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My wife and Mark had been fucking each other monthly for almost a year now and I thought it might not be a bad idea to invite Mark and his wife (Suzanne) on our annual Florida vacation. It was my profound hope that a change of scenery and a more relaxed atmosphere would melt the ice between these two. My wife and Suzanne were inseparable as were Mark and I. I pointed out to Mark that I noted the hard on he got every time he got around my wife and it wouldn’t hurt to put it to good use with his own wife as the two of them had been trying to have a child for six years. Deb and I would arrange to be elsewhere as often as possible to provide the two of them with the opportunity to make one. Mark complained about his wife’s inability to deal with his cock (being as large as it was I could understand the problem) and my wife’s insatiable desire for it was driving him crazy. My wife took every chance to flash him some skin or brush up against him, even gave him a partial blow job, not enough to satisfy him just enough to tease him. Needless to say it still posed a problem as Sue found sex with him painful.
Our place wasn’t large by any measure, it was basically a one-room efficiency with two queen size beds, a dresser, an easy chair, fold out couch and a twenty-inch TV rounded out the living area. The dining area had a table, four chairs, a refrigerator, oven and microwave. There was a bathroom; of course, with a large two sink vanity garden tub and shower. It would be tight quarters for four adults but especially for Suzanne as she was such a prude. I bought Disney three-day passes and Universal two-day passes for the two of them in the hope it would help to generate a more relaxed atmosphere leading to baby making activity. Mark endeavored to keep up his end at least once a day with his wife but sometimes lagged behind. That’s when Deb would try to catch him alone to “rev up his engine” but it soon became apparent Mark wasn’t the problem.
Needless to say with all this activity going on all day everyone was exhausted by bedtime but me. I had to roam the halls and grounds killing time until everyone fell asleep. (It seems my snoring is the stuff of legends, as is my ability to fall asleep at the drop of a hat. Hence if I fell asleep first, no one else would.) One particularly clear starlit night I got mesmerized by the night sky and didn’t wonder back to the room until almost two am. I tried to be as quiet as I could when I slipped in the room and locked the hallway door behind me. In the pitch black of the room I paused for a moment to insure I heard the steady breathing of the sleepers and was rewarded with hearing it. Using my outstretched hand I felt my way into the bathroom and stripped out of my clothes tossing them toward where I knew the wall to be at the end of the room. I had to take a leak in the worst way and felt around for the toilet bowl with one hand while the other grabbed my blood-engorged cock. Just as my hand should have touched the seat I felt bare skin instead and started to excuse myself only to have a finger touch my lips (for silence) while the other followed my arm to my cock. It had to be my wife all this prick-teasing stuff must have made her horney as hell. She pulled me to the vanity and hitched her ass up on it spreading her legs to take my eager cock. With her guidance it hit its mark first try and I drove it into her bumping over an unfamiliar hump in her cervix as it sank in. God she felt good, like a moist velvet glove clamping around my cock. I nearly blew my load but paused to quell the muscle spasms rising in my loins. I sank my hands below her ass to lift her to my cock and was awed by how light she felt in my arms. My rampaging sex drive was giving me an adrenalin boost I hadn’t felt in years. I began to move my cock in slow deliberate strokes and she responded as if I was driving her up the wall. I felt her lean forward and wrap her arms around my neck drawing her body against mine her breathing now coming in deep shuddering gasps. I grasped her ass cheeks to draw her close and couldn’t. This ass was tight and tiny and the tits slightly grazing my chest should have been mashed against it. “Oh, God! Richard please don’t stop,” Sue’s voice pleaded from the darkness. I redoubled my efforts and she came twice before my cock finally exploded its hot load of cum deep in her pussy. She kissed me with that tiny tongue and small mouth about my face and neck. I started to release my grip on her ass so that I could step away and allow her to leave but she was having none of it. Her heels planted firmly in my ass and her arms tightened around my neck as she begged, “Please leave it in, just a while longer.” After about twenty minutes my dick shrank to a point where it finally popped out and she sighed, releasing her grip slowly. I stepped away to allow her to pass and she stepped up to me and pulled my mouth down to hers to kiss me one last time. I knew at that moment I had to taste her just once before she left and sank to my knees running a trail of kisses down her body to the gash between her legs. She gasped as my tongue touched her gash and her entire body shuddered. As I suspected no one had ever eaten her out. I grabbed her legs and lifted her on to my shoulders. My tongue eagerly darted into her gash searching from her flowing orifice to her sexually aroused clitoris. She bent her body over my head as her body quickly rocked into another orgasm drenching my face with her pussy juices, which I eagerly lapped up. Except for an occasional shudder when my tongue crossed her clit she didn’t move. Out of the darkness I heard her groan, “That’s so nasty!”
The remainder of the week she avoided my gaze and any advance I made. Lord knows I tried. We have never spoken of it since. Yes, she did get pregnant and had the most beautiful little girl.

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