. I excused myself and answered, quickly informing him that I needed to call him back. The next 45 minutes just dragged by as I tried to will the meeting to be over.

On escaping I headed to my office and rang Charles. He explained that they were having a little get together with 3 other males that evening and he would like me to attend. I quickly agreed. Charles gave me the details of where and when we would meet.

I could feel my heart begin to race, my palms began to sweat and my cock just felt like it was just growing, growing and growing. Oh how I wanted this day to end so that I could immerse myself in the bodies of this attractive couple.

On finishing work I headed straight to the address given to me. Roxanne opened the door and invited me in. Her photo didn’t do her justice, she was gorgeous and I relished the idea of fucking her. Roxanne offered me a glass with champagne then introduced me to Charles and to the three other men in the room James, Alan and David.

Charles explained that they liked to have two men each at first. They then swapped before a general free for all took place.

On removing our clothes I moved towards a naked Charles, however Roxanne stepped in front of me and I began to kiss her, my hands roaming over her beautiful body. Alan moved in behind her and began to caress her breasts. I dropped to my knees and let my tongue explore her inner thighs and pussy. She opened her legs and I began to explore deeper. Alan’s left hand continued to caress her breasts whilst his right began to finger her tight anus. I could her Roxanne moan with delight as Alan’s finger probed deeper into her ass. Roxanne began to push back onto his finger as it slowly opened her up. As I continued to lick and excite her clit I could taste her juices as they began to flow. I buried myself in to her wet pussy as Alan slowly inserted his cock into her waiting ass.

I stood up as Alan bent her forward. Her face was level with my throbbing glistening cock and she took me deep into her warm inviting mouth. I began to face fuck her as she hungrily swallowed my cock. As I looked up, Alan smiled and as he pounded into her ass he leaned forward towards me. I leaned towards him and his probing tongue entered my mouth. I was on fire. Alan’s lips were soft but salty pressed hard against mine as he continued to pound deep into Roxanne and he reached out to pinch my nipples. An electric shock shot through me and I could swear my cock grew another inch or two inside a very willing mouth.

As I turned my head I could see James was lying on the sofa with Charles taking his thick cock into his mouth. David was rimming his ass and I could his tongue probe into his man hole. James caught me watching them and smiled. I knew then I was going to fuck him later.

Alan began to increase his pace and I could sense that he was ready to come. I leaned back over and began twisting his nipples. It was like I turned on a tap. Alan shot load after load into Roxanne’s Ass. As he withdrew Roxanne turned to and asked if I could fuck her. Willing to oblige I guided her onto the floor. As she lay on her back I lifted her legs over my shoulders bringing her pussy directly in front of my willing cock. I entered her and as I did so I could feel her pelvic floor muscles clamp around me. God this woman was good. I began to build up a rhythm as Alan ran his hands over my body and probed my tight hole.

My body felt alive and on fire as he probed my man pussy. He then managed to maintain the same rhythm and as my cock pounded Roxanne his finger slipped in and out and the sensations I felt were out of this world. Just then I noticed Charles, James and David standing before me. James and David bent down and offered their cocks to the willing mouth of Roxanne whilst Charles moved towards Alan.

Charles began to stroke Alan’s cock which soon became hard. Alan removed his finger and I missed his probing however I could feel a build up low in my groin and my breathing became faster and deeper. Roxanne looked up and asked me not to come inside her as she wanted to see my load. At the point of no return I withdrew from her and suddenly erupted shooting hot streams of sperm all over her. As I continued to empty my load Charles moved closer and began to lick my cum from her. He then took my cock into his mouth and drained the last dregs of cum from my cock. The sensation was unbelievable and I moaned with pleasure.

As I moved back David moved onto Roxanne and began to enter her. James moved her slightly and placed his cock deep into her ass. Roxanne appeared to be in heaven as the two men slid in and out of her willing holes.

I thought I was spent and I was willing to indulge in some voyeurism for a while. However Charles bent forward as Alan rubbed some lube into his ass and I could feel myself getting aroused again. However, my cock wasn’t as hard as I would have liked but Charles didn’t appear to mind as he wrapped his warm soft lips around my flaccid cock. He licked it, sucked it and tantalised it and he made it grow some more. He had me on the edge and was one of the best cock suckers I had ever met. My nerves were tingling and I felt as if I was in some other place where nothing could reach me.

Alan continued to slap his large balls against Charles ass and I could feel a slight tensing in Charles and within a short time Charles had shot his hot sticky load onto the floor. Alan continued until he too shot his load deep into Charles ass.

Charles didn’t miss a beat as he expertly continued to suck my cock. He slowed down and looked up at me and said “Fuck me.”

I moved behind him and could see the streams of cum roll down his ass. The wet sticky cum made entry very easy and I was soon pounding deep into Charles. My balls slapped against him as he pushed back willing me to pound deeper into him. Charles began to moan and I could see that he had his cock in his hand. As I fucked him he continued to stroke himself. His rhythm was getting faster and faster.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Roxanne had changed position and was now sucking David’s cock whilst James pushed deep into her.

Suddenly Roxanne cried out and I could see the waves of her abdominal muscles as she came. It seemed to go on forever and as I was watching, I shot my load deep into Charles’s warm wet man pussy.

God this was a fantastic night and there was so much more to come but then that’s another story.

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Thanks for sharing that!

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Great story

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Glad to see you around hardcouple...have fun

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Great story!! I hope to see more...

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really good story.

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great tale and well written...keep them comimg please.

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WOW great story

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yes wow great story