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All credits for this series goes to R. Bissell

Contains sex with minors (15)

There is four sections for this story.

Call Girl Cheerleaders
by Richard Bissell


I was watching football one Saturday afternoon when the doorbell rang. I don't get a lot of unannounced visitors, so I was fairly sure that this was another solicitor of some sort. I peeked through the peephole and saw that I was probably right. It appeared to be some teenage girl.
I opened the door. The girl was probably seventeen or eighteen, cute, five-six or so, long blonde hair, full breasts, wearing shorts and a spaghetti strap top. I recognized her as Marianne, a girl who lived down the street.
"Hi. I'm raising money for the cheerleading squad. We're selling magazine subscriptions, and we have some really great deals.” She tried to stick a brochure in my hand.
“Is there anything you might be interested in?”
There was, but it wasn't magazines. Besides which, I knew these fundraising programs were complete rip-offs, raising twice as much money for the magazine company as they did for the kids.
"I don't think I need any magazines. But if you want, I can just write a check directly to your squad.”
Her eyes lit up. "You would? That would be really cool of you.”
"Come on in. Let me get my checkbook.”
She stepped into the house, and I shut the door. I got my checkbook out of the kitchen and returned to the foyer.
"This is a really nice house.”
"You must be rich or something, huh?”
"You could say that.”
I sat on my couch and opened the checkbook, setting it on the coffee table to write the check.
"How does fifty dollars sound?”
Her eyes swelled. "Fifty bucks? You're just going to give me fifty bucks?”
"I'd rather give it to you than the fundraising company you're working with.”
"Thanks a lot. You're sure there's nothing you need that we could do? Like wash your car or something like that?”
I smiled at her, looking her over slowly, pausing at her ample chest.
"Well, there might be something you could do, but I rather doubt it is what you had in mind.”
She returned the smile. "Like what? You may be surprised at what I may have in mind.”
"You are a very pretty girl, with a very attractive figure...”
"…so, I wouldn't mind if you were to show me your breasts.”
Her eyes swelled in amazement, and she bit her lip to keep from grinning.
"If I just show you my tits, you'll give me fifty bucks?”
She giggled nervously.
She pulled off her T-shirt, revealing a lacy white bra, which she removed a second later. She dropped both on the floor. Her big breasts were firm and full, not sagging at all. Her nipples were tiny in comparison, but swelled and stood out under my gaze.
Marianne took a step or two toward me, pushing back her shoulders to stick her tits out even further. I could see the flush of arousal coloring her chest.
"How much if I took off some more?”
I leaned back casually on the couch, appraising her.
"Considering that there's a strip bar not far from here where I could see a dozen nude girls for a ten dollar cover plus a two drink minimum ... let's say seventy-five.”
She slowly unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down. Underneath, she wore plain white cotton panties, and she paused for a moment or two, gathering her courage, before sliding those down as well.
Her blonde pubes were closely trimmed, most likely to accommodate her cheerleading outfits. I could see her labia underneath, beginning to color and swell in arousal. She took another step towards me, then turned around slowly to show me her little butt, tight and toned from many hours of cheerleading gymnastics.
She smiled nervously.
She put a foot up on the coffee table, opening herself slightly to give me a better view. I could see her inner lips peeking out, and the dewy moisture beginning to collect there.
"What could I do for a hundred?”
"Come here. Give me a closer look at all that.”
She climbed onto the couch, straddling my legs. She put her hands on my shoulders. I laid my hands on her firm thighs and moved upward. She remained still as I neared her breasts, and let me take her in my hands. Her tits were like fresh bread, spongy and firm. I cupped them, feeling the weight, moving them around. I took her hard little nipples between my fingers, twisting them gently. Marianne closed her eyes, breathing unevenly.
I slipped a hand down to caress her hard butt, squeezing the muscles. When I moved the hand around slowly, reaching between her legs, she stopped me suddenly.
She let go of my hand, and I slid it between her thighs. She was already hot and wet when I took her blonde pussy in my hand. I slipped a finger inside her, feeling her wetness. She moaned, moving her hips up and back slowly as I masturbated her. I tweaked her clit gently, working it back and forth. Her breath was hot and damp in my face now.
"What about for two hundred?”
"Everything.” She gasped softly.
"How about two-fifty then?”
She panted for a second or two.
She immediately wrapped her arms around me, kissing me eagerly. Her hips settled into my lap, and she was soon rubbing herself against my erection as I played roughly with her tits. I pulled off my shirt, and she bent to suck on my nipples. I let her do it for a few seconds before pushing her further down. She dug my cock out of my pants and took it in her hands.
"I've never sucked a cock before. I don't know if I can do this right.”
"I'm sure you have the general idea.”
She grinned and bent down to lick at me. She ran her tongue around the head a few times before taking me tentatively into her mouth. I held her blonde head in my lap as she moved up and down slowly, trying to guide her movements. She kept it simple, but her mouth was so hot and wet that I didn't care. I let her bob over me until I felt the jizz beginning to boil in my balls.
I pulled her up, and when she stood, I took her waist and seated her on the couch. I climbed in between her thighs and pushed forward, sinking into her tight teenage twat. She moaned, biting at my shoulder.
"You have to pull out before you come. I don't have anything.”
"I'll come in your mouth.”
"Oh, God. Okay.”
I sank all of my thick seven inches into her, groaning at the heat and wetness. She wrapped her legs around my butt and dug her nails into my back. I pumped her steadily, massaging her clit with the base of my cock. She was already hot and turned on, and it took me only a minute of firm thrusts to have her shuddering in climax under me. She whimpered, biting again at my shoulder as I pounded her firm teenage body. Her tits began to shake with my thrusts, and she gripped them in her hands, pinching her nipples. The sight of it was enough to do it for me, and I gave her a few last thrusts before pulling out suddenly.
She needed no coaching by now, and she instantly dropped to the floor, swallowing up my erection. I groaned, grabbing her head and fucking her mouth as she sucked as hard as she could. My cum boiled into her mouth, one shot after another, and I felt her gulping it down as it came. She massaged my balls and the base of my cock as she swallowed, working out the last few drops. When I caught my breath, I looked down at her. She continued to suck gently, waiting for my permission to let go.
I pulled out and sat on the couch in front of her.
"How was that?”
"Great," I gasped.
“Two-fifty?” She giggled.
I wrote the check as Marianne got dressed, and then she left.


I didn't expect to see her again after that, figuring she would just chalk the experience up to a brief bit of daring experimentation and fooling around. But two nights later, as I sat in my den watching a "Seinfeld" rerun, the doorbell rang again.
I found Marianne on the doorstep, wearing a stretch satin top and a pair of jeans.
"Hey. What are you selling tonight?”
She grinned, cocking her head.
"Me. Again.”
"The cheerleading squad must be hard up.”
"Actually, I spent it all on clothes. It would be hard to explain where I got all that money anyway. So, are you interested? Two-fifty to fuck me, like we did before?”
I ran my eyes over her slowly. She posed, thrusting her breasts out. Unless I was seeing things, she wasn't wearing a bra, and her stiff nipples strained against the satin of her top.
“Come on in.”
She walked into the living room, looking around and smiling at me.
“Where do you want to do it?”
"An actual bed this time?”
She followed me up to the master bedroom, taking in the furnishings on the way. I shut the door behind us.
"Lie on the bed," she said.
I did. She walked to the foot and slowly opened her top, popping open the snaps one by one but keeping her breasts hidden. Then she threw it back and off her shoulders, shaking her long blonde hair back behind her head. She cupped her heavy breasts in her hands, tweaking the nipples.
"Take off your shirt and your jeans.”
I did, stripping down to my boxers. She watched me, grinning at the hard-on tenting out my shorts. She crawled up the bed, lowering her face to bite at my cock through the fabric. It slipped out through the fly, and Marianne ran her tongue up the underside, wiggling it over the glans.
Then she took the head in her mouth, sucking hard, and working on just the end with her lips and tongue. I reached out for her breasts, taking them in my hands and pinching her nipples lightly. She continued to blow me eagerly, bobbing her head up and down. I let her do it for another minute before pulling her up. She giggled at me.
"Did you like that? I read about it in a book in the sex section of Barnes & Noble.”
"You're getting better.”
I pulled her tits to my mouth, sucking roughly on her nipples. She moved me back and forth, alternating breasts, until her nipples stood out in angry red arousal. I began unbuttoning her jeans, but she took over immediately, and had them and her panties off in a few seconds.
I took her tight little butt in my hands and pulled her blonde-furred pussy up to my mouth. She moaned, grabbing on to the headboard and began riding my tongue. I thrashed it over and around her clit and lips, drinking up her hot fluids. Her hips were soon rocking back and forth over my mouth.
"Oh, fuck, oh, fuck. That feels so fucking hot.”
I stabbed my tongue into her, fucking her with it, then sucked lightly on her clit. Her thighs were soon battering my ears, and she came with a shriek, throwing herself across the bed.
I slipped out of my boxers as she caught her breath, then rolled over on top of her. She put her hands on my waist to guide me.
"You're going to come in my mouth again, right? Not inside me?”
I slipped slowly into her, luxuriating in her wonderful teenaged pussy. She was dripping wet and almost painfully tight, gripping me with those toned cheerleading muscles. The other afternoon had been too much of a surprise to take my time with, so tonight I wanted to enjoy this.
I moved in her with a slow, steady rhythm, watching her arousal, nibbling on her earlobes and nipples. She giggled as I did it, answering my attentions with sloppy kisses on my neck and chest. I bottomed out inside her, pressing as far into her as I could. I felt the tendons on her thighs as she spread herself under me; groaning pushing her hips up to meet me. She began to whimper, biting at my shoulder, pressing her big breasts against my body.
I lifted off her as I sped my attack, making her tits shudder with each thrust. She reached back to brace herself against the headboard, pushing herself back at me with each entry. She came again with another shriek, thrashing about on the mattress under me.
I had to stop to keep from coming inside her already, so I relented to let her recover from her orgasm. The crisis soon passed, and I resumed my slow fucking of this hot seventeen-year-old. I lowered myself back onto her body, and she wrapped herself around me.
"Fuck me," she moaned.
“Fuck me.”
I felt her trying to squeeze me with her cunt, making herself even tighter. I drove more purposefully now, grinding myself against her. She writhed under me like a snake, still whispering perversions into my ear. Her movements soon became more spasmodic, then her nails dug into my butt, and she shivered into yet another orgasm.
My cock was beginning to ache from being hard so long without release, so I finally loosed the brakes, fucking her with everything I had. She came a fourth time, limbs flailing wildly under me, and as soon as her orgasm ran its course, I withdrew, pulling out and lying down beside her.
She had me back in her mouth in an instant, bobbing and sucking for all she was worth. She took me as far in as she could get, gripping my cock tightly with her free hand. Her tongue massaged the underside of my cock eagerly, and a moment later, I erupted into her mouth, squirting long, thick shots of come down her throat. She gulped it down as it came, pumping it out with her fist. She slowed her attack as my orgasm subsided, but continued to suck gently on me for nearly a minute before lying back down.
"Whew," she said.
"That was quite a fuck.”
"You've had some experience at this.”
She shrugged.
“I lost it two years ago. You're the fifth guy I've done it with.”
"Do you have a boyfriend right now?”
She grinned.
"Yep. But he can't fuck like you can. He almost never gets me off unless I totally help him do it.”
She sat up and brushed her blonde hair back over her head.
"Do you have any beer?”
"Down in the kitchen.”
"Can I have one?”
She pulled on her panties and top and descended to the first floor. I found my checkbook and wrote her a check for $275. She returned with a bottle of Sam Adams and flopped down on her stomach beside me, picking up the check.
"Thanks.” Then her eyes lit up.
"A tip. That was better than last time.”
"Phat. Thanks.”
"Are you planning on making a habit of this?”
She grinned at me, bending her leg at the knee and flopping her foot back and forth.
"Have you got the bucks for it?”
"Do you want to keep fucking me?”
"Then I will. And you know what?”
"I'm not the only girl on the squad. I bet a couple of the other girls would do this too.”
"You think?”
She grinned again.
“Maybe. I'll ask around.”
She finished her beer and left a few minutes later.


For a couple of days, I waited to see if any of the other cheerleaders might show up, but none of them did. I began to think that either Marianne hadn't been brave enough to confess what she had done or none of the other girls were interested.
Then the doorbell rang again.
I was once again watching television, sitting home on a Friday night. I had been seeing a woman I worked with off and on the past few months and I had considered asking her to dinner that weekend. After reflecting for a few moments, I decided to give the cheerleader thing one last chance. It was a good thing I did.
It was about nine-thirty, and I was in the middle of a movie on HBO. When the doorbell rang, I immediately figured it must be Marianne, since I couldn't imagine anyone else knocking on my door this late.
It wasn't.
Instead, I found a girl of about the same age, five-three, long dark brown hair and brown eyes. Her body was not as curvy as Marianne's was, but she still looked quite delicious. She had a silver stud in her left nostril and a definite "bad girl" cast to her face, sort of like that girl on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," whatever her name was.
"You're Steve?”
"I'm Tiffany. A friend of Marianne's.”
"A cheerleader.”
She grinned.
“Yeah. So can I come in?”
I stepped back, opening the door further. Tiffany came inside, checking out the house.
"Wow. You are pretty rich, huh? Marianne told me about your place.”
"I do okay.”
She glanced around a few more seconds before looking back at me.
“So, like, what did you guys do, just rip off each other's clothes, or what?”
"It needn't be that abrupt. But, just so we're clear, you know what she was doing?”
She grinned.
"Yeah. But I don't really have as much experience as she does. So two-fifty might be too much for me. It's not like I know how to do all this different stuff and all.”
"But you're not a virgin?”
She laughed.
“You think I'd lose it like this? Jeez, no. Shit.” She giggled again.
“But I've only slept with two other guys. So I don't want you to expect all that much.”
"Okay. Do you want something to drink?”
"Sure. Beer, if you've got it.”
I got her a beer from the refrigerator and opened it for her. She took a long swig and continued to look around the house.
"How old are you?”
"My dad is forty-three. He'd have a herd of cows over this if he knew.”
"What do you know about Marianne?”
She shrugged.
“I don't know. I met her in Junior High. We've been friends a while. We went out for cheerleading together. Her dad is a pervert.”
I laughed.
"He is?”
"Yes. He grabbed my butt once. I think he would have done it again if I hadn't threatened to tell his wife.”
"Does Marianne know?”
"No. What was I supposed to tell her, 'Your dad wants to jump my bones?'"
"You think he does?”
"Don't all you old guys want to? I see the looks we get; my friends and me. I'm not stupid.”
"I guess a lot of us do.”
"Most of them are repulsive, like Marianne's dad. But you seem pretty cool. You don't look forty-one.”
"And Marianne said you were a great fuck. The best she ever had, and she's had some fucks, believe me.”
I smiled slightly.
“I can imagine.”
She finished her beer and set it back down on the counter.
"So where do we do it?”
She followed me up to the bedroom and stood nervously in the middle of the room as I shut the doors.
"I guess you're just going to have to tell me what to do.”
I stripped to my boxers and lay on the bed.
“Take off your clothes. Slowly.”
She wore a tight stretch cotton top over her firm tits, and she pulled it off now. Under it, she wore a black satin bra, and I noticed another silver stud, this time in her navel. She took off her bra slowly, trying to look seductive. She didn't quite get it, but her nervous inexperience was arousing enough. Her breasts were firm C-cups (Marianne was well into D-cup territory), conical and pointy, with prominent brown nipples. She slid her jeans down smoothly, revealing black satin panties that matched her bra. When the jeans were off, she stepped up next to me on the bed, smiling.
"I like those piercings.”
"Thanks. Want to unwrap the last bit? I've got a little surprise I think you'll like.”
I sat up, swinging my legs around, and hooked my fingers into the waistband of her panties. As I slid them down, I saw what she meant, one last silver stud through the hood of her clitoris.
"Like it?”
"Yes. I thought you had to be eighteen to get those, though.”
"I did it myself. I did all of them myself.”
"You're kidding.”
"I think I have a high pain threshold. It wasn't that bad.”
I pulled her closer and bent to take a hard brown nipple in my mouth. Tiffany moaned softly, putting her arms around my head. I sucked on her eagerly, pulling as much of her breast into my mouth as I could get. She pushed me off after a minute or so, moving me to her other tit. I felt up between her legs as I did it, finding the stud in her clit. I pulled on it gently, twisting it around. I probed further down, finding her already wet and growing wetter.
I played with her like that for a few minutes, stroking and tweaking her clit with my fingers as I sucked on her nipples. She began to whimper softly, holding my head tightly. Her hips started moving with my strokes as her abdomen started to shake. A few seconds later her legs buckled, and she fell against me. I rubbed her briskly as the orgasm pulsed through her body, finishing her off as best I could.
She recovered after a few seconds and stepped back, grinning at me.
"Wow. Marianne was right. You are pretty good. What do you want me to do?”
"Kneel down.”
She got the message, dropping to her knees in front of me. She reached for my boxers and pulled them down, exposing my thick erection. She took it in her hands and stroked it gently.
"How do you like it? My boyfriend just wants me to go as fast as possible and get him off, but I'm guessing that isn't really the best way.”
"Gently. Take your time and enjoy it.”
She smiled, looking up at me, and took my cock in her mouth. She kissed and licked it for a few seconds before sucking more purposefully. I closed my eyes and held her head in my hands. She went slowly, massaging me with her tongue. A minute later, she withdrew, reaching up to stroke me with her hand as she sucked on my balls. Whatever she had said before about having less experience than Marianne apparently didn't apply to oral sex. She worked on my balls for about twenty seconds before taking my cock back in her mouth.
She was good enough that I thought about letting her complete the act, but two-fifty was a lot for a blowjob. So I pulled her off before she took me too far.
"What now?”
"Get on the bed on your hands and knees.”
Her eyebrows went up a little.
“Doggy style?”
She complied rapidly, presenting her tight little butt to me. She was firmer and less rounded than Marianne; all tight cheerleading muscles. I took her hips in my hands and thrust forward, burying myself inside her. She let out a cry at my rapid penetration, but immediately began pushing herself back at me. I fucked her like that for a few minutes, just enjoying her luscious little teen pussy. She dropped her head to the mattress after the first minute, bending herself open for me even more. I felt her hand moving between us, playing with herself and my balls as I fucked her.
I withdrew and rolled her on her back. She grinned up at me, spreading herself open, and I climbed on top of her. I was inside her again in an instant. Her lips curled back from her teeth as I bottomed out.
"Where should I come?” I moaned.
"I'm on the pill," she gasped.
“Come anywhere you want… just fuck me.”
I began moving firmly within her, massaging her sensitive spots with my cock. She whimpered and held me tightly, pulling me even further inside her. She didn't like me to withdraw very far, and she kept a tight grip on my butt to hold me inside. I pumped her more rapidly now, feeling the stud in her clit every time I thrust at her. She began to shiver and thrash under me. She came deeply and silently, squeezing me tightly inside. I kept up the rhythm without slowing, and she came again within a few minutes. By now she was mewling and moaning, begging quietly for me to come inside her. A few more deep, urgent thrusts were enough to do it, especially since she began coming again a few seconds before I did. I pushed as far into her as I could get and filled her quivering pussy with my sperm.
I rolled off her as soon as I caught my breath. She lay unmoving on her back, legs still spread widely as my cum dripped out of her and onto the sheets.
"Fuck. Fuck," she gasped.
I got her a towel to clean herself up, and she went into the bathroom. While she was gone, I filled out her check. She returned a minute later with a big grin on her face.
"Marianne wasn't kidding. I've never had a fuck like that.”
She found the check on the bed.
"You earned it.”
"Cool. This is like, the most money I ever had at once.”
"Don't spend it all in one place.”
She giggled.
“What do you do that you have so much money?”
"I'm a stock trader.”
"How much money do you have?”
"Total? A few million, probably… most of it's on paper.”
"Wow. Seriously?”
“Yep.” I could see the gears turning in her head as she stared at the check.
"Are there other things you'd want to do? Like with me and Marianne? For more money than this, I mean.”
"Both of you at once…maybe.”
She gasped softly.
“You mean like…"
"Would we have to…like…lez each other and all?”
"Say for five hundred a piece? I think that's the going rate for girls as hot as you two.”
Her eyes swelled.
“Five hundred? Do you mean it?”
"Wow. I'll have to ask her. I bet she'd do it, though. I have to think about it.”
"Think all you want. You know where I live.”
She giggled.


Nothing much happened the rest of the weekend. Monday afternoon, Marianne reappeared at my door, wearing jeans and a white spaghetti-strap baby tee that barely contained her big tits.
"Are you busy? Wanna hang out?”
"Come on in.”
She stepped inside, walking into the kitchen and helping herself to a beer. I opened it for her.
"I talked to Tiffany," she said grinning.
"She told me about your idea.”
"Go on.”
"Five hundred a piece, you fuck us both, and we dyke out on each other?”
She grinned.
"I wanna do it, but Tiff is still thinking. If she doesn't want to, I know a girl who would, though.”
"Another cheerleader?”
"Uh huh.”
"This is quite a squad you've got.”
"Who else knows about our little arrangement?”
"Just Tiff.”
"Not this other girl?”
"No. But see, she's a good friend of mine, so I know she's a dyke. Or at least she's fucked girls. Guys too, but mostly girls. I'll pitch it to her if Tiff wimps out. I know she'll do it if I ask.”
"What's she look like?”
"She's pretty hot. About my height, red hair. She doesn't have tits like mine, but she's still cute.”
"Not too many girls do.”
She grinned. I could see the flush of arousal on her chest.
“Nope. So, you wanna go fuck now?”
"Lead the way.”
She took my hand and pulled me upstairs. As I shut the bedroom doors behind us, Marianne stepped to the middle of the room, leering at me. She pulled her top over her head, then shoved down her jeans. Underneath, she wore a matching demi bra and panty set in lacy ivory, with little beads all over the fabric.
"Like it?”
"That's good, because you paid for it.”
She walked up, grabbing my hard-on through my pants then dropped to her knees and began digging it out. When she had it exposed, she stroked it a few times, then settled her mouth over the head. She worked the end eagerly as she had the last time, sucking and slurping with just her lips and tongue.
"Tell me something," I gasped.
She didn't withdraw.
"You said you never sucked a cock before mine. But Tiffany talked like she thought you had a lot more experience than she did.”
She pulled back now, using her hand to stroke me as she ran her tongue along the underside.
"She's right, but I didn't.” She sucked the base of my cock just above my balls for a second.
“I thought it was gross and demeaning. Like the guy was just using me to get off.”
"What's different about this?”
She grinned.
“I don't know. I just know I love sucking your dick.” And back it went into her mouth.
She took more of it in now, pushing it to the back of her throat. I reached down to feel her cheeks hollowing as she sucked. Her teeth grazed lightly along the underside as she withdrew, then she reversed herself, swallowing most of it back up again. She bobbed slowly up and down like that, playing gently with my balls, until I had to stop her lest I come already. She withdrew and went back to stroking me with her hand.
"I was thinking…"
She looked up at me lasciviously.
"What would it be worth to fuck me in the ass?”
"Instead of straight sex? Or on top of it?”
She grinned and gave the head of my cock a brief suck.
"What would you want?”
"I'd like to come in that tight ass of yours.”
"Okay. We'll do that instead.”
"Same price?”
"Uh huh.”
"Have you done it before?”
"Nope. Is it going to hurt?”
"Let me eat you out first. Then we'll do it.”
She stood, removing her bra and panties, and lay back on the bed behind her. I crawled up between her thighs, and she took my head in her hands. I buried my tongue in her blonde twat, sucking her clit and lips into my mouth. She moaned, arching her back, especially after I reached up and began punishing her big breasts and hard nips with my fingers. Her hips rolled at my face, pushing up at me as I licked and sucked on her. I kept up a steady rhythm for several minutes, and Marianne's fluids were soon covering most of my face. I fucked her with my tongue and brought a hand down from her breasts to tweak her clit. She shrieked, thrashing back and forth, and came in a rush, almost lifting us both off the bed.
I finished her off for a few seconds and then withdrew to let her rest. I went into the bathroom to find a bottle of massage oil. When I returned, Marianne was still limp on the bed with an arm over her face, gasping for breath. She came to a few moments later, and her eyes came to rest on the oil in my hands.
"Is that for me?”
"Both of us.”
"What do I do?”
"Get on your hands and knees down here.”
She rolled on her stomach and positioned herself. I used my index finger to lubricate her, working it around her sphincter. She moaned and gasped when I slipped inside her, working as much of the oil into her as I could get.
"Is this going to hurt?”
"It might at first. Just try to relax yourself as much as you can.”
I stroked my erection with the oil until it was glistening from head to root. Then I took her hips in my hands, probing forward. I aimed my cock between her ass cheeks, resting it against her anus.
"Oh, God.”
I pushed forward slowly, the copious oil easing the passage through her tight sphincter. Marianne grunted and convulsed as I slid into her. I bottomed out after about ten seconds, resting my hips against her hard ass.
"Are you all right?”
"It feels...oh, God...it feels like I'm being raped by an elephant.”
"Do you want to stop?”
"No. Fuck me. Just fuck me.”
She pushed backwards, trying to get me to thrust at her. I withdrew slowly, then slid back in. I could feel her sphincter pulsing involuntarily around me. She whimpered through clenched teeth, throwing her hair back over her shoulders. I fucked her easily for a minute or two before speeding my thrusts. I pushed her forward each time, until she was soon down on the bed with her knees bent under her. I reached for her big tits, taking them in my hands. She braced herself on the headboard in front of us, still whimpering and grunting as I fucked her. I felt her fingers brush against my balls and realized that she was playing with herself.
"Is this getting you off?” I gasped.
"Oh, God. Yes.”
"Does it hurt?”
"Uh huh. But I can come. I'm going to come. Just give me a little more.”
She groaned.
I sped my thrusts, thumping against her ass, feeling my balls slapping against her sopping wet twat. Little cries began escaping her lips, and her fingers were a blur between her legs. Her body began to shake and shudder under me just as my sperm began to rise. Then her sphincter clamped painfully down on the base of my cock as she came, stopping the flow of jism. It boiled against this unexpected barrier, making my head swim, then the pressure built enough to escape, and my cum sprayed into her bowels. I shook in dizzy climax, burying myself into her up to the root.
When our respective orgasms subsided, I fell to the side, pulling out of her. She stretched out her legs, remaining on her stomach. Neither of us said anything for a few minutes.
Marianne lifted herself up on an elbow, wiping the sweat from her forehead and brushing her long blonde hair back from her face.
"I'm going to be limping for a week.”
"Don't be. That was fucking incredible.”
I nodded.
"Have you done it like that before?” she asked.
"A few times. An old girlfriend of mine was into it.”
"God. I never thought about it much until tonight. I don't know what made me want to.”
She slid off the bed and went into the bathroom. I dressed and cleaned myself up, and then went into my office to find my checkbook. She appeared from the bedroom, fully dressed, a few minutes later, and sat in my lap. She gave me a long kiss when I slipped the check into her jeans, and I played gently with her big breasts.
"You like my tits, huh?”
"I love them. They're perfect.”
"It used to piss me off how guys acted about them. I don't mind you, though. I don't know why.”
She kissed me again, moving her butt slowly against my lap. I felt my cock beginning to stir again, and I could tell Marianne felt it.
She giggled.
"Did you clean yourself up?”
She bent to kiss my neck as one hand caressed my chest.
"I feel like giving you a freebie.”
"You don't need to.”
"I know. I want to.”
She slipped out of my lap and onto the floor. She positioned herself between my knees and reached up for my boxers. My cock was standing at attention now, and she inspected it briefly. Finding nothing amiss, she bent her head to take it into her mouth.
It was too soon after my earlier orgasm, and Marianne was too eager and excited. I had to slow her down, digging my fingers through her long blonde locks. She slowed down, using just her tongue and lips in a steady rhythm for a few minutes.
She withdrew to kiss the head.
Back down she went, sucking and massaging me with her tongue. My balls were beginning to reawaken now, and I moved her head faster. She responded by bobbing rapidly. I reached down to fondle her tits, and she moved closer to me, getting everything within reach. When I dug into her baby T-shirt to get at them, she reached behind her to unsnap her bra. Her tits fell into my hands, and I caressed them gently as she continued to suck rapidly on my cock.
She withdrew again to rest her jaw, using her hand to stroke me rapidly.
"Are you getting there yet?”
I nodded, gasping.
"Are you going to come in my mouth? Are you going shoot your cum down throat?”
I grunted, unable to answer her.
"I'm going to swallow it. I'm going to swallow every drop.”
She dropped her head, swallowing me up, and sucking rapidly on the head like a calf at a teat, massaging it with tongue and lips. I cried out, gripping her hair in my hands. My cum began churning out of my balls, and a second later, it was spurting into Marianne's mouth. She gulped it down as it came, milking my cock with her fist to get it all. She continued to suck and milk me for nearly a minute afterward before withdrawing with a big grin on her face.
"Did you like that?”
I nodded.
"I'm going to talk to Tiff tomorrow. If I can't talk her into doing the three-way, I'll call this other girl. Then I'll let you know what's going to happen.”
She crawled up into my lap and kissed me again.
"Night. Thanks.”
"You too," I gasped.


Marianne called me the next day to inform me that Tiffany was not interested in group sex, and that therefore she was going to talk to her other friend on the cheerleading squad, whose name was Ashley. She promised to get back to me with a day and a time.
Thursday afternoon, she appeared at my door again wearing shorts and a flower-print string bikini top. The top was scarcely enough to contain her breasts, and had she jumped around at all...say, to attempt a cheer...it looked like she would have come flying out of it immediately.
She gave me a quick BJ in the living room, then remained at my feet to explain what she had worked out.
"Ashley completely freaked when I told her what I've been doing.”
"Sleeping with me, you mean?”
"For money. That was the main thing she freaked about. I tried to tell her that it's not really like that, but when I pitched the idea to her, you know, five hundred a piece for what you wanted, she completely changed her mind. She wants to do it.”
"Just like that?”
"Yeah. None of the girls on the squad have a lot of money, but Ashley is probably the worst off. Her folks are divorced, and her dad just drinks a lot. Her mom is a waitress. So five hundred bucks is a fortune for her.”
"I can imagine. When?”
"Saturday night?”
"That works for me.”
"Anyway. After I talked to Ashley, I was thinking.”
"What about?”
"All this money, you know, it does seem kind of cheap to just come over, fuck you, and have you hand me a check. I was trying to think of a better way to handle it.”
I thought about that for a moment.
"I could get you a credit card. You could charge what I've been paying you, buy stuff with it. However it came out, we could settle up at the end of the month.”
Her eyes widened.
"Seriously? I could buy anything I wanted?”
"Within reason. The idea being, to pay you that way instead of with a check.”
She grinned.
She stood up, taking my arms and pulling me upstairs. We quickly lost the remainder of our clothes. Marianne kissed me, pressing her breasts against my chest. Then she looked down coyly, though her hand settled on my erection, stroking it gently.
"You know...you've come in my mouth, and in my ass, but never in my pussy.”
"I keep forgetting to buy some rubbers.”
"Rubbers are no fun. I want your cum inside me.”
"You might get my baby in the bargain.”
"We could just risk it today. I think the timing is off. It's the wrong time of the month.”
"I don't know about this.”
She grinned, looking up at me innocently.
"The prospect of knocking me up doesn't turn you on?”
"It's the prospect of eighteen years of child support that doesn't turn me on.”
She pouted.
"All right. It's your body.”
She grinned and went back to kissing me, arms around my neck. I fondled her tits, cupping them in my hands and working her nipples with my thumbs. She began to squirm as they erected and grew more sensitive, and I finally picked her up and carried her to the bed.
She lay on her back, and I kissed and licked my way down her body, nursing her big breasts, running my tongue down her abdomen, wiggling it in her navel (making her giggle and convulse in the process), finally settling between her thighs and taking her blonde-furred twat in my mouth. I shoved my hands under her butt, holding her firm cheerleading ass tightly under me. She writhed around on the bed as I ate her, legs opening and closing, hands randomly gripping her hair or her breasts or my head. I knew her rhythms well enough now to bring her hot seventeen-year-old body to rapid series of orgasms, keeping it up until she cried out in over stimulation and pushed me away.
I gave her only a few seconds to recover before climbing above her and slipping into her tight teenage pussy. She let out a guttural cry, wrapping herself around me. I drove in and out of her steadily. She was tight and wet; all her hot squishy flesh was gripping my cock. She cried out again as another orgasm took her, and she dug her nails painfully into my butt. My control began to slip away now, and I pounded her roughly, watching her round tits shaking with each thrust. She sensed my impending orgasm and spread herself even wider for me, begging for my seed.
"Come...come...come in me…”
I let out a hoarse grunt, stabbed every bit of myself into her, and came for all I was worth, spurting painfully intense ribbons of come up to her womb. I kept thrusting long after it was over, and finally collapsed onto her breasts. She put her arms around me and held me close.
"Mmm. Stay inside me. Don't move yet. You feel so good.”
I pushed my deflating penis forward.
"So do you.”
"I love the feeling after a good fuck, all tingly and gooey.”
She kissed me tenderly for a few seconds, then looked up at me.
"Have you ever done it with a virgin?”
"Mary Jo Beadman, after a Led Zeppelin concert when I was seventeen. We were both virgins. It wasn't an experience worth remembering.”
"Would you want to give it another try?”
"What do you mean?”
"I'm just thinking. There's another girl on the squad who I know is a virgin. You could have her if you wanted.”
I laughed softly.
"Have you consulted her about this?”
She smiled.
"I could talk her into it. She's been talking about losing it.”
"She cute?”
"Not as cute as me.” She smiled.
“But she's not bad. She's kind of tall and thin, you know, sort of that European model look. She's got really long brown hair.”
"What do you think this would cost?”
She grinned up at me.
"You'd be her first. You'd get to pop her cherry. That would be worth something to you, wouldn't it?”
"Does she still have one? Because if she's been cheerleading for any length of time, she's probably lost it on her own already just by stretching and jumping around.”
Marianne bit her lip.
"I didn't think of that. Would it make a difference?”
"Yeah. I suppose that sounds stupid, but it would.”
"Okay. Well, I'll see what I can do to find out. But if she still has it, do you want her?”
"How much?”
"A thousand?”
"That's pretty steep. I'm spending that much on you and Ashley together.”
"This is special. Afterwards, if you wanted her again, it would be a lot less.”
"I'll think about it.”
"Phat. I bet she'll do it.”
Marianne went home after that, and I lay in bed marveling at my sudden good fortune. A few weeks ago, I was dating women my own age and dealing with all sorts of pretentious bullshit in exchange for a little sex. Now I had a gorgeous teenage procuress whose sole mission in life seemed to be to provide me with as much and as varied sex as possible. All I had to do was throw some money at her. Not something I was inclined to complain about.
Later that night, I called one of my credit card companies and told them I needed another card for my "stepdaughter," and that it was urgent because she was about to take a long vacation. They promised to get it out as soon as they could.
That afternoon, I had scarcely been home five minutes when I heard someone knocking hard on the front door. I looked through the peephole and saw about half a dozen teenage boys, some of them wearing football letter jackets.
I opened the door. The one who had knocked, a tall, athletic kid with sandy brown hair, was clearly leading this group, but they were all here for a reason, whatever it was. The looks on their faces were a mixture of nervousness and anger.
"Are you Steven Connors?” the leader said.
"What can I do for you, son?”
"I'm just going to say this once. You stay the fuck away from my girlfriend, do you understand?”
I returned his glare for a few seconds before answering him.
"Are you talking about Marianne?”
"Yeah. Stay the fuck away from her before I have to fuck you up.”
"She's the one who's been coming over here. I think you need to talk to her.”
He glanced at his friends, trying to gather his courage.
"I talked to her, all right. I told her to stay the fuck away from you if she knew what was good for her.”
"Otherwise you'd fuck her up, is that it? You like beating up girls? I guess that's probably your speed.”
I saw his fists clench at his side, and he snorted hard through his nostrils.
"Just shut the fuck up, man.”
"Or what? You're going to teach me a lesson for giving your girlfriend something you can't seem to?”
His face reddened, and his friends began to mutter.
“Fuck him up, man," one of them said.
"Don't take that shit.”
He stood in front of me, fuming, but didn't move.
"This is the football team I'm looking at, right?”
No one answered me, but it was obvious enough.
"You look pretty fit, son, so I'm guessing you've got ambitions of playing college ball, don't you? You're probably talking to recruiters already, maybe some of them have even made you some offers? Let me ask you something. You know who Randy Moss is? Lawrence Phillips? Those names mean anything to you?”
The other kids glanced at each other, and Marianne's boyfriend glared at me, but none of them said anything.
"Both of them had talent to spare, but because they fucked up early on, got reputations as troublemakers, few people wanted anything to do with them. Moss was looking at a free ride at Notre Dame before he got in trouble. Fifteen pro teams passed on him before he got drafted, even though he should have gone number one. Things aren't like they used to be, son. This isn't some jerkwater town in Texas we live in, and I really doubt you've got as much talent as Randy Moss. You do something stupid here tonight, and you may be kissing college football goodbye forever.”
I could see them beginning to waver, especially the two kids in back who didn't look like they wanted to be here in the first place.
"Do what you came here for if you're going to do it, son. Otherwise, get the fuck off my porch.”
The kids began muttering again, and one of them took the boyfriend's arm.
"Let's go, man. You said what you needed to.”
He shook his arm free and glared at me once last time. Then he began backing up. His friends turned to go, and the six them moved back down the walkway. He and I continued to glare at each other until I heard my phone ringing in the kitchen. I kept my gaze on him until I shut the door.
The phone kept ringing, and I went back to answer it. An anguished female voice immediately gushed through the line.
"Yeah, are you all right? Is everything okay?”
"Your boyfriend just left. Nothing happened.”
She let out growl of disgust and frustration.
"*Ex*-boyfriend. Fuck him. Do you know what he did today?”
"He called me a cunt. And a whore. And a bunch of other names.”
I chose my words carefully.
“What exactly does he know?”
"Nothing! That's what's so fucking stupid! All he knows is that I came over to your place a few times. His imagination did the rest.”
"I'm sorry.”
"Fuck it. I don't care. Anyway, are you busy? Can I come over?”
I took the phone back to the living room and looked out the window. The boyfriend and his minions appeared to have left.
"Yes. But be careful.”
"Okay. I'll see you in a minute.”
She burst through the front door about ninety seconds later. She came straight up to me and hugged me, putting her forehead on my shoulder.
"It's all right. Nothing happened.”
"I saw them coming up the street, and I knew right away what they were going to do. I almost called the police. Then I realized I might get you in trouble, too.”
"Don't worry about it. I don't think they'll be back.”
"I'm sorry.” She backed up, smiling at me, and moved me toward the nearest chair.
“Let me make it up to you.”
She kissed me a few times as she unbuttoned my jeans, then pushed me into the chair. She dropped to the floor between my knees and pulled my pants down to expose my cock. It went straight into her mouth, and she sucked eagerly on me for a minute or two before withdrawing, replacing her mouth with her hand.
"Are you excited about tomorrow night?”
I nodded, gritting my teeth at what she was doing. She gave my cockhead a few licks.
"Ashley is completely stoked about this. She's been sort of coming on to me the last couple of days. She keeps saying things like 'I didn't know you were into girls.'"
She dropped her head again and worked diligently on the end of my dick, swirling her tongue around and around as she sucked.
"You've never done something like this before?”
She bobbed a few more times before answering me.
"Nope. And the truth is, I'm not really into girls. It doesn't turn me off, but it never appealed to me either. But it's what you want, and I can really use that money. So I'll fuck her for one night. It's no big deal.”
She returned to sucking me off, using long slow strokes to push my dick to back of her throat. As I got closer, she concentrated on the head, using the tight lips-and-tongue suction that she knew I liked. I groaned, gripping her long blonde hair tightly in my hands, and she sped her attack. I looked down, seeing that her right hand had disappeared under her skirt, and from the rapid motions of her arm, I could tell she was working just as hard on herself.
A few seconds later, my balls convulsed and I spurted my cum down her throat. As she usually did, she kept sucking and pumping my cock with her fist until it was all out and my dick began to deflate. But this time, shortly after I came, she let out a quiet squeak through her nose and shuddered between my knees. Then her other hand reappeared, and she used it to caress my balls.
She pulled back, giving my cockhead one last kiss. She giggled.
"Mmm. That was fun.”
"Yeah. I saw you helping yourself along there too.”
She grinned.
"I get so turned on when I suck you. Do you mind?”
She leaned against me, folding her arms over my lap and laying her head on top.
"I guess I'm single now. But that's okay. Randy better not start any more shit at school.”
"You two are seniors?”
"I've never asked this, but how old are you?”
"Seventeen. I'll be eighteen in about a month, though. That's not a problem, is it?”
"No. A little late to be worrying about that anyway.”
She giggled again.


Feeling like this was a sort of special occasion, I spent a few hours on Saturday cleaning up the house and the bedroom. I restocked my supply of beer for the girls and got them some munchies to go with it. Then I wrote two checks for $500 and put them into separate envelopes.
Marianne's credit card arrived in the mail that afternoon. Clearly the VISA company didn't want to risk losing any of her business. I saved the paperwork and slipped the card into Marianne's envelope.
Marianne and Ashley showed up around eight. Ashley was about Marianne's height, but slimmer and more athletic-looking. She had long straight red hair and blue eyes. As Marianne had said, Ashley was quite cute but not as hot as she was. She appeared nervous, but excited at the same time.
Marianne gave me a quick kiss.
"This is Ashley.”
"Nice to meet you.”
"You too.”
I noticed as Ashley spoke that she had a silver stud through her tongue.
"Come on in.”
The two of them followed me into the kitchen and I gave them both a beer. Marianne sat on a barstool and dug into the bowl of tortilla chips I had sitting out.
"This is a pretty nice house," Ashley said.
Ashley wore just jeans and pale green T-shirt. She had a bra on under her top, but it did nothing to hide the hard little nipples that were trying to come through it.
"So what do you want to do?” Marianne asked.
"Let's just get comfortable first.”
"Marianne told me about Randy coming over," Ashley said.
“That was pretty fucking lame.”
"Teenage boys are not the most mature creatures on the planet.”
Both of them laughed.
"That's the fucking truth," she said.
"I talked to Giselle this morning," Marianne said.
"The virgin.”
"She claims to still have her cherry. I pitched the idea to her. She was totally freaked until I told her about the money. Now she says she'll think about it.”
"Yeah. But I told her a thousand. That was okay, wasn't it?”
"Phat. Do you want to go upstairs? I'm so fucking horny I can't sit here much longer.”
Ashley and I both laughed, and I motioned to the stairs. Marianne hopped up and led the way, taking both our hands. When we got to the bedroom, she shut the door and pushed me down on the bed. Then she stood at the end next to Ashley, smiling at me.
"Since I know why you wanted this, we'll start out by ourselves. You can watch as long as you want.”
I leaned back against the headboard and slipped off my shirt and slacks. The girls waited until I was ready before turning to each other. They came together in a soft kiss, resting their hands on each other's waists. Ashley seemed to be taking the lead, frenching Marianne slowly. She reached up to cup Marianne's big tits, tweaking the nipples through the fabric of her top.
Marianne began pulling Ashley's T-shirt out of her jeans, and Ashley did likewise with Marianne. Soon they were both down to their bras. Ashley kept going, reaching around to free Marianne's tits. They hardly sagged at all coming free from their restraint, and Ashley pushed them around, pinching the nipples between thumb and forefinger.
Marianne removed Ashley's bra, exposing her breasts. Ashley was far smaller than Marianne, but not flat-chested either. Her tits were little champagne- glass cones with pale pink nipples sticking straight out from her chest. Marianne put a hand on one and explored it tentatively.
Ashley pushed her backwards, getting her to sit on the end of the bed. After checking to make sure I could see, she lowered herself to nurse Marianne's breasts. She teased the nipples at first, then sucked as much in as she could get. Marianne's eyes were closed, and deep flush of arousal covered her chest. She held Ashley's head close but otherwise remained still.
Ashley sucked on both of Marianne's big breasts until she had the nipples standing out in arousal. Then she began unbuttoning Marianne's jeans. Marianne took a long, nervous breath, and helped her. A few moments later, she was lying back naked on the bed.
Ashley knelt on the floor at Marianne's feet. She looked up at me, grinning nervously, and reached out to play with Marianne's blonde pussy. She tweaked her clit a few times before extending her tongue and leaning forward.
Marianne gasped, tensing up, at Ashley's first lick. Ashley wiggled her tongue over her clit, rubbing the silver stud back and forth. I reached for Marianne's hand, and she squeezed me tightly. Ashley was now eating her in earnest, swirling her tongue around Marianne's clit. Marianne squeezed my hand again, whimpering softly. She seemed torn between nervousness at this new experience and the sensations Ashley was sending through her body.
I rolled forward, lying on my side behind Marianne's head. I brushed her hair back from her face, looking down between her big tits to where Ashley's tongue was dipping and fluttering around between her thighs. Marianne's breath was coming in ragged drafts, and I could see her abdomen quivering. She whimpered again, convulsing slightly, and finally reached down to Ashley's head. Ashley responded by speeding her attack, moving her tongue in a blur over Marianne's clit.
Marianne began to shudder, then cried out once, twice, finally almost screaming as Ashley brought her to orgasm. Her back arched, and she grabbed Ashley's head in both her hands. Ashley continued licking her mercilessly, and Marianne's thighs drummed against her ears. Marianne finally pushed her away, throwing herself back against the bed and gasping for breath.
Ashley looked up at me, smiling, and kissed Marianne's abdomen a few times. Marianne reached for her, pulling her up above her. Ashley crawled up to kiss Marianne, and the two girls embraced, moaning and giggling at each other.
Marianne then pushed Ashley off, rolling her on her back beside her. Ashley giggled, looking up and back at me. Marianne gave me a nervous look and began kissing her way down Ashley's body. She paused at Ashley's hard little tits, licking and sucking her nipples gently. Ashley looked down at her, caressing Marianne's face. After a minute or two of this, Marianne descended between Ashley's thighs.
Ashley had bright red pubic hair, trimmed like Marianne's, and Marianne spent a moment or two examining her, feeling Ashley with her right hand. She put her thumb on Ashley's clit, caressing it gently. Then, taking a deep breath and looking up at me with a nervous grin on her face, she bent to lick at her friend.
She kept it basic, but seemed to have the general idea. Ashley closed her eyes and lay still as Marianne ate her. I watched Marianne's tongue moving slowly around. She glanced up at me again, still grinning in embarrassment. But Marianne soon settled down and went at her task more purposefully. Ashley began to moan and play with her breasts as Marianne licked steadily away. She reached down and put a hand on Marianne's head.
"Faster," she moaned.
Marianne's tongue immediately sped up, spinning tight circles around Ashley's clit. A minute or two of this was enough to have Ashley grunting and quivering next to me. She started to shake, and a long whine escaped her lips. Marianne clearly knew what was happening, and licked her friend even more eagerly. Finally, Ashley let out a sharp cry and came.
When Ashley's climax was over, Marianne crawled up beside her, giggling. The two girls kissed and fondled each other as they looked up at me.
"What did you think of that?” Marianne asked.
"Very nice.”
"It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.”
"How did she do?”
"Not bad for a first time," Ashley said, grinning, "but more practice wouldn't hurt.”
The girls giggled again.
"What do you want to do now?” Marianne asked.
"Come here.”
I pulled Marianne up until she was kneeling over Ashley's face. Ashley caressed Marianne's tight little cheerleading butt as she looked up at us. I climbed around behind her head so I could kiss and fondle Marianne. Ashley resumed eating her friend's blonde pussy as Marianne put her arms around me, kissing me eagerly.
I played with Marianne's big tits as I kissed her, squeezing the firm, spongy flesh. She had very sensitive nipples, and when I began pinching and tweaking them, the combination of that and Ashley's attentions seemed too much for her, and she pushed me away.
"Fuck her. I want you to fuck her while she's eating me.”
I moved out from in front of them, and Marianne braced herself on the headboard. I crawled between Ashley's legs, and she spread herself open for me. I positioned my thick erection between her ginger-furred pussy lips and pushed forward. Ashley grunted as I moved into her, reaching down and groping at my arm.
I noticed Marianne watching me over her shoulder as I thrust into her friend. She tried to twist around to get a better look. Ashley realized what she was doing and pushed her off.
"Turn around and face him. I can still eat you that way.”
Marianne complied in a second, reversing herself and leaning forward to grab my shoulders. We held each other as I fucked Ashley and Ashley ate Marianne. I used one hand to brace myself and the other to play with Marianne's pendulous breasts.
Ashley's pussy was as tight as Marianne's, and the long wait while I watched the two of them fucking each other was enough to weaken my control. Marianne sensed the impending crisis and held my head against her shoulder. She bent her head around to lick my ear and whisper obscenities to me.
"Fuck her. I want to watch you coming in her. I want to feel it.”
I felt her hand come up and begin tweaking my nipple. I groaned, fucking Ashley harder, pumping myself into her. Whatever I was doing for her, Ashley did not let up with her attentions to Marianne. My blonde cheerleading fuck-toy was on the verge of orgasm herself, biting at my earlobe as she continued to pour a stream of perverse filth into my ears.
But Ashley somehow came first. She let out a shriek, bucking herself at my hips, and a moment later I was pouring myself into her, filling her belly with long shots of cum. Marianne joined us instantly, shuddering in my arms and biting my ear painfully. The three of us moaned and quivered and climaxed together for several seconds before collapsing into a sweaty heap on the bed.
The girls squirmed around until one was on either side of me. Marianne sat up and bent to inspect my deflating cock. She gave it a few licks and then took it in her mouth, sucking off mine and Ashley's orgasmic fluids. I let her do it, though I had to grab her head to keep her from moving too fast.
Ashley rolled over and put her head on my chest.
"That was pretty hot.”
"No shit.”
She looked down and watched her friend sucking my cock.
“I swear, Marianne is the horniest chick I know.”
"I've noticed.”
"Want to hear a nasty story?”
"Go ahead.”
"I was there when she lost it. And guess who it was with?”
"My brother. They did it in our attic while I was sitting there watching.”
Marianne looked up at me, smiling around my cock, but continued working.
"You watched your brother have sex?”
"Yeah, I know, that was pretty perverted, but I was really more interested in watching Marianne. I was still trying to decide if I was bi back then.”
"How did it happen?”
"In the summer, two years ago. My brother is a couple of years older than me. Marianne got this huge crush on him, so we were pretty much following him around and bugging him for about a month. My brother is kind of dense, but eventually he figured out what she wanted. That was the year she got her tits, and I don't think he really noticed her until then. So they started making out in the attic together. I was there the first time, and I didn't want to leave. So after that, I just stayed there watching when they started fooling around.”
My dick had returned to full erection, and Marianne was now sucking eagerly away on it, playing with my balls with her free hand. Ashley slid down a little and licked at my nipple, rubbing the stud in her tongue over me a few times.
"And he fucked her?”
"After about a month. Before then he was pretty much just playing with her tits. I swear, he would pull her top off and suck on her nipples for like half an hour sometimes. I don't think he even knew he was getting her off doing it, but I could tell. One day, he just tried to take her shorts off, and she let him. He pulled his dick out a minute later, and then they started fucking. Of course, it only lasted about ten seconds.”
Marianne lifted off my dick.
"It was the worst fuck I ever I had. It just took me a while to figure that out.”
She stroked my hand with her tight fist as she looked up at us.
"I want you to fuck Ashley in the butt.”
Ashley's eyebrows shot up, and she glanced at me, then Marianne, in shock.
"Come on, I told you about it. It doesn't hurt that bad.”
"I don't know.”
"What if I ate you while he was fucking you?”
A twinkle of interest grew in Ashley's eyes.
"Just try it.”
"Um. Okay.”
"Phat.” She jumped off the bed and ran into the bathroom to get the massage oil. She returned a moment later and commenced lubricating my erection. Then she had Ashley get on her hands and knees and used her index finger to lube up Ashley's butt.
Marianne lay on her back and wriggled up between Ashley's thighs.
"Damn it. I can't see anything this way. Let's try it the other direction.”
Ashley rolled over, and Marianne reversed herself until they were in a sixty-nine position. Marianne looked up at me, grinning, I moved forward and guided my cock into Ashley's ass. Ashley had as tight and toned a butt as Marianne did, even if she was a bit skinnier. Her pubes in back were almost orange, a light fringe around her anus. I positioned the head of my cock and slid into her.
Ashley groaned, shuddering, but pushed back at me. I could see Marianne beginning to lick up at her I as fucked her. Ashley threw her long red hair back over her shoulders, arching her back and spreading her cheeks to open herself further as I bottomed out. Marianne's hands came up to grip Ashley's ass, and Ashley reached out to brace herself on the headboard.
"Fuck! Fuck!”
"Does it hurt?”
"Yes. But it feels incredible.”
Marianne was licking eagerly away now, and I slid easily in and out of Ashley's bowels. Her sphincter was a tight pinching ring around my cock, and her hard buttocks dug into my hips with each thrust. I looked down to see Marianne fucking Ashley with two fingers as I thrust at her, and Ashley began letting out anguished whimpers with each breath.
We had been working on her for only a minute or two before Ashley thrashed in orgasm, battering herself back at me. I sped my thrusts, and Marianne continued eating her without letup. Ashley suddenly let go of the headboard and bent down to lick at Marianne below her. Marianne let out a gasp, momentarily losing her rhythm, but the two girls were soon eating each other frantically as I continued to plumb Ashley's butt.
Ashley came again a minute later, followed by Marianne, who gripped my legs tightly, and as Ashley's sphincter bit down painfully on my cock, I finally unloaded my cum deep into her bowels.
The girls recovered before I did and commenced cleaning themselves, and me, up. We dressed and returned to the first floor, where I paid them. I saw Marianne's eyes lighting up when she felt the credit card inside the envelope, but she said nothing. Then they kissed me goodbye and left.
About five minutes later, my doorbell rang again. It was Marianne, alone, and she slid her arms around my neck, kissing me deeply for a few seconds and pressing her big tits against my chest.
"You are *so* cool. You are the coolest guy on the planet.”
I saw the credit card in her hand, and she waved it around a little.
"I promise I won't go crazy with this. At least not too much.”
"You've earned it.”
"Thanks. If you've got anything left, I'd like to show you how much I appreciate this.”
I laughed weakly.
She grinned.
"First thing. Expect it.”
She gave me a final wink and a kiss, and left.


As she had promised, Marianne appeared at eight the next morning on her way to school and gave me a quick blow job before I left for work. I was a little concerned at the neighbors noticing her daylight arrival and departure, but if anyone did, I couldn't tell.
That night, she called to tell me that her friend Giselle, the virgin, had agreed to sell her virginity to me for a thousand bucks provided Marianne came with her to "chaperone" the event.
"Is this going to be another three-way?” I asked her.
"I doubt it.” She giggled over the line.
“But do you want it that way?”
"We'll see. Don't force anything.”
"This is going to be so hot. I can't wait.”
"You're going to watch?”
"Giselle insisted. She's pretty nervous about this. But I would have wanted to anyway.”
"Tomorrow night. But could I ask you a favor?”
"Could you get us some bud? I think it would help loosen her up.” I laughed.
"I don't think I've smoked pot since I was your age. But I'll see what I can do.”
"Thanks. I've got a bong, but the guy we used to buy from got busted, and I'm not sure where to go now.”
I told her not to worry about it, that I knew some people I could talk to. I knew my cousin still smoked a bowl now and then, and when I called him the next day, he agreed to set me up with an ounce of prime Thai weed. I picked it up on the way home from work that afternoon and went back to set things up for the girls that night.
Marianne and Giselle showed up at eight. Giselle was quite a bit taller than Marianne, about five-ten, willowy, with a long mane of tawny brown hair. As Marianne had described, she had a vaguely European-model look to her face, with deep green eyes. I shook her hand, which was long-boned and fragile. She met my gaze only briefly before looking down.
Marianne got two beers out of the refrigerator and gave one to Giselle.
"Did you get the dope?”
"Phat. Where is it?”
I dug it out of my briefcase and handed it to her. Marianne opened the baggy and sniffed.
"Mmm. This is good stuff.”
She pulled her bong out of her purse and went to the sink to fill it up. I glanced at Giselle, who hadn't said a word since they arrived.
"Are you okay?”
She nodded but said nothing. I watched as Marianne prepared the bong, packing a tight bowl and lighting it up. She took a long drag and handed it to Giselle.
I expected Giselle to display some nervousness about this, but instead she took the bong without pausing and proceeded to inhale the rest of the load. Marianne grinned slightly as my eyebrows rose. She suppressed a cough and then exhaled.
"Giselle's not such a good girl, even if she is a virgin.”
Giselle smiled at me for the first time, still holding onto her drag. Her eyelids drooped a little, and she finally exhaled. Marianne packed another load for me, then took a swig of her beer.
I hadn't used one of these things since college, but they hadn't appeared to have changed much since then. I took a slow drag and immediately coughed most of it out. Marianne rubbed my back.
"Are you all right?”
"It's just been a while. Give me a minute.”
I gave it another try and then handed the bong to Marianne. She took a drag and gave it to Giselle, who finished it off again.
Marianne gulped down a few more swallows of beer, then noticed the envelope on the counter. She picked it up and peeked inside.
"Is this for us?”
I nodded. She handed it to Giselle, who slipped into her purse without opening it.
"No problem," I said.
"I don't want you to get the wrong idea about me, okay? I was kind of thinking about something like this anyway, losing it to an older guy instead of somebody my age. But this money could make the difference between going to college next year and working at McDonald's.”
"I understand. Don't worry about it. You can consider it a contribution to your college fund if you want.”
She nodded, and I noticed Marianne grinning at both of us. I reached out and ran my fingers through her hair, and she leaned against me, still smiling.
In a few minutes, the three of us were thoroughly ripped. I sat down in the den, and Marianne lay across my lap and put my hand on her tits. She was wearing another short baby-tee to showcase her chest, and I played idly with her nipples as Giselle watched us from the other end of the couch. Marianne stroked Giselle's smooth thigh with her toes, which I noticed were adorned with a couple of silver rings.
Giselle suddenly sat up and pulled her top over her head. She had been wearing a black spaghetti-strap bra top, and she proved to have nothing under it. She crawled up next to me and leaned in to kiss me.
I slipped my tongue in her mouth as her arms slid around my neck. I reached up to feel her hard little tits, and a moment later I felt Marianne reaching up to tweak one of Giselle's nipples. But after a few moments, Marianne moved out of the way to let Giselle straddle me. She sat next to us and just watched.
Giselle just kissed me and let me play with her. When I had my fill of her tits (I was too enamoured of Marianne's ample endowments to be much satisfied with Giselle's little boobs, however nicely shaped they might have been), I moved down to caress her long legs. I stroked her thighs for a minute before reaching under her skirt. I slid my fingers up to her butt, and thereupon discovered that she had no panties on either.
She pulled back from kissing me and bit my lip gently.
"I never wear panties.”
"Even during games? When you're doing cheers?”
She smiled.
"Well, except for then.”
"I dare you to go commando at the game next weekend," Marianne said.
Giselle licked her lips and looked at her friend for a second or two.
"I will if you will.”
Marianne stroked my leg with her toes.
"Only if Steve comes to watch us.”
They both looked at me expectantly.
"You're talking about cheerleading with nothing on under your skirts?”
Marianne grinned at me.
"That's something I'd sure like to see.”
"Then we'll do it. Maybe I can talk the rest of them into doing it too.”
"There's no way in hell Melinda or Anne will do something like that," Giselle said.
Marianne grinned evilly.
"I bet I can find a way to convince them.”
"How many girls are on the squad?”
"Eight. You've met, and fucked, about half of us now. I'm going to do my best to get the rest of them over here.”
Before I could digest this information, Giselle went back to kissing me, and I decided the issue could wait until later. I pushed her skirt up to her waist, rendering her effectively nude. Marianne leaned over to help her out of it, leaving me with a naked virgin on my lap.
I had a good buzz going, so I was content to just play with her and explore for a while. Though Giselle was on the thin side, like Marianne she was tight and toned from all their cheerleading. She made me suck on her nipples for a few minutes, then went back to kissing me.
As Giselle sucked on my tongue, I explored between her neatly trimmed labes. She was almost dripping into my lap, and when I slipped the tip of my finger into her, I discovered that her cherry was indeed still intact. I probed gently against it, causing Giselle to squirm in my grip.
"Do you think it will hurt?”
"Not too much.”
I withdrew my finger and rubbed the edge of it against her clit. She responded by kissing me even more vigorously, arms tight around my head. I diddled her like that for a few minutes, and she soon had my face pressed against her shoulder as she gasped and whimpered. All of a sudden, her hands clamped down on my shoulders. She let out a soft cry and shook in orgasm, squirting even more wetness into my hand. I kept playing with her, and she came again after another minute or so. Then she pushed herself back, pressing her forehead, damp with sweat, against my face.
"I'm ready," she gasped.
“I want you to fuck me.”
"Okay. But not here.”
I stood up, still holding her in my arms, and carried her to the bedroom. Marianne followed, loosing her clothes in the process. I laid Giselle on the bed, stripped out of my clothes myself, and lay down next to her. Marianne lay down on the other side of her to watch.
I kissed and caressed Giselle for about a minute as she tentatively explored my erection with her hand. Then she rolled on her back, pulling at me, and I climbed between her thighs. Marianne sat up, peering in to get a good look at what I was about to do.
Giselle lay perfectly still, legs spread, as I aimed myself into her. I poked the head of my cock between her lips, meeting her hymen and pushing gently against it. It resisted for longer than I expected (but then, it must have been tougher than usual to survive routine splits and all that jumping around), but then I broke through it a second later. Giselle squeaked and dug her nails into my waist as I slipped into her.
She nodded, eyes closed.
"I saw it pop," Marianne said, grinning at me.
Giselle tried to spread herself wider as I moved in, but even then, this was tightest pussy I had ever fucked. It almost hurt, and I was secretly glad that Marianne had not warmed me up with oral sex as she usually did, because I would have probably come immediately. Both of us moaned as I bottomed out, and Giselle embraced me tightly.
"Make me come," she whispered into my ear. “Will you make me come?”
I tried to nod, and withdrew slowly. I had to concentrate on what I was doing, because her pussy was so delicious that I didn't think this would last too long. I took it easily at first, and the crisis soon appeared to pass. I had enough experience at my age to recognize her triggers and movements, and I stayed deeply inside her, grinding myself against her clit. She writhed under me, moaning, arms and legs sliding up and down my body. I glanced over at Marianne, who was watching us eagerly. She reached out and caressed my butt briefly.
I turned back to Giselle and increased the tempo, watching the flush of impending orgasm spread across her chest. Her nipples stood straight out from her breasts like little fence posts, and I bent to nibble on them as I fucked her. She started to whimper, rolling her hips faster and faster under me, urging me on. I pumped her vise-like teen twat in a steady rhythm, and a few seconds later, her back arched, she spiked herself up at me, and she let out a shriek as she came. Her cunt bit down on my cock so hard that spots appeared before my eyes. She appeared locked in the grip of a massive seizure, and my control evaporated. I pounded her madly, barely able to move in her tight grip, and as another orgasm wracked her body, I drove in as far as I could go and came like a fire hose.
We continued grunting and thrusting at each other for a good minute before I fell back onto her. I rolled off as soon as I was able so as not to suffocate her. She lay where I left her, still gasping for breath. Marianne snuggled against me, putting her head on my chest.
"I hope you have some left for me.”
"Give me a few minutes," I gasped.
As I expected, her head drifted down my abdomen, and she was soon sucking my cock, damp with Giselle's spendings and virginal blood. I was still buzzed from the pot we'd smoked earlier, so I closed my eyes and just wallowed in the sensations. I didn't move until I felt Giselle trying to move under my arm a minute or two later. I let her, and she pressed closely against me, nuzzling my neck.
"You fuck like a god," she moaned softly.
I didn't know what to say to that, so I just held her. She kissed my neck a few times.
"Do you want some more weed?”
"Help yourself.”
She climbed out of bed and went downstairs, still naked. She returned a minute later with the bong and the bag of marijuana. I watched her lithe, lanky frame moving gracefully across the room, deciding that she was certainly very hot in her own way, even if I preferred Marianne. Giselle sat cross-legged on the bed next to us and packed another load, watching as Marianne continued to suck on my aching erection.
Giselle took a drag and handed me the bong. I took a hit, holding it in more easily this time, and held it out to Marianne. She finished the load, and then took me back in her mouth without exhaling. She held me between her lips, and I could feel the acrid smoke biting at the head of my cock. Marianne let it drift out the corners of her mouth, and I watched it curling around her face and my balls.
I closed my eyes again and lay back, letting Marianne and the dope do their work. I reached out to Giselle, caressing her thighs. She squeezed my hand once but remained still.
Marianne finally relented with the blow job and climbed up to straddle me. I felt her take my cock in her hand, and a moment later, I was sinking into her tight, wet pussy.
I let her ride me as she wanted to, and she bounced herself to couple of orgasms within a few minutes. Then she stretched herself out on top of me, and I felt her lips pressing against mine. Her tongue slipped into my mouth, and I returned the kiss.
"Not passing out on me, are you?”
"No. I'm just lying here enjoying this.”
I opened my eyes, looking up at her. Her long blonde hair had fallen down around our faces in a shroud. I kissed her nose and stared into her blue eyes.
"Where should I come?”
"In me," she whispered.
“I went and got one of those shots. I'm safe for a few months.”
I had a sudden idea.
"Can you do the splits?”
Her eyebrows creased in amusement.
"Sure. Why?”
"Think you could do them now?”
"On you? While we're fucking?”
"Think you can?”
She laughed.
"I'll try.”
She sat back, and Giselle moved out of the way. Marianne stood up on the bed above me, leaning forward to balance herself on the headboard. Then she dropped slowly down, spreading her legs straight out. I held my erection up, and she worked herself awkwardly down onto me again.
She giggled.
"This feels *so* weird.”
"You should see how it looks," Giselle said.
Even though she was stretched completely open, she was still quite tight around me. I held her hips and helped her move back and forth. She got into a rhythm fairly quickly, rolling her hips up and down.
"Do you like it? Does it feel different?”
I nodded, needing to come after being up for so long. Marianne rocked herself eagerly above me, and I held her little cheerleader butt in my hands. In a minute or two, she brought me to the brink, and I squirted off in her tight teen twat.
We smoked another bong load after that to unwind, and the girls left about ten. I lay in bed savoring the buzz and wondering what Marianne was going to do for me next.


Marianne had been coming over to my place just about every afternoon, so I finally gave her a key so she could let herself in after school. Thursday afternoon, I came home to find her sunning herself by the pool wearing nothing but a dental floss thong. Her top was on the cement beside her, and her bong sat next to a beer on the table by her sun bed. She lay on her back, her big tits growing red in the sun.
She smiled as I approached, and I bent to kiss her, tasting the pot on her breath.
"Hi, babe.”
"Hey. Not getting cold out here?”
“No, it's nice. Why don't you come out?”
I went inside and changed into swim trunks. Marianne was where I had left her, and I pulled a sun bed up beside her. She sat up and began packing another bong load, which she lit and handed to me. I took a brief hit and gave it back to her.
"I feel like I'm in college again.”
"Did you smoke a lot of pot back then?”
"Some. Not that much. It's just this combination of dope and non- stop sex that makes me feel that way.”
She giggled, already buzzed.
"Not complaining, are you?”
"Nope. Just an observation.”
"I think Giselle wants to come back over. Ashley, too.”
"Giselle isn't expecting another thousand bucks, is she?”
"No, she understands. I really think she's more interested in the sex anyway. Was she a good fuck?”
"For a virgin, yeah.”
Marianne took a swig of her beer and lay back on the sun bed.
"I was thinking.”
"About what?”
"I've got another virgin for you, if you want her. But this might not be your thing.”
"Another cheerleader?”
"Well...yes, she is. But not on my squad.”
"Who is she?”
She grinned at me nervously.
"My sister.”
My eyebrows went up.
"Your sister?”
"Yeah. She's, um, she's fifteen, but she's definitely blooming early. I probably catch her jerking off about once a week. I think she's going to lose it one way or another pretty soon anyway, so why not with you?”
"And she's a cheerleader?”
"On the J.V. squad.”
I thought about it for a moment.
"What's she like?”
"A lot like me. Blonde, big boobs, and all. She's not as big as me yet, but I think she'll get there eventually. She can be kind of bratty sometimes, but she's not bad once you get to know her.”
"I'll think about it. What would you tell her about the money?”
She pursed her lips.
"Hmm. I suppose I could just tell her you were helping me out with college or something, and I would be sharing it with her.”
"You know, I've never stopped to wonder what your folks are thinking about all this.”
Marianne shrugged.
"I'm in and out of the house all the time anyway. I think they just assume I'm going over to one of my friends.”
She rolled on her side, smiling at me, and I watched as her big tits hung down on top of each other. I reached out and tweaked a nipple gently. Her eyelids drooped, and I could tell she was getting seriously ripped.
"Wanna fuck?”
"Out here?”
"Why not? Nobody to see us.”
I crawled over on top of her, and she took my waist in her hands. I bent to kiss her deeply, and she immediately began digging into my swim trunks. She found my cock and commenced stroking it.
I slid down, kissing and sucking on her neck. She tasted of sweat, pot and suntan oil. She cradled my head in her hands as I reached her breasts. I sucked on her nipples alternately, slapping those big mounds of flesh around, feeling the weight. She giggled as I did it, then reached down to slide off her thong. I moved further down, dragging my tongue across her abdomen, until I was down between her thighs with my face in her blonde pussy.
She laid her legs over my shoulder as I began to eat her, digging her nails in to my hair. I lapped at her rapidly, drinking up her musky scent. She groaned when I stuck my tongue inside her, wiggling it around. I fucked her with it, using a free hand to diddle her clit.
She pushed me off before I brought her to orgasm.
"Come on. Come here.”
She pulled me to her, jerking down my shorts to free my erection. It disappeared into her mouth in an instant, and I held her head as she bobbed up and down rapidly. She gripped my butt cheeks in her hands, urging me to fuck her mouth. I thrust at her, sliding back and forth between her lips as she massaged me with her tongue. Then she withdrew, stroking me eagerly with her hand.
"Are you ready? Do you want to fuck me?”
"God, yes.”
"Come on, then.”
She lay back on the sun bed, and as I lowered myself on to her, she pulled up her legs to her shoulders, almost folding herself in half.
"Like this? Make me do the splits on you again.”
She was ready enough and oily enough from the suntan oil that I slipped into her almost before I knew it. She groaned, pulling me closer, and I buried myself into her tight teenage pussy. I had to hold her butt in my hands to keep this position stable, and I felt all her firm cheerleading muscles pressed against my chest.
She couldn't move much like this, so I began pumping her eagerly, bottoming out each time. She grunted with each thrust, teeth grinding against each other.
"Come on. Fuck me! Harder!”
I tried to oblige, almost pounding her ass now, and she began to shudder and thrash under me. She came with a shriek, arms and legs flailing around me, but I didn't slow down. I closed my eyes, thinking only of that wet teen twat gripping my cock with each thrust. Marianne came again, and her legs slipped free from my shoulders. She somehow kept herself spread widely for me, and I drove myself into her in a frenzy. Finally, as my thrusts knocked the rear legs of her sun bed back into the grass of my lawn, I erupted inside her, convulsing with each shot of cum. Marianne collapsed onto the sun bed under us, and I fell onto her firm teenage body.
"Fuck. Fuck," she gasped.
She giggled.
"That hurt.”
She put her arms around me.
"It's okay. I love it.”
I climbed off of her after a minute and jumped into the pool to cool off. Marianne followed me a moment later, and swam up to where I was leaning against the side wall. She put her arms around my waist and pressed her tits against my chest. I bent down and kissed her.
"I know we've never really talked about this...but what exactly do we have here? It's not just sex, is it?”
"It's not to me.”
"Okay. I mean, I feel a little weird calling you my boyfriend, but I guess you kind of are. Right?”
"Yes. I've certainly been thinking of you as my girlfriend these last couple of weeks.”
"Even with all the money?”
"I'm paying these other girls for sex. With you, I'm just doing it because I like you.”
She smiled and pressed closer to me.
"I like you, too.”
"But you don't care about my screwing your friends?”
"No. I know that's weird, but I don't. I guess it's just more fun to share.”
"So, anyway. About my sister. Are you interested?”
"I'll think about it.”
"Okay. I'll see what I can do to warm her up to it. Just let me know.”
She lifted up on her toes to kiss me again.
"Let's go inside.”
We climbed out of the pool and dried off, then went up to the bedroom. I lay down and Marianne lay beside me, putting her arm on my chest and setting her chin on top of it. We lay together quietly, holding each other, for about ten minutes before Marianne began snuggling and kissing me again.
After a minute or two, she rose up on my chest and pushed her breasts into my face. I pulled a nipple into my mouth and sucked on it gently, stroking the end with my tongue. When it was suitably stiff and erect, Marianne replaced it with her other tit, to which I gave equal attention.
She came up on her hands and knees above me, and swung her breasts back and forth over my mouth until both nipples were red and swollen. Then she was climbing up further and presenting her blonde pussy to my mouth.
I licked her eagerly, lapping up her sweet fluids. She was still wet from the pool, and I could taste the chlorine in her pubes.
"Steve," she moaned.
"Would you ever want me to shave?”
I had to push her off my tongue to answer her.
"No. Keep it like this. Blonde pussies should never be shaved.”
She giggled, settling back down on my mouth. I took her firm butt in my hands and pulled her closer, holding her tight against my tongue. She rolled her hips back and forth slowly as I ate her, and I moved the tip of my tongue around and around her clit for several minutes. Her abdomen began to heave and twitch as she braced herself against the wall. Soft whimpers escaped her lips as she neared orgasm. I sped my attack, keeping her close to my mouth. A deep, convulsive shiver began in her stomach, and a moment later she was thrashing violently against my grip as she came. I held on to her, continuing to pummel her clit with my tongue, until she let out a shriek and threw herself to the side.
She lay there, shaking and gasping for breath, for at least a minute. Then she slid across my body and took my cock in her mouth. She licked and sucked easily for a minute or two. When I was erect again, she withdrew, stroking it with her hand.
"I thought guys liked shaved pussies.”
"On some women, it looks good. But as far as I'm concerned, there are too few blonde and red-haired pussies in the world to shave any of them.”
That remark sent Marianne into hysterical convulsions of laughter, and it was a minute or two before she could recover enough to respond.
"Do you know how stupid that sounds? What difference does it make what color my pubic hair is?”
"I don't know. It just does.”
She giggled again.
"Well, I'm glad you like it then.”
She went back to sucking me off, and though she got me to come in her mouth a few minutes later, she continued giggling throughout the entire effort.


Marianne called me at work just before four o'clock the next day.
"You are not going to believe this.”
"What's up?”
"I told you how horny my sister is, right? I did get that across to you clearly enough?”
"Well, as it turns out, she didn't need any warming up to the idea. She jumped at it before I even finished my explanation.”
I heard something moving around in the background and Marianne covering the mouthpiece with her hand. I thought I could hear her saying something like "Jeez, chill a second, will you?” Then she came back on the line.
"Is she there?”
"Yes. She's sitting right next to me. She made me call you. She wants to do this like two hours ago.”
"This afternoon?”
"Yeah. Is that a problem? We could just meet you at your place when you get home.”
"Could you get rid of her a second?”
"Yeah, sure, hold on.”
I heard the two of them arguing in the background, and Marianne came back a few seconds later.
"Okay, she's gone.”
"What exactly did you tell her?”
She laughed.
"Hardly anything. I got her started talking about sex and what she was thinking about when she would lose it, and she's like 'I want it so bad,' and all except there isn't anybody she wants to do it with that she's really friends with. She knows about you, sort of, that I broke up with Randy and that we're seeing each other. She doesn't know about any of the rest of it. Anyway, she just goes, 'You're so fucking lucky,' and I say, 'I bet Steve would do it with you if you wanted.' I expected her to freak, you know, and I had this long speech prepared about how we have a really understanding relationship and I wouldn't mind since it was her, but instead she just grabs my arm really hard and goes, 'Really?!' Then she made me call you so we could do it now.”
"What is she expecting?”
She laughed again.
"What do you think? She wants you to fuck her brains out.”
I had to laugh myself.
"Okay. I should be home around six.”
"Cool. We'll be waiting.”
I picked up a six-pack of beer on the way home and returned to find the two of them sharing a bong load by the pool. Both were in bathing suits, Marianne in her dental floss bikini and her sister in something only slightly more modest. Marianne got up and gave me a kiss.
"This is Hayley.”
She got up, smiling at me eagerly, and shook my hand. Hayley resembled her sister quite a bit, though she was shorter and younger-looking. Her blonde hair was not as long as Marianne's, and her tits, though entirely delicious, were at best about to leave the C-cup world behind.
"You've got a really nice place.”
"Can we go do it now?”
Marianne and I both burst out laughing.
"Let me unwind a little.” Hayley had a hurt look in her eyes, so I rubbed her head affectionately.
“Just be patient.”
"Okay. Sorry. I'm just really excited about this.”
Marianne reached for the bong and handed it to her.
"Have another hit. Relax already.”
I went upstairs to change out of my suit, and I came back down to find the two of them sitting in the kitchen in the barstools along the counter. I opened a beer for myself and spent a moment admiring these two gorgeous bikini-clad blondes. Hayley, being fifteen, was more cute than beautiful, but she was still very attractive. Marianne finished packing a load into her bong, then lit up and handed it over. I took a drag, and Hayley took it from me. She appeared to be getting quite a buzz already.
She giggled.
"This is only making me hornier.”
Marianne slid off her barstool.
"Let's go upstairs.”
The three of us went up to the bedroom, and I watched as the two girls slipped out of their bikinis. Hayley's blonde twat was trimmed like Marianne's, but her breasts were not as round and full. If anything, they appeared even firmer than her sister's were, and her nipples stood out like cherries on an ice cream sundae.
She walked up to me, a glint of nervousness in her eyes. I put one hand on her shoulder and brushed the other one through her hair. She bent her head back, waiting for me to kiss her. I did, slowly, and she leaned against me. I felt the sharp points of her breasts pressing against my chest. Her arms went around my neck, and I reached up to fondle her.
Like Marianne's, Hayley's tits were firm and springy, holding their shape no matter how much I played with them. She began to giggle when I tweaked her nipples, twisting them between thumb and forefinger, but let me do it.
I looked up to see Marianne on the bed, watching us. Hayley turned around to grin at her sister, and then dropped to her knees in front of me. Marianne smiled at me evilly as Hayley kissed the head of my cock.
"I told her about everything you like.”
I was about to answer her, but at that point Hayley took most of my cock into her mouth. Her nervousness seemed to have evaporated, and she bobbed eagerly on my dick. I held her head in my hands, marveling at how much she felt like Marianne. She kept it up, sucking and massaging me with her tongue, until I had to pull her off.
She stood up and went straight to the bed, lying down to wait for me. Marianne lay there with an amused grin on her face.
I crawled on top of Hayley, kissing her deeply. She put her arms around me and pressed her hard teenage body against mine. The firm pressure of her breasts reminded me of those luscious endowments, and I slid down to take a nipple in my mouth. She started giggling again as I sucked back and forth on her wonderful tits. I felt between her legs, finding her quite wet and ready. I found her virginity a moment later and she squirmed under me as I tweaked her clit.
Wanting to warm her up as much as possible, I descended further and began licking her cute little blonde pussy. She hadn't been kidding about being turned on, and she was coming within a minute. Unlike her sister, she didn't make much noise...she just squeezed my hands and shivered as she came. Only at the end, when the intensity of it forced her to push me away, did she let out a tiny squeak.
I looked up to see Marianne caressing Hayley's face and smiling at me.
"What are we going to use? I still don't have any rubbers.”
"She's on the pill. She has been for six months.”
"And you're not?”
"They were weirding me out. I went off it last year.”
Hayley reached for me, pulling me back up on top of her. She kissed me deeply, spreading her legs as I maneuvered into position. As wet as she was, I slipped between her lips very easily, and as soon as I met her hymen, it surrendered to my invasion. She moaned, arching her back, as I moved into her. She was as tight as Giselle had been, a hot fleshy fist around my cock, and she writhed against me like a cat. At Marianne's direction, she pulled up her legs to my side, allowing me to bottom out and press against her cervix. She whimpered and dug her nails into my back.
Marianne giggled.
"Pretty nice, huh?”
Hayley nodded, holding me tightly, and I began to move slowly within her. She matched my movements, rolling her hips with each of my thrusts. I lifted up from her chest, regarding her luscious little fifteen-year-old body. Her tits stuck straight up at me, and I couldn't resist bending down to suck on them as I fucked her. Between that and grinding myself expertly against her clit, I had her in orgasm within a minute or two. Again, she made scarcely a sound, only quaking and shivering under me and squeezing my cock tightly with her teenage cunt.
I withdrew and rolled her on her stomach, stabbing between her hard cheerleader buttocks from behind. She moaned into the pillow, butting herself eagerly back at me. I reached under her to grip her tits with one hand and her wet blonde twat with the other. I felt myself as I fucked her, fitting my fingers around her lips and clit. I rubbed her briskly as I thrust into her, and she was shuddering in orgasm again within a minute or two.
I let her rest, and she rolled on her back again, opening herself to me. I slipped back into her tight pussy, and she bent up to bite at my ear.
"Come in me now, you can come in me now.”
I sped my thrusts, making her whimper and clutch at me. I glanced at Marianne again, seeing her lying there smiling at us. Hayley held tightly on to me as I fucked her rapidly, and as I felt my cum finally beginning to rise, she shivered into a third climax. The spasms of her delicious teen pussy were enough to get me off, and I spurted my cum as deeply into her as I could get.
I rolled off her, next to Marianne, and tried to catch my breath. Marianne sat up to look at us, grinning.
"That was pretty hot.”
I nodded. I expected Marianne to begin her usual post-fuck blow job routine, and she did not disappoint. She sucked my cum and her sister's spendings off me, and soon had me erect again. Hayley rolled onto my shoulder to watch, and I ran my fingers through her hair. She snuggled against me, making contended little noises.
"No problem.”
"That was really good. I hope I was okay.”
"You were great.”
Marianne rose up from my erection, stroking it rapidly with her fist.
"Your turn?” I asked.
"No. I want you to fuck her again.”
Hayley sat up, brushing her hair around her head.
"I'd like to do it again, but could we maybe try something different?”
"Like what?” Marianne asked.
"I don't know. What do you guys like to do?”
Marianne grinned.
"He fucks me in the ass sometimes.”
Hayley's eyes swelled.
"No shit? Doesn't that hurt?”
"It does, but it feels good, too. Wanna try it?”
Hayley looked at me with concern.
I caressed her back.
"We can do something else.”
"He likes BJ’s," Marianne said.
“You could do that if you want.”
That seemed to pique her interest.
Hayley lay down beside me, opposite her sister.
"Just do it like I showed you. It's not that hard.”
Marianne withdrew a little, and Hayley took her place. She took me into her mouth and began to bob slowly. Marianne kept her hand on the base of my cock, stroking the shaft as Hayley sucked. They worked on me together for a few minutes, Hayley milking the head with her lips and tongue, Marianne stroking the rest with her fist. I played with both of them, caressing buttocks and breasts gently, watching these two blonde sisters trying to get me off. A few more minutes of eager sucking were enough to bring me to the brink.
Marianne knew me well enough to recognize what was about to happen.
"He's about to come. Get ready.”
I felt Hayley tensing up beside me, but she moved her mouth even faster over my erection. Although she kept her lip-lock on my dick as I began to climax, she let out a startled squeak at the first shot of come. Marianne used her fist to pump it all into her sister's mouth, and Hayley began gulping it down. When Marianne was satisfied that I was done about a minute later, she sat up. Hayley let go and sat up with her.
"How was that? Did I do it okay?”
I nodded, reaching for her and rubbing her thigh. She grinned proudly.
We returned to the backyard a bit later, sharing another bong load and cooling off in the pool. I expected Marianne to want some attention after letting her sister go at me twice, and sure enough, she did. She summoned another erection with her mouth, and we did it in the Jacuzzi with Hayley watching raptly beside us. The girls finally went home around eight.

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Great Story....very good find hawk....thanks for posting that

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Very well written.

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I'm kinda jumping from the third part back to the beginning. lol twas great!

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This story has been great... I'm new to the site and just read your statement about leaving replies. This is one of the best story lines I have ever read. I'm never quite sure where it is going to lead and the characters are very interesting. More then the great sex, it is a great story the keeps me interested. I've read threw chapter 19 and can't wait to read 20-29.

Keep them coming.

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I must say this story has been very good so far. If it keeps up through the rest of the chapters ... that would be excellent!

Thank you Hawk! (and of course to R. Bissel, the author ;))