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At age twenty I was still a virgin and had only been involved in some moderate petting with my girlfriend (my first, I should add). I had never seen a real woman naked. Pretty naďve, eh? It just hadn’t been that important to me.
I fell in love with Dorothy from the first moment I laid eyes on her. She was my whole world. Months of planning and preparation went into our first sexual encounter. The truth is I understood the mechanics of “doing it” but not the implications that followed. Guys talk a lot about there sexual prowess but really don’t say all that much. I had never even
seen how “it” was done, so I would be learning as I went along.
I was nothing special to look at five foot eleven inches tall, two hundred forty-two pounds with black hair, hazel eyes and dark complexion. She was five feet eight inches tall, eighty-five pounds soaking wet. She had straight long brown hair which fell below her shoulders, thin as a rail, flat as a board with marbled eyes but she was a goddess fell to earth in my mind’s eye. I was obsessed with her.
We only had a few hours alone but that would have to be enough. I paid a buddy to drive me out to her place to pick her up and drive us back to campus. I than took her to my dorm room. As we entered I turned and locked the hallway door and the bathroom door (which we shared with our suite mates). I took her coat and hung it in the closet. I closed the curtains, turned on some carefully selected mood music and started to slow dance with her. I drew her close as we danced and could feel the outline of her body as we swayed to the music. We made small talk about what we had done that day and what we were planning to do. I can’t say which of us was more nervous; I think we were both evenly matched in that department. She had worn a powder blue jumpsuit with a jacket cover. As we danced I removed her jacket and placed it over the back of the desk chair. We danced some more and kissed slowly, deeply. My hands began to wander over her body, marveling in it’s delicate shape. She smiled at me as my hand cupped her breast and she took it and ran it to the area between her legs.
She reached to draw down her zipper and I gently moved her hand away that I might unlock the vault to this most precious treasure. The zipper ran from the nape of her neck to her right ankle and I took my time opening it savoring each new inch of skin that came into view. I peeled the outfit down her shoulders across her chest, past her hips and finally to the floor where she stepped out of the left leg. I carefully placed the jumpsuit over the back of the chair and turned to find her standing before me in a bra and pantyhose. She was chewing her lower lip and had self-consciously crossed her arms over her chest. I wrapped my arms around her and we danced some more holding each other tight, kissing ever so hungrily. After a time she reached down and cupped my crotch, which I took as a signal to proceed. I reached behind her and unhooked her bra and gently drew it down her arms to expose two small ripe breasts with budding nipples. I adoringly cupped each in turn and gentled suckled there yielding firmness. I placed my thumbs in the waistband of her pantyhose to draw them down and her hands rose to hold my own,
I looked in her face and could see she was chewing her lip again and paused to await her decision. Imagine my elation when her hands pressed down on mine to proceed. I slowly
peeled the pantyhose over her curved hips and rounded ass to reveal her divine womanhood. I carefully placed the pantyhose on the chair back and skimmed out of my own clothes. I took her gently in my arms and pulled her close, her naked form touched mine and we both began to quiver in anticipation. We danced, slowly, savoring the moment waiting for the shivering to pass.
She kissed me and gently fondled my turgid penis; I scooped her up in my arms and carried her to my bed, laying her ever so gently upon it. I stepped back to gaze upon her naked form and it took my breath away. I told her how truly beautiful she was and began
to explore every inch of her body with my eyes, fingers and lips. She gasped as my fingers sank between her legs to touch the heart of her womanhood. She parted her legs slightly to allow me better access. I found the more I rubbed her there the deeper her breathing became. Soon I could see the muscles in her abdomen churn and her hips rise and fall with each stroke, she was becoming damp to the touch. Her arms went about my neck and she pulled me on the bed whispering; “Do it now”. I positioned myself above her and she spread her legs to allow me access. I clumsily tried to insert my penis and failed.
She soon sensed my growing frustration and motioned for me to get off. I laid down beside her and to my surprise (and delight) she pushed me on my back and laid on top of me. She laid flat on me and slowly slid down spreading her legs as she went. I felt the tip of dick touch the folds of her labia and slid into the target I could not find previously. She
stopped as the head wedged itself just inside her. I could see she was having some discomfort and a problem proceeding. I was greatly aroused, as was she, but thought if she wanted to stop we could. I placed my hands on her shoulders and pushed her to a sitting position, that I might she her face when I told her we could stop, as I did so I felt
my penis press against something which snapped and my penis slid all the way into her.
We both gasped and I saw her eyes open wide and her jaw drop from the sudden penetration. We both froze and then her hands settled on my chest and she slowly began to rotate her hips. She pressed her hands down on my chest to rise and I responded by placing my thumbs on the inside of her knees moving them apart, she sank back down on my eager dick. Each rise and fall brought a gasp from her and a building urge to release my seed. Her face was consumed with passion focused on the knot forming inside her body. The more she moved, the more consumed she was. I felt her vaginal muscles stroking my cock like a moist velvet glove. On one particularily deep stroke I felt my cock spasm and I released my seed deep within her body. She went rigid and I felt her muscles spasm as she collapsed on top of me. I had never experienced this before and did not know what this meant. After a few moments I realized she wasn’t moving and gently shook her. She did not move. I was terrified, had my overwhelming lust killed her? I wrapped my arms about her and tears began to run down my cheeks. What had I done? Just than she began to stir, moaning; “That was wonderful!” Then she kissed me and we lay in each other’s arms, savoring the moment. All to soon our time was up and
we had to dress and take her home.
The opportunity did not arise for us to engage in sex again for in that glorious moment we conceived a child, Valerie Sue. Circumstances separated us and the
child, born out of such passion, was lost to us. We became lost to each other.

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