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Life With The Master
By Sorbus

She stands head bowed in a pose
of voluntary yet involuntary
Held in the overpowering
Violent silence of his
Unwavering gaze.
She feels as if legs will buckle.
Whose legs?
Who do these legs, these aching legs
belong to.
They part or kneel in submission of
His will

Her thoughts stray as to a dim and barely
remembered past
She hears her then High Piping Laughter filled Voice
Singing in innocence
"In and out the dusty bluebells
In and out the dusty bluebells
In and out the dusty bluebells

I am The Master
Follow me The Master said
Follow me The Master said
Follow me The Master said
I am The Master

"You were careless slut...
Were you not???"
Her dreamlike reverie interrupted

Her attention now again refocused
His voice had been almost neutral

He was Really Angry

His voice always became cold
without colour when he was angered

Yet it was only...

You were a careless little slut...
Do you not agree slut

Yes Sir ...she replied
having been given permission to reply.

Indeed you have...Indeed you have...

The Begonias are very beautiful this year
are they not???

Bewldered and disconcerted
by the lightening change of direction
She stood unknowing whether or not to
She hated it when he slipped into Trickster mode

He could mentally move like quicksilver at times like this
and she`d have to watch for... for traps those fiendish traps
which led to such delicious punishments.

A pleasant evening we`ll have our meal outdoors
at the Bower

What are we having.
St Germain a la Creme

Roast Brisket and Gravy, Sir....
New Potatoes and Marrowfat Peas Sir.


Chateau Tour Baladoz I think

Tell Broome to open it and let it stand

You are such a careless slut

Fuck Lightening Strike

Stunned at the rapidity of movement

Trying to gather her defences tog....

You are... Such a Fucking Careless Slut
I said are you not

Y..yes Sir I am Such a Careless Fucking Slut

Did I give you permission to swear???

Hmm No I cannot remember giving such permission

Damn The Bastard caught me again!!!
One of His Traps

I will pay Dearly for that

Last Time I was Manacled against The Wall
in The Fucking Stable all fucking night

As long as it`s The Mare
Not that Stalllion Colt

The Fucker tried to mount me

Of course the fact I was still encased in
The Family Chastity Belt
meant I could not even get
my cunt licked
That Fuckin` Bastard
I`ve had it on
for over three months now
His Mother warned me
Geodfrey is how shall I put it
Of The Old School
Like His Grandfather...
Now he was A Swine
Demanded Droit de Seigneur
No ...your joking
Young Lady I do not joke
about such trauma as
being Deflowered by
My Father in Law.
I have often wondered
if Geodfrey.
Rather than being
a Throwback
Actually Bred True.
She said almost in
a whisper
looking at me sideways
unable to meet my Eyes

Are you taking heed of
what I`m saying Slut

Sorry Sir I was trying to
suppress an itch in my groin
(nice feint good deflection)
She though in self congrat...

Oh dear Oh dear
are You in pain Dear Heart
Is Your Cunt Itching
Does The Slut wish to
scratch her naughty cunt...

I remained silent
One breach enough
More than enough...

I said.... Does the Whore Cunt
wish to Scratch her
Whoring Fucking Cunt

No way No fucking way
I will not break the rules twice
in so short a time

Have your little tantrum
Mummy is not playing

I was talking to Miller about the top meadow,
seems there has been a New Specie of Spider
Found By The Imperial College Bio Diversity Research Team
Now They want to declare it a Triple SI

I watched him Like a Fucking Hawk!!!
What was the swine up to now???

I said as long as I got Setaside they could
turn the place into an Ecological Theme park.
For all I cared of course:
I would expect share of the gate.

Got a Letter from Rafe today
His Tutor advises him to go
for Honours in History.

She stood as still as a statue,
trying to read him...
Fuck, understanding egyptian heiroglyphs was
Easier than trying to follow this Bastards
mental Loop de Loops

Why are you still standing there
Did not I instruct you
to tell Broome,
to prepare The Wine:
Did I not???

Are You a Deaf as well as a stupid Cunt???
(thank fuck)
No Sir
No Sir What??
No Sir I am not Deaf as well as Stupid
Well what the fuck are you still standing here for
Sir I am awaiting permission to move
at five thirty pm to told me to stand here
I have stood here since then, it is now approaching
6:45 pm. I have not moved as instructed,
since then Sir.

Well, go do, what I have told you to do slut.
Aaaaaah at last, we have Moved down from DefCon 4
Amber is now back to Yellow ..
Well done Troop, Stand Easy!!!
Yes Sir Straight Away Sir
Yes Geodfrey
I will deal with you later Cunt

Swine, another fucking trap!!!

Yes Dear whatever you say, I`ll instruct Broome now.
Are we Dressing for Dinner???
Of course not You Stupid Bitch, We are eating at the bower
Come as you are.
Certainly dearest, I`ll meet you there in say half an hour darling???
Yes, whatever..
Now Go slut, get out my sight.
Yes Sir, of course Sir.

Thank fuck, that`s over for now.

Talk about boys with toys,
I`ve really got under his skin with this wheeze
There he sits
Lord of The Fucking Manor
Any more brains he`d be an Idiot
Why him
Why did I settle for a Mere Lord
Could`ve been a Countess
or There was Even a Duchess in The Offing
Of course that was Not Real
He preferred Little Boys
I would simply be there as a "Beard"
He ended up Marrying an Radcliffe Pedo-Dyke
Well I suppose they are happy with their
Little Boys and Girls.

The Earl was Nice in a Stud Muffinish sort of way
but weakwilled:
Otherwise why else would he have topped himself.
The Rhodendrums are beautiful this time of year,
Geodfrey do you not think???
I `m too busy thinking of your punishment cunt
For a start you can eat on the Ground
set her Ladyships plate down on that muddy patch under the oak.
Stand up Slut take off your shoes unfasten your jeans and pull down
your knickers
He reaches in to his waistcoat pocket and produes a small key
Halle Fucking Leujah:
I am finally getting released from this medieval monstrosity
He unlocks the chastity belt which falls with a clang
releasing a malodourous smell
Rejoice My Cunt can breathe again
Broome take that.. that... thing away,
before it puts me off my dinner.
When you come back...
Yes Sir
Bring The number Six Cane...
Shit that fucker is Two inches Thick
and You can give Her Ladyship 25 of The Best
Certainly Sir
Anything Else Sir
Yes Bring me a Lemon sorbet
The Cheese Tray...
and a Bottle of Hennesy Five Star
And Coffee
No we`ll have that in the Drawing Room
in say an Hour and a half
Certainly Sir
If you`l excuse me Sir
Yes go, go, get on with it....



Thank Mr Broome
Thank You Geodfrey
Thank You Master
Broome wipes Cane
then tucking it under his arm
Bows to me
I tilt my head in acknowledgement
Excuse me Milady
Certainly Broome

Broome then walks back to the Bower
It`s funny Geodfrey is the biggest of
The Two of them
He`s Nine and a Half inches
Whereas Broome is Seven and a Half
But Broome is The Better Fuck
Course Daddy who took My Virginity
was only Six Inches
But was A Better Cocksman than any of them
Although Geodfrey Aaah Geodrey Tongues Cunt
Like A Gal

Sir Excuse Sir
Yes Broome what`s the Holdup
I`ve only counted Fifteen Strokes
Did I not stipulate Twenty Five
I`ve drawn blood at Least Twice Sir
Oh yes, well, Yes, Well, Does Make A Difference
Does it not Hmm
Rain Stopped Play, what...Yes

We`ll proceed to The Next Phase
You Bugger her
and She can Suck me off
Let`s assume our places:
Then I`ll Fuck Her; and The Slut
Can Suck You off
As you wish Milord, As You Wish.

Here I am being passed Like a demented shuttle
from hard on to hardon
Now the question you all are asking
How did this state affairs occur...
Well I am Lady Rebecca a Descendant of long line of Norman Thugs, Cavalier Psychopaths, Carolingian Voluptuaries, Georgian BullyBoys, Victorian Hypocrites, in other Words I`m part of The British Landed Gentry.
Likewise My Husband Geodfrey owing to the fact, we have revealed
An unusual lifestyle you will understand, why I refrain from
Revealing The Family Name.
Queen Victoria bless her little cotton socks
Once was heard to remark
"As Long as They don`t frighten The Horses"
Which The British Establishment has taken as "Carte Blanche"
To do whatever they want to do:
As long as The Proverbial Passenger of The Clapham Omnibus
Rupert Murdoch and The Other Reptiles who quantify as The British Press
Never get a fuckin clue.
Excuse me while I swallow and the Boys change ends

They`ve settled into a rhythm
and thank fuck they are both stayers
Sooo... where was I, yes, how
I created this situation:
Well although Geodfrey is My Master,
he is not the sharpest pencil in the box.
I had been fucking Broome his first name is
Gerald anyway I had been fucking Gerry
of and on for a year:
When I had The Most Delicious Idea
Why didn`t I start to make disparaging remarks about
Darling Gerry
Make out he disgusted me, and I wanted Geodfrey
to Sack him for Leering at me and I wouldn`t have sex with him
if Geodfrey paid me.
Which was truthful in that I gave him My Cunt Mouth Ass and Tits for Free
I Charged The Vicar, The Grocer, and The Village Nursery Schoolteacher
but Gerry got Me as A Freebee.
Anyway My Arrogant Attack on Gerry awoke (as I knew it wouuld) Geodfrey`s
Sense of So******tic Morality.
So I was forced to crawl through hot ashes and after sucking his luscious cock
of him My Unworthy Upperclass Cunt as his so******t Playground which Gerry who
is a Dyed in the Wool Tory like Myself found fucking hilarious....
Excuse Me it`s Swallow Time

Now that I can relax in this bath, allow me to clarify.
When I say Charge I am not meaning anything as Tawdry
as Filthy Lucre, although I have accepted Shares from
An Italian/American Commodities broker in Antibes:
about Five Years ago. i
It is amazing what ExColonials...
Will Offer to Fuck Prime British UpperClass Cunt.
Nevertheless, we were talking about The Village Arrangements.
Well The Vicar, first most straightforward. For Services Rendered Once
Every Six Months, He arranges for me to get a seat on Any Commitees
or NGOs I wish to serve on. For Which in a Private Hotel in The Lake District
on somewhere similar in Over night Room Paid by him:
One afternoon of watching me either masturbating or being licked out by a
Chambermaid. One`s activities is Webcammed Direct To Geodfrey and A Few Select Friends
I believe, although I`m not sure, may include The Bishop and The Euro MP.

Sheeesh that was A Whopper of an Orgasm

The Grocer is A Private Arrangement Geodfrey knows nothing about:
The Grocer is allowed to Video Me being Licked out by The Nurseryschool Teacher:
Using My Camera of which he alone Gets A Copy, and I Get Four Free Festival Hampers
per year Christmas New Year Easter and Hallowe`en.
The NurserySchoolteacher is My Own Personal Slave and She Earns Me a A Cool Fifty Barrels of Oil A Year
Which I sell on The Amsterdam Spot Market:
Our Saudi Neighbour Hires Her as Escort Services about Twice A Year.
So as You See Life with Geodfrey has Hidden perks.

Of course as you are probably are more interested in,
Is how did Sweet Lady Rebecca manage to get.
Lord Geodfrey so Hot under the Collar...
Aaaah My Darling Audience of Perverted Voyeurs,
I Pranged, no Thats Planes, I Did what I believe
You excolonials refer to as a Fender Bender.
I deliberately Crashed a Car against the Ash
Tree at the Bottom of The Driveway.
Not too violently as I wouldn`t to Damage The Tree,
which holds so many pleasant memories.
I lost My Anal Virginity there as well as being.
Rimmed Out for the first time not at the same
time or by the same person.
So no, I would not want to,
permanently damage the precious tree.
Living Monument to My Discovery of Anal Pleasures.

Now as you will have gathered, that
while having demonstrated an prediliction
to some unusual and to some outre activity,
and behaviour:
Nevertheless I have I believe demonstrated
definite evidence of rationality and sanity.

So therefore my actions were Culpable and Calculated
or as Your Excolonial Courts would say would say
It was a Premeditated Act

Now you may wonder why I continually refer to
American Canadians and for that fact even Carribean readers as Excolonials
Well My Darlings that is what Many of You Actually Are or would have been
If it had n`t been for Your Naughty Revolution You Could have in part been My Vassals
Through Female Ancestors Licking Elizabeth The Firsts Cunt, and spreading their Legs for
Both Charles The First and Charles The Second: (also between the Monarchs Blowing The Odd
Roundhead Cock...)
Our Gals Managed to collect some prime American Property.
So when I speak of you as excolonials, it is as fact rather than mere affectation
I believe One of My More Obscure Titles is Countess (or is that Cuntess)of Conneticut
Still all water under the bridge as they say.
Mad Germany Geordie Pished it all away....

Come here Cunt RIGHT Now...

Sorry My Master Calls...

Right while these nails dry, ask your questions,
Peering at Laptop Screen.
Yes, as I thought so.
Now The Question you all wish Answered, is in fact as you have found out Two
Separate Questions, namely:
1) Why did I who is (if I can say it myself) so obviously sane, a rare occurence in My Class. (most of The Nobility including Royalty are Stark Staring Mad instead of Ermine the most of them should be wearing straitjackets) LOL:
Ram a Car against a tree...
Well There are actually Two answers to that:
One) For The Sheer Fucking Fun of It.
Two) I knew without a doubt it would get My Beloved Master Incandescently Mad...
I know I am a Wicked Cunt, You ("My Could have been Sexy Vassals") Do Not Yet Know How Fucking Wicked.
Why, would Geodfrey, start behaving like an, Exploding Mnt St Helens.
Well, I`ve suddenly realised There is A Third Answer, The Real Answer.
The Car I Drove Against The Tree, was Rather Special.... Well that is downplaying it somewhat, in fact downplaying it, a Fucking Lot.
It was No Ordinary Car, in fact, You Could Say it was Fucking Unique, namely The Original First Test Model E Type Jaguar, to roll off The Finishing Line Painted in British Racing Green.
Geodfrey was one of The Director`s Schoolchum ,(read bumboy ) and In a signal of Support, he had Given The Company, was allowed to Purchase this Unique Vehicle. At various times the Various incarnations of the Company tried to buy it back, but Geodfrey would not entertain any offer, Saudi Princes, Onassis, Even A Lecherous President of Your Country, and no it was not Clinton ..He, Your President may have got My Cunt, but He did not get Geodfrey`s Jaguar LOL LOL LOL Roflmao. Only I managed that trick.
Now if you excuse me, I have a Date with a Ducking Stool. Say whatever You want about Geodfrey, He does have a Sense of History, and as You can see "Life with The Master" is Never exactly Dull...
Drop in Again You are all always welcome T.T.F.N. KissiKissKiss Byyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeee

Chastened??? Or The War Continues
By Sorbus

You Stand
Leant forward
Legs akimber
Held in place
By a Spreaderbar
You sway as if unbalanced
Your Hands cuffed
Held away from the Body
By another spreaderbar:
are pulled back towards the torso
by coarse ropes which crisscross your breast
The coarseness irritates as they separate and bind
your breast like a barbaric bra
(Memo: Use Barbed Wire next time for your greater discomfort)
The second spreaderbar suspends you from the dungeon ceiling
Puppet like
again stumbling you attempt to keep your balance
You have been in this position for four hours now
Your tits and clit are clipped and bound by by a Y shaped chain
Your eyes masked your mouth gagged
I gently tug your binding chain
You groan
I speak
"You realise why you have been punished Rebecca"?
(I play the game)
and Nod
Are You Sorry?
(Struggling not to Laugh the poor sod takes it all so Serious)
Again I nod
Right I will instruct Broome to release you
Fortunately The Car was not severely Damaged
Nevertheless You will again wear the chastity belt for the next six months.
Starting Tomorrow.
I will await you in Our Bedroom...
Well, at least I get another night of Fucking
(Lady Rebecca Chuckles inwardly)
I walk away satisfied, I have Got The better of The Cunt

04-29-2007, 09:54 PM
Thanks for sharing that

04-29-2007, 10:34 PM
Welcome back Sorbus.....Great to see you.

That was great...thanks for sharing that with us....;)

04-29-2007, 11:33 PM
That Lady Rebecca came from nowhere I have never felt comfortable writing
a Female Character but Like Athene She Sprang Fully Armed and Equipped
From Her Fathers Brow
I was writing about something I fully didn`t understand The Inner Dynamics of a
Master/Slave relationship and was told by two friends who are Slaves there is a
situation called Topping from Bottom
Lady Rebecca seems to be a Bi /Switch I believe is the correct Term
I never in my wildest imaginings would have believed I would ever be able to get
inside a Females Mental Processes in such a wicked way. It was as if Lady R.
was dictating to me. Somehow I feel we have not heard the Last of Lady R.;drool ;smoke

04-30-2007, 12:44 AM
THanx for sharing

04-30-2007, 08:07 AM
Very interesting Sorbus. I think topping from the bottom must mean something like the dom only thinks they are in charge. Similar I suppose to a passive agressive thing. The sub ends up in charge by actually shifting what the game is really about without the dom even knowing it. Something like that???

04-30-2007, 09:41 PM
Well I thought it was cool...and Im glad you decided to bring this to us. I also look forward to more.

Thanks again