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I was given permission to post this story over here. I hope you all enjoy it. This is part one. ENJOY!
Morgan By Whisky

It had taken five years and now he would see his plans come to fruition. Five years of planning, Morgan felt restless but he knew that just a little bit of patience now would pay dividends in the long run.

It had all started at "Bradmore". Then, Morgan had been an inmate and kept heavily sedated. For the whole of his time there he had been either manacle`d or drugged and sometimes both. The drugs had made him totally lethargic and unable to move quickly whilst robbing him of his strength.

Inside his head he just wanted to be free and would have killed them all if he could. But he couldnt and they knew it. They all treated him like an animal, especially the head bitch, Sally. She knew that he would kill her if he could for his eyes spoke volumes.

She would never allow him to be free for one moment or even alone, he was monitored the whole time. Everyday immediately after breakfast, (he would be fed through a tube) which he hated, then they would give him his injection.
The injection allowed him to be awake and allowed him to move but slowly and robbed him of his strength.

Morgan had become so used to this regime that on this morning in particular having just been "jabbed", he was waiting for the effects to happen, he even allowed his head to sag to his chest as it normally did... after about a minute he started to realise that it hadnt worked, in fact he became aware that whatever they had given him was having the opposite effect. Morgan started to feel more like his old self and was about to lift his head when he thought...they would never want this, it must be a mistake.

Morgan let his head stay where it was and feigned lethargy. Sometimes, on nice days they would walk him outside. Two of them, once he was properly sedated would take off his cuffs and walk him into the grounds. It was glorious outside today.........maybe.........just maybe.

Morgan positively willed them to take him outside and after about half an hour, during which Morgan had kept his head down and mumbled his "gobbldygook" as usual, through half closed eyes, two of them came to him." Right Morgan, ready for walkees are we, Ill bet you are you old bastard, come on" she said, as they both lifted him to his feet and began walking him to the door.

Morgans heart raced, they hadn`t noticed anything different about him, please take off my cuffs, he prayed, thats all I need now.

Morgan hoped that they would walk him to the little stream on the other side of a copse of trees, they usually did because then they could have a crafty "fag" without being seen. He became aware that his hope was being granted. Morgan started to become excited, calm he thought, mustn`t let them know about me, not yet.

Morgan pretended to stumble so that they had to "pick him up", in the process, to help them in this they removed his cuffs, Morgan was ecstatic, not long now he thought.

On reaching there favorite place they sat him down on a fallen tree branch as usual and lit there cigarettes. Morgan knew that one of them liked to walk to the stream and "paddle", would she today he wondered. Morgans pulse went off the scale as she got up and walked towards the stream.

As she walked further and further towards the stream Morgan knew that this was it, he would never get a better chance than this. Out if the corner of his eye he could see that the other minder was completely relaxed and taking long drags on her smoke. Morgan drew in a long deep breath and as casually as he could he turned and brought his knee into her stomach with all the strength he could muster, as the breath was knocked out of her he put his hands around her kneck and found her "adams apple" and squeezed hard.

She couldn`t utter a sound, within seconds her eyelids started to flutter and her body convulse, her face began turning blue. Morgan turned to check on the other minder, she hadn`t heard a thing so she was still facing away, he knew that any second she would turn and she would see him, but that didn`t matter, he could handle her.

As she turned as he knew she would, Morgan let go of the now limp body. The remaining "minder" was running towards him, "truncheon" in hand, raised to strike. Morgan had been trained originally by the S.A.S. As she approached Morgan made just the slightest movement to the right, parried with his left arm and brought his right elbow up into her ribcage lifting her bodily off of her feet and depositing her in a heap several feet away. As he did this he was rewarded with the sound of "ribs" breaking.

She was completely disabled, the wind having been knocked out of her and the pain from her damaged ribs completing the job.

Morgan felt good, really good, he looked at them , neither of them were worthy of him he thought,, but he wanted them to know how he felt about them. The first one he thought was dead so it had to be the other. He walked over to her and began pulling down her pants and rolling her over , she tried as best she could to resist but Morgan was quickly growing both in strength and anger. He dropped his trousers and forced his erect member btween her legs, cleaving her apart. Her screams were muffled by his mouth over hers, he forced both his manhood and his face upon her and almost bit off her tonge for good measure.

By the time Morgan had finished she was totally hysterical, her fear had absorbed her completely, all she could do was shake her head and babble, incoherantly. Morgan stripped her completely, held her over the log on which they had sat and forced her truncheon slowly but as painfully as possible up her rectum. At first she begged but then gave up and feinted.

Morgan checked both of them and took money, credit cards and car keys, then he was off.

Now five years on.....................

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This is an excellent series....Hope folks enjoy it....:)

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Another great chapter by Whisky

When Morgan left his warders he knew that he only had a short time before a man hunt would develope, but he knew exactly where to go.

Morgan dissappeared without trace, in spite of the best efforts and some supposed sightings, the authorities completely "struck" out.

Sally Martin was beside herself with misgivings, there had been an immediate enquiry of course and she had been given the all clear. It seemed that Kathy and Moira had broken all the rules and allowed the prisoner to much freedom whilst also taking for granted the effectiveness of the prescribed drug, which just happened to be "faulty".

The outcome had been catastrophic, Moira had been killed and Kathy so badly injured that she would probably never work again and their most dangerous prisoner was now at large and couldn`t be found.

Morgan sat back in his easy chair and carried on watching through his binoculars. He had been monitoring the comings and goings for a month now and knew all of the warders by there size and shape and given each of them a name. He knew which cars they drove and had followed each one of them to find out where they lived. Morgan was almost ready. Now he just needed to get close enough to decifer the keypad entry.

One week later and Morgan had "cracked" it. Using a powerfull "twitchers" telescope he had found a position from which he was able to watch the warders operating the key pad. He knew and had learnt that the keypad code was changed every a month, but that the change was very simply one digit, so, this month it was 10506090, next month it would be 10506091 etc.

Everthing was ready. Morgan felt the bile in his stomach rising as he faught to control his anger," steady" he told himself, patience is a virtue and almost certainly the only one I`ve got. All being well, this time next week, it will be done and then you can have your "fun".

Sally Martin had done everything she could to improve security. It had been five years now since Morgan had escaped and although he had never been seen since it still bothered her. She knew that quite apart from being the most dangerous killer and most awfull pervert, he was also extremely
intelligent. According to his file he had been trained as an S.A.S. "hit" man, the type of person that would be given an impossible job to do and "succeeed". Possibly being killed in the process of course, but, and this was a big "but," Morgan had a very high survival instinct coupled with the fact that he actually "enjoyed" being a "spe******t". To Morgan, being in the most dangerous, impossible position was exactly what he craved the most.

Sally supposed that what it amounted to was that Morgan had no fear of death and therefore no respect for human life. In any event Sally was terrified that he would actually try and get "back" at them.

If Sally had known how right she was to be so terrified she would have fled the country immediately.

Just three hundred yards away Morgan watched her at her office desk, growling to himself, and promising that "bitch" her "comuppance".

Morgan held his "member" and tried desperately to "keep it down", he had waited so long ,but not long now, just hold on for a few more days.

During the time that Morgan had been "on the run" he had studied at the local library, " drugs and there effects", he knew now what drugs that they had used on him. He remebered that they had locked them away in a special cabinet.

To be continued.........................

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Morgan chapter 3

By Whisky

The secure ambulance, (prison van) for that was what it was, drove right up to the front door of the complex. The driver got out and went to the entrance keypad, typing in the code he let himself in. Ten minutes later the door opened and out came the driver pushing a wheel chair.
The "patient" was well wrapped up against the biting wind and could hardly be seen, but of course his head was lolling on his chest as was normal here. A warder coming in from the car park rushed to open the rear doors and the driver pushed the wheelchair in and secured it to a purpose made bulkhead.

Thirty seconds later the driver started the ambulance and drove away.

Sally Martin was sitting at her desk writing up her "stats" when the door opened and in walked..... MORGAN.......

Sally "froze" with fear, her eyes almost popping out of her head. Sally managed just one futile little "yelp" before Morgan was upon her, his left hand gripped tight around her throat cutting off her air. Morgans right hand "plopped" the hypodermic into her forearm then he sat on her desk smiling at her.

Sally could hardly breath and with the effect of the drug he had injected her with, she knew that she was done for. She tried with all her might to struggle but the combination was just too much for her, slowly, she could feel her muscles relaxing, her strength ebbing away. It took less than five minutes and Sally was unable to call out or speak coherantly, her body was not her own, yet she could understand everything said to her.

Sally`s worst fear had come true, he had come back, to get her, to get her.
The thought blazed a trail through her brain. She knew that he was vindictive and cruel, GOD what would he do to me. Sally tried to scream but all that came out was a pathetic squeak, she tried to shout but all that came out was goboldy gook.

Morgan was beside himself with excitement, so far everything had gone very well indeed. His plan for getting in had worked a dream and he had been able to rob the cabinett easily, now he had just simply walked into "her" office and used his brute strength and the hypo, and she was his, with hardly a sound or a struggle.

Morgan put her into the wheelchair and wrapped her up tight ensuring that her head was well down and that she couldn`t be easily recognised. He was sure that even if he were seen they would not query him in this uniform "taking" a "patient" to court as it were.

Then he was outside again pushing her wheelchair to the ambulance, a warder came up and even opened the door for him, my god it couldn`t have been easier.

Sally could not believe this was happening, as she felt herself being wheeled outside she could just make out a woman in warders uniform actually helping to get her into the ambulance. Sally willed herself to scream and get up but coudn`t make any legible sound or summon the strength to rise. All that she could do was to slowly move her head side to side and make silly babbling noises. JUST LIKE HER PATIENTS. Sally wanted to die right now, she prayed to God that he should take her now and save her the torture she knew would surely come at the hands of this sicko.

Morgan was on "cloud nine", he had pulled it off. Now he just had to get her back to his "pad", fifteen miles away.

To be continued................

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Thanx for the find freedom

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Chapter 4
By Whisky

Morgan had been driving for about five minutes when he came upon a traffic jam, the line of traffic was not moving. Then Morgan saw the motor cycle cop "filtering up" the side of the traffic towards him. Morgan hoped that he would just carry on bye but when he stopped level with Morgans drivers side window, Morgan reached down and grasped the heavy iron cudgeul.. The cop motioned for him to wind down his window. "where are you headed for" he said. Morgan, acting on his whits, said, " "Pembury magistrates court, why?". The cop said " Ok Ill escort you , follow me", and with that turned on his blue light and pulled out into the traffic.

Morgan couldn`t believe what was happening but had no choice but to follow.
When they arrived at the court house Morgan waved and mouthed the words "thank you" to the cop. The cop carried on down the street , Morgan waited untill he had turned the corner and slowly drove away taking a left turn to put him on course for his "pad". Phew that had been close.

As Morgan opened the door to the old warehouse he felt jubilant. Who would have thought that he, the completely insane animal, as he had been termed., could have got away with something like this, but then Morgan knew that mostly it was down to his training.

Morgan had found it about seven years ago, quite by accident, it had been built during the "sixties" when the cold war had been in full swing. Local authorities had built "secret" bunkers for the town principles but since the demise of the Berlin wall and the fall of communism they had been left to rot, and of course virtually all of those that it had been intended for had died.

So now Morgan was the proud owner/keeper of a nuclier shelter. The bunker was fully equiped and had taken very little effort to re - commission.

To be continued

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Chapter 5

By Whisky

Morgan Lifted her up and put her over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes and carried her down into his "pad".

Sally could do nothing, the drug had completely disabled her, now whilst atop his shoulders Sally could only cry and sob and make weird babbling noises.

Morgan laid her down on the bunk and started taking off her clothes, he had wanted to see her without them for years, now he would. Of course she looked up at him and pleaded with him as best she could and tried to hold on to her clothes but it had no effect on Morgan.

"Now my dear, there is no point in you struggling now is there, you should know better than most what this drug is capabable of, you have no strength to protect yourself, you cannot speak properly or call out and I am going to strip you naked weather you like it or not. I want to see that luscious body of yours and yes I am going to help myself to your womanly charms".

As he stripped her Sally convulsed in tears. His hands were everywhere, first he massaged her breasts and sqeezed pinched her nipples, then between her legs. Sally could feel his awfull fingers invading her sex and squeezing and rubbing her clitoris. He forced her legs wide and her knees up and started putting two or three fingers at a time up inside her, she grabbed his hands but had no strength to stop him.

" You see my dear Sally I have always wondered if what I have read in books is true, namely, is it really possible to "bring a woman on" as it were against her will, now I know that you are most unlikely to be enjoying all this or for that matter what I have in mind for the future, so now I intend to find out.
If I rub and massage and pinch your clitoris, which is just under this hood, like this, will your body react or can you prevent it".

Morgan was ruthless, he gave her no quarter. Sally`s head rolled side to side as she tried desperately to control her body but it took only about a minute and she knew that she couldnt control it, no matter what she did her body began secreting fluids. Morgan looked at her and smiled.

"Ah, I see that you are already loosing your battle Sally, my fingers are already saturated with your juices and just look at your face , how flushed you are".

Sally was in hell, her orgasm was building, she couldnt control it, he was rubbing and pinching her and her body was reacting, she desperately wanted to prevent it yet she also had a dreadfull desire to cum. Sally was becoming more and more lost to her desire. As she laid there on her back with her legs spread and her knees up, head now thrashing side to side she knew that she was close. Morgan knew it too and stopped, leaving her short.

Sally howled in despair, she had been almost there and now he had stopped, as she thought he would, leaving her wanting, torturing her. Sobbs racked her body.

"There now Sally you are one hot little bitch when you get going arn`t you, by god you and I will have some fun wont we, but first of all there is the little matter of your punishment, yes I did say punishment, because I havent forgotten what you did to me you bitch, oh no I dont forget. How you used to bend over when you knew I was watching and shake that arse of yours and when my "member" got hard stab it with a pin. Well now you are going to know just what that feels like, have you ever been stabbed with a pin Sally" ?

Sally shrivelled up inside, she knew exactly what he meant and it didnt take too much imagination to understand what he had in mind for her.

to be continued .........

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Chapter 6

By Whisky

Morgan looked at her laying there trying to speak to him, head lolling back and forth, her legs still splayed open, her sex lips swollen and engorged, GOD SHE WAS LOVELY, he thought.

"Now Sally are you begging me to sex you up and let you orgasm, or to stop, and let you go ? Ill bet right now you cant make up your mind can you ? But never mind, you will, I assure you. So what do think I am going to do to you now Sally, Huh ? Should I fuck you or punish you ? Or perhaps Ill do both.

"You know when I was your prisoner I used to fantasize about what I would like to do to you. One of my favourite fantasies was to tie you naked across a trestle with your legs wide apart in front of a large "life size" mirror, then I would be able to se your face and your breasts whilst at the same time either fucking you or leathering your arse. I could always imagine those gorgeous cheeks "jumping and twitching " in response to my belt or perhaps even a "crop". Just imagine that Sally, what it would feel like. Have you ever thought that wiggleing your arse in front of me that you were trying to tell me may be, TO COME AND GET YOU, subconsciosly.

Sally`s "babbling" had become more and more of a shrieking, her head now "bobbing" and "shaking" , her eyes as wide as saucers. Sally was out of her mind with fear, he would do all of these things she knew and she was powerless to stop him.

Morgan was enjoying himself, she was petrified and he wanted her to be, when he took her he wanted her to feel every inch of his member invading her, he wanted her to know that from now on he would decide, where, when and if. Morgan could see that the effects of the drug were gradually wearing off , she was starting to show signs of co-ordinated movement, probably helped by her shock and desperation, she was now managing to "hump" her hips off the bunk. Now was the time.

Morgan rolled her off the bunk and lifted her up into his arms like he was carrying a baby. " There now my dear, your "trestle" awaits", he said, looking down into her face and giving her a broad smile.

Sally almost "freaked" out, lying naked in his arms looking up into his demented face, she so wanted to strike him and kick and scream and drag her nails down his face, but even were she able, Sally was immobilized with fear.

Morgan rolled her onto her front in his arms and layed her over the trestle, now she began to struggle, she was regaining her strength, good, he thought, she will feel my "crop" much more accutely when the drug has worn off. Morgan tightened down the waist strap, she could go nowhere, then he spread her left leg to its fullest extent and tied it off, then her right leg. Going to the front he looked into her tear stained face whilst tying her hands.
Well Sally, we have come to a sorry end have we not ?

"I have to leave you now my dear but dont worry, Ill be back to sort you out before long and my wont we have fun.

Sally could feel her strength returning but it was too late, he had her tied and ready for whatever he decided he would do. Sally tried her bonds and knew that there was no way that even with all her strength she would be able to free herself, Sally hung her head and wailed in despair. He had effectively told her what he intended to do and as she laid there waiting she couldn`t stop it going through her mind, she was effectively waiting for her rape, "HE" was making her wait for it. Sally couldn`t even contemplate the "crop", it was bad enough thinking of the rape to come to think about being deliberately "flogged" as well. Sally convulsed in sobs.

Morgan knew that it would be at least another half an hour before the drug would have completely worn off, he had waited five years, another half an hour was nothing. He sat in his leather bound arm chair watching her through the monitor, every so often she would test her bonds and writhe in frustration, god she was so sexy, she was everthing he had ever hoped she would be. She had the most fantastic body he had ever seen. He wanted her so much, he wanted to sink his manhood into her moist little sex and make her beg, and by god he would.

Morgans mind almost exploded with desire, sweat formed on his brow, his manhood pulsed and expanded to enormous proportions. Morgan rushed out of the room. On his monitor, if anyone had been watching, they would have seen a woman of extreme beauty tied down across a trestle with a man with a gigantic penis grasp her hair and pull her head back whilst pushing his manhood into her, one inch at a time, eliciting a gutteral primal screech, with every inch that he invaded her. Then, when he was fully to the "hilt", he drew back and thrust into her with all his force. Her body convulsed and shook, every muscle shaking and clenching involuntarily.

Sally had no warning, her head was suddenly jerked back and she felt his manhood pressing into her. As he pressed into her Sally shrieked in fear and pain, the further he forced his way in the more that it hurt. Then he withdrew, and she knew that this was IT, he would now unleash all of his anger and disdain, he was massive, he wanted to hurt her and show her that he was in control. As he thrust into her with all his might Sally knew that this is how it must have been at the very beginning of time, man dominating woman. Her scream was soaked up by the walls of that place and not a sound was heard outside, but Sally didnt think of that, as he "pumped" into her she could feel him expanding even more, and then he came, scorging her insides with his seed, continuing to "pump" her untill she felt him let go and withdraw. Sally continued to scream and babble incoherantly for several minutes, her hands and ankles rubbed raw with struggling and now beginning to hurt, she hung her head and cried, her tears forming a puddle on the floor.

To be continued................................

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this is a great series...thought I'd bump it so others would see it

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Morgan By Whisky

Morgan chapter 7

Morgan laid her on the bunk and attached the collar to her kneck. He had measured it all out in advance. She would have enough to reach the toilet and to sit on the chair, which should be enough. This would allow her hands to be untied whilst not using the drug. Morgan left her to sleep and to rest. In spite of his anger and animosity towards her he actually thought that she had come through this ordeal quite well, bearing in mind that this must be by ,any standard, a most terrifying thing to have happen.
Then Morgan "caught" himself, whatever was he thinking, must be getting old or soft or both. She was a woman, she would do as he wished whatever and stuff her suffering.

Morgan needed to do some shopping, so he "donned" his "going out" outfit and headed for the supermarket. He had perfected his disguise over the last five years and now could go almost anywhere and not be recognised.
Morgan was wearing an old raincoat and "Trilby" hat with heavy black rimmed glasses, whilst his shoulders were "hunched" over and he used a walking stick and pretended to be an old man.

Having filled his trolley with groceries he headed towards the checkout, only to be "brushed" to one side by an athletic looking woman who seemed to be in quite a hurry. Morgans anger rose and he almost gave himself away but checked himself, after all he was an "old man".
As this woman "beat" him to the checkout he looked her over , and got quite a shock, Morgan had to look twice to be sure but there was no doubt in his mind, it was definitely her, THE JUDGE THAT HAD "SENT HIM DOWN".

During her "summing up", she had called him the " most dangerous and demeaning, and the biggest threat to womanhood on the planet", she had "sneeringly" described him as a "demented pervert" and that he should never be released, adding that he should be kept in a permanent state of "flux" in order to protect all concerned, finally, she had condemned him to be confined indefinitely at Her Majesties pleasure.

Morgan never forgot, and here she was, acting like an ordinary everyday person, except that she was the most arrogant and derisive personage that one could hope never to meet. Morgans anger rose inside him, what did she know? Morgan "growled to himself and started thinking about what he would like to do to her. He could just envisage her bent double over his trestle, tied hand and foot, how he would make her beg. Seeing his cane sinking deep into her tight little buttocks, putting his member to her anus and telling her what he intended to do, by god she would shriek, and he would enjoy every second of her suffering.

Morgan woke from his fantasy and began PLANNING.


Morgan chapter 7.5

Morgan brooded all the way back to his "pad". That "cunt" needed sorting and he was the one to do it but seeing her had brought back all the old memories. Now he had to "knuckle" down to some more "deep" thought and planning. However he did this , it must not be allowed to put either himself or his choosen lifestyle at risk, or at least not undue risk, there would always be some risk, but Morgan liked that.

First, he had do something about his enormously engorged member.

Sally didn`t know what hit her, he just exploded through her cell door and grabbed her by her hair, forcing her onto her back on the bunk whilst lifting her legs and forcing them apart. Then, before she could even think to resist, he was pushing his penis into her. Sally squealed in panic and fright, he was massive and she was dry and unprepared.

Morgans temple pounded, the veins on his forhead stood out and could be seen pulsing, he grabbed her and forced her onto her back, he couldn`t wait, he needed her, his penis pressed at her vagina entrance and he thrust "home". She was dry but it didn`t matter to Morgan, Morgan "fucked" her hard amidst her screams for mercy. Morgan felt his orgasm close and eased back, holding off, and then thrusting forward in one final, all embracing lunge as he came and poured his seed into her. Morgan "hollered" at the top of his voice, "yes, yes , yes, you cunt, cunt ,cunt. I will do as I will, fuck you , fuck you ,fuck you.

Morgan withdrew in ecstasy, sweat running down his brow. "God I needed that", he said to himself.

Sally laid on her bunk, tears streaming down her face, shaking like a leaf, her legs still spread wide, too scared to close them. Her vagina felt raw and painfull. Morgan looked down at her, " Never again will women rule my life cunt, I decide what happens and when and dont you ever forget that".

Morgan, satiated for the moment, left her to her self whilst he went to his office and began his planning.


Morgan chapter 8

The bright red Mercedes SLK convertible pulled into the car park and stopped. The judge got out, pressed the keypad locking system and walked across to the supermarket entrance.

Morgan was seated at a table closest to a view of the car park in the cafeteria and saw her arrive. Over the last month Morgan had waited and watched and formed an idea in his mind. Now, Morgan felt the stirring in his loins, it was going to happen today, he, Morgan was going to make it happen.

Morgan had noticed that the judge did not like to be parked too close to any other cars or people, presumably because she was afraid of someone like himself taking offence at her obvious wealth and scratching or vandalising her car. Yes , if he could do nothing else he might consider that, but Morgan much prefered to be able to have the whole car, and of course, in this case, its owner.

Morgan watched her enter the store, knew that she would be at least half an hour, got up and left. As he drove the "beat" up old MoT failure Ford Transit van and parked next to her car so close that she would not be able to open her drivers door, Morgan smiled. He wanted to look into her face when she realised who he was. He wanted to see the look of absolute terror, he wanted to hear her "sharp" intake of breath and then he would strike.
Morgan didn`t quite know how she would react but he hoped that she would resist, that would give him the opportunity to show her how futile a person she really was as he dominated her and forced her to his will, as indeed he would.

The judge exited the super market and walked over to her car. As soon as she saw the old van parked next to her gleaming Mercedes she became furious. Why oh why did people with old vehicles have to park next to her car, especially as the rest of the car park was almost empty. They had parked so close that she could not even open her drivers door. Bastard, she thought, I would like to give them a piece of my mind.

The judge approached her car and opened it using the electronic pad, walking round to the boot and depositing her shopping inside.
"Excuse me Lady" Morgan said in a quivering voice, " ave oi parked a bit close for yu". Morgan had approached from behind. " yes you damned well have and why so when you have all the bloody car park to choose from, your`e just bloody inconsiderate, and if you`ve scratched my car Ill sue you, do you under.......".

At that moment the judge had turned to face the "old" man.

Morgan stood just inches from her and was looking at her face intently. He did indeed hear the pronounced "sharp" intake of breath and her face was absolute "magic" as he saw the colour drain from her, quickly replaced by both an insurmountable panic and sheer terror as she realised just who it was that she was talking to. As she attempted to utter her first panic stricken scream, Morgan punched her hard in the stomach, silencing her completely and allowing him to simply pick her up and put her in the van.

The judge had difficulty accepting what or whom she was looking at, but when it "dawned " on her, she just couldn`t move, her mouth went dry and her responses went "awol". Sheer panic followed by the utmost terror froze her to the spot. As she struggled desperately to respond and was about to do so, his punch to her stomach, was all that was needed to completely disable her. She felt herself being picked up and deposited on the floor, she felt her arms being pulled back and her hands tied tightly together, she was aware of the tape gag applied to her mouth. Then , his face was in front of hers leering at her, but she could not respond, such was her terror.


Morgan chapter 9

As Morgan laid her down on the floor of the van he just could`nt help but lick his lips. He looped a piece of cord around her right wrist and tied it tight, then he did the same to her left wrist and finally looped the cord around both wrists and pulled it realy tight. Morgan had a piece of "duck" tape, cut and ready attached to the side of the van which he placed across her mouth, effectively gagging her.

Now, as he looked down at her he felt a tremendous urge to have her there and then, but "common" sense kicked in as he realised that he should get clear first.

Morgan looked carefully around and exited the van, picked up her handbag and keys, locked the "Merc" and then got into the van and drove off.

Ten minutes later and the judge was starting to recover and get her breath back, but she laid still, she knew that she must wait her chance, the very next time that he had to stop, at a junction or traffic lights, she would try and kick open the rear doors and roll out onto the road,. Hopefully, someone would then help her, her chance came quicker than she could have hoped for as they got stuck in traffic. Morgan, she knew it was him, was cursing in language she had never heard before and seemed pre-occupied, carefully she rolled to the rear of the van and put her feet against the rear doors and pushed as hard as she could.

The doors didn`t budge, she tried again with no luck, now she was starting to panic, she had to get away, she knew what Morgan was capable of, she didn`t want to alert Morgan to her escape but she had no option but to try kicking at the doors. She coiled her whole body and frantically gave it all she had. The doors did move but bounced back, but at least there had been some movement, she tried again, with the same result. The judge knew that this was likely to be her last chance, she screwed her body into as tight a ball as possible, took a deep breath and gave it everything she had, her feet contacted with doors and sent a "jarring" right through her body.

At that moment Morgan became aware of what was going on. As he looked up into his rear view mirror the rear doors swung open.

Morgan exploded with fury, exited the van and ran to the rear and there on the road was his captive trying despearately to regain her feet, all around there was traffic and people, Morgan didn`t see them, he just scooped her up and placed her across his shoulder and ran off.

Morgan wanted to kill her, but more than that he wanted to get away. Morgan knew that he was not far from his "pad" and he also knew that he could easily out strip any possible pursuit, and should anyone get in his way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Morgan chapter 10

Morgan ran like the wind, his captive bouncing on his shoulder like a slab of meat. Nearby, Morgan knew that there was an underpass and a very short distance to safety. He made the underpass without incident, only then did he stop for breath and look around, nobody seemed to be following him. Morgan went on at a fast "trot", He knew that very soon there would be police every where, he had to "disappear" as quickly as possible.

As Morgan entered his "pad" and started to relax he realised just how close he had come to disaster. If just one person had acted quickly and called the police he could easily have been caught. The thought of capture and being placed back inside an institution caused Morgans blood to to run cold and his temple started to throb. This "cunt" almost spoilt his plan, this "cunt" was the "cunt" that had sent him there in the first place , this "cunt" needed to be taught a lesson.

Morgan dropped her onto the floor, "why should I put her down gently" , he thought. He looked down at her, and smiled. Kneeling, he said, "you horrible awfull little cunt, just who do you think you are, do you really think that you can hold me. You fucking bitch, Im going to "have" you and when Im finished Im going to sew you up, without anaesthetic, think about that. When Ive done that I intend to take your arse cherry, think about that too, and when Ive done that Im going to beat the hell outer yu. You "cunt", I hate you, what you did to me. Well now its my turn.

Morgan took out his knife and proceeded to cut off the judges clothing. The judge was too petrified to respond, she just lay there shaking, knowing that she was "done for", nothing could stop him now, she knew that she would be raped by him and that he would certainly use her in every way possible.
During her "summing up", at his trial it had become obvious that Morgan was totally deranged and completely out of touch with reality concerning other people, especially women, he was a massogenist and simply couldn`t stand women, especially women who tried to tell him what to do or those that he saw as having a power over him.

The judge knew that he would carry out his threat and had great difficulty in remaining calm, but she knew that her only chance of any form of dignity was to keep calm and try not to allow his words to cause her to panic.

Morgan on the other hand, didn`t give a damn, he could sense her fear and knew that she must have recieved some form of "training" in relation to this kind of scenario. So, he would just have to destroy her state of mind regarding her training, that would be fun.

Having now stripped her bare, Morgan started touching her really gently between the legs, stroking her and pressing on her sensitive spots. It didn`t take long before the judge realised what he was trying to do, and by god he was causing her some concern, but no matter what she did she couldn`t help but admit that her body wanted to betray her. The judge was in a "no win" situation and she knew it. As soon as Morgan felt her sex moisten he had his penis out ready. The judge was appalled but could do nothing to prevent the inevitable. As Morgans member pressed against her vagina entrance the judge struggled in every way and as strongly as she could.

The judge sqealed out her protest as best she could as he drove his manhood in her to the hilt.

To Morgan , this was exactly what he wanted. He wanted to see her struggle, he wanted to hear her screams and he wanted her to know that he Morgan would decide when to rape her and when to treat her good , and bad,
now, as Morgan looked at her with her head flailing from side to side and her body open to him and unable to stop him he wanted her to know just how weak and futile she was . Morgan drove his desire to the very peak of his capability and exploded inside her, continuing to "hump" and "pump" for several minutes.

The judge laid still , tears streaming down her face, her rape had been both painfull and humilliating. She laid there naked and legs spread wide, and then she became aware that Morgan was right in front of her, and he was holding with his fingers, a needle and thread.

to be continued.......................................

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