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Mandy was twenty five years old, dark brown hair, well endowed and well proportioned. Mandy was still a single woman and although she would never have admitted it she was actually a virgin.
She had been on her way to work at eight o`clock in the morning when a taxi had pulled up beside her. Before she had had time to think or react she had been pushed into the taxi and grabbed by at least two pairs of hands. They had been totally uncompromising, not to say brutal, and had forced her hands behind her and tied her wrists before she could even think of struggling. When eventually she managed to break out of her shock and stupor it was too late, her hands were tied and a gag was being forced into her mouth.

Now, Mandy stood with her back to an upright , her hands had been pulled up and back behind the upright and tied tight together. Her feet had been pulled back just level with the upright and tied together behind it, forcing her onto the balls of her feet, this also had the effect of ensuring that her knees were kept apart and her legs open, a fact that was not lost on her.
Mandy was petrified, sweat ran down her brow, no matter how hard she tried, she could not get free.

Mandy watched with horror as another woman about the same age as her was brought in and forcibly tied off in the same way to another upright.
When they had finished tying her Mandy could see why they had been tied in this way. Put simply, their breasts were protruding and looked enormous and their legs were open in a very suggestive manor, and of course the more they struggled the more heavily they breathed causing their breasts to swell and strain even more.

By the time they had finished there were ten women altogether, all tied in the same way. They were in what must have been an old office block, there was still some of the office type carpet left laying around.

After what seemed an age Mandy became aware that people were entering the building and seating themselves towards the rear of the room, then four men staggered into the room manhandleing what looked like some kind of odd looking bench, which they stood in the middle of the room.
Then two more men came in and started setting up tripods and video cameras and lots of lights.

Mandy felt a tremendous panic burst upon her and tugged with all her might at her bondage, sweat poured down her chin and started wetting her blouse.
The other women also must have been feeling the same for they too could be seen straining and sweating profusely. It started with the woman next to her, of a sudden she burst into floods of tears, it was like an epidemic, spreading amongst them like some highly contagious decease untill they were all aflicted.

Mandys tears flooded down her face and onto her blouse causing it to become transparent, which made her feel worse.The sound of sobbing women was all that could be heard.

To be continued.................................

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W ithin what seemed like only a few minutes the whole of the room was filled to capacity.

Then Mandy saw him, he was suave and Italian looking, confident and self assured. He walked onto what was essentialy "centre" stage and took hold of a "mike" and addressed the audience:- "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the "Circle", tonight as you can see we have ten beautifull subjects with which to "wet your appetite". All of you have been with us before so you know the format for the evening, in a moment we start as usual by asking for your first bids to come to the "Circle" and disrobe the first of our subjects. Before we start can I just ensure that you all have your "bid" cards , is there anyone that does not have one", all the assembled guests stayed silent. "OK then , lets get this evenings entertainment under way".

"Now people firstly we will start with this subject", he pointed to a petit little blond woman to Mandys left, "as you can see she is absolutely delightfull, long blond hair, is she a true blond ? you may ask, well, we will see in a few minutes. So who will start the bidding ?

The blond woman to Mandys left resumed her frantic efforts to get free amidst floods of tears.

The bidding started, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 , etc eventually stopping at 75.
The man holding his card up, No 15, could hardly wait to get to the "circle", almost tripping over his own feet at least twice.
"Ok sir, now here you are, you have won the privilige of seeing this woman in the "pink", carry on and try to allow as many people as possible to see what youre doing".

No15 was so nervous that at first he could be seen shaking, then he composed himself and started by undoing her blouse and pulling it out of her skirts waistband, for a second he stood back and looked at her slim waist and milky white skin, then he reached out for her "bra", lifting it up and off of her breasts, her breasts were well rounded and superbly shaped with small but prominent nipples, he cupped her breasts and gently squeezed, rubbing his thumbs over her nipples untill they became hard, the blond shuddered and cried and tried to break free but of course she couldn`t.
After a few seconds he he moved on to her skirt, releasing the zipper and allowing it to drop as far as it would go, this left her panties, a skimpy white pair which hardly covered anything.

No15 was sweating profusely and could wait no longer, without further ado he pulled her panties down to the limit of her bondage, to discover that she was not a true blond, but it didn`t seem to bother him, he took hold of her sex in one hand and squeezed and rubbed her clitoris, the blond tried to close her legs and twisted and squirmed and broke down again.

"Ok sir, well done thats it you`ve done what you bid for, if you would like to find your way back to your seat we will start the bidding again".
No15 grudeingly returned to his seat hardly taking his eyes off of her.

"Now ladies and gentlemen we move on to this lovely lady", Mandys heart jumped as he pointed to her, " who would like to start the bidding".

To be continued.............................

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Mandy was in a daze as the assembled audience bid for the chance to undress her, she heard the bids going up, 50, 60. 70, then "he", No 6, was in front of her. As soon as he reached out and started undoing her blouse Mandy screeched out her protest and struggled with all of her might. It made no difference, in just a few seconds he had opened her blouse and unhooked her bra, her breasts now hung free and could feel the cold air , causing her to have "goose" pimples and her nipples to stand proud. Now his hands and fingers were undoing her skirt and pulling her pants down to reveal her genitals. Mandy now fully understood the significance of the way that their feet were bound, for try as she might, it was impossible to close her legs.

Mandy felt his fingers invade her vagina, then he squeezed her pubis and rubbed her clitoris, tears ran down her face, she could not stop him. Then he was pulled away and she was left naked and shaken.

Eventually, all ten of the women were denuded and the Master of ceremonies came forward once more and addressed the audience.

"Ladies and gentlemen, now that you can see whats on offer I am ready to take your bids for the privelige of "fucking" these lovely ladies as they stand.
Now those of you that prefer "anal" or "throat" fucking will get your chance later. So, who will start the bidding for this lovely blond, albeit not true blond, now come on Ladies and gentlemen, do I hear 300 bid".

Mandy felt feint, this was a nightmere, surely she would wake up in a minute and find herself at home in her own bed, but she didnt. The bidding for the blond had reached 900, then a fifty plus year old man was approaching the blond woman, she tried to twist and turn away from him but it was hopeless, then he was dropping his pants to reveal his huge erection. The blond woman burst into floods of tears and tried begging him not to do this. Then he was forcing himself into her tightness, as the blond let out a terrified shriek he covered her mouth to shut her up and continued untill he was embedded up to the "hilt".

Mandy then realised that the bidding had started in earnest again, with she herself the subject. A hot flush spread through her as she realised that any moment now she would have her virginity forcibly taken from her. Mandy squirmed and struggled, tugging and jerking with all her might, then,"he" was standing in front of her, looking at her intently, he reached out and started playing with her breasts, squeezing and kneeding them untill her nipples started to respond, the , whilst still fondling her breasts with his left hand he put his right hand between her legs and started pulling and pinching her clitoris.

Mandy had never had any experience of this sort, most of her boyfriends had done no more than "fumble" and leave her feeling that sex was boring.
For the first time in her life, in spite of the circumstances, Mandy was turning "on", the feelings in her genitals was actually pleasurable and also seemed to be spreading into her breasts and her lower stomach. Mandy knew that for the first time ever she was actually very "wet" between the legs.
Her breathing was also affected and she was aware that if this man had been doing this to her in the normal way of things that she would by now have allowed him to deflower her. When he stopped and undid his pants and she caught sight of his penis she found herself almost willing him to take her.

As she felt his penis in the entrance of her vagina Mandy realised that she was actually looking forward to it.

To be continued........................

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