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05-14-2007, 09:17 AM
My mother-in-law approached my wife and me to see if we were interested in doing a family cruise. We thought about it and decided we were open to the idea. So my mother-in-law planned a cruise for anyone in the family that wanted to come. By the time the dust settled, we ended up taking almost an entire floor of our cruise ship. I have to admit that I got excited about this trip because I was looking forward to getting away and hanging out with both mine and my wife’s family. We all got along very well and the thought of so many people being there made the trip sound that much more enjoyable.

Well, the day of the trip finally arrived. Our ship was sailing out of the Port of Miami, so we all flew into Miami a day early and spent the night in a hotel there. My mother-in-law figured that it would be less stressful than trying to fly in and board the ship on the same day. Once we got into our rooms and got situated, we all met to go out to dinner. It was at dinner that we received all of the information regarding our room assignments and the whole deal. I was happy to find out that our cabin shared a door with the cabin next door. I was also happy to find out that our neighbors would be my wife’s aunt and her daughter and son. We all hit it off very well at dinner so I knew that it would be a good week.

After dinner, we went back to our rooms. My wife told me that she was tired and we had already put our child down for the night. So I called Debbie’s (my wife’s aunt) room…

“Hey Hannah’s going to bed and I want to do something. I have some cards. You guys want to hang out and play some games.”

“Sure,” Debbie said. “Come on down.”

So I knocked on the bathroom door in our room. “Hey honey, I am going down to Aunt Debbie’s room to play cards with her and the kids.”

“Okay babe. Don’t be too late, you know that tomorrow is going to be a full day.”

“Sure babe, I’ll see ya.”

I gave my wife a kiss as she came out of the shower. To be honest, I was feeling horny and wanted to bend my wife over and take her from behind. But we had been up since early in the morning and I knew from past experience to not even try it.

I walked down to Debbie’s room and we all gathered on one bed in the room to start playing cards. Now let me tell you. Debbie is only about 10 years older than me but she is hot. I never would have guessed it before because she was wearing baggy clothes before. But by the time I got to her room, she had changed to shorts and a cute little t-shirt. The combination really showed her cute figure. She had an hourglass figure, 38C breasts, and a very nice and shapely little ass.

Debbie’s son, Billy, was a little taller than me. He is 19 years old and is a good looking kid. You could tell that Lisa was her mother’s daughter. She is 16 years old and has a hot little body as well. Her breasts were still budding but you can tell that she was either going to match or surpass her mom. And just like her mom, she had a great ass also.

After playing cards for about an hour or so, Lisa said, “I feel hot and grubby. I am going to take a shower and get more comfortable.”

She got up and walked by me and in a moment of weakness I slipped and watched her nice little ass switch as she walked be me. I caught myself and hoped that no one saw me but to no avail Billy saw me checking out his sister’s ass. We went back to playing cards while Lisa went to take a shower.

After she was done, she came out in a hot little pajama set. It was a pair of shorts with a halter top and again I have to say that she was a real test for a man who was horny when he came into the room. I felt my cock starting to grow. Not wanting anyone to think I was a pervert, I rolled onto my stomach and continued playing.

Debbie looked at me and said, “Al, you are a nice guy and I think you would like to have fun with us. Would you like to play something with higher stakes?”

“Sure,” I said.

“Would you feel comfortable if we played strip poker?” The words sounded like a sweet melody to my ears.

“Not if you do not mind me playing.”

“No, my family is comfortable with one another so we walk around our house nude on hot summer days.”

I was kind of embarrassed because I knew what would happen to my cock if I saw either Debbie or Lisa nude. But my desire to see them nude was greater than my prudish need to not reveal my hand if you know what I mean.

So, Lisa joined us on the bed and off we went. Lisa and Billy were novices so they lost articles of clothing the fastest. Within half an hour, all that Lisa had on were her panties and Billy was down to his socks and underwear. I was laying on my side and not paying attention my cock until Lisa pointed it out.

“Mom, I think Al likes this game a lot. Look.” We all looked at the object of her attention and there stood my Rock of Gibraltar in all of its glory. Debbie in her bra leaned over and whispered in my ear.

“You have a nice cock from what I can tell.” Then she took her hand and ran it along the front of my shorts.

“Let me see if it was worth our efforts.” Then in front of her kids, she opened my zipper and pulled out my cock. “MMMM I think it was.” “See mom, I told you he would have a nice black cock.”

I may not have mentioned it before but I am in an interracial marriage.

“Al, my daughter has wanted to fuck you since she visited your mother-in-law in California. But I have to see if you are worthy first.”

Before I could react or say anything Debbie had my cock in her mouth. Let me tell you that she is a champion cock sucker. She had the proper technique down. She knew when to suck, when to jack, and when to do both. I happened to open my eyes and Lisa was rubbing her cunt while Billy was jacking off.

Debbie ran her tongue up my cock and then said to me. “I have to have this beautiful black cock. I have never fucked a black man before and I must have you now.”

She stood up over me. Pulled off her shorts and panties and mounted my cock.

“Oh my, you are big. I can feel my cunt being stretched.”

She started by building a slow rhythm, allowing my cock to enter further each time.

“Mom, his cock is twice as big as Dad’s can you get it all in,” said Lisa.

“I am damn sure going to try.” Debbie grunted as she pushed more of my cock into her. Her pussy was beautiful and nice and tight.

At this point the bed next to us started squeaking. I looked over and Billy was behind Lisa ramming his cock into his sister.

This was more than I could bear. I grabbed Debbie’s hips and started ramming my cock into her.

“Oh that’s it. Give me that big black dick. Fuck me like a slut.”

I could hear Billy and Lisa groaning next to me. “God mom, this is so hot.”

“I am about to cum,” I yell out.

“Give me your love juice. Fuck me harder.”

At this point, I her the familiar grunt from Billy and I know that he is filling his sister with cum.

I flip Debbie over and slam my cock into her.
“Oh God, I am cumming,” She yells. This sends me over the edge and I fill her with my cum.

“Your cock is worthy of my daughter.” She whispers in my ear. I roll over and pull out of Debbie. Right when I do, Lisa is there sucking my cock and cleaning it up.

Let me know if you want to hear about the rest of my cruise.

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Welcome back....of course we want to hear more....:)

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Sounds like an interesting boat trip....please share more :)

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I went back to my room that night very satisfied. I took a hot shower and climbed into my bed. I could hear my child and my wife sleeping next to me. After a while, I finally dozed off into a good sleep. My wife woke me up that morning with a nice surprise. I felt her lips running up and down my cock. It must be something in the Miami air.

“Oh, good morning, honey. I saw you laying their and I just had to taste your cock. We have to be quiet so that we do not wake the baby but my pussy is nice and wet for you.”

I flipped my wife onto her side and entered her from behind. “Ohh, your pussy feels so good.” Right when I started to build into a good rhythm, we heard the baby stir. And of course, the motherly nature kicked in full for my wife.

“Sorry honey, I need to take care of the baby.” And off she went.

I understood but I was still pretty horny. “Next time, don’t start something you can’t finish,” I teased.

“Oh, I plan on finishing later.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I teased again and slapped her on her ass as she got out of the bed.

The next few hours were a blur. We went downstairs and had breakfast. The family was down there and we got the announcement that it was time to head to the cruise ship. So my wife and I left our son with his grandparents and repacked our bags. Everyone met at the shuttle and Debbie gave me a little wink and licked her lips.

Two hours later, we were on the cruise ship and getting settled in our room. We opened the door to the connecting room and in popped Lisa. She played with my son while my wife and I got us situated. I could tell that it was going to be nice to share connecting cabins with them. They were fun people who could laugh and joke around.

Just then the announcement came over the intercom for us to do the emergency instructions and then after that we could all go on the outer deck for the embarkation and launch party.

Once we returned to our rooms and put away our life vests, we headed for the outer deck. My son was starting to get squirmy and cranky. At this point, it was two hours past his nap time but we thought he would like to see the boat take off. He liked a few things but he got more and more cranky. Finally, I turned to my wife,

“Honey, why don’t I take him back to the room and put him down and hang out with him?”

“No, I should go put him down.” Her motherly instincts were kicking in again. Also, she did not want me to miss anything.

“Honey, you have family here that you have not seen in years. I can go be with him and give you time to reconnect with them. I should be fine, there will be other things to see and do. Also, I can hangout on the balcony and watch some of it if I wanted to.”

Lisa overheard us talking. “Hannah, I will go back to the room with him and keep him company.”

This put my wife at ease and she finally caved in. “Okay, I’ll be down in an hour or so.”

“No rush honey, you know that he is going to sleep for at least two hours. Have fun and this way you do not have to worry about waking him up when you come in. I will call you on your cell when he wakes up and you can come down then.”

“Okay, so I will see you then.”

Lisa and I turned to walk off and as we walked by her mom, Debbie gave me my second wink of the day.

Lisa and I got to my room and she helped me put my boy down. I hooked up his monitor and then we went next door to her room.

“I have been waiting for this all day.” Lisa wasted no time and pulled my cock out of my shorts.

I can say, like mother like daughter. This girl knew how to suck cock. It was hard to believe that she was only 16.

She took the head of my cock and ran her tongue around the head. She closed her mouth around the head of my cock and bobbed just enough to get it hard. Once my cock was hard, she took as much as she could into her mouth. I heard her gag a little bit and then she pulled it out of her mouth. With my cock coated in her saliva, she started to jack me off. Then she would use a combination of her mouth and hand to work my cock.

Suddenly, I pulled her head off my cock. “Why did you do that?”

“I was about to cum and I do not want to come in your mouth first.”

Right then, I picked her up and pressed her against the wall. She was a light girl so holding her up was no problem. I pulled her panties to the side and lowered her onto my cock.

“This is where I want to cum.”

Her pussy was tighter than I expected. It took me a few minutes to work all of my cock into her.

“Your black cock is so much bigger than my dad’s little cock. I have always wanted to fuck a black dick and now I can feel that the rumors are true. I have never been stretched so far open in my life.”

“You like having my black cock in you,” I said as I gave her a good long stroke.

“God, I am so full. You cock is twice as long as my dad’s and twice as thick.” The way she said it, I could tell that she had had some of her father’s cock inside of her and just that thought turned me on that much more.

“I want to feel all of it in me. Can we go over to the bed so I can ride it?”

I carried her over to the bed and sat on the edge of the bed.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god,” she said as she worked more of my cock into her. “I can feel your cock touching my cervix.” She stood up and worked her way back down onto my cock again, moaning as she went down.

“MMMM, your pussy is soo tight and it feels so good,” I whispered into her ear.

She started to build a rhythm. This girl knew how to fuck. She started to ride my cock harder and harder. “I got a surprise for you. Tell me when you are about to cum.” With that, she rode me harder.

“Come on, Al. Cum in your teen cousin’s pussy.” She grabbed me around my neck and started impaling herself on my cock.

“I am about to cum. I can feel it building.” Right then, she slid up my cock and lowered herself in such a way that my cock went into her ass hole. I could tell that this was no accident.

“Cum in my ass. Give me your black seed.” That was all I needed to put me over the edge. I flooded her ass with my cum.”

We sat there until my cock went limp and she pulled my cock out of her ass.

“This is going to be a good cruise,” I whispered in her ear.

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Great Continuation!!
Thank you for Sharing!

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Thanks for the new add

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great addition and second part

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Very Hot thanks

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It was day 2 of the cruise and another fun day at sea. The entire family all decided to meet outside on the deck and hang out all day. So my wife and I put on our bathing suits. We also put one on our sun. We opened the door of our connecting cabin and they had their door opened already.

“Well, good morning guys. Are you going up to the Lido deck to hang out?” I said as I stuck my head in the door.

Lisa was wearing her two piece bathing suit. Man, she has such a beautiful ass. You see, I am an ass man through and through. Show me a great ass and you will get a hard cock. However, nothing will beat the ass of a gymnast. I love just watching the gymnastics on TV just for that reason. I love them athletic. Many times I feel like a pervert because they are so young but their bodies are smokin’. But I digress.

So we all walked out to the elevators together. My son loved it because he had never been on a talking elevator before. By the end of the week, he knew several of the floors by name and would say them along with the elevator. Pretty impressive for a 2 year old.

We got out of the elevator and found the family. Several of us decided to go swimming. I took my son in the pool as well. He had a great time – jumping off the sides, splashing around, pretending to swim. Also, in the pool with me was Hannah’s other cousin Christy. Now let me tell you about her and how she caught my eye.

The night before at dinner, we were all sitting at the same table. We had so many people on the cruise that we took up five tables in the dining room. So we rotated each night so that everyone would have a chance to get to know each other. The family that we were sitting with had three daughters and Christy was 13 and the middle one. She was smart, witty, and had a great sense of humor. We all talked about what we loved to do.

That is when Christy said those famous last words, “I do gymnastics.” Immediately my mind went to Saturday mornings, and a hard on started to grow. I was able to gain my composure and thank goodness we had just barely sat down for dinner. So, it gave me time to put my thoughts elsewhere and not have my cock betray me. Needless to say, my wife got a good hard fuck that night. The in-laws had the baby.

But we were all in the pool, and I decided to move to one of the Jacuzzis. The water was not too hot, plus it was a perfect height for my son to be able to stand and play. As my son and I are playing, I look up and there is Christy walking my way and she had the gymnast walk: perfect posture, strong, confident, hands to the side, and great little body.

“I have to see her ass.” I remember thinking.

We all played some more with my son splashing anything or anyone that moved.

“Hey Al, would you go on the water slide with me. No one else will go and I don’t want to go by myself.”

“Sure Christy.” I said. “Just let me take Alex over to his mom.” In my head I was thinking, “This is your chance to see a wonderful gymnast ass live.”

I took my son over to Hannah and told her what was going on. Right then, my wife also decided that it was time to take him down for a nap. So I knew that I would be free for at least two to two and a half hours.

I felt a tap on my shoulder.

“You ready, Al”

“Sure, lead the way.” I am sure you know why I made that statement.

Let me tell you, it was the most beautiful ass I had seen all day – well shaped, tight, mesmerizing and hypnotic sway, and muscular. She went down first. And then we did it several more times with, you guessed her leading the way.

Rather than go back down to the other pool where the family was at, we decided to stay at the pool that the slide led into. We had fun playing games. You know the typical: holding your breath, hand stands, flips, jumping off the sides. But my favorite was wrestling in the water.

“Tag you’re it.” She said. And off swimming she went. So I caught her and tagged her. As I was trying to get away, she jumped on my back. I flipped her over my shoulder and ran the other way. She caught me and tagged me and started swimming the other way. Of course in this whole process, I am getting aroused.

“What are you doing?” I was thinking. Lisa was one thing but at least she was a little older. 13 was definitely jailbait. As I was off in Neverland thinking about what was going on, Christy had pushed off the side and as she swam by me, her hand brushed my cock.

So I went up behind her, picked her up (making sure I pressed my cock into her ass) and threw her into the water. I had to test the waters and if she grabbed me on purpose or not. Right then, she grabbed my hand.

“I got something to show you.” We got out of the pool and started making out way upstairs again. I thought we were going up to the top of the slide again. Once we got to the top though, rather than going to the slide she looked at me and said,

“Follow me.” And she led me up so more stairs to a hallway that was lined with bathrooms.

“I have been watching since this morning and people hardly come up here.” Then she grabbed my hand and pulled me into a bathroom.

“Al, I felt something on you that I just have to see.”

“What is that?”

“I have had sex twice and I like it. But when we were playing, I felt how hard your pee pee was and I just had to see it. It felt really big.”

Now, I have never described my cock yet but it is 8 inches long and very thick.

“Are you sure? I could get into trouble.”

“I won’t tell anyone. Just let me see it.”

Wanting to take advantage of this moment I said, “Only if you will take your bottoms off and let me see your ass.”

Before I could bat an eye, she had them off and was already turning around for me to see. This made my cock instantly harder. So, I followed suit and pulled out my cock.

“Wow, that is bigger than any boy at my school.”

“I would hope so,” I said. Then I got bold. I walked over to Christy and sat her on the sink. Then, I slid one finger into her cunt. Her little pussy was already wet.

“Mmmm that’s nice but that is not what I wanted.”

Then I slid in another finger and started rubbing her clit with thumb and forefinger of my other hand. This girl was hot. She started to squirm under my fingers so I knew what this meant. Her head fell forward onto my shoulder.

“I feel funny down there,” she said into my ear. I picked up the pace and before I knew it she was cumming on my hand. Later, I found out that this was her first climax. Knowing that she was nice a wet, I pulled of the sink, made her turn around, and put her hands on the sink.

Then I got behind her and started working my cock into her from behind. Her little pussy was like a vice. It was tighter than Lisa’s ass. I looked down because I wanted to watch my cock going in and out of this gymnast ass. This was a long time fantasy come true. It was more than I could handle. So I grabbed her hips and rammed my cock into her.

She had closed her eyes and was enjoying my cock. We were both having a hard time being quiet.

I had built up a nice rhythm as my cock worked this young tight pussy. I could feel the pressure moving towards the head of my cock. I built up even more speed as I felt the pressure building.

“I am going to cum Christy. You ready.”

All I got back from her were grunts. So I moved my hand from her sides to her shoulders so I can finish with a good hard fuck. My ass moved like a piston as I rammed my cock in and out of her.

“I am cumming,” I said as I pumped her little pussy full of cum.

Right when we were done, we had to hurry up and get back down so that we would not be missed. What a great day. The fantasy of fucking a gymnast came true.
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I had no idea that this cruise would lead to my first ever threesome. Another one of Hannah’s cousins was on board with us. Her name is Charlotte. Charlotte is in her 40’s and not too bad looking. She is not beautiful but not ugly. We had always flirted around with each other but nothing ever came of it.

It was day 4 and my wife and I had gone on an excursion to the Grand Cayman Islands which was a lot of fun. We spent the day with my son taking a tour of the city. The turtle farm was his favorite. You have to see it if you ever get the chance. I have never seen turtles that big in my life. While my wife was in line, I ran into one of the stores and got a post card for us. As I am waiting to pay, I started looking around the store and that is when the name of a bottle of rum there caught my eye. It was called and I kid you not, “Big Black Dick.” I could not believe it. I purchased a bottle just to show to my wife because I knew that she would not believe me.

Later on that night, I was sitting next to Charlotte and we were talking about our adventures for the day.

“Did Hannah tell you what I found on the island?”

“No, what?” Charlotte asked.

“I found a bottle of rum called, ‘Big Black Dick.’ ”

“Yeah, I saw that when I went into one of the stores. Did you see the statue?”

“Was there a statue?” I asked.

“Yep. It is in town somewhere but I did not get a chance to take a picture of it.”

I turned and gave her a sly look. “I’ll model for you.”

She looked at me and then I felt her hand squeeze my thigh under the table. “I may have to take you up on that,” she whispered.

The rest of the night was uneventful. Actually, we did see a really cool show. It was one of the best shows that I had ever seen on a cruise. Afterwards, we went back to our cabin and put our son down. I was still wired but my wife was worn out from the day’s adventures.

“Why don’t you go up on the Lido deck and have some fun? It does not make sense for us both to stay here and I know that you are itchin’ just to hang out. So go.”

My wife did not have to tell me twice. I knocked on the cabin door next to us to see if Lisa, Debbie, or Billy wanted to go hang out with me. But they were not in their room. So I went up to the Lido deck and the party was not scheduled to start for another hour. I wandered around for a little while just trying to figure out what to do until then.

I remembered that there was an arcade on the fifth floor so I decided to check it out. I came out of the elevator and headed for the arcade. As I got closer to the arcade, I heard the familiar thumping of a driving bass line. Then I remembered that the discothèque was on this floor.

“Screw the arcade. I am going to get my groove on.” I thought.

I walked into the arcade to see what action was happening. I met a few girls there and danced with them but none of them really gave me a spark. Then, in walked Charlotte with some guy in tow.

“Hey Al, this is Shawn.”

“Hey man, nice to meet you.”

“Have you been here long?” She asked me.

I looked at my watch. “Only about 45 minutes.”

Then, Sexyback by Justin Timberlake started playing. Charlotte grabbed Shawn’s hand and I grabbed the hand of a girl that I had already danced with. Once we got onto the floor, it was a blast. You could tell that I had better moves than Shawn. Charlotte kept looking over at me dancing with this girl.

At this point, Charlotte taped her on the shoulder and whispered in her ear. I don’t know what was said but the next thing I know, I was dancing with Charlotte. After Sexyback ended, the DJ announced that he was going to slow things down. I expected Charlotte to switch back but she moved forward and started slow dancing with me.

The feel of her body was very nice. Charlotte is about 5’4”, cherry blonde, a decent set of tits, but she has an amazing ass. Anyone that knows me, knows that I am an ass man.

As we danced, Charlotte started to grind against me. I spun her around and pulled her close because I wanted to feel my dick against that wonderful ass. Instantly, my dick started to harden. I did not know how Charlotte would react but at that point I wanted to feel that ass. So I slid my left hand down and rubbed it against her ass. To my surprise, she pushed her ass harder up against me.

“You have a nice ass.”

“Mmmmmm and you could model for ‘Big Black Dick.’ ”

“I think your date is getting jealous.”

“Too hell with him, I want to enjoy this moment.”

We continued to bump and grind until the song ended.

“You want to have some fun?” Charlotte asked me.


“Meet me in my room in 30 minutes.”

Right then, she grabbed Shawn’s hand and left the disco. I had no idea what she meant by fun but I could not wait until that 30 minutes where over. I went back to hanging out with the girl that I had danced with earlier. It turned out that she was married and that her husband was sleeping also.

After a few more drinks, I coaxed her into giving me a blow job in the bathroom. It was great and I blew a nice load into her mouth. To my surprise, she swallowed it all. I tried to pursue it further but that was all she was willing to do because she did not want to cheat on her husband. You figure that one out.

I looked at my watch and 30 minutes and turned into 45 minutes. She I went straight up to Charlotte’s room. I knocked on the door and she answered. She looked disheveled and her room smelled of sex. Before I could think about it, she pulled me into the room and closed the door.

That is when I saw Shawn laying on the bed. Charlotte walked over to him and started giving him a blow job. Based on his reaction, I could tell that she was doing a masterful job. She pulled her head off of his cock and turned to me.

“Do you want to join or are you just going to watch?”

“This is your idea of some fun.”

“Yeah, I had to get Shawn her all riled up first so that he wouldn’t care.”

She took his cock into her mouth and lifted her head.

“You don’t care do you Shawn?”

“No.” He said and it was barely auditable.

Not having to be told twice. I dropped my pants and walked right over to Charlotte.

“Mmmmm just what I expected, nice and thick.” Then she pulled off of Shawn’s cock again and took me into her mouth. I could see why Shawn was in heaven.

She proceeded to suck us both off, alternating between each cock. At one point, she has us both standing and was trying to take both of our cocks in at the same time. That was the only time in my life that my dick had ever touched another man’s dick. But at the time, I did not care because it felt so good.

Then she pushed Shawn back on the bed and mounted him.

“I want to save the best for last. Your dick is bigger and I don’t want to spoil it for him.”

She continued to ride him and suck me off. As she sucked me off, I noticed a bottle of lotion on her vanity. So I pulled her off of my mouth. I did not share my idea because I was not sure if they would go for it so I just did it. I lathered up my cock making sure it was nice and slick.

I walked over behind her and pushed her forward. I could still she Shawn’s dick inside of Charlotte. I spread her ass cheeks wide open and started to work my cock into her asshole.

“Oh god, that is big. I can feel it making me so full. I don’t know if I can take it all.”

“Well, we are damn sure going to try.” I told her.

I continued to work more of my cock into her. As I was doing so, Shawn kept pumping under her. I could feel his cock working its way in and out of her. Each time I hit a barrier of pain for her, I would pull out a little and then make small thrusts as I worked more of my cock into her. Until finally, I felt my balls brushing against Shawn’s balls. I knew that I was all the way in.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, fuck me you two.”

So I grabbed her hips and started ramming my cock into the back of her ass. It was so tight. I could tell that this was new territory for her. I pounded her pussy for all I was worth.

“Enjoying your Big Black Dick.” I whispered in her ear.

“Say, give me your big black dick.” I said as I worked her ass.

“Give me your big black dick.”

“Say it like you mean it and really want my dick.”


That was all of the motivation I needed. I pushed her further forward. Put my legs up on the bed for good leverage and rammed my cock in her ass for all I was worth. Just then, Shawn shot his load into Charlotte.

I continued to fuck her for all I was worth. I would pull my dick out to the head and ram it all the way into her ass. Poor Shawn was stuck there underneath us until we finished. I was not going to stop and neither was she.

Charlotte begin meeting each of my thrusts with one of her own. I reached around her and worked her clit as I fucked her ass.

“Oh god, that’s it. I’m cumming.”

Her going over the edge caused her to ram me with her ass spasmodically. The eratic movements where hitting the head of my cock just right.

“Here it cums Charlotte, I am going to shoot this up your ass.”

“Come on, give it to me.”

With that, I shot my load up her ass. It was one of the most incredible feelings I have had during sex. I shot so much cum up her ass that it started leaking out while I was still inside of her. Once I pulled my cock out of her ass, then it really started to flow.

Man I could not have dreamed of a better cruise.

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Thanks for the Next chpater.....I am on my way to the next one....:)

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wow...keep going...this is great

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Thanx for sharing

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The next morning, I was pretty worn out. Who ever would have thought that I would go on a cruise and have a chance to fuck three of my wife’s cousins? But that indeed, I did, making this one of the best trips of my life.

The excursion that we did on this day was a blast. My in-laws took our son so my wife and I rented a 4 X 4 Land Rover and drove through the jungles of Belize. It was the most fun that I had ever had. Splashing through huge puddles. Traversing over huge hills. About half way through the day, the guide gave us all an hour break at this beautiful beach.

“Oh honey, isn’t this beautiful?” my wife asked.

“Yeah, I have never seen a beach more beautiful in my life. It looks like something right off of a post card or a photo for clip art.”

“Honey, this is the first time alone that we have had together this whole trip.” She stated.

“Yeah, it has been nice just being with you.”

“Baby, I feel like your “needs” have been ignored this whole time.”

As I listened to my wife I was thinking, “If only you knew.”

“Well, we have another 45 minutes before we take off. Want to have a little fun?”

My eyes perked up among other things and from my look she knew that she did not have to ask me twice. We went back to the Land Rover because everyone else had parked their Land Rovers and was at the beach.

No sooner had I climbed into the driver’s side than my wife had my trunks open and was giving me a nice blow job. I grabbed the back of her head and was driving my cock into her mouth. She gagged a couple of times because I drove my cock in to far. As she sucked me off, I was fingering her clit getting her nice and wet.

She lifted her head and gave me a kiss. “I have to have your cock right now.”

My wife lifted her legs over me to straddle me. She pulled her bathing suit to one side and lowered her hot little pussy onto my cock.

“Oh god, it has been too long. I forgot how big you were.”

My wife started by slowly gyrating her hips onto my cock. With every other go around, she would lift so that my cock was at the entrance of her cunt and then she would slowly slide back down onto my cock. She would tease herself with my cock, get herself real worked up, and then slam back onto my cock.

When she could not take it anymore, she started riding my cock hard. The whole Land Rover was bouncing because she was riding me with such force. The fuck got me really worked up and I could feel the cum building in my cock.

“I am about to cum baby.”

“Not yet, not yet. I am not done. Try to hold it off.”

I clinched my ass cheeks and pushed my cock as far as I could into her hoping to get deep enough in her so that she was not rubbing against the head of my dick. This bought me a little more time.

Her breathing became more and more erratic which was a signal that her own orgasm was about to happen. So I started to meet each of her thrusts as she slid down my cock.

“MMMmmmm you always know how to fuck me. I am cumming. Honey, fill me with you love juice.”

That was all of the encouragement I needed. I relaxed all of my muscles and exploded inside of her cunt. Right then we heard the groups returning to their cars. My wife hopped off me and I jumped to straighten my clothes. The guide walked by and gave me a knowing wink.

Everyone hopped into their cars and off we went. It was a great day in more ways then one.

After we returned to the ship, my wife and I were starving. So I went to the 24 hour pizzeria to get us something to eat. As I was standing in line, Christy’s sister Nichelle walked up to me. We chit chatted for a while but I could tell that she was acting a little weird.

In my mind I was thinking, “I hope Christy did not tell her. I could get in big trouble.” I started to breakout in a small sweat. Nichelle was 17, a few years older than Christy. She was not my type. I am not into goth girls. She was the exact opposite of her sister. Where Christy had the nice, gymnastic body that I fantasized about, Nichelle was a little chubby. It is not that I do not find chubby women attractive but they have to be chubby in the right places and Nichelle was not.

As I was walking over to the ice cream machine, she told me the last words that I wanted to hear. “Christy told me what happened. I could tell by the way she was walking that she had been fucked hard and I wanted to know by whom? You were the last person I would have suspected.”

“So, where does that leave me? Are you going to get me in trouble?”

I could tell from the look in her eye that she was up to something. She had the upper hand and knew that there was nothing that I could do about it.

“Christy told me about your big dick. My boyfriend can barely satisfy me when he fucks me. If you fuck me and fuck me to my liking then your secret is safe with me.”

“So, when do you want to do it?”

“When can you meet me in my room?”

“Where are your parents?”

“They are still on their excursion and won’t be back for at least two more hours. So, when can you meet me in my room?”

Walking back to my room, defeated, I knew she had me. I took my wife her pizza and by the time I got back to the room, she had fallen asleep on the bed. I put her pizza on the vanity and left her a note saying that I would be back within an hour.

I went to Nichelle’s room and knocked on the door.

“That was faster than you told me. Good, get in here.”

I walked into Nichelle’s room and wanted to hurry up and get it over with. So I just pulled off my trunks. Her eyes lit up when she saw the girth of my cock.

“Damn, Christy was not 'lyin’.”

Nichelle started stripping off her clothes. If you are not familiar with goth. They tend to dress in layer and layers of heavy black clothes. Even in the scorching heat of the Caribbean, she refused to adjust her style. As she pealed off her clothes, she revealed a body that was better than I thought. It was not anything to write home about but one that I would have greater enjoyment in laying the pipe to.

I picked Nichelle up and laid her on the bed. Then I had her spread her legs and started kissing her from the knees upward. I stopped at each thigh and gave her a good suck and nibble. She squirmed underneath me and from her moans, I could tell that she was enjoying it. Finally, I got to her cunt but rather than dive right in, I gave her a good tease.

I ran my tongue along the skin between her leg and her cunt. I sucked on it and blew on it. Then I let my tongue brush against the front of her cunt with out entering it. I wanted to make her beg for my tongue. I wanted her to know that I was the one in control of this fuck.

“Please, eat me.”

I opened her cunt and brushed my tongue up against her clit. “Unnnhhhh” she screamed out. Then I went right back to licking and sucking on the skin.

“More please.”

“Prove to me how much you want it.”

“What do you want me to do?”

I wanted to degrade her a little and take her down a notch.

“I want you to let me cum in your mouth and I want you to swallow all of it.”

“I never did that before.”

I brushed her clit again.

“You give a blow job?”


“Then when I fuck you, when I am about to cum I am going to stick my dick in your mouth and you are going to swallow it.”

I brushed her clit again.

“Anything, anything, just eat me and fuck me.”

I opened her cunt and tongue fucked her. When I got her nice and wet, I slid three fingers into her and finger fucked her while I sucked her clit. I built a rhythm where I would slide my mouth up and down her clit, and then slide my tongue in with my fingers.

After ten minutes of this, she yelled, “I am going to cum.”

Right then, I rammed my cock into her and started fucking her like a jack hammer. She grabbed my head, wrapped her legs around me and announced, “I am cumming. I am cumming.”

I picked up the pace a fucked her at a faster frenzy. Right when I was about to cum, I pulled out, climbed up to her face, put my cock into her mouth, and started face fucking her. I could hear her gag underneath me but I did not care. If she was going to blackmail me then I was going to fuck her like the whore she is.

I thought about warning her and changed my mind. I blew my load into her mouth. To my surprise, she did take it all in and not spill a drop.

As I was leaving, she said, “You fucked me real good. Don’t think this is the last time. I will get some more of the dick before you leave or else.”

I walked away thinking. “Damned if I don’t. Not so bad if I do.

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