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First up, wasn't sure where to put this. Whilst the timbre is a meloncholy and romantic erotica, the intention isn't really to titillate. But if a mod thinks it belongs elsewhere, by all means, move it. I'd really appreciate feedback on this one, so read, consider and take a couple of moments for something well thought -out, if you would. And enjoy....

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The Final Passion

Anne and Jeff sat on the back deck of Jeff’s house together, arms wrapped around each other, watching the sunset. Two empty glasses and an empty bottle of wine shared the deck with them. The sunset turned the air a brilliant, shimmering orange, the slender laces of the tattered clouds in the evening air brighter than the spaces between them. The two sat entwined, watching the sun make its slow, inevitable descent to the ocean beneath them, an ocean stained red with the dying light. Somewhere in the house, Jeff’s little grey cat, Milla, mewed plaintively. The two on the deck ignored it, lost in the tender closeness of the moment and bathing in the warmth they shared, warmth enhanced by the decision they had come to that day.

<b>According to official statistics, up to a million people commit suicide each year, twice the number of those who die from murder on in war.</b>

As the sun finally slipped below the waves pounding on the beach below them and the sky lost the brilliant golden hue of its falling, Jeff turned his head slightly, and planted a single, tender kiss on his lover’s head. The two had not been together long, relatively speaking, but the passion they had shared, and the closeness they had developed in that brief moment of time, truly no more than the blink of an eye, seemed to them to be stronger than any love yet loved by man. Anne purred slightly, knowing that soon they would join in a way more intimate than any that they had yet found despite the long evenings of love and lust they had shared. She knew that she would not see a sky of this beauty again, but in her heart, she cared not. She would be with the man she loved for ever.

</b>Roughly 20 per cent of suicides use poison as their method of ending their own life.</b>

As the pair slowly mounted the slightly curved staircase to Jeff’s bedroom, they both considered the memories that the last two months had brought them. Anne’s desperate flight from her home into the arms of the man she had found on the internet. The long nights and days they had shared in lovemaking and the simple communion of touch and shared emotion as they explored each others fantasies in a two month blaze of frenzied sexuality. Jeff in particular was haunted by the memory of a long night held in rigid bondage, as Anne tormented every vulnerable inch of his skin with a can of capsicum spray, the night their slide into mutual destruction had begun, though the journey for them both had begun long before that night of burning agonies and glorious, superlative orgasms.

<b>Depression, unresolved sexual issues and the breakdown of the family unit are all common causes of suicide.</b>

Anne had come to him after meeting him on the internet, finding a kindred spirit in this strange, twisted man across the wide Pacific Ocean which they had left behind them, pounding uselessly on the Texas shoreline. She had fled the destruction of her family in the fires of marital infidelity, the distance of her mother, the loss of her friends, the love for her brother which could never be shared. She had run into the waiting arms of her prince. She had run into the waiting arms of this shared annihilation. Who knew what had driven Jeff to this final evening’s acts? Sometimes a man is just born with the desire to know that perfect destruction, that abdication of self, that final, immaculate union. For truly the pair were one soul born into two bodies. That problem had a far easier solution than any of the others the pair faced.

<b>Hydrogen Cyanide and the salts derived from it are extremely lethal compounds, which leave a distinctive smell of almonds on the breath of those who ingest it.</b>

Naked now, the cool air of the late autumn evening caressing their skin as they curled together on the golden sheets of their bed, Anne gently parted Jeff’s lips with her tongue, and slid one of the two pills that she had held in her mouth into his. In unison, the pair swallowed. They felt the slow, inexorable decent down each pulsing inch of their oesophagi, each pulse of peristalsis pressing them closer by degrees to the death they sought. Sharing this slow communion of dancing tongues and pressed lips as the acids in their empty stomach converted the pills to hydrogen cyanide gas and Anne opened her legs. Slowly, but firmly, the final passion growing between them, the swollen red flower of Anne’s sex, dripping with her arousal parted before the throbbing length of Jeff’s erection. Locked in the embrace of ultimate passion for the final time, the heat of passion and the sudden urgency of lust overtook them.

<b>Cyanide is an irreversible Cytochrome C Oxidase inhibitor. It is toxic in that it prevents the body from being able to produce more energy at a cellular level.</b>

As their bodies became one flesh, their flesh began to slowly die. Cell by cell gave up the long fight of life, succumbed to the chemically induced despair as the souls of the two lovers succumbed to theirs. Locked between her vicing thighs, imprisoned in the burning heat of her sheath, Jeff’s erection pulsed and throbbed as his hips thrusted, her hips rocking in slow circles around him. Slowly the conjoined lovers felt the power of their orgasms rising like an inexorable wave, a wave surmounted by some force yet stronger, darker yet no less alluring as it built behind the need to come to climax. Both their skins tinged a vivid, violent pink as the blood pulsing so quickly through their veins became saturated with oxygen. Panting from the exertion of their final, frenzied passion as well as the slow slide towards pulmonary edema, the asphyxiation they shared as their lungs struggled intensifying each sensation; they felt the climax of their consuming passion drawing near.

<b>Acute cyanide poisoning can cause a coma, seizures, pulmonary edema, apnea and cardiac arrest as the body simply becomes too tired to continue to perform the critical functions of life.</b>

Both felt it hit simultaneously. The furious power of an orgasm washed first through Anne, and the spasms of her climax triggered the release of Jeff’s seed, washing into his princess for the final time. Wracked with spasms, the two lovers felt the ultimate pleasure of their lives coursing through their fading forms. In the conjunction of their bodies, minds, hearts and souls, the climactic moment seemed to stretch through a crystallised eternity of bliss, the highlight of their lives coming at the moment of their ending. For as the adrenaline and endorphin rush of orgasm faded, so did the vital force of their bodies, and their souls became disjoint from their flesh. With a simple kiss, and no murmured words to spoil the moment, the pair of lovers, joined in this final, fatal union passed from the life they shared. But as their now vacant bodies lay entwined within the silken gold of their sheets, slowly paling, cooling, fading away into the simple meat from which such glorious instants of life had been crafted their souls did not part. In that final ascent, that transcendent pleasure which had consumed them both so utterly, the sundered soul they shared had become one. Lovers joined ultimately, with all the vast ages of eternity to share.

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Well. I do not really know what to say.

It was both beautiful, but terribly sad also....I couldnt imagine feeling like that.

thanks for a very interesting tale.

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very nice thanx for shairng

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I agree with DM....very beautiful yet sad.